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It is a widely known that White Nationalism has an abundance of thinkers. We don’t have enough doers. The activists we do have on the ground tend to lack professional training and experience. A good idea without follow up action remains an abstraction. That has to change.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to elaborate at the moment. I’m extremely busy and have been working a tough schedule for a week now. I plan to return to the subject when I get home later tonight. In the meantime, I want to leave everyone with that parting thought and generate some interesting and productive feedback.

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  1. I already have a web designer lined up. We are going to overhaul the site with a frontpage for news items and original articles. I’m thinking about installing a spam-free forum and letting a friend of mine run that project.

  2. Hunter @49

    I’m just sketching out policies that would have potential broad appeal. It’s in regards to earlier discussions in the thread.

    If you or others don’t feel ready for discussing policies, no problem.

    A post about exactly what you think you need in terms of political activist experience might be useful. There may be readers with the experience you need.

  3. Hunter,

    I am not aiming to change the goals of this website. But when I see stirrings about actually “doing something,” I must chime in with what I have seen over the last 30 years from deep inside conservative territory.

    Not talking here to you, Fade, but we are approaching the point of dimishing returns for online networking and awareness of our problems (which are legion, and the deeper we dig the more we find, and the average person is totally shut down by the enormity of it all and the total lack of support for his new condition). We are approaching Peak Deniers in reaching those who would care about the JQ or the Holyhoax. We should keep the pressure up but also realize that the millions of sites dedicated to problem awareness will not propel us further into real world action, even though this site may still grow a bit in future.

    But as for politics and to this site, we are as far from the need for grand political solutions as the Hubble Space Telescope is from its newest discoveries. The peoples you want to reach are scattered body and soul from one another, and from any discipline that will allow them to help you with your vision, no matter how good. Their daily lives are empty of most of the essential ingredients you need to propel a political movement. Your activism will bear tiny fruit. Even should the time come for you to grab that big PTO lever and start the political blades spinning, the folk will fail you because their spirit will still be racially liberal — supremely selfish and short-sighted — and they will not be connected enough to their fellow Euros to care. A Dobson, Ham, Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, or Alex Jones will come along and subvert your plans with a simple flick of the wrist.

    The problem that I have seen for many years now with conservatives, and now with WN, is the problem of culture and the almost total lack of awareness by the thinkers about the real problems that the doers and followers have in that arena, what solutions are needed, and how everyone can work together on them. Is it because cultural work is so slow and underpaid compared to political work? I suspect so.

  4. Rusty,

    We have spent the entire week on the ground. We went to Kenyon Park, confronted Jeffrey Imm, and videotaped him making a fool of himself. We went to Amren and met a ton of people there. We established connections with other groups in the area. We met four OD readers in real life and had dinner with one. We shot footage around DC for a YouTube documentary.

  5. School vouchers would absolutely destroy what’s left of private schools and might even destroy homeschooling. This is a fact that conservatives are still trying to figure out.

    I recommend that anyone who wants to venture into politics join an existing group(s) and work from inside. Push your agenda to the acceptable limit, spy from inside, use it for experience, whatever. There are hundreds of them already, and though even most of the conservative ones are not specifically WN friendly, many do have sympathetic members and traditionalist-compatible agendas. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Most of them are bad and just about any you could conceive have already been worked over by politically experienced sharks much meaner, cleverer, and richer than you.

  6. Hunter, I appreciate it, I really do. At least you are trying to do something, which is much more than 95% of us are doing. You keep us going with your hopeful efforts, don’t quit.

  7. We need a “do tank” to complement our “think tank.” We need an organization that does nothing but train professional WN activists in the basics of political technology.

  8. Rusty, do you still have a site/blog? I’ve lost it if so – do you mind steering me (hhorse at gmail dot com)?

    FWIW, I believe you are correct. I live in between a rectangle of the following communities: WN, Surv-3percenter, Christian/Kinist, Resilennt Comm./Denninger Spentist economics. Each group has strengths, and weaknesses. It really is a race now, between top down vs. bottom up, between forces we can affect vs. those beyond our control.

    First thing: Get priorities together, organize/plan for yourself and family. We live in very interesting times… soon we will all find out why we were put here. For many, it will be for nothing good.

  9. Denninger is a shill and a hack – he takes time out to write pro-bomb Iran posts. You’re a fool to be in bonds at this point, and unless you are an active trader, you’d be better off with the last decade’s best performing asset, gold.

    Denninger hates gold, hates Iran, and loves the Fed even though he may criticize Helicopter Ben. And he’ll throw you off his forum for mentioning Bernake’s middle name. Forget Denninger.

  10. Nope, no blog, shut them down because they took too much time. I shouldn’t even be here now, I’ve way too much work. Homeschooling is continuing to be successful by degrees. I still recommend it highly, though the multiculti is creeping in on our support group and we’re going to have to move soon.

    You’re right: moving outward in influence and effectiveness, we must first improve ourselves, then our family, then community, und so weiter. That’s the only way for a better world.

    Tickety Tock

  11. Rusty, if it weren’t for the grassroots political activism of the conservatives homeschooling would still be illegal in most of the country.

    They pulled that off despite hundreds of years of liberalism corrupting their souls so there’s no reason why we should give up.

  12. Pat White,

    You’re absolutely right. Jeffrey Imm was stunned that we actually showed up on his home turf. Even when we were standing a few feet away from him, he sputtered on about how we were cowards who wouldn’t show our faces in DC.

  13. OldRight,
    Again, I’m not saying to give up politics. I’m saying that any effective political action will only come from a healthy culture, and that millions of ready, willing, and able whites are ready to do something to help bring that about, but that most of the thinkers are not interested in leading them. I’m saying that without a reinvigorated, healthy Euro culture, most WN political efforts will evaporate into the ether. Conservatives have been proving this for many decades now. I’m astonished to see their mistaken assumptions being taken up by some here. Granted that conservatives score small victories here and there in homeschool and have made some headway on guns, but by and large they have lost all other battles in decisive routs. They have lost their entire country and their children’s futures, and are well on their way to losing their entire civilization.

    Politics without a healthy culture behind it is empty and sterile.

  14. Although there is disagreement, which is fine, actually necessary, it is debate that will help us find the truth, (common ground), this is a great thread! This is what, myself personally, have been waiting to see.

    I don’t wish to divide, but have to throw my two cents in behind Rusty’s and Old Right’s positions (although it seems you two disagree if you are talking politics or culture, from a third party viewpoint you are on the same page). I would also like to make clear that this doesn’t mean I don’t understand or support Wiki’s and Hunter’s position. As was already stated, you guys, with others, deserve much respect and are doing/have done more for the movement than 95% of the rest of us. And what you continue to do is great and necessary. I guess I don’t really differ with you, but want to add another dimension, which is what I think Rusty is doing. I can’t state strongly enough how correct I think he is on his analysis of culture being the horse that we need.

    So to Hunter and Wiki, what is wrong with having more than one front? Political and Cultural? Perhaps more. We shouldn’t be thinking small; acting small for now, but not thinking small. If the true goal that we are all commited to is the establishment of a new nation, there isn’t one in the modern world that doesn’t exist without several different ministries in charge of all of the needed divisons of society. So, if Wiki and Hunter can’t be convinced of that right now to absorb it into their outlook, there is nothing wrong with that, they don’t have to. Keep doing what you guys are doing. But let’s expand! Start appointing “ministers” in charge of, let’s say, economics, culture, foreign policy, etc….

    I know I am getting ahead of myself (ourselves) here, we can’t run before we crawl, but I would very much like to encourage Hunter and Wiki not to rule this out, as if politicing is the only option for now. I must completely agree with Rusty again, that if this is the only avenue followed, it will be way too one dimensional and won’t suceed.

    Wiki, why would you say you hope that Rusty is wrong? As he said, about what? Maybe the culture aspect isn’t your thing, not a problem, but politics, laws, policies, are all birthed from culture. Would the Jews have been able to subjugate others to their laws and policies without having a strong intact culture? Of course not. It is their strong, cohesive culture that gives them strength. It is the lack of unity within ours that makes us weak and vulnerable.

    Old Right, the begining work on a platform that you have posted seems absolutely excellent! Good work! These are strong positions that will weed out many undesirables and attract the like minded. It is a very good political presentation that may be the begining of physically attracting the masses that we need. To what end? TO FORM A STRONG CULTURE!!!!!

  15. I’ve said a million times now that political victories are fleeting without a cultural foundation. In fact, it is the closest thing I have to a “mantra.” I have repeatedly made that point in arguments both online and offline for months now. Pip Pockets hammered that point at the Amren conference.

    At the same time, I don’t know why we shouldn’t be engaging in activism. 20% of White Americans disapprove of interracial marriage. Far more oppose illegal immigration and affirmative action. In Alabama, 1/2 the White population has some degree of explicit racial consciousness. There is nothing stopping us from building a base in the Southern states except our own incompetence and lack of initiative.

    The most obvious thing we need to be doing is connecting with the people who already agree with us. We haven’t even gotten that far yet. Lots of WNs come on here and say we already have internet media. That’s not the case. OD is one of the largest racialist blogs on the internet. There really aren’t that many people out there doing what we are doing.

  16. With all that I said with the previous post, I am now going to throw myself in even further.

    I considered attending the Amren conference, but ruled it out mostly due to economics, and partly due to the JQ. But I strongly wish to physically connect with some of you on this site. Being that Hunter is already starting a physical network, it would be most logical to begin there, but I won’t turn down any sincere invitations. I am currently working seasonally on a ship, I ship out next week, but am scheduled for a couple of breaks a few weeks at a time before September, and would like to use this time for a “recon” mission.

    I know that everyone here is conscious of security, which is understandable, myself included, so how do I start? Is it possible to get Hunters “prozium” address? (I know it has been posted several times, but I haven’t written it down) Is it irresponsible to post my own on the site?

    I would just like to add that this type of seasonal work that I do is perfect for the life of an activist (maybe not perfect, but pretty suitable in many aspects), as I can relocate as much as I wish and am shipped in and out to my job for all breaks/time off, paid by the company from anywhere in the country. I currently live in Oregon (I know that many WNists have a vision of the P. Northwest being ideal for a future white homeland, I must disagree. Maybe Idaho and Montana, but the politics of Washington and Oregon are completely progressive/multi-cult/liberal) and have considered for sometime relocating to a more “conservative” area to find more of the like minded. If I like what I see on my “recon” mission, there is nothing stopping me personally from permanently relocating to Virginia or elsewhere. Single guy, no family obligations to worry of.

    Just one final note on activism. Working on a ship thousands of miles from my physical address would give me a great deal of protection from cultural blow back. Many, like Hunter, must conceal their identities in order to protect themselves in the area they are conducting their activism, which I am sure hampers their effectiveness. Of course I would still need to be cautious. But having your employeer based a couple of thousand miles away from where you are engaged in activism would give one a considerable advantage regarding economic retribution for his views.

  17. Wiki #1: “We’re fighting lost wars. We’re opposing invisible forces. We’re projecting messages that don’t resonate.”

    Yes and thank you for saying it. The best way to make a person stop listening is to mention ANYTHING related to the Third Reich or Jews. You can almost hear their ears slam shut. Be Jew-wise and be a race realist, but know what to say and what NOT to say.

    Ironically, this Austrian guy I heard of, he was tactical, flexible, adapted his message according to his audience and – above all – used the economy and White displacement as arguments. Go figure…

  18. I don’t believe my statements can be interpreted as implying that the political is to be pursued to the exclusion of the social and religious. In fact, I told Rusty that I agree with him and am actively engaged in the very stuff he’s suggesting. I feel like HE’S the one constructing a false dichotomy here, suggesting that we really need a century of social work before any political work could possibly bear fruit.

    I hope he’s wrong when he (apparently) claims we’re too far gone right now for political action to be useful.

  19. HW wrote: “I’ve said a million times now that political victories are fleeting without a cultural foundation.” You have given me and a few others here a different impression, namely, that you consider politics and political activism much more important than culture building.

    Wiki wrote: “At the same time, I don’t know why we shouldn’t be engaging in activism.” For the third or fourth time now, despite my insistence and clarifications to the contrary, you are claiming that I said we shouldn’t pursue politics at all.

    Others see my position, so why won’t you two?

    You guys go ahead and continue misrepresenting, ignoring, or arguing against my and others’ concerns about cultural efforts and see how far you get.

  20. A a potentially huge part of our base is Hageeized conservative Christians who are currently unwittingly facilitating their own destruction. The case that atheized, liberal, Talmud-worshipping ashkenazi “Jews” are not party to to any contract with God is an easy one to make using Koestler’s book, Torah-true Jews’ scripturally-based objection to Zionism and Biblical verses passages like Revelation 2:9

  21. On the internet such activity on explicitly evangelical Christian forums will get you banned pretty quick. For any Christians out there, a better strategy (if you want to make such arguments as above on internet forums) is to find a “stuff conservative christians like” site where there’s alot of political discussion.

  22. Rusty,
    I apologize for offending you. I was not being disrespectful or deceptive.

    You said…
    Political platforms and strategizing are fine. But at this time, and for the next hundred or so years, they are the cart — culture is the horse.

    You’ve apparently offered a nuanced argument for balancing the two, but that particular sentence got stuck in my craw. The word “fine” in the context above implied that you see direct contemporary political action as a waste of time that you’re benevolent enough to tolerate.

    You said more than that excerpt, and I apparently went overboard in my interepretation of it. But when you accused me of arguing against the cultural dimension, you committed the same crime you’re getting sassy with me about right now.

    And since we’re being sassy…
    You go ahead and continue fighting the “culture war” and see how far you get.

  23. “Be Jew-wise and be a race realist, but know what to say and what NOT to say.”

    Talk about the crimes of the Zionists!

    One can get a lot of traction with people if they know about Left-Wing criticisms of Organized Jewry and utilize those in their critiques. (mostly from the old Soviet Zionology campaigns! )

    1.) Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

    2.) Jonathan Pollard spying scandal

    3.) Continuing abuses of Palestinians, call it racist…

    4.) Murder of uber-liberal Rachel Corrie, call it a Patriarchial enforcing, misogynist assault on liberalism…

  24. #76: I’m still urging caution, but you are right that one needs to use the enemy’s own labels (you exemplify with “racist” and “misogynist”) to get any point across.

  25. Rusty
    Good ideas, but you are still talking about politics.

    IMHO, politics will continue going nowhere until there is social, religious, and cultural improvement back of it. Also, 95% of the folk do not care a fig about WN politics; they want practical solutions to their own problems while building up their little corner of the universe. They have nowhere to turn for their daily societal and religious concerns, and no one leading them toward long-term cultural restoration.

    What you’re proposing will require something like a religious revival, something that the evangelical Christians have been working on for fifty years. They have their own radio and television networks but they’ve made no headway.

    Maybe something like Mormonism could do it, either a revived Mormonism with its racial doctrines restored or a new racial Christian sect.

    In the mean time we need to preserve the white majority in as much of the United States as possible by ending immigration, something that is politically feasible. At the very least we can prevent amnesty.

    If political action fails to control the borders in the next twenty years your cultural revival will influence only a besieged remnant of whites surrounded by a colored horde.

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