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Alternative Right has continued to make waves around the blogosphere. The site has generated more attention than I expected. I thought Spencer would launch the site and it would quietly attract a niche audience of racialists, libertarians, and paleos. It seemed reasonable to expect that Alt Right would get the silent treatment like the rest of our websites.

That hasn’t happened. The Frumbots lashed out. Imagine 2050 and Red Jeffrey piled on. I’ve addressed them all in previous posts. Some idiot called E.D. Kain (who no one knows) wrote another hit piece yesterday evening. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs chimed in last night. The house negro at Republicans United whined about racism. I felt his pain.

More of this is coming down the pike. This is good news for a brand new website! Alt Right‘s enemies have inadvertently created a lot of buzz and publicity for Spencer’s project. I know it is a cliché by now to point this out, but conservatives are reliably stupid. The smart thing to do would have been to enforce “dynamic silence” and contain the brush fire to the racialist community. Maybe Alt Right would have died a quiet death in obscurity.

The temptation to respond proved irresistible for several reasons: 1.) In the introduction video, Richard Spencer twisted the nose of David Frum, and the bots were ordered to respond. 2.) The VDARE connection was fodder for left-wing conspiracy theories. 3.) Red Jeffrey religiously follows our sites and would have commented anyway. 4.) Alt Right is aesthetically superior to other “hate sites.” 5.) Charles Johnson is obsessed with sniffing out fascism in the conservative movement and this fits into his ongoing narrative of right-wing evil. 6.) Alt Right uses a discourse unfamilar to braindead liberals and conservatives who have been living in a bubble for the last twenty years.

A cursory glance at the negative reviews leaves me convinced of the superiority of the “Alternative Right.” This is a genus larger than Spencer’s website. Tim Mak, for example, doesn’t seem to know that we have never called ourselves “racists” and “sexists.” These are terms of abuse imported from the left. Imagine 2050 thinks Alt Right is Peter Brimelow’s website and that Chronicles is a “White Nationalist” magazine. E.D. Kain and Charles Johnson ramble on about “human biological diversity” (read: “human biodiversity”) and reveal their total ignorance of the subject.

A common charge from the Faux Right is that Alt Right uses a “politically correct terminology” to whitewash “racism.” Terms like “human biodiversity,” “evolutionary psychology,” and “sociobiology” have been around for decades. Scholars like E.O. Wilson have written important books in the natural sciences about these subjects. “Racialism” dates back to the early twentieth century and was in use years before “racism” appeared in the 1930s. A subscriber to “human biodiversity” believes the average differences in racial groups are partially attributable to heredity, but such a person is not necessarily a “racist,” as HBD does not imply a vertical hierarchy of “superior” and “inferior” races. Most HBD types are libertarians, not White Nationalists. This distinction is lost on Beltway conservatives whose worldview was formulated on a diet of trash like Comeback: How Conservatives Can Win Again or How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must.

There is a large group of – how should I put this, young men of the right – who were intelligent enough to see through this garbage many years ago or never bothered with it. I stopped reading Ayn Rand when I was 21 years old. There is little of interest in the American conservative canon. Most of the best titles (admittedly, there are a few classics worth reading) were written decades ago and have no relevance to the neocon dominated Beltway conservative movement. Libertarianism has a stronger intellectual tradition, but like so much of philosophy, it is ultimately nothing more than empty sand castles in the air based on allegedly “self evident” axioms like the non-aggression principle. Try running that one by the Neanderthals.

There is no “one true system” of social science analagous to the laws of physics. The liberal arts and social sciences like political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and history can collect data, discover patterns, and inform our actions with practical advice, but they will never prescribe the “one true model” of human behavior. The Enlightenment and Christianity have sent us on this fool’s errand. At the end of the day, human behavior is still largely governed by custom, habit, and tradition.

Even more primordial forces are at work. Human behavior is far too predictable to be learned. We eat, drink, sleep, blink, breathe, fuck, fight, marry, reproduce and much else without giving much thought to our actions. We experience a range of emotions that produce instant value judgments. Humans evolved these behaviors because they were adaptive to our survival in the real world. Traditions persist across generations when they are adaptive to present environmental conditions and foster reproductive success.

This concept of adaptiveness gives us a measuring stick which we can use to analyze competing intellectual traditions and behaviors. We can see right off the bat that feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and birth control do not foster high birthrates. Expressive individualism leads to high divorce rates and low parental investment. Excessive materialism is a strong deterrent to family formation. Third world immigration floods Western nations with hostile aliens who do not share our heritage or ethnic interests. The guilt cult of multiculturalism doesn’t inspire confidence in our civilization and its future.

Let’s travel further down this road. High taxes punish young White families and depress birthrates. Affirmative Action takes jobs away from White males in their reproductive years. Transfer payments to non-Whites (welfare and government healthcare) take money away from White families and disproportionately redistributes their wealth to hostile fecund minorities. Whites are forced to subsidize inferior public schools for negroes and Hispanics and pay again for schools for their own children. Whites pay inflated prices for housing in distant suburbs to avoid the costs of non-White violent crime. Free trade and outsourcing suck highpaying American jobs overseas and force potential mothers into the workforce. Dysgenic foreign wars to “spread democracy” abroad kill off the most heroic and masculine White males in their prime.

The “Alternative Right” cannot be accused of intellectual vacuity or inconsistency. Our worldview is based on a careful analysis of the American cultural and political scene from the perspective of self interest. We reject flighty universal abstractions in favor of visceral concrete ideals – blood, soil, nation, and faith – that produce adaptive behavior in the real world. We endorse customs, habits, traditions, and public policies that work for us. We want to lift the minds of America’s deracinated White youth out of gutter and give them a sense of purpose.

What does the Faux Right have to offer the American majority? In his response to Richard Spencer, E.D. Kain talks about “respect for tradition,” but never explains what is meant by this. He says in the comments of his article that John Derbyshire is “deserving of the ash heap of history” for his rejection of feminism! Kain also wrote to Charles Johnson – the deranged leftist proprieter of Little Green Footballs – to encourage him to attack Richard Spencer. There is a seamless transition between the far left and the neoconservative right. They are one of the same force. The Charles Johnson-Frum Forum connection proves it.

The sole purpose of the Faux Right – Frum Forum being a prime example – is to introduce retreads of the most crazy leftist ideas from twenty years ago into the conservative movement and push the national political spectrum to the left. The whining and crying about “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “nativism,” and “reactionaries” reflects their leftist agenda. I suppose a secondary purpose would be to provide careers in politics for useless Beltway hacks who cannot contribute to society in a more productive way.

The Faux Right doesn’t believe in racial, national, or cultural preservation. They are not carrying on any discernable American tradition. These people despise pre-MLK America. They seek to “transform” the United States into a nation that reflects progressive ideals (read: a minority-majority country). To his credit, Charles Johnson has at least openly stated his allegiance to the left, which somewhat limits his effectiveness. The neocons at Frum Forum share his radical anti-White agenda, but are smart enough not to discuss it openly.

Charles Johnson is right about one thing. White Nationalists are on the march. We’re going to smash the Faux Right in Washington one way or another. The future existence of our people demands it.

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  1. I have argued before that in order for the movement to succeed, we must bring forth arguments that can win the hearts and minds of the large mass of White Americans. Thus, the choice of arguments and how they are packaged, is of vital importance. Or, as I have put it before on this forum; we must know what to say and what NOT to say.

    The average White American is preconditioned against any type of “racism” and has too short an attention span for anything “intellectual”. Also, like most Western Whites, the American is mostly an economic creature.

    We must therefore – in the public discourse – avoid anything that relates to Hitler, the Third Reich, racial IQ averages, White homelands or any other thing that is “racist” or too “intellectual”. Also, our arguments should, ideally, be economic.

    I have know this for a long, long time and so it was with great pleasure I read Hunters piece above. In it, was the exact arguments that we need, put in a few paragraphs. In essence, it was a blueprint for success, everything we need in a few short sentences. I have cropped and pasted it below. What you see there is all the arguments we’ll ever need to win over the masses.]

    “Feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and birth control do not foster high birthrates. Expressive individualism leads to high divorce rates and low parental investment. Excessive materialism is a strong deterrent to family formation. Third world immigration floods Western nations with hostile aliens who do not share our heritage or ethnic interests. The guilt cult of multiculturalism doesn’t inspire confidence in our civilization and its future.

    High taxes punish young White families and depress birthrates. Affirmative Action takes jobs away from White males in their reproductive years. Transfer payments to non-Whites (welfare and government healthcare) take money away from White families and disproportionately redistributes their wealth to hostile fecund minorities. Whites are forced to subsidize inferior public schools for negroes and Hispanics and pay again for schools for their own children. Whites pay inflated prices for housing in distant suburbs to avoid the costs of non-White violent crime. Free trade and outsourcing suck highpaying American jobs overseas and force potential mothers into the workforce. Dysgenic foreign wars to “spread democracy” abroad kill off the most heroic and masculine White males in their prime.”

  2. I don’t think “dynamic silence” is working anymore, certainly not online, and the mainstream media like the TVs and newspapers are reporting on the latest twitters and the like.

    A publication like Newsweek used to be a major force in America but now its influence in probably limited to whatever photograph they put on the cover, if that.

    The Alt Right site looks great, the writing is as good as the best in the mainstream, which means that altright dot com is on equal distribution and production terms as newsweek dot com. This really is a historic change.

    And the reason you get the sniping from the usual suspects is because they know that not only are they becoming irrelevant in general, but authentic pro-white conservative media like alt right (and OD?) could very well co-opt what little bit of their audience they have left.

    I think ideologies like neo-conservatism are often over-analyzed. Regardless of its internal consistencies, it’s simply an alien construct that does not need to be “answered” as such, but simply dismantled if not ignored.

    There would be no neo-conservatism if not for Jewish control of the media and the ability to fund various magazine blowhards.

    “We’re going to smash the Faux Right in Washington one way or another. ”

    Without their access to the TV and their direct mail lists, these people have nothing.

  3. “Also, like most Western Whites, the American is mostly an economic creature.”

    Shouldn’t we be aiming for something a little ‘higher’ then just crass materialist concerns?

    White Nationalism shouldn’t just be another schism of Marxism!

    ” The criticism most frequently leveled by the European “New Right“ against American conservatives is that the ideological poverty of the American Right lies in its circling its wagons around a conservative agenda, in its inability to see the greater scheme of things.3 By disclosing to his readers the value and worth of the world of Tradition, Evola has shown that to be a rightist entails much more than taking a stance on civic and social issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, a strong military, free enterprise, less taxes, less government, fierce patriotism, and the right to bear arms, but rather assessing more crucial matters involving race, ethnicity, eugenics, immigration, and the nature of the nation-state.”

    http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/julius_evola_page_2.htm#the legacy of a european

  4. Shouldn’t we be aiming for something a little ‘higher’ then just crass materialist concerns?

    Depends on who you’re talking to.

  5. I think it was Voltaire who said, “All styles are good except the boring.” Censoring yourself to appease the ever elusive “masses” is, well, boring, not to mention cowardly and whorish.

    Speak White Man, spea

  6. White Nationalists are on the march. We’re going to smash the Faux Right in Washington one way or another. The future existence of our people depends on it.

    Great post, Hunter! Your writing in this case is more like a kind of political speech-making. Critical as necessary and inspirational where it counts.

    There is literally no way that Whites are somehow going to be magically left out of becoming tribal. Yes, Whites will be the last to change and re-gain racial awareness; however when it comes everything is going to be up for grabs.

    This the great fear of the elites, which is why they oppose it so viciously. They know in their bones that should Whites become collectively racially aware that it is the game changer.

  7. Lena

    >Censoring yourself to appease the ever elusive “masses” is, well, boring

    Yes, it most certainly is – most of all, to the very masses you are censoring yourself for. Has anyone ever noticed that often it’s the people that most strongly oppose an idea that eventually come to become the most fervent proponents?

  8. Not quite “on the march” but the movement seems to be growing up. I think we will be on the march, quite literally, within a few short years. We are laying the groundwork right now.

  9. Spencer’s response to Mak was a pleasure to read. He didn’t flinch at all in the face of being called a “racist”. He unequivocally stated that racial differences are real and meaningful, America is an Anglo-Saxon country, and even got a jab in at Frum’s double-standard vis a vis ethnocentrism for Jews and non-Jews.

    Hoste’s response was pretty good as well. Simmons will undoubtedly be pleased to see that he worked in a variation on the Mantra.

  10. The only variety of blood and soil race nationalism deemed acceptable to kosher cons like the bum Frum is that practiced by the Jews of Israel. True to their Marxist roots the Jewish neo-cons are using the Republican party and formerly paleo-conservative organs like “The American Conservatives” to spread the revolutionary message of rootless cosmopolitanism, free trade/super capitalism and Israel worshipping. This is all for gentile consumption.

    The more perceptive readers have come to see what utter hypocrites they are especially when it comes to preserving nations. Neo-cons are always pushing for regional governments (a la the North American Union) that subordinate the interests of nation states to a larger superstate yet you won’t find any suggestion of a middle Eastern union whereby beloved Israel would lose autonomy and be forced to open its borders to hostile Arabs.

  11. Good stuff, Hunter. I’m really glad to see Alt Right making a splash.

    I know that there have been mixed feelings over some of the Captain’s exploits, but to me this is at least some small vindication for his tactics. In any event, the fact is that white nationalists have kicked the paleos around like the curs that they are…and it appears that we have ended up with something better. I call that progress.

    This is a pleasant surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t be. The reality of our situation is simply too dire, grim and desperate to tolerate the punch pullers and truth evaders for much longer. To hell with ’em. History is leaving them behind, in favor of of those who will speak truth to power, or at least more truth to power. They are less and less relevant with each passing day. Good.

    This has started happening in other areas as well. I remember some years ago making a few posts on one of the main “we’re men, and we’re really really pissed off at modern American women” type forums. Naturally, my posts were about connecting the dots, showing how the cultural attack on whites – as whites – was a big part of the problem that they were complaining about. Even though I was soft selling, I was quickly banned by a moderator who had an avatar of the Negro Samuel Jackson as a Jedi Knight. Yes, lightsaber and all. LOL!!!

    These days, of course, Roissy dwarfs those other guys. Why? Like him or not (and I’m a fan), Roissy doesn’t pull all that many punches. Certainly he pulls far fewer than some idiot wannabe Negro Jedi Knight enforcing political correctness like a schoolmarm. That old forum is so irrelevant that I can’t even remember its name anymore. It has drifted into nothingness, as it should. Meanwhile, Roissy gets mentioned in the Weekly Standard. If the Negro Jedi Knight showed up on Roissy’s blog, he would be laughed at and humiliated like the moronic cur that he is. Nice turn of events.

    This may seem trivial, but it’s the sort of thing that appears to be happening all over. Cumulatively, it’s not trivial.

    Now it’s become the norm to find intelligent pro-white comments on almost any thread, on any site, of relevance to our cause. In fact, it’s getting to the point where I’m a little surprised when there aren’t any pro-white comments. Only the sites that are Johnny on the Spot at banning can prevent it, and even then some often slip through. The great part is that it is those very schoolmarm sites that seem to be losing legitimacy and audience share, which is all to the good. The times they are a changing, and it’s a pleasure to behold.

  12. “Only the sites that are Johnny on the Spot at banning can prevent it, and even then some often slip through.”

    Yeap we are about to come crashing through the dam! Lets make the kosher internet moderators work! They can’t ban us all!!!

  13. There is nothing more attractive than confidently stating your case, and standing your ground.

    Most mainstream konservatives would have wet their pants at the first attacks from Frumpy and Kneppster. It’s embarrassing.

    We have had to wait too long for someone who has the guts to face the hive without backing down.

    Richard Spencer is no wimp. I love his new site.

  14. Don’t dignify the enemy by calling them “conservatives”. The true conservatives are AltRight.

  15. Hunter – Amazing post, well said and right on the money, both in content and tone. You have a gift, sir!

    I think what is really freaking the mainstream right out is that they know in their hearts that the gig is up. More and more white people are realizing that the system is fundamentally broken and does not work in their interest at all. More fist-pumping editorials about “democracy in Iraq” or how “global free trade enriches all” can’t prevent people from–oh, I don’t know–just bloody looking around at the mall. That’s all anyone need do to get a true reading of the situation.

    That is, reality has outstripped Patriotard Rhetoric 101. There is increasingly less and less greasy makeup to put on the whore of a republic they have created.

  16. Hopefully the “Alternative Right” will be a stepping-stone for what is needed to come later for our people to have life. So far it looks promising as to fulfilling that function which it was ostensibly designed to do. Although, self-evidently, it is not a place where one can say everything, all the truth – all of it – and nothing but. That must come later. And any particular man’s vanity cannot be allowed to stand in the way, or he should step aside. Playing at forming the new aristocracy of a coming age of racialism (yes, that is frequently what is afoot) is for vain little fools, and to comic effect.

  17. You forgot to mention the harmfull consequences of allowing in preatory asian LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    Here are the harmfull consequences:1)job theft;2)wage suppresion;3)very high property taxes;4)destruction of centuries of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN engineerng expereince;5)race-replacement in towns across OUR AMERICA;6)competition for the scarce resources of OUR AMERICA.

    Asians are no less of a threat to NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS than hispanics. Asians are not interchangeable with NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS.

    I would deport every asian out of OUR AMERICA.

  18. Jupiter,

    I don’t feel the same animosity for Asians that you feel; however, I have long been an advocate of taking back our convenience stores and hotels. It’s nothing personal; I just think Americans should own those businesses. I like my local Gandhi mart owners just fine and would never harm a hair on their head. But I’d be happy to outlaw foreign ownership of businesses and send ’em packing back to their subcontinent, or any other legal, non-violent means of taking back those businesses.

  19. Kievsky – I believe that Jupiter is on the Left Coast. He is probably referring ot Chinese, and Koreans. One of my dearest pals is a White Nationalist gal, in Southern Mexifornia. She tells me that the tension and resentment between all the ethnic factions is palpable, that every-one is miserable – but that every-one hates Gooks.

    She hates Gooks more than anything else. Apparently, they will literally crowd a person, in line, or other public spaces. Get right up on a person, and physically push into that person. Men and women Gooks will do this.

    She is a bit of a Valkrie. A Big tall blonde. Muscular and solid – not fat. She’s middle-aged – and she’s still a surfer chick. Tough and focused. She amuses the Mestizo help, in various checkout lines, by turning on her little Yellow Devils irritants, and doing a runnng commentary on their vile ways, and intensely disgusting garlic odors, and making back then eff up NOW.

    Every-one hates them. Brown, White, Black – they all hate Gooks.

  20. “I have long been an advocate of taking back our convenience stores and hotels.”

    Are you talking about ownership, or employees as well? I don’t know too many whites who want to live in dangerous multiracial metropolian areas, changing bedding and cleaning bathrooms, cooking in greasy kitchens, or selling cigarettes and beer in bad neighborhoods after midnight. These are unpleasant, low paying, occasionally dangerous jobs, and on top of this if whites took them they would have to live in or near the bad neighborhoods themselves. I don’t know how the New York City that exists today would survive without Hispanics and Asians. People would have to get used to having unskilled labor done by often surly and unreliable blacks.

    This only applies to the large metro areas, I’m not talking about white America.

  21. “Apparently, they will literally crowd a person, in line, or other public spaces. Get right up on a person, and physically push into that person. ”

    Yes this is a BIG cultural difference betwixt Whites and Asians.

    There are a Billion plus China-men. They are packed in like Sardines in a can! So their concept of ‘personal space’ is very very different from the average White persons. (Truth be told us White folks mostly like our Wide Open Spaces and big suburbs and such, we just need space to feel the most at peace probably. )

  22. The most sensible route is one modeled after a religious monastery. The FLDS and those Russian nationalists featured in the YouTube video I link to below provide a proof of concept. I firmly believe that the vitality, creativity, and technology properly applied in a closed system would empower us to be phenomenally successful.

  23. HH – Yes. I know. Asians are collectivist. Personal space means notihng to them. The Mandarins enjoy personal space. Not Average Chang.

    I suspect that the Asians (and they are referred to as “Gooks”), in Mexifornia, also crowd out others, in order to intimidate, and mark territory. There is some type of ongoing battle, as well, between surfers, and Fisher Gooks, at various piers, FisherGooks have already hooked surfers. Literally hooked (White) surfers, on fishing lines. Surfers are raising Holy Hell – and the Fisher Gooks are shriekng back. It’s only a matter of time before some-one is killed. Hopefully – it wil be a FisherGook.

  24. Crypto – what, “elements”, precisely, makes urban areas so very messy, miserable, and dangerous?

    Care to hazard a wild guess?

    Just think – if White America took back those urban centers – White America wouldn’t “need” any of that vermin at all.

    (I cannot believe that you introduced the “foriegn alien vermin do the work that White Americans won’t do” canard.

    Really. I mean reaaaaaaaaally…..)

  25. Denise, I’m just relating what I saw on a recent trip to NYC — Hispanics do all the grunt work. And the main criminal problems are caused by people of African descent.

  26. Yes Denise, I do hate the gooks-few exceptions. I live in the South these days. The gooks are absolutetly predatory. My family has had a every bad experience with the predatory asians-as have thousands of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN families. I have made many posts about this over at American Renassaince.

    If you go over to Brenda Walkers’s website she has a victims wall-victims of asian LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Horror stories all of them which I can identifiy with. I don’t know if Walker has updated the Victims Wall.

    Kievsky- if he is White and non-jewish- has no empathy for his fellow Whites who are victims of asian LEGAL IMMIGRANT aggression.

    I beleive that if Jared aylor and Peter BRimelow laced into the asians, it would cause an upraoar in the asian “AMERICAN” community. It would bring lots of free publicity to the cause of White Nationalism and bring thousands of more White Americans into the movement.

    Someone mentioned earlier about debating the issue the right way in public. Going after the asians in OUR AMERICA is the way to do it. I have come across so many NATIVE BORN WHITE MALE engineers who openly curse and openly hate the predatory asians among other White Engineers. MY suspicion is that Lievsky is married to or dating an asian,,or is Jewish. My suspicion is that all Jewish White Nationlaist are very confortable with asian LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    White Nationalist who appear in public should knock it off with the Rushton psychometric babble and focus on the race-replacement issue exclusively…otherwise the “debate” will be sidetracked-100 percent certainty-to a mind- numbing incomprehensible debate about psychometrics. Ordinary White Amerians have no interest in this stuff.

  27. Speaking of open space. Some folks are pushing secession. Take a look at the debate at I had over at American renassaince with the seessionist. last year. You can google it up very easy.With secession NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERCANS are going to find themselves with a lot less space. They will be living on top of each other..chinklike. And Whites increase their fertility to compete with the chinks and other gooks just over the White boundary..it is going to feel a lot more crowded. The amenities will all be gone. And China’s borders will extennd deep into the former America. People have no idea just how dangerous the situation for Whites really is. Secessionist are living in a fantasy land. The asian scum have to be driven out completetly.

  28. Jupiter,

    Many Asians (especially in places like California and New York) have lived here for many generations now. I’m not sure if you would like to deport these Asian’s too, but realistically that’s not going to happen. What country would take them?

    From a more practical point of view, a thrid or fourth generation Chinese-American who doesn’t speak Chinese, got 1500 on his SATs, is studying engineering at USC and wants to work in the computer industry isn’t the problem (even if they eat too much garlic for your taste, I take it you’re not Italian)

    And, unless you support violent ethnic cleansing, they aren’t going anywhere, even if we are successful in ending or vastly curtailing continuing legal immigration.

    Perhaps there are problem areas in some places, but here in the Pacific Northwest the Asians present nothing like group the social pathologies of the Mexicans and Blacks. No gangs wandering around intimidating people, no neigborhoods full of squalor, grafitti and crime, and they contribute criminals to our prisons at a rate less than whites

    Which isn’t to say that we should allow ourselves to be innundated by more and more of them, but I don’t see them as being nearly as destructive as many other groups in Ameirca.

    In any case I’d like Sta

  29. Jackson,
    The more intelligent they are, the more problematic they are in the grand scheme of things. A cursory review of the Black and Latino problems in the US will show that neither of them would have even been problematic had it not been for racial aliens who are smarter than us acquiring control of our destiny. That’s about as silly as the Amerindians declaring that the arrival of Whites was good for them since the Whites were more intelligent, industrious, and proficient with technology.

  30. Jupiter,

    I don’t particularly understand your reasoning. If we secede into our own ethnostate(s), of what relevance is the population of Chinese? Yes, we have to compete for resources that we trade for, but it does not follow that we have to have more children to match up whatever thier birth rates are.

    By the numbers of immigrants, Asians are not the issue. The issue is primarily with mestizos.

    But really, we are not in a position to be politically advocating for mass deportations. Its easy to say “get rid of all the non-whites”, but such a goal is politically untenable. It is directly analogous to Germany’s mass deportations of Jews. You see where I am going and where it would inevitably go in the media – the holocaust.

    Furthermore, even if many whites are resentful of mass immigration, that doesn’t mean they hate every non-white out there. They may even be on friendly terms with various non-whites, even if they have an understanding that their cultures are very different and that intermarriage with them is inappropriate. Even though it is clear that many here would have no problem with deportation or worse, many white Americans are going to have varying degrees of personal attachment to them as friends, associates, colleagues, and etc.

    The political solutions we can reasonably hope to accomplish in the current situation – reform immigration laws and work towards bringing back the legal notion of freedom of association that was destroyed by civil rights reforms. You will find that these goals are daunting and difficult enough as it is. Asking for too much more is unreasonable at this time. Lets work with what is possible.

    I should also mention that as we become a real minority, we simply will not have the numbers or resources to round up many millions of these people. In that regard, secession and political control over a smaller region makes much more sense.

  31. Crypto – so get RID of both. Mestizos cause planet of problems. Google any “Puerto Rican Day Parade, NYC”.

    And please research their costs. They cost a lot more than they are worth.

    White Planet!

  32. I’m with Jupiter. The 4th generation Chinese can go right the Eff back to China.

    As far as “violent ethnic cleansing”, and being on “friendly terms with non-Whites” – wait til the real bottom falls out of the US economy. The violent ethnic cleansing will happen all the way ’round. Any Whites that are “really good pals with a Good One (fill in the blank)” are going to get their racial cherries popped – along with their skulls, by all their really good pals!

  33. Denise – That could very well happen, but until then, we have to work within the confines of our political and cultural environment.

    As it stands, there is no reasonable percentage of whites who wish for this. Furthermore, I suspect that there is a significant fraction of whites who are simply unsavable under any circumstance.

    I simply prefer to work on a smaller scale and with political goals that are reasonable.

    Yes, Derbyshire is married to an Asian.

  34. I don’t feel the same animosity for Asians that you feel; however, I have long been an advocate of taking back our convenience stores and hotels. It’s nothing personal; I just think Americans should own those businesses. … – Kievsky

    Check this out guys –

    Asian American Hotel Owners Association | About AAHOA

    The Asian American Hotel Owners Association “AAHOA” is THE voice of owners in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1989, AAHOA is now one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry, with over 9,300 members owning more than 22,000 hotels that total $60 billion in property value. AAHOA officers include Chairman Tarun S. Patel, CHA; Vice Chairman ChandraKant “C.K.” I. Patel, CHO; Treasurer Hemant D. “Henry” Patel; Secretary Alkesh R. “Al” Patel, CHO; and President Fred Schwartz, who work closely with a 33-member board of directors to provide direction for the association. AAHOA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of its members by inspiring excellence through programs and initiatives in advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community involvement.


    *Hmm, four ‘Patels’ and a President Schwartz :/

    Truth is stranger than fiction indeed.

  35. Jackson and Donald
    Native Born White Americans are being ethically cleansed out of California. Asians are actively particiapting in this racail cleansing.

    Asians are not interchangeable with NATIVE OBRN WHITE AMERICANS within the borders of America.

    Invasions are to be stopped befor a beachehead is established. The asians have established a beachhead and gone over the cliffs. The hindu sum now own ffifty members of the “US’ congress.

    Do NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS have the stmach to drive the asians out of OUR AMERICA. The events right after 9/11 indicate that they do. I can tell the asians were very scared. Their fearof US was justifed.

    I want a very large ocean between OUR AMERICA and china. Secessionist are just chicken shits. Somethings are worth dying for. No I will not tolerate China moving deep into the nation I was born and raise in.
    Secession actually puts White Americans in a very vulnerable situation. Conflict with the asians is inevitable. Their numbers will grow very rapidly in NEW CHINA. Secession is magically thinking.

    I once spoke to one of the wolds leading conservation biologist. He laughed at the idea of large huuman popualtion in states such as Idaho and Monatana.

    Go google the debate last yeay on secession last year on American Renassaince. The debate was provoked by the thread on the Occidental Quarterly secession essay contest.. All of the secessionist claims and arguments are dealt woth in detail-for about the third time that I have benn posting over Amereican Renassaince.
    We always complain about thesheeple. Well, when the sheeple finally wake and realize just what is at stake..their childrens lives…the sheeple wil transform into savage beasts. The predatory asians won’t know what hit them. They will pack up and leave.

    One of the reasons that I am admantly opposed wasting time on the Rushton-Murray-Hernstien stuff is that it reduces everthing to a score on a IQ test..put the coin in the slot bingo..asians are interchageable with NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS…only a fool believes this…the asians do not believe in this for one second..the territory they control…. an asian only immigration policy. ..the will enforce this policy with violence if necessary. Anyone who wants to sit down with the asians to discuss the terms of surrender is a traitor.

  36. Alexander Ford has a post over at Alternative Right called the comming amnesty. He is right on target. Amnesty is comming,…Amnesty will also provoke an all right race war not to long after its passage. Amnesty is very likely the thing needed to get the reclamation process going. Better to pass amnesty now than twenty years from year.

    Jow Guzzardi hasn’t a clue.

  37. Accepting orientals and jews into the White Nationalist movement will destroy it before it ever gets off the ground. What is it with some of you? I’m sure it’s the same usual suspects trying to sow discord by pretending to be Europids or maybe your really White and have mail order brides. Well, if that’s the case, you’ve already made your choice when it comes to protecting your race. The argument that these people are harmless could just as easily be said about any race. Some blacks are harmless and so are some Mexicans but that doesn’t mean we want them in our living space. In 1960 there were less than a couple hundred thousand Asians in this country so to say that the majority of them have been here for generations is a bald faced lie.
    The vast majority of White Nationalists do not accept jews as White as do most jews. That’s a fact and no amount of debating is going to change that. Jews are a mixed race semitic people and just because some of them might have a high amount of European admixture that doesn’t make them White or identifying with European culture. There are jews that can pass as Nordics, blacks or even orientals but they’re all bound by jewish culture and plugged into a sort of focused hive collective mind. If we ever take this country back or carve out a new one from the old, we need to insure that any invisible cryptos that remain among us are neutralized as a threat. Fields such as finance, education and entertainment should require DNA testing to prevent these people from infiltrating our society again.

  38. Donald – I realize that we must work towards our goals, using realitic practical strategies. However – we must define our End Game, form the outset – and work backwards from there.

    You are correct, right now, that most Whites do not want complete seperation from Non Whites, at this point. Most Whites still live in ethnic enclaves – but this is changing rapidly. There is nothing as effective, in Awakening clueless Whites, as living right next door to non-Whites, day in and day out, to make you really loathe them.

    I want every-one to go to thier own corners. My preference would be that all non-Whites disappeat form existence. Whites keep making the same mistakes, century after century. Build a great civilization, let the Darkies in, Darkies destroy what Whitey builds. Whitey always forgets.

    Close physical always results in misceganation. So – no mixing at all. Good fences and oceans, and serious punishment for violation of miscegenaiton taboos, make for good White civilizations.

    You may think I, and other like me, are extreme, and hard-line – but the softies will be devoured or absorbed. Hardline fanatics will not. We will be the ultimate survivors. No mercy. No quarter. No regrets.

    FYI – a White man, mated with a Gook, is as much as an insult to White women, as the spectacle of a White women with Negro males is to WN males.

    It’s a real punch in the face.

    Guidelines prevent me from stating what we WN females would prefer to do, on seeing the revolting, hideous, grotesque, nauseating, enraging, ammoral, filthy greedy little horror of a Asiatic she devil slut, next to a vile, treacherous cowardly little, and I mean under-endowed, half-fag UnWhite male – but I’m certain you may catch the general intent, by my post.

  39. OMG. I need to severely edit my above post. I am trying to hold a Skype converstaion, and type at the same time.


    Communication miscegenation. Ack!

  40. We could get them out of the country through heavy taxes. Call it a minority burden tax. Charge 40 percent on nonwhite wages the first year, 50 the next and so forth until all their earnings go the government. When there’s no more income to tax you confiscate their property to pay the tax bill. After that it’s prison. I don’t think it will go that far though.

  41. There’s always a Schwartz, at the bottom of it all.

    And Schwartz-y is the ‘president’ of the ostensibly Asian ‘American’ Hotel ‘Owners’ Association, Denise!!!

    BTW all, do not patronize ‘Dunkin Blow-nutz’ – not only run by Indians (so then you are paying for their kiddies education in med or engineer school),

    …but as well DD was started by a Jew, whom I believe is still the majority shareholder.

  42. This tolerance for Asians that is popular in some white nationalist circles is misplaced. Certainly it’s true that compared to a black or pony tail sporting hispanic, Asians seem downright pleasant. But the reality is that they tend to become rude as hell when they achieve sufficient numbers. In fact, when their numbers reach a certain point, they effectively ethnically cleanse an area of whites (you can see this in many places on the West coast).

    For a long time, Asians did not seem overly threatening to white interests (Think of the “Donger”). That’s yesterday’s thinking, and it needs to be jettisoned.

    They are not our friends, and achieving our goals requires complete separation from them. I say this notwithstanding the fact that, on a purely personal level, there are many Asians that I have liked. However, as a people their interests clearly diverge from our own.

    I’ve heard whites at all economic levels complaining about Asian employers. Poor whites complain that Asian owners of convenience stores and similar operations either will not hire them at all, or pay poorly if they do. A lower class white woman told me “If you want to make any money at all, you have to work for other whites.” Another told me, “We’re not going to be able to get jobs anymore.”

    This is also happening at the higher end of the economic scale. A computer programmer that I know was just recently complaining that his attempt to land a job at IBM was stopped by a Chinese manager who only hired other Chinese (my friend found this out from someone else who works there). This at IBM, an iconic Western business!

    As for the smaller outfits and independent contractors, they seem to become ethnically homogenous as well – all Pakistani or all Chinese, what have you. Apparently this has also happened in many computer programming academic departments.

    The reality is that whites are now excluded from huge segements of the computer industry, the very industry that whites created from the ground up. Dedicated teams beat the individual time after time. And make no mistake about it, many Asians are working on teams. Whites aren’t allowed on those teams. Again, nice as many can be on an individual level, they are not our friends. The fact that they commit few high profile murders our other outrageous shenanigans should not blind us to this fact.

  43. Correction: the hindus own over 150 members of the “US” congress through an organization called the India policy group.

  44. Denise,
    I am glad you know who you hate and why, but there is a long long road from where we are today to your envisioned “end state”. Frankly I am extremely doubtful that we will ever get there.

    After all the WN fantasists have been dreaming about the great cleansing-day of white awakening since I was young. When did Pierce write his novel?

    You can claim that you are the ultimate survivor, but that is nothing but rhetoric. I mean point to some real proof of how you have advnaced your race above others? Have you made 15 or 20 white babies?

    As you persue your dreams of revenge on Asiatic she-sluts the USA if filling up with Mexicans, El Salvadorians, MS-13ers, and other hyper-violent latinos. And they are outbreeding us. Who’s the super-survivor again?

    I am much more in agreement with Donald. At least lets set some primary goals that are within the realm of possibility. Reducing or having a moratorium on immigration is a possibility. Ending illegal invasion is a position the marjority favor already. We should be able to make that happen. If we can’t make that happen the chances of us “making everyone go to their own corner” are zip.

  45. The reality is that whites are now excluded from huge segements of the computer industry, the very industry that whites created from the ground up. …

    You know TS, the H1-B Visa scam is in fact one of the greatest affirmative action programs in existence today.

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