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Alternative Right has continued to make waves around the blogosphere. The site has generated more attention than I expected. I thought Spencer would launch the site and it would quietly attract a niche audience of racialists, libertarians, and paleos. It seemed reasonable to expect that Alt Right would get the silent treatment like the rest of our websites.

That hasn’t happened. The Frumbots lashed out. Imagine 2050 and Red Jeffrey piled on. I’ve addressed them all in previous posts. Some idiot called E.D. Kain (who no one knows) wrote another hit piece yesterday evening. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs chimed in last night. The house negro at Republicans United whined about racism. I felt his pain.

More of this is coming down the pike. This is good news for a brand new website! Alt Right‘s enemies have inadvertently created a lot of buzz and publicity for Spencer’s project. I know it is a cliché by now to point this out, but conservatives are reliably stupid. The smart thing to do would have been to enforce “dynamic silence” and contain the brush fire to the racialist community. Maybe Alt Right would have died a quiet death in obscurity.

The temptation to respond proved irresistible for several reasons: 1.) In the introduction video, Richard Spencer twisted the nose of David Frum, and the bots were ordered to respond. 2.) The VDARE connection was fodder for left-wing conspiracy theories. 3.) Red Jeffrey religiously follows our sites and would have commented anyway. 4.) Alt Right is aesthetically superior to other “hate sites.” 5.) Charles Johnson is obsessed with sniffing out fascism in the conservative movement and this fits into his ongoing narrative of right-wing evil. 6.) Alt Right uses a discourse unfamilar to braindead liberals and conservatives who have been living in a bubble for the last twenty years.

A cursory glance at the negative reviews leaves me convinced of the superiority of the “Alternative Right.” This is a genus larger than Spencer’s website. Tim Mak, for example, doesn’t seem to know that we have never called ourselves “racists” and “sexists.” These are terms of abuse imported from the left. Imagine 2050 thinks Alt Right is Peter Brimelow’s website and that Chronicles is a “White Nationalist” magazine. E.D. Kain and Charles Johnson ramble on about “human biological diversity” (read: “human biodiversity”) and reveal their total ignorance of the subject.

A common charge from the Faux Right is that Alt Right uses a “politically correct terminology” to whitewash “racism.” Terms like “human biodiversity,” “evolutionary psychology,” and “sociobiology” have been around for decades. Scholars like E.O. Wilson have written important books in the natural sciences about these subjects. “Racialism” dates back to the early twentieth century and was in use years before “racism” appeared in the 1930s. A subscriber to “human biodiversity” believes the average differences in racial groups are partially attributable to heredity, but such a person is not necessarily a “racist,” as HBD does not imply a vertical hierarchy of “superior” and “inferior” races. Most HBD types are libertarians, not White Nationalists. This distinction is lost on Beltway conservatives whose worldview was formulated on a diet of trash like Comeback: How Conservatives Can Win Again or How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must.

There is a large group of – how should I put this, young men of the right – who were intelligent enough to see through this garbage many years ago or never bothered with it. I stopped reading Ayn Rand when I was 21 years old. There is little of interest in the American conservative canon. Most of the best titles (admittedly, there are a few classics worth reading) were written decades ago and have no relevance to the neocon dominated Beltway conservative movement. Libertarianism has a stronger intellectual tradition, but like so much of philosophy, it is ultimately nothing more than empty sand castles in the air based on allegedly “self evident” axioms like the non-aggression principle. Try running that one by the Neanderthals.

There is no “one true system” of social science analagous to the laws of physics. The liberal arts and social sciences like political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and history can collect data, discover patterns, and inform our actions with practical advice, but they will never prescribe the “one true model” of human behavior. The Enlightenment and Christianity have sent us on this fool’s errand. At the end of the day, human behavior is still largely governed by custom, habit, and tradition.

Even more primordial forces are at work. Human behavior is far too predictable to be learned. We eat, drink, sleep, blink, breathe, fuck, fight, marry, reproduce and much else without giving much thought to our actions. We experience a range of emotions that produce instant value judgments. Humans evolved these behaviors because they were adaptive to our survival in the real world. Traditions persist across generations when they are adaptive to present environmental conditions and foster reproductive success.

This concept of adaptiveness gives us a measuring stick which we can use to analyze competing intellectual traditions and behaviors. We can see right off the bat that feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and birth control do not foster high birthrates. Expressive individualism leads to high divorce rates and low parental investment. Excessive materialism is a strong deterrent to family formation. Third world immigration floods Western nations with hostile aliens who do not share our heritage or ethnic interests. The guilt cult of multiculturalism doesn’t inspire confidence in our civilization and its future.

Let’s travel further down this road. High taxes punish young White families and depress birthrates. Affirmative Action takes jobs away from White males in their reproductive years. Transfer payments to non-Whites (welfare and government healthcare) take money away from White families and disproportionately redistributes their wealth to hostile fecund minorities. Whites are forced to subsidize inferior public schools for negroes and Hispanics and pay again for schools for their own children. Whites pay inflated prices for housing in distant suburbs to avoid the costs of non-White violent crime. Free trade and outsourcing suck highpaying American jobs overseas and force potential mothers into the workforce. Dysgenic foreign wars to “spread democracy” abroad kill off the most heroic and masculine White males in their prime.

The “Alternative Right” cannot be accused of intellectual vacuity or inconsistency. Our worldview is based on a careful analysis of the American cultural and political scene from the perspective of self interest. We reject flighty universal abstractions in favor of visceral concrete ideals – blood, soil, nation, and faith – that produce adaptive behavior in the real world. We endorse customs, habits, traditions, and public policies that work for us. We want to lift the minds of America’s deracinated White youth out of gutter and give them a sense of purpose.

What does the Faux Right have to offer the American majority? In his response to Richard Spencer, E.D. Kain talks about “respect for tradition,” but never explains what is meant by this. He says in the comments of his article that John Derbyshire is “deserving of the ash heap of history” for his rejection of feminism! Kain also wrote to Charles Johnson – the deranged leftist proprieter of Little Green Footballs – to encourage him to attack Richard Spencer. There is a seamless transition between the far left and the neoconservative right. They are one of the same force. The Charles Johnson-Frum Forum connection proves it.

The sole purpose of the Faux Right – Frum Forum being a prime example – is to introduce retreads of the most crazy leftist ideas from twenty years ago into the conservative movement and push the national political spectrum to the left. The whining and crying about “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “nativism,” and “reactionaries” reflects their leftist agenda. I suppose a secondary purpose would be to provide careers in politics for useless Beltway hacks who cannot contribute to society in a more productive way.

The Faux Right doesn’t believe in racial, national, or cultural preservation. They are not carrying on any discernable American tradition. These people despise pre-MLK America. They seek to “transform” the United States into a nation that reflects progressive ideals (read: a minority-majority country). To his credit, Charles Johnson has at least openly stated his allegiance to the left, which somewhat limits his effectiveness. The neocons at Frum Forum share his radical anti-White agenda, but are smart enough not to discuss it openly.

Charles Johnson is right about one thing. White Nationalists are on the march. We’re going to smash the Faux Right in Washington one way or another. The future existence of our people demands it.

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  1. Correction: the hindus own over 150 members of the “US” congress through an organization called the India policy group.

    Who themselves are owned by an organization called the ‘American’ Israel Public Affairs Committee, or ‘AIPAC’ — LOL.

  2. Trasinspotter

    The asians in America are waging a vicious race war against the NATIVE BORN WHITE MAJORITY. They are actively and intentionally destroying centuries of White American Engineering expereince-present and future. This is in the realm of genocide. This is what Jared Taylor should be saying in MSM appearances. He pulls way to many punches as does Peter Brimelow. Go after the asians.

    They should be saying along the lines:asian LEGALIMMIGRANT sabotages the human resource investments that could be targeted towards the White youth of Appalachia so as to develope them for careers in science,engineering and medicine. It would be a great way to publicly hang the predatory asians in OUR AMERICA. Unfotunately both of them will sidetrack the discussion and debate by starting a discussion about Rushton-Murray-Hernstien. WE do not have time for this nonesense.

    One of the more pernicious ways that asians in OUR AMERICA drive NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS out of a town is to vote for massive property taxes increases. Oh yeah,asians pay their taxes..but you won’t be able to ..sell your home or lose it in a tax lien sale. Asians must be expelled…WE ARE BEING EXPELLED from OUR AMERICA!!!! I want the predatory asians out of my country. OUT!!!

    Do you realize that the grandchildren-living in OUR America- of the men who fought in the japanese imperial army not only qualify for Gates scholarships but have very likely recieved a Gates scholarship. A scholoarship program that openly discriminates against the grandchildren of WHITE AMERICAN MEN who fought against the japanese during ww2!!!

  3. Landser

    The hindus own themselves. To me it is shocking that vdare.com has not gone after the India Policy Group.

  4. Do you realize that the grandchildren-living in OUR America- of the men who fought in the japanese imperial army not only qualify for Gates scholarships but have very likely recieved a Gates scholarship. A scholoarship program that openly discriminates against the grandchildren of WHITE AMERICAN MEN who fought against the japanese during ww2!!! – Jupiter

    “Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they: Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American;”

  5. Rumor has it that in the far east is a magical land called “China” which is where “Chinese” people are from. Stories from this far off place say that it is governed by a “Chinese Communist Party” that seeks the betterment and advancement of the “Chinese People”.

    So, it would obviously be unfair and mean to send our Chinese people to China.

    Denise – LOL on the personal space issue. I grew up in Los Angeles and if I had a dime for everytime I turned around in a line and said “back the fuck off right now” to an asian person I would be a rich man indeed!

  6. …Hispanics do all the grunt work. And the main criminal problems are caused by people of African descent. – CA

    It is because the one’s doing the ‘grunt work’ — especially in NC — are the first generation illegal aliens, since they have little choice but to be doing anything else.

    It’s the second and subsequent generations of all racial aliens (just like, for example, with the Zidane in la banlieue de Paris (slums of Paris) who will be doing the crime — and doing the time.

    Mara Salvatrucha — MS-13 — anyone??

  7. ?I never suggested that Asians are? interchangeable with whites – if that is what is being implied here of me (not sure who that is directed towards). I am just sharing some realpolitik with everyone.

    Yes, we need to stop the immigration invasion. That is a reasonable political goal right now.

    Yes, the attitudes in America after 9/11 were as such that many whites were openly calling for mass deportations of Muslims because they believed that an aggressive and hostile religions, Islam, was the ideological motivator behind those attacks. But keep in mind that nothing materialized beyond that – there were no mass public lynchings, round-ups, or what-have-you. Their rage was channeled into fighting wars in the middle east against Afghanistan and Iraq and has mostly died down.

    However, that situation isn’t the same for other racial groups. Chinese people aren’t blowing up huge buildings in the name of their race, therefore there is no motivation on the part of the white masses to hate them – like it or not. There is a relative calm, even if, yes, these people are competing for our jobs, crowding out our cities, and such.

    Now, when the economy collapses, the fragile peace that exists between people of different races will definitely disappear by and large.

    I’m not going to suggest a specific geopolitical strategy for this distant future because there are too many variables that will play out – its difficult to predict how things will be at that time. I am sure there will be ugly battles to come, either ones we fight offensively or defensively.

    I am simply stressing the need to focus on things we have control over instead of conjuring up “racial holy war” fantasies that are unproductive and bring out the bad personalities in the movement. Focus on things that will help whites now and ways of spreading our ideas to fellow whites.

  8. Rumor has it that in the far east is a magical land called “China” which is where “Chinese” people are from. Stories from this far off place say that it is governed by a “Chinese Communist Party” that seeks the betterment and advancement of the “Chinese People”.

    So, it would obviously be unfair and mean to send our Chinese people to China. …


    You mean such as this fine, upstanding “American” “citizen” –

    Chinese spy gets more than 15 years in prison

    A Chinese-born engineer convicted in the United States’ first economic espionage trial was sentenced Monday to more than 15 years in prison for stealing sensitive information on the U.S. space program with the intent of passing it to China.

    Dongfan “Greg” Chung, a Boeing stress analyst with high-level security clearance, was convicted in July of six counts of economic espionage and other federal charges for storing 300,000 pages of sensitive papers in his Southern California home. Prosecutors alleged the papers included information about the U.S. space shuttle, a booster rocket and military troop transports.

    During brief remarks, Chung, 74, begged for a lenient sentence, saying he had taken the information to write a book.

    “Your honor, I am not a spy, I am only an ordinary man,” said Chung, who wore a tan prison jumpsuit with his hands cuffed to a belly chain as his wife and son watched from the audience. “Your honor, I love this country. … Your honor, I beg your pardon and let me live with my family peacefully.”

    The government believes Chung began spying for the Chinese in the late 1970s, a few years after he became a naturalized U.S. citizen and was hired by Rockwell.

    Chung worked for Rockwell until it was bought by Boeing in 1996. He stayed with the company until he was laid off in 2002, then was brought back a year later as a consultant. He was fired when the FBI began its investigation in 2006.

    Prosecutors discovered Chung’s activities while investigating Chi Mak, another suspected Chinese spy living and working in Southern California. Mak was convicted in 2007 of conspiracy to export U.S. defense technology to China and sentenced to 24 years in prison. …


  9. Donald

    White American WW2 vets were going after Sihks. The hindus were very nervous. There is a webstie called Indian Americans in physics. One of the physcists interviewed is a professor physics at UCLA. He works in the field of toplogical quantum computers. . In this interview he refers to the weeks after 9/11 as the dark times for hindus in America. He was fearfull for his parents safety in NYC. I can tell you from what I saw around me at the time that he fears were justified. None of neighbors made a distinction…as they say they all look alike

    Right after 9/11 at the tech companies,the hindus were recieving anonymous hate emails from their WHITE COWORKERS..it got so bad that tech companies had to hire shrinks to counsel the traumatized hindu LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  10. It’s no secret that the Chinese security services target Chinese-Americans with appeals to race and national pride, and it works. Why the US Government keeps ignoring this problem and continues to keep important nuclear work under the control of the heavily Asian Univ of Calif system is a question that never gets asked, for ideological reasons. This government cannot respond to such a question with anything other than platitudes.

    The bottom line is that we need an ethno state for European North Americans. We need allies and I think the French-Canadians (Parti Quebecois) are obvious choices, as may be certain Mexican and Black nationalists. Abroad, Russia is the obvious choice for support, especially given US support for Muslim separatists who have kicked the Bear in the shin.

  11. So, give the Mexicans California, Arizona, Texas, & New Mexico? Give the blacks Georgia & Alabama and a few sothern states? Whites can have an ethnostate in the Northwest, or Midwest or Apalachans, or all three? (To pick the places discussed on last weeks threads.) Is that your vision?

    I understand that is the mission of this blog, but I still find it very far fetched.

  12. Jackson – It is far fetched. But so was an independent Ireland when the UK was a world power and Irish Lords held the whip hand. I think the Quebecois know their time is ending. So, there is an ally. I think the Blacks hate us even though they know deep down they need us, so there is another ally. Mexicans have never lost the US southwest in their soul, and, while I hate to lose it, the fact is it is already lost. Etc. etc.

  13. Nordicreb said: “Or, as I have put it before on this forum; we must know what to say and what NOT to say.”

    The way to appeal to women is to spell out — and I mean SPELL OUT reeeeeeally clearly so even the flakiest woman will get it — spell out how all the multi-culti, politically correct bs will actually harm their CHILDREN.

    Whites may have done ok (but just ok) for the last 20-30 years with the levels of multi-culti that we’ve had, but (as you all know) it’s getting a lot worse nowadays for White men to get work, etc., etc. SPELL OUT in a few simple points how their children will suffer in their education, will suffer for lack of jobs, will suffer in their later years. They will get it then, I promise you.

  14. This was a terrific post, btw. Very rousing! Like someone said above, like a motivating speech. Very motivating! 🙂

  15. What exactly is the plan for smashing the faux right? Too many people out there are blind about what’s going on, even myself at one time. I used to call myself a conservative, listened to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc, voted Republican. I started noticing things. The multiracialism of the left is also present in what I thought was the right with their fawning over nonwhite affirmative action politicians like Colin Powell and Michael Steele. The right always seemed to retreat in the face of the left and any liberal policy enacted was never overturned by people professing to be conservatives when they controlled Congress. It seems no matter whether we slide to the left or right that our foreign policy regarding the Middle East is always the same. I came to my senses but I don’t think alot of people are able to see these things.

  16. I fully agree with commenter ‘Jupiter’ @ #54 above – Asiatics are going to have to leave White North America entirely. Once we Whites finally awake from our slumber in another few years we will give them a good while to pack their things, ties up their loose ends here, and leave peacefully…but after that all bets are off. If we do not stop the Asians from pouring in to North America, they will eventually take it ALL over.

    Some 60% of the world’s population is a strain of Asiatic. Whites are a precious few that must be prevented at all costs from being absorbed in to the faceless Oriental mass. Again, they are ALL going to have to go back from whence they came. The growing ‘Yellow Menace’ is almost as intractable as the Jewish Problem. Luckily though Asians are so different from Whites, so alien, so easily identifiable, that it won’t be a problem to deal with them once we get around to it — we’ve just got to do it soon before it’s too late, because once the Oriental swarm gets a foothold it’ll be near impossible to dislodge them.

  17. Jackson – post 51 – wipe the snot off your face. It’s drippiing all over the page.

    How many kids do you have, Jackson? You are doubtful [we?} will ever get there? To an all White ethnic state?

    That’s your flaw. Not mine.

    History abounds with examples of a teeny tiny movement, beginning with an idea, or a vision. A handful of truly committed people – not feckless, diffident dilentanttes, milling around, congratulating themselves overe thier “sophistication” and rationality.

    Don’t you dare insult my WHITE HOT antipathy for Gook sluts. You snottiness to me is highly suspect. How dare you? How DARE you? Isn’t it a canard of resentful White Nationalist males, that “it’s always the women” that open the door for the Darkies?

    I’m one White woman who has never ever crossed the color line – and will not ever do so. I’ve had lots of oppurtunities to do so, like all White women, and all kinds of incentives, and I still do. That’s par for the course.

    Most women are herd creatures. The “let’s all go to the bathroom together” mentality. White Nationalist women are true outelliers. We are not herd creaures, We have to buck ever sort of social pressure. We, as women, are supposed to love every-one, and want to pick up and cuddle all the babies, not just the White ones, and bake cookies and pies for ever-one. I’ve personally taken all kinds of CRAP for my beliefs. I live and breath White Nationalism. I do not ever give, back down, or give ground. I kepe pushing and pushing and pushing. I know what’s coming. I know lots of Whites don’t want to hear what I tell them – but I know I am prepping thme for what’s coming thier way.

    WN men (or men who call themselves such) should be thrilled that there are White women who are completely committed to preserve the White Race. Also – pookie – women will listen ot other women long befor they will pay you any head at all. I can speak to other women, as one of them, and appeal to them on an emotional level. In ways you will obviously nver understand. I can and do give them “female” reasons, for abandoning the colossal fraud of Multi Racialism. I can give them emotional “outs” for refusing to put the interests of other children, non-White children, ahead of their own.

    Can you do this?

    Fellas – if you don’t have the women – ya got nothin’.

    Finally – you seem to willing to cave, and accomodate. I said one must have a goal in mind, and work backwards from that goal. You don’t know what I do, in 3D world. What do you do?

    In order to put an idea across – you must believe in that idea one hundred percent. You must beleive that your are 100% completely right – and you must get others to believe you are 100% right. It’s all about creating committment. The West is crumbling. Chaos is swirling. People are frightened. They want absolute certaintly. Not grey areas. Not subtlety.

    Not….”I doubt we can succeed”.

    Talk about a losing mindset.

    I have no doubts. None. Nada. Zip.

    I think White Nationalists can and will have a White ethnostates. How to

    One must have a Junky Mentality. The sole point of the Junkie’s existence is to go out and get their fix. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Junkies are not distracted. They are monomaniacally, obsessively focused. They invariable achieve thier ends.

    The sole focus of a junkie is worthless, appalling, and disgusting. But junkies apparently have a far greater belief in their goals, and far more more motivation to achieve those goals, than you. Why is that, Jackson?

    My fix is a White Planet. Will I see that come to pass, in my lifetime? Maybe. Maybe not. Can this come to pass. Why not?

    That’s the goal.

    What’s yours?

  18. Ed – Hunter Wallace and Richard Spencer are doing what should be done. Learning to use media, and networking. They are both very gifted young men.

    I am a member of Tea Parties. I relentlessly spread the Good White Word amongst the flock. I’m a Street Preacher, so to speak. I yield no ground. My succes has been uneven, thus far, in terms of unifying Whites. I’ve had some good results. I’ve awakened a fair number. To those that don’t like what I have to say, for varying reasons, my words are like a grain of sand, implanted into an oyster. Pearls take time to grow. Sooner or later, the most resistant Whites will either have to Return to their Race – or perish. Events are accelerating. I am trying to Prepare the Way.

    I give practical advice to Whites, on how to deal with non-Whites. I tell people the history and beliefs, and practices of Jews. I tell them to “look at the names”. They won’t be able ot help themselves, once they start to see. I ask clueless, sheltered whites is they know the signs, of when a pack of Blacks is about to attack them. “Do you know what to look for”? This question produces real alarm. It’s interesting – cause that question works on the most obstinant “anti-racist” Whites. Even if they screech about my “racism” – they always always always listen to my rundown of the signs of imminent attack. Always.


    Preach the White Word any way, any time, any how. Any opportunity you get. Jump on it.

  19. Landser – hugs and kisses, darling!

    ; } !

    And you’ve ruined Dunkin Donuts for me, forever. Drat!!! I LOVE DD. Arrrgghhh! I love the coffee. Love the French Vanilla. But it’s owned by a Yid.

    Oh the Humanity!

    Wait- if I get my White Planet – I’m taking over Dunkin’.

  20. It’s really easy to talk to Blacks about Race. It’s easy to turn ordinary Blacks back onto Jews. They just want something to hate and to kill.

    Make it funny – make it fun – and ya got an ally.

  21. Soren – post #65 – that’s great!

    That song list is fabulous. Look at the titles.

    Wow. Flawless.

  22. “What exactly is the plan for smashing the faux right?”

    I would recommend going back in the Archives and reading some of Hunter Wallaces past posts. He has posted about how alot of the ‘contemporary Right’ are going to be ‘re-defined out of the bounds of decency’ by the general shift Left-ward.

    These folks will be ripe for conversion to forms of White Nationalism.

  23. Denise — mucho thank you… your simply terrific!

    Oh, one more (potential) piece of bad news regarding coffee — not only DD, but Starbucks as well is owned by them! 🙁

    Actually, it is much, much better to brew your own, preferably organic coffee (no pesticides) — or patronize a neighborhood shop where you can benefit the local community,


    …make friends with the owners — and potentially win a few converts to The Cause as well!

    *Who said only Leftists can be ‘Coffee House’ radicals! 😉

  24. Bill Gates scholarship recipients arrested for murder.

    Guess what race… that’s right, black! They beat a man to death with a hammer.

  25. Tim “Mongoloid Mullet” Mak and Marcus “Karate Kike” Epstein are Sino-ZOG agents used by Frum and his ilk along with funding from Beijing to destroy Whites. Look at what Epstein did by infiltrating VDare and paleocon outfits and then trying to discredit and humiliate them with his karate chop attack against a negress while calling her a nigger. Just look at what Mak is doing now.

  26. Jupiter #31:

    “The asian scum have to be driven out completetly.”

    Exactly. Nothing less will do. I’ll be damned if I’m giving up our wide open spaces of living to appease this garbage.

    As someone in this thread stated. Give them a chance to leave peacefully. Then all bets are off.

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