District of Corruption: Crashing The Tea Party

The Tea Party Express rolled into the District of Corruption earlier this morning. A rally that drew a couple thousand angry conservatives (mostly from the Red States) was held in Freedom Plaza off the Washington Metro. We didn’t have much to do at OD headquarters in Charlottesville today. So we decided to ride up to DC to check out all the action ourselves.

Just how “implicitly White” is the Tea Party crowd? I have speculated about this for a long time. We have all read the news reports. We have seen the photos and read the scathing editorials in liberal newspapers about the Tea Party movement and its appalling “lack of diversity.” Will this anachronistic demographic who say they “want their country back” ever summon the courage to fight back?

I have a mixed verdict. The political hacks we saw on the huge video screen (presumably, the leadership) decried “racism” and whined about fringe rightwing extremists and leftist infiltrators who intend to discredit the Tea Party. These people can be written off as useless. A small segment of the Tea Party crowd were carrying signs that said absurd things like “opposing Obama doesn’t make me a racist” and “truth shouldn’t be confused with hate.” I only saw a few of these. Let’s write them off as unreachable too.

The larger section of the crowd struck me as ambiguous. These people have an inchoate set of beliefs: Obama is a Communist, Obama is a Marxist, Obama is a traitor, Obama is not an American, Obama is a bloodsucking leftist vampire, Americans are taxed to much, the federal government should be smaller, the borders should be secured, the MSM is a domestic enemy, Jesus Christ should play a larger role in our culture, the Antichrist walks the Earth, this world will soon come to a fiery end. A Christian gentleman on the scene gave us a pamphlet that said Doomsday was May 11, 2011. Be prepared!

I saw a lot of things I liked: the crowd was almost exclusively White, the few blacks on the scene (who were not antis) were making a buck selling Tea Party paraphernalia, it was a crowd of healthy, ordinary, middle class people, most of the protesters were from the Red States (we saw South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona and Kansas flags), the Gadsden Flag and Give Me Liberty or Death Flags were more ubiquitous than the American flag, Colonial Flags were on sale, one protester had the 1st Confederate National Flag on a poster, several Whites were dressed as Colonial soldiers, the anti-Obama rhetoric was more scathing than I expected.

The Tea Party protesters are not bad people. They are certainly nothing like the National Socialist Movement or World Church of the Creator. The idea that the Tea Party Express is the reincarnation of Hitler’s Brownshirts is such a crude distortion that it would ruin the credibility of any journalist who uttered it in saner times. I will say this though: there is a common thread that unites the Tea Party protesters with the militias and gun enthusiasts (and the White Nationalists) we saw in Kentucky. All of these groups are starting to rally around a common anti-government symbol: the Gadsden flag.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. There were a lot of posters there that just left me wondering. I saw one that said “A Village in Africa is Missing its Idiot.” Another said, “I wish Obama was an American.” Several of the Tea Party signs were caricatures of Obama that struck me as mildly negrophobic. They had slightly exaggerated racial features that brought to mind the Jim Crow minstrel show cartoons that I collect back home. The punchline: this man in the White House, the bloodsucking illegitimate thief stealing our money, is a sort of absurd African foreigner. This type of milquetoast racial humor seemed to be quite popular among the crowd.

The Tea Party protesters also hate the media. This is another trait they have in common with us. I saw multiple signs that more or less condemned the media as a treasonous arm of the Obama administration. White Nationalists call it the “Jewsmedia.” Tea Party conservatives have different names (lap dog media) for the same phenomena. ABC, NBC, and CBS were condemned as the “Axis of Evil.”

Carl Cameron of FOX News made an appearance. I stood less than five feet away from him waving the Gadsden flag in the background of the U.S. Capitol. I don’t know if any of this was on television. There were other “Alternative Right” commentators on the ground in DC. We saw someone from The Political Cesspool walking among the crowd. Stuff Black People Don’t Like was on the scene and chatted with us. The racialist alternative media has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.

White Nationalists aren’t walking yet. We are starting to crawl though. We are showing up in greater numbers at other rightwing events and producing original coverage and analysis for our expanding online media presence. This portends further positive developments down the road.

Update: The photos we shot will be uploaded to the OD Facebook group.

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  1. Reading this summary, the one thing that struck me was about the leadership and how useless they are.

    This is what is missing. There is no leadership to unite this crowd under one banner. They are all just floating around with these anti-government messages.

    The leadership you described (that was on the screens) wants to keep these people just voting Republican. What we have here is a repeat of 1994. This is because the leadership is the same. This will keep repeating and repeating until someone other than the Republicans can lead these populists.

  2. >These people have an inchoate set of beliefs

    Their beliefs are 100% from FOX News. It’s almost humorous to
    hear them repeat verbatim various buzzwords and talking point they heard the night before, and try to pass it off as if it was their own idea.

    >The Tea Party protesters also hate the media.

    No they don’t, they absolutely love the media – FOX News and talk radio – and believe virtually everything they see and hear from the media. It’s like saying a Red Sox fan hates baseball because he hates the Yankees.

    When the Tea Party turns off FOX News and talk radio, they will become a potent force. Until then, they are a liability, not an asset, to white people.

    FOX News targets a specific demographic – white conservatives – and then quite literally brainwashes them to be idiots. Then, the media displays the white idiocy for the rest of the country in order to split whites and defame white movements generally.

    It’s called choosing your enemies, and it’s working very, very well. It’s hard to believe so many whites are still falling for it.

  3. A colleague’s wife attended the tea party rally in Madison, WI and the local tea party leadership cautioned all attendees not to bring placards or memorabilia that could be considered “racist”. It would appear that the sharp edges displayed in the early days of the tea parties have been deftly filed down by the MSM and Republicrat big wigs.

    Right now this “movement” strikes me as nothing more than the blind leading the blind and other than holding cutesy anti-Obama signs and making some noise on fiscal issues I don’t see how tea partiers will change the system for the better or advance white racial interests (expel illegal aliens, end affirmative action, etc) . Before long it will, with the help of “anti-racist” and left wing groups, likely be reduced to infighting and factionalism much like the Reform party in 2000. The Repubs and Dems closed ranks to destroy Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign and the Reform Party in 1996 and 2000 and they will do it again.

    Nor surprisingly Jewish leftists are springing into action to do their part in marginalizing the tea parties. The surname “Levin” certainly isn’t Norwegian or Polish.

  4. It will be interesting to see how long the Tea Partiers can maintain their cognitive dissonance. Many (particularly the leadership) are falling all over themselves to decry the evils of racism. They can condemn racism all they want, but the reality is that non-whites do in fact oppose the Tea Party agenda. Non-whites also benefit from the very government policies that the Tea Party condemns. The Tea Partiers are in fact in a racial conflict, but at present they deny this. How long until truth penetrates their skulls? Stay tuned!

    In short, their own professed interests in more liberty, lower taxes and less government are in direct conflict with the professed interests of non-whites. The non-whites love fully funded government programs, love the wealth transfers from whites to themselves, and love the government controls imposed on whites, including affirmative action, forced integration and set asides. The Tea Partiers want less government. Non-whites want more government provided benefits and privileges.

    This fundamental conflict of interests is not tangential to the situation, it is fundamental. Only in the deracinated Kwa could the obvious be denied for so long. Only in the Kwa could a group condemn the mainstream media as the “axis of evil,” and then turn around and spout the media’s key propaganda lines, all the while being oblivious to the absurdity of it all.

    Once again, the leftists decrying racism prove themselves smarter than what passes for the right. The left recognizes the fundamental and inherent racial nature of the disagreement, while the so called right prefers spouting Rodney King platitudes and MLK worship. Pitiful. Bizarro world, dude.

    On the other hand, as we discussed before, things can change. There is a learning curve, and no doubt some of the Tea Partiers are making progress along that curve. Let’s try to help that process along. Many of us had help along the way, people who connected some dots for us. Maybe we should return the favor?

    Two things I’d like to see:

    1. Someone in a good position to do so should really be undermining the aracial Tea Party leadership. I mean, fuck these guys.

    2. We should all be spreading the meme that the interests of non-whites and the interests of white Tea Partiers are in inherent conflict. This is true. When the media bemoans the “lack of diversity” at Tea Parties, we should be hammering this point home. Hit their comment sections, and stick to this one limited point. No preaching white nationalism as a whole, just drive one issue home. White Tea Partiers may want lower taxes and more liberty. Non-whites, on the other hand, want more fully funded government programs, and more legal benefits at the expense of whites. That simple.

  5. Trainspotter, I agree with everything you say except:

    (indulge my musing)

    I am a physician, and wrote a check to the IRS today for $4000 – actually gave it to my accountant, a patient of mine, before office hours begun.
    From 8 to 5, every patient I greeted today, I welcomed them with “happy tax day.” Not one gave a single look of recognition.
    My practice is distant suburb-early rural, and thus moderate to lower income (South Carolina). Today was more white than most, probably 80%. Also, my area is heavy with Tricare insurance (military/ex-military) due to the former naval shipyard in Charleston.
    After lunch, I figured out their disinterested glaze: None of them pay federal income tax. Via child-income credits, and the like, some even are net recipients. Most of us saw that 47% of people of this country do not pay income tax. We both know that statistically that means probably close to 100 million whites. (As an aside, during that lunch, I busted my white medical assistant on the phone, who has three young children, and just left her white husband for cheating on her, applying for food stamps).

    I’m spending a lot of my reading time write now working out in my mind what is really going on with whites. One thing for certain, the axis of tax-fedgov-bribes is NOT a non-white phenomenon. Most of my patients also sport Gadsen flags or Confed. battle flags on their cars/paraphernalia. The cognitive dissonance is much greater… or, better put, the tip of an iceberg. I don’t doubt that many hope for smaller government for thee, but I haven’t heard of too many whites throwing off the shackles of FedGov coercion by rejecting SS and Medicare – in fact, they will actively agitate to maintain and pad those coffers.

    I think there is something much more sick, depressing, and pessimistic going on. I wholeheartedly agree that the scummy leadership should be undermined, and self-examination, with prodding to group interests should be implemented. I’m just worried that a redress of grievances, even in a huge group like the Tea Party movement, when pushed, will breakdown to individual interests. But, this has always been my central theme, as a self-professed Bible-thumper, that any idea that captures the European brain, must contain a mythos greater than the individual, in order to engender true self-sacrifice. Liberalism has this (though it doesn’t call it such). There is no current alternative of any heft. Still, our European brain keeps fighting…

    Cheers, Mike

  6. These Tea Partiers need to understand the big overall picture of what’s going on in that these nonwhites are eroding our freedoms and that they are tools of the cabal that runs Washington. It needs to be pounded in their heads that there is precious little time left to pull off any kind of political solution (not that I believe it’s a viable option) before their voices are drowned out in a tsunami of third world sewage. I tried to point out at a Tea Party that the issues were more complex than less taxes and smaller government and that I knew exactly what was wrong with America. The old Anglo-Saxon and European elites had been replaced with Jews who were eliminating the dominance of the historical population through massive immigration. My efforts to enlighten people were rewarded by them distancing themselves from me and one woman telling me that I didn’t have to be there if I didn’t like the program. Perhaps no one was interested because they thought I might be a leftist agitator trying to discredit them but if they’re too afraid to embrace the reality of the truth they might as well lay down and die now.

  7. Mike, I understand what you’re saying, and agree with much of it. I’m not entirely sure what I said that you disagree with.

    Let me clarify. Tea Partiers are a subset of whites, obviously. They are not necessarily representative of the whole. Yes, more whites are on the dole in some way, shape or form than in the past. It’s disturbing, but perhaps it should not be too surprising at this point in the game.

    Yet it is certainly the case that whites, as a group, pay the vast bulk of the taxes in this society. The overwhelming bulk of the taxes. It is also true that non-whites benefit disproportionately from the taxes that whites pay, whether in the form of massive governmental assistance, disproportionate government employment, and so forth. They are an enormous tax drain, no question about it. The last time I examined hard data on this subject, it was truly shocking. And it’s not just the obvious welfare payments either, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Someone good with reliable data should put the racial realities of taxation and spending in an appealing format, and we could circulate it amongst the Tea Partiers. If someone does this, it must be absolutely accurate. No mistakes.

    Anyway, just something as simple as schooling will suffice as an illustration. The typical yearly cost per public school pupil seems to be running at about 8,000 to 10,000 a year these days (some more than that, of course). No way are non-whites paying anywhere near the amount necessary merely to “educate” their children, much less pay for the rest of government. No way. Whites as a group are paying to educate hordes of non-white children who will grow up to displace those very whites and their progeny. The whites get to pay for non-whites to be indoctrinated in anti-white hatred, as an added bonus.

    Take home point: we don’t need them, they need us. We are subsidizing them at every level in every way, from the locality up to D.C. and beyond. If it’s a library in your local town…whites paid for it. Blacks use it. Local or state health department? Whites paid for it, blacks use it. If it’s a massive health care bill coming out of D.C., whites will pay for it. Blacks will benefit from it (or hispanics, whatever). Again, we need the hard data, but what I’ve written above is definitely the case.

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on something like Tricare. At least those people arguably earned it. But whether they did or not, the broader reality is clear: whites as a group are having their wealth transfered to non-whites as a group. That there are exceptions on both sides does not change this (By the way, I think your estimate of the proportion of whites not paying taxes is probably off, surely it is far lower than the proportion of blacks and mexicans that don’t pay taxes. Far lower. Hard data needed.

    When we are talking about mainstream political movements, we are concerned with the general rule, not the exceptions. The general rule is where the votes are. The Tea Partiers still think they can win by voting. They can’t, of course, at least in the long run. It’s going to take them some time to learn this. The reality is that blacks and other non-whites overwhelmingly support the Democrats and fully funded government programs. Whites are more divided, of course, in part due to some of the reasons that you mention. But still, they are much more likely to support less government and lower taxes, something that non-whites will directly oppose.

    The Tea Partiers, as a subset of whites, are particularly concerned about big government and taxation. They are much more concerned about this than the average white, and after all, it is the Tea Partiers that we are talking about here. The Tea Partiers need to understand that non-whites are opposing them, pretty much as a bloc, not because non-whites would feel unwelcome at their demonstrations, but for a far simpler reason: non-whites simply oppose the Tea Party agenda. Non-white interests are in direct conflict with Tea Party interests. Further, with continued non-white immigration, legal or illegal, the Tea Partiers will be more and more outnumbered with each passing year. The long and the short of it is that the Tea Partiers, as of yet, exhibit no real understanding of the conflict that they are actually in. That’s why we need to connect some of the dots for them. To the extent that we can help move them from implicitly white to explicitly white, that would be a win for us. And though such a transformation may or may not happen as a movement, it certainly can happen amongst numerous individuals. Individuals who will be around for the real movement yet to come.

  8. Consider the long-term effects of having implicit whiteness castigated as racism (explicit whiteness). There seem to be two likely reactions, and they are opposites:

    1) We’re not racists, you’re being mean!
    2) Okay, then fuck you, I’m a racist.

    Short term, 1 has better prospects. But long term?

    How long will our enemies continue to play with fire?

    If I’m off-base here let me know, I’m genuinely curious and don’t pretend to know the answer.

  9. These people listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch FOX News. The neocons are salivating at the thought of being swept back into power by these tools.

  10. “How long will our enemies continue to play with fire?”

    How could they stop themselves? Look at how they reacted to a completely Non-Political Vanity Fair cover!

    That wasn’t feigned to advance a Political Advantage.

    How could that have been the motive when the pictures were shot by a Jewish Lesbian Democrat?

  11. “How could they stop themselves? Look at how they reacted to a completely Non-Political Vanity Fair cover!”

    Exactly. The anti-whites are quite literally enraged and disgusted at the mere sight of a small group of omogenous whites. A larger group of whites like the Tea Party is simply beyond the pale. It is racist simply by virtue of existing at all. How dare they!

    In the anti-white mind, whites should not be able to gather in even small groups. All groups of whites must have at least one non-white, to act as a sort of policeman or monitor. Hopefully he’s shagging one of the white females, as an added bonus. When is the last time you saw a group of three or more whites in a commercial, where there wasn’t at least one non-white in the shot (often lecturing or in some way being portrayed as dominant over the whites)? We must be conditioned to see mixed groups as not only normal, but right. Anything else is wrong, immoral. Group of blacks? Wholesome and good. Maybe hip, cool and soulful. Group of hispanics? Same thing. Group of whites? Whoa there, hoss! Something just ain’t right!

    Yes, the anti-whites are definitely feeling their oats.

    And really, why should they stop? So far, it’s working. They have successfully whipped whites to the point where even the pissed off Tea Partiers are terrified at the prospect of being branded as racists. This despite the fact that non-whites are feasting off the very taxes and government programs that the Tea Partiers are angriest about. Fact: non-whites oppose you, feed off of you, despise you. Your reaction: fellate the nearest black you can find. Make him your leader. Worship MLK. Talk about how great Walter Williams is.

    Given that, why should the anti-whites stop what they are doing? Why argue with success?

    Of course, I certainly predict that the Left’s tactics will backfire. But in the meantime, as the Nego’s say, they are livin’ large.

  12. Trainspotter:

    “When is the last time you saw a group of three or more whites in a commercial”

    I am trying to be as obnoxious as possible – “commercial” – i.e., Television. The TV, the Corporate Media, the Jewish Media, Mass Media, etc.

    Why are white people still watching it? Are there any excuses left? Everybody can see it’s pure anti-white propaganda.

    What technical tactics can disable televisions from further brainwashing white people? Are there social tactics that can fix this problem? Is there some sort of satire or mockery that can render the brainwashing ineffective?

    Is this not the foremost problem we face?

  13. There are some very good comments here on the Tea Party movement, fellows; very incisive in fact. The Tea Party phenomenon is really the beginning of a contemporary form of White patriotic resistance in the USA, and many of the patriotard participants will learn and change, to some degree, as conditions inevitably worsen. The race denying knuckleheads and the kosher-conservative “leaders” definitely have to go. Racial duplicity is a self-imposed straight-jacket. People like Richard Armey and Sara Palin are already trying to hijack & harness the unrest, in order to derail it for the ruling inner parties. It will then be another Foxtard facet of the controlled opposition, if it already isn’t. If White America is to have any hope of surviving, this political protest trend needs to get explicitly racial, and the sooner, the better. Let’s hope that the White egg that the Fox propaganda channel has hatched will come back to haunt them.

  14. I don’t see any hope in this stuff. Trying to co-opt non-racial movements has never worked. We need to start a movement that is about race from the beginning.

    How many people who post here are aware of how the BNP started it’s current run of success? There is a small city in Northern England called Oldham where Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were brought during the 50’s and 60’s to work in the textile mills. When the mills closed, they all went on welfare and remained very separate socially from the indigenous people. Is this sounding familiar? It’s basically the same situation that every single Northern city in America has with blacks. The “Asians” in Oldham have high crime rates, low educational achievement and are very hostile to the majority culture. Oldham is an area where the National Front in the 70’s and the BNP in the 80’s never had much support. It’s not a culturally conservative or right wing area. In the early 90’s, “Asian youths” began a campaign of racially motivated attacks on whites. This continued to get worse and a few local people contacted the BNP, but there was no organized nationalist activity there yet.

    In early 2001, “Asian youths” severely beat an elderly white WWII veteran and the police admitted that the attack was racially motivated. The UK’s right wing tabloids(their equivalent of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh) picked up the story and it became a major issue. Suddenly, the whole establishment was forced to admit that whites were being targeted for violence by non-white racists.

    The BNP began to get more active in Oldham and “anti-fascists” staged a protest rally. After the rally ended, “Asian youths” who had attended attacked more white people. A little while later, white football hooligans who were aware of what was happening in Oldham went to the Asian ghetto in large numbers and fought with the “Asian youths.” Shortly after this, a street fight escalated into a large race riot that made front page headlines across the entire media in the UK. Another race riot happened in the nearby town of Burnley around this time. Then the National Front(a smaller, more hardcore WN party) announced that they would march in the city of Bradford, a larger city with a similar history of anti-white violence as Oldham and where there had been another race riot in the 90’s. The “anti-fascists” called a counter protest which also turned into a large riot, despite the fact the NF didn’t actually show up. Allegedly, the riot was “provoked” by a handful of skinheads who were drinking in pub near the protest and start shouting at the Asian “protesters.”

    The result of all of the this was a massively raised public profile for the BNP and greater awareness among whites in the UK that they were under attack, specifically because of their race. Support for the BNP soared in the months that followed. They added thousands of new members, began winning local council election and haven’t looked back. Other subsequent events have helped the BNP, but it was the race riots of 2001 that the were the catalyst for the current success.

    So what are some of the lessons we can learn from this here in America? First of all, we need to have organizations, leaders, ideology, literature and activists ready to take advantage of a crisis before it happens. If we start parties or groups now, they may not grow much at first, but we must be ready ahead of time for periods of potential growth. Historically, white nationalists in America have been waiting for some mass movement to appear magically out of nowhere when “the big collapse” happens. The BNP had already undergone it’s modernization before all these events happened, but didn’t experience rapid growth until racial conflict exploded into the headlines for the first time in decades. Progress came in the form of angry citizens joining the already established BNP, not in people forming new nationalist groups out of nowhere.

    Secondly, the BNP rode the wave racial conflict, not “anti-government sentiment,” anger over high taxes, religious/moral issues, partisan grievances or any of the other things that the Tea Party movement explicitly refers to. People started to join the BNP because the were on the losing side in a race war, period. The people who began joining the BNP were not mostly people who had previously been right wing, conservative, voters for right wing parties or Tea Party types, but were a broad cross section of indigenous people who lived in the areas of racial conflict or who had recently escaped them. If we want to build a racial movement, we need to focus on racial issues. People who are highly motivated by mainstream conservative politics are not our best potential recruits, people who have been personally affected by the racial disaster we are living in are our best potential recruits.

    Another important aspect of the beginning of the BNP’s rise was the role played by more “extreme” groups like the National Front and football hooligans. Even though the BNP had long since distanced themselves from such antics, it benefited from the tension these groups helped create by having the courage to go right into the middle of the non-white ghetto and kick some ass. It was anger over the hooligans coming into their ghetto and beating them up that caused the “Asian youths” to explode and turn large numbers of ordinary people across country against multi-racialism. This two prong approach, although it was not explicitly planned in the UK, could be of use here if executed well. We had an incident in Toledo, Ohio a few years ago where a Neo-Nazi march against black on white crime provoked a small black riot, but there was no “respectable” pro-white force working in that city to reap any benefit.

    This brings us to the next important point: ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. The BNP grew by setting up local groups that were concerned with neighborhood level problems, initially anti-white violence and later other concerns. This is the exact opposite of the Tea Party approach, which gathers people from all over the country to focus on a national level, partisan politics type agenda. We need to target small areas where there is active racial conflict occurring. Those are the places where we will find truly committed people to become activists, people who are willing to embrace white nationalism without bringing conservative political baggage with them.

    It cannot be emphasized enough that the BNP, and European Nationalist parties in general are NOT drawing their support predominately from disillusioned members of the center right parties or people with past involvement in non-nationalist right wing politics. If we want to have a real nationalist movement in America that exists outside of the internet, we will need to recruit non-ideological people who are motivated to get involved in politics by personal experiences. We are not going to build a movement around the sore loser Fox News watchers of the Tea Party crowd.

    We have been handed a golden opportunity by the recent anti-white black mob violence in Philadelphia, Denver, Kansas City and probably other places that we don’t know about yet. This is so much more important to our cause that the Tea Party. There is low level ethnic cleansing of whites from public spaces in major cities and we are focusing on old reactionary fools who are publicly denouncing any form of racial consciousness. We should be doing everything we can to bring attention to these rampages and keep the focus on race. Ideally, we want to set up local groups in these cities. It wouldn’t hurt us if some pissed off white people would retaliate next time a black mob shows up. If that makes blacks have a big, 1960’s style race riot, that would be a godsend. What happens if later this summer, a black mob goes on a rampage and a white CCW holder wastes some of them Bernie Goetz style, provoking black retaliation and front page news coverage? Will we be ready? Can we take advantage of that? This is the kind of thing we need to be preparing for. Forget the Tea Party.

  15. Posting essays in response is not polite. The TPs exist to be martyred by the “anti-racists” who we KNOW to be nothing but anti-whites pressing for our genocide.

  16. @5 Mike

    When I was young, I felt much the same way you do. You put in the long hours, put up with the bullshit, while everyone else, including your friends seemed to be on vacation.

    It could be worse Mike, you could be in a business, or a state where payroll taxes, sales taxes, and state & local income taxes all take a bite out of you.

    And I’m sure you pray, please God, don’t let me ever overestimate a couple of three quarters!

    The thing we forget, that up until the late 1930’s most federal tax revenue came from taxes on imports. This is interesting because even after the establishment of the federal income tax in 1913—taxes on imports paid most of the bills!

    If we taxed imports everyone would share in the tax burden. No one could escape it. Plus it would protect & encourage domestic industry & production, and allow us to cut federal income taxes.

  17. While at one time I was hopeful of the Tea Parties evolving into some type of white consciousness I am now skeptical at best. Just looking at the post of the various Tea Party Events on Freepers almost every one goes out of there way to point out non white participants and makes sure whiteness is neither mentioned nor acknowledged. Meanwhile the GOP and hip hop Steele are throwing money at Al Sharpton.

  18. Until I witness similar protest movements during a Republican presidential administration my apathy towards these people will continue. I suspect many of these protesters are the same rubes and dupes who cheered when that statue of Saddam was torn down and later smashed their Dixie Chicks cds into a dozen pieces. A protest against big government when a Democrat occupies the oval office is utterly meaningless at this point.

  19. One reason the welfare state used to be unpopular was the widespread contempt by productive whites for the largely undeserving, minority recipients of welfare. Hence, the term, “welfare queen.” In other words, the size of government, helping the poor, and taxes weren’t the issue; rather, it was the injustice of taking from the productive to give to the shiftless, and the sense of wealth transfer from your group, broadly defined, to a hostile group. This kind of “us/them” politics is very important, but the technocrats, liberals, and sellouts in DC could care less, they are not “us,” and they are cowards afraid to utter the truth on Israel, black crime, single moms, immigration, and all the rest.

    The Tea Partiers should simply say, “in a free country, you’re entitled to your opinion, including on matters of race. On the other hand, when the government controls everything, even your thoughts are fair game. This is totally un-American. I’m not going to play this game; people’s private thoughts on race and a million other subjects are no one’s business. I simply want to protect my family and its way of life from a hostile government and anyone else hostile to our flourishing by the sweat of our brows.”

  20. 16Junghans – “The race denying knuckleheads and the kosher-conservative “leaders” definitely have to go.”

    So who exactly is organizing and coordinating these “Tea Parties” and deciding who is banned from speaking or banned from the crowd? Are tea parties trademarked and, if not, what’s to stop someone who isn’t afraid to be white from organizing a less censored tea party?

  21. “White Nationalists aren’t walking yet. We are starting to crawl though.”

    I think most of those people are white nationalists/racialists/HBDers, they just are afraid of embracing it. They know exactly why they spend two hours driving each day to and from their jobs. They know why they avoid certain parts of their cities. They know that everyone at the Tea Parties is white and that the people who eat up their tax dollars are not all white. The problem is, they are too afraid to say it because they don’t want to be ostracized as being a “racist.”

  22. Crashing the Tea Party? Too late, big media and the Republicans have already rounded them up. I was in Richmond, there was about 3000 people there. Pretty low key, subdued even. A lot of “Don’t tread on me!” stuff. The “keynote” speaker was some guy named Charles Payne? He is a FOX news business contributor. Wow! A real live FOX news hack. I was almost moved to tears. All I can really think of is he was the only one they could get to come down and trot out just to say “We aint racist!” The Tea Party people have been beaten by the racist stick and now they are terrified of it, they have already lost.

  23. That’s right. For some, it’s Jew-fear. For others, it’s neo-con brainwash. For still other teabags, it’s getting ZOGchex. In the longer run, none of this will matter: nothing educates like events. When the Goldman-Sachs’d pyramid scheme economy collapses and the dollar disappears, both socialist and capitalist pies are going to shrink dramatically. No more welfare state, way fewer real jobs. Competetion between races and political groups for scarce resources will grow sharper and sharper. Then, when blacks and browns swarm out of the inner cities and downtowns and into the white suburbs looking for food and loot, raping and killing, we will see millions of white liberals and neo-conned TBs quickly mutate into secessionists, hard-rightists, and WNs. As far as leadership goes, he is out there right now: maybe a soldier, fighting in one of the once and future ZOGwars and learning in the hardest school of all. Had one such in my cab the other day: “I went through THIS in Iraq….I come home….and find a nigger is President?!” This wasn’t THE man, but he’ll be along.

  24. “these protesters are the same rubes and dupes who cheered when that statue of Saddam was torn down and later smashed their Dixie Chicks cd”

    The exact same people, and they are following orders from the Television – they have one in every room of the house – exactly as they did then. We are under sustained technological psychological attack, and no one has any solutions. It’s as if a psychological IED is going off every single day in 99% of homes in America, and yet we still don’t take it seriously. The majority of the Tea Parties are like zombies with their brains controlled by a parasite, it’s like the Brain Slugs story, or They Live.

    “big media and the Republicans have already rounded them up”

    Sad but true, some of the earliest protest were more libertarian Ron Paul type but when that fell apart, the GOP hacks moved in. In the Northeast, there were some public relations firms that got paid to do “online promotions” that would get time on FOX or talk radio. It’s a very simple political machine, and it works because of mass media – from FOX down to AM drive time radio. White people are completely brainwashed by the media – especially, the conservative types.

    just are afraid of embracing it. They know exactly why they spend two hours driving each day to and from their jobs. They know why they avoid certain parts of their cities. They know that everyone at the Tea Parties is white and that the people who eat up their tax dollars are not all white. The problem is, they are too afraid to say it because they don’t want to be ostracized as being a “racist.”

    And why are they afraid? Because they do not control status (or money) in their local community – the TV does, the mass media does. If some local liberal calls you a “racist” – who cares? But if the local news does a story about how you are a “racist” – then everyone will desert you.

    White people are *brainwashed* by the TV and radio.

    Does anyone have any practical solutions to this problem?

  25. And why are they afraid? Because they do not control status (or money) in their local community – the TV does, the mass media does. If some local liberal calls you a “racist” – who cares? But if the local news does a story about how you are a “racist” – then everyone will desert you.

    Excellent diagnosis of the ‘herd mentality’ that so direly afflicts White men and women.

    Good job, Veni!

  26. Reginald

    How could they stop themselves? Look at how they reacted to a completely Non-Political Vanity Fair cover!

    That wasn’t feigned to advance a Political Advantage.

    How could that have been the motive when the pictures were shot by a Jewish Lesbian Democrat?

    I cannot help but laugh hysterically at this. The Jewish Lesbian Democrat – a big name in New York Mass Media – is a specialist at racial provocation. Do you think that transparent manufactured “racist” thing about the VF cover was really “liberals” getting upset that Vanity Fair (ha ha lulz) was being “racist” by showing the hot White Blonde New Hollywood cover?

    Come on. They played you like a fiddle – I’m sorry, do not be a rube. The people who did that cover and manufactured the whole phony “outrage” “racist” thing are marketers. Don’t underestimate the power of New York Media – they have 10 IQ point on anyone on this site (including me). And a trillion dollars.

    *This* is exactly what I am talking about – very smart white men who just cannot comprehend the reality we are facing because they don’t have a clue how the media corporations works.

  27. Reginald – 5 years ago I, like you, assumed that Vanity Fair was a women’s magazine, like Cosmo. It’s not. You’ve probably never read an issue of Vanity Fair. I have for five or so years now. They publish Israeli nuclear secrets. They interview the people who created the Black–Scholes Derivatives model.

    It’s the most elite Jewish media in America. Do not for one second that the “racist” thing was “liberals” getting upset because no blacks were on the cover.

    Are you *kidding*?

  28. I’m guessing they have at least 30 IQ points on you, VVD, if you believe that the media elite are geniuses that always act based on some rational master plan that they have previously drawn up, rather than on emotion. The jew worshipers are a particularly dull and wearisome strain of White Nationalist.

  29. ATBOTL, you are certainly right about organizing and building cadre. Without this type of organization being in place, there is no way to take advantage of breaking events, when the wheels come off of the system’s wagon. Raiding the ‘Tea Parties’ for potential converts is just another way to gain ground in the overall racial struggle. They are hardly a perfect gift from the gods, but they are finally getting off of their butts and starting to stir. Unfortunately, many of the Foxtard zombies will eventually have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into White Nationalism, if they don’t shoot us first for being “racists”. Most of us know, it really is a cluster fuck out there!

  30. GFN

    they have at least 30 IQ points on you, VVD, if you believe that the media elite are geniuses that always act based on some rational master plan that they have previously drawn up, rather than on emotion.

    Probably – I’m a dumb ass. On the other hand, when the Jew York Media manufactures a “racist” crisis by putting hot white women on the cover of … Vanity Fair … and then Annie Leibovitz magazine covers get publicity – even among WNs – pardon me for being a little skeptical when white guys think the “liberals” have shown their hand because they couldn’t help themselves because a “non political cover” — from Vanity Fair — was *unfairly* accused of being “racist.”

    Who’s the editor of VF? You don’t know.

    GROW UP.

  31. I have to agree with the majority on this. I went to a TP event the other day, out of curiosity. Republican signs everywhere. Praising “our troops”, etc.

    Maybe some will grow out of it but I have my doubts. Dabney’s statements about “conservatives” comes to my mind.

    Every generation seems less radical than its predecessor. Well, that’s not the direction we need. But then, I’ve given up on the kwa. They’re the most heavily armed civilian population on earth but they’ve completely forgotten why they were thus entrusted.

  32. “some rational master plan that they have previously drawn up, rather than on emotion”

    What a joke. Where the hell is Nietzsche? Did he die on his mountaintop and his falcon pluck his eyeballs out?

    The ruling class doesn’t need a “master plane” that they have “previously drawn up” because they know the difference between “us” and “them.”

    White people do not – they have sort-of figured out Africans are not “us” – while their Tea Parties spent all day saying otherwise – and then they get excited when some Jewish media company pulls a media stunt.

    Throw in the towel, white guys, we’re all a bunch of ignorant rubes. Send your kids to fight ragheads guarding Osama’s Cave, you know, where he gives all the terrorists orders!

    “The jew worshipers are a particularly dull and wearisome strain of White Nationalist.”

    I pray to Jesus that someday I won’t have to talk about Jews anymore, but until my people – dumb ass white men – turn off their idiot box and learn something about the real world – well, I have nothing left but prayer.

  33. And why are they afraid? Because they do not control status (or money) in their local community – the TV does, the mass media does. If some local liberal calls you a “racist” – who cares? But if the local news does a story about how you are a “racist” – then everyone will desert you.

    White people are *brainwashed* by the TV and radio.

    Does anyone have any practical solutions to this problem?

    Did any of you happen to catch this one –

    Man Commits Suicide Over Racism Accusation | The Occidental Quarterly


  34. I attended a tea party in Southern California and saw a vastly different picture that what I see painted in the some of the above comments. I spoke to quite a few people. Many were just like me, over 40, white, unemployed or underemployed. Most of us feel powerless and helpless. We all know that our government wants to destroy our way of life and us.

    I wanted to speak to the 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes. As a tax professional there is some vein of truth to that, but not entirely. There are plenty of poor working class white families who do not make that much money and do get a large refund back.

    Then on the other hand, I see a ton of rich neocons who will do everything in their power to get every little tax break they can legally get. In fact the upwardly mobile white people are far more stingy on what they’ll pay for a tax return that most of the working clientele I deal with.

    I want white America to get every single tax break they can get. It’s almost impossible for white americans to get a decent job (especially in government) and in corporate America. In California most of the government jobs are done by brain dead orcs and negroes who can barely put a sentence together, nonetheless get a real job in the private sector.

    At the tea party I was at yesterday there were about 2,000 people, mostly white, a few black and mexicans, but mostly white. I have a gadsen flag and an american flag and take both with me. The gadsen flag to me is a big FU to the ZOG controlled government who is doing their damnedest to obliterate my race.

    At least the tea party is respectable. It’s a far better deal to have a tea party than some neo-nazi hitler youth storming the streets protesting the Obamanation.

  35. I grew up in the South, not the Deep South but still the South. My father and his friends weren’t afraid of throwing around racial epithets amongst themselves or even a perfect stranger if they sensed they were among friends. I can’t understand how people have become such cowards when it comes to talking about race in such a relatively short span of time. I tend to think that people like those women featured in the pictures with their “I’m not a racist” signs are actually leftists who go to Tea Parties and get coverage for themselves in the MSM so they can further perpetuate the mental straight jacket on America plus make conservatives look cowardly and weak. If that doesn’t work and some people actually get more bold in their racial views then they will condition people to think that those are leftists infiltrating the Tea Parties to make them look bad. The only way out of this trap is to advocate for Whites right out in the open and when the usual racism charges are brought up then start mocking them and giving them the raspberry.

  36. Hail, Annie!

    As per usual – you actually have your boots on the ground.

    Just like Hunter.

    To all of you sneering at the Tea Partiers – what are you doing to try to educate them, and to change their minds?

    Have you joined up? Have you tried to talk to them? Have you tried to get them to understand how they are being lied to, fooled, and manipulated?

    Some regions of the country are hipper to White Displacement than others. This cognizance seems to be in direct proportion to the proximity to Non-Whites.

    Annie is at Ground Zero of the Mexican Invasion.
    I am in a place that is still largely White, and possessing of a distinct Germanic and Slavic cultural base i.e. stubborn as old mules.

    I have been working overtime to racialize ’em. I am having a decent degree of success. I was booted out of my first group, for being “too racist”. I find, in the second group, that they are more amenable ot the message.

    I know what I am doing to get the message out.

    I know what Annie is doing.

    I know what Hunter is doing. Exceptionally well done, Hunter! Brilliant work, as per usual!

    What are you fellows doing, except raining derision? These are the White masses. They are woefully, shockingly deluded. But they must learn the truth. They are the Volk.

    You are not better than they are. So use your knowledge to educate and enlighten.

    Stop sneering.

    Get going.

  37. Annie – one point of disagreement……..

    I spoke to 2 young people, this past week, regarding Adolf and Co.

    One young feller completely surprised me. I had a long conversation with him, and he told me he is learning all about Nazi Germany. Direct quote, “Hitler was a great man”. This fellow is as open and pure (heated) as the the water flowing from a clear mountain stream. He was completely sincere. He was not humouring me. He meant it. I can’t take credit for his recent immersion into All Things Reich – but I do take credit for 2 steady year’s worth of wearing away at his multi-culti brainwashing. We now have a very lively, intelligent, motivated young man, in our ranks. I will send him here, to this blog, shortly.

    Do you recall that young American gal I cited, wot married the Morrocan Muslim? (He’s French Arabic, FYI. His family owned actual slaves….) Well – I had to do a training program for work, this past week. I was super-busy. This gal was in one of the classes. Our schedules are almost polar opposite. We havn’t had much contact lately. We caught up.

    Her Muslim hubby has done what a White man should have. He’s brought her up to speed. She was so cute, telling me all about all the evil the Jews have wrought. She said – direct quote – “The Nazis were wonderful!” She then looked scared, for a second. She knows that a statement like that can incur a world of trouble. I told her, “Yes, my dear. The Nazis were wonderful”.

    She said that it’s so good to be able to talk to some-one, besides her husband, about all of this.

    I then told her about this site. Among others.

    Despite the kerfuffle, and nonsense of a little over a week ago, she sounded interested.

    She wants to commune with her Volk, at long last.

    So, in the space of 2 days, I have spoken to 2 Twenty-Somethings who are deeply moved by the history and beliefs of the Reich.

    Don’t be so fast to write off the Nazis. Hitler’s spirit is rising……

  38. Daley – don’t mock re” racism”. Consistently and verifiably de-construct that fallacies of racial egeletarianism. When the UnAwakened begin parrotting the Faux New jargon – challenge them respectfully on each falsehood. Have a battery of facts and info at your disposal. You will very quickly overwhelm them.

    Give them a bit of breathing room, in order to digest what you have just otld them.

    The expression, on your face, when you speak of these things, should be akin to the the innocent, guileless expression of a new-born lamb. Your tone should be soft, and reverent.

  39. Veni Vidi Dixi: “What technical tactics can disable televisions from further brainwashing white people? Are there social tactics that can fix this problem? Is there some sort of satire or mockery that can render the brainwashing ineffective?”

    I certainly hear you. I can be impatient, but I also understand that we’ve got to walk before we can run. So what can we do? Well, before we can compete for a larger audience, we’ve got to create a solid intellectual foundation. Good ideas (and unfortunately bad ones as well) can and do spread over time into a broader audience, if their proponents are diligent. I’ve watched this happen with libertarianism. Twenty years ago, when I was a libertarian college kid, it seemed like nobody had heard of libertarianism. The ignorance was near universal, and this at a very good school with lots of very bright people. Ron Paul, who I cast my first presidential vote for in 1988, barely made a blip on the radar screen back then. But about ten years ago it seemed like all of a sudden lots of educated types did know about libertarianism, and didn’t view it as weird or alien, but as a legitimate alternative. They weren’t doctinaire or hardcore, but they knew about it and viewed it as legitimate. I started to run into all sorts of people who would say, “I’m a libertarian, but usually vote Republican.” You would have never heard that ten years earlier (twenty years ago). Ten years ago I could see that the libertarian ideas had spread beyond the fringe of zealots. And now look at things. Credit where it is due, they’ve come a long way, baby.

    How to explain the difference? Well, part of it is that the circumstances are right. A nation in crisis is more amenable to “radical” ideas than a country still in a Reaganesque slumber. The crisis that we currently face is severe enough to create an opening for a Paul type, but not so severe as to make a Paul type irrelevant, if you get the distinction. In any event, for the time being anyway, it’s fertile ground for Paul.

    But favorable circumstances aren’t enough. The ideas have to be there, and they have to spread to a critical mass. How that happened is what should interest us. The libertarians spent the last twenty years carefully and diligently building up their intellectual infrastructure. They kept at it, beavering away, and gradually their ideas spread. Lew Rockwell alone has had a tremendous influence by spreading libertarian ideas, all with with a simple website. Nothing fancy, low cost. It worked, and the ideas trickled down and spread out. Today? Some ill informed dipshit, who wouldn’t have even signed a ballot access petition for Paul back in 1988, much less vote for him, now thinks that he is the best thing since sliced bread. That’s how it works.

    Because the libertarians have a severely flawed ideology that does not and cannot truly address the fundamental problems that we face, libertarianism cannot “win.” Their stance on immigration alone – calling for the unlimited importation of big government supporting immigrants – makes this obvious. And certainly few of even the hardcore Paul supporters would advocate a truly pure, doctrinaire libertarianism. The pure form of the ideology just doesn’t have legs. But a watered down form? A general, “The government is too big and taxes are too high and while you are at it stay out of my bedroom” type of libertarianism can gain a broader range – and has. Their ideas, faulty as they are, have spread. And they did it on a shoestring.

    Libertarians went from decades in which they rarely had more than two dimes to rub together, to money bombs where they could raise millions within twenty four hours. But the point is that the ideas were spread on a shoestring, and only later did that manifest itself in terms of money and greater resources. That they will fail should not discourage us, and in no way implies that we will fail. Two very different movements will have two very different outcomes. What is relevant to us is the technical and intellectual resources that were employed to spread the ideas. One thing that they had, which we don’t, is the Cato Institute. That helped them a lot in the intellectual department. But other than that, they pretty much did it on a shoestring, mostly employing the internet. Before the internet, they were going nowhere fast. Well, we’ve go the internet too.

    So now, it’s our turn. The one year anniversary of TOQ Online should give us real encouragement. Look at what Greg Johnson has accomplished, look at what he has influenced. Mcdonald gets a lot of credit too, as well as Hunter. A handful of guys who have had influence in the last year far out of proportion to their numbers. We’re getting more spinoffs than a Star Trek franchise, and a lot of seriously good stuff. Alternative Right is also encouraging. In any event, I’ll take it over Takimag any day of the week.

    Hunter nailed it…a spark can light a fire.

    Point is, just recently white nationalism has managed to create a viable and fairly impressive intellectual movement. Obviously, we can and should do better over time, but we’ve got a damn good start. I’ve mentioned before that, not so long ago, I was complaining to a white nationalist friend of mine that there were few if any good places to send a bright newbie. Sure, you could send someone to American Renaisance, and they could get some information there. But really, how much? How much intellectual red meat? How much to flesh out a real worldview? Taylor is wonderful in debate, don’t get me wrong. Big fan. But the site itself, while having value and serving an important purpose, isn’t really going to get the bright newbie where he needs to go. We don’t just need people to be aware of black on white crime or the latest PC hypocrisy. We need determined proponents of the white ethnostate. We get enough of that type, we will win.

    Majorityrights had (and continues to have) a big influence on me, impressing upon me that we could really create a meaningful intellectual movement. I’ll always be grateful to guessedworker for that, and for inspiring me to start posting (I had never done so before on any site). When I saw what he was doing, I remember thinking, “Yes! Yes, we can do this. We’re GOING TO DO THIS.” But I see majorityrights as a sort of “graduate school,” where already committed white nationalists can engage in the creative function. This is the most important function, and I believe that our success or failure will ultimately hinge upon it – but that’s another story. I plan to engage in more of that sort of thing in the future, but in any event I don’t think that’s where the typical newbie, even a very bright one, can start. So yes, we had Amren on the front end, and majorityrights on the back end, but we didn’t really have a fully stocked market of ideas accessible to a broad range of people.

    For years, outside of majorityrights, we had to scrounge for nuggets. Part of my daily internet routine was to go to a forum and use the “find more posts” function to read any new writing from a particular poster. I did this with Kievsky’s posts over at VNN. I never registered there, but I always read his posts. Linder’s too. The Oldman over at Stormfront (never posted there either). Just part of the daily routine, a squirrel looking for a nut. But how many people are going to dig like that? Is a newbie going to do that? Almost certainly not. Surely, the nuggets were and are seen only by a relative few. A potentially important few, so it’s definitely worth doing, but still.

    Now? Good stuff abounds. I can’t keep up with it all, which is great. Our ideas are spreading. A bright newbie? I’m sending him first to Greg Johnson’s TOQ Online, a site that can handle the bright newbie, the advanced dedicated white nationalist, and the creative white white nationalist who can help figure out a way out of this box. TOQ Online can be bother high school, undergrad, grad school, and continuing studies. It’s that good. From there it’s a natural jump to the other Occidental sites, including of course Occidental Dissent, which has become a truly great site (my only reservation is the cheap shots leading to flamewars that sometimes erupt here, and some obvious trolling. That’s not good for anything, much less newbies. That one reservation aside, great site. Hunter is a real talent, as are Campbell, Kievsky, and many other contributors. Lots of a excellent commenters too, obviously – or I wouldn’t bother posting here. I just don’t want a newbie’s first exposure to us to involve trolling and personal attacks).

    If the newbie fits the right profile , mention the old Goyfires. If he is creative enough, majorityrights. Whatever. Point is that now we have a full range of high quality choices. Eventually, and probably sooner than later, we’ll be able to go after an even broader market. With the terrible news of Byron Jost’s death, there is a lesson to be learned. We did not support his project as we should have. I could have at least bought a copy, at a minimum. I failed to do so. I also failed to buy a copy of Boedaker’s film, an omission that I will now remedy. Point is, when people start stepping up to produce professional quality material for a wider audience, we’ve got to support them. That’s the next step, combined with the street activism that we’re starting to see out in California. We’re getting there.

    And then there are forces, albeit not under our control, that will help us more and more. Mainstream media loses more legitimacy by the day, as do the institutions that oppose us. This will only accelerate over time, thus creating ever more fertile soil for us to operate in. We can do this, and we will. We know how to do it, and as an added bonus, circumstances are helping us along.

    As someone who personally participated in, and has since been an interested observer of, the spread of libertarian ideas, I can tell you that the same thing is at work with us. We spread libertarian ideas without a pot to piss in, and we did it because we were dedicated. I am now seeing that same sort of dedication among white nationalists. We are moving past mere critique, and into creating a real vision. We have much, much more work to do, but I am absolutely convinced that our ideas will become far more popular and widespread in the years ahead. Far and away more widespread. Under normal circumstances, I would give a time frame of about ten to twenty years before this becomes truly noticeable. But with the “long emergency,” it will likely be sooner than that. Stay tuned!

  40. >Well, before we can compete for a larger audience, we’ve got to create a solid intellectual foundation.

    No we do not. In fact, large audiences do not care one bit about solid intellectual foundations. They will turn the channel the second you start talking about your solid intellectual foundations.

    Instead, we need a stacked blonde as a spokesperson.

    We don’t need to be trying to convert the Tea Partiers, we need to neutralize the GOP PR firms that are leading the Tea Parties. We don’t need to try to “get our message out” in the media, we need to control the media companies.

    If the white movement follows the trajectory of the libertarian movement, in 20 years everyone will call themselves a white nationalist, and we will have zero power in the actual world. We will have various politicians running on a pro-white platform, and then voting against us anyway. One would think that would be a model to avoid. Plus, we don’t have 20 years.

    Our problems cannot be solved with “ideas” – they can only be solved with tactics and execution of those tactics. We have plenty of ideas, and plenty of smart people thinking really deep thoughts and writing them down. But that’s not going to win anything.

    The world is ruled by lies and violence. So we need to have some convincing liars and the army and police on our side. But the enemy controls the money and the media. We have some blogs. Until that changes, we are fucked.

  41. Veni – we do need a solid intellctual foundation. But the ideas must be introduced, and promoted, in a populist manner.

    Stacked blondes are always excellent ambassadors.

  42. VVD: “No we do not. In fact, large audiences do not care one bit about solid intellectual foundations. They will turn the channel the second you start talking about your solid intellectual foundations.”

    You are misunderstanding how movements develop. If we could go straight to a huge audience, of course we would do so. If we could run before we could walk, of course we would. If we could skip the foundation work that successful movements have to go through, of course we would skip it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There are no shortcuts. But if it’s so easy, by all means, do it. What’s stopping you?

    VVD: “We don’t need to be trying to convert the Tea Partiers, we need to neutralize the GOP PR firms that are leading the Tea Parties. We don’t need to try to “get our message out” in the media, we need to control the media companies.”

    All of this takes resources. LOTS of resources. At present, we don’t have anything resembling those kinds of resources. One might as well demand a trip to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    So we must focus on what we can do, not count on champagne extravaganzas on our barely beer budget. What do we need? We need more people who are fully committed to the ethnostate. Capable people, smart people, dedicated people – MORE people. People who understand what the ethnostate is all about, why it is necessary. Once we have a critical mass of such people, they will form the nucleus of the broader movement that is to come. Fortunately for us, we don’t need a champagne budget to accomplish this. We have sound ideas, a cadre of smart and capable people that are increasingly able to articulate those ideas, and a medium with which to do it: the internet. As time goes on, we will undoubtedly use other mediums as well, but for the time being our resources are limited. Yet our intellectual foundation, our ability to spread ideas, is growing. That’s the critical thing for the time being.

    VVD: “If the white movement follows the trajectory of the libertarian movement, in 20 years everyone will call themselves a white nationalist, and we will have zero power in the actual world.”

    The white nationalist movement is not going to follow the trajectory of the libertarian movement. I anticipated this objection, and already addressed it above. Two very different movements; there are going to be two very different outcomes. The main thing of interest to us about the libertarians is the method that they employed to spread their ideas, thus gaining more believers and more resources over time. That we can use, that applies to us. As for the rest, it doesn’t really apply. See above: it’s a dead end philosophy that can’t win, and if by some miracle it did win, would immediately destroy itself by importing huge numbers of big government supporting non-whites. Their trajectory is not our trajectory.

    VVD: “Our problems cannot be solved with “ideas” – they can only be solved with tactics and execution of those tactics. We have plenty of ideas, and plenty of smart people thinking really deep thoughts and writing them down. But that’s not going to win anything.”

    This is just flat wrong. We don’t have “plenty” of anything, at least anything valuable. If we had “plenty” of smart people that already understood and believed in our ideas, we would also have plenty of resources. We don’t. Plenty is plenty, and we don’t have it.

    But, if we can spread our ideas successfully – and we can – we will eventually hit the next level. We will actually have “plenty.” At that point, the resources will grow exponentially, as the movement is seen by its believers as being viable and strong. Once it is seen that way, suddenly it is worth working for, contributing to, sacrificing for, risking for. At that point, resources multiply far faster than the actual number of converts. That’s why success seems to happen overnight, as all of a sudden everyone seems ready to chip in and help out. But that’s an illusion, in reality it didn’t work that way at all. What came before was typically an impoverished movement fueled only by the dedication and determination of a few, a few who labored without glory. That’s where we are at today.

    VVD: “The world is ruled by lies and violence. So we need to have some convincing liars and the army and police on our side. But the enemy controls the money and the media. We have some blogs. Until that changes, we are fucked.”

    So let’s hope for a miracle!! A miracle that will never come. What can come, what will come, is that as the ideas are spread and accepted by more and more capable people, a nucleus for greater action will be formed. One day, suddenly, the resources will be there. It will appear to be a miracle, but it won’t be. It will represent many years of hard and often misunderstood work.

  43. So let’s hope for a miracle!! A miracle that will never come. What can come, what will come, is that as the ideas are spread and accepted by more and more capable people, a nucleus for greater action will be formed. One day, suddenly, the resources will be there. It will appear to be a miracle, but it won’t be. It will represent many years of hard and often misunderstood work.

    This is the basis for Gramsci’s long-term strategy – ‘Long March Through the Institutions’.

  44. Bingo Trainspotter, excellent vision and insight about the WN movement. Foundations for great social and political structures have to be laid one painstaking ideological brick at a time. What we are espousing is a revolution in thought, especially the arousal of White ethnic consciousness. Changing toxified minds takes time, and lot’s of work. Racial awareness amongst Whites is starting to come out of its dormancy, and when it becomes a raging torrent some day, it will be because of the persistent hard work of White nationalists today.

  45. “This is the basis for Gramsci’s long-term strategy – ‘Long March Through the Institutions’.”

    I wish we could do that, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. There will be no Long March, for the simple reason that our opponents won’t allow it. Many decades ago, the so called conservatives allowed the Left into the institutions, and of course the Left returned the favor by immediately pursuing monopoly control, viciously suppressing any dissent whatsoever. They have an absolutely totalitarian mindset, and will not allow us to march through as they did. We can’t even get through the front door, much less march through. As with the libertarians, the trajectory of the Left will not be our trajectory. Different movement, different circumstances, different fate. We can’t do it the way the Left did here in America. Our circumstances are probably closer to what faced the Bolsheviks than what faced our beloved American Leftists.

    What we need is to produce our own elite, an elite of smart, dedicated and capable people. Any part of the existing institutional elite that we can peel off, great. We’ll get some of that, but nothing resembling the results of a Long March. Some high ranking military officers, for example, would be great. Again, we might get some of that in time. If we do we do, if we don’t we don’t. We can win either way.

    But the take home point is simple: we need MORE people that are committed to the ethnostate. More, more, more. At this stage in our development, quality is more important than quantity…but we still need MORE.

    Right now, with the enemy firmly in control of the media, how much use to us is the average non-political, middle aged schlub? He might not care much for “niggers.” Fine. But beyond that, what use is he? He’s not political, he’s not going to contribute, and while he doesn’t care for niggers, he will inevitably absorb a lot of the media conditioning that he is hit with as he goes about the mundane realities of life. He lacks the intellectual ability or interest to figure out what is going on. He’s not zealot material. He’s not our enemy, maybe he’s our friend. When we become a significant movement, he won’t oppose us, and even though he’s never heard of the ethnostate, he’ll be more than happy to live there when we win. In the late stages of the game, when just raw numbers matter, he may even actively help us.

    He’s just not terribly useful for right now. It would be wonderful if we had the resources to consistently reach millions of people like him, after all, at a certain point quantity has a quality all its own. But for now we don’t have that kind of resources. Instead, we need people who can do the heavy lifting for themselves, that can figure shit out, as opposed to being propagandized 24/7. For now, to get to that next level, we need people that are smart enough to see through the media conditioning, people that are immune to it, people that can be dedicated to something that is condemned by the powers that be. People smart enough to deploy resources and gain converts. Quality people – the new elite.

    At a certain critical mass, the movement will have real resources, and will be seen as being viable enough to work, risk and sacrifice for. At that point millions of Average Joes may help us, but the key is that they can’t HELP US GET TO THAT POINT. Just as the idiot liberal sophomore spouting some politically correct platitude didn’t get the Left where it is today (a platitude coined by some Jewish Marxist 90 years ago, but the idiot lib thinks he came up with it himself). The reality is that we’ve got to create our own elite, nobody is coming to save us.

    Since the existing system has shut us out, and will continue to shut us out, the movement will have to exercise other options. The important thing is that the movement for the white ethnostate have the resources to pursue these other options, and those resources will only be ours when MORE smart and capable people understand and believe in our goal. Average Joe isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be ready for us when we are ready for him.

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