Time to Build a Coalition and Expand our Movement

Forming a Political Coalition

For clarification of my definition, I referred to Dictionary.reference.com I will not include the hyperlink, as one can easily search for the word on the website.

a combination or alliance, esp. a temporary one between persons, factions, states, etc.

(another definition) An alliance of political groups formed to oppose a common foe or pursue a common goal.

As the definition stands, we need to find allies; we White Nationalists obviously cannot seize political power alone. Not even the pre-WW2 German National Socialists could in the 1930’s.

In today’s perspective, the Rainbow Coalition works, only because the non-White races consistently vote together, and almost half of Whites usually side with them. The Republican Party would have to rebuild, if the alliance between Business elites and the Religious Right broke apart. The Southeast and Great Plains hold many social conservatives for Electoral votes and Congressional representation, while Libertarians are present in pockets of California (helping local elections, even though the state as a whole is lost to the Left for the 55 electoral presidential votes); and the Religious Right needs the party funds of Big Business, to continue dictating the social policy agenda of the National GOP. But, the system still works!

We need a coalition to build our voice, just as the Religious Right of the Deep South and Southern Great Plains (OK and KS) does; and just as the anti-Whites in the Democratic Party do. Looking for examples to emulate, let’s examine relatively recent history.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a very successful politician. He had support from the Labor Unions in the Northeast and Midwest, and the common White Southerners (believe it or not, FDR was actually fairly popular in the White Southeast, until the Big Business Republicans captured the Southern Vote).He was a populist, who found economic relief for the American poor. Projects were developed, and he connected with small family farmers and laborers. This entailed much electoral support in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest-ensuring many important votes and victory. There is more to learn, still. The Republicans were seen as the party of industrialists, and this worked for a protectionist and industrial American before the Depression. The Depression had a profound impact, and encouraged a Democratic monopoly on Congressional power for most of the time period from FDR to the early presidency of Ronald Reagan: about fifty years, a half century. Populism is very important; and ensured Democratic Power, until Americans realized their economic prosperity returned and White Southerners were ditched by the Democratic Party. Ironically, the latter was done with a new coalition-officially announced with JFK’s presidency, but actually practiced with LBJ’s.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Left formed a coalition between anti-imperialism, labor unions, environmentalists, Blacks, Jews, Gays, communists, feminists, drug addicts, and sexual deviants. Politically speaking, the former eight were the important core, although drugs and the sexual revolution are sometimes even more glamorized than the Civil Rights of Blacks. They worked together, to bring welfare and affirmative action for Blacks, after the Civil Rights climax was effectively ended. The Jews got a networking system of de facto affirmative action against White Gentiles and Yellow Asians. They got abortion rights and easy divorce for women. They got the EPA and environmental regulations. They got marijuana into the American mainstream, where now most College students have tried it at least once. They also made pre-marital sex more casual than a trip to the local movie theater! And, while they did not do too well with the Vietnam War, they at least found a way to procure the moral high ground-deserved or not. Later in time, we see the political coalition paid off for the drug addicts, as marijuana is a referendum away from being officially legal in California. And, now the Hispanics are a faction in the coalition-even more influential and powerful than the Black-oriented organizations.

However, there is a potential break in this coalition, if we pay attention and act accordingly. Democrats lost White Southerners, over Civil Rights. Now, it is time for the Democrats to lose more! Firstly, we can exploit the fact that Obama betrayed the anti-imperialists, by keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; this will be a short-term objective, however. We can also communicate to the White labor union men, about how the Left supports affirmative action and massive immigration; the Latinos want their jobs and women. We can also notify Black labor unionists, about massive legal and illegal immigration; African-Americans need jobs, too. Environmentalists have the second most to lose (after the labor unions), as having almost a Billion Browns in the Continental US will be disastrous on American Nature. Most environmentalists are White, by the way! A Browning America will also be less tolerant of homosexuals and women’s right to abortion-not to mention “women being equal to Brown and Black men.” We have potential room to work with. Immigration is our ace in the hole; this is why the Far-Left is so obsessed in demonizing us on this issue! So, my solution is to promote the environment, populism (and possibly light socialism), and an end to unrestrained imperialism. The environmentalism would work in well with conservation, hence nature and White genes. We should also promote the preservation/conservation of Orange and Red genes-for the moral high ground and the principle of conservation. This will also provide organizations. Taking the Labor Unions will also provide us with organization and strong base of support in the Midwest and Northern Atlantic Coast. The Anti-War faction provides obvious benefits. A bonus for corporate support, is working with Ford and GM. Maybe support subsidies for their revival? We will also need to divide the Blacks and Browns; and the non-Whites and Jews. Mentioning crime may cause some conservative Jews to join us; Yellows may actually support us, if affirmative action and Black-on-Yellow crime become key issues.

Stealing factions from the Republican Party will be a little more subtle and gradual. We should notice the Christian Conservatives and some of the less hostile corporate interests. Some suggest co-opting the Tea Party Movement. This would be a great idea, but I am afraid we will have to recruit more individually from this movement than the movement as a whole. The same with Libertarians, like Neal Boortz (a man a couple steps away from possibly joining our side on race, if he no longer has to worry about keeping his job). We will need to be explicitly pro-Christianity in the Southeast, and infiltrate the Protestant churches, just as the Jews’ agents infiltrated our churches from the 1970’s to 1990’s. We also need to appeal to the divorced fathers forcibly separated from their young children. There are literally millions, if not tens of millions of them out there! Gun Rights will provide a great faction to fight for our interests and spread our appeal. Hunter Wallace had the right idea to visit the Gun Rally in Kentucky. Paleo-conservativism may be our ideology of the future.

We might need a traditionalist’s revolution. Now, time to focus on….

Bloc shopping
Also important, we need to Bloc shop, particularly in regions. Two primary places are the Southeast and the Southwest. These regions have probably the most Hispanics (especially outside of New Jersey and New York); and significant retirement communities; they apparently have the most ethnocentric Whites in America, also. We may want to capitalize on a future conflict between the White elderly, who will have their healthcare and life’s earnings confiscated for the more youthful Hispanic populations. Nationally, we will also want to connect with the common young Whites -particularly lower and middle class males.

In the short-term, the Southwest may be the ideal region to market to. It has officially been overwhelmed with Hispanics, and entails a large base from Texas, to Arizona and California. For geopolitical reasons, it is also the least stable-but, it probably has the highest number of Whites waking up, and the highest proportion-with the possible exception of Florida and parts of Georgia-of Whites waking up. Illegal immigration affects it most directly, as most other regions (like Florida, which has Puerto Ricans and Columbians more than illegal Mexicans). There will be competition over water shortages, and the hot desert heat has the potential to make people feel aggressive, or at least aggravated. In this region, White Organization Chapters can have events honoring Cowboys and 49er Gold Miners. We need to revive their fighting spirit.

The Southwest has the most short-term potential, as we see increasing White & even Black vs. Brown conflict in the Southwest. Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and key parts of California and Texas will be primary areas to campaign.

The Southeast is also important-probably the most important voting bloc long-term, and more stable than the Southwest. But, it may take a little more work to revive the spirit of the traditional White South. In this region, we need to relate to common Whites; reminding the need for traditional Southern manners. Here, our organization should not use vulgarity and degrade Jesus Christ. While less dangerous, but still insulting to the average White Southerner, we should probably not insult Football, NASCAR, sports in general for that matter, Barbeque (BBQ), RC Cola, moon pies, sweet tea, fishing, hunting, or the Confederate and/or American flags. State flags and state sovereignty are also popular, here. Appeal to state and regional values and identity. Here, OD may want outdoor social events to include Southern BBQ and maybe a football. Key areas include Alabama, Georgia, north and central Florida, the Carolinas, eastern Tennessee, and parts of Mississippi. Louisiana and Arkansas may also hold some promise.

There is less potential along the general Atlantic Seaboard. But, it also has a strong Black and Hispanic presence. Surprisingly, New Jersey is in a more dangerous demographic position than Georgia and Alabama. This would spark a revival of the Klan in NJ, but the population is so urban and brainwashed, New Jersey is more likely to become a future Brown ethnostate than a White one. This notwithstanding, we need to appeal to Whites in this region-due to its population and strategic position, as well as political influence. The NFL is also popular here, and Whites may like a mix of traditional farming and industrial products together. Also, respect Tasty Kakes and the diner culture here! Here, we should honor the Jamestown and Plymouth colonists. Maybe our sustained racial survival will need us to emphasize more on our founding Colonists than founding Constitutionalists.
Key areas are Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Upstate New York.

The Midwest is also important, and we will want to capitalize on declining industry (Rust Belt), and encourage labor unionists here. Ohio, Indiana, Southern Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan are prime areas.

The Pacific Northwest provides a little of White potential; and, we may relate to competition with Mexicans. Idaho, and the eastern parts of Oregon and Washington have potential.

All regions are important, and no area should be deliberately neglected. But, politically we have the most potential in the Southern regions, and maybe the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Midwest. We especially need to market the Deep Southeast and Arizona & Utah.

Nationally, we have another demographic to appeal to: Young White males. Affirmative Action is harmful for White males entering College and the lower parts of the Career Ladder. And, the social and entertainment media has a de facto affirmative action in the dating pool: non-White males are promoted over White males, in the competition for the young White ladies! We should mention this to unemployed males struggling to find jobs, and White bachelors frustrated with the dating scene. Tom Metzger’s organization may have potential with the radical warrior types of this demographic.

We also want to ally with Men’s rights groups, as we fight against easy divorce (involving children) and the sexual promotion of Black and Brown males on White women. Whether they admit it or not, most young White males are instinctively repulsed by Black men hoarding White females. Ways to open this hidden feeling are to reach out to desperate bachelors, and remind young White males that White women are more desirable than non-White women. A White woman given for a Black woman is obviously not a fair trade for White men; much less two White women for one Black woman. We need to utterly destroy White male sexual desire for non-White women-not just for our women and making White males more resistant to massive non-White male and White female miscegenation; but, also to use this to recruit and fight for our interests. These young men will be our warriors, fighting for the movement, and defending our local communities with suburban fathers. They will also make us the new revolutionaries, against the anti-White Establishment. We will replace the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s!

Specific Marketing
I have discussed most of my coalition building and political strategy, as well as what to include. However, there is more to specify for inclusion and exclusion. We want to emphasize the Traditional America and even our deep heritage in Christian Europe. We fought Expansionist Islam, and we need a revival of defense for White Christians-especially as Muslims are mass immigrating in Europe and now even North America. We need to associate with colonist organizations, not neo-nazi ones. The Nazis were a political party of Germany, and were anti-American. We need to realize this, and stop giving the most potent fuel to our enemies. Even most Klansmen naturally hate the near-worship of Nazi’s and Hitler. Put on a Pilgrim hat, not a swastika!

Tactics and Talking Points
We are entering a new phase in American Politics. We need to appeal to full blocs of White Americans, and use our talking points tactically and strategically. We need to find a way to end White guilt on the declining numbers of the Reds and enslavement & segregation of Blacks. We also need to defeat the idea of White Privilege, before our voice is forever destroyed. We need to make ourselves the populists, and demonstrate the hypocrisy of the anti-White elites. We also need to racialize the White population, before Whites no longer care enough about Illegal Immigration Amnesty. Hunter Wallace is correct, we need to reverse the tide in the Overton Window. A key in this, is the argument that the Far-Left is killing the middle ground. Soon, it will be either White survival or White extermination: no other choice allowed. Whites need to realize this; and anti-racist conservatives should be humilitated in debates. Make a fool out of Sean Hannity, when he condemns White Identity Politics. Oppose a new Caucasian Police Association? Point out that non-Whites will forever have theirs! Oppose a Caucasian Congressional Caucus? Point out the Non-White and even Jewish ones! They will never leave, and racial equality can be achieved and retained only with a White Identity, to keep the others in check. Absolute Color-blindism is dead. Keep pointing this out, and mentioning the racial double-standards. Make the “non-racist” conservatives retain racial equality, with a mild White Awareness; it is the only way to keep racial equality. Make these “anti-racists” the real racists, for not allowing us equality.

The biggest obstacle to this, is the argument we are the majority. Refute this with “Whites are a global minority, and already a minority in several continental US counties and states.” And, if Whites are the majority, then we should serve Whites as the majority in racial politics in policy OR allow Whites to organize as the other races do, since the White Majority is not allowed to vote as a race. Kind of hard to be privileged as the majority, when you are not allowed to politically act as that majority group. It should also be noted that many Whites are harming their own racial group, while virtually everybody of every other race, is fighting for at least a level playing field, if not racial interests. This more than compensates for a declining majority status not far from the 50’s-esepcially considering the fact the self-destructing Whites hold a monopoly on the power within the White race, and are ironically privileged over the poorer Whites, as they accuse them of being over non-Whites.

We need to take our turn at the wheel of the Civil Rights Machine.

Group Interaction
Keeping the above tactics in mind, we also need to be shrewd in our group interactions. We need to find groups to co-opt into our movement. Ideas include environmental and moderate socialist ones. Other suggestions include the Tea Party Movement and Libertarian ones. The certain truth is, we need to co-opt individuals from all areas possible. And we need to find a way to identify with the White masses and potential allies.

We will also need a balance of moderation and safe extremism. We will need paleo-conservative organizations to provide a bridge for Vdare, American Renaissance, and White America. This site will be the next level, for Whites ready to get more aggressive; and the potential militia-type warriors may eventually join more radical websites like Storm Front and Majority Rights.

A3p is certainly a great political start. We also need to find a way into direct political organizations.

I will concede my campaign ideas are not complete. The Political Left is funded by Big Business, as Trainspotter mentioned. And, I do not know which major corporations could fund us, except for the American Auto companies (i.e. Ford and GM). There is much uncertainty in our future, even politically; but, it is not all hopeless, if we plan and not give up. For White Americans in a future economic depression, we will represent their hope. We will be their collective voice and guide to safety. I hope my ideas in this article help in our noble quest. Now is the time to build a coalition and expand our movement!

This article was written by Steve in the Swamps, who has taken the name of Daniel Williams.


  1. We have to fund ourselves, by creating our own Market Dominant Minority. With a market dominant minority, we don’t need to “buy advertising.” We are the advertisement, by setting an example, by growing our numbers via face to face interaction.

    Here’s an example; today, a couple of guys who work on a community garden in a nearby city met me in my town, and we convoyed to a source of horse manure, loaded up, and then they followed me to the highway so they could get back to their city. Tomorrow I’ll see them again because I volunteer at one of the many community gardens arising.

    You don’t have to pay for exposure to the public. You can have the public pay you, to do stuff for them. It’s amazing how that works. Consumerism made society really stupid. Everybody lives “on autopilot,” because we can. Going to the supermarket, and letting mass media entertain you, is not conducive to independent thought or action.

    But the people who are alarmed by the automatic society, are actively getting ready to go back to “manual operation.” These are the red-pill people, and they exist everywhere. A certain percentage of the population is always on the red pill. You just need to find them in your area, and work with them.

    Going back to a manually operated planet is going to give us ample opportunities to seize chokepoints and take advantage of opportunities to influence people during a so-called “teachable moment.”

    The economic contraction and converging ecological and energy shortage catastrophes are going to be one long teachable moment, that lasts for generations.

  2. That said, you practice Taqqiyah among the public. I don’t actually care too much about proselytizing WN’ism to the public, at least not until they are coming to the same conclusions themselves, which they will.

    Multiculturalism does not work, the Jewish banking system does not work, and 90% of life is just showing up. So if you show up, you get to witness the EPIC PHAIL of multiculturalism and a Jewish bankster-gangster economy going into its death throes, and have a good laugh while you do your best to build lifeboats.

    The real danger is not in the success of multiculturalism, which can not and will not succeed. The real danger is to our basic survival. I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around that fact, but it’s true. That’s the premise to operate on.

  3. Excellent essay. One of the greatest failures of conservatism is the embrace of corporate globalism. A3P’s platform of “American jobs for American workers” is the exact right one for us.

    Immigration is our ace in the hole; this is why the Far-Left is so obsessed in demonizing us on this issue! So, my solution is to promote the environment, populism (and possibly light socialism), and an end to unrestrained imperialism.

    Agree 100%. We should take back environmentalism and use the traditional White term for it – conservationism. White people are the only ones who care about the environment anyway, go look at any environmental group or project and it’s whiter than a klan rally.

    And considering we are now in the Greater Depression, selling an end to immigration and corporate globalization should be really, really easy.

    Aside from the anti-White left/Jews, the people who should be on our side but are against us are all ideological fanatics to one degree or another, especially the libertarians and Judeo-Xian Zionists.

  4. In fact, this is the best essay on OD in months, exactly the kind of practical planning we should be doing.

    Outside of Boston, New England proper is still super-White, and outside of Jew York Shitty and Albany, New York is all White and even racially aware to one degree or another.

    One of our main problems is media brainwashing. Millions of White people watch FOX News and think it’s all real, and if the TV says they are racist, they run to prove they aren’t. As long as the Jew Tube has control of social status among our own people, we are marginalized.

    The Jewish newspapers and magazines are all going out of business, and the internet has out competed them already. TV is the last Jewish Media to hold any sway, and currently the battle over online video is intense – please always remember that the ADL is an *official censor* on Youtube. In fact, Google in general is a serious threat to internet freedom and White interests especially.

    I think we should have a good set of anti-media talking points and do anything and everything to undermine the New York/Hollywood media companies. Like naming the Jew, we need to name them: Viacom, GE, Disney, ABCBSMSNBFOX, NYT, WSJ.

  5. Thank you for your anecdotes, Kievsky! Our economy is contracting, and we will need a more local approach to daily life and even politics.

    Veni Vidi Dixi, thank you for the compliment. I now realize, I have potential for a new essay on why Republcians should join our side. You are correct, Libertarians and socially conservative Southeasterners are great potential converts.

  6. I agree Veni Vidi Dixi, we need to fight the monopoly. A good way to promote our talking points, is to get in debates with Sean Hannity and maybe Keith Olbermann.

  7. Young White males. Affirmative Action is harmful for White males entering College and the lower parts of the Career Ladder. And, the social and entertainment media has a de facto affirmative action in the dating pool: non-White males are promoted over White males, in the competition for the young White ladies! We should mention this to unemployed males struggling to find jobs, and White bachelors frustrated with the dating scene.

    This can be fought with the old fashioned WASP institution – the fraternity. Whites who live around college towns should form private, invite only social clubs to hold dances and parties that appeal to young White women. Wherever the White women go, the men will follow. By making it exclusive, even secret, the White women who are invited gain immediate social status, and all the other White women will be lining up to get invited, same with the men. Make it exclusive and upper class, and do not just invite any White person, but the best looking, smartest, and most talented. This provides a “social vanguard.”

  8. I agree with most of what you are saying. I know this is a white nationalist forum but I think it would be more affective to market the coalition with some other label if we want to create an alliance with other groups. The main threat to whites in America is massive immigration and there are a lot of people even many non-whites who oppose massive immigration but might be turned off by the label white nationalist. How about America First Populism?

  9. VVD @ 7

    That’s a great idea — exclusive social clubs. When you do that, you are explicitly renouncing any sense of white guilt, and acknowledging that White togetherness is what is truly in our interests.

  10. Kiev @9 Last week I saw the Masons were recruiting on Stormfront. I wonder if it would be worthwhile for inclined Whites to try to get into whatever is left of the old WASP societies. I’m thinking of the Masons, Lion’s Club, Shriners, or whatever. I have a feeling they are all old men and would be desperate for a new generation.

    In the forum you mentioned Social – Economy – Culture – Politics and I see your point. A path to the future: we take over the Masons or equivalent, social. The business networks that form in these social clubs are the economy. When you reach a critical size, you can then create culture, and from that base you have a political movement.

    So anyone know of clubs/frats that would be worth targeting?

  11. I fairly recently converted from libertarianism to WN’ism myself. I still hold many socially libertarian viewpoints, I am working hard to reconcile my beliefs.
    Although I like to think that I am cutting edge, it is far more likely that I am simply one of many former “Lew Rockwell/Ron Paul” libertarians currently making this transition. I think that big gains could be made with this group. Libertarianism has no future in a mestizo dominated welfare/police state.
    Libertarians are also concerned with out-of-control government spending. Many are initially exposed to the Jewish question when reading about entities such as the Federal Reserve banks. In my view, it is all but set it stone that America will have increasing financial turmoil in the coming years/months. We will have ample opportunity to provide alternatives to those searching for them.

  12. I agree, Robert S. This is why we need multiple organizations with different ideas and official missions. Even though it is a pro-Black organization in favor of Black interests (over White), it would be great if the NAACP opposed illegal immigration.

    However, we also need organizations to push the Overton Window, before virtually all Hispanics find it “racist” to oppose illegal immigration.

    It is all about fitting, and then adjusting the Overton Window!

  13. Excellent article!

    Multiple organizations and tailoring to local needs is certainly the way to go.

    I don’t think we can ever get even a majority of white people behind an explicitly pro-white coalition, but a coalition that promotes ideas which benefit whites is certainly possible.

    Some speed bumps in the coalitions proposed:

    It will be difficult to reconcile social liberals, especially in regards to religious/gender issues, with the ‘Christian right’. For the time being, foreign policy also is a huge divide between white liberals/libertarians and evangelical Christians, though this could change in the future.

    Also, many whites in the west, places like Alaska and Montana, are hostile to environmentalism/conservationism. Wolves are seen as a threat, for example. The main issue for these people is the large amount of land controlled by the federal government.

    There’s not that many ‘white union guys’ left, in the stereotype of the fat old guys in the UAW and Teamsters. Also these organizations have been indoctrinated in marxist/leftist ideas for generations. Our best bet here I think is to focus on them as seeing themselves as ‘middle class white guys’ and not ‘union members’ with the old ‘working class’ mentality. People in unions like the electrical workers and pipefitters are highly skilled, well paid, and don’t really need unions anymore. Most union members today are government employees, or in immigrant centric fields like janitorial services. It might actually be better to encourage the migration of the auto industry to the South, instead of continuing to try to prop up GM & Chrysler.

    Most WNs come from the libertarian/paleo-conservative/populist matrix. That gives us a good starting point for our coalition.

    Some ideas for naming the coalition:

    ‘Real Americans’. This has been parodied when advocated by a certain high profile politician, but is essentially true. Middle class America vs the elites and their nonwhite lackeys.

    Decentralization. Against the centralization of authority in Washington D.C and Wall Street. With the bailouts of AIG, GM, and the large banks, many people are coming to realize that big business isn’t about capitalism at all; that big business and big government are often codependent.

    The Tea Parties would present a good starting point. Also, although many here dislike the term, ‘conservative’ is probably going to be a banner term. Make sure that those opposed to mass immigration and political correctness always have a seat at the table, and do our best to drive out those with kooky ideas about spreading pluralistic ‘democracy’ to places that don’t want it.

    Overall, an excellent piece. ‘White middle class America’ with traditional American ideas about family and freedom is still a viable electoral majority in most of the US, aside from a few states like Hawaii, California, and New York. Our job is to make sure these concepts are actually used to advance interests of regular white people, and not used as buzzwords by BS artists.

  14. That said, you practice Taqqiyah among the public. I don’t actually care too much about proselytizing WN’ism to the public, at least not until they are coming to the same conclusions themselves, which they will. – Kievsky

    Perfectly said Kievsky.

    You are so right — ‘Taqqiyah’ will be the wave of the future for those Whites disciplined and mature enough that will genuinely survive — not merely chest-thumping false bravado wannabees.

  15. I agree with most of what you are saying. I know this is a white nationalist forum but I think it would be more affective to market the coalition with some other label if we want to create an alliance with other groups. The main threat to whites in America is massive immigration and there are a lot of people even many non-whites who oppose massive immigration but might be turned off by the label white nationalist. How about America First Populism?
    8 Robert S.

    That’s more realistic. There’s not going to be a coalition like FDR created, the groups Daniel Williams wants to recruit from have irreconcilable differences. The model that might work is a National Rifle Association. By focusing on a single issue the NRA can unite people who would otherwise be enemies on one thing, keeping private firearms legal. With between 60 and 70 percent of all Americans (including most non-whites) opposed to open borders a single issue campaign against immigration that welcomed everyone so long as they agreed on closing the borders would be formidable.

  16. This – otherwise excellent – essay is predicated on a more-or-less-normal “electoral” politics over the next few years. Not going to happen. The November, 2010 demican-republicrat game of musical chairs is going to be the last such farce for many a moon. By mid-2012, the U.S. will be in a state of near-complete economic collapse, with crosscutting class and racial fighting breaking out all over the place, plus assorted state secessions, DC attempts at martial law + gold-and-gun confiscations, and outright civil war. The most important thing to remember: there are no “Blue” states…only blue cities. We will win by controlling the countryside and, via Kievsky, starving out the cities and the Jew-allied ethnoids and liberal whites who live there. In this context, our allies will be anyone and everyone of whatever race, creed, or color who aims his/her weapon in the same direction we do. Again, it will not be about “white” nationalism (that’ll come later) but about Operational Nationalism.

  17. HRW, great points.

    “Also, many whites in the west, places like Alaska and Montana, are hostile to environmentalism/conservationism. Wolves are seen as a threat, for example.”

    Hence the difference between “environmentalism” and regular White conservationism. White conservationists in Alaska and Montana are hunters and understand wolves, and their danger. City libtards that have never seen a wolf outside of the zoo – if that, usually just on TV – think they are watching Bambi or something.

    White people who live in rural areas and actually know what they are talking about are usually conservationists. Ignorant, nature hating urbanites who worry about “carbon credits” because they saw it on TV are irrelevant.

    This BP oil spill disaster is not supported by any White people, for instance, and White people are going to have to fix it and clean it up – regardless who you blame, there is no one but us to do it. That makes us all conservationists.

  18. There’s been ‘apocalypse coming soon!’ predictions for ages now. Always something to keep in mind and prepare a bit for, but until it happens, operate in the world as it is.

  19. The one group of the left’s coalition we may be able to bring to our side is environmentalists (meaning the actual conservationists, not the leftists and non-whites who scream about “environmental racism”). When you go to a zoo or museum and read the exhibits and signs about ecology, conservation, preservation, invasive species, and extinction, the parallels to human racial preservation are blindingly obvious to a racialist. We may be able to point out these parallels to conservationists and environmentalists and convince some of them to value human racial preservation.

    The natural and proper home of conservationists lies in alliance with racialists. Many racialists, eugenicists, and immigration restrictionists have been strong supporters of conservation. Most notably, Madison Grant was one of the greatest conservationists in history. Two of the the founders of the Save-the-Redwoods League were Grant and Henry Fairfield Osborn.

  20. The secret to holding events that White women will not just attend, but compete to attend and compete for men to go with, is the costume party. I mean this most sincerely and I hope the White men in the pro-White movement immediately start holding Whites-only, private, invite-only costume parties.

    Overt “WN-ism” and political bs is not the point, and should be avoided completely. Overt “White” anything should simply be implied by the guest list.

    I really don’t get the Cassandra moaning about miscegenation, because it’s really such a minor problem. Sure, it happens in every multi-racial society, and Hollywood brainwashing does work. But it’s such an easily solved problem – stop letting your kids watch TV – stop watching TV yourself – stop watching Hollywood movies, and find other ways to entertain yourself and your people.

    Costume parties where young White women dress up and look beautiful and sexy sounds like a good idea to me. It’s well known by everyone that White women will do anything for a chance at dressing up in something unique or sexy.

    Don’t advertise. Invite only. Forget “game” bs, a formal dance wins every time over picking up skanks in a bar. White men will win when their women dress up in their finest dresses to accompany them to our private clubs.

  21. I don’t see Christian conservative types as easy potential converts. I’ve talked to a fair number about this kind of stuff. Many are somewhat sympathetic, but fundamentally, these are the kind of people whose intrinsic cultural conservatism is trumped by an inclination to obey authority, and virtually all sources of authority in our society are controlled by Jews and promote an anti-White message. There are other problems with Christian conservatives, too – more than I care to list, really, but this is the main one. These people will fall in line without much effort on our part if we are able to get the ball rolling, but they are of little use to us now. Even if we could get large numbers of them, Christian conservatives aren’t exactly the people we need – they will be of little use influencing other whites or helping us get control of our institutions back from the Jews.

    I actually think White liberals are a good source of recruits, especially rural White liberals and Green Party types. People who self-identify as liberal, but who dislike the Democratic party, will often be surprisingly receptive to racialist ideas. There is also a growing opposition to Jewish power among White leftists that has absolutely no parallel among the Christian right (American Protestantism has always been very pro-Jewish, and many Christians even self-identify as descendants of the “lost tribes of Israel” to some degree – this is another reason why it is hard to appeal to Christians).

  22. Concerning ‘union guys’…when it was time to vote, our union’s newsletter promised us the moon if we voted for Obammer…now that the bread-n-circuses have yet to show up at our doors, you will find that alot of the ranknfile of the unions are worth going after: they were told to ‘vote for their wallets’ (it’s true! I couldn’t make up something that materialistic and absurd!)…this time around, i think they’ll remember the empty promises.
    On the international/national level, the unions suck and are merely towing the AFL-CIO partyline and are filled to the brim with corrupt lawyers and talking heads…BUT, on the local level, most of the union reps are white, intelligent America-lovers, as are the majority of their constituency within the locals. They are at odds with the international on most issues and immigration will be one of the hottest button to push with them, but appeals concerning affirmative action and gun rights are also good ways to go…

  23. I was unionized some years ago and in every single union magazine that dropped that in the mailbox at home, there was at least one article about the number one international issue for us: communist Cuba! Admiration for, contact with and help to Cuba! Every single one of my co-workers (half of them Mexican) thought that the union was a joke and our local steward was happy when he didn’t have to interact with the “politicos” in the local (which is located in big city a couple of hours away).

  24. I found absolutely nothing on our union’s website to indicate that they had any views on anything! Unfortunately they exist under the AFLCIO umbrella whose biggest mouths are hispanic. Their official view seems to be that we need to hurry up and legalize illegals so we can unionize them and give them a better wage!!! This would be convoluted illogic if uttered by a white person, but merely shows the beaners intentions here in america when uttered by one of them.

  25. I’m so happy that I found this blog. I’ve looked everywhere and every site that I’ve found that focuses on the white race and culture is dominated by Nazi influence, or David Duke has who become a slobbering Muslim apologist.

    Great article. A lot to take in. I think one of the most important things, short of splitting the country, is to get people in power who give massive — MASSIVE — amounts of power back to the states so that the Federal government will be violently ripped down to the basics of keeping our military safe, our economy strong and our infrastructure intact, and then local governments will protect the states’ cultures and traditions while Obama’s “clingy small-town Americans” never have to be influenced by the wackos in Vermont or Seattle.

  26. Of course, Vlad Katonic!

    Whether they admit it or not, Hispanics are concerned with their racial interests first! On political questions, most Browns ask themselves what the implications are for Latinos.

    There are very few exceptions to this rule.

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    If inappropriate or unwanted comments go through because of this — just delete them than losing good commentary — and commentators.

    Problem solved.

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    It was in the ‘caught spam’ folder, along with several other posts.

    I don’t know how to fix it, the software just sucks I guess – H. Rock White

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    Hunter (and the moderators) – please adjust your site settings accordingly so our comments will not be needlessly delayed, or lost.

  29. It was in the ‘caught spam’ folder, along with several other posts.

    I don’t know how to fix it, the software just sucks I guess

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