Hispanics & Americans Split On Immigration & AZ 1070

1070 naziIt has been my belief for some time that the true racial awakening that we keep hoping for in this nation will start at our Southern border. I mentioned this to Hunter in an email but due to a poor internet connection he’s asked me to throw something up. The always awesome Brenda Walker at Vdare serves up some stats that should warm the cockles of every good WN

Voters Shifting to GOP, Poll Finds

The poll also showed sharp divisions among voters on the subject of illegal immigration.

Among all adults, support is high for the new Arizona law that makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally and requires law enforcement officers to question people if they have reasonable suspicions about their immigration status.

Some 64% said they strongly or somewhat supported the law, compared with 34% who strongly or somewhat opposed it.

Divisions were even sharper between whites and Hispanics. Among Hispanic respondents, 70% opposed the law, while 69% of whites in the survey supported it.

The survey oversampled Hispanics to increase accuracy.

Hispanics also held a different view of immigration generally than did white respondents.

In the survey, 58% of Hispanics said that immigration helped the U.S. more than it hurt, while 56% of white respondents said that immigration hurt more than it helped.

Its important to remember that every time Americans (read: Whites) have been given the opportunity to vote on illegal immigration directly they vote or poll overwhelmingly no. Even in bluest of blue Massachusetts denizens reject benefits for illegal aliens.

Why should WN’s care? Even though the Minutemen et al. desperately deny that this is a racial issue Mexicans know better, they know that the fight against illegal immigration is a proxy for anti-Hispanic sentiment. As professional Hispanic Ruben Navarette opined

“U.S. born Latinos in America are fed up. They’re tired of the ugliness in the immigration debate, and they’re not buying the argument that it does not concern them…..Part of the problem is that the right-wingers weren’t content to just attack illegal immigrants. They had to attack an entire culture, which is shared by legal immigrants and U.S.-born Hispanics.”

And to be blunt I think Ruben has the better of the debate here and whether its immigration, demographics or the Tea Party race is always the elephant in the room.

The nice thing about the debate over the border is just how clearly defined the racial aspect is, mostly due to the crowing of Mexican reconquistas

The people of the poor, the lice-ridden and the cucarachas are advancing in the United States, a country that wants to speak Spanish because 33.4 million Hispanics impose their culture…Mexico is recovering the territories ceded to the United States with migratory tactics…[This phenomenon] fills me with jubilation, because the Hispanics can have a growing force between Patagonia and Alaska.


in October 2000, Vicente Fox, soon to become president of Mexico with the support of U.S. conservatives, spoke of the “millions of Mexicans in the United States, who in cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami or San Francisco, inject the vitality of the Spanish language and of their cultural expression…. To continue speaking Spanish in the United States is to hacer patria”—to do one’s patriotic duty. Fox was thus describing Mexican immigrants in the U.S., not as people who had left Mexico and still had some sentimental connections there, as all immigrants do, but as carriers of the national mission of the Mexican nation into and inside the United States.


Mexico’s five-year development plan in 1995 announced that the “Mexican nation extends beyond … its border”—into the United States. Accordingly, the government would “strengthen solidarity programs with the Mexican communities abroad by emphasizing their Mexican roots, and supporting literacy programs in Spanish and the teaching of the history, values, and traditions of our country.”

To be clear we should welcome these cultural and physical Mexican irredentist expressions, they make our job so much easier. The more White Americans see such “conservative” eruptions as these…

you owe us

The more we should stay out of their way and let them do our work for us.


  1. How right you are, Jake. Since most Whites are either race stupid, or programmed into racial somnambulism, let the Third World ‘bitch slap’ them back into reality. The population explosion in Mexico feeds an inexhaustible supply of Mestizos into this irredentist matrix. The current ethnic tensions in Arizona, also known in Spanish as Pimeria Alta, can only result in, ultimately, a White awakening, or White dispossession and genocide.

  2. Agitprop at its finest. And let me add the immortal words of Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of National Council of La Raza: “We have got to eliminate the gringo. And what I mean is, if worse comes to worst, we have got to kill him.”

  3. The always awesome Brenda Walker at Vdare serves up some stats that should warm the cockles of every good WN…

    Voters Shifting to GOP, Poll Finds

    Uhhh, why should voters shifting to the GOP “warm my cockles”?

  4. Vicente Fox said “inject the vitality of the Spanish language and of their cultural expression”.

    I will give it to them that some verbs are hard to conjugate, but Spanish is essentially a very simple “Me Tarzan, you Jane” or “See Spot run” type of language. The Mexicans speak the worst dumbed down version of it. Real, Castilian Spanish is somewhat better and one of the quickest ways to die is to call a Spaniard or Argentinian “Mexican”.

    Their culture is the barrio, “manana” and “lemming meets orc”.

    You must be so proud, Senor Presidente…

  5. Jeez, the sign in the second picture is shocking/unbelievable even to my jaded a**.

    These wonderful immigrants are making America more free than ever. It is no longer simply “free as in speech”, in addition it is now “free as in beer”.

    Do America’s leaders think they can keep a lid on this problem, or do they simply think they will benefit when the confrontation arrives? I see many signs that America (and the world’s) leadership is completely in over their heads right now. The greed of our decision-makers got us to where we are today, but what good is wealth if the whole world is falling apart around you?

    On a side-note, focusing on la reconquista and the race-based perspective is useful, but we should also offer some in-depth analysis of the fiscal consequences of this unchecked immigration. America used to be considered “The bread-basket of the world”, now we are a net-importer of food. This is a problem as the rest of the world is in the same boat. From a national security perspective we simply cannot continue to allow tens of millions of empty bellies to pour in. There are similar parallels in energy, infrastructure, etc.

  6. I was taking a class several years ago, and the professor thought so highly of one Mexican’s work that she had him share it with the rest of us. This man was a high school history teacher, but still had an adolescent understanding of his subject, and a cholo’s attitude towards the Gringo. His assignment had within it a list of “injustices”, including “poverty”, “la migra”, “the schools”, and “the police”. Not what anybody had actually done, but just the existence of these things.
    I thought then that it was a bad thing to have so ignorant and bigoted a man teaching, but I’ve come to see that he’s right where he ought to be, indoctrinating the invaders in a false sense of their place in the world. His former students will in turn teach Whites racial reality. We ought to be grateful for our enemies’ stupidity.

  7. We, as WN, can continue to shape the outcome to our advantage and exploit the growing rift by boycotting all companies and cities that boycott Arizona. We can accomplish this by using our money as a weapon which achieves three interrelated effects in the process.

    I have read the term “Buycott” a few times now and it is growing in popularity. If you support what Arizona is doing, purchase goods and services from companies within Arizona. Consider a vacation to Arizona instead of one to California, Boston, Austin, or any other city or State that comes out against what Arizona is doing. This is the first order (physical) effect which requires you to choose who make a purchase from and then make the purchase.

    A Buycott has a second order (functional) effect which results from the first. A reduction in taxes due to loss of sales revenue by businesses will force cities, who have decided to boycott Arizona, into fiscal bankruptcy. Punish the businesses and you punish the cities and their elected representatives. Taxes are the life blood of municipalities. This way, we as WN, win.

    A Buycott also has a third order (psychological) effect which results from the first and second order. The Buycott forces corporations to choose sides. If the corporation is concerned about financial survival, they will end up siding with Arizona or remain neutral or in the issue which will cause Mexicans to attack the corporation as well. Corporations and businesses will begin to attack politicians who have decided their fate without their consent. Without financial support from these corporations or businesses for re-election, these politicians will be forced to choose sides -they will lose their re-election. Either way, we as WN, win.


  8. Justin,

    The White American certainly still has a lot of buying power. If we climb the ladder to cultural influence, we’ll be able to organize Buycotts and boycotts, and then, we’ll have political influence.

    If the Arizona law forces a lot of Hispanics to leave they’ll have a sound White majority there.

  9. 9 And I will bring you out of the midst thereof, and deliver you into the hands of strangers, and will execute judgments among you.
    10 Ye shall fall by the sword; I will judge you in the border of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
    11 This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel:
    12 And ye shall know that I am the LORD: for ye have not walked in my statutes, neither executed my judgments, but have done after the manners of the heathen that are round about you.Amen

  10. “Now go and strike Neo-Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, and infant, goldman and sachs, culture and critique.”

  11. Kievsky,
    We can achieve cultural influence, as you mentioned, through targeted buycotts. We can covertly do this, as WNs, initially by playing up patriotism and upholding the Constitution. There are several Tea Party type organizations that need to get on board with the buycott and have already been subverted by liberal infiltration. We can just as easily infiltrate and paint the target for them -so to speak.

    Drying up the tax revenue of liberal cities, utilizing targeted buycotts, will also achieve another effect for us in that these freeloaders will lose their handouts at taxpayer expense. Cities will be forces to cut programs. There will be no more taxes to pay for programs that benefit La Raza and their illegal horde.

    Cities will turn to homeowners and increase their property taxes as the municipalities die from lack of revenue from corporate, business, and sales taxes. Corporations and businesses will close and move to avoid association. Educated Whites will pack up and leave as well. In the end, the city will die just as Detroit has. All in the name of anti-white PC.

    In just a few short years of targeted buycotts, we will break up liberal cities. What we must prepare for is the follow on invasion as the locusts migrate to the next city.

    In the interim, kill the liberal cities and states. Financially back cities and states that progress what we see as WN initiatives. We must know by now the Balkanization of America is happening. We can shape this to our advantage and destroy liberal bastions in the process.

    Change we WNs can believe in!

  12. #4: Obviously I don’t care if Whites return to the GOP, and yes that stinks, but it is one more chink in the armor of multi-cultural = delicious!

    And that I think we can all get behind!

  13. Justin,
    Could you do a post with specifics about which companies to boycott and which to buy from? It would be nice to have it all handy in one place.
    In the comments, anyone who knows of companies to patronize or avoid that aren’t on your list could add it.

    If you decide to create a post, THANKS!

  14. Pistachios. California grows them, so does Arizona. Buy the Arizona ones, not the Calif. Also, I heard that Palin just went to Arizona to show support for Gov. Jan Brewer. This is significant…not because Palin is worth the time of day, but because it shows which way the wind is blowing.

  15. Pistachios. California grows them, so does Arizona. Buy the Arizona ones, not the Calif.

    Well, both are probably using illegal labor – but I will try to look for some next time I go shopping.

    Maybe someone could make a list of “buycott” products. Looks like Arizona Iced Tea is out:

    After the passage of Arizona SB1070, a controversial anti-illegal immigration measure, many businesses associated with the state of Arizona faced protests and boycotts. A tongue-in-cheek post to Twitter calling Arizona Iced Tea “the drink of Fascists” fueled reports of a boycott of Arizona-brand beverages.[5][6][7] In reaction to this, the company posted to its Twitter account that “AriZona is and always has been a NY based company! “

  16. Barb,

    here is a link that I think you will find useful: http://www.buycottarizona.com/

    Also, I saw while researching “Buycott” that there is an official Buycott Israel website which serves as an alert site for Jews and supporters of Jews/Israel. It alerts them to a boycott of Israeli/Jewish companies and the Jews and their supporters counter in kind by buycotting associated companies with the boycott.

    This could get interesting.


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