ALIPAC Dances To OPP Tune

I’ve long despised William Gheen of ALIPAC.  For several years now, I have considered ALIPAC a cancer on the body of the immigration reform movement, a pathetic attempt to neutralize the immigration issue by making it solely about the paperwork of immigrants. These people don’t care if America is buried under a Third World tidal wave so long as it happens legally. If George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy had gotten their way back in 2006, William Gheen would have nothing to complain about, as all the “illegal aliens” would be American citizens and legal immigrants.

It therefore comes as no surprise to see ALIPAC dancing to the tune of anti-native groups on the Far Left like One People’s Project and Imagine 2050. William Gheen has made his priorities absolutely clear: securing the border is less important to ALIPAC than what some guy from Pennsylvania has on his Facebook page. When anarchists and communists tell William Gheen to jump, this fraud’s only question is how high. Anyone who believes this gutless conservative one-trick-pony (roll over, belly up, surrender, yellow discharge) can hold back the Left should be exorcised from our circles for stupidity alone.

Personally, I don’t care for the skinhead aesthetic. I think Neo-Nazis are ridiculous. That’s my honest opinion. But what really matters? Listening to White Power music and dressing up like a Stormtrooper in grandma’s basement or millions of aliens flooding into my country and irrevocably changing its character? That one is a no brainer.

Just not for someone like William Gheen. I hope he enjoys the “props” he is getting from Daryl Lamont Jenkins and One People’s Project. For once he has shown his true colors, red and yellow!

Note: If you are reading this William, I advise you to come out of the pinko closet like Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

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  1. Yeah, I just unsubscribed from ALIPAC’s e mail list. After reading their views on race, I don’t want to hear anything else from them. There is no time left in this country for that sort of PC bullshit.

  2. “Americans for the Legal Destruction of Our Country.”

    Well hey, as long as it’s legal, we should just give it right over. That’s the most important thing. If you’re going to be a lemming and throw yourself off the cliff, do it orderly and properly!

  3. William Gheen is a narcissistic buffoon with a history of picking fights within the movement and dragging those fights out into the public. Unfortunately, thousands of people who are concerned about illegal immigration send thousands of dollars to his ALIPAC organization without realizing that they’re fueling a shameless huckster’s incessant smears of other conservative groups and individuals.

    This most recent attempt of his to smear Rep. Tom Tancredo as a hatemonger based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is proof positive that he’s a liability. Tancredo has tirelessly fought illegal immigration for decades without being hateful, crude, or dishonorable.

    People who are concerned about immigration and only immigration would do best to invest in NumbersUSA. Not only does NumbersUSA lead the anti-illegal immigration lobby, it set a new standard for lobbying excellence with its masterful handling of the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. NumbersUSA is not “racial”. It firmly rejects “immigrant bashing”. It gets results. Period.

    I urge people who are considering supporting ALIPAC in any way to take the time to compare ALIPAC to NumbersUSA.

    If you need proof that William Gheen is a childish self-promoter hellbent on making a scene, please take a moment to check out his childish and dishonorable attack on the (admittedly sleazy) Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. This is not the behavior of a credible and results-oriented lobbyist. Please, PLEASE do not keep paying this man to cause more damage to his cause than he already has.

  4. Out of the $140k ALIPAC has spent in during the past election cycle, only $1250 has been spent on its supposed purpose, as a PAC supporting candidates. The main expenditure is William Gheen’s salary, plus the payroll taxes on this salary, and some various other expenses like motels and an $875 shopping spree on clothes at a local mall.

    Jim Gilchrist, who has problems of his own, says this:

    My observation is that Gheen is attempting to destroy any immigration activist group that impedes his sole access to a public financial donor base. Gheen’s ALIPAC is a professional fund-raising company that exploits any trendy activist movement only for its money making opportunity.

    As I recall during a conversation with Gheen during an immigration summit meeting the Minuteman Project sponsored in 2005 at a Las Vegas convention center Gheen told me if there was no money in the immigration movement then he would have no use for it.

  5. Gheen is hardly in a position to be playing more Politically Correct Than Thou. This is just more of the stupid, pointless, whiny, self important infighting that we see all the time. Gheen doesn’t give a shit — he’s just in it for himself. Check out ALIPAC’s financial records if you don’t believe me. A third of the money raised goes directly to him.

    Tancredo is not a white nationalist — he’s just another “let’s all be American” conservative. That said, there’s something to be said for the fact that he’s not backing down.

  6. It’s funny to listen to Dobbs debate Gheen, two self-righteous frauds sermonizing each other.

  7. ALIPAC ought to change its name to JACOFF = “Just Another COnservatard False Front.” It ALWAYS pays to research an organization before you send it money!!

  8. ATBOTL,

    “We will have no future dealings with Dan Smeriglio or retired Congressman Tom Tancredo due to the neo-Nazi connections and this disaster they have cooked up in Arizona that puts our issue at risk.”

  9. Is Gheen a jew?

    Just from reading this brief article and with my 20/20 ability to read between the lines I can tell you what happened.

    Gheen was threatened by his large funder/s that the checks payable to ALIPAC (Gheen’s bank account) would STOP if he did not withdraw from the Phoenix rally.

    So Gheen withdrew from the Phoenix rally.

    Eventually Gheen will be told by his large funder/s to oppose SB 1070, any meaningful legislation to control immigration and secure the border.

    Gheen will comply with these requests also.

    Gheen will agree to any suggestion by his large funder/s.

    The drama about Trancredo and Smeriglio is transparent nonsense, cooked up to provide an excuse to justify Gheens withdrawal. Gheen is a shill.

    One Peoples Project like antifa is an anti-white/”anti-racist”/pro-illegal immigration jew group. The large funder/s calling Gheen’s tune are most likely jews also. That’s what jews do. Control their puppets by tossing a few bucks at their dancing feet.

  10. When I first saw ALIPAC, my initial thoughts were ‘well, at least it’s a start’…now I realize it’s just our enemies leading their opposition down another harmless alley.

  11. Do not financially support Numbersusa makes the case against illegal immigration-not legal immigration-based upon how it suposedly harms hispanics,blacks and asians. They are very open about thius. White Americans have been whited out over at is completetly confortable with the race replacement of White Americans. Now you know the facts about So why do you give money this miserable organization? Honestly, It think it has become a money making organization for its owner. It is a death sentence to concede the race issue to hispanics and asians. Roy Beck has done this openly. What a creepy little bastard.

    Peter Brimelow is on to Roy Beck’s game.

    Much better to pass amnesty than to concede the race issue. Pass amnesty and in a year or so the race war will commence…full-blown a few years later. One way or another it will happen.

  12. Matt Parrot

    The above post was intended for you. What Beck means by no immigrant bashing even though nonwhite imigrants are bashing White Ameicans on a daily basis in many ways. So no to immigrant bashing means never utter a critical word about predatory job stealing hindus. Nonwhite
    legal immigrants are in fact responsible for the perpetuation of the race-replacing post 1965 immigration policy.

    Roy Beck wants White Americans to concede the demographic issue to predatory post-1965 asians in OUR AMERICA.

    I am very suspicious that Roy Beck-along with mark krikorian and dan stein- was repsonsible for having’s funding cut off.

  13. As an illegal immigration opponent, ALIPAC’s Gheen did the right thing. I know ALIPAC well. They shy away from anything that could be construed as “racism” in any way, and that includes cultural critique or the suggestion that Latinos are not exactly the most progressive folks around. I remember one article from my site got linked saying how insanely jealous, macho and woman-beating (misogynistic) Latinos are, and it was quickly taken down as “racist.” A lot of the folks on ALIPAC have married or are dating Hispanics.

    So they’ve always been this way. I could give a damn about White race replacement. In the first place, there’s no use fighting it, as it’s a done deal anyway. Pick your battles wisely, and that one’s a loser. Best we can hope for is slow transfer and a future as very comfortable Latin American White elite lording it over the teeming darker huddled in the poorer districts below.

    Illegal immigration is a battle that we can actually win, maybe, possibly. The only we we can move forward on this issue is to be as non-racist or even anti-racist as possible. Otherwise the two parties and the MSM will massacre us, and anyway, our White support will vanish.

    So, as Gheen’s approach has the best bet to deal constructively with the illegal alien problem, yes, I do support it.

    Tancredo should have backed away from supporting this Smeriglio guy. Smeriglio’s toxic. Anyone prominent associated with WN’s nowadays is going to get creamed. Tancredo can’t afford to have WN associations, and mainstream anti-illegal organizations can’t either.

  14. I was actually bashed-physically assaulted -by one of Beck’s LEGAL IMMIGRANT people of color-home aide worker from africa helping me out for a few hours a day taking care of a quadraplegic family member.

    I depsise and Roy Beck. Yor an idiot Parrot for even given a penny to is an anti-White American organization on the take from a homosexual silicon valley hedge fund owner.

    Peter Brimelow should take the gloves off and go after The racial transformation of America is the number one issue by many orders of magnitude. The consequences of this transformation will with high probability povoke a violent race war. Secession won’t prevent this from happening…Peter will happen….

    Parrot your an idiot for giving even a penny…..

  15. “Illegal immigration is a battle that we can actually win, maybe, possibly”

    But there is no point to winning that battle, if in the future legal immigrants are just as numerous as illegals+legals are today.

    The goal should be to reduce total immigration as much as possible. The best case scenario would be a moratorium.

  16. Time is running out. There just isn’t enough time for a Beltway solution. Roy Beck and givea the illusion that with a tweaking of Beltway policy ever thing will be ok. This is a bold-face lie. and Roy Beck have a lot of $$$$$ flooding in from fools..fools who will be-once they a small enough of a racial minority-viciously discriminated against, enslaved,raped-if they are a White female-and murdered.

    MY family has been greatly harmed by asian LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are openly perpetuating post-1965 immigration in racailly explicit terms…but there goes Mr goody tooshoes Beck devout Christian faggot blathering on about doooon’t bash the asians LEGAL IMMIGRANTS..even though they have bashed who knows how many white familes. and Beck are evil.

  17. Lindsay:I could give a damn about White race replacement. In the first place, there’s no use fighting it, as it’s a done deal anyway. Pick your battles wisely, and that one’s a loser.

    Why do you even comment here, Lindsay? You’re a doom-and-gloomer.

  18. White Unite

    There should be a complete shutdown of all nowhite LEGAL IMMIGRATION permanently..alomg with the asian,hiapanic and muslim fifth column..either do this or there will be a massivde of White territory to India,Pakistan, ironic would this be without even firing a shot Iran has been busy colonizing AMERICAN territory-Korea and Mexico.

    A moratorium means a time out from immigration-although hindu family reunification would be allowed-and when the economy improves..back to busines as usual…race-replacing White Americans continues apace.

    The only solution is expulsion of post-1965 nonwhites…this will no doubt will provoke a race war but the alternative is a race war in which NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS lose….big time.

    The moratorium being proposed by Peter Brimelow is a compromise with the cockroaches who populate the beltway.

    The only solution is complete intolerance….after all there is complete intiolreance for White Amerians from the other side.

    Take Peter Brimelow’s moratorium idea and flush down a toilet in the Punjab.


  19. “Tancredo can’t afford to have WN associations”

    And yet both Democrats and NeoCons can afford to have Trotskyite associations? Our hypocrital fucked up culture must change, and taking a bold stand for truth is the only way it will change.

  20. The litmus test is if they are anti-white. Ask this Lindsay character this before you even pick up any of his arguments or issues which will shortly be overcome by events beyond his control. The Jews cast aside all their abstract BS with the simple question, “Is it good for the jews?” So instead of wasting your time debating abstract soon to be overcome by events with this Lindsay fellow just ask him. “Are you anti-white?” Only after he answers it will any meaningful debate occur.

  21. “”Illegal immigration is a battle that we can actually win, maybe, possibly.””

    What do we win?

  22. Followed the link what a waste of bandwidth those people are, but they have the offensive with the word “racist” and we never really fight back and if we do its from our backs.

    Anti-racism means only one thing and that is anti-white, but we neve put them on the defensive instead we get dozens of posts basically saying its all unfair. Of course its unfair, you expect anything else?

    Those kids on that antifa cult website will never have to explain why they are anti-white and why they propose genocide. And whose fault is that? Ours.

    So my question is why do the posters here quibble the details with the antifa anti-whites?

  23. Why do I comment? Well, your readers come to my website via links in my log, then I go and check out the site that is linking to me. That is, OD readers read my website (quite a few) and that makes me interested in what you have to say.

    There’s no need to lay out my positions here. Ask around if you want to know. I’ve got serious disagreements with you guys, for sure, but also mixed feelings. Truth is that you guys, unpleasant as you are, are really the only people who are fighting for us Whites anymore. So I have to respect you at least for that.

    Call me a gloom and doomer. I’m a realist. I don’t know what you guys can do. Now way can you convince a majority of Whites to go along with your thing. But best of luck. Maybe for now you should just concentrate on growing your movement.

    Let’s look at the battles. Stop legal immigration? Huh? Look man, Hell, we can’t even stop *illegal* immigration, Good God, how are you ever going to stop *legal* immigration? First things first man, for God’s sake.

    If I were advising you, I would say that the main thing you need to do now is to get your message out. The best message you can put out to White America is, “Do you want to be race-replaced?” It’s a great question, and US Whites are never asked that question. I wonder how they would poll on that question anyway? That question has been kept out of the media because the media is terrified that a lot of Whites will answer, “No!” to that question. So you need to get that question on TV, radio, papers, magazines. Number one job.

    After that, I would try to infiltrate the illegal immigrant movement, the Tea Party Movement, etc. but keep your heads down and lay real low.

    But things are looking pretty bad for a democratic success for your goals. It’s too late to convince a majority of Whites to go along with your plans. You need the support of 81% of US Whites right now, and soon it will get worse – 82%, 83%, as Whites slowly decline. For the love of God, I don’t see how you get 81% of US Whites to support you!

    Better would be to try to push some separatist movement from the US.

    That leaves violent overthrow of the state, revolution, or some kind of full scale open racial conflict (race war or whatever) that could really radicalize Whites. Those are unsavory, but they are probably your best chance. The democratic option is dead.

    I run a website and one of my core principles, as stated on the site, is White advocacy.

  24. 20&30 – Robert Lindsay,

    Well stated Robert. Unfortunately I agree with your assessment 100%. However I do beleive we can turn things around. We have a good message; a moral message. What we lack is charismatic leaders occupying high positions in society willing to advocate for us.

  25. What we lack is the ability to make the rules of the game. I mean who can be impressed with the antifa anti-whites? Dim bulbs to the person, but they were given a script, to use the word racist and to always attack whites. What do we have but stale reactionary politics that even McInsane the senate candidate can steal and use for his purposes.

    The Mantra is creating our rules that they have to live by, and when they play by our rules, they lose.

    Lindsay and this Q fellow are demoralized, but what is a real tragedy is that in their personal failures they wish to visit that upon everyone else.

    We whites have not even begun to play hardball, and once we do we will be a juggernaut.

  26. ///”Lindsay and this Q fellow are demoralized, but what is a real tragedy is that in their personal failures they wish to visit that upon everyone else.

    We whites have not even begun to play hardball, and once we do we will be a juggernaut.”


    Telling the truth about the conditions on the ground as they acually exist hardly qualifies as a personal failure. Also, I DID say: “I do beleive we can turn things around.” However, we can’t turn things around by repeating over and over and over the same failed strategies.

    You say: “We whites have not even begun to play hardball, and once we do we will be a juggernaut.”

    I’ve be hearing that type of cheerleading for the last five or so years. Where has it gotten us? Let’s have a look: Obama is POTUS and the white percentage of the population is dropping precipitously and massive non-white immigration is continuing unabated. Our opponents have been playing hardball for the last 60 years.

    It’s the bottom of the ninth and we’re trailing the anti-whites by 15 runs.

    Batter up!

  27. Throw the racist charge back at them. That’s how you do it. State in the strongest possible terms that imigration enhtusiasts are completetly motivted by race. There intent is to reduce NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS to an ever dwindling minority withn the borders of America. This is racism. White Americans are no obligation to commit racial suicide because it would make the filthy hindus in OUR AMERICA happy.

    Just throw the racist tem back at them. WE are being called racist for having a racal preference for ourr own kind…well if that’s your defiition of a racist….everyone is a racist…stop being little pussies.

    It is amazing to me that at this late stage in the game how Peter Brimelow plays footsie with the immigration enthusiasts on this issue of who is a racist.


  28. Cheerleading my backside. What we get is the constant drumbeat of “News and Jews” and while we discuss them we literally are overcome by events.

    Its my contention that the Left is a vaporous concoction of nothingness. Let them explain their anti-white racism cum genocide, let them be reactionary.

    Go up to the top thread some guy is worried about Pat B. being called a racist I will show you how to take the offensive.

  29. Putting racial issues aside, Gheen’s operating premise is goofy. It implicitly endorses unlimited legal immigration. There are plenty of non-racial arguments for radically reducing the overall numbers of immigrants: natural resource depletion, loss of open spaces and agricultural land Sailer’s “affordable family formation” thesis. NUMBERS USA addresses issues like these. As mentioned above, ALIPAC looks like a money-making scam like the SPLC and many of the WN orgs of the past we are all familiar with.

  30. “Go up to the top thread some guy is worried about Pat B. being called a racist I will show you how to take the offensive.”


    I think we need not bicker with each other since we basically share the same viewpoint; we are on the same page so to speak.

    On the issue of racial discrimination and oppression, whites have been on the receiving end ever since the day of infamy when Brown v Board of Education became the law of the land. Institutional racism against whites has progressively become worse and worse over time and there seems to be no letting up.

    Yes whites are now the new niggers. We are the victims. Any attempts to right the ship are met with category 5 hurricane force resistance. Even the Tea Party protesters are defamed as racists, nazis, xenophobes etc. and they have no shred of racism within them. But according to the left, they are white ergo they are automaticaly regarded as racists and potential terrorists.

    Lawrence Auster wrote a fine peice about this. I’ll try to retrieve it and post it. Yes I know LA ethnically is a Jew, but I accept any material that I find useful no matter the source.

  31. I think NumbersUSA has a good balance between the approach advocated by Robert Lindsay and the hardcore neo-nazi one. NumbersUSA addresses the legal immigration question. They don’t openly address race, but they don’t condemn people for ‘racism’, they just studiously ignore the entire issue. William Gheen on the other hand has always gone out of his way to attack ‘racists’, now even attacking someone on the basis of sketchy facebook screenshots from a fringe communist website. Dan Smeriglio has organized mainstream immigration events in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for years, and his hardly a ‘neo-nazi’.

    On top of this, I had never looked into it before, but most of the money from this ‘PAC’ goes into Gheen’s pocket or to pay for his personal expenses, and only a tiny fraction actually goes to the intended purposes.

  32. Jupiter,
    It’s imperative for us to “play well with others” and comport ourselves in a manner befitting a serious and sober advocate.

    This means not repeating stupid mantras.

    This means not picking fights with groups we share goals with.

    This means not calling comrades “stupid” over minor disagreements.

    This means not calling Indian immigrants “predatory darkies” in all caps.

    In summation, this means that a man of your caliber would do best to find a promising leader who shares your general vision and take orders from him on how to help the cause. It’s not the least bit dishonorable to follow orders. In fact, while I have quite a bit of autonomy, virtual every facet of my activist work is operating under a superior from whom I take direction.

  33. Matt
    You obviously have very little experience with the darkie predator hindu in America. My family has. I consider them my mortal enemy . I want them expelled from America. OK I shouldn’t have called you stupid. However, I think it is very dishonest of Roy Beck and numbersusa to state that immigrants are not responsible for perpetuating post 1965 immigration policy….This is a bold face lie.

    Moreover, as a I stated previouisly, makes the case immigration based upon how it harms the interests of post-1965 nonwhites the majority of whom are ehnhusiastic supportes of race-replacing the white majority…that is to say they are waging a vicious race war against my own immediate family…screw Beck,numbersusa,FAIR Mark Krikorian and CIS…they are knowingly lying about the obvious facts. What he has done is demonized millions of White Americans by conceeding the race issue to nonwhites….hindus in America are predatory darkies…you want a few examples Matt?

  34. Jupiter,
    Desis have no place in a White American ethnostate, but I honestly have to say that some of the most gentle, thoughtful, and intelligent people I know are Indian. I’m sure you have your own experiences with some of them, and I haven’t met all of them. But either way, I believe it’s spiritually sick and strategically unwise to spew impotent hatred in like that.

  35. This whole conversation is borderline retarded. If it is not about race, our culture, history and way of life then what exactly is the point?

    “”As an illegal immigration opponent, ALIPAC’s Gheen did the right thing. I know ALIPAC well. They shy away from anything that could be construed as “racism” in any way””

    I’m sorry but that is about the damn dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. They are cramming race up our ass and you appeasers, including Gheen, think if we just ‘shy away from it’ and tap dance to the anti-racism tune we can gain ground, get respectability or some other foolish BS. Lord have mercy the only people who do not know it is about race and our complete dispossession and ultimately genocide are whites. I don’t care what you do or say any opposition to the invasion or race issues, at all, are ‘racist’ and will be racist. They will keep cramming race and racism down our throat until we completely back up over the cliff and give up or stand up. Either confront race head on or die.

  36. Matt

    Every hindu that arrives in America is a vote for my and my family’s race-replacement. The nice gentle hindu that you are so enamoured off is pulling the lever for race-replacing White Americans. The nice gentle and kind hindu is waging a vicious race war against and my family and I.

    In a war-especially a war of asian race agression against White Americans there is nothing sick about expressing hostility to the racial group that is the aggressor. Try telling your beloved gentle hindu in America that you want to shit hindu LEGAL IMMIGRATION TO 0 and the fangs will come out.

    Ernest great post. This the reason why I depsise Beck and Nonwhites who are voting for our race replacement are the center of concern and attetnion for Beck and I really hate the organization.

  37. Jupiter,
    Life is about struggle. All the tribes of the world, including other White tribes, are competing with my tribe in a world with finite land and resources. Becoming a White American Advocate doesn’t necessitate dehumanizing individuals of other races and nations. It doesn’t necessitate foaming at the mouth at groups like NumbersUSA which fail to engage the racial dimension of the immigration problem.

    There are literally millions of White Americans who ostensibly agree with our basic platform but associate advocating for our people with the most repulsive and crude gutter bigotry. One can maintain a masculine and uncompromising stand for our nation’s right to exist without getting all creepy and nasty. You should try it.

  38. Matt

    I know a lot of White Male Engineers who have had bad expereinces with the hindus at work. You should hear the things they say about them. Utter contempt and disgust. I see no point in saying nice things about the pedatory hindu in America. I come across mor and more people who pass nasty comments about them and asians in general. This should be encouraged, not discouraged. Hindus and and other asians are waging a vicoous and nasty race war towards ORDINARY NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS…THEY HATE US…WE SHOULD HATE THEM BACK…get over your hang ups about hating…we are in a war…no, it is not tactically foolish.

    Roy Beck and by pretending that White Americans do have anything to lose if the nation is racially transformed contributes to the demonization of Ordinary White Americans. For Beck, only post-1965 nnwhites have legitimate racial interests. This is a very serious manner. I would like to see destroyed.

  39. No one should give a penney to FAIR and CIS- put these miserable organization out of existence. There can be no Beltway solution to the race-replacement problem.
    Millions of White Americans need have to have a an extreme level of fear injected into their beings-unrelentingly. Only if this happens, can race-replacement be halted and reversed.

    I do not recognize asians in America as Americans. Every single one of them are voting my race replacement and my family’s race-replacement at the voting both. Liberal faggot immigration reformers such as Beck understand this obvious fact. It’s called White American bashing. Put out of business.

  40. What I pray for are:draughts,economic collapse and other catastrophes. A very very very strong signal has to be sent to millions of White Americans that business as usual is unacceptable. Extreme catastrophes will contribute to putting,FAIR and CIS out of business.

    White Nationlaism -ultimately-is the only game in town for millions of White Americans.

  41. Speaking of economic collapse, could this be true resolve, or just another case of provincial bravado that will buckle under the corporate-socialist steamroller and its media Obamabots?

    “An Arizona utility commissioner said he’s willing to pull the plug on Los Angeles if the city goes through with a boycott of his state.

    In a letter to the city of LA, a member of Arizona’s power commission said he would ask Arizona utility companies to cut off the power supply to Los Angeles. LA gets about 25 percent of its power from Arizona.

    “That is one commissioner who has that idea — whether he can do that or not is another idea,” said LA Councilman Dennis Zine. “They are the ones who have to make the move, not us.”

  42. Q

    Civil War Three has just started. White States will crack down and illegal and legal immigration and nonwhite states will retaliate..up to the point of pesecuting the White minority in these states…this is how a full-blown Civil War three will start…White Americans are on the verge of losing huge tracts of homeland.

    Chuck Baldwin has a post this morning on about the break-up of the US. If White Americans have a reduced territtory and increase their fertility level… is going to feel mighty crowded in the White homelands. The breakup of the US along racial lines is gong to be catastrophic for White Americans. The enormous question is how will they react to an enormous loss of territory.

    If the US breaks up along racially lies, there will be 0 tolerance for Jews in both the White areas and the nonwhite areas…this should be obvious to every Jew…but it is obviously isn’t….Jews will have brought it upon themselves.

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