ALIPAC Dances To OPP Tune

I’ve long despised William Gheen of ALIPAC.  For several years now, I have considered ALIPAC a cancer on the body of the immigration reform movement, a pathetic attempt to neutralize the immigration issue by making it solely about the paperwork of immigrants. These people don’t care if America is buried under a Third World tidal wave so long as it happens legally. If George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy had gotten their way back in 2006, William Gheen would have nothing to complain about, as all the “illegal aliens” would be American citizens and legal immigrants.

It therefore comes as no surprise to see ALIPAC dancing to the tune of anti-native groups on the Far Left like One People’s Project and Imagine 2050. William Gheen has made his priorities absolutely clear: securing the border is less important to ALIPAC than what some guy from Pennsylvania has on his Facebook page. When anarchists and communists tell William Gheen to jump, this fraud’s only question is how high. Anyone who believes this gutless conservative one-trick-pony (roll over, belly up, surrender, yellow discharge) can hold back the Left should be exorcised from our circles for stupidity alone.

Personally, I don’t care for the skinhead aesthetic. I think Neo-Nazis are ridiculous. That’s my honest opinion. But what really matters? Listening to White Power music and dressing up like a Stormtrooper in grandma’s basement or millions of aliens flooding into my country and irrevocably changing its character? That one is a no brainer.

Just not for someone like William Gheen. I hope he enjoys the “props” he is getting from Daryl Lamont Jenkins and One People’s Project. For once he has shown his true colors, red and yellow!

Note: If you are reading this William, I advise you to come out of the pinko closet like Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

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  1. The entire exchange between Matt Parrott and Jupiter basically defines the difference between PaleoConservatism and White Nationalism – and confirms me in my PaleoConservative allegiance.

    (I don’t care if Paul Gottfried, inventor of the term PaleoConservative, has declared the movement dead. Sorry, Paul, you can’t have your word back! Nativism, Isolationism, Law and Order, a Square Deal for the Core Ethnic group, Family Values and Decentralized Power – in other words, PaleoConservatism – is the best path for my tribe, White Americans. It is also the best path for the country as a whole)

  2. Matt,

    While many Asians and Asian Indians are indeed decent people individually — they are still nonetheless a major tool in the arsenal of Our enemies’ existential war of Genocide against Us — especially those of Us Whites on the right side of the ‘bell curve’.

    “The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite.”
    ~ Kevin MacDonald

    Harvard Hates Whites—Does America, Too?

    Unz, himself Jewish, noted that at his alma mater, “Asians comprise between 2% and 3% of the U.S. population, but nearly 20% of Harvard undergraduates. Then too, between a quarter and a third of Harvard students identify themselves as Jewish, while Jews also represent just 2% to 3% of the overall population.” Not only was he so blunt about this, he took the step — rare in the mainstream media — of drawing the logical conclusion: “Thus, it appears that Jews and Asians constitute approximately half of Harvard’s student body, leaving the other half for the remaining 95% of America.”

    Of course “our” government is not interested in quantifying the relative decline non-Jewish whites are experiencing, but a few have done this independently. One researcher has used government statistics to graphically demonstrate how whites are penalized at all levels of intelligence when earnings are compared to others in the same IQ cohort. As he concluded, “A bright mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste, and it is the bright White gentile minds that are being denied educational opportunities at significant costs to our country.”

    Unz understood this, too, demonstrating how education levels play out over one’s career. What he found at Harvard about white Christian underrepresentation “is present to a greater or lesser degree at most of our other elite educational institutions: Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley and so on. And partly because these universities act as a natural springboard to elite careers in law, medicine, finance and technology, many of these commanding heights of American society seem to exhibit a similar skew in demographic composition.” …

  3. When the White population of California shrinks to an even smaller number than it is now, a crack down down on nonwhite illegal and LEGAL immigrants in White States will provoke a very strong response in nowhite Califorina..probably ouright secession of California…How will White America react to the devasting loss of a major state chuck full of several trillion dollars of educational,technological and miltary infrastructure. The culure and politics of nonwhite California will be thoroughly hostile to White Americans. Without firing a shot, foriegners will have been able rip out for themselves a huge chunk of White territory..White Americans are going to be forced to do a lot of soul searching….tradtional displays of corny white Patriotism will mean absolutely nothing..complete joke. How will White Americans react just wont be business as usual..for one thing the Republican party-its corpse-will be finally buried…and mark my word….Jews will be in very big trouble….they will be blamed for this….they were trusted to do no harm to the Ameria…there are going to be a lot of very pissed off White Christians…and trust me the nonwhites in California will want to run things for themselves…Jews will not be welcomed there either. And if the Isarelis are seen selling weapon systems to nonwhite California that can be used against the White areas of the former America..let just say this Jews are in really big trouble…what I have just wriiten is obvious…but Jews don’t see it comming…are incredibly foolish race.

    White Americans are going to be massively racial in the future,,if they do..they just might repel the hindu,korean,sihk,chinese,mexicam,paki and mexican invaders out of California. Once the consensus that we are all Americans is obliterated…the asians,mexicans,muslims and africans will be viewed as invaders.

    Peter Brimelow was hinting at something like this in a recent post….I thought I would provide the details..

  4. Whites Unite,

    I’d cut Jupiter some slack, watching California slowly disintegrate would do a number on my psyche too.

  5. I think we should allow for the possibility that millions of White Americans are going to be really really really pissed off when they can no longer take the family vacation in Yosemenite. Yosemenite-an amazing beautiful, natural amenity- will be permanently closed off to Whites. And this pissed off White American population will see on TV thousands of Iranians vacationing in Yosementite with their children….and grandchildren…while thousands of younger pissed off economically redundant White American Males..authentic Americans..lacking the $$$ to secure a White wife and establish a gene-line will be looking on….the White immigration enthusiasts should have contempleted this scenario…it will have great consequences for them when they are denounced as race traitors……the current generation of young White Males graduating college at the moment..and their younger White brethren..down to age 12 down to the ones being born at the moment..are in very big trouble…very big trouble..there is not a snowballs chance in hell that there will be a long term economic recovery that will enable many of them to rise above economic redundancy….the predatory hindi,paki and sihk will have the golden retriever and buy own the homes that previous generations of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERIAN couples raised children….birthdays.proms…graduations..weddings..and grandchildren-this is already occuring..complete socio-economic dislocation…

  6. “When the White population of California shrinks to an even smaller number than it is now, a crack down down on nonwhite illegal and LEGAL immigrants in White States will provoke a very strong response in nowhite Califorina..probably ouright secession of California…”

    I hope so. That’s exactly what we need.

    If only Whites were seen as responsible for cutting off the Power flow to California.

    Even if it was just one guy with a bald head who wasted some powerlines leading from Arizona to Cali, the reaction this would provoke in Non-White Californians would be worth its weight in gold from the standpoint of moving things toward the needed step.

  7. Whites Unite

    I do understand where you are comming from. The diference comes down to this:paleoconservatives haven’t been mugged by reality. My family-along with thousands of other ordinary White American families have been mugged by I can report to you and all the paleoconsetvatives over at Chronicles that it was utterly savage and brutal experience ..the paleoconservative good manners go right at the window real fast ….Flemming,Wilson and the rest of the paleoconservatives never experienced the economic terror of being replaced by the predatory late father and many other men of his generation of men in the engineering field had to…he cursed the asian engineers up the last two weeks of his life until he died of hemolytic anemia…he discouraged his four sons from going into engneering..three of us did..very unplesant expereinces with the asians..I know a lot of White Male engineers with similar stories…similar stories from White Women who had fathers who were engineers..both males and females were discouraged by there engineer fathers to not go into the engineering field..some of these White Woman had high aptitude in mathematics…the paleoconservatives do not understand that the asians in America are waging a genocidal war against ordinary White Americans…that’a the difference between Paleoconservatives and White Nationalist.

  8. Jupiter has it on the mark when it comes to Asians in this country. The story of his father is exactly what is going on. They are no longer just replacing construction workers with low skilled mestizos, they are also replacing high skilled White men with Asians in the white collar jobs. Right now in a black college near where I live, they have given 110 million dollars to build a new engineering and space facility for the college. Guess who the professors are? All Asian. Guess who the students are? All Asian (they couldnt find any black engineers). All paid for on our dime.

    These White men have every right to be pissed off and not mince words.

  9. The more ‘they’ call ordinary whites ‘racist’, the less effective that term becomes and the more ordinary white folks will come to accept it and relish in it. We should constantly point out that all of the brownies are racist, and that they mean to do rob, rape and murder whitey and his daughter, and that if we become a minority, we will wind up like South Africa (videos and articles about the white plight in SA are pure GOLD, especially if we put them into context for said ordinary white folks)…appeal to their fears! White Americans are addicted to law, order, peace and luxury, so show them how all of that is threatened by the mud-coalition and the increase in ‘their’ troops with every immigrant that crosses the border. The more whites i speak with, the more i realize that they are coming around…keep pushing the us vs. them animalistic struggle to come (and also that it is right at the door now!)…every sheriff’s blotter in the newspaper (at least they have it in our newspaper) showing who is committing crimes needs to be pointed out to our sleeping friends and family…every day! Check out the ‘rants n raves’ section of craigslist in any state! Ordinary whites are waking up even without our explicit message! keep emphasizing: it’s not politics, it’s naked struggle for the safety and lives of our children, our women, our friends!

  10. Now William Gheen is dropping out of a planned June 5 anti-illegal rally in Phoenix because 2 of the organizer’s 2200 FACEBOOK friends are allegedly “White supremacists”, counting one who is a Swedish singer. Almost sounds like Gheen is a plant for the pro-illegal agitators:

    (Note: Originally found the story at LGF. Gotta wonder if Gheen and CJ are coordinating)

  11. Walter Williams makes a solid point regarding immigration. I am proud of Arizona for the stance they are taking and that we haven’t backed down. The law is clear – Illegal immigrants are illegal, racial profiling is illegal, and we intend on enforcing the laws on the books. It’s nice to see cooler heads remarking on this issue. In light of Game 4 rapidly approaching – Go Suns!!

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