1. My thought was that our throats are already bare. We shouldn’t waste time on nitpicking each other. The thing that kills me about it is that we give each other no lattitude, no benefit of the doubt. We do not have this luxury.

    Most “thinking” people that I know glaze over at MacDonald’s work and leave Jones’ tomes sitting on the shelf. It doesn’t work, okay? Modern “thinking” in the way it’s discussed here is PROFOUNDLY over rated. It’s way past time to bring out the blunt instruments. What they are I have no idea. But they’re not fixated on accuracy.

    To complete the prior thought about WWII, the loser bound themselves to commit cultural and ethnic suicide. The winner continues to win, the loser continues to lose. I just think there might be a better reason to fall on our own swords than over the innacuracy of our trenchmates.

  2. Spooky: By “thinking people”, I don’t mean just those with Masters’ degrees and a stomach for 800 page books, I include anyone who can read a newspaper critically and form their own, informed, opinion. When I am reading about an unfamiliar topic and the writer says something that I know to be untrue, I have to question his take on the matter. That’s simply how you approach new knowledge. I might not know enough to challenge his premises, but if he tells me that Beethoven was a Scotsman, I will rightly be suspicious of everything else he says. Our facts may not instantly convince all our listeners, but anything we say that can be proven false will make our job much harder. Our truths are so unpalatable to so many already, we don’t need to give anyone a good honest excuse to ignore us.

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