The Death of Francis Parker Yockey

Fifty years ago, June 17, Francis Parker Yockey, fearing he would be lobotomized by the US government, committed suicide while incarcerated in the San Francisco county jail.

The anniversary of the death of this enigmatic figure — arguably America’s most brilliant anti-liberal thinker — is likely to go unobserved in his native land, for his legacy is still unclaimed.

Unlike what Evola called the “false right,” whose alleged anti-liberalism derives from essentially liberal premises (constitutionalism, free markets, bourgeois social forms and sentiments, etc.), Yockey’s thought derived from Prussian rather than Anglo-American sources.

As his mentor, Oswald Spengler, argued in Prussianism and Socialism (1919), the cultural/political heritage of Prussia’s soldier-state grew out of the tradition bequeathed by the medieval knight, Pietism, and ethical socialism, while the market-based Anglo-American world was founded on principles associated with the Vikings, Calvinism, and individualism.

The ramifications of these different traditions were such that America — (lacking a proper ruling class and a cultural stratum to sustain its European heritage) — came, in time, to scorn its Old World parent, pioneering, in the process, civilizational forms, whose materialist occupations and rationalist presumptions have sought to escape the so-called constraints of history, culture, and blood.

During the 19th century, the rising commercial and business classes, communicating vessels of the liberal ethos, allied with the cosmopolitan capitalism of the British Empire and the ascending economic might of America’s new low-church empire — an alliance ideologically arrayed under the banner of “Anglo-Saxonism” and implicitly opposed to continental Europeans attached to Listian economics, landed property, authority, and tradition.

In our age, the market forces of American liberalism have managed to denature not just the America’s European population, but a good part of the European world.

For though it brought material abundance to some, it also fostered a devastating nihilism that reduces meaning and being to a monetary designation.

If not for America, Yockey believed the anti-liberal forces of authority, faith, and duty — in the form of National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy — would have overthrown the liberal nomos, anchored in America’s “world leadership.”

Instead, the very opposite occurred.

First, the colony turned on its mother soil and father culture — then, it subjugated them, ending up, like the snake swallowing its tail, subjugating and denaturing itself — for it (the colony) was European in origin and origin is inevitably destiny.

Though the “true America,” transplant of Europe, shared her destiny, Yockey believed modern liberal America had become an anti-Europe endeavoring not only to subjugate, occupy, and oppress her, but to destroy her unique heritage of blood and spirit.

The only Americans receptive to his anti-liberalism have, relatedly, been those, like him, whose loyalty to Europe’s High Culture estranged them from America’s culture-distorting — and blood-betraying — liberalism.


It is a testament, perhaps, to the organic philosophy of history he acquired from Spengler, that Yockey’s anti-liberalism grew from his German roots and from his identity with Europe’s High Culture, while America’s ruling ideas, even on its so-called right, have stemmed mainly from liberalism’s Anglo-Calvinist tradition — and from the Jewish One-World Creed of Mammon it champions.

Editor’s Note by Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents: On June 17th, 2010, Counter-Currents and North American New Right hosted a Francis Parker Yockey memorial dinner in San Francisco. Eighteen people were present. Michael O’Meara spoke on Yockey’s anti-Americanism and metamorphosis into a supporter of the USSR. The [preceding] memorial tribute was not included in his speech.

About the Author: Michael O’Meara, Ph.D., studied social theory at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and modern European history at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe(Bloomington, Ind.: 1stBooks, 2004).

This piece is offered to our readers courtesy of Counter Currents Publishing, which in the process of publishing an anthology of essays by Michael O’Meara entitled Toward The White Republic


  1. (This post may seem a bit myopic and self-indulgent, but I’d ask anyone seriously interested in ideas to bear with me, and if possible reply.)

    Glad to see Greg Johnson is back in action again. Bookmark added.

    As to Yockey…hmmm. Fascinating man, and one that I can’t help but view as a kindred spirit. But what of his conclusions?

    Is America really, at the base of it, anti-white? Does it HAVE to be, in the sense of it being inherent or inevitable, as opposed to mere error or aberration? Or, to be blunt, Jewish takeover?

    Obviously, there is a world of difference between attributing our current circumstances to the Jewish takeover and murder of the Old America, as opposed to concluding that the Old America would have ultimately become anti-white anyway due to market forces, Enlightenment ideas, etc.

    This is an extremely complex question, tracing the various cultural and intellectual currents of the Enlightenment, schools of Christian thought, economics…the list goes on. Talk about a job for a forensics expert. Perhaps the greatest forensics job of all time.

    Yet it is a question that we must answer to our satisfaction, if we are going to develop a movement that can win and restore our people. Not just a political movement as commonly understood, but a broader and deeper approach that encompasses ethics, morality, biology, economics, culture, etc.

    Indeed, such is a tall order. I’ve been giving these questions a great deal of thought in recent years, and frankly it’s both inspiring and humbling to deal with issues of such magnitude. For now, my ideas are largely inchoate, virtually none having been written down. I hope to make a meaningful contribution down the road, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to wrap my mind around the entire subject. It’s quite something, really.

    One thing, seemingly minor, has been troubling me a bit as of late. Namely, how have my personal experiences affected my racial views and, assuming they have, how do they differ from the norm? When dealing with the great questions, it can seem rather ridiculous and, ahem, “American,” to go back to the minor details of one’s personal experiences, but it’s there.

    When I was growing up as a child (pre-high school) in the 70’s, “everybody” knew that the races were different, and miscegenation was unthinkable. No institution taught us to believe this, no television show promoted our view, no school took up our standard. Yet there it was, and it was seemingly universal. A white girl would have looked at you as if you were crazy if you had suggested that miscegenation was a good idea. There would have been a look of shock and disgust on her face. In fact, it would have been a great insult. Again, no institution was promoting this view, yet healthy racial attitudes were the norm. Hard to believe that this wasn’t all that long ago in the scheme of things. Most of these people would now be in their mid to late thirties, or at most early forties.

    Now, keep in mind that this was the South (Virginia), and it was in the Richmond area suburbs. Not to get too deep into particulars, but annexation had been a big deal in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and this had all sorts of racial implications for the schools. I was too young to know what was going on at the time, but perhaps there was a siege mentality where I was growing up, moreso than in many parts of the country. The blacks were in the process of “taking over” the city, with annexation threatening to bring more territory under their control (actually, annexation was a doomed white effort to maintain political control of the city, but its effect was to smash white neighborhoods and make them more susceptible to black colonization).

    Yeah, I think it safe to say that there was a siege mentality in my little corner of the world, as a child in those strange times.

    In effect, my childhood experience taught me that normal white people, when not assaulted and undermined by a hostile government, default to racial sanity. In my experience, white racial consciousness was organic and natural, and government was the intruder and usurper. I suspect this made libertarianism an easy sell with me, and it has also made calls for fascism seem more than a little strange. Again, is not racial sanity the default? Do we really need to be controlled and organized, every jot and tittle? Are we to be organic, or managed? Perhaps a blend of both.

    So I would ask for your thoughts, serious replies only. I would also be particularly interested in your own experiences of childhood, those of you old enough to have at least a vague memory of the 70’s and early 80’s. Was my experience all that unusual, the result of a particular siege situation in a time of high racial tension? What were racial attitudes like in your youth, particularly those of other children your age?

    Obviously, decide for yourself how much identifying information you feel comfortable revealing, and keep in mind that people who wish us harm undoubtedly read these boards – and probably don’t need much information to work with (easy to get an age range with this sort of conversation, and so forth). Having said that, I would hope that you could specify at least the region of the country, and if possible the state. I want to better understand where the “organic defaults” were in the 70’s, and how similar or different my experience was to those of other whites.

  2. It’s my understanding that Yockey was either in bed with, or trying to get in bed with, the Soviet Union and it’s puppets.

  3. The United States has more Jews than any other country outside Israel. What made the US a major diaspora nest? Yockey’s theory could be the explanation. The US has a severe case of liberalism. Liberalism is AIDS, Jewry is the opportunistic infection. What little opposition to Jews in the US has come from patriotic Americans so this explanation is not popular. From what I read of Imperium Yockey believed the US to be unsalvageable. When I see the supposed conservatives falling over each other in a scramble to prove their devotion to Israel it’s hard to be optimistic. If America’s most sacred traditions are wrong the conservatives are going to be as opposed to us as the liberals.

  4. Good post Trainspotter. I grew up in the 80s & early 90s on the border of the appalachia and the midwest. My family was from further up in the midwest, still have never had much experience with nonwhites, and buy into the media depictions of MLK, Mandela, etc. A lot of the locals were racially aware. Basically, there was a system which was still in place as far as I know when I left town in the late 90s, whereby blacks lived on one street in town, and an elder black kept them under control, deciding who could move into town and so on, in order to avoid trouble between them and whites. There were a tiny handful of Asians in town, which were basically integrated with and acted the same as the whites. Occasionally a few blacks came into my school, and usually acted up and caused trouble and made a bad name for themselves that way. The first one I remember that we had in my school, she was told to “go back down south”, and left school after a few weeks. We were still able to play ‘smear the queer’ and call it that without objection from the teachers. The teachers were liberal, but nowhere near the brainwashing we have today. I remember in school once (around 1990 or so), a teacher complaining that an opposing high school basketball team had a black player (still rare at that time for our area) and our school’s fans chanted “nigger, nigger” at him. It wasn’t until rap music came along in the 90s that kids began to think being black was cool.

    As regards Yockey and the Prussian system vs the Anglo-Saxon/Calvinist system, the Prussian system is good at organizing a country internally to combat external enemies in conventional warfare. That’s what it was designed to do, and that’s exactly what was needed.

    What it’s not good at is defending against internal takeover. It necessitates turning people into sheeple and centralizing command & control of the country, both of which make it easier for a small hostile elite to take over the country.

  5. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland in the eighties and early nineties.

    There were almost no minorities there in those days (White Protestants were the minority lol). As a kid, anti-Black attitudes were expressed but at the same time money was being raised for the Ethiopian famine. The problem in Ireland was all the Catholic missionary work in Africa plus the leftism.

    We moved to South Africa during my first year of high school. Miscegenation was still discouraged in my social circle and the non-whites I knew who like to chase White girls had real difficulty doing so in SA. Later they moved to England where unfortunately they found the White girls easy 🙁 I think White societies with little experience of Blacks represent a shangri-la for Black men. They can chase White girls who’ve been bombarded with pro-Black propaganda and “anti-racism”

    South African White girls of my generation have healthy views on race. Definitely much, much healthier than British and Irish girls today. Then again, if you live in SA and aren’t nervous when you see non-Whites approaching your survival rate would probably drop to zero. 45,000 Whites have been murdered in SA since 1994, this despite taking more precautions than people in the First World can imagine, bars on every window, not walking the streets in the evenings, security everywhere, etc

  6. H. Rock White,

    Are you sure? The Germans successfully resisted a Jewish takeover while America did not. And, unlike in the Great War, the Germans kept fighting until the bitter end in 1945. America welcomed the Jews with open arms. In 1918 Jewish enrollment at Princeton was 4%, at Yale 9%, and at Harvard 20%. The strange fruits would ripen from these seeds several decades later…

  7. It should be clear by now that Anglo-Saxons have always been the parterns in crime of the Jews. Francis Parker Yockey clearly realized this.

  8. It was wrong-headed of us to hate the Russian people in the last century for being under the control of the Jewish oligarchy. It’s humiliating for a people to be in that situation, to have their most despicable people (like Meg Whitman) brought to the fore and the most honorable people driven into the shadows.

    I don’t yet know whether Traditionalists and New Right folks will ever see the difference between the real America and the Jewish regime’s parody of America. They’re confusing the Jewish and WASP-elite mask that the world sees for the actual America. Some of the more intelligent Trad philosophers were capable of making this distinction. But this whole “Alternative Right” experiment is doomed here as long as they continue importing the toxic anti-American prejudice of the European intellectuals and Eastern Orthodox ideologues with it.

  9. “What made the US a major diaspora nest?”

    It was the richest country so jews came to loot it. The same reason they went to Ancient Egypt, or Rome or Constantinople.

    “The Germans successfully resisted a Jewish takeover while America did not.”

    No they didn’t. They successfully took their country back but only after a total economic collapse.

  10. “But what of his conclusions?”

    Yockey (pbuh) seemed to think that Americas future was not set in stone yet, clearly he favored ‘National Bolshevism’ over any type of Americanism though:

    “There is left only civil war. In such a war, the race-war between the Negro and the white, the class-war of the unions against the managers, the financial-war of the money-dictators against the coming authoritarian nationalism, and the war for survival of the Culture-distorter against the American people, will all step forth for resolution.

    Whether this crisis will be sharp and critical in nature, like the Secession-War, or in the form of an uncertain and long-drawn out evolution, like the Thirty-Years’ War, or the struggle between the Spirit of Cromwell and the Restoration, cannot be foreseen. In any case, the struggle is one which is demanded by organic necessity, and only its occurrence can be foretold, but neither the form thereof, nor the date thereof.

    These are Imponderables.” — Ulick Varange, Imperium.

    ‘So I would ask for your thoughts, serious replies only. I would also be particularly interested in your own experiences of childhood, those of you old enough to have at least a vague memory of the 70’s and early 80’s. “

    Well here in the Pacific Northwest it was very rare in the 80s (born in 1977, hence the 77 in my username!) to see any colored folks. The only ones were mexicans during the farming season, they were truly nomads and forced to return to Mexico when their work was done. One would see them only in fields working and they were in effect kept segregated from the rest of society.

    In the 90s Clinton started letting them stay and now they stay year round causing their problems… crime, petty theft, drug trafficking.

    White ethnocentrism is totally normal and organic. Mexicans were viewed to be an exotic other, but were not thought of negatively since they returned to their exotic far away homeland. Funny how close mexico feels now! Ugh.

    If someone really wanted to understand the times they could do no better then watch some John Hughes flicks. There were no coloreds around! It was great, no wonder these flicks continue to be popular with White teens even today, check out this dialogue from ‘Sixteen Candles’… total normalcy.

    Samantha: Since I was about 12, I’ve been looking forward to my sweet 16. You know, a big party and a band, with tons of people.
    Randy: And a big Trans Am in the driveway with a ribbon around it. And some incredibly gorgeous guy that you meet like in France, and you could do it on a cloud without getting pregnant or herpes.
    Samantha: I don’t need the cloud.
    Randy: Just a pink Trans Am and the guy, right?
    Samantha: A black one.
    Randy: A black guy?!?!?! (shock and disgust)
    Samantha: A black Trans Am, a pink guy.
    Randy: (visible relief)

  11. It has become obvious who has actually taken the time to read Yockey, and who has not. If you have not read him, better to be silent, or you make a fool of yourself unnecessarily.

  12. Note France, which operates under a similar system as Germany, has been completely taken over by Jews.

    As to reading his complete works or whatever, if I read every book suggested to me, I would have to lock myself in a closet 16 hours per day. His supporters will have to summarize his arguments and present them in a concise fashion.

  13. I downloaded the txt. It seems like there was a good HTML version out there when I read the entire thing a few years ago…

    *glares at Lena*

    …but that site with the horrendous yellow background appears to be broken. It really does need to be up somewhere and easily accessible, even if I do feel that his analysis of the American national soul is unbalanced.

  14. Why not just read the entire book? It is an easy read, stuck in it’s time, no doubt, but still great, considering when it was written, far ahead of it’s time. What is the problem?

  15. Lena,

    I’m afraid I’m guilty of loading some frustration with anti-American cranks I’ve had to deal with recently onto Yockey, unfairly. I’m not eye-to-eye with him on his view of America, but my initial reaction here was a bit too sharp.

  16. You know, it’s been long enough that I could probably get more from it than I did the first time. I was only really breaking out of the mainstream dem/rep paradigm when I read it the first time, and I’m sure a lot of it went over my head.

  17. If you want to read it , read it. You are talented, charismatic and contribute plenty so who cares? I have other things going on like the third suicide of a white male in my own family in the last five years. You might be interested to know that one of them was Mormon, he left five kids proving there is something seriously wrong with American culture..

  18. Wandrin wrote:
    No they didn’t. They successfully took their country back but only after a total economic collapse.

    There were Communist uprisings (Spartacist uprising, Bavarian Soviet Republic) in Germany during and after the German capitulation in WW1. The leaders – Luxembourg, Eisner, Levine, etc. were all Jews. The Great Depression didn’t happen until ten years later.

    Germany not only resisted a Jewish takeover but turned the tables and created an explicitly racial regime. The United States did not even manage to hold out against a few Jewish professors. Today we fight wars for the Israelis while neglecting to protect our own borders.

  19. Matt Parrott says: “It was wrong-headed of us to hate the Russian people in the last century for being under the control of the Jewish oligarchy”

    That’s true, but it was also absolutely right for American patriots to do everything in their power to keep us from being subjected to the same Bolshevik nightmare.

    If you want to see what the communists thought about race in Yockey’s day, check out CPUSA chairman William Z. Foster’s book, “Toward Soviet America,” the part on race begins on page 300. ( Some particularly juicy quotes that I reproduce for those too lazy to check for themselves: “The American Soviet will, of course, abolish all restrictions upon interracial marriage.” “The revolution will only hasten this process of integration, already proceeding throughout the world with increasing tempo.”

  20. Germany got taken over by the jews after WWI, and managed to overthrow them after a 2-decade long struggle culminating in the 1932 election.

    The struggle in the US is in much, much slower motion, and will probably not be resolved until a couple generations from now.

  21. Sam Davidson,

    Quotes from 1879

    “The daily press is predominantly in Jewish hands, which have transformed journalism … into a business with public opinion; critique of the theater, of art in general — is to three quarters in the hands of Jews. Writing about politics and even religion is — in Jewish hands”

    “Judaism has been declared a subject off-limits for us Germans. … To comment on [Jewish] rituals is ‘hatred’, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce the last word in our religious and state affairs, then it is quite a different matter”

    jews had the same sort grip of *indirect* grip on Germany then as they have on America now. They’ve been doing it for *thousands* of years. They’re good at it. The Germans resisted and then reacted against the jewish attempt to take *direct* control.

  22. Here’s my beef, perhaps unfairly projected onto Yockey himself, I don’t know, but it is a criticism of an accumulation of people I have seen praising him:

    They praise the ‘land-owners’ of old as the ‘natural aristocracy’, but bitch about the ‘money-masters’, business owners etc of today, the industrialists of the mid-20th century and so on.

    The the great land-lords of old were merely the ‘money-masters’ of their time, since in an economy in which the primary activity was agriculture, those who owned the land were the ‘money-masters’ so to speak. No different than the factory-owning industrialists of the late 1800s through the mid 1900s, or the financial overlords of the modern day. They owned the means of wealth creation, and milked it as much as they could. Same animal. To praise one and assault the other is absurd.

  23. Rock – your post does not make sense., and does an injustice to Yockey who writes very clear and literally . Better to read the man himself.

  24. I believe the economic collapse referred to is the post-WWI situation whereby the Reichsmark became worthless and the German economy was worse off than during the Depression. We’re talking 1000% inflation and eating turnips.

  25. Comrade Trainspotter,

    I graduated from a private high school in Detroit, Michigan in 1976. I will attempt to describe the racial situation in Detroit in that era.

    Detroit was a very segregated city in the 1960s. It was not a ‘soft’ segregation. It was probably similar to South Africa in many ways. There were well understood boundaries between white and black areas.

    I grew up in small rich suburb which was about 1/2 white and 1/2 Jewish. Despite living in proximity to each other it was very segregated. Shortly after moving there my father invited everyone in the neigborhood (10 families or so) to a party. Only the Jews showed up. The gentiles boycotted, as they did not socialize with the Jews. This was a upper-upper middle class neighborhood. Vice Presidents of car companies, lawyers, doctors and other professionals. There was a very beautiful all Jewish country club near our house (we rode mini-bikes all over it) and there were a number of White country clubs that excluded Jews in the area.

    Despite the segregation I don’t recall anyone ever talking about the Jews negatively. They were different, but they were not lesser. In fact among everyone there was a grudging admiration for their intelligence and success. They were like us, but different.

    There were no blacks in my neighborhood. There were black servants. We had a black maid who came one or two days a week and cleaned our house – focusing on waxing floors and scrubbing toilets. Strangely this meant (because my mother was a teacher and professional woman) that I was left in the care of Negros many days in my young life. The Negro maids were bizarre but kind, they already talked to me as “Mr. Jackson”, a tacit acknowlegment of the fact that I was already above them in social terms.

    Black men were not allowed in my neighborhood, ever. There was a small police department for a tiny (4 square miles) city and they routinely stopped black men driving in our town. The maids were expected to take the bus to a nearby shopping center and be picked up by their White employers, or to drive there in carpools with other Black cleaning ladies. Even black men picking up maids were told: meet them at the shopping center. Obviously there were no black families in this town. Zero.

    At the same time because Detroit had been a magnet for blacks since the 1920s there were many successful blacks in Detroit. They had entire lovely neighborhoods in the city, such as Palmer Park, that they lived in. These were the old rich city neighborhoods with three floor houses on golf courses, in the city. The whites had all moved out after the riots of 1967 making really nice house available to the black upper class – doctors, lawyers, teachers and such. The auto business was still largley closed to them in the professional ranks.

    I attended a private school, which was rare in that era. The local public schools were, again, all White, because the areas they drew from were all White. My private school, in contrast, was run by Jews and was probably 50% Jewish and 10% black. Based on this my view of Blacks was very different from others in my neighborhood. They saw the uneducated, ghetto blacks from the city. I saw the children of the educated upper class, kids with good education and parents able to pay the fare to send them to a rich suburban school. There were two other private day schools in Detroit. One had a few (but fewer) blacks, the other was pretty much all white. The good suburban Catholic school had a few blacks there to play football and basketball. Everyone knew they were there to play sports.

    My school didn’t recruit for atheletics and the blacks kids were all pretty smart. (The school required IQ tests for admission.) Still, they were rarely among the top students in terms of tests or grades. Not the shining stars. But they were not, either, failures or as a group at the bottom.

    Probably because of the unusual atmosphere of the (Jewish run) school there was a lot of integration of kids. I spent a lot of time at a Black friends house growing up. His father was a doctor, they had lots of money, a nice house, spoke the Queens English and were in every other way pretty much just another upper middle class family.

    All of us, Black and White were drawn, at 16 or so, to the darker “true black” of the city of Detroit. It is difficult to even try to explain everything I encountered when I started going there as a teen. Suffice it to say there is no black ghetto that will ever intimidate me, I have survived worse, as a naive, but gutsy young man. Violence was always a looming possibility. I’m a big guy with a hard left. I tried very hard to stay out of fights, but I wasn’t pushed around. I carried weapons routinely, and knew how to use them. City Blacks knew white people could, and would, kick ass if they needed to, and respected that. The Detroit PD at the time was still mostly white and essentially an occupying army. To Blacks we were all on one team: the Man. Even a three or four white 18 year olds were not to be fucked with for sport, no matter whose “hood” – we’d take shit apart if we needed to.

    Interacial dating was extremely rare in Detroit at at this time. A black friend from school held a series of very swank parties in suburban hotels: “Black and White Balls”. A play on words, because they were semi-formal, but also because they were integrated. We all danced to ‘Average White Band’ ‘Kool and the Gang’ and ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire’ as well as Detroit favorites like Grahm Central Station’, ‘Sly and Family Stone’ and the ‘Guess Who’. As far as my private school went no one would have really cared if you dated a black girl, but it was so weird no one much did. In retrospect I think the black guys did try to (and succeed) in getting in the pants of the naive suburban white girls, especially the more savy urban-edged blacks.

    At the same time this was going on everyone in Detroit understood that the blacks were basically killing the city itself. “White Flight” was nearly complete by 1976 when I graduated. It’s hard to believe how quicly Detroit segregated in the wake of the rebellion of 67. The riots there were far more severe than the LA riots of 94 –I saw both, and far more devastating on the city. Detroit did not survive them.

    The level of depravity of the ghetto blacks was a mystery in the 1970s. To go hang out in bars there was an amazing revelation. Black ghetto culture was not celebrated, or even acknowledged. “Huggy Bear” was the only pop culture icon representing it all, but despite that blatent black prostitution, flagrant drug dealing, petty theft, car stealing, and crazy niggers getting drunk all day were the norm in some areas. (At the same time most of the kids of black doctors though my friends and I were insane to go to those clubs.) Black bars did not ever ask for IDs, especially for ‘White Boys’. If you could get your money on the bar you could get a drink.

    I’ve probably never talked about my upbringing so truthfully, and certainly never writen about it. There are few more chapters, but I think I’ve explained the basics here.

    Given what I saw growing up I’ve never been able to accept the “blacks are all stupid” concept. I grew up with really smart black kids who had good board scores, worked hard, passed hard classes and deserved to go to U of M and other decent schools. At the same time I was already exposed to the lowest culture ever seen – the East Side of Detroit circa 1976.

    Probably one result is that I don’t discount the “nurture” side of the debate as much as most White Nationalists do. Education matters, and even if some blacks can’t get to Yale level achievement some can. Averages are not destiny for individuals.

    Thirty years later I have not sorted it all out. I was part of an experiment, literally. I see the successful parts, and I see the failures. In the end, as adolescents, we drew apart. Our cultures, while similar, were seperate. (Anyone here familiar with “Jack and Jill”?)

    I still find the opinions that many in the movement have of blacks simplistic. In general the reality-based views of the 1970s were better than the views either race has of the other today, in my opinion.

    A huge disservice has been put upon blacks by raising up the lowest (heroin addicted hooker turning tricks, that staple of urban video) and ignoring the greatest (successful 2nd and 3rd generation black doctors). If I could do one thing to fix America I would go back in time and kill rap music.

    One thing is for sure: no one who grew up in Detroit in the 1970s had any question about what race they were, what the order of races was, or that races were different and seperate for a reason. These were givens that both white and black understood and lived by. The elimination of all these givens has contributed to many social problems in my life, but when people are living in close proximity it is unrealistic to expect barriers like that to hold. Look at South Africa. (It might be better for them to hold, but they won’t, in my opinion).

    This is what I saw growing up. I hope this helps you in your quest, Trainspotter. Hopefully my WN comrades will forgive me my mistakes as a youth. (I was, after all, educated by liberal Jews. I have come further to post this than anyone on this board, I would guess.)

  26. Trainspotter,

    “Is America really, at the base of it, anti-white? Does it HAVE to be, in the sense of it being inherent or inevitable, as opposed to mere error or aberration? Or, to be blunt, Jewish takeover?”

    It’s tempting when things have gone so badly wrong to look back at your own culture and pick holes in it. As someone originally from the left i’d gradually started to accept the seemingly general view of the “radical right” that one or more of of Protestantism, Enlightenment, democracy, egalitarianism, (original) liberalism or whatever else had provided the great flaw in western culture. jews use those arguments to blame us for our own predicament, some rightists do the same, others pick a flaw then say it was the pathway that allowed the jews in to do their work.

    I’m beginning to think the opposite now – our weaknesses are welded to our strengths and we have to accept the whole package. As described in, i think Deutoronomy, 2,500 years ago the jews first dreamed their dream of destroying all the other nations on earth and ruling over the remains as the master race. They’re closer to their dream now than they’ve ever been but they’re close to it for two reasons.

    Firstly the relative openess and freedom of America allowed them to burrow into and replace the previous elite (or maybe it didn’t as jews have done this before in many times and places.) But the second big reason they’re closer to their desert-nazi wet dream than ever before is white people created mass communications and white people created mass transportation and white people created blah blah. The reasons jews are close is due to America being the richest and most powerful country on the planet and at least some of the reasons it’s the richest and most powerful country are the same reasons that have caused the problems – in particular freedom.

    Also, people say the problem is liberalism but it isn’t. The problem is called liberalism and the people creating the problem call themselves liberals but they’re not. Left-liberalism isn’t non-discrimination it’s anti-white racial hatred and anti-Christian bigotry. They don’t care about blacks getting ethnically cleansed from California because it can’t be used to attack white people. They don’t care about hispanics being homophobic because it can’t be used to attack white people. They don’t care about muslims being sexist because it can’t be used to attack white people. The whole thing is just jewish racism with a little sticker on it called “liberalism.” They only get away with this giant con-trick because they control the media.

    Also although original liberalism does contain all the seeds of the things the desert-nazis use in their marketing, original liberalism *also* requires the primacy of reason, truth and science and the jewish supremacist ideology that calls itself liberalism couldn’t survive more than six months if it couldn’t suppress reason, truth and science. The whole immigration debate absolutely requires media suppression of the truth. Everything to do with the true bloody consequences of diversity have to be suppressed. All the scientific research into HBD, social capital, ethnic interests and automatic conflict has to be suppressed.

    In short left-liberalism isn’t liberalism. It’s a broken and twisted form of it designed as a weapon.

  27. Let’s face it, America is not salvageable. There’s something fundamental about Anglo-Saxons and their societies that lead them to fall into the kikes’ hands like ripe fruit. The Russians and Germans both have long histories of resisting kikes. British faggots always serve the kike with a fervor.

  28. when people are living in close proximity it is unrealistic to expect barriers like that to hold. Look at South Africa. (It might be better for them to hold, but they won’t, in my opinion).

    This is why racial preservation requires geographic separation. When different races live together, intermixture is unavoidable. Racial destruction is the inevitable consequence of a multiracial environment.

    A depressingly large percentage of “white nationalists” appear to either not understand the fact that racial preservation requires separation or not appreciate the importance of this fact.

    Hopefully my WN comrades will forgive me my mistakes as a youth. (I was, after all, educated by liberal Jews. I have come further to post this than anyone on this board, I would guess.)

    How far have you really come? You oppose racial separation (and hence racial preservation) because you think it is not “realistic.”

  29. Most of those who vilify “Anglos” and “WASPs” are of Southern European, Eastern European, or German descent. They are disproportionately Catholic and Orthodox. They disparage “WASPs” (i.e. Americans) with extreme vitriol but become hysterical when a “WASP” (i.e. American) points out that their hostile presence has been detrimental to Americans. Their anti-Americanism is ethnic aggression.

    the actual America

    The actual America consists of the descendants of the founding stock and the Northern European elements which have assimilated into this stock.

  30. @Trainspotter,

    “What were racial attitudes like in your youth, particularly those of other children your age?”

    I grew up in an all-white blue-collar area that gradually turned black. I’d say about 15% of people had instinctive and very hostile attitudes to blacks on a very basic level. They didn’t seem to need a rationale for it and seemed to feel it was obvious. For the rest it was suspicious more than hostile. The hostile ones tried to police to gap but not very successfully without any institutional back-up. While whites were a large majority there were mixed gangs with one or two black kids. As the balance shifted it became more segregated.

    The blacks were substantially more cohesive and aggressive as a group than the whites (apart from the 15%). It was pretty much the opposite -85% of them were like our 15%. Black kids you’d been friends with would attack you with no compunction if they were with a group and the group attacked. Once they were the majority of young men then it became pretty much completely tribal apart from a very few white kids who effectively became black.

    Originally the black men would only get the least attractive white girls apart maybe from a few who had some specific bad history maybe. Once they became a majority of the young males in a particular area the general level of violence cranked up massively as they sought to dominate the terriotory. Once that happened the girls accepted the reality of the situation.

    Attitudes began to shift later as people gained more experience and there began to be much more widespread but reasoned hostility among the originally less racial 85% but at the same time the media-inspired multicult had grown to counter it.

    “In effect, my childhood experience taught me that normal white people, when not assaulted and undermined by a hostile government, default to racial sanity.”

    I don’t think that’s entirely true. We had no previous experience of blacks and we weren’t prepared for what happened and we needed some kind of external protection from our own lack of racialism – people were “racist” in terms of the language they used but not really “racial” in terms of thinking that there needed to be rules based on it. When we were the majority we could have done to them what they eventually did to us when they became the majority but only about 15% of us wanted to.

    I think white people who are part of the 15% are different and i think people who have had a long experience living alongside non-whites have learned to be different but otherwise no.

    My guess is that’s been one of the big problems for WN from the beginning. I think the 85% need to be reached rationally and morally (or something)rather than at a gut level as gut-level racialism puts them off.

  31. MGLS,

    I question whether the JFWE can be obtained, particularly in South Carolina and other Southern states with millions and millions of blacks there, for many generations.

    I look at where we are as a people, and look at the goal, and yes I wonder if it’s realistic. It is really a question of tactics, not goals. Enlarging and protecting the places we are already strongest seems like a better beginning. Western Cultural Preservation, one of the two goals of this forum, does require racial preservation, which in turn requires some level of separation. At the same time it’s probably true that separation requires a stronger Western Culture than the one we have now.

    My choice is to focus on the culture first, and I believe the other parts will follow. I accept that others will have a different focus to their efforts. I’ve tried to get my ideas across but obviously done a poor job as you still see me as someone opposed to your vision.

    Why don’t you take a shot at answering Trainspotter’s question?

  32. “the cultural/political heritage of Prussia’s soldier-state grew out of the tradition bequeathed by the medieval knight, Pietism, and ethical socialism, while the market-based Anglo-American world was founded on principles associated with the Vikings, Calvinism, and individualism.”

    The Great Elector and his heirs were themselves Calvinist, and they promoted Pietism because of its close resemblance to Calvinism.

  33. It should be added that Spengler’s concept of “Prussianism” took great liberties with historical facts and ideas, and often was critisized as such.

  34. “I think white people who are part of the 15% are different and i think people who have had a long experience living alongside non-whites have learned to be different but otherwise no.”

    Yes one could hypothesize that ethnocentrism in general is contolled by a variable suit of genetic traits. Those tending for, at one end of this bell curve would fall the hyper-ethnocentric.

    Pretty sure I fall in that group. Have always felt that miscegenation is wrong and have lost many friends who became Race Traitors and bedded down with mestizos or east Asians. YUCK! Couldn’t they have found someone within our own Race? Seriously as a male I don’t think I could ‘perform’ with someone of a different Race (sorry if that is ‘too much information’ 😉 )

    And what is this strange allure about ‘exoticness’ within miscegenation?

    Heck my idea of ‘exotic’ is mediterranean women (sorry Nordicists!)

  35. Spartanboi,

    “Those tending for, at one end of this bell curve would fall the hyper-ethnocentric.”

    Yes. I’ve come from the opposite direction after seeing diversity as a slaughter house for white people.

  36. I want to sincerely thank H. Rock White, Dermot Walsh, SpartanBoi77, Jackson, and Wandrin for their stories. I really appreciate your taking the time.

    It’s given me a lot to think about, and I’ll have more to say later. Unfortunately, I’m going to have limited time to post for the next couple of days, but I’ll probably add some thoughts to this thread over the weekend, sooner if I can. I’ll read everything over again (it’s worth it), and see if any new replies have been added.

    Despite the seriousness of the subject, you guys managed to bring out some great memories of those strange times of yesteryear (Huggy Bear lol). How could I have ever forgotten “smear the queer?” We used to play that all the time, but it had completely slipped my mind! I’ll have to ask my nephews if they’ve even heard of it. I doubt very much that they have.

    SpartanBoi77, you are right about the scene from 16 Candles. It really does capture the spirit of the times. Actually, I almost mentioned it in my original post, glad that you saw fit to. Perfect fit.

    A special thanks to Jackson. Really superb, honest, insightful writing. You read something like that, and compare it to the empty shilling that passes for writing in the mainstream media…well, I’ll just leave it at that.

    Wandrin, I agree that some institutional support is needed, and I’ll probably have a few questions about your experiences.

    Thanks again, and this thread really goes to show that OD can attract the best writers/commenters on the web.

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