Colonizing Reddit

WN Reddit

I’ve created a beachhead for White Nationalists on Reddit. It can be used to round up the best links from around the web. The articles and blog entries can then be voted up or down in a central location. From /r/White Nationalism, White Nationalists can fan out and participate in the larger site.

This new sub-reddit will need readers. If you haven’t already done so, sign up up a Reddit account and add our sub-reddit to your frontpage. This shouldn’t take more than two minutes.

Be a good little hasbara and join the growing ranks of infiltrators working to make Reddit a more hospitable place for White Nationalism.

This isn’t a mere trolling expedition. It is a long term project of systematically injecting our memes into the discourse of our enemies.

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  1. “The Jewish Lesbians running Conde Nast are *far, far* smarter than the White guys running OD.”

    They need to be. Just think what they’re trying to sell.

    — the multicult condemns genocide as the ultimate crime while at the same time actively engineering the immigration-genocide of the entire white population of the planet

    — the multicult claims moral authority partly through their role as the priesthood of the holocult while at the same time covering up the Bolshevik holocaust and the jewish responsibilty for it

    if the Germans are still sending submarines to Israel as reparations for collective guilt why aren’t the jews paying reparations to Russia and Eastern Europe? Why aren’t they paying reparations to the Ukraine for starving six million Ukrainians to death?

    — the multicult would start to crumble within six weeks if the mass media ever started telling the truth about the diversity-slaughterhouse and the torrent of anti-white race hate attacks there are all over the western world every single day

    — the multicult’s “anti-racism” is just racial hatred of white people in disguise. it is directed solely at white people and non-white racism, especially jewish racism, is ignored.

    — disparate impact is only ever used to attack white people

    — homophobia is only ever used to attack white people

    — sexism is only ever used to attack white people

    — the list of double standards goes on endlessly

    You need a lot of brains to keep all those complicated and blatant lies going.

    Whereas any fool can tell the truth.

  2. Good call!

    Whilst I don’t think voting up or down things will make that much a difference putting up new content with a White Nationalist view-point is very worth-while.

    ““Every Aryan should become computer literate, become connected to the Internet, and learn how to use it to spread our truth and awaken our race. Internet proficiency is as important to our cause as was learning to use a sword in the Middle Ages, or a long rifle in the American Revolution.” — David Duke

  3. Look guys, here’s something all WN’s can do. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, you are not going to be “outed,” there are no risks, it spreads the message. So let’s all pull in one direction here (for once).

  4. I’m glad to see someone doing this. Digg is about to come out with an all newly revamped site that allows for more “social” aspects. It’ certainly looks interesting, though it could mean that stories of interest will tend to float around in cliques of people instead of being pushed to a larger audience like you’re trying to do with reddit.
    I haven’t really used either of the services before, but I think someone should take the lead in detailing practical ways for WN/HBD/etc. folks can use these services not only to find quality content themselves, but to help strengthen their “weight” in the world of search and discovery.

  5. The only bad thing is that it can be hard to get to and hard to figure out how reddit works. Like if I type “whitenationalism” into the reddit search I get a full page of teeth whitening crap.

  6. tweetmeme could have potential, since a lot more people have existing account than they would have reddit.

    Tweetmeme puts the top five stories on the side based on how many tweets it got in the past hour. I have actually seen Michelle Malkin’s website on the top five repeatedly. Usually with much less overall “tweets” than the other stories too.

    She must have a loyal following who get e-mails whenever she writes something new, and has a big chunk of people who immediately tweet each new piece.

  7. Like Kyle I’m a little baffled by Reddit. I’d like to help but I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall here. Could someone put together a little primer for the rest of us? I have an account and that’s about all I’ve managed.

  8. Reddit’s search box is beyond useless – I don’t recommend it.

    If you have your account already, just go here:

    Then up-vote all of the stories that you see (click the up arrows next to each story – they should turn orange). You can optionally leave comments (there is a comments link under each story); you can leave a comment, reply to other comments, and up/down vote existing comments (in the same way you up or downvote stories).

  9. Just signed up myself, and simply followed the link and recommendations provided by Donald. Took all of two minutes! Plenty of time to learn the more intricate details later….

  10. Basically it’s a link sharing site.

    After you create an account, you click ‘submit a link’ off to the right, then you fill in your title line, paste in the link, then in the ‘reddit’ field you select the category such as ‘politics’ or whatever.

    You can also go to certain users such as and click the ‘up’ arrow on each think the user posts to vote up that user’s posts.

  11. If you want a bunch of guys to UP our stories on Reddit then make a post at Stormfront making a request to do so.

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