A Hostile Environment

First, I would like to break from the topic real quick and express my respect for our military veterans. We’re standing in the middle of the largest memorial outside of the nation’s capitol to the men and women who gave everything so that we can enjoy everything we have.

Picketing along Meridian St
Picketing along Meridian St

Thank you all for coming here to join me in defending Officer Jerry Piland.

You decided to stand with Hoosier Nation against the Indianapolis Star and the local media who have been sensationalizing and distorting this incident to advance their liberal anti-American, anti-White agenda. You decided to stand with Hoosier Nation against the politicians, on BOTH sides of the aisle, who lack the courage and sense of civic duty to stand behind a REAL public servant. You decided to stand with Hoosier Nation against a growing sense of apathy and frustration with the political process.

It’s frustrating, and it’s tempting to give up. But to give up is to give up on the men and women we put into harm’s way to keep our neighborhoods safe. We, the people, ask our officers to walk into these hostile environments every day. These are neighborhoods where violent crimes happen at several times the statewide average; neighborhoods where the youth are taught from childhood to distrust and disrespect our police officers; neighborhoods where children who shout profanities at police officers and physically attack them are upheld as martyrs by the pastors and community leaders who are guilty of creating the hostile environment in the first place.

Three White Advocates
Three White Advocates

Indianapolis’s Black community is suffering from an epidemic of fatherless children, media that promote death, thugs bound for prison cells and graveyards, disease, and illiteracy. The officers who were involved in Al Sharpton’s “police brutality” incident were responding to a burglary. A hostile crowd encircled them, and this burglar’s older brother, the “victim of police brutality” attempted to incite a riot. Al Sharpton and the local media are eager to show you the pictures of the bruises he got while resisting arrest, but there’s a bigger picture, one they aren’t going to show you.

The bigger picture is that Indianapolis’s Black community is bending underneath the weight of the spiritual and moral bankruptcy that manifests itself in the very leadership of the church leaders who are gathered together tonight in sanctimonious outrage. They’re outraged that Chief Ciesielski only offered up one sacrifice, Jerry Piland, in his cowardly attempt to silence their drumbeat of self-righteous indignation.

Officer Piland did what he was trained to do, as did the other four officers. Their response was measured and appropriate, especially considering the hostile environment. And when I call it a hostile environment, I’m not just talking about the angry mob surrounding the officers, I’m talking about the whole system. I’m talking about the entire country.

Sharpton is a Racist Thug
Sharpton is a Racist Thug

We live in a country where White Americans, especially White American public servants, are always in a hostile environment. We live in a country where our Black president recently denounced a White police officer as “stupid” for arresting his disorderly Black friend. We live in a country where his wife’s love of her country is conditional, but she wears her Black Pride on her sleeve. You can ask her about it tomorrow – she’ll be a featured speaker at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s annual Conference.

Some of you may have seen the banner on your way to the event, that one announcing that we’re in the middle of the Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration. You may have seen their logo showing the State of Indiana with Africa in the middle of it. They’re celebrating forty years of culture, heritage and community. Now, I actually support the Black Expo, and I admire the many Black men in Indianapolis who work to uplift and advocate for their community. We should all be proud of our own culture, heritage, and community – even White Americans.

Sharpton Fake-n-Hate
Sharpton Fake-n-Hate

But what’s not acceptable is this hostile environment. It’s an environment where Indianapolis’s representative in congress, a Black Muslim, accuses the tea party protesters of being White Supremacists and terrorists. It’s an environment where the IMPD is being investigated by the federal government for potential civil rights abuses based on the media’s distortion of a non-event but where Black Attorney General Eric Holder deliberately turns a blind eye to Black Panther thugs menacing White people away from voting booths with clubs.

Department of Justice Attorney J. Christian Adams recently quit in protest, testifying that (and I quote…)

“I was told by Voting Section management that cases are not going to be brought against Black defendants for the benefit of White victims. That if somebody wanted to bring these cases, it was up to the US Attorney but the Civil Rights Division wasn’t going to be bringing it.”

He was told to drop the charges against the Black Panthers because the victims were White and the perpetrators were Black. That’s the Obama administration’s “Change”. You wouldn’t have known about that if you read the Indianapolis Star, because they don’t want you to know it. They’re still outraged that a private restaurant had separate Black and White water fountains half a century ago, but blunt and direct institutional discrimination against White Americans isn’t fit to print. Your Indianapolis Star supports Affirmative Action discrimination against you. It supports “free trade” to send your job overseas and “open borders” to flood our cities with cheap labor. They can’t name a single issue where they stand on our side. These controlled media outlets helped create the hostile environment surrounding our officers.

Protecting us from Unicyclists
Protecting us from Unicyclists

But what can we do about it? Eric Holder is right about one thing. We’re a nation of cowards. I’m impressed that so many of you do have the courage to stand up for what’s right. But there should be ten times this many people out here. We’ve got to stop being afraid of being labeled and insulted by our enemies. We owe it to men like Officer Piland who put their lives on the line for us to put our reputations on the line for them.

If you’re not registered to vote, register. We have registration forms right over here that one of our lovely assistants will help you fill out. Then vote. But don’t just vote, open a line of communication with your representatives. Please call your state representative tomorrow and ask him why he hasn’t spoken out publicly in support of our law enforcement officers.

Drop your subscription to the Indianapolis Star. Boycott businesses that support it with advertisements. Make a donation to the Fraternal Order of Police to directly assist the officers caught in the middle of this multicultural witch hunt. If you would like to help Hoosier Nation continue the important work of being your most passionate and effective advocates, donate directly either today or at our website.

If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we’re about, you can read our book, Hoosier Nation, in its entirety, on the website. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a copy over at the table. We also encourage you to pick up a copy of our Citizens Informer newsletter and to sign our petition against illegal immigration. I’m sure many of you wish Indiana had an Arizona-style law on the books, but this Republican Party of Mitch Daniels and Dick Lugar is too deeply in the pockets of big business to prioritize anything that actually matters to ordinary Hoosiers.

Thank you for joining us this evening for this important work. Thank you, Indianapolis Metro Police Department, for ensuring our safety here today and every other day. I’m now going to turn the microphone over to Ed Glasgow, Assistant Pastor at the Abundant Life Fellowship Church, who has a thing or two to say about the “reverend” Al Sharpton.


  • Some of the “painful truths” about the dysfunctional nature of Indy’s Black community were paraphrased from a Letter to the Editor in the Indianapolis Star from a very thoughtful local Black man named Jonathan T. Thomas. Every community, including our own, could use this kind of constructive criticism.
  • I know there must be such a thing as too much parallelism in a speech. But I just can’t get enough of it. I don’t want to end up sounding like Dr. Seuss.
  • Having a line-out from the speaker to the camera provided infinitely better sound, especially considering the loud urban setting.
  • I probably shouldn’t rest my free hand on my hip like that.
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  1. Wow! A most respectable presentation and speech. A fine example of

    how to do it right.

    I hope Ed Glasgow wasted Sharpton.

  2. Congratulations Matt, on an excellent job of White community organizing! Your strategy and tactics are very appropriate, and in sync with the essence of Anglo-American political culture and the temper of the times. It’s always wise to empathize with disabused and media scapegoated policemen, as they are the front-line forces that most Whites can relate to.

  3. Good job Matt.

    I think you are a good public speaker – and I like your “look”. I think regular White folks in Indiana – the Hoosier nation will identify with you.

    I think I have some ideas for marketing you and your Hoosier Nation to White folks in Indiana.

    Can you give me an e-mail address to write to you or skype account to call?

    Again, a very good, solid job.


  4. Great job, Matt! As always, you are one of the very few Americans that is not afraid to talk about race. You were to the point, civil, and diplomatic in your approach. But, as you even said, the number of supporters there with you tells a far more darker side of what really ails white Americans.

  5. I appreciate your effort, but as soon as someone starts thanking veterans I shut down inside. If our military “paid for our freedom” why do most of us feel so enslaved? Also, military worship leads to people joining the military and fighting for the NWO instead of having real courage like yourself, Matt, and fighting for what they actually believe in.

    I understand your strategy of making sure you lace your work with all kinds of PC nonsense (like thanking veterans and believing in the Holocaust – and of course both of those memes serving nearly the same purpose in the hobbling of the Western Mind) so that you appeal to a wide audience, but at a certain point you have to agree that most even mildly discerning whites are just going to say “oh, more of the same” and move along.

    But ultimately, I guess when I get out and do a speech in a town somewhere and lace it with all kinds of unpleasant racial facts and post it on the internet I might have some standing to criticize. But I’m not too old or bitter to say the act stands on its own merits, and impresses.

  6. Congratulations, Matt.

    We could talk all day about where to place your free hand, but nuances like that can inspire others to realize that they don’t have to look like sports heroes or movie stars to make a meaningful contribution.

    All it takes are guts and sincerity, and you showed both in spades.

  7. Matt,

    Have you ever considered collaborating with groups like the NAACP or La Raza on some projects in order to help mainstream and legitimize in the public perception the concept of Euro-centric advocacy?

  8. The whole entirety of America’s black community is “bending underneath the weight of the spiritual and moral bankruptcy”. They preach one thing but the majority live and act another way. They scream their victims of injustice but than create an environment of in-justness against other people.

    These so-called black preachers don’t know a single passage in the Bible that they could understand.

    They aren’t Christians, they just cloak themselves under Christian garb and Christian values, but they don’t follow or act as Christians. One day their in church praising Jesus the next day their on the street prostituting, listening to the most violent music, dressed in the most un-Christian way, living a life of drugs, crime, evil and hate.

  9. Randy Garver says:
    July 12, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    >Have you ever considered collaborating with groups like the NAACP or La Raza on >some projects in order to help mainstream and legitimize in the public perception the >concept of Euro-centric advocacy?

    Randy please tell me that this was done in jest or else you were very drunk or had done 7 or 8 bong hits before making this suggestion.


  10. Not at all in jest.

    WN would seem to have a public perception problem in the broader community.

    I would estimate that most white people hear “white nationalism” and immediately think of neo-nazi skinhead-types who make public spectacles of themselves, rather than as an advocacy group that desires the same legitimacy as any other ethnic advocacy group. I know that I initially had that impression, and from the preponderance of other Reddit responses, it’s apparent that many others do as well.

    Why not reclaim the narrative? If your goal is to reach and reach out to a broader audience than these self-selected grouphug internet echo chambers, it would seem advantageous to first de-legitimize the existing media de-legitimization.

    Maybe you join some toothless community relations committee. Get a toehold. Build rapport with your counterparts in the organizations I mentioned and others. If they can argue for legitimacy and acquire it, then you can have it do. Go sun-tzu on your greatest liabilities.

  11. Randy says we should strive to be “an advocacy group that desires the same legitimacy as any other ethnic advocacy group.”

    I disagree. It’s our country. Westernism, not whiteism will win it back. If we merely get an ethnic slot like everyone else, they win. We lose. We want the rules of the game back, not simply a piece on the board.

    Sure, you may say that getting a slot is a step in the right direction. I disagree. As soon as we’re slotted, we’re done. Everyone subconciously knows they’re fighting Western rules. If we settle for getting slotted at this point we’ve taken about 6000 steps backwards.

  12. Matt. Have you thought about a local tv/public access Hoosier Nation show for news/commentary/advocacy?

    This softened, pro-american, style of explicitly white advocacy is definitely getting some things right as a message with greater appeal to midwestern conservative whites.

  13. “As soon as we’re slotted, we’re done.”

    I don’t think so. When we’re “slotted”, it may be an indication that we’ve crossed a threshold into a world where our explicit racial identity is legitimized.

    George Lincoln Rockwell employed this strategy in the early ’60s, and reached the largest audiences of his career by collaborating with Eijah Mohammed and the Nation of Islam. I think he may have been ahead of his time.

    In any case, I can’t see where attempting such a strategy would imperil what we are otherwise doing. Even if our bids for co-operation were rejected, the publicity generated would be helpful.

  14. Getting back to what I said earlier about George Lincoln Rockwell. I tried a variation of his strategy myself. It was a complete failure, but I’m not sure it couldn’t work in certain circumstances. It was at least entertaining and educational.

    I actually converted to Islam in an attempt to exploit what I suspected would be the congregation’s anti-Zionist sentiments. Not long after my conversion, I publicly invited the entire congregation to attend a lecture was giving about National Socialist Movement. I wanted a sizable contingent of Islamists to “diversify” the Antifa crowd I knew would be in attendance.

    Unfortunately, this took place in mid-December, and most of the congregation, (international students), was out of town for the semester break. In any case, no one from the mosque attended. The media coverage in the months after that event got so out of hand that I felt uncomfortable going back to the mosque. So now, in addition to my other PR problems, I’m also considered an “infidel”. Goddamnit!

  15. I appreciate all the kind and supportive comments.

    I think I get Spooky’s criticism. First off, I really do hold these Franciscan/Buchananite/faileocon beliefs. I’m not dissimulating. I really do get all choked up when I think about the sacrifices our veterans have made, even if I fiercely object to the wars. I attend the peace rallies, and am an outspoken opponent of both the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. It would have been a distraction from the topic, I believe, to inject that into the speech, but I’ve been very public and outspoken about that in the past.


    I think he has a valid criticism in theory, but that it misses the mark in this particular circumstance. It is futile to play the game by the enemy’s rules. And I can see how he would see my being a “community organizer” who is an “advocate” for “my people” as an attempt to jump into the multicult game. The twist is that being an advocate for “White Americans” is against the rules. It’s against the taboo. It trips the “crimestop” alarm. It gets me a flag on the Hate Map and a hit piece from Red Jeffrey.

    I think a good example of playing by their rules is in having “Celtic Pride” or celebrating your “Italian Heritage” and such. I mirror Spooky’s thoughts when I see Whites drinking themselves retarded on St. Patrick’s Day. Limiting your identity to parochial and obsolete Old World origins is encouraged and accepting by the enemies – because it’s in their interests for us to divide against ourselves rather than unite.

    When White folks need advocates, we’re there – especially when nobody else is. All of the falconry and cryptkeeping in the world is completely useless if people who come to embrace their identities lack credible and competent advocates to turn to when they do so. When they realize that the Tea Party phenomenon is built on a sandy foundation of libertarian bullshit, we’ll be their advocates. When they realize that the GOP is integrally opposed to their welfare, we’ll be their advocates. When they discover that their churches have become agents of the godless global multicult assault on them, we’ll be their advocates.

    We can’t presume to have a right to their allegiance if we can’t even demonstrate a basic credibility and competence with the very thing we presume to be – stewards. We have to demonstrate that we truly are what we say we are, which I believe will be difficult for many in the WN subculture. I believe that a large sub-section are falconers and cryptkeepers who lack the unconditional love for our White American countrymen to make lasting sacrifices on their behalf.

    I’m not getting all uppity and trying to guilt trip everybody who’s in a situation that precludes doing what I’m doing. That’s not my point at all. I’m defending my strategy, which is that of doing real work on behalf of our people until we’ve proven ourselves as their natural stewards. This can be done anonymously and even from your parent’s basement. I could use a few reliable keyboard commandos for some projects, actually.

    As for Randy’s thoughts about allegiances between the separate communities, I cautiously agree with him. I’ve been accused of being a “negrophile” for my supportive comments about Jamara Newell and his Afro-Traditionalist work. I do foster lines of communication around the mainstream media and with other community leaders. But it’s necessary and appropriate for our relationship to be at arm’s length. Our differing perspectives will invariably result in conflicting beliefs and goals.

  16. If I understand Spooky correctly, he’s saying that we don’t want a place at the table, because it’s OUR table, OUR house, and OUR menu. Everyone else is a guest and it’s time they got their snouts out of the refrigerator and left.

  17. Discard, yes, that’s what I mean.

    Matt, thanks for the response. When I read this: “I believe that a large sub-section are falconers and cryptkeepers who lack the unconditional love for our White American countrymen to make lasting sacrifices on their behalf.”

    Guilty as charged. Perhaps it’s something I need to learn. But I have no unconditional love for white people. I have unconditional love for Truth, and it so happens that whites appear to be the only ones who speak it and act from it. I want to be around them and be part of the cultures that they build, and be a white culture builder myself. But I have no unconditional love for white people. I feel kinship with them. But most of them drive me completely nuts.

  18. The fedora is a good look for you. Wear it right and be sure that you don’t give off the ironic-hipster-wearing-an-old-timey-respectable-hat vibe.

  19. The fedora works if it’s really your hat, not a piece of costumery that you put on for public appearances. Wear it just like anybody might wear a baseball hat, whenever you go out. Otherwise you’ll become self-conscious about it and it won’t fit, any more than a yarmulke would. Honestly worn, a fedora is an outward and visible sign of allegiance to the America that used to be, the White America that all the nostalgia-marketeers are trying to tap into.

    Unless, of course, you’re an Orthodox Jew.

  20. Excellent speech Matt. I’m glad you are pursuing the Americanism thread. Very savvy, if you can pull it off, and you do.

  21. The fedora truly is my hat. I’ve integrated it into my daily life. The original concept was exploiting its symbolism as an icon of what most White Americans consider to be our Golden Age. I think it’s important to explicitly reject modernity, to “not fit in”. I’m in it but not of it. I’ve got all the Sinatra hat-angling methods down. I follow all the appropriate protocol for doffing it. I take my hat way too seriously. 🙂

    Hat tip (literally) to Art of Manliness

  22. Building bridges with NAACP & La Raza sounds logical on the face of it, some invidviduals amongst them must be actual separatists. But like most non-white advocates in white countries, thats not what most of them want. In some confused, shambolic, counter intuitive, low-wattage way, they want the benefits of white society, without whites being in charge.

    The elites see a very similar future, but they see it more clearly. Its with whites as a sort of high technocratic/miltary slave caste. They will be allowed to prosper up to a point but must never seek to act ethnocentrically or have any political power in their own right. (a) Anywhere whites are a majority they are constantly reminded that (non-white) minorities must be represented politically. (b) Anywhere whites are a minority they can have no political power – see SA & Zimbabwe.

    The elites and their non-white pawns are all anxious to move us from situation (a) to situation (b) as fast as they can. One of the self-fulfilling effects of (a) is that whites are not allowed to intervene in the demographics that leads to (b), most obviously immigration.

    It seems unlikely that many of these pawns would see things from our side, after all they’ve got The Man on their side right now, why wreck a sweet deal?

  23. “It’s always wise to empathize with disabused and media scapegoated policemen, as they are the front-line forces that most Whites can relate to.”


  24. “Sorry, second correction: Are we not to honor at least the American soldiers from the 2 World Wars?”

    It depends on what, exactly, you are honoring.

    But how about this proposition: Are Southerners not to at least honor the Northern, Union soldiers of the Civil War? If not, why? If so, why?

  25. Dear Steve in the Swamps,
    I am willing to make allowances for those soldiers who defended settlers in the later Indian wars. They were not fighting to defend freedom, but they were defending their people.

  26. It’s not the task of an enlisted soldier to discern whether a war is politically appropriate. That’s the role of a nation’s elites.

    I’m assuming that Robert Reis was providing an ironic example of how to be an obsessive and unnecessarily offensive neoconfederate hobbyist. Be sure to throw in some hateful epithets to frighten away the morally sensitive and spice it up with some gamespeak garbage about how our women are a pack of whores.

  27. The Nuremberg Travesties proclaimed that obedience to orders is no excuse unless you can prove that the Americans, British, French or Russians committed the same crime. According to this precedent nothing that boys in American uniforms do can be a crime unless the public relations officers at the department of defense decide that punishing someone is good p.r.

    I was shocked, shocked, shocked to learn that Mr. Parrot owns some women.

  28. WWII, now? LOL!

    What next? The Spanish Inquisition!?

    I shouldn’t laugh too hard, it’s only a matter of time before an anti-Christian hobbyist, an anti-Catholic hobbyist, or an anti-Mediterranean hobbyist drags them into this….

  29. Matt, you might want to take down your email address, now. Pretty soon your whole contact list will receive Niggerian scam emails purporting to be from you, stuck in Niggeria without your passport or money, and begging for a loan to buy a ticket home.

    In future, rather post your address in the form “hoosierccc at gmail dot com”. The scammers trawl the net looking for standard format email addresses.

  30. Sorry, Matt, I need to report some bad Hoosier-related news.


    INDIANAPOLIS — A former Indianapolis police officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on duty was sentenced to time in community corrections and probation on Friday.

    Courtney Harris, 34, was originally charged with five felony counts in February after police said he followed a 26-year-old woman near 10th and Rural streets, grabbed her and took her to an area near an abandoned warehouse, where he had sex with her.

    The article fails to mention that Harris appears to be of African descent, but the link includes a video which is taking a long time to load on my machine. I may have a problem with my web browser.

    You may wish to view the video and confirm Harris’ appearance.

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