Criminals Are No Good

Take a simple good means good, bad means bad with a racial reality perspective

Here’s a suggestion for an activist strategy that targets regular White Americans – simple, positive good White folks who can’t understand all the complicated things associated with WW II revisionism, pre Christian neo Paganism, Neo Conservative intrigues, complicated economics and conspiracy theories.

Most of our White folks are simple, decent, good White folks – they don’t hate Black people or non Whites, but they do see lots of bad things associated with Blacks, non Whites.

So for them – we should present a simple, easy to understand program of seeing the American world year 2010 as divided between:

Bad and good.

We support the good, and recognize the bad – and in regard to Black African Americans – we see the “bad” and the “good”.

And “bad” does not mean “good”.

In this manner we will show some courage and honesty and step away from the cowards who refuse to face reality – we recognize the divisions in the Black African American community and we see the bad and the good.

It’s not complicated. Bad Black African American criminals are NO GOOD. We don’t make excuses for them, we do not deny the terrible things they do – we will step up and confront the bad and be firm and fair.

In tis manner, most White Americans will support us when we support good Black Americans – decent folks who live decent, positive, good lives. But for Black criminals – very, very bad folks.

Bad doesn’t mean good.

We will be firm and fair with bad Black criminals.

This is a program that will receive very strong support from regular White Americans.

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  1. This is why we need a nude negro law. Less concealed weapons equals less crime. Some blacks support this as they know it will save black lives. Mandatory public nudity for people of african descent. Its the only way.

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