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Reds vs. Blues

In the Wall Street Journal, William McGurn draws attention to the escalation of the Kulturkampf between the Reds and Blues in the United States. Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan was rebuked for describing the Soviet Union as the “evil empire,” but it is now commonplace for the political class to say far worse things about the plain people.

The mutual contempt between the Reds and Blues has been on prominent display for over a year now. In California, Judge Vaughn Walker concluded that opposition to gay marriage could only be motivated by bigotry. In Arizona, Judge Bolton gutted SB 1070 to protect illegal aliens from law enforcement.

Earlier this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed Obamacare protestors as an astroturf mob “carrying swastikas.” Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, described them as “evil mongers.” The Tea Party was accused of spitting on the Congressional Black Caucus and screaming racial slurs without evidence.

More recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said New Yorkers opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque should be “ashamed of themselves.” The NAACP accused the Tea Party of “racism.” Andrew Breitbart returned fire and the Shirley Sherrod scandal followed.

The Red vs. Blue paradigm explains many other stories that happened this year. The Hutaree militia story was blown utterly out of proportion to its actual significance because of Blue paranoia over a Red uprising. Similarly, the Journolist exposé confirmed the Red’s worst suspicions of Blue media bias.

Newsweek is selling for a dollar because Reds have deserted the newsmagazine. Michelle Obama is being ridiculed as a modern day Marie Antoinette over her recent lavish trip to Spain. Analogies to the French Revolution are now being made because of White America’s loss of faith in established institutions.

The Red backlash is the other side of the story: Scott Brown’s upset in Massachusetts, Missouri nullifying Obamacare, Arizona vs. Washington over immigration, Republican candidates like Nathan Deal challenging the federal government to “sue us too,” the rising tide of opposition to birthright citizenship, the anti-Mosque movement, etc.

The Blues are furious with the Reds for playing defense on “racism.” Reds are increasingly willing to hoist the banner of White victimization. This has been decried as a “50 state Southern strategy” and “Willie Hortonism” and “scaring White people” to gain political advantage.

In the 2008 election, the John McCain campaign downplayed the Rev. Wright story, but now Republicans eagerly hang the New Black Panthers around the neck of Democrats. John McCain himself has retreated from his former position on amnesty for illegal aliens.

The new aggressiveness of the Reds has the Blues pining for the good old days of the Bush administration which the New York Times calls “another eon of Republican politics.” George W. Bush was dedicated to building a multiracial coalition that included Hispanic voters. He called Islam a “religion of peace.”

Since that time, the Red uprising has forced Republican politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to fight for their survival. Republican Senators who voted for amnesty have been forced to retire, change their positions, switch parties, or have been defeated.

Heading into the 2010 elections, the Red uprising continues to reconfigure the political landscape. Conservatives and Independents have joined forces in a populist backlash against the status quo. There has a solidification in the White vote which the two parties have traditionally divided.

White America now has a greater sense of unity and consciousness of itself. It feels more like an outsider and has grown more assertive about airing its grievances. It remains to be seen whether this is a temporary aberration brought about by an economic downturn or a sign of a longer term adaptation to changing racial demographics.

Note: The term “Red” doesn’t refer to Whites in general. It refers to a specific class of White Americans, namely, the “Implicit Whites” who are content to quietly live their own lives, but who increasingly find themselves under attack by the “Blues,” or the political class, which of course includes most of the Jews.

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  1. It’s encouraging the racism card has finally lost enough power that many people are responding to it by talking about White victimization instead of simply wilting and lying down. If the other side can’t intimidate with the racist label, that might make this populist revolt successful where others have failed.

  2. Ugh, the Wall St. Journal makes me want to puke. Feigning sympathy for the common people while pushing for globalism and race replacement.

    The question is what will it take for people get past useless implicit whiteness. The Tea Party types are still operating in the frame work set by their enemies.

  3. Years ago I actually enjoyed reading the WSJ opinion page, so for some peculiar reason this year I took out an online WSJ subscription. I got bamboozled. Just looking at the faces of the columnists on the opinion page makes me want to puke, never mind what they have to say, which is worse. Peggy Noonan anyone? Vomit. On the subject of red versus blue, isn’t it funny how the left media labels the conservative part of the country red?

  4. These fault lines were always there, but they were suppressed by economic growth. Now the economic growth is gone, and the fault lines are deepening — society is quaking under our feet.

    You know what I’ve noticed very recently? Folks are talking about the fat pensions and fat salaries of government workers — teachers, police, firefighters, mayors and the like. Those are the last vestige of any middle class in this country! They may be parasitic tax eaters, but when they are no longer making fat money, no one will be. We’ll ALL be poor!

    It’s very interesting to watch.

  5. From email:

    The anti-white macaca Razib Khan is now blogging at Discover Magazine

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    From recent discussion at blog “race/history/evolution/ notes”

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    “Nope, not lying and definitely not paying for it. I plan on marrying any woman I damn well please. Maybe it’ll be one of your female relations, in which case you won’t do anything about it aside from whine on the internet.”

    “”Internet celebrity” has its benefits. It certainly pays more sexual dividends than what you’re relegated to: social invisibility in real life and anonymity on the internet.??But what are you going to do about it? What can you do about it, besides type away at your keyboard and whine like a little bitch? Nothing. Because you’re a pussy.”

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    “Since I get more and better quality white girls, including blondes, than you do, why would I have an “Omar Thornton moment”? If I ever do, it’ll be after an anonymous, cowardly, virginal pussy like you grows the balls to put your name and face out there.”

  6. Speaking of moving the goal posts for us, v-dare is using the phrase “anti-white” at least in their titles and headings. Jews have their pet phrase anti-semite and now us whites will be able to brush back every loopy left/respectable conservative initiative for our dispossesion with “that is anti-white, and you are anti-white.” Which sharpens our divide.

  7. Kievsky: I can corroborate your observations.

    I have a television but walk out of the room whenever the wife turns it on (which is seldom, since I have a smart wife). I stopped watching TV about 2 years ago and get my current event news exclusively online.

    She had Fox News on the other morning, I it had probably been 3 months since I last watched a monologue. It rhetoric and info coming at me absolutely stunned me. A picture of Charlie (The Harlem Don) Rangel looking passed out in a lawn-chair on the beach (code: lazy N.). Beck was rattling on about Obama Bolshevism and the failed policies (and terror) of the Soviet Union (code: Evil Empire – raises the hair of the neck of most whites over 38).

    It was right on the edge – the “neutral zone” between the Safe Implicit Whiteness of The United Federation of Planets vs. the Romulan Empire – Explicit Whiteness.

    I watched this morning and Mark (Mario?) Rubio, a (R) hispanic I presume, came very close to calling Harry Reid a bigot and anti-white: The code wording was anti-American, and “rich tradition” of this country.

    The shift is real and it is there…

    I was impressed with the subtle signs that the other side was ready to do hand-to-hand over control of the dialogue, using the same tools of “slight of hand” and nudging. There was no doubt who they were talking to.


  8. “isn’t it funny how the left media labels the conservative part of the country red?”


    SHOULD be, liberal states red (like Communist red, red-diaper babies, etc.) and the conservative states White (since we’re all implicitly or explicitly pro-White around here.)

  9. Kievsky: There’s a huge stink in the formerly White working class town of Bell, a suburb of Los Angeles, now a pueblo full of wetbacks. The part time city councilmen were all getting $100,000+, and the city manager, chief of police and the like were getting up to $600,000. They’re resigning right and left now, but keeping their huge pensions. Some of these high level public servants have been moving from job to job, collecting another big pension with each move. Reform (LOL) is in the air, as if the legislature didn’t know what’s going on, but maybe bankruptcy and inflation will solve the problem. Fat pensions, paid in dollars that won’t buy anything, just what they deserve.

  10. Dunno if having the designation “red” is a bad thing. A very honorable nation-folk once had a flag with a red background.

  11. Kievsky: Something else comes to mind. Almost all of the Black, and much of the Hispanic, “middle classes”, are on government payrolls. They will never recover from cutbacks, and they have no savings either. Economic collapse is kind of like chemotherapy: it’s a poison that does more damage to cancerous cells than healthy ones.

  12. I hate to broach the off-topic of WWII Germany, but since it was brought up I’ll mention an observation I had. In Hollywood movies about the war the Swastika flag flew everywhere, yet when I saw newsreel footage from Nazi Germany I noticed that the traditional Red, White, and Black tri-color of Bismark’s Germany was the predominant flag flying.

  13. Nightown: Off off topic, but thirty years ago, when renting storage spaces became common in SoCal, the biggest outfit was called Public Spaces (Private Storage). All of their locations featured a long line of flagpoles flying a red flag with a white rectangle and the letters PS in black block letters. Very Nuremburg.

  14. I think people around here are reading a lot of things into what other people are saying that the speakers themselves do not intend or agree with. Just because the left says that the Tea Party and white people in general are “racist” doesn’t make it so.

    Quite frankly, the “coded appeals” to race from the Republicans are weaker than what they were in the 70’s and 80’s. It has only picked up relative to the Bush years, when conservatives were feeling very smug that they were in control and pretty much ignored race entirely.

  15. Hunter Wallace: Some posters here criticize the notion that WN will get our chance when the economy collapses, saying that we’re waiting for pie-in-the-sky and so forth, but I don’t see an alternative. If most Whites are satisfied with the way things are going, if the Regime can keep the dollars flowing and goods in the shops, if crime remains something to read about rather than experience for most people, if the foreigners don’t upset too many people, why in the world would anyone but a nut join us? We might as well have called for revolt back in 1955. People with good prospects for the future under the status quo are not anxious for a real change of direction. And if the trends and policies we oppose are not destructive of healthy human nature, if life will improve under the current Rulers, then we are wrong.
    We don’t control anything, not Wall Street, not the government, not the Pentagon, not the major media, not the schools, not industry, nothing. We are no more than part of the nucleus of a social and political movement that is as yet unformed. The Tea Party is another, larger but less focused part of that nucleus. Our job now is to propagate our ideas, open more peoples’ eyes, and be ready to nudge them along when things are in flux. Radicalizing the Tea Party people is the best thing we can do right now. Badmouthing them for being insufficiently racially aware is foolishness. You can’t lead the masses if you openly despise the masses, as the Reds are slowly learning.

  16. “The alternative to the Tea Party is … what?”

    Some form of White Nationalism or something similar. You know that. The Tea Party is the same old scam. We’ve been through it before — repeatedly — and seen where it leads.

    You may not think the “movement” at this point is worth very much. It probably isn’t. But there are a lot more people involved, at least on the internet, than ever. A hell of a lot more. Our arguments have become much stronger as new scientific evidence about racial and sex differences have been gathered. We have a more sophisticated intellectual framework that incorporates Sociobiology and Evolutionary psychology, which are working there way into the mainstream. Many of the arguments that our enemies used to gain the upper hand have been discredited, both in academia and in the public consciousness. Finally, we have the growing nationalist movement in Europe, which is attracting a lot praise from people in this country who won’t yet associate with WN or the draw the obvious parallels. That cognitive dissonance can’t last forever.

    Most people don’t like the way America is changing. There is a massive amount of propaganda — from the media, schools, business, churches and government dedicated to suppressing white racial consciousness. It takes all that to stop people from behaving naturally. We have two important things on our side: the truth and nature.

  17. The chasm between right and left, red states and blue states seems to be growing by the week. This really amounts to a racial conflict between non-whites and their Jewish and white liberal enablers and working and middle class white people who are beginning to feel the sting of dispossession. The differences between the various camps are becoming irreconcilable and methinks this is a precursor to the breakup of the United States along racial lines and secondarily along political lines.

    The Tea Parties are having a positive effect so far but unless they become uncompromisingly pro-white their modest successes will be short lived. At present there’s a tug of war between the race doesn’t matter, nuke Iran Palinites and the race doesn’t matter, end the fed, bring back the gold standard Ron Paulites. True, most members are against illegal aliens and birthright citizenship but that’s where the common ground with white nationalism appears to end.

    I believe the elites will redouble their efforts to co-opt the Tea Party leadership and redirect its energies to endorsing pro-Israel foreign policy goals (bomb Iran) and to force it’s domestic platform more towards the center by an endless barrage of media assaults. Some self-styled tea party leaders have already cried uncle when called racist so don’t expect much fight when the shit storm finally hits. In essence they could become just a carbon copy of the aracial, neo-con dominated Republican party before it’s all said and done.

  18. It was right on the edge – the “neutral zone”

    I was just saying the same thing at Sailer’s blog a couple days ago. Rush and Beck sound a lot like ethnopatriots with the serial numbers filed off. Rush has been hammering the “ruling class” thing lately – when did that start? And he’s been really good at explaining what’s going on vis-a-vis the Republicans and the tea party, basically throwing the establishment Republicans to the wolves.

  19. If any of my fellow collapsatarians are being bummed out by the naysayers here then check out the SBPDL blog. Even if we turn on CNN for the latest plan from President Camacho’s administration to eradicate “racism” and promote equality we can still count on our fellow Americans of African persuasion for entertainment. Remember this little slice of demographic heaven is multiplying quite well and producing an average IQ of maybe 80 with socialization a combination of Nazi like race hate meets Mother May I.

  20. Svigor: “I was just saying the same thing at Sailer’s blog a couple days ago. Rush and Beck sound a lot like ethnopatriots with the serial numbers filed off. Rush has been hammering the “ruling class” thing lately – when did that start? And he’s been really good at explaining what’s going on vis-a-vis the Republicans and the tea party, basically throwing the establishment Republicans to the wolves.”

    John Doe comes across a million men dying of thirst. Each one of these men has $10 or so on them….. It doesn’t take many brain cells to figure out what these men need, nor does it take a business man much time to start selling what he believes this crowd will buy. The real question is whether or not John Doe would have offered these men what it is they needed if he didn’t feel that it was beneficial to him??? Another question would be whether or not these thirsty men would have anything to do with John Doe if they knew Mr. Doe was a major supporter of those that put them in this dire, thirsty situation??

    A desperate man might take what Mr. Doe was offering, even knowing full well what kind of a snake he was. A principled desperate man, on the other hand, would just take everything Mr. Doe had and divide it up among the others, publicly humiliate him, and curse him to a life of misery, thus saving any future men the fate of having to suffer because of him.

    The Moral: Most of the The Tea Party crowd are desperate reactionaries that will take any kind of support. Even support from people who were major establishment supporters and mouthpieces not that long ago.

  21. White Nationalism is a rhetorical alternative to the Tea Party in cyberspace. In the real world, where the decisions are made that affect our lives, White Nationalism is almost non-existent.

    Like the Tea Party, White Nationalists won’t act in the real world without a fig leaf of legitimacy. In this respect, there isn’t much difference between the two. The real difference is that the Tea Party takes advantage of the opportunities that do exist to push forward where it can.

  22. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc are entertainers and businessmen, period. I doubt they have a single genuine moral bone in their bodies. Politically, they’re corporatists /statists who happen to identify with the Republican side of the fallacious partisan dichotomy which they’ve helped to create and maintain.

    Their interests lie in promulgating the falsehood that the two main political parties differ significantly, and that the one side is more noble than the other. To the extent to which pro-white / pro-freedom interests are advanced, it’s likely either by accident, or bloodless cold-calculation pandering, enough to ignite a bit of hope in the breasts of those looking for it, but much too little to effect any significant change.

  23. Hunter- exactly.

    To the ‘collapsitarians’ : Ok, lets assume a collapse comes. Does this necessarily result in WN victory? Why?

    If a collapse is coming, how can we better influence its trajectory, and how can we position ourselves and our ideas to be victorious over other competing would-be authorities? That is my objection to collapse ‘fantasies’. That we will inevitably be on top when the dust settles.

  24. I don’t see hardrights and whites as “inevitably” winning the coming Civil War II. In fact, with most of the upper echelon military supporting the ZOG, the fight will be bloody difficult for a long time; it’s just that we, not the Jews and their hirelings, have a long tradition of organized violence….they, on the other hand, have a long tradition of wheedling, whining, and weaseling.

  25. Compassionate Fascist: I don’t see the military siding with the Darks and Jews against Whites. The flag officers may be partly selected for political reliability, but the military is not the machine so many imagine it to be. A general’s orders have to pass through brigade, battalion, company and platoon level before they get to a rifleman. They also have to pass through a number of clerical and communications people as well. The lower ranks are generally of the country class, not the political class, and a general could easily find himself outgunned by mutineers on his own staff should he give an outrageous order. No, the reason the Regime wants politically reliable generals is so they don’t attempt a coup, not so they will gun down whites. It’s purely a defensive tactic. Of course, the selection process has a lot of holes. Didn’t BHO just fire a general for his flagrant contempt of his Commander-in-Chief?

  26. Good points. Still, I expect trouble from a.) elite units, b) AT and F gestapo, and c.) Blackwater-type mercenaries. If we can survive their initial onslaught, we’ll win…though I haven’t a clue how long it’ll take.

  27. Compassionate Fascist: The Elite units are the Whitest of all, both biologically and culturally. They are meritocracies, and they know exactly which races lack merit. They go through basic training, then infantry school, then their tough guy survival training, then specialist schools, each training station being Whiter than the previous one. They won’t fight for Mexican imperialism or affirmative action. I don’t know that I’d worry about the mercenaries either, they’re White too, and I’ll bet they know the racial score, having worked in Third World cesspools.
    The ATF might be willing slaves of DC, but they’re not exactly heroes, are they? Pretty good at attacking cornered civilians, but they run when shot at.

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