The Ground Zero Mosque

The Ground Zero Mosque

The Ground Zero Mosque is without a doubt the most outrageous surrender to political correctness and multiculturalism that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

It is a 13-story monument to Islamic terrorism that will be built as a tribute to 9/11 victims on a national graveyard. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled to take place on September 11th. The Ground Zero Mosque will open its doors on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The audacity of these people and their calculated symbolism is breathtaking. I’ve never seen a bigger slap across the face of White America.

This represents a historical milestone in our collective national decline. It is one of those moments that White Americans will look back on in old age and vividly recall as a point when the downward spiral began to accelerate.

Before anyone points out the obvious, I don’t agree with everything that Pat Condell says above, especially twaddle about “Islamonazism” in the middle of the video. Islamic triumphalism isn’t the real issue. As everyone here knows, it is only a symptom of the larger problem.

In a healthy society, one ruled by a self confident elite, such a national insult would never be tolerated. Instead, Michael Bloomberg*, the Mayor of New York City, went on national television to accuse his critics of surrendering to terrorism.

Unfashionable Observations

1.) The Ground Zero Mosque exposes the true nature of multiculturalism and political correctness. White Americans are told they must police their language and walk on eggshells in order not to give offense to minority groups. As we recently saw with Mel Gibson, we live in a world where uttering an offensive racial slur in the privacy of your own home can end careers.

It is hard to imagine a more provocative and insensitive act designed to offend White America than building a monument to the 9/11 terrorists on Ground Zero.

The critical point to be made here is that liberals who insist on “diversity training” in the workplace and an elaborate code of racial etiquette designed to avoid giving offense to “people of color” do not hesitate for a second to defend the insensitivity of this calculated insult to the White majority.

2.) Lawrence Auster once made the acute observation that every time the “protected classes” misbehave, as Muslims did on 9/11, those Americans who are infected with multiculturalism and political correctness will redouble their efforts to make excuses for the atrocity and redirect their criticism at the victims.

3.) The fight over the Ground Zero Mosque must be seen in the proper historical context: as the latest clash between the Blues and Reds over the future of America.

The Blues are using the Ground Zero Mosque as an opportunity to flaunt their moral superiority and social status over the Reds. It is just another example of twisting their nose and waving the flag in front of the bull.

They are deploying all their usual insincere rhetoric about nativism, racism, xenophobia, hate, bigotry, and intolerance. The Blues preach inclusiveness and universalism, but only as a boundry marker, as a way to exclude and distinguish themselves from the Reds.

The Blues see themselves as towering above the Reds whom they consider their social inferiors. As their social inferiors, it is perfectly acceptable to show gross insensitivity, offense, and disrespect toward the Reds, which is why all the Blues are defending the Ground Zero Mosque.

Flying the Confederate Flag in South Carolina? That’s offensive to African-Americans. Haul it down.

Naming a building at the University of Texas after a Klansman? That’s insensitive to African-Americans. Rename the building.

Indulging Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday? That’s insensitive to African-Americans. Trent Lott must resign.

Building the Ground Zero Mosque at the World Trade Center site and opening it up on the tenth anniversary of 9/11? That’s offensive to White Americans. Proceed.

Spit in their face.


I’ve spent a lot of time lately writing about how White America is stirring and waking up from its slumber. The alarm clock is going off after forty years of multiculturalism and political correctness. In the previous thread, I pointed to recent polls which show a collapse in the legitimacy of major institutions.

The budding anti-mosque movement is another side of the same coin. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for the Reds to protest mosques in the name of the “Real America.”

Granted, this is retarded and kosher, and misses the real enemy by miles, but there is a larger significant point being made here which is not lost on our enemies: a cultural identity is being asserted and another identity is being declared incompatible with that identity.

The message being sent is that America is more than “freedom of religion” and “property rights.” It is not a mere geographic space where anyone can do business and no one cares who will live here a hundred years from now.

Like black criminals and illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists are highly visible soft targets. They are the thin edge of the wedge or the tip of the iceberg which can lead to a greater understanding of more important issues, namely, the impending demise of White America and the tyranny that will be established over our descendants.

The Ground Zero Mosque is stirring a polarizing debate over American identity. A blunder of this magnitude shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste.

* Michael Bloomberg is a Jew.

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  1. @ Hunter

    Bingo. Lot of these really radical White Nationalist types could not name both their parents, or their grandparents, let alone their great grandparents. LOL. Keep in mind most children today are raised in single parent homes. How do they even know they themselves are White—take most White nationalist blowhardism with a grain of salt. LOL.

  2. Thanks Hunter for being…


    and considering how regular White Americans think in the here and now year 2010.

    I am 100% sure in saying that 9/11 is THE BEST propaganda issue for us. It’s not complicated, regular White folks get it.

    Ugly, nasty, hateful, racially alien Ayrab and other NW Muslims are let in to our country on lax immigration laws, tourist visas and proceed to mass murder 3,000 people in our country The 300 martyred White Irish American fireman are clearly identifiable White heroes who showed extreme courage to give their lives trying to save our people from the terrible nasty NW invaders.

    So whenever I work for immigration control or do activism for our people and opponents scream “YOU’RE RACIST”, I always bring them back to 9/11. That horror wouldn’t have happened if we had just had common sense immigration controls – same as Japan, Switzerland. Only complete #*%&#* enemies, traitors or idiots (and I include 9/11 conspiracy mongering idiots here) support letting Al Qaeda terrorists to come in to America to mass murder our people.

    New York City Jew Mayor Bloomberg is showing himself to be an enemy, idiot here. So let’s just do simple education work to spread this truth to our people.


    We’re White Americans.

    Sane White Americans understand what happened on 9/11/01 – we need to make it a sacred holiday.

  3. When the “Fox” (Abe Foxman) starts preaching , look to your hens. The Zionists (ADL) are too leached to 9/11 like a lifeline just like the European holocaust. It causes me to question the motive. It causes me to wonder why it is so important for them to make sure the Muslims are our enemies. Must be a reason and not a kosher one at that.

  4. All Abraham did was say his sister-wife was his sister, without mentioning she was his wife as well.

    His motive wasn’t to “pimp her out”, but rather to avoid being killed by the Egyptians.

    Anyway, these posts of Pitts demonstrate the intellectually vapid nature of most modern American racialist discourse.

    It’s basically to Whites what dozens is to Blacks.

  5. @ Brutha Reggie

    People can read, and it’s obvious that Abraham pimped out his wife for…
    “sheep and cattle, male and female donkeys, menservants and maidservants, and camels.”

    Tell me Judasim & Islam were “not” founded by a Jewish pimp. LOL.

  6. @Jupiter: Not all people who question the official 9-11 conspiracy theory are crazy kooks Not by a long-shot. I am a builder by trade. I listened to the presentation by Architects and Engineers for 911. There are over 1000 professionals who have nothing to gain and a lot to lose by signing the statement calling for a new investigation. Buildings, esp. steel framed buildings do not fall in on themselves because of a jet-fuel fire. Especially Building 7, which wasn’t even hit.

    Also, there are seasoned combat pilots, retired military, retired intelligence agents, scholars and academics etc who do not accept the official conspiracy story. The official story doesn’t fit the facts, so there should be a renewed investigation. That’s it.

    I don’t know who did 9-11. I don’t believe the official conspiracy story. You have a very strong ‘ad hominem’ response to people who do not accept the official government conspiracy theory.

    I started out as a counter-jihadist and I remain one to this day. I look forward to the day when every single muslim, African etc is deported back to the desert/jungle. Semites are the enemy of European peoples.

  7. jack Ryan: “I am 100% sure in saying that 9/11 is THE BEST propaganda issue for us. It’s not complicated, regular White folks get it.”

    I am 100% sure that this propaganda angle has been ridden to death. Going on 9 years, and what exactly is it that regular White folks are supposed to be getting? Seriously, it must be pretty damn complicated for them, because in this 9 year span they gleefully elected a NeoCon puppet for a second term after he lied his way to war… They elected a black Marxist puppet as President after that… The “Tea Party” was successfully pried away from the Ron Paul crowd and put into the laps of the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck… There are still plenty of White people getting maimed and killed over fictitious WMDs… The border issue is only relevant NOW because, well gee, I don’t know, is it an election year?………..Yeah, these are the decrepit “regular White folks” that people believe are going to “get it” eventually.

    You don’t control popular opinion by being right or being as truthful as possible. Millions and millions of people now realize how corrupt and harmful our government is, but they don’t really “get it” to the point where they will ever make much of a difference. Millions of White people are robbed, raped, and killed every year because of rabid non-White violence; but somehow a mosque being built is going to finally convince them that racial politics is the way to go? Repeat that to yourself a few times and you might start to see the little bit of sad irony, because “regular White folks” in America are a comatose bunch of nitwits stuck somewhere between Monday Night Football and the drive-through line at McDonalds.

  8. I noticed this thread seems to have brought out the “cryptkeepers.” Those planes were flown into those buildings by Arab terrorists motivated by muslim aggression, whether or not the Mossad had learned of the plot or not and kept it secret because it wanted the fallout. Sept 11 had a massive impact on a lot of white men who had secretly suspected all these brown people showing up in our neighborhoods were a curse rather than a blessing. To this day I get a lot of angry chain emails from retired ex-military red state Americans bordering on the “let’s kill em’ all” “the only good arab is a dead arab” mindset. True they don’t understand the true source of our weakness is Jewish subversion of our culture and elite institutions. But if enough people they respect start telling them that (instead of cryptkeepers who want to ride alongside bin laden and hitler’s ghost on a crusade against Israel) they just might start listening. At the very basis of the anti-muslim fox news sentiment is a racial resentment. They say they are against illegal immigration “because of the law” but deep down I suspect they oppose it on racial grounds but just can’t come out and say it. For people who claim to have the jew methods “figured out,” cryptkeepers seem profoundly naive at taking everything people say at face value. When some politician does something good for us and bad for the mexicans, etc and claims “it’s not about race” cryptkeepers denounce “those phonies” almost as vociferously as the SPLC as if words are more important than deeds not considering that maybe people don’t always say what’s really on their mind for practical purposes. It seems maybe people should read more Machiavelli or “Rules for Radicals” and less “18 words from the Aryan polygamist compound in Idaho” if they want to know how to actually get anything done.

  9. Get real. It’s been ok for white conservatives to hate Muslims for ten years. It hasn’t led to more race realism or white racial consciousness. It has led to bankruptcy and wars for Israel.

    And 9/11 was almost ten years ago. How much longer can one milk this?

    All the people behind the Muslim hate are anti-racist Zionists. To hell with them.

  10. Genesis 12:10-20 (King James Version)

    10And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was grievous in the land.

    11And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Egypt, that he said unto Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon:

    12Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they shall say, This is his wife: and they will kill me, but they will save thee alive.

    13Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee.

    14And it came to pass, that, when Abram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair.

    15The princes also of Pharaoh saw her, and commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh’s house.

    16And he entreated Abram well for her sake: and he had sheep, and oxen, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels.

    17And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife.

    18And Pharaoh called Abram and said, What is this that thou hast done unto me? why didst thou not tell me that she was thy wife?

    19Why saidst thou, She is my sister? so I might have taken her to me to wife: now therefore behold thy wife, take her, and go thy way.

    20And Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him: and they sent him away, and his wife, and all that he had.

  11. Jesus certainly thought Abraham was a man of God, so if you’re going to reject Abraham you also have to reject Jesus.

    And I thought Tom Watson (LOL) was a Protestant, and Protestants supposedly believe in Jesus.

    But I guess what’s happening here is that decadent swine who don’t believe in any religious tradition are trying to trash Jews and Muslims for daring to subscribe to an ancient and time tested faith.

  12. It would be one thing for a Pagan to attack the Biblical Tradition, but to do what this Tom Watson person has done in terms of attacking both Pagans and the Biblical Tradition at the same time, doesn’t make any sense.

  13. Most Jewish organizations and politicians will support building of the mosque since doing so chips away at the European character of NYC and to a larger extent, America. Jews behave very differently in the diaspora than they do in Israel. Does anyone honestly believe if mayor Bloomberg became mayor of Tel Aviv (don’t laugh it could happen) he would allow a super mosque to be built on sacred Jewish land? Hell no. In fact, you would have screaming orthodox Jews brandishing uzi’s and AK-47’s at the proposed site threatening to kill all Muslims within 50 square miles. Yet they’re oh so tolerant and champions of religious freedom when it’s something that’s insulting and detrimental to white racial interests.

    This is similar to the Bosnian conflict whereby major Jewish organizations hypocritically supported the Muslim insurgency against the Christian Serbs yet react violently to Muslim upstarts in and around Israel. When radical Muslims commit violence against white Europeans and seize their territory it’s a good thing but becomes worthy of mass murder, regime change and nuclear war when Jews are on the receiving end.

    So again, Jews are foaming at the mouth racial nationalists in Israel but morph into super liberals and champion of human rights for non-whites in white gentile nations.

  14. I’ve found that the types of people who read Gates of Vienna are so narrow in their focus that when you try to engage with them outside of their chosen obsession, it doesn’t even register.

  15. Hunter,

    It’s totally your call – but I would strongly suggest that you give 9/11 conspiracy mongers the boot. If you don’t keep these kooks out, they will flood in and completely discredit your great forum with regular, sane Whites.

    I am old enough to remember the old Spotlight magazine – used to be a place where White Americans went when they realized the truth that the Buckley mainstream Conservative movement wasn’t doing anything and was worthless on live or die racial issues.

    The Spotlight had some decent programs – was populist, but had this other side where everything was a conspiracy, even really obvious bad programs by Jews, Zionists were somehow part of an even larger conspiracy that controlled “EVERYTHING”, the only folks who go in for these 24/7/365 conspiracy mongering Sci Fi explanations of 9/11, the Haitian earthquake (supposedly ray guns from OUTER SPACE) are total loners, you’ll never go anywhere with these types. They simply can not function in society and they will drive away positive, healthy sane Whites.

    Again, it’s your call.

  16. To Celestial Time:

    9/11/01 is a very easy to understand, straightforward propaganda issue for our side – American WN side.

    After all, we’re Americans Whites living in North America – to Palestinians living in Gaza – they have different perspectives, so do Black Rastafarians living in Jamaica – so don’t go wearing dreadlocks and trying to be a Black Rasta and don’t go the Rachel Corrie route either.

    We/You’re not an Arab Muslim!

    You’re WHITE. Think and act White.

    My point was and is:



    Make it simple and present our WN program in a simple, easy to understand way that regular White folks who don’t have a PHD in economics can understand.

    9/11/01 is easy to understand. Nasty, ugly, hateful racially alien, culturally hostile NW Muslims were let in to the United States where they planned and executed mass murder of our (White) people here in our (White) country.

    It’s US vs THEM.

    Mohammed Ata and his throat cutting, Jihadist are not “our kind of people”, not “good ol boys” – not the kind of guys we want our sisters to date, marry.

    OK – so present 9/11 in a way that works for us.

    I have used it so many times for success.

    We used an ugly photo of Osama Bin Ladin on a California drivers license as a hugely successful effort to recall liberal California governor Grey Davis, who wanted to give CA drivers licenses to NW illegal aliens.

    And I did similar effective propaganda campaigns using 9/11 to beat back the amnesty.

    Ever hear of the battle cry:

    “Remember the Alamo”

    Well, 9/11 is White America’s Alamo of the 21st century and it works fine for all racial issues including the Jewish problem. Jews are a huge problem in the US because they push for open borders immigration, to allow the worst of the NW Third World, including NW Muslims like these $*%&# at the Cordobo Institute to flood in to White America.

    So in conclusion, I strongly suggest WN use 9/11 in simple ways to present the WN program to our people.

    Ask this question to White Americans:

    Q: Do you want thousands, tens of our thousands of our people to be mass murdered again in our country by hostile, ugly, alien people like the ones who did 9/11?

    97% of sane White Americans will say “NO”.

    as for the 3% who sympathize with NW Muslims or who have gone off the deep end with wild conspiracy theories or who are Libertarian true believers – the boys in the White suits can come get them to take them away.

    14 Words

  17. Muslim immigrants flew passenger jets int the Twin Towers…and the Pentagon…and murdered American troops at Fort Hood Texas.. End of conversation. Alex Jones is a retard. He is also a race-replacement enhusuasiast-race-replacement through legal immigration. 9/11 conspiracy theorists have been decisively defeated in debate over and and over again This is why no one debates them any more..waste of time. As a member of Joe Public I listened to the debates..the 9/11 conspiracy were capable of extraordinary levels of lying and personal attacks against their reasonable opponents. in debate. The muslims did it…..the Israeli’s new about it.

    Notive how 9/11 conspiracy goes hand in hand with..”hey its ok to have a rapidly growing muslim population in America”…9/11 conspiracy theorists are the traitors..put them in brutal concentration camps…then deport the retards to Eygpt and Saudia Arabia were than can live happily among their muslim friends…9/11 conspiracy thorists dirty filthy traitors..also retards…the muslims did you f….g screwballs…

  18. Thanks Jupiter.

    Well said.

    Don’t feel sorry for nasty NW Muslims. They have many, many countries of there own. We do not have to welcome them in to any of ours.

    Look at Algeria – that country was part of the White country of France 40 years ago, not a colony, part of France, same as Texas is part of the US.

    White Europeans were clearly in the majority in French Algerian coastal cities – beautiful places.

    Once given equal rights to Arab Muslims in French Algerians, the NW Muslims offered the Whites there the:

    Coffin or the suit case

    Whites were either murdered are driven out, all their property and businesses taken away with no compensation, same as happened to Whites in Zimbabwe.

    Study the Algerian war – see the movie the Battle of Algiers, read Johnson’s Modern Times on this conflict, read the French General’s account of effective counter terrorism efforts in Battle of the Casbah.

    In any conflict such as White Russians fighting NW Muslims in Chetnia, Afghanistan or White liberal Dutch, Danes working to end Muslim immigration – just take the White side.

    Sure, understand the Jewish intrigue – it’s not that hard to understand, the anti White Jewish side will usually be for unlimited NW immigration, including Muslim immigration in to White countries, neighborhoods, schools, and these some folks will insist on Israel being a Jewish ethnostate. That’s the way it is, not complicated.

    Don’t make things complicated. Take the easy way.

    Opposing mass NW Muslim immigration in any White country is an easy, positive thing to do – a free throw.

    Take the free throw!

  19. Dozens of university tenured professors of Engineering and Physics-one of them Noble Prize winning physcist Brian Joseph-gave their scientific legitmacy to psychic Uri Geller’s claim that he bent spoon’s with his mind. Uri Geller was a big fake. Brian Josephson is widely viewed as an insane bastard by his colleagues.

    The fact that 1200 architects and engineers are participating in the 9/11 conspiracy theory only goes to show what a bunch of srewballs these 1200 are.

    As interest in the 9/11 conspiracy theory goes, interests in wsging the battle in race-replacement goes down. Paul Craig Roberts is an example of this.

    The chubby conspiracy theorist Alex Jones does even make a small bleat or two about nasty H-1B and l-1B visa program. He is an unapalogetic race-replacement enthusiast.

  20. Mr. Ryan, you say don’t make things complicated, but seem to not realize the fact that it’s been nearly a decade since 3,000 people were killed. A DECADE! What was the response to the attack? Years and years of more White people being killed overseas… The borders aren’t really any more secure… Today, explicit White political clout and backlash is propped up by culture, not RACE. Ask the pissed off Whites about their views and 99% of them will excuse themselves from the racial quagmire, while emphatically singing along to the jingoistic tunes of FOX News. Simple enough for you?

    It’s almost like the White Nationalist mentality is so desperately deprived, depraved, and clueless that it needs death and destruction to sell people on WN, and to make White people destitute enough to think along racial lines.

    Expose White people to extreme NW violence on a daily basis? Nope, doesn’t really increase WN numbers.

    Institute policies designed to undermine national sovereignty? Nope, doesn’t really increase WN numbers.

    Show a media monopoly and biased “journalism” that targets White people? Nope, doesn’t really increase WN numbers.

    Fly planes into two skyscrapers and kill 3,000 people? Nope, still not enough to increase WN numbers.

    Prove that our country was forced into a war by lying about WMDs and, as a result, killing even more White people needlessly? Nope, doesn’t seem to have raised much racial support.

    The fallacy used in many WN circles is that it’s us vs them, kill or be killed, you’re either with us or against us, etc….. You operate under the illusion that White people will see a life or death option and always choose life. Well, it’s just not that simple. It’s not death that they are being offered, it’s an alternative to what they have now. If they don’t see racial “purity” as something to be saved, then it’s not death; it’s a morphing of culture. It’s a very slow process, and it goes on day after day, with barely a whimper from anyone about it being racial in nature.

    If people weren’t blowing up buildings or creating the news for you, would you even know how to sell someone on the idea of racial nationalism?

  21. Celestial Time says:

    “Mr. Ryan, you say don’t make things complicated, but seem to not realize the fact that it’s been nearly a decade since 3,000 people were killed. A DECADE! What was the response to the attack? Years and years of more”

    Celestial Time –

    NW Muslims have long memories, they can remember historic/racial events/conflicts that happened more than 10 years ago. So should we.

    The NW Muslims in the Cordoba Institute who are opening their “in your face” Mosque this September 11th, 2011 are commemorating their attack on White American Western civilization that they did on 9/11/01. The name “Cordoba Institute” is named after the City in Spain that was for about 700 years the capital of the NW Muslims conquest and occupation of White Spain.

    OK – so are you having some difficulty figuring out …

    “What’s going on here”?

    NW Muslims in this Cordoba Institute are putting the word out that they are now going to do to New York, White America, what they once did to Whites in Spain from Cordoba – please google

    Caliph of Córdoba

    Unlike too many White Americans who’s attention span is about 30 seconds, NW Muslims and lots of our White kinsmen in Europe do remember racial/historical events and lots of folks on our side find the simple ways to simply

    Take the White side and oppose the murderous, raping, throat cutting NW Muslim side.

    When nasty Arab Moor Muslim conquered large parts of White Spain for 700 years, that was really bad for our side – the White side

    (We’re White remember)

    But when our side, the White side won the war against the occupying NW Arab Moors in 1492 (also won the war against the Jews in Spain) – our side the White side gave the NW Muslims in Cordoba and all Jews who didn’t undergo the Spanish Inquisition..,

    The BOOT!

    That’s what WN here in America and in Europe need to do now with both the NW Muslims and the Jews.

    That specific date in 1492 when the White side won in Spain over Muslims and Jews should be a special holiday for Whites all over the world, same as 9/11/01.

  22. I think Hunter’s point being that taboos are being breached in a faster pace than we little band of WNs can imagine. Of course we too often concentrate on our little conspiracy theories simply because they are comfortable to our egos.

  23. Once again, the commentary here is not substantially different from that on a Neocon board. Anyone remember the Lavon Affair? The USS Liberty? How about this story?

    “On October 10, 2001, CNN made a brief mention of a foiled terrorist bomb plot in the Mexican Parliament building. They promised to bring any further developments of this story to their viewers, but the incident was never heard of again in America. But the story appeared in bold headlines on the front page of the major Mexican newspapers and was also posted on the official website of the Mexican Justice Department. Two terror suspects were apprehended in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Caught red-handed, they had in their possession a high powered gun, nine hand grenades, and C-4 plastic explosives (great stuff for demolishing buildings!) Within days, this blockbuster story not only disappeared from the Mexican press, but the Israelis were quietly released and deported! The story in El Diario de Mexico went on to reveal that the Zionist terrorists had fake Pakistani passports on them. Can you say “false flag operation?” The probable motive of
    this particular botched terrorist operation was to involve oil rich Mexico in the “War on Terrorism”.

  24. Well ten years later things have changed, people have noticed filthy tapeworm ridden banditos marching in the street carrying foreign flags claiming our land is THEIRS and WE should go back to Europe. Now states are taking action against the uninvited invaders.

    I lost interest in Paul Craig Robert’s columns over at Vdare when he lost the plot and spent all his time on non-sensical 9/11 conspiracy theories. As if Mossad agents could have blatentely wired the buildings like Christmas Trees with demolition explosives and no one noticed? I’ve raked up nearly a half million frequent flier miles and nearly one in five flights gets seriously delayed at the gate for various reasons. No way could they have taken such a risk to wire up those buildings and assumed both planes would make it into the each tower. A gasket, sensor light, or anything could have caused one of the planes to sit there at the gate for an hour while the unfolding plot caused the airspace to be closed. That would have left one of the towers unaffected just waiting for a massive security sweep to find the demolition devices. Such a plot is impossibly complex and risky. Of course conspiricy types come up with more elaborate explanations of how the air traffic control, airline dispatcher, mechanics, etc were also all in on it. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and the 19 ragheads knocked over those buildings.

  25. Nightowl: Speaking of filthy tapeworm-ridden banditos, have you read of the bedbug infestation sweeping the more diverse areas of the country?

  26. Celestial your post is silly. We have obviously entrered the early stages of high national stress-the very national psychological state that leads to things such as mass expulsions. I can’t redict when it will happen,but it will happen when reality settles in the minds of a critical number of Native Born White Americans. The events surounding the Arizona immigration laws has unleashed talk in the national media about nonwhite states retaliating against White States. No more cry baby stuff.


    Obvioulsy, the race-replacement of the Native Born White majority at the hands of post-1965 nonwhites means 0 to Paul Craig Roberts. Now he is very good friends with the race-replacement enthusiasts over at Counterpunch.

  27. Silly? Yes, yes, yes..the big race war is just around the corner… any second now… any minute now.. the mass awakening will take place… why wouldn’t it? I mean, the good-hearted national media has “unleashed talks” about the Arizona immigration laws… Yep, any minute now…

    Do you wanna know the real reason you can’t predict when it will happen? Because it’s NEVER happened! Every couple of years there’s some kind of polarizing national event where proselytizing prophets of the WN variety predict a rational response from people who have shown nothing but irrational behaviors.

    A pendulum is a good timekeeper because it’s pattern is predictable and fluent. A typical White American shares these characteristics with the pendulum; both being extremely predictable and fluent. You want to predict something? How about predicting a massive boiling outcry which lasts until the next election. Followed by a few years of slow simmer. Then another boiling outcry begins. Rinse, Repeat.

    Ruby Ridge
    The Iraq War and Thousands of Dead White Americans
    Hate Crime Laws
    The Patriot Act
    Affirmative Action
    Illegal Immigration
    Hurricane Katrina Zoo Riots and Gun Confiscations
    Soaring National Debt
    Massive Unemployment
    Corporate Bailouts/Welfare straight from Taxpayer’s Pockets
    Outsourcing of Jobs
    Oil Spill – Possibly the Worst Environmental Disaster in US History(aside from the Dust Bowl)
    Electing a Black President
    Electing an obvious Marxist Black President
    Verifiable, Statistical Proof of Non-White Violence

    You can’t even get 1% of the White population to use any of these scenarios as a common bond to physically unite on the grounds of ‘racial’ survival, and you dare mention something as far-fetched as mass expulsions, while saying my post was silly?

  28. Celestial Time says:

    “You can’t even get 1% of the White population to use any of these scenarios as a common bond to physically unite on the grounds of ‘racial’ survival”

    I personally have no problem convincing those around me, those I know or meet that mass immigration from the third world is very, very bad for America, for our people and 9/11/01 is the ultimate proof.

    I find extremely few people who can argue that bringing the likes of Mohammed Ata in to our country, allowing them freedom to do whatever they like including mass murdering our people in our country is a good idea.

    Some White Americans still work for suicidal immigration laws/practices, but few do so out in the open anymore and that is a very good thing.

    So maybe the problem is you need some practice in the arts of persuasion, for some reason you are turning the local Whites off.

  29. jack ryan: “So maybe the problem is you need some practice in the arts of persuasion, for some reason you are turning the local Whites off.”

    Persuading people that allowing “terrorists” into the country is a bad thing is not something one needs to practice. I hope you’re not congratulating yourself by claiming some sort of victory when you get a White guy to say bringing the “likes of Mohammed Atta in to our country” is very bad for America. Of course they’re going to say that. That’s not the issue. For every Atta there are thousands who are NOT terrorists, not necessarily violent. There are a growing number of LEGAL blacks, Muslims, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and other assorted non-Whites arguing that illegal immigration is very BAD. These people move freely within immigration circles, and there are no shortages of organizational leaders who will be the first to tell you that this whole spectacle is NOT ABOUT RACE. They’ll even trot out the token non-White to prove it.

    The immigration issue, just like every other hotbed issues that pop up, has been circumvented and morphed into a more docile and easily led herd of pissed off sheep. When the Left claims “racism,” and the Right’s response is to claim that it’s “not racist,” then at that point you should already know the game is fixed. For them, at the end of the day, it’s about getting the sheep to claim that they are NOT racists, not about any outcome of the immigration debate.

  30. My point with Celestial Time and others is that White Americans are not lost causes, they can, have and will respond to pro White messages if presented in the right way.

    I am proud to have worked on many campaigns in the last 10 years and won all of them.

    The key is to get good candidates who are the right age and who have shown they can compete to win in campaigns like the one you are contesting. Just as in boxing matches, you need to back a contender, if you will have a chance to win.

    So many Whites in the patriot American movement always waste their time and money, put all their hopes in long shot, no shot Presidential campaigns, trying to get some honest, sincere 76 year old Libertarian, Constitutionalist to win President of the United States and then make everything OK again, “the way it used to be”.

    I have news for you folks – “it was never like it used to be”.

    These sincere, libertarian, constitutionalist, old, old, old men never win anything in Presidential elections. Yet every 4 years, they’re back, boring America and losing, putting out the idea that White America is tired, old, on it’s last legs and America needs to embrace CHANGE, new ideas, new Americans who are not old, White, tired, etc.

    If you find yourself LOSING, losing badly, losing all the time, having regular Whites reject you ALL THE TIME – then the problem is YOU, not THEM.

    Go with what works, tell them what they want to hear. And opposing Muslim extremist terrorist immigration works, it always works with our people.

    We would have to be complete fools not to use 9/11/01 for our WN message. We would have to be complete fools, total idiots….

    Don’t be a total fool, don’t be an idiot, don’t ENABLE fools and idiots.

  31. What were two Israelis doing on October 10, 2001 when they were caught red-handed in the Mexican Parliament with plastic explosives, detonating devices, handguns and Pakistani passports?

  32. I have a hunch that you guys wouldn’t mind a Christian church. I fail to see how christianity is any more “occidental” than Islam, it was invented by middle-eastern goat herders and it brought down the great western civilization, keeping science, philosophy & engineering for a thousand years if not more. Pagan Romans had concrete (see the Pantheon), which was forgotten for over 1600 years due to the backwards christians taking over.

    In the mean time, Muslims saved the works of Plato and countless others, gave us Al Kuwarizmi and Al Kaebra while the insane christards were busy burning down libraries and destroying our Western European heritage. So what if they get off on the fantasy of converting us? So do christards and their deprived, despicable and ridiculous god-on-a-stick.

    “Jesus was nailed onto a cross. Thor’s got a hammer.”


  33. Nixar: It’s not the Moslems who saved the works of Plato and the other Greeks, it was the Greek speaking Byzantine Empire. They were Christians, what we now call Eastern Orthodox. I don’t know why people give the Moslems credit, as if Constantinople never existed.

  34. “The immigration issue, just like every other hotbed issues that pop up, has been circumvented and morphed into a more docile and easily led herd of pissed off sheep. When the Left claims “racism,” and the Right’s response is to claim that it’s “not racist,” then at that point you should already know the game is fixed. For them, at the end of the day, it’s about getting the sheep to claim that they are NOT racists, not about any outcome of the immigration debate.”

    When Bush said “bring ’em on”, he could have been talking about illegal aliens. And countless Arabs and Muslims were given residence permits and citizenship on his watch. The yet the sheep bought the “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here line”.

  35. @Overbloop
    Way too long and way too anti-white.

    Things like this mosque story are a hook, a conversation starter, a talking point. You find where people are and then you use stuff like this to nudge them *one step* closer to a WN position. If you present as too radical for a particular individual you push them in the opposite direction to the one you want them to go.

    Think of it like a ladder. They can’t reach the top rung without first stepping on the bottom rung.

  36. Wandrin,

    But the issue is that it’s the exact sort of symbolic feint that the Republicans have been trafficing in for decades without it having much or any of an effect.

    It’s always about symbols with these people.

    Give the half-wits a proposed anti-flag burning admendment, and maybe they won’t notice that the “Right” have done nothing to stop Leftists from acting on their objectionable beliefs in ways FAR more harmful than burning a flag.

    That’s what it was like a few decades ago, and now they’ve moved on to this Mosque faux outrage.

    Muslims + First Admendment = Mosques.

    Get over it, or at least chanel your opposition to Mosques into somehting which would actually be useful, like cutting off immigration from Islamic Countries.

    The way things are set up by the Republicans, even if the Conservatives “win”, it means nothing whatsoever.

    Maybe they’ll be stopped from building a Mosque that close to Ground Zero.

    Big deal.

    At worst it will hurt their feelings a little tiny bit.

  37. But actually what the Republicans do is even worse than that.

    Instead of offering people an essentially meaningless gesture, like stopping Hippies from burning Flags even as they ran wild through the Education System with no opposition from the so called conservatives, or stopping Muslims from building a Mosque a few blocks away from Ground Zero even as Muslims are allowed to immigrate into America, they hold out the promise of a meaningless gesture and then don’t even go through the charade of following through on it.

    There was never no flag burning admendment.

    What does that tell you?

  38. Spreading outrage over the Mosque can be useful, though.

    It probably has the effect of helping New Yorkers see that the Liberals, and more generally the philosophy of liberalism, don’t have their back on a really primal level.

    But what’s crazy is the Tea Party activists using this issue as a psychological substitute for engaging with non-symbolic issues like getting an immigration moratorium.

    That’s what Republicans have a LONG history of doing. They feel tension, so they want to do something to relieve the tension, but they just don’t get that while symbolism may be better for relieving tension it’s profoundly ineffective at alleviating the reasons they had for being stressful in the first place.

  39. 1) The Democrats want to use the mosque to kick white people in the face.
    2) The Republicans want to use the mosque to stoke support for neocon wars.

    Two talking points to undermine people’s belief in our hydra-headed political system both conveniently related to the same issue which our enemies are helpfully publicizing and turning into a political conversation starter.


  40. BHO just joined the party, telling us that our traditions require us to tolerate the invaders. Must be time to revise our traditions.

  41. I heard a New York Union Construction guy, on some Zionist -owned. Zionist controlled Opposition “conservative” radio show – probably Michael Weiner’s show – earlier this week. He was practically SCREAMING about this. He was YELLING “That Mosque is NOT GOING TO GET BUILT!” He meant it. He was White. He meant what he was saying. I think it was Savage – he hustled the guy off the air. Cause the guy MEANT it – and he was exhibiting real rage. This mosque has hit the final, deeply buried, sedated, yet still existant White Nerve. Remember that the Unions – the Jew-owned Unions – worked feversishly to put the Kosher Kenyan in High Office. My own doorbell was rung by 2 White Union guys, prior to the installation. I told them flat out , that Obama HATES White people. I looked them both in the face, and said this twice. They laughed, a little, and ignored me.

    This guy that I heard on air – he finally got my message. Use the mosque. Foment cleansing, healthy Racial HATRED of The Other. Use it. And always note that Bloomberg is a Jew – and Jews are using Muslims to spit in the faces of, ad detroy, White Christians. I do. I don’t care if my subjects don’t understand. They have to hear it. Sometime. Now. At last.

  42. “I do. I don’t care if my subjects don’t understand. They have to hear it. Sometime. Now. At last.”

    A lot of things you say might not have an effect straight away but once you’ve put a thought in someone’s head then some later event can trigger a reaction like an unexploded mine.

  43. I walked the streets of lower Manhattan for 2 years, late 80s, wasted time and money on some MBA degree named after a Jew real estate developer, supposed to be the #1 MBA program in America – whatever.

    I completely understand everything that is happening with this mosque at Ground Zero. I understand the Cordoba Initiative (named after a city in Spain where the Muslim Moors occupied Spain for about 700 years) and I understand what the Jew ridden Obama administration is doing here and what Obama himself is doing and what New York Jew Mayor Bloomberg is doing – trying to present themselves as “tolerant” to Muslim immigrants, against RACISM by White Americans – at a time when Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran. They want to put the word out that Middle Eastern problems aside, the Jews in America are the most liberal, tolerant, pro NW immigration group out there, against RACISM – everyone here should understand the game.

    As for this mosque at Ground Zero:

    I plan to be carrying some of my own urine, disguised as a soda over ice in a paper cup and then make a libation to this new mosque, do the same with the graves of LBJ and all graves of all dead Kennedys.

    It’s really not complicated folks.


  44. Hey Nixar,

    Wake up and smell the coffee, take a look around –

    Do you see many good looking White guys and gals in Muslim places like Pakitan, Muslim ghettos outside of Paris, Oldham England?

    Mighty Thor doesn’t want you to wander around drunk and stupid – sober up a bit and recognize racial realities.

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