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  1. Uh … what Jackson said. WTF? What happened to activism? What happened to networks? What happened to all the progress you kept reporting on? Did the money run out? I have made no secret that I disagree with a lot of your approach, but I’d actually kinda like to be proven wrong about that. However this statement on the face of it looks like the opposite. What happened to “the OD offices” and whatever was going on in them? How is whatever work was being done in Virginia going to be run from Birmingham? Or is it all just being dropped as something that didn’t pan out?

  2. Everything we were doing here was based on the premise that “things were changing” and the White Nationalist movement “could get its act together.” It shouldn’t come as any shock that I have found reason to conclude otherwise.

    Note: Mark had nothing to do with the matter.

  3. First off good luck in your new job and with the relocation! Perhaps it’s too early to put your time devoted to OD into perspective, but I (and I suspect others) would find fascinating an article that details the experiences and thinking that led you to revise your views so dramatically.

    Yes, there has been a noticable change in tone on the site, begining with things like the redesign and turning off the forum. Several of your comments, including the one above, have hinted at frustration you have felt with many of the people you are dealing with, and perhaps with some of the ideas that animated you a year ago.

    I think there is probably a lot of good opportunity for consciousness raising in your thoughts, so I hope, if not now, at some time in the future you will find the time to share them with us.

  4. Wishing Hunter all the best in Alabama and if he wants to get away, get out of American WN for awhile, or forever – I understand. There are lots of simple, positive good things that can be done for our people outside of “the movement”.

  5. So Yellow Bradley does have internet connectivity after all. This boy just can’t control the lies.

    Yes, we didn’t all bolt out the door and make a beeline for our home states at the instant he posted that. The wireless modem is the last thing to be packed away, do you want me to take a picture of it and post it here?


  6. If –

    1) the bulk of professed white nationalists are not willing to take real-world action without legitimate sanction for fear of social and occupational consequences.


    2) those few who are willing to take real world action openly promote our endgame, ‘maximum program’ message is ways that are socially and politically unpalatable to the population we want to convince.

    Then what work is there for an explicit white advocate who wants the exact same end result, but wants to work a more palatable, moderated tone that eschews the traditional joke of an image that we have been historically associated with? I think there is work that can be done, but it will be a lonely and thankless job for a while yet. A job that would be made immeasurably easier if all of those who do hit the streets did so in accordance with the reality of our situation and moderated their message and appearance to gain a toe hold.

    Hopefully Hunter has not given up entirely, because he is right on much of his commentary. It would be a shame to lose his voice. I’d read him even if it was in the guise of a crypto-WN agitator/incrementalist, outside our currently non-functional movement.

  7. Hunter,

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope you stay active. Your voice is needed. Please ignore any dysfunctional retards who may comment negatively regarding your situation. They don’t know any better. 🙂

  8. My opinion is that problems cannot be solved totally within the framework of capitalism. Within the framework of capitalism, I do look for “little victories,” and I do keep up with political philosophy. I accept that USA does not conform to my political philosophy. If most Americans form a ghetto of scum, then my goal is not to expect America to side with me, but to avoid large segments of America. Get out of the political ghetto and escape to the hills is my attitude.

    I wonder if Wallace has reached similar conclusions.

  9. And just 6-8 months ago Hunter headed to Virginia brimming with enthusiasm. There’s been some mud slinging emanating from OD lately so I have to question whose side there on. People Hunter once respected he now reviles (or seems to). Makes me wonder if Guy White is secretly consulting for OD.

    Maybe someday we’ll get a meaningful explanation of his new found pessimistic and cynical attitude towards WN and individual white nationalists because they sure ain’t “apple pie” anymore they’re downright SPOOKY!

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