Letter From Europe 1

Greetings to all from the Old World, where your humble American expatriate White Nationalist man on the spot strives to give you the view from Europe. This is the first of many letters that I will post to give you an idea of what the nationalist scene looks like here and, more importantly, how American issues are viewed.

— Before I get started however, I would like to also invite you to take a look at my own blog, The Jacksonian Club, which is on OD’s blogroll. The idea behind the Jacksonian Club is a simple one: to bring together White men who share our views, socially, in a fraternal setting.

It is my intention to gather together as many good men as I can find with the immediate goal of forming Jacksonian Clubs in as many of our towns and cities as possible. Like the leftist Jacobin Clubs of old, the purpose of the Jacksonian Clubs will be to bring us together in a spirit of fraternity, to provide an alternative space for us to speak, think, plan and act.

And act we shall.

The idea here is not the formation of a political party or an activist group, but social clubs with a big-tent membership; clubs that bring together men who believe that the current liberal, egalitarian regime is out-of-control and beyond reform, requiring replacement to secure our ancient rights, liberties and Anglo traditions. The important thing is that those of us of the New Right need a social space to connect, to talk, to form friendships, to experience true comradeship based on a noble goal.

In one town, the Club may be three men who meet for lunch each Sunday afternoon. In other city, it may be seven who meet at a Starbucks. Eventually, the goal is to have permanent clubs–like the old fraternal orders–where we can meet regularly. There will be ideas distributed via email for discussion, but, more importantly, the leadership of the Club wants to hear ideas from the field. Tell us what you are thinking, what you think the best way forward advancing our ideas in your community are. Let us come up with new, intelligent and effective ways to act. The ultimate goal is influence: like the current Tea Party, but for those of us who realize that simply voting in another Republican or rolling back this or that piece of liberal legislation is not sufficient given the scope of the problem we face. What we need are strong voices advocating fundamental, deep and abiding change, across all of our institutions, from the government, to the university, to the media and in our schools.

We cannot remain silent. But in order to find our voice, we first need to know each other, find our strength and find our voice.

— Now, let us return to the Old World. To remind you, I am an American professional who lost his job in the recession and found new one with an international company with offices throughout the world. I was sent to work at my current office, in a major European city, on the Continent (that is to say, not the UK or Ireland). My job brings me into daily contact with people from all over the European Union, as well as further afield.

— The International Court at The Hague has issued a ruling on the legality of the declaration of independence that created the Muslim state of Kosovo out of Orthodox Serbia. Serbia had asked for the ruling. There is widespread disagreement here over the exact meaning of the ruling, but like such intricate matters in our own Supreme Court, such distinctions are lost on the masses, who have just taken notice of the bare fact that the court has ruled the declaration legal under international law. As a result, there is increased pressure on nations here which have refused to recognize Kosovo, a largely criminal state run by Muslim narco and human traffickers who have learned to speak the right words about social justice and inclusiveness on the side. Aside from the Orthodox nations, who have stood behind their cousin Serbs, European nations that heretofore have refused to recognize this new Muslim state (which, incidentally, is almost entirely funded by the Government of the United States, our nation also being its biggest booster) include: Georgia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

However, the Muslim’s terrorist army, the KLA, was stopped before it could finish the job it set out to do, which was to ethnically cleanse all Serbs out of “Kosovo” before independence. As a result, there remains a large Serbian population in the north of the “country.” Unreported at home, but very much in the news here, is that these Serbs have taken the International Court’s ruling to heart and have now begun to circulate a draft declaration of independence, to create a separate Serb state which would eventually re-unify with Serbia.

To no one’s surprise, the legality of this move is seen in quite a different light.

Serbia is also in de-facto control of much of the electric production in the north of Kosovo, and the KLA government, even backed by U.S. combat troops, cannot enter much of their own country. This war is far from over, and the pathetic sight of our own government going to bat for Muslims against European Christians, over a region that means to the Serbs what the Alamo means to the Texans, seems to be waking some up here to the fact that the U.S. has gone from being a promoter of democracy to the exporter of revolution, even if it means dispossessing people from their ancestral homeland.

— A similar issue is going on in Belgium, where after many months the ethnically divided nation is still unable to form a government. It has become commonplace here to hear people note with either sadness or pleasure (depending on the person’s politics) that while the era of the European Union was supposed to mean the end of the ethno-state, the fact that new ethno-states are reasserting themselves at the very headquarters of the EU speaks volumes.

— Yet more separation anxiety. A recent poll in the Austrian media showed that a large majority of people in the west of Austria and the southwest of Germany would prefer to leave the EU by having their states secede and join the Swiss Confederation. While some dismissed the news as fanciful, the poll numbers supporting such a move were so overwhelming, even after being re-tested, that serious observers could not help but note that, again, the average European is showing much more loyalty to their ancient communities than to the European superstate. Switzerland herself has had no comment on the matter, but does seem rather pleased at herself for being so loved, despite its old fashioned decentralized federalist ways.

— Business last week took me to for the first time to Slovakia and its capital, Bratislava. The capital was bustling with energy, even if the Stalinist concrete block housing and run down infrastructure still make it all too clear that Communism wasn’t all that long ago. I had hoped to question folks there about the recent change in government, but work got in the way.

I did manage to see one sight, however, that brought a broad smile to my face. While returning to the train station, I passed on one of the main streets a group of very muscular young men, clean cut, and dressed for business. In other words, not thugs. The obvious leader of this pack was walking slightly ahead and was wearing a black t-shirt under a dark sports coat. When I got close enough to him, I could read what his t-shirt said:


— In France, the nation mainstream conservatives can’t stop talking about how weak it is, even while American Muslims are about to put an obvious LOL on Ground Zero itself, the government has begun the large-scale rounding up and deportation of Gypsies. No one except the Communists has even complained. Even the usual human rights groups have been near silent.

— Arizona and its immigration law are spoken of, but most Europeans simply do not understand the American federal system enough to comment on it intelligently. There is the usual European superiority complex that assumes the story must mean in some way that Americans are horribly racist, not like us, even as they themselves continue to dream up ever more inventive ways to keep the Turks (Europe’s Mexicans) out.

— I spoke to a Hungarian colleague about the new nationalist party Jobbik’s stunning election results there and entry into government. As a liberal, he was hopeful that their rhetoric would tone down with actual government responsibility, but, he added “that’s what people thought about the Nazis too, and look how that worked out.” When pressed, he admitted quite openly that the Roma and Muslims are indeed criminals, drug pushers, pimps and human traffickers, but lamely added that the issue was complex and needed someone more sophisticated than Jobbik to handle the matter. Jobbik’s idea is to solve the problem by ridding Hungary of both the Roma and the Muslims, under the novel idea of Hungary for the Hungarians. Keep an eye on them. They even wear their private military uniforms to sessions of parliament.

— That’s it for now. I hope you’ll tune in for my letters regularly. Please do contact me directly at albertjacksonian at the google email domain. Best to you all, comrades. Keep your chins up. Europe isn’t dead yet and neither are we!


  1. I poked around and found a map showing the Serb controlled areas of Kosovo, but some of these other things you write of are not so easily visualized. When possible, could you provide links to relevant maps on future postings? For example, which areas of western Austria and southwest Germany have majorities favoring union with Switzerland? I realize that if such maps aren’t published in the European media, you can’t link to them, but it would be appreciated when possible.
    Altogether, an enjoyable, cheerful post.

  2. Good to hear real-time feedback from Europe. I keep tabs on what’s happening there, but haven’t been there in four years. However, the last time I was there I observed a noticeable anti-immigrant, i.e. anti-non-European sentiment. The EU is the pc multi-culti version of a unified Europe. While the EU is decidedly pro-NWO it may inadvertently be building the framework for a real unified Europe based upon the actual white peoples of Europe. At some point, and not too distant in the future, some event will spark large anti-muslim riots. When that happens the new nationalists will rise to greater prominence and power. It will be a good day for Europeans when they put aside their long-standing ethnic differences and unite to kick out all non-white invaders. That will forge the true New Europa. The other semite group, of whom we must only speak in whispers, will also face a reckoning. Europe for Europeans, North Africa and the Middle-East for muslims etc, and Israel for jews. Simple………and obvious.

  3. I’m assuming that, as a professional, your social contacts are largely with educated people. Any idea why they are so ignorant of American political arrangements? I’ve seen it myself. A European professor on exchange told me that in America, poor people don’t vote because it’s hard to register. He was truly astonished when I gave him a blank voter registration form I picked up at the post office the next day. It might be expected that they knew little of New Zealand or Peru, but to know so little of the U.S. puts them in the same category as tourists who think Belgians speak a language called “Belgian”.

  4. Interesting article. I’d like to point out, however, that Turks are not our (European) Mexicans. Please, read chronicles about Turkish-European “relationships” during the XIII-XIX centuries.

  5. Good stuff, Jackson.

    As someone who likes to keep afoot of nationalist-related news in Europe, I was surprised to hear of this Austrian poll. I wonder though, was the poll only conducted in those regions of Austria and Germany or throughout both countries?

    Good luck, can’t wait for the next letter.

  6. I wonder though, was the poll only conducted in those regions of Austria and Germany or throughout both countries?

    I’d doubt it — After all, it wouldn’t exactly be feasible for the city-state of Hamburg to join the Siwss Confederation, would it! The regions mentioned by Albert Jackson border Switzerland.

    A very interesting piece of info, thanks Jackson.

  7. Excellent. Great read.

    “from being a promoter of democracy to the exporter of revolution”

    The golem of anti-nationalism (when the natins are white).

  8. “The idea behind the Jacksonian Club is a simple one: to bring together White men who share our views, socially, in a fraternal setting.”
    – I love the idea, but if it were to become a social club with brick-and-mortar meeting locations, an official charter and advertises for membership, then it comes under the US anti-descrimination laws, does it not? How do you keep it an all-white membership?

  9. “How do you keep it an all-white membership?”

    I read a while back a jew talking about some sort of club in New York that was open to everyone but 100% jewish despite that. I imagine what they do is they act normally when there’s no jews around then if a non-jew comes in they put those little hats on and start exagerating their jewishness – change the accent, hand gestures and start talking about bar mizvahs and jewish cooking or whatever. Basically use implicit jewishness as an invisible barrier.

    In the case of this club it could be talking about Nascar and moose-hunting or something that people associate with white.

  10. Biased Observer: I think it is perfectly legal to have an organization that discriminates on any basis whatsoever, as long as it’s not a profit making enterprise. Selling hand-made KKK medallions on a street corner is “interstate commerce” if the Feds don’t like it. You are more likely to have difficulty using public facilities, like reserving a meeting room at a public library. Some school districts have forbidden the Boy Scouts from using classrooms for their meetings, and businessmen’s organizations like Rotary and Lion’s Club were pressured to admit women by denying them the right to have liquor on their club premises.
    Maybe if you pretend that it’s an exclusive club for homosexuals your rights will be respected. Call it Foreigners All Gone, or Gas All Yids, or Quit Using Every Euphemism for Race. You should be OK.
    Seriously, regular meetings in a booth at a local restaurant are probably the safest bet. If your group gets too big for that, many restaurants have banquet rooms they are happy to rent out, and they don’t need to know who you are. Even White people have green money.

  11. ‘ use implicit jewishness as an invisible barrier.’

    I don’t know if this would work, but here’s my idea:

    1) Membership in the society depends on a majority vote acclaiming the potential member as respectful of his religious traditions;
    2) Membership in the society depends on eating a meal in the group;
    3) Pork is served at every meal.

    If a Jew or Muslim attempts to satisfy 2 he must violate 1. If a Jew or Muslim attempts to satisfy 1 he must violate 2.

    This little exercise in logic was inspired by the self-serving tendency of Jews to take the bits of Judaism that are convenient while discarding all the rest. I have met many Jews who say things like, “Sure, I’ll accept help from my religious relatives, regardless of whether they’re Orthodox, Hassid, Reform, or whatever – but I’m going to eat bacon and say my superiority is inherent, no matter what.”

  12. Decades ago, the Sierra Club membership was by invitation only. The final step was to have dinner with a selection committee, to be judged on your table manners, I suppose.
    I really think people are worrying too much. Last week I went out with a group of people I know, and nobody asked us anything, not even which baseball team we were rooting for. It’s not like anyone is planning to buy advertising time on TV: “Would you like to join an all-White social group, where you can freely discus the innate inferiority of Negroes and the perfidy of Jews? Call 88 88 88 88 88.” Just MYOB and ditch those who won’t.

  13. I like the idea. Being born and raised in Scandinavia, I do keep tabs on what’s going on in that region, but not so much in the rest of Europe. I’m planning on reporting on the upcoming parlamentary elections in Sweden, for those who are interested. The situation regarding “far-right” parties and who will enter parlament is quite interesting.

  14. Biased Observer”– I love the idea, but if it were to become a social club with brick-and-mortar meeting locations, an official charter and advertises for membership, then it comes under the US anti-descrimination laws, does it not? How do you keep it an all-white membership?”

    Easy enough, just make the clubs informal. I would like to apply for membership representing the Peninsula. Two of us had our first meeting yesterday over a pint of Blue Moon ale. The conversation was inspired, and 100% pro White.

  15. Gordon’s Own Paper –

    THAT is exactly what I’m talking about. Forget about the bricks and mortar comment; I was merely speculating about the future. Right now we need comrades discussing ideas, which will then be circulated among the entire network, in informal settings: bars, nightclubs, book stores, cafes, private homes, etc.

    I need you and your buddy, not just because Blue Moon rocks, but because you guys are the beginning of something huge, much larger than ourselves.

    Please contact me as soon as you can.

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