The Jacksonian Club: A Great and Promising Start

While I have no wish to abuse Hunter’s hospitality and will henceforth confine myself to weekly reports for Europe, the response to my mention of The Jacksonian Club in my post below has been so positve, so generous, so heartwarming that I feel the need to express my gratitude here seperately.

Now, to work!

The idea has arisen that the Jacksonian Club idea is like a club for Tea Party members who realize that reform just isn’t going to cut it. That electing this or that well-meaning individual to Congress or even rolling back legislative excess is simply not enough to roll-back the tide of the Liberal Revolution and stop the social and civilizational disaster it is causing.

This is exactly right.

The Jacksonian Club is a big-tent club for those who realize that the current Government of the United States is beyond repair and no longer serves us, our ancient liberties, and our rights as European-Americans in the New World.

This guy over here may think that this can be remedied by a Second Continental Congress and a new Constitution, while this other guy might think the answer lies in new form of national socialism, while the guy in the corner may be for the formation of a smaller White entho-state in the current territory of the U.S.

These arguments and ideas are important, but we cannot begin to argue over the best way to achieve our objectives until we have at first organized on the first principle, the first necessary step: that the current Government has become our enemy, that it is actively seeking to overturn the basics of our civilization, that it has us slated for replacement as the majority population of this land and that none of this will be cured by ordinary politics.

I encourage every man who knows in his heart that this is true to step up and join us. We don’t want your money. We aren’t looking for you to follow the teachings of Chairman Albert. We aren’t looking to parade around in WWII uniforms. Hell, we don’t even care if you don’t use your real name.

What we care about is this: that you are a man who cares about the future of our people, our rights as a nation in America, our ancient liberties and the well-being of our posterity.

If you are one of those men, contact us immediately. You’d be surprised how many of us are out there.


  1. Is there another way to contact you other than here? Maybe something more secure? Something to keep in mind that you have heard before, but you probably haven’t thought about for a while, so I will remind you. It always makes me smile to think this thought, and realize its full meaning. The jews must win every battle they fight in this country. We, on the other hand, only need to win one, and the country will belong to us once again. I look forward to that day. Thanks for replying……..G.G.

  2. Good stuff.

    The initial root core of the cultural marxist conquest of the west was small groups of individuals meeting to work out methods of undermining what was then the dominant culture and then going away and working either overtly or covertly to apply those methods.

    It’s not enough on its own to win but it is a solid foundation.

  3. This is what I have been waiting since I discovered Wallace’s writing a year ago. One of his old phrases struck me very favorably: the need to live within “driving distance of each other.”


  4. “This is what I have been waiting since I discovered Wallace’s writing a year ago. One of his old phrases struck me very favorably: the need to live within “driving distance of each other.”
    – That is hardly original to Wallace. Harold Covington has been saying this for many years.

  5. Please do contact the club via the email address under the “Contact” tab at the Club’s website. I will reply immediately (as soon as possible, I should say).

    RF – I have not been to Scandanavia yet, though I hope to be able to afford it in the off-season, i.e. when it’s too bloody cold and dark for anyone to travel there. I hope to meet local activists there and get a full briefing on the situation. Any help you can provide in this regard would be most appreciated.

  6. Sorry, where does one find the “Contact Info”… the only one I see is for Hunter in the header for the site.

  7. Hunter – I would very much appreciate that. So far we’re getting a good response. Enough to start, to build a cadre. I’m very appreciative of the response so far.

    I will be updating my blog on Thurs with next steps and a pragmatic approach to getting the word out and growing.

  8. I will be writing something about the Jacksonian Club later this week. I think it is a great idea. I will move forward and start one here in Alabama. Lots of “Jacksonians” around here. 🙂

  9. Hunter, I am glad to hear it. I can then add Alabama to comrades I have heard from from Illinois, California, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, New York and, believe it or not, Mexico.

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