Should White Americans Become Better Liars? #2 Changing Names

In the first post on this subject – Should White Americans Become Better Liars? #, I presented a scene from the movie True Romance; the Mafia Don played by Christopher Walken brags that Sicilians are the world’s greatest liars, and he dismisses the working class White Anglo played by Dennis Hopper as a very bad liar, who can’t lie well enough to save his son’s life.

Most of us involved in White Nationalism understand that Sicilians are not the greatest liars in the world.

No, the Jews are clearly the greatest liars in the world.

The Jews’ whole existence is based on the lie that they are a religious community instead of a race/ethnic group. Jews are constantly changing their countries, changing their political affiliations, and changing their names. Jews supposedly undergo deep spiritual transformations such as the one that changes a Liberal 1960s Marxists – Michael Weiner to –

Michael Savage a Right Wing Conservative talk show host – leader of THE SAVAGE NATION!

Michael Weiner 1960s

Jews have a long history of changing their names to assume new identities.

Jewish Marxist intellectual “Lev Bronstein” changed his name to “Leon Trotsky” – sounds more “Russian” for someone presenting himself as a great leader of “Russian Workers”.

How did a Jewish boy named “Arthur Flegenheimer” win fear and respect in the rough, tough New York gangster world? By changing his name to:

“Dutch Schultz”

And of course, Jewish domination of the American mass media is disguised by lots and lots of name changes:

Lawrence Harvey Zeiger becomes…

Larry King – Larry King Live.
Sumner Murray Rothstein becomes “Sumner Redstone”

Lawrence Harvey Zeiger - Larry King

OK, White Americans can do the same: change our names to adjust to changing situations and advance the interests of our White people.

A White American named “John” can easily become “Juan” – not much of a change, but one that can result in getting accepted in to a top University under A.A. program. Maybe the “Hispanic” route isn’t right for you, consider going the “Native American Indian” way – just find some Indian ancestors in your family tree, grow your hair long and write some threatening letters demanding rights for “my people” and you might secure yourself tax exempt casino gambling rights.

Now for those WN who want to really get down and dirty and “do on to the Jews as the Jews do on to us”, consider changing your name to….


Consider how much fun and how much trouble you can cause by changing your name to something like:

“Joshua Goldberg”

Next, proceed to insult/incite Muslims, Blacks, Latinos.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some White goy named “Joshua Goldberg” move to Hollywood CA and produce a play/film named:

“Mohammed was gay”

Word would get out to 1.5 billion Muslims that some guy named “Joshua Goldberg” was producing a film in “Hollywood” slandering the Muslim prophet as a homosexual! And to help “get the word out” to tens of millions of hostile, hateful Muslims, some WN could pass the news on.

As a newly named “Joshua Goldberg” you can write letters to all the Protestant Church leaders in Tennessee and Kentucky towns telling them that public celebrations of Christmas must no longer be allowed; set yourself up as the head of some tax exempt non profit human rights/civil rights organization and proceed to push for mandatory homosexual, sex education for kindergarden students and of course you can do similar fun things by changing your name to a Muslim name, dressing and acting like the worst NW Muslims and insulting White Christians, getting many White Christian Americans to work for immigration restrictions to keep out bad NW Muslim immigrants like….


Jews, Blacks, NWs are always trying some deception or hoax to win sympathy and power for their people. Are we really going to go down losing and getting slaughtered because we insist on always fighting “fair”? All should understand that the straight, sober, honest, conservative ways are not winning White Americans a lot of victories in these rough, corrupt, deceitful latter days.

Let’s all consider telling a few….

“White lies” and working for…..




  1. Jews have a long history of changing their names to assume new identities.

    Part of a Madoff article mentioned that his kids are already contemplating a name change. I remember thinking, “damn, they don’t waste any time, do they?” LOL. I guess it’s no biggie to Jews, for whom surnames often seem a form of advertising anyway.

  2. I suggest that you not use the Mexican insult “Anglo” to describe Whites. I know it’s becoming common, but we should not allow our enemies to re-define our identity.

  3. “Mohammed was gay” – LOL. Great article in terms of evolutionary survival – or in terms of any kind of survival. Animals being exterminated by more successful other groups of animals can adopt techniques of the other animals.

    It can cause confusion, using masks. But the Jewish people seemed to have incorporated the awareness pretty well. So we can too.

  4. Sadly, one of the weaknesses of white America is the old Anglo-Saxon notion of “fair play.” The East Coast elite, starting in the 1930s, began to feel sorry for the Jews, let them into their elite institutions (schools, etc.) and it was downhill from there. Once political correctness was firmly established in the U.S., it spread to Western Europe.

  5. Things are already so far down the cycle of decline that trying just about anything at this point could find some justification.

    There have already been some who have practiced this type of crypsis out there!

    David Myatt started out as a Far-Right type and then entered Organized Satanism with the goal of getting Satanists to target ‘undesireables’ through the agency of his Order of Nine Angels. Luckily most Far-Right already has the ‘allure of evil’ thanks to Jewish Media demagoging so this makes convincing Satanists to carry out certain acts very, very easy.

    Later Myatt went on to try a different strategy: converting to Militant Islam in an effort to carry on the manichean struggle with Jewry from a different perspective (anti-Zionism).

    Myself I work on a University Campus and Practice Aryan Taqiyya whilst posing as a Stalinite-Uber-Liberal anti-Zionist utilizing the discourse of the Soviet-style ‘Zionology’ (google it!).

    Have even almost gotten a Jewish co-worker fired when I reported him for making anti-Muslim remarks. One more comment like that on the job and that dirty Jew is gone!!!!

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