On Friday evening September 3rd, we will be protesting the release of the film Machete. This film is an explicitly anti-white blood-bath that encourages Latinos to attack, maim, and kill whites with impunity.

We feel that this is an explicit threat to white folks and that it is necessary to send a message to moviegoers and the producers of this film that threatening people because they happen to be white is unacceptable.

I have attached a flyer produced for this action and have started a facebook group at I would encourage you to join and network with others so that you can have a bigger impact where you live.

Please let me know if you are available for the protest on Friday, we are expecting heavy media interest in this action. If you get involved in your local community do not interfere with anyone walking into the theaters—do not threaten them or anything, even jokingly.  I at least will be protesting this film all weekend.

Please forward this post to all like minded people.


  1. First there were “black expoitation” films (the various “Shaft” films and the like) now the Jews have found (yes, I know some mexican named Rodriguez is the producer, but nothing gets into the movie theaters without the approval of the Jewish film Dons and they always get their cut of the proceeds) a new lucrative market for their anit-whitey wares. They sure did manage to pick the ugliest, most brutal looking Mexican they could find for the starring role as well. Unfortunately, it will probably bring in kaboodles of money and may even be popular with with that completely screwed up contingent of whites that hate themselves and other whites.

  2. History repeating itself here; first there were black exploitation films, now we have a new category for the Jewish film industry to capitalize on (yes, I know that a Mexican named Rodriguez produced this movie, but the Jewish film Dons will get their cut and most likely helped fund it as well). They surely did pick the ugliest, most brutal looking Mexican they could find to star in the flick. Unfortunately, this film will probably be popular with self-hating whites as well as non-whites.

  3. It appears that the “leave a comment” function appears to be screwed up. Had to try twice, but maybe its my PC….

  4. Where is the protest taking place Andrew? I take it that it is in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

  5. No…We want this movie to be played and for the mestizos to go nuts and start attacking whites. This maybe the only thing that will wake them up to reality. Multi-culterism is a killer and we are slowly dying, without a fight. Something needs to shake some sense into the ballsports fans and the american lemmings. Time is not on our side and anything to show people diversity does not work and everyone is racist except the white is gladly accepted. If mestizos killing a few 100 lemmings will open peoples eyes, well then they can be martyers. Some thing has to happen and hopefully soon. So good for this anti white hate movie, this might be exactly what we need.

  6. Sorry, I’m taking the opposite approach. I’m encouraging the showing of this film.
    White America needs to wake the hell up.
    My goal is to make life hell on earth for White America.
    Nothing else works.

  7. BTW Hunter, I took the following quote of yours from a post several posts back’ “Here is someone who had persuaded me to get involved with the CofCC and whose example caused me to urge other people to make that same leap … “stabbing me in the front,” as I recall … while I was on vacation.”
    – I missed whatever the bruhaha was all about, but welcome to the age-old story of the WN “movement” (or hell, for that matter, life with other white people, it seems, as there is an abundance of this type around)- the old “stab ’em in the back” story. It seems every WN movement has suffered from this, all the way back to George Lincoln Rockwell. Yes, you are right- the WN movement is full of dysfunctional people and that crowd should be avoided and the old style approach to creating some sort of political effectiveness will not work.

  8. “We want this movie to be played and for the mestizos to go nuts and start attacking whites. This maybe the only thing that will wake them up to reality. ”

    Think harder, jungleboots. YES, we want Whites to see this movie in order to wake the hell up.
    Protesting, that is, standing on the sidewalk at the theaters holding signs, furthers that goal:
    A) When they go in, the idea, which may have never occurred to them, that this film is anti-White will be forefront in the minds of those standing in line to get tickets, so they WILL wake the hell up.

    B) The protesting may get mainstream media attention, even if only to denounce us. But ALL publicity is good.

    C) The controversy will prompt a lot of asleep, but now curious, average Joes to see the movie that wouldn’t have AND will plant in his mind it’s unacceptable because it’s anti-White.

    D) AND we WNs get to, by carrying signs but not harrassing anyone, give people a positive image of us. NOBODY wear Nazi uniforms, okay?

  9. Barb,
    I follow what you are saying but I don’t think that will make a difference. The white lemmings will roote for the mestizos because they will be portrayed as the victims and the down troddens. Look at profesional sports. Basketball,football and baseball are majority-non white yet most fans are white. Whites have been programmed to roote for anyone but fellow whites.
    What did the white Lemmings say after watching that hate filled Tarantino movie ‘Inglorious Bastards’? They likes it and sided with the Hate Crazed Jew as he bashed the heads of their brothers in Germany. They sided with the Jew instead of their own. 98% of White Americans have no idea what is going on and who the dark forces are behind it all. They look to Hollywood for entertainment and an education. Hollywood has taught them all they know and we know it is all lies.

    If the movie flops at the show, then nothing will be mentioned. If people boycott a theatre or two it won’t get any coverage, thus it didn’t happen and nobody knows about it. With blood in the streets of all major cities, then they can take notice and their head in the sand approach is no longer an option.

  10. “If the movie flops at the show, then nothing will be mentioned. If people boycott a theatre or two it won’t get any coverage, thus it didn’t happen and nobody knows about it. ”

    I have proved that being ignored is the last thing we have to worry about.

  11. @Jungleboots92: I find the parallels you draw between “Inglorious Basterds” and “Machete” fascinating at many levels.

    Your wish for “blood in the streets” is in line with the rest of your discourse.

    @Barb: OK, no nazi uniforms, but how about a few “God hates wetbacks” signs?

  12. I looked at the trailer for this anti-white hateflick. It is so over the top against white people that, at first, I thought it was a just a joke. But it is a real movie. What would happen if the tables were turned, even a little?

  13. We can both protest this film wherever it plays AND download torrents, burn CDs and send them to friends and family, with a little explanation of the real situation on the ground and what is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    “look, egalitarian sister, see how the Mexicans love you!” or pass them out at next local church hug-in. Label it something innoculous like “the story of the chicano struggle in America”. You get the idea.

  14. Mexicans aren’t niggers. Nigs are easy to complain about since they are so completely worthless – thieves, murderers, bums, loud, stinky, crappy workers – you name it. Black people suck.

    Mexicans may have low intelligence and some negroid tendencies, but the stereotype is the Mexican WORKER, not the black parasite. Mexicans are a big step up from nigs. The point is that you get egg on your face when you apply problem black to problem brown. As a Los Angeles guy, I’m happy to have these brown leeches eating the decaying black flesh from our body.

  15. This is perfect for us. I’d go to see it myself, except for the wetback audience. Hopefully, this movie will be a big moneymaker for the Hollywood Jews, and they will put out more of same, further sharpening racial tensions. Nothing concentrates the (white) mind like violence and the proximity of death.

  16. Stirring up the enduring Mexican hatred for Whites is a good thing. We want some vida locas to shoot up a Tea Party, and let the conservatives know what’s really in store for them.

  17. Bravo For Machete!

    The only thing that’ll wake these White retards up is suffering, suffering, and more suffering with a sprinkling of total national meltdown on top.

    If 37,000 rapes (+ 2-3x unreported) of White women by blacks in a single year doesn’t make a dent, then I welcome the Mexican gangstas too.

    Hopefully enough of them have percolated up into the northeastern blue rich liberal douche states to wreak much havoc.

  18. My only prayer is some Mexicans shoot up a few brain dead Judaized Christian retard kosher conservative Glenn Beck style gatherings.

  19. Self-hating White liberals are the most embarrassing and pathetic people on Earth. They’ll actually go to this movie and enjoy seeing White people killed by Mexicans.

    I’m still waiting for this event that’s going to “wake up” white people. Eight innocent white men were shot down and murdered a few weeks ago for being white. And? Nothing. Barely a blip on the radar. Maybe if it was 8 white women who were murdered it would’ve got more attention, because thanks to feminism, the value of a man’s life is less than a womans, and thanks to feminism traitorous white women can’t give two shits about white men.

    If they started rounding up thousands of white men and throwing them in concentration camps, that still wouldn’t wake up any of these morons. They’d still be pandering, groveling, and ass-kissing.

  20. “My only prayer is some Mexicans shoot up a few brain dead Judaized Christian retard kosher conservative Glenn Beck style gatherings.”

    Gentlemen, any reasonable person understands the anger. But, please, let’s continue on our usual high road.

    “If 37,000 rapes (+ 2-3x unreported) of White women by jungle bunnies in a single year doesn’t make a dent, then I welcome the Mexican gangstas too.”

    Whites unaware of the outrageous and unreported black-on-white crime rate can find it compiled in the booklet, The Color of Crime. More info: and

  21. Has anyone seen the movie yet? My take from the previews is that it’s not a movie that suggests a Mexican uprising, as much as a classical revenge flick.

    Machete is set up to be the patsy in a Oswald-style assassination, but survives and goes on to visit revenge on the rich people who hired him. Of course all the rich people happen to be White. In other words it appears to be a revisiting of two classic film themes, that of “Death Wish” and countless other flicks, the anti-hero set on revenge-by-the-gun, and “The Parralax View” the story of someone over their head dealing with the corrupt elite and chosen to serve as a patsy.

    I’m interested to see it. Rodreiguez, who’s last film was horrible bordering on unwatchable, doesn’t seem able to produce any movies except 3rd rate slasher films with completely brainless rip-off plots. Thus I expect a crappy “Death Wish” rip-off, with a latin flavor, but something far short of a anti-white agitprop piece. That seems above his ability. (Maybe Tarentino has helped him some more, he’s his mentor apparently.)

    I suspect there will be plenty of latin bad guys who get chopped up in this film, and perhaps even a few white and black good guys, just enough not to make the film explicitly anti white.

    The evil rich-white-man controlling everything is a staple of almost every piece of dreck that Hollywood produces, from “Silkwood” to the latest Stalone action pic “The Expendables”. It’s as much a given part of the fantasy cosmology of the world-according-to-Hollywood as the “racist former South African military officer leading a terrorist plots to impose White Rule on the world.” (And equally vacuous.)

    I suspect that the racial message will be blurred enough, by design, that it will be seen by most people as the mexican equivilent of “Shaft” and other blaxploitation films.

    It will be interesting to read reviews by some of ‘our’ writers here.

    Here is a MSM review that seems to suggest it’s standard slasher fare: Hollywood & Fine review of “Machete”.

  22. Why bother protest? If you get any media attention, you will be misrepresented and sneered at.

    Wouldn’t it be wiser and more effective to start using the “hate speech” laws against those who really hate? Get a good lawyer and sue them for preaching hatred.

  23. “As a Los Angeles guy, I’m happy to have these brown leeches eating the decaying black flesh from our body.”

    Is this parody? Mestizo anchor babies are assimilating TO the black underclass culture.
    While Juan and Lupe may be hard at work gardening and motel-maiding, their 15-y-old kids are makin’ taco-flavored bacon, raising the illegitimate spawn on welfare, and, being slightly smarter, out-gangbangin’ the Crips.

  24. I strongly support Andrew Yeoman’s courage and hard work getting out in the street protesting incitements to hate and kill our people.

    Certain brave White men have what it takes to risk their health and their lives to stand up for our people in the right way. AY has proven that he has the right stuff.

  25. Meh. I don’t watch any Hollywood offal at all these days. It’s all just jew-produced anti-white garbage. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie. Can anyone out there recommend any good pro-white vids, no matter how old?

  26. Sounds like it was inspired by the “play within a play” movie the Christopher Maltisanti character made in the Sopranos called “Cleaver” about a betrayed mobster hacking out revenge against those who set him up.

    Violence is counterproductive. That kook who tried to blow up the Discovery Channel “to fight Global Warming” just put another nail in the coffin in “Cap and Trade.” Now in addition to Al Gore’s “Man-Bear-Pig” antics and the hacked Climategate cover-up, the public has yet more kookiness to associate with so-called “Global Warming.”

  27. And I hate to say it, but that Asian kook did have a point in his dislike of the change in Discovery’s format. Not because of fictitious global warming, but because it used to be all about hard science documentaries, but now I never bother watching it anymore, it’s all “reality TV” fluff these days. Not to even mention the CRIME of what those execs did to The Learning Channel a decade back. The Learning Channel used to have marathons about Quantum Physics and Saturn and overnight it became “chick flick” trash like “Redecorating Your House While You Were Away” and “Flip and Kate’s Eight.” That network has proverbially “Jumped The Shark.” The few things I watched on Discovery were the “Everest” series and “Tornado Chasers” a few years back, but even a concept that might be interesting for 6 weeks becomes a bore after 6 years. For instance, how much longer are they going to drag out that “Crab Fishing” concept?

  28. I’m going to watch this movie an extra time for each one of you racist, sub-human scum.

    Hey, you guys are all racist, bigoted, morons. Don’t reproduce, and don’t teach, we don’t need more scum like you all.

  29. Some of you folk saying that this movie is antiwhite need to go see the movie because in the first few scenes they kill off the main character’s family and the killers are mexican then in the next few scenes they kill off a pregnant women and the killers are white so i think you all need to get your storyline right. Not to mention folks it’s a
    MOVIE and more grindhouse style type movie than I cared for nontheless it’s a MOVIE! I guess those of you
    that believe this movie promotes hate towards whites also believe that our President isn’t a us citizen because he was born outside the USA? Oh that’s right it’s all a gov coverup

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