Nixon Country No More

Republicans Losing Orange County

Orange County, California.

In The New York Times, Adam Nagourney has a gushing new column about the decline of conservatism in Orange County, the birthplace of Richard Nixon and a conservative stronghold for generations.

The number of registered Republican voters has dropped to the lowest level in 47 years. This in a year when a Republican wave is expected to end Democratic control of Congress. It doesn’t take much sifting through the political rubble to determine the cause.

The people of Orange County are being overwhelmed and displaced from California by a tidal wave of Third World immigration. The new settlers are colonizing the area and transforming its culture and politics in ways that natives dislike.

Nagourney crows, 45% of Orange County residents speak a language other than English in the home; 30% of residents are foreign born; 95% of children in public schools are Latino; 25% of residents now lack health insurance; 35 languages are now spoken in Irvine.

This affluent symbol of the Golden State and the American Dream is now more remarkable for its “pockets of deep poverty” and enclaves of “low income housing” that cater to illegal aliens.

Instead of solving America’s social problems, as progressives once tried to do, the modern progressive movement is determined to add to the burden by importing the underclass of Asia and Latin America. When you grasp their flawless reasoning, the strategy at work here makes perfect sense.

Just think about it: poor, helpless, alienated, unskilled, uneducated, low IQ people can be expected to turn to government as the solution to all their problems. They are a reliable source of votes for corrupt Democratic politicians who now seek to create poverty and social division in places where it didn’t exist for political advantage.

This is all cynically done in the name of progress.

Is this what progress is supposed to look like? The transformation of Orange County into the crossroads of Mexico and Vietnam?

It is certainly not the type of progress that Theodore Roosevelt had in mind when he railed against hyphenated Americanism. It is not the type of progress the Founders would recognized have recognized either whose immigration policy was designed to preserve America for their Anglo-Protestant posterity.

It gets even better.

As Nagourney tells the tale, immigration isn’t the only factor driving the changes in Orange County. The shrinking of the aerospace industry, which once sustained the “mostly white middle class community,” is being replaced by a low wage service economy.

McDonald’s billboards in Vietnamese. Public schools where Mexican children speak exclusively Spanish. Barrio slums next door.

Doesn’t it sound like a nice place for the descendants of the Pilgrims to raise their children?

The Republican Party can still fix what has been broken. It can secure the border, end birthright citizenship, and deport the illegals already here before the Southwest becomes another Orange County.

Whether that happens remains to be seen.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared at From The Provinces, my new spinoff blog, which will take a closer look at the transformation of Red America and its confrontation with Washington over the next decade.

As White America moves closer to minority status, I predict White racial consciousness will start to reemerge in the mainstream. Whites will visibly start to act more like a beleagured minority (outsiders) and less like a self confident minority (insiders).

Ideas like state sovereignty and nullification are already being reasserted by White Americans. Secession will make its grand reappearance as faith in the federal government collapses to further lows.

The 2010s will prove reminisicient of the 1840s and 1850s when the South moved out of its nationalist and triumphalist phase under Andrew Jackson and began to feel and act more like a threatened minority.

As in 1776 and 1861, the “American cause” and “Southern cause” wasn’t perceived by the White majority until right up to the end. Few Americans in 1770 advocated independence from Britain. Few Southerners advocated independence from the Union in 1855.

In both cases, it was the magic of polarization and overreaction and ordinary people taking matters into their own hands that led to the historical explosion and secession, which seem inevitable only to historians with the benefit of hindsight.

So it will be again.

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  1. Hunter Wallace: There’s one very large difference between 2010, 1861, and 1776. The rump USA of non-Whites and liberals simply could not sustain itself without our people. They would be parasites without a host. Britain chose to cut its losses, and went on to build a great empire. The North could have done the same, had Lee won at Gettysburg. But the multi-cults must enslave us or die. This truly is a struggle for survival between Us and Them. An open conflict would dwarf any previous civil war, except perhaps the European Civil War of 1914-1945.

  2. The USA is going the way of a Third World Country. If any states secede in the future and are invaded by the USA, the Americans will be operating increasingly with a Third World military, economy, and culture.

  3. Lots of great comments on those Youtubes, such as

    “The foremost enemy of the White race is the international jew,

    which uses its media and? political control to forcibly mix Whites with coloreds,

    bringing about genocide via murder and miscegenation.”

    ” Der jude ist der Dämon hinter der Korruption von Menschheit”

    7 kikes voted,lol!

    Many comments from Europe, getting ready to fight.

  4. Yes, but all this talk of “future” conflicts and “wars” is confusing. We are AUTOMATICALLY at war with other incompatible races. Our patterns destroy each other, and were built that way as we solidified our psychological and physical differences down the millenia. The weaponry of the Jewish pattern and mindset, and the weaponry of blacks, were installed automatically by evolution to survive conflicts with those who see differently, who are different. They are significantly ethnic war machines–this is obvious from the scientific study of racial differences. Only the isolated peoples of the north have to any great extent disconnected this automatic weaponry of ethnic conflict and survival as part of our individualistic path of truth, meaning, and freedom. The different races are different sides of the milennia-wars of genes across vast expanses of time and space. We can see this long, long-term conflict as well as the shorter-term instances of it in the rape of white women, the crime rates of blacks against whites, the massive immigrations of blacks into white-built nations, the killings en-masse of white farmers in South Africa, the African massacres and genocides of those only SLIGHTLY different (hutus and tutsis). We can see it in the uncanny and tuned-to-our emotions conditioned attacks by jews on every aspect of the strengths of our people, and the encouragement and glorification of every weakness of our people, and the promotion o fmixing and ultimate genocide of our people. We are already at war. The war is against US, they do not know what they do in many instances — when they act according to their view, their motives, it destroys US. This is NOT the case with us! When WE go to other countries we freely share the bounties of our own path. We have improved EVERY nation we have entered in any great numbers. No other race has done this for us. So who is morally right? who are the good guys? Who seeks truth and meaning? who seeks freedom and justice? It isn’t the Jews. It isn’t the blacks from Africa. It is only US. We must not perish from the face of the Earth in this larger REAL war going on NOW.

  5. During the period that Orange County was being colonized, it’s conservative Republican Congressman Bob Dornan praised race replacement. Conservatives are useless.

  6. ATBOTL: “B-1” Bob Dornan said publicly that if you didn’t like losing your blond blue-eyed country, tough. He was unaccountably ugly and in your face about it, and I couldn’t understand why. He lost to a Mexican, with the help of wetback vote fraud. He deserved it, but we didn’t.

  7. I have to admit the conservatives were the ones to invite them in more and more and even oppose integration, which heightened their birthrates and led to white flight, as well as a desire for low wages and wage reduction and cheap workers. Things in more liberal northern California did not turn out ideal, but a lot better than the south, and part of it was because of more liberal policies. But then again, the proximity to the border has a lot to do with it as well.

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