Good Jews

St. Paul... still looks a bit too much like Pharisee Saul of Tarsus

If you have spent any time working in American conservative politics or gone the extra step and engaged in White Nationalist activism – you should be aware of the Jewish issue – the Jewish problem. Most racially conscious White Americans understand that very powerful Jewish organizations and Jewish individuals in politics, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Wall Street have been very hostile to our people and our culture – many Jewish Leftists like “author” Susan Sontag (born Susan Rosenblatt) have called for the destruction of our people, because… well Susan Sontag says:

“the white race is the cancer of human history!”

Susan Rosenblatt Sontag - Sees White Race as Cancer of History

All honest political polls have shown that American Jews have voted “liberal”, “Left” Democrat by margins of over 80% since the 1920s and “liberal” Jewish financial contributers and Jewish advisers like David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel made an unknown, half Black African “community activist” Barack Obama the President of the United States! Yeah, Jews are very Liberal – push dreadful things like Federal Hate Crimes bill, pack the Supreme court with Jewish Lesbians like Elena Kagan or “New York-a-Ricans” like Sonia Sotomayor. You can basically count on American Jewish liberals/Leftists to push all kinds of terrible programs like homosexual marriage, open borders immigration, anti White affirmative action, political correctness, cultural marxism – lots of very, very bad, Liberal Leftist crap.

But what about the Jews who claim to be “Conservative”?

What about the Jews who claim to have “seen the light” – to have come over to our side, the good side, who claim to be for “family values” – a strong military, less government, lower taxes, support for our “Judeo Christian” heritage, defense of Western Civilization against the threat of Arab terrorism?

What about Jews like Michael (Wiener) Savage – of “the Savage Nation”, tough French law and order, Interior Minister now President Nicolas Sarkozy or all the new Conservatives – the “Neo Conservatives” at National Review/The Goldberg Review, supposedly coming over to our side?

My advice is for honest folks here to closely study the phenomenon of the Jew who supposedly comes over to our side, who – like Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus supposedly had an “epiphany” on “the Road to Damascus” and became….

St. Paul – preaching the one true, gospel truth to our people … only …

St. Paul doesn’t really look like one of “our people”.

I’ll have lots of comments on this subject and not all negative comments towards individual Jews in America. Many individual Jewish people are good, decent people and they really are indeed…

On our side.


  1. Mr. Smith: Jews and Christians will be allies where their interests overlap, and will be enemies where they diverge. Certainly there is a significant element of Jews that oppose Western civilization, but if they actually destroy us do you think the mud races are just going to allow the white-looking Jews to lord over them? Remember that parasites require hosts. I don’t think it’s in their interests to destroy Christianity today when there is still so much overlap between Whites and Christians, and when it is that group they feed on. The trick for our people is shedding the parasitic Jews above us while turning back the mud people they threaten us with. If there is a way to cooperate with them in helping them get their cattle in check, but to shrug them off when the task is complete, then I’m all in.

  2. Neocons are not “good Jews” among us. They are simply Jewish infiltrators trying to Alinsky us in the direction of being more liberal and redefining conservatism as being a leftist Zionist who fights wars for Shitrael. Many of the “grass roots” Conservative Jews are really simply trying to keep their Christian/White neighbors (enemies) close so they not watch them and try to neutralize their moment towards a more healthy radical stance.
    Likewise, I am deeply suspicious of the Paleo Jews. Paul Gottfried seems like a decent enough guy but the intentions and interests of Paleo Jews are suspect in my eyes (and I hope others). Among White Racialists, we often have had demented Jews who seem to either be suffering from a type of ethno-racial schiozphrenia or simply are playing larks of contempt upon us by parading around as absurd Nazi carricures. Frank Collin and that Jewish Weirdo Greenberg from the 1990s come immediately to mind. They mock us and make us look bad by acting foolish. I also think other “Racialist” Jews are simply trying to neutralize us on the Jewish Problem.
    Perhaps Nicholas Stix is decent but perhaps not. I would be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate his work (but I also appreciate Alex Linders’ work too!). I guess I don’t have any problem with Jews who have practicly abandoned their own people for ours. There was some guy going by Transfaal or something not too long ago who said his wife was a mischlinge. If they are truly loyal to general white survival and prosperity (which is not necessarily the same thing as total racial purity accross the board) then I am fine with them.

  3. Sarkozy talks tough on immigration and crime (sometimes sounding like a nationalist) but when facts are reviewed he lets in more nonwhites into france than the anyone before him let in and the french cops are throwing less of the non white scumbags in jail during his reign than before. The interesting thing is he knows he needs the nationalist vote to get in.

  4. Daybreaker says:
    October 26, 2010 at 12:17 am (Edit)
    Jewamongyou and Nicholas Stix are good guys.

    JR replies.


    Nicholas Stix is really good, excellent one of the best. He posted a couple of times here. I wish him only the best.

  5. I might get slammed for this, but I enjoy a lot of Lawrence Auster’s work — that guy can turn a phrase. I still send people the essay he wrote for David Horowitz a few years ago, the one where he said Black rapists are targeting White women. A blunt but unquestionably true statement. None of these Jews are really on our side though, not even Gottfried.

  6. LEW says:
    October 26, 2010 at 1:20 am (Edit)
    I might get slammed for this, but I enjoy a lot of Lawrence Auster’s work — that guy can turn a phrase. I still send people the essay he wrote for David Horowitz a few years ago, the one where he said Black rapists are targeting White women. A blunt but unquestionably true statement. None of these Jews are really on our side though, not even Gottfried.

    JR replies
    I also liked Auster for awhile, but he reverted to Jewish anti white hysteria and Israeli firster. Jews who are on our side, should be able to tolerate David Duke ~ 1990s. I also liked David Horowitz and thought he had lots of courage to stand up to Blacks on US campuses, and tell all that “reparations” for slavery were ridiculous. Horowitz tried to present Jared Taylor to some mainstream audiences but it just didn’t go. And then Horowitz sort of reverted to Neo Con party line – really went out for war against Iraq. I can still read Horowitz on many issues, just understand he is a Jew and can’t be one of our leaders.

  7. They can’t be on *our* side as biology will triumph in the end but…
    if they genuinely think *their* side coincides with ours then it could come to the same thing. However it is just as likely they would be stealthing us so personally i’d always keep them at arms length.

  8. Wandrin says:
    October 26, 2010 at 2:20 am (Edit)
    They can’t be on *our* side as biology will triumph in the end but…
    if they genuinely think *their* side coincides with ours then it could come to the same thing. However it is just as likely they would be stealthing us so personally i’d always keep them at arms length.

    JR Replies.
    This is a good way to live and think – much better than the paranoid, conspiracy mongering obsessed anti-Semite Jew haters who blame everything from 9/11/01 to earth quakes in Haiti, to their own problems with employment, booze addictions to…


  9. To Jack,

    You have hit the whole problem on the head. White Men blame the Jews, Blacks, and Mexicans for all their problems.

    The White Man owned the world and gave it away.

    The masses of White Men are lazy, arrogant, and clueless about the world. Their women are out of control and they are puzzy whipped. Their favorite entertainment is gay dominated TV which more and more imitate. Their music is dumb azz country or bump and grind whigger beats. Obama is exactly what White American voted for and deserves. Can anyone notice who the vast majority of the people of Walmart are? Has anybody noticed who the big fans of Larry the cable guy are?

    Sherwood Smith

  10. @S.S.: once the world was divided up between Heroic White ( and one Heroic Yellow) Tribes: Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Britain, Japan, America. At the instigation of a not-so-hidden power, those tribes fought and for the most part destroyed one-another in a New 30 Years War. The one that triumphed was then mongrelized, corrupted, and taken over from within. That’s where we stood until recently, and I don’t “blame” whites for it. Good-natured individualists will always be dominated by malignant collectivists. At least until the MC’s overplay their hand. And that’s happening now. Micro-example: the latest rage in Country Music according to Jewish MSM? Gwenyth Paltrow…..

  11. We’ve been through this before. Virtually all Jews who claim to be “on our side” usually have some kind of ethnic agenda which comes before their commitment to White Advocacy. See Mike Berman, Lawrence Auster, and Michael Hart.

    Just ask the “Good Jews” about their priorities: are they willing to exclude the “Bad Jews” from America? 9 times out of 10 that is not the case. I made that point repeatedly to Guy White.

  12. I’ve met Jewamongyou. He seemed like a nice guy. I know their are exceptions to the rule, but I haven’t followed his writing closely enough to determine whether he falls into this category.

  13. Steve Sailer of and other places is one of my favorite writers, commentators – a great, straight up (Jewish) guy on our side.
    One factor that tends to push Jewish people to be on our side is to have the Jewish individual, or his family suffer really, really bad personal experiences with underclass, urban Blacks. Sailer’s family was in a White working class/middle class neighborhood on Chicago’s South/West side when the worst mess of the 1960s Black riots, White to Black neighborhood changes happen.
    American Jews have made Black “Civil Rights” as almost a religious fundamentalist doctrine of their existence. But for many Jewish people who lived through the 1960s/70s, who suffered the personal terror that so many White Americans suffered, there is simply no way that they are going to take the Black criminal, anti White side.
    I am confident that Nicholas Stix experienced real, painful, terror experiences with urban Black criminals.

  14. It seems to me that having a Jewish friend is like having a Black friend: there are limits to the friendship because some topics are just not allowed. Most friendships between Whites and Jews or Blacks are unequal, because the White has to pretend so much, going along with the national story line of White guilt and Jewish or Black innocence.

  15. “This is a good way to live and think – much better than the paranoid, conspiracy mongering obsessed anti-Semite Jew haters who blame everything from 9/11/01 to earth quakes in Haiti, to their own problems with employment, booze addictions to… THE JEWS”

    Not earthquakes, just the genocidal levels of mass immigration

    and the multicult conditioning spawned originally by cultural marxism that psychologically prevents white people from defending their living space

    Now it is self-evident that there are genocidally hostile jews. It is at least highly likely that there are some non-hostile ones. If you consider yourself capable of telling them apart then good for you.

  16. If you want your Jew-Q to go up – you should hang around more Southern/Eastern Europeans, North Africans, Middle Easterners, and Asians. It works!

  17. Funny that just today Auster has posted a fairly scathing attack on Jewish liberals that hits many of the points that are often made here. It’s not something you see all the time from him, but occassionally he does write on the topic. Here’s rant:

    Jane Leavy, huh? How sick one is of authors, screenwriters, movie directors, and TV producers with Jewish names deriding and devaluing white non-Jewish America, portraying it as psychologically defective and crippled, as mad or evil. Enough is enough, liberal Jews of the “cultural elite”! Your poison is not wanted any more. You’ve had a free ride for fifty years. The ride is not going to last forever.

  18. You should beware of overly self-reinforcing ideas.

    “Jews are bad guys” is one, once you get it, because of the selection problem. Jew don’t come obviously labelled as Jews. (And some take advantage of it.) So when you look up whether someone is a Jew it may be because of a negative way that they’ve acted, which would produce a bias, over time, in your picture of how Jews generally act.

    For example, I noticed the politician Alan Grayson was acting in a typically Jewish fashion, so I looked up whether he is Jewish, and it seems he is.

    But what about someone who was Jewish and had a not-obviously-Jewish name and was acting in a non-stereotypically-Jewish fashion? I would never have thought to look him up, and he would not get to be on my list of good Jews despite being one.

  19. The way I see it, any Jews who want to be on our side can be on our side, provided that they are sincere in advancing our cause. And there are good Jews, such as Jew Among You, Paul Gottfried, Rabbi Mayer Schiller, Michael Levin, etc.

    That being said, most Jews are not on our side, and we should look at them with skepticism and reservation.

    But I’m not here to rail against Jews. All I have to say to Jews is this: Be careful what you wish for, for it MIGHT COME TRUE.

    They wanted to foster multiracialism and an increasingly fragmented and “diverse” society, and they’ve succeeded! They think that weakening whites has served their interests. Well it has…for now.

    But again, I don’t know if they’re really going to like it when non-whites actually take over as the new majority. If they think that non-whites are going to give two hoots about holocaust guilt or their precious Israel, they have another thing coming.

  20. What about Brother Nathaniel Kapner? Is that guy for real? Either way, he’s downright hilarious! I like Paul Gottfried – I think he wants European peoples to survive as majorities in our own countries.

  21. Brother Nathanael is amusing and he’s on our side, but I don’t exactly think that we want him to be the public face of our movement.

    He could play a role in recruiting common people off the street, but his image is too goofy to be taken seriously by your average white American.

  22. I’m glad there’s broad agreement on obvious, straightforward Jewish good guys.

    I’m glad there’s broad agreement that there’s broad agreement that there is a Jewish problem, and that there are many Jews one would be insane to trust or take as a guide in any way. (Hello, Susan Sontag!)

    Where do people like Jonah Goldberg stand? Or self-proclaimed Jewish conservatives like David Frum? In my view, not near enough to the right side. Their veracity is open to doubt. Their stories shift, generally in the direction of causes dear to Jews. The promises they make or imply can’t be relied on. And they are purge-happy, so bad people to let inside a tent.

    Jonah Goldberg once said that if the Bush II Iraq War didn’t work out for the best, “we” (undefined) would never live it down, and shouldn’t. It didn’t work out for the best, and I blame primarily not innocents who believed what “conservative” leaders they trusted told them but people like Bill Kristol, who acted like a big expert with inside knowledge of how secular Iraqis were and how Islam was not going to be a problem. (Robert Spencer is scathing in instant experts who act like they have contacts giving them the truth on issues like this, but who in fact have no understanding of Islam or its implications.) Later, Jonah acknowledged that the war was a mistake. And then he and the rest of that “we” went on as though nothing had happened.

    The Jewish revolution in American conservative elites was supposed to bring Jews over to the Republican and implicitly the White cause. Nothing like that happened. Instead, White priorities were as good as discarded, and Jewish intellectual influence, money and votes remained predominantly liberal, just in charge of both parties rather than one. Conservatives who didn’t like the new ruling circle were demonized and purged. Any hoped-for greater wisdom in foreign policy definitely never materialized; Jewish survival-mindedness and prudence tuned out not to be a neutral virtue that can equally well serve the interests of conservative Whites.

    Jews seem influential in achieving pro-abortion legal environments wherever they have power. This, more than anything else, seems to be a cause where Jewish feeling is engaged. Obviously, any pro-life platform is in danger when Jews start promoting their new, preferred forms of conservatism. Recognizing that pro-lifers have learned to be cautious about “moderate Republicans” (like Arlen Specter), David Frum said, clearly, with no wriggle room, that that was not where he was going in suggesting that the old social issues be de-emphasized. Later of course, when he grew more confident, his story changed: that’s exactly where he was going.

    Even if you are pro-choice, you should be able to see a lesson in that: when dubiously conservative Jews tell people with a more traditional White or Christian view of moral and family issues that they need to stand down and de-emphasize their causes, this is nothing but a step towards demobilization and the defeat of those causes, and the triumph of directly conflicting Jewish causes. All promises to the contrary should be taken as lies from the outset.

    No I do not trust the Jewish self-ascribed “conservative” leadership or pundits or intellectuals. On their record, there’s nothing to trust and much to fear.

  23. Two Jews I follow closely in the neocon wing are Frum and Kristol. Frum is hardcore anti-White. 95% of his bandwidth is attacking implicit Whiteness and non-neocon cons. The difference between Frum and Bill Maher is style not substance. Unlike Maher, Frum would never be so crass and stupid as to talk about teabagger rednecks. Nevertheless, his vision for the GOP is cultural Marxism, immigration, and anti-racism, wedded to Likudnik-style militarism, but labeled “American conservatism.” Frum was recruited by WFB, and Frum’s focus is WFBs old specialty — marginalizing conservatives who, while aracial and often pro-Zionist, still push traditional values most Jews despise (Palin and the Pauls). 15 years ago Frum was helping to destroy Sam Francis and Joe Sobran. It was Pat Buchanan 10 years ago. Now it’s Tea Party conservatives, even though the intellectual step down from Francis, Sobran and Buchanan to Jonah Goldberg and Sarah Palin is laughable. Frum is basically Leonard Zeskind and Bill Maher with conservative window dressing. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that it was members of our own tribe who gave Frum a platform. WFB brought him into the “conservative” movement, and George W Bush hired him to write the “axis of evil” line.

  24. Some people claim they have Jews in the woodpile, the way some people claim they have American Indians in the woodpile. 🙂

    Situations like adoption, legal & otherwise, surrogate mothers, sperm bank fathers, all exist today. And let’s not forget the old fashioned bastards either.

    I would strongly advise NOT getting involved with any Jew, who identifies as a Jew.

  25. Most Jews are anti-white, period. It seems their cult(s) demand this and out of fear and paranoia of being outside of their cult they aquiese in genocide.

  26. There are so many terrible, lying Jewish Neo Conservatives – my least favorite is David Frum, who looks and acts like Grima Wormtongue – the King’s adviser in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Frum is a vicious, little Jew, always lurking and spreading rumors and lies against any Conservative that ever hints that he will not go along the Jew Neo Con program. His standard smear campaign is to accuse the White Gentile patriot of being an Evil Racist, NAZI, extremist, but then his smears go all over the place with accusations of sexual perversions or charges that the White conservative is a “liberal”, a pacifist for not supporting the latest Jew war against Iraq, Muslims etc.
    Here’s what Greek American patriot Taki has to say about the vicious Jew Neo Con worm David Frum:
    “I only met Frum once, at a Conrad Black party, where he came up Uriah-Heep-like, actually looking more like the oily Peter Lorre in “The Maltese Falcon.” I know his kind. He will use anyone—including his wife, which he did in spreading the claim that he invented the phrase “axis of evil”—in order to advance his career. Like his icon Sammy Glick, Frum tries to make it by stepping on bodies, but he will end up like Glick, a marginal fellow who tells tall tales about himself. He reminds me of another David—Brock—both of them being ugly pipsqueaks who specialize in telling without having kissed.
    We are now in a senseless war that was promoted by the neocons. They have tried to shut down debate by charging anti-Semitism. It is the oldest as well as the cheapest trick in the book. The reason I’m so adamantly against the war is because I believe it will have terrible consequences in the long run for America. We should be looking inward and going after the Asan Akbars of this world, most likely financed by the Saudi rulers. The rest is bunk, and a punk like Frum can rant from here to Baghdad. It will not change the truth.”

  27. Alix: I googled Jane Leavy. She makes it clear, according to a reviewer of her biography of Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax, that she’s Jewish.

  28. David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, William Kristol, etc, are NOT our friends.

    They are subversive Israeli Americans who undermine true conservatism, and who have destroyed this country.

    If a Jew wants to be accepted, he has to be a TRUE conservative, none of this neocon nonsense.

  29. Jack, great quote from Taki. The first paragraph had me laughing. I wish Taki and friends would fund American WN under the table.

  30. Political Pessimist: The way I see it, any Jews who want to be on our side can be on our side, provided that they are sincere in advancing our cause. And there are good Jews, such as Jew Among You, Paul Gottfried, Rabbi Mayer Schiller, Michael Levin, etc.

    Our side in what? In fighting the culture wars? Ending affirmative action? Closging the borders? OK. I’ll buy it, sure. But two questions:

    1. If we take as the ultimate goal the one that used to be a part of the mission statement (and I realize that Hunter’s goals and thinking may have moved beyond this), they can’t really be “on our side” to create a ethno-state that excludes them.

    2. Why would the same logic not apply to other races? (And if it does isn’t this no different than the paleo-conservative position.) In other words can right-minded blacks and Latino’s work with us? Or, how about the Japanese Americans. Certainly Japanese Americans have none of the problems of blacks do. They are almost non-existant in crime statistics, they are on average as high (or slightly higher) IQs than whites. They have not seized the commanding heights of our society and worked endlessly for our destruction, as certain other groups have. There are not able, or perhaps interested, in demographically replacing us, as the Chinese might be.

    Would not Japanese-Americans be the first group we look for like-minded allies in, if any?

  31. Why would you go from respecting good individuals for what they are to seeing groups as a whole as friendly? Outliers aren’t groups.

  32. Jack,

    Thanks for bringing up David Frum. If you remember, Frum was riding high a few years ago when he wrote that “unpatriotic conservatives” article ostracizing the paleos.

    Earlier this year, Frum lost his job at AEI and was more or less purged from the conservative movement. No one takes David Frum seriously as a conservative commentator anymore.

    In related news, Alex Knepper (who we quarreled with earlier this year) had an epic meltdown (he was exposed as a homosexual pedophile) that was a severe embarrassment for Frum. No one will touch Poor Alex with a ten foot pole now.

  33. Has anyone seen Takimag lately? Ridiculous.

    You mean more ridiculous? It was never the paragon of excellence, was it?

    I think that Alternative Right took all the talent and went to a new home. That left Taki with his weird celebrity-paleo zine.

  34. “I googled Jane Leavy. She makes it clear, according to a reviewer of her biography of Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax, that she’s Jewish.”

    Thanks for the correction. I failed the due diligence test. Assumed because the Leavy’s I knew were Irish …
    Guess our “friends” have coopted the name as they’ve done with many others.

  35. Isn’t it ironic that cancer was literally eating away at Susan Sontag while she was vituperating against “Whitey”? She also turned out to be a major LGBT or GLBT or whatever acronym the acolytes of Sappho are going by these days (les lesbiennes).

  36. “The Enquirer” + “O(prah) Magazine = Takimag 2010.

    As far as Whites working with other groups, I have stated before that there are Asian groups (L.A. Basin/Orange County comes to mind) that wouldn’t mind ethnic enclaves. I’d consider holding my nose and (carefully and guardedly) cooperate with any ethnic group that honestly wanted separation.

  37. 1. If we take as the ultimate goal the one that used to be a part of the mission statement (and I realize that Hunter’s goals and thinking may have moved beyond this), they can’t really be “on our side” to create a ethno-state that excludes them.

    Why in the world not, you freakin doofus?

    Pardon the straight talk, but some of you (in fact, almost all of you) are just such total nitwits when it comes to advancing your agenda calling you a freakin doofus is the least you deserve.

    Why in the world couldn’t (just couldn’t) a Jew reach similar conclusions about the state of affairs and what the trends portend and despair for some way out? Just because his myopic elders might committed him to a disastrous course doesn’t mean he can’t rebel against their inept leadership (unless you want to claim as the ever absurd cretin Bill Tillman that every Jew is bound (bound, bound bound!) by the decisions “the Jewish community” has made in his name).

  38. Anyone else comment on the Roman mosaic image I posted of St. Paul?

    This guy really looks like a swarthy, manipulative Jew.

    Oh yeah, he’s a total piece of shit.

    Damascene conversion my ass. It’s obvious from those nasal contours and that slightly everted lower lip the whole thing was was a ruse intended to infiltrate Rome and eventually bring entire White Race to its knees.

    Well, another intelligent contribution from Jack Ryan, who is obviously keenly aware that the prime reason WN hasn’t taken off ways predicted is that it has failed to heap sufficient scorn on its Enemies.

  39. Thanks to everyone for so many good comments on the subjects of Jews who claim to come over to our side.
    I will just conclude by saying that folks should not scapegoat all jews as bad and evil and be fair with individual Jewish people who you can see are behaving in an honorable way and not harming our people and yes, some individual Jewish people can do some positive things for our side.
    But, all racially conscious Whites should be on guard for the often repeated strategy of racially conscious Jews, anti White, anti Gentile Jews coming in to our groups, our political parties, our social, religious, intellectual movements and then they take over and purge, or corrupt our best White pro White leaders, pro White institutions. Jews can do this to any church any political party any economic philosophy, any magazine any television network – to anything we do that is not open physical.
    Not to get bogged down in to religious debates, but I will now add the comments of German Philosopher Friedick Nietzsche who comes out and asserts with confidents that the Jew – St. Paul, the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarus, came over to the existing Christian sect which split away from traditional Judaism as the death of Jesus and St. Paul deliberately took over the Christian church with the goal of spreading a raceless, pacifist religion, social movement to corrupt and bring down the White Roman Gentile empire that had conquered the Jewish nation.
    Here Nietzsche is naming the Jew – Saul/St. Paul as a destructive racial Jew.

    NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH. 19th c. German philosopher.

    “I do not mean that the Jews were overcome by
    decadence, but that they saw in it a method by which they
    could assert themselves against the world. The Jews are the
    opposite of decadent: they have simply been obliged to take
    on the part, so much so that with an incredible degree of
    histrionic genius, they have managed to place themselves in
    control of all decadent movements (such as Paul’s
    Christianity) in order to make themselves stronger than the
    assertive forces of life. The kind of man who seeks power
    under Judaism or Christianity (that is, the priest) uses
    decadence as no more than a means to an end. This kind of
    fellow has a real interest in making people sick, and in
    upsetting the ideas of “good” and “evil,” “true” and “false,” in
    a way which is dangerous to life and a slander against this
    world in which we live…

    The Gospels are invaluable as evidence of the corruption
    which had already attacked the early Christian community.
    At the death of the savior, a process of decay began which
    Paul, with the cyclical logic of a rabbi, merely developed to
    its conclusion. These Gospels cannot be read with too much
    care; there are difficulties in every word of them. I admit,
    and I hope it will not be held against me, that it is this very
    fact which makes them such a delight for a psychologist. For
    they are the reverse of a merely naive corruption: they
    represent an ultimate refinement, an artistic triumph of
    mental rottenness . . .

    Here we are among Jews: this is the first thing to be
    remembered if we don’t wish to lose the scent, in this book,
    the illusion of personal “holiness,” which literally amounts to
    genius, and has never been even approached in other books
    or by other men; the elevation of deceit in attitude and phrase
    to the status of an art – is not any accident due to the
    exceptional talents of any one individual. It is a racial matter,
    in the formulation of Christianity, the art of concocting holy
    lies, which is the essence of Jewishness, after many centuries
    of earnest apprenticeship and practice in Judea, has reached
    technical perfection. The Christian, who is the last word in
    falsity, is the Jew repeating his type – thrice a Jew…

    Little super- Jews, fit only for the madhouse, reversed all
    values to suit themselves, as if the followers of Christ alone
    were the meaning, the salt, the standard, and even the
    supreme court of mankind… Such a calamity was only
    possible because a species of megalomania, similar to this
    one, and racially like it (orthodox Jewish) was already in
    existence. When a division appeared between official Jews
    and Christian Jews, the latter had no alternative but to
    employ the self-protective measures peculiar to the Jews
    themselves, whereas the Jews had used it only against
    Gentiles. The Christian is only a noncomformist Jew…

    It is advisable to put on gloves before handling the New
    Testament. The presence of so much filth makes this
    precaution advisable. We would as soon hob-nob with Polish
    Jews as with early Christians, and there is no need to
    elaborate our objection: neither smells good…

    Paul, the Jew, the eternal and perfect Jew – Paul the genius –
    realized that, by means of the small sectarian Christian
    movement which had broken away from Judaism, a world
    conflagration could be kindled. He realized that, by means of
    “God on the Cross,” everything underhand, seditious, and a
    product of rebellious intrigues within the empire, might be
    welded together into one immense power. “For salvation is
    of the Jews”. . . (The Antichrist)

  40. You can like some Jews all you like but the bottom line is they all want to be on top. If you come close to overthrowing their power or influence they will do an about face. Jews are the sole reason for the term “sleep with one eye open.” They will never ever put their Jewishness second. At least I’ve never met one or heard of one that will! In their defense, their strengths are our weaknesses

  41. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. I truly like and appreciate Brother Kapner. His “goofy”persona serves as camaflouge. A protective covering. He’s “too goofy” to take seriously, or hurt – or kill.

    Listen to his words. Read his words. His (I believe wholly sincere) conversion to Christianity makes him tell very hard, dangerous things, that are not “goofy” at all.

    Nicholas Stix – I’ve met him. I thin he is a terrific journalist – and an actual honest to God real journalist. A rare breed…he’s a true Good Guy. I think he’s all about doing what’s right. I’ve searched the world for an Honest Man….he’s one of a very precious few…

    I think there are other Jews, like Michael Weiner, who are smart enough to realize that modern, tamed down White Christies are the VERY VERY VERY best host the Tribe has ever had. These folks realize that the dangerous pet Darkies that other Jews have used, as weapons against Whites, will NEVER EVER EVER do for the Tribe what Whitey has done. (And are much harder to control than the oh-so-schmart boychicks previously thought) These Jews are always Jews First, though. amenable, aquiescent Whites survival is a benefit to them. It’s not altruism; it’s What’s Good for the Jew.

    The rest – the Talmud has so permeated every aspect of Jewish though, culture, and seemingly DNA (Alan Grayson, Rosenblatt, Soros, Rabbi Yosef) that ANY contact with any of them, no matter how “nice” is utter woe and horror unto us. And to all Humans.

    Think what the world would have been like, thoughout time, had not Humanity been relentlessly bedevilled by the Eternal Jew. Where would we be today?

  42. Prominent American Jews are working with Israel to help pardon Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard. Major Jewish organizations have never condemned the anti-white activities and statements of Sontag, Noel Ignatiev and others. Most American Jews support these organizations.

    80-85% of American Jews consistently vote for Democrats and anti-white political figures. For all of their supposed tolerance and champion of the underdog posturing they’ve never taken our side in disputes with other races and continue to kick us while we’re down and undermine our interests.

    It’s clear to some of us they will never be our ally and are genetically predestined to be our mortal foe.

  43. I think Nietzche got it wrong about Saul of Tarsus. I have browsed both Jewish and Christian sites critical of him and have pieced together an interesting picture of him.

    Paul was related to Herod; he was from an Edomite family that recently converted to the Judean religion. He had lofty aspirations, studied under Rabbi Gamaliel and wanted to marry into his family. To that end, I believe he tried to impress the old man by persecuting Jewish Christian heretics, but Gamaliel told him to knock it off with his famous observation that if Christianity was ordained by God, no force could stop it.

    He proposed a marriage to Gamaliel’s daughter, but things did not work out. I don’t know if he was turned down because of Gamaliel’s objections or her objections. Possibly the latter, because he came across as pretty misogynist in his writings.

    There’s the old saw about “hell having no fury like a woman scorned unless she’s a man. One has to wonder if Saul would have taken any interest in Christianity if he had married into Gamaliel’s family. Was this a factor that played into his frame of mind on his way to Damascus?

    Saul underwent his mysterious conversion (and name change) at Damascus where Jesus (who despised the Oral Tradition of the Pharisees during His lifetime) privately told Paul and Paul alone to be the missionary to the Gentiles. It is to a skeptical bunch of original apostles he tells this news to. They try to set some ground rules down with him which he plays up as a total misunderstanding, but which he persistently ignored.

    If anyone studies Acts, they will see not only James the Just but the Jewish Orthodoxy becoming alarmed at his antics. James was constantly sending his disciples to Paul to check on him and correct him. Those were the “Judaizers” Paul kept fulminating against. James’ epistle sounds like one long rebuke to Paul as a vainglorious man and Paul has to keep telling his flock he is not lying. By the time everything was said and done, both the Orthodoxy and the Christianized Judeans wouldn’t have lost a wink of sleep if Paul dropped dead.

    The upshot is that James saw any mission to the Gentiles as converting them to strict Torah Judaism, because Jesus said he was there to fulfill the laws of Moses, not end them. Kind of like the Karaite Jews, except for the belief in Jesus as the son of God and redemptor of sins.

    James and the other original apostles were hesitant over converting the Greeks and Romans, because of the commandment prohibiting the making much less the worshipping of any graven image and the sculpture was the whole Greco-Roman industry. My thoughts are that he would have preferred that if there were any missions to the Gentiles it would be done by Gentile converts to Christianity rather than Jewish ones. From the sheer pragmatism of avoiding any Roman wrath coming directly on the heads of those in Jerusalem if the authorities there didn’t like it.

    I realize that Nietzche thought that Paul hijacked a warped Christianity to destroy the Romans, but it is possible it is more likely that Paul was a disaffected Jew whose ego was wounded by Gamaliel and he was all about creating a religion in his own image.

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