Free Traitors

The Tea Party and Big Business do not always see eye to eye.

The Rust Belt

Before plunging into the midterm elections, I think now would be the opportune time to discuss my reservations about sending the Republicans back to Congress. After all, the “Republican Revolution” of 1994 hardly produced the type of society we wanted. Eight years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney shattered the Right and destroyed all sympathy for the Republican Party in White Nationalist circles.

On immigration, I can say with a high degree of confidence that there has been a remarkable turnaround. Even during the Bush years, there were always Republicans like Tom Tancredo and Jeff Sessions who were opposed to amnesty. In the next Congress, there should be even more hardliners and the emerging debate over birthright citizenship and legal immigration will push the mainstream even further in our direction.

On the wars, I don’t see much to worry about either. For the first time since 9/11, foreign policy has been off the radar screen on the campaign trail. Neither the Democrats or Republicans want to talk about America’s imperial presence abroad. The wars divide Democrats and throw Republicans off message. Americans want to talk about jobs, the faltering economy, federal spending, and the growth of government – domestic issues and little else.

Barack Obama is already in hot water with his base on Iraq and Afghanistan. Barring another 9/11, I can’t see him starting a new war with Iran. Given their campaign promises to radically cut federal spending, I can’t see the Republicans busting the budget with a new war either, especially after how warmongering turned out to be an electoral disaster for them in 2006 and 2008.

That leaves the sacred cow of free trade.

In this area, there is some cause for concern. Under George W. Bush, Corporate America dominated the Republican Party and was able to pass much of its agenda. Will a Republican Congress return to its old bad habits and work with Barack Obama to pass new free trade agreements?

The Democrats and Free Trade

It was a sigh of relief to learn this morning that Barack Obama is even more clueless than I thought he was. While Democratic candidates are railing against “free trade” on the campaign trail, President Obama will be traveling to Seoul next week to wrap up talks on a new free trade agreement with South Korea. Apparently, he plans to “get the car out of the ditch” by passing more job killing free trade agreements over the next two years, kneecapping his own supporters in the Midwest on the eve of a tough election.

While he is in Asia, Obama also plans to swing by Indonesia to visit the Istiqlal Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world, an act sure to quell suspicions that he is a Muslim in certain quarters of the Right. After receiving a stunning repudiation by voters on Tuesday, Obama will respond by inflicting more damage on the Democratic Party, as we move into a new election cycle where Democrats will be forced to defend even tougher seats to hold in the Midwest and South.

Hitherto, the Obama administration has appeased the Democratic base by neglecting the unpopular trade issue. Obama hasn’t pressured Congress to push through free trade deals that were negotiated under George W. Bush. At the same time, he hasn’t taken any action to repeal the free trade agreements that already exist. In spite of his campaign promises, he has done little to stop the hemorrhaging of American jobs overseas.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama ran against Wall Street and as a strong rhetorical opponent of free trade. His first action upon arriving in the White House was to bailout Wall Street with TARP. He has done nothing about free trade in his first term, the primary cause of the present blowout in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and now seems bent on actually making matters worse.

Whispering in Obama’s Ear

Meet Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton and Jewish economic adviser to president-elect Barack Obama, the sage who counseled in January and February 2009 a huge stimulus package that would discriminate against White males in favor of core Democratic constituencies like blacks and women.

Now that Democrats are on the verge of losing their majority in Congress, Robert Reich is back with more pearls of wisdom for the Obama administration. I have been following his columns as they are increasingly filled with prophecies of doom.

What is Reich so worried about?

In “The Emerging Anti-Trade Coalition and Its Dangers,” he sounds the alarm that the Tea Party and the Democratic base might find common ground in the next Congress and attack free trade agreements:

“Traditional big-business Republicans support trade. But the tea partiers who are taking over the GOP don’t. An astonishing 61 percent of people who describe themselves as “Tea Party sympathizers” say trade is bad for America. That’s close to the 65 percent of union families who are against trade.

Think about it. The ground troops for both parties — tea party Republicans and union Democrats — believe free trade is bad.”

Reich is scared that America is on the cusp of “a new isolationism” and “a backlash against free trade, immigration, and maybe even international bodies such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and IMF.” He continues, “isolationism and nationalism are the handmaidens of an economically anxious and frustrated middle class. That was the lesson we learned 80 years ago, but forgot.”

The lesson that Reich is referring to here is Germany’s experiment with National Socialism. I saw this column at the time, considered responding to it, but got distracted by other matters.

Today, Robert Reich has an ever scarier article in The Wall Street Journal, “Why Business Should Fear the Tea Party.” He warns the business community that the Tea Party is against corporate welfare, free trade, bank bailouts, the IRS wealth redistribution pump, the Federal Reserve, and global institutions and agreements like the UN and WTO:

“Wall Street may be furious with the Obama administration but at least Mr. Obama (and his predecessor) bailed it out. By contrast, tea party activists consider the Troubled Asset Relief Program a betrayal of America. In the Bloomberg poll, nearly 70% of tea partiers said that they’re less likely to support a candidate who voted for the bank rescue.

Underlying all of this is a deep tea party suspicion that big government is in cahoots with big business and Wall Street, against the rest of America. This has been the conventional view among leftist conspiracy theorists for years but it’s now emerging full-throttle on the right.

Lesser known is that a higher proportion of tea party adherents believes that free trade agreements hurt the nation overall (61%) than does the general population (53%), according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month. In a poll earlier this year by the Mellman Group, a majority of tea party supporters favored putting taxes on imports from countries with lower environmental standards than the United States.”

If the Tea Party gets in power, it could team up with blue collar workers led by demagogues and go after … THE JEWS!

“History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings are easy prey for demagogues who turn those fears into anger at major institutions, as well as individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats—immigrants, foreign traders, certain religious groups. Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn’t be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.”

Corporate America better stand “up to this dangerous idiocy” and support “policies to relieve the economic stresses that fuel it” before it “threatens the stability of our economic and political system.” Before it threatens powerful and privileged Jews like Robert Reich.

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday.

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  1. Yes indeed, the ‘globalization’ worm has turned. Clearly, their worst fears are already, at least partially, being realized. For example, in West Virginia, the Dakotas, etc., and as has been pointed out, white working class/union members have fled and are fleeing the party that pushes for cap and tax, affirmative action, “free trade”, etc.
    Let me think, which group heavily supports a socialist agenda, ‘globalization’ trade deals that harm U.S. interests, pathologically hates non-Jewish white males, and believes America should become something akin to a third world dumping ground for parasites from Mexico, Somalia, Haiti, etc. until the vestiges of what the Founders helped to set up disappears completely? Let me think, who might that be? Let’s just name the group that “shall not be named”, you know, the group that unflinchingly supported the abomination that currently sits in the White House and provided the bulk of the money and “brains” of the operation: none other than ‘American’ Ashkenazi Jews that’s who. Yeah, I wrote that and it is a fact that for every Mark Levin there are about three John Stuart Leibowitzs and another three to a dozen or so George Soros types anxious to lay the smack down on the United States and call it a “progressive” form of ‘patriotism’. Yes indeed Orwell would even be amazed.
    Sure, it is a fact that the U.S. finance industry is dominated by them as is U.S. media. Hum, who are and have real Americans becoming rather distrustful of? Well, let me guess, people in finance and the media for two, but don’t say who actually dominates them or you or I might be called a “racist”.
    Anyways, and all kidding aside, the economy dominates all right now and even the tools in the shed that hadn’t put two and two together are beginning to come around as to the who has been pushing such things as NAFTA, etc. I would note that during the last depression even such entities that had pushed for lax immigration restrictions and promoted relaxing trade laws felt compelled to break ranks in order to survive the economic downturn with their assets intact. My guess is that as happened last time business leaders who pushed for ‘globalization’ will realize that their own survival will depend on getting with the new/old program and supporting immigration and trade restrictions (possibly even trade deals that actually benefit the country). Watch for organizations like the Chamber of Commerce to first stop the silly “we need them because American just won’t do those jobs”; and then Bill Gates types with their H1-B visa B.S. on the other end stop pushing for more and more “skilled” cheap labor. When you see that happen, then you know we are getting somewhere.
    For me at least, it is interesting to watch the panic set in on what I would call our enemies as the number of “useful idiots” within our ranks has dramatically shrunk since Barry Soetoro took office and the economy has accelerated its true downward trajectory (especially as real unemployment has increased significantly with no end in sight, as much of our base employment was shipped overseas and not likely to come back regardless). No, I don’t kid myself that the economy is working its magic, but it sure is fun to watch the goalposts shift and the opposing team scamper as the light in the kitchen is turned on and we get to see all the cockroaches and rats bolt for the nearest news reporter to say what horrible inhuman Americans are for asking about why it happened and to have the gall to ask for an accounting of what actually happened, let alone demand productive jobs instead of endless unemployment insurance that will end with the cutting of the national credit card over the next two months to two years. Welcome to what might just turn out to be payback. Well, at least I can hope, and let the economy, or lack thereof, do the heavy lifting.

  2. Tuesday’s vote could see the the Democratic share of the white vote at its lowest ever.

    In Georgia’s 2nd District a Sanford Bishop loss would be the result of an 80%-plus white vote for the GOP candidate in this plurality-black district.

    The defeat of Raul Grijalva AZ-7 and Jim Costa CA-20 would be a clear indication of an awaken white intuitiveness in these minority-white districts.

    Democratic candidates are running third in state wide races in Maine, Alaska, Florida, Rhode Island and I would not be suprised if the Green Party candidate finishes ahead of the Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene in South Carolina. The latest poll has Alvin Greene at 11%, while Tom Clements (G) polls at 12%.

    The last two days, MSNBC ‘s Chris Matthew has been echoing the paranoid Robert Reich mantra that the supporters and candidacy of Rand Paul, Joe Miller, Carl Paladino and Sharron Angle are evident of the coming American National Socialist dictatorship.

    I too will be looking foward to next Tuesday.

  3. My translation of the Reich article would be something like:

    “Hey guys, we really need to turn them into a minority *before* we finish up on the looting. Remember the new motto ‘bleed before greed.'”

  4. Reich’s motivations are so laughably transparent — to people like us of course — who know what to look for. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our people will see a “White” liberal economist talking when they see Robert Reich on TV rather than a Jew pushing ideas that serve Jewish interests at the expense of White Americans. The day that changes will be a big breakthrough. I don’t think there can be any doubt now the USAs Jewish overlords are genuinely unsettled. The anti-racist left-liberals are in a frenzy, Robert Reich is trying to rally the plutocrats in the WSJ, and David Frum and Thomas Friedman have floated the idea of creating a moderate third party if the GOP ends up dominated by the Tea Party. This suggests to me 1) that Reich, Frum, Friedman and their lackeys are not 100% sure they can control the Tea Party, and 2) they regard an uncontrolled Tea Party as a threat. It would be interesting to know how many Tea Party candidates they’ve already bought off. The chances are still good the ruling class will figure out a way to tamp this down, either through bribes or intimidation, but it will be more difficult this time than in 94, 80, and 72 because of the economy, war on two fronts, and other factors they can’t control like Al Queada running loose. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift toward open repression either, such as European- style incitement laws, so keep an eye out for that. When they drop the mask and begin resorting to open repression, it means conditions are getting less favorable for the ruling class.

  5. A good analysis, Hunter.

    I think what Reich is really afraid of, however, is not so much the Tea Party in its present form, but what it could either morph into later on, or influence even more dangerous* group(s) that will go further than the Tea Party.

    *Dangerous to Reich and his ilk, of course.

    Personally, I don’t think the Tea Party will go very far unless there’s a shift in the overall outlook. It has the potential to become something more, but we’ll have to see where they are between now and 2012.

  6. White Americans have caught on to the fact that “corporate” Republicans are not voting in their interest, and are in fact the other wing of the hostile elite. Goldman Sachs is a perfect example.

  7. Chris Matthews is an Irish Roman Catholic. Robert Reich is a Jew. Together they symbolize the political alliance in Congress that has done so much damage to White America.

    That’s a fact.

  8. “Unfortunately, the vast majority of our people will see a “White” liberal economist talking when they see Robert Reich on TV”

    Yes, if they all suddenly turned purple i think things would change dramatically within a few weeks.

    That would be an idea for youtube videos if it was possible. Take standard news video clips then purple-ize them to make it more visually obvious.

    “I think what Reich is really afraid of, however, is not so much the Tea Party in its present form, but what it could either morph into later on”

    Yes, it’s partly paranoia where they multiply every threat by ten and partly their standard tactic of stamping on even the mildest expression of white ethnic interest to stop it growing to be anywhere near their concern for their ethnic interest.

  9. This is GREAT news! Reich knows the Oligarchial Elite Class is in BIG TROUBLE! When he goes as far as to bring up National Socialist Germany, we know things are getting better for us. Here is the nicest part: the mixture of Robber Baron “Free Trade” and Lassallean Welfare Socialism that the Elite support can do nothing but destroy the economy.
    Reich tells his fellow Jews and Elites to fix the situation but the only ways to do that are economically, ideologically, politically, and emotionally undesireable to these elites (i.e. a new economic system based on Ron Paul style true capitalism or Bismarkian type protectionism or Nazi like autarchic socialism/capitalism hybrid). in order to save some of their power the Elite would have to make radical reforms within the economic system. Otherwise, Reich and the rest of them are as crazy King Canute ordering the Thames to reverse course because he was the sovereign. The current system can do nothing but produce misery.
    With no possibility of restoring the carrot of prosperity, I predict more and more people will come to see through American Dream propaganda as the Depression gets worse and its time period drags out. I agree with Lew that there is a good chance that the Elite will switch to naked oppression if both prosperity and propaganda no longer solidify their power. This will be bad because their is a good chance we here will experience the terror but in the long run it will be a great thing because it will totally discredit the regime by showing the American people the same face the American government hid from them but showed to German, Italian, Iraqi, Vietnamese, Serbian, Afghan, and (once upon a time) Confederate civilians. Such a situation might ruin the regime for ever and guarintee its eventual defeat.

  10. Surest sign of Jewish unease is that they no longer trust their own shabbatz goyim. That’s why, in addition to Ben Israel Bernancke, the entire (7/7) Fed directorate is or will soon be all kosher; why 3 – or more – of the Tribe are now on the SC; and why, if Angle wins, new Senate Majority Leader will be Shumer; an edgy, obnoxious, left-Zionist shyster who talks through his nose. Exactly what we want: the Hebrews out of the shadows and into the open where all can see. P-o-l-a-r-i-z-a-t-i-o-n.

  11. The coastal elite strike back today with their stage show which will flog plenty of taboos over the heads of the effite white urban SWPLs, but at least the SWPLs will get to feel they are part of a “cool” ingroup (cult).

    Maybe our own cool types like HW could stomach the “sanity” rally and report on the elite’s counter offensive?

  12. Egads! Fair trade policies that levels the playing field and helps prop up American manufacturers could lead to a slight decline in the net worth of our Jewish elites. That’s extremism bordering on national socialism. Call in the Jewish psychoanalysts.

    ……individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats—immigrants, foreign traders, certain religious groups.”

    Certain religious groups? Sounds like Roberto is a little worried that people may learn the Jews have been instrumental in our ruinous free trade policies. It’s not the Southern Baptists, Mormons or Buddhists.

  13. Reich’s views on these matters are identical to almost all white senior corporate management and Wall St. types.

    White elites, including wealthy Southern Baptists and Mormons, have been just as bad on “free trade” as Jews.

  14. “White elites, including wealthy Southern Baptists and Mormons, have been just as bad on “free trade” as Jews.”

    If your country has the competitive advantage then free trade is in your interests. Britain had the competitive advantage for a long time and used its power to enforce free trade because it was in Britain’s interest to do so. America did the same when it took over. However like most things over time what is rational becomes traditional and people support ***FREE TRADE*** as a small god.

    What is happening now isn’t free trade. Not only has America lost the competitive advantage it once had but nations like China operate an economic nationalist policy making it even more unbalanced.

    So for some people free trade means repeating what their father and grand father said even though times have changed. For others it’s a codeword for globalization. One group mistakenly believes it is a good thing for America. The other knows it isn’t.

  15. “Traditional big-business Republicans support trade. But the tea partiers who are taking over the GOP don’t. An astonishing 61 percent of people who describe themselves as “Tea Party sympathizers” say trade is bad for America.”

    You know he’s scared and desperate when he stoops low enough to to substitue the word “trade” for “free trade”.

    During America’s most protectionist days in the 19th century, we still had an enourmous volume of international trade – managed for our own benefit, of course.

    The tarriffs proposed by Pat Buchanan are far more modest than anything seen from Henry Clay through FDR.

    But to hear Reich tell it, Unions and the Tea Party are proposing a policy similar to 18th century Japan.

  16. There is no such thing as “free trade”. There are always going to be rules, and thus the playing field is going to be “un-level”, one way or the other.

    Even if there were no rules, that’s still not “free trade”: that would just mean that the strongest (monetarily, physically, manipulatively) would be benefited.

    The same applies to domestic fiscal policy: those who want “big government out my life”, are just letting someone else (usually big business) in.

    There will always be rules and the key is to set them so that they protect your own tribe from others and your tribe’s workers, middle class and small business against “big fill-in-the-blank”, Jews and other enemies. See Pat Buchanan, Father Coughlin, NSDAP’s 25 Points etc.

  17. I realize there are wealthy white gentiles who support free trade. But most white senior corporate management on Wall Street are Jews, or at least they are vastly overrepresented on Wall Street based on their percentage of the population. Executives of Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, AIG, and others are mostly Jewish. Former Fed chairman and Methodist Alan Greenspan* was on record several times to increase H1-B visas and further relax trade policies. Ditto for current Fed chairman and Seventh Day Adventist Ben Shalom Bernanke*.

    * Greenspan and Bernanke are actually Jews.

  18. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift toward open repression either, such as European- style incitement laws, so keep an eye out for that. When they drop the mask and begin resorting to open repression, it means conditions are getting less favorable for the ruling class.”

    Will the Judeo-Elites make that big a blunder? Do they really want to give us our ‘Turner Diaries’ scenario??? If they can’t totally control (Iraqi) Arabs (notoriously bad soldiers and paramilitants) then how can they hope to control Whites who have the 2nd Amendment??

    They may have no choice however! History has shown that with Democracy Whites and anti-semites can indeed win! Look at Uncle Adolfs electoral victory in 1933 and Hamases 2006 electoral win. If it has been done before, it can be done again!!! David Duke 2012!

  19. Bonus Gift: Yes indeed, the ‘globalization’ worm has turned. Clearly, their worst fears are already, at least partially, being realized. For example, in West Virginia, the Dakotas, etc., and as has been pointed out, white working class/union members have fled and are fleeing the party that pushes for cap and tax, affirmative action, “free trade”, etc.

    This is essentially the anti-globalization coalition Pat Buchanan tried to assemble under the GOPs umbrella in the 90s. It’s worth remembering the establishment GOP’s plutocrat faction fought harder to destroy Buchanan than anyone. Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary in 96 and was on his way to the nomination until John McCain helped Steve Forbes win the Arizona primary thereby blunting Buchanan’s momentum. I really wish Buchanan was young enough to make one more run.

  20. A nice sized wager says that 2 to 4 years hence the idiots will be disgusted with Republicans.

    Any takers?

  21. According to most recent data. people who earn fifty million dollars a year or less are losers. Only those Americans who earn more than $50.000.000 a year are prospering. There incomes have gone up 500%.

  22. The price of gas plunged when the recession started and has stayed relatively low due to a drop in demand and less speculation in the market. It’s what one would expect.

  23. The Jude midget doesn’t allow Comments on his blog. It did, when that video of him and the Negro collaborator first emerged.

    I made a few comments, back them.

  24. Markus – yes. The Judeos will make that big of a blunder re: hate speech laws”. They are getting sloppier by the minute. Please note the idiotic and absolutely incoherent “Yemeni woman ships explosives to Chicago, to blow up poor innocent oppressed Jews” story, of Friday. They even got their Chief Pet Darky ONegro to comment. Not one detail even makes sense. I just heard a brief blip, on a mainstream news show updates feed – but the Great Big Terror Story has essentially dropped WAY off the radar.

    I think the Boychikcs are dipping into the drugs they are bringng in from Afghanstan way too often…they wil push it too far. They always do…The Hate Speech crimes are right around the corner.

  25. Charlie Gasparino, a regular on CNBC, also claims that Wall Street is afraid of the Tea Party:

    Wall Street’s love affair with President Obama is officially over—or so we are told by much of the mainstream media. After enjoying Wall Street’s praise (and donations) during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama has supposedly alienated the heads of the big banks to such an extent that they’ve spent most of their campaign cash on Republican candidates in tomorrow’s midterm elections…

    But based on my reporting, including interviews with senior banking executives, Wall Street doesn’t so much love the Republican Party as it is hedging its bets on divided government. And barring an independent run by Mr. Bloomberg (which even his most optimistic Wall Street supporters concede is a long shot), the big bankers are planning once again to return to Mr. Obama’s side for 2012…

    …Wall Street and the banks—for all their fussing over Dodd-Frank or the Volcker Rule’s tighter restrictions on speculative trading—have been enormously profitable since 2008, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate policy and a host of guarantees and other programs that have remained in place well into the first two years of Mr. Obama’s term.

    Furthermore, as much as the heads of the big Wall Street firms hate the new rules in Dodd-Frank that squeeze their trading and force them to hold more capital, there’s one thing they hate even more—tea partiers, who have become the new activist wing in the Republican Party.

    It’s easy to understand why: Central tenants of the tea party movement are that bailouts of failing financial institutions must end; that “big business” shouldn’t enjoy subsidies from “big government”; and that taxpayers should no longer be footing the bill for Wall Street’s mistakes.

  26. One of the distinct problems is a truly American Nationalist movement. Hence, the neocon bottom feeders infiltrating the Tea Party such as Beck or Palin who supports a “path to citizenship” for illegals. And of course, the never ending wars, free trade, outsourcing and so on. The Tea Party is still a vague anti-tax and anti government movement.

    They or another movement needs to focus directly upon the issues that are hurting Americans in real life. If this were done successfully, the neocons would be playing the race card against Americans who wish to come first in their own country. Thereby exposing themselves for who they really are to the average American.

  27. Unprotected Trade has made the American Economy terminally ill. Is it any wonder nobody has a job? Sociopaths sent all our jobs to China, India, and Mexico. Ending Unprotected Trade would also be very popular with most of the electorate, if that was the only issue even blacks would vote against outsourcing, heck only in lower Manhattan and the Beltway are there significant people who want the nation to engage in this reckless behavior.

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