Idaho Prospects


I feel like staying out West this morning. Lest I be accused of hostility toward the Northwest Migration, I want to take a look at Idaho, which is the most promising of the three states Harold Covington includes in the Northwest Homeland.

Idaho is a more attractive destination than its Western neighbors because it favors Wyoming over California. If White Zionists were ever successful in transforming Wyoming into the White Nationalist version of Utah, Idaho would be another candidate for colonization.

(1) Population – In terms of population, Idaho is about three times the size of Wyoming. As of 2009, an estimated 1,545,801 live in Idaho to the 544,270 who live in Wyoming. Both states are dwarfed by neighboring Oregon (3.8 million) and Washington (6.6 million).

There are 70 representatives in the Idaho House and 35 seats in the Idaho Senate. In other words, an Idaho House seat represents 22,802 people and an Idaho Senate seat represents about 44,165 people.

By way of comparsion, a Wyoming House seat represents 9,000 and a Wyoming Senate seat represents 17,000. You should be getting the picture: a White Zionist settling in Wyoming has roughly 3x the impact of a White Zionist moving to Idaho.

The political map in Idaho is not an impossible hill to climb. It is another relatively small state. The slope of the hill is just 3x as steep. Compared to Idaho, Washington and Oregon look like a sheer vertical rock face, especially along the Pacific Coast. White Zionists don’t have anywhere near the numbers to compete in those states.

If you are going to pick Idaho over Wyoming, you will have to bring along two other people for every settler, which is not bad if we assume White families (as opposed to single male vanguardists) are the colonists behind this project.

(2) Demographics – Idaho has similar demographics to Wyoming. Non-Hispanic Whites are 84.5 percent of the population. By comparison, Non-Hispanic Whites are 86 percent of Wyoming’s population. There are 3x more White people in Idaho than Wyoming.

Idaho is also one of the most conservative states in America. 48 percent of Idaho residents identify as “conservatives.” This is roughly the same as Wyoming where 53 percent identify as “conservatives.” There are marginally more SWPLs (15 to 9 percent) and Hispanics (10.7 to 8.1. percent) in Idaho.

Oregon and Washington make the Top 10 list of the most liberal states. 26 percent of Oregon residents and 25 percent of Washington residents are “liberals.” This is the SWPL factor that wrecks the Pacific Northwest model. It is reminiscent of Chicago in Illinois and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

These numbers alone don’t give a fully accurate picture of Washington and Oregon: 33 percent and 39 percent of Oregon residents are conservatives and moderates respectively; 33 percent and 38 percent of Washington residents are conservatives and moderates.

Washington and Oregon are Purple States. Wyoming and Idaho are Red States.

Here’s another interesting item: 9 percent of Wyoming residents are “liberals.” That’s the smallest number of liberals of any state in America. 15 percent of Idaho residents are “liberals.” Moderates are 34 percent of the electorate in both Wyoming and Idaho.

Demographically, Wyoming and Idaho are sister states. This suggests the former will share the fate of the latter. If Wyoming were to find itself in a polarizing confrontation with the federal government, the neighboring states would likely take its side.

That’s the importance of Wyoming: it has the most potential of the Western states to act as the fire starter in its region. It is the state most likely to set the dominos in motion. In 1861, South Carolina’s principled stand against the Lincoln administration incited a war that forced Virginia and Tennessee to choose sides.

(3) Nordic Ancestry – The Idaho mix of European ethnicities is comparable to Wyoming. The same people live in both states. This is another line of evidence that Idaho and Wyoming will hang on or go out together.

Wyoming: 25.9% German, 15.9% English, 13.3% Irish, 6.5% American, 4.3% Norwegian, and 3.5% Swedish 3.5%

Idaho: 18.9% German, 18.1% English, 10% Irish, 8.4% American, 3.6% Norwegian, and 3.5% Swedish.

(4) Taxes – I’ve updated the tax rate comparison chart. It now includes Idaho in addition to Wyoming and Washington. As I suspected, Idaho is a low tax state that falls between these two poles. The sales tax hits harder in Wyoming because of the lower median income. Idaho has a state income tax whereas Wyoming doesn’t.

Property Taxes:

Wyoming – $1,012, 1.57% of income
Idaho – $1,213, 2.17% of income
Washington – $2,595, 3.52% of income

Excise Taxes – Cigarettes:

Wyoming – 60
Idaho – 57
Washington – 202.5

Excise Taxes – Beer:

Wyoming – $0.02
Idaho – $0.15
Washington – $0.26

Excise Taxes – Gasoline:

Wyoming – 14
Idaho – 26
Washington – 37.5

State Sales Tax:

Wyoming – 4.0
Idaho – 6.0
Washington – 6.25

State Income Tax:

Wyoming: No State Income Tax
Idaho: 1.6 to 7.8
Washington: No State Income Tax

Idaho’s overall tax burden ranks 46 nationally (out of 51) and 11th regionally (out of the 11 western states).


Property tax………….. 42;  42.6% below national average
Sales tax……………. 29; 11.8% below national average
Individual income..… 26;  5.9% below national average
Corporate income… 33; 34.4% below national average
Overall ranking…… 46; 26.0% below national average

(6) Grievances – In terms of federal land ownership, Idaho has an even bigger axe to grind against Washington than Wyoming. 63 percent of the land in Idaho is owned by the National Forest Service under the Bureau of Land Management. 5 percent of land is owned by the state government. Only 30 percent of the land in Idaho is open to development by mere plebeians.

(7) Crime – Idaho ranks 45 in the nation in violent crime. It is 47 in property crime, 48 in murder, 14 in forcible rape, 48 in robbery, 34 in aggravated assault, 43 in burglary, 48 in larceny theft, and 47 in vehicle theft. Idaho is a low crime state like Wyoming because the same people live across state lines.

(8) Economy – The economy of Idaho differs significantly from that of its smaller neighbor. Wyoming is an energy state with an economy based on mining. Idaho is an energy poor state that imports all of its natural gas and petroleum. Half of the electricity in Idaho comes from out of state.

Idaho has a big agriculture sector. Everyone in America knows that Idaho is famous for its potatoes. More potatoes are grown in Idaho than in any other state. Lots of wheat is grown there too.

The Gem State also has a big science and technology sector. Idaho is more of a high tech state than Wyoming. It some major industries. Its economy can be subdivided into manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, food processing, timber, and mining in that order.

The more diversified economy, well developed urban infrastructure, and the bigger population in Idaho translates into more jobs across a wider range of skill sets. White Zionists who strike out in Wyoming might enjoy more success in relocating to Idaho.

(9) Education – Idaho has gotten some negative publicity for being near the bottom of the national woodpile in per pupil spending, but the high schools in Boise rank among the best in the nation. This is less of a concern to White Zionists than the racial composition of the public schools. Assuredly, they are overwhelmingly White.

Boise State University:

The Boise State Broncos are well known in Alabama. QB Kellen Moore is a top Heisman candidate this year. Boise State is currently vying with Auburn for a shot at Oregon in the BCS National Championship.

(10) The Jewish Question – According to the Jewish Virtual Library, there are about 1,000 Jews in Idaho, which is the smallest number of Jews in any American state. That was five years ago.

Idaho is the sixth fastest growing state in America. Undoubtedly, the number of Jews has ticked up there in recent years. Still, Idaho and Wyoming are neck and neck in the fewest number of Jews on the ground, which is a major point in their favor.

(11) Neighbors – Aside from Wyoming, Montana and Utah are Idaho’s most attractive neighbors, the most likely sites for White Zionists to expand into adjacent territory.

Nevada is a nuclear wasteland dominated by Reno and Las Vegas. Oregon and Washington are dominated by their metropoles like Illinois and Pennsylvania. The “Northwest Migration” is being driven by the wrong kind of White people there.

Utah is showing signs of a willingness to follow in Arizona’s footsteps. The Mormom birthrate is replenishing the population and fending off creeping Hispanicization. Mormons are already the biggest religious domination in Idaho.

Montana is a larger version of Wyoming with a SWPL infestation in Helena. It is still a small enough state for White Zionists to remain competitive there. We will be taking a closer look at Montana in a few days.

(12) Jobs – Idaho has a 8.3 unemployment rate. This is much worse than Wyoming. Unemployment has been creeping upward since 2005. In Wyoming, it seems to be abating.

(13) Fiscal Responsibility – Idaho has a balanced budget amendment in its state constitution. The state is making deep cuts in education spending to keep its fiscal house in order to cover a $340 million dollar budget shortfall.

Meanwhile, profligate Blue States like California have massive holes in their state budgets, and are already looking toward the Obama administration for a bailout. The painful spending cuts in Idaho has only exacerbated its traditional animosity toward Washington and big spending progressives.

(14) Religion – Mormons (23 percent), Evangelicals (22 percent), and Catholics (18 percent) are thick on the ground in Idaho. 18 percent of Idahoans are “unaffiliated” with any religion. Idaho is comparable to Wyoming in non-believers, but Mormons are more numerous than mainline Protestants there.

(15) Anti-Blue – At least for now, Idaho is another inhospitable Red State, but its fast growing population and high tech economy is starting to attract SWPLs to Boise. They have already succeeded in taking over Denver. Likewise, the bigger agriculture sector is drawing more illegal alien farmworkers to Idaho than Wyoming.

In spite of this, the “Red” demographics of Idaho are more comparable to Wyoming than to Washington or Oregon. There are more conservatives and fewer liberals with about the same number of moderates.

(16) Climate – Idaho is less windy than Wyoming. It is not as arid. The maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean results in milder winters. As in Wyoming, Whites are perfectly capable of adapting to the climate. They are already thriving there in cities like Boise and Idaho Falls.

(17) Cities – Idaho has five cities with a population over 42,000. They are all majority White. The surging Hispanic population in Nampa is a cause for concern though.

Boise –  190,122 (population), 87.2% (non-Hispanic White)

Nampa –  68,156 (population), 66% (non-Hispanic White)

Pocatello –  52,910 (population), 87% (non-Hispanic White)

Idaho Falls –  52,148 (population), 85% (non-Hispanic White)

Meridian – 44,962  (population), 92% (non-Hispanic White)

(18) Politics – The political spectrum in Idaho reflects the overwhelming dominance of conservative voters. Republicans have controlled both chambers of the Idaho state legislature since 1958. Both U.S. Senators from Idaho (Jim Risch and Mike Crapo) are Republicans. The Governor of Idaho (Butch Otter) is a Republican. Both House seats are controlled by Republicans.

Unfortunately, Idaho is not Georgia. The business wing of the Republican Party (fueled by the insatiable appetite of Big Ag for cheap labor) is still ascendant there. Earlier this year, Idaho state lawmakers took a shot at passing restrictionist legislation. It was killed in committee by legislators in thrall to business interests.

In the 2010 midterm elections, Raul Labrador (a Puerto Rican born immigration lawyer with the support of the Boise Tea Party), a supporter of amnesty, a guest worker program, and illegal aliens who are “children of God,” defeated Democrat Walter Minnick in Idaho 2. Along with Gene Taylor in Mississippi (who was also defeated), Minnick was the closest thing to a restrictionist in the Democratic Caucus.

Minnick was a casualty of having a (D) beside his name in a Republican landslide year. As we saw in Red Dominion, Virgil Goode in Virginia 5 (a friend of our cause) was a victim in 2008 of the backlash against George W. Bush.

The prospects for “mainstreamers” in Idaho are not as bleak as Labrador’s victory and Mike Jorgenson’s defeat suggests. Idaho is only behind the curve on immigration reform. Just a few years ago, Janet Napolitano was the Governor of Arizona and John McCain and Jon Kyl were working with Ted Kennedy on their amnesty bill.

Larry Craig used to represent Idaho in the Senate before he was disgraced and exposed as a homosexual tapping his foot in a bathroom stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Craig had relentlessly pushed the AgJOBs bill on Capitol Hill. His successor Jim Risch, the former Governor of Idaho, has been a relative improvement.

Overall, the Idaho delegation isn’t all that bad on immigration: Sen. Mike Crapo gets an A-, Sen. Jim Risch a B, Walter Minnick a B, and Mike Simpson a B-. It could be much worse. South Carolina sends Jim Clyburn to the House and Lindsey Graham to the Senate.

Governor Otter is supporting Arizona in the federal courts. There are a few solid restrictionists like Mike Jorgenson in the Idaho state legislature. In 2011, they will be taking another shot at Arizona-style immigration reform. We should support their efforts.

In Idaho, “mainstreamers” have a political base to build upon and favorable demographics to work with. It is only a matter of stirring Idahoans from their slumber and purging the traitors like other states have done.

(19) Vanguardists – The vanguardists have been in Idaho for decades now. “Hiding out in a bunker in Idaho” has become a derisive phrase in the movement. Most famously, Randy Weaver had his showdown with the federal government at Ruby Ridge in 1992.

Harold Covington’s whole scheme is based on the “Butler Plan.” Aryan Nations was based out of Idaho from the 1970s until 2001. The SPLC bankrupted the group with a lawsuit. The Aryan Nations headquarters was awarded to the plantiffs and was subsequently burned to the ground and turned into “a peace park.”

At the time of Richard Butler’s death, Aryan Nations had around 200 members worldwide. The group doesn’t seem to have made any lasting in roads into the local population. It later splintered into various factions and faded in the Pacific Northwest under the new leadership.

(20) Scenery – Like all the Western states, Idaho has its fair share of the most spectacular scenery in America. Wyoming has Yellowstone. California has Yosemite. Arizona has the Grand Canyon. Montana has Glacier National Park.

Idaho has Shoshone Falls:


If you are determined to move to the Northwest, Idaho is your best bet. If I were moving there, that’s where I would go. Idaho is a solid Red State. White Zionists will have a greater impact there than in Washington or Oregon.

Idaho has most of the advantages of Wyoming: low taxes, low crime, cheap land, decent schools, a fiscally responsible government, no Jews, few blacks, a small and more conservative population, good football, great neighbors, ready made Whitopias, federal land ownership grievances, and lots of great outdoor scenery to explore.

The unemployment rate is a bit higher. There are more Mormons, SWPLs, and Hispanics in Idaho than Wyoming. The business community has the upper hand in the Idaho GOP, but that could change in the next few years.

In some ways, Idaho is a better choice than Wyoming. The climate is better. It is easier to grow food. There is a better water supply. The state has a bigger population, more urban amenities, and a more diversified economy. It will be easier for many White Zionists to settle in Idaho than Wyoming.

Idaho and Wyoming are joined at the hip. Like Alabama and Georgia, it is the same people living across state lines. The similar ethnic makeup of both states, their complementary economies, conservative values, and shared philosophy of government all but ensures these two states will hang together in the long term.

We need to disabuse of ourselves of the notion that one state will secede. When South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1861, Mississippi and Alabama followed in lock step. Political gravity, kinship, economic interdependence, shared culture, and common enemies worked their magic to create the Confederacy.

If the federal government attacked Wyoming, what would the likely response be in Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas? Probably not unlike that of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Arkansas in the Civil War.

It only takes one state to spark a constitutional crisis. An amazingly small number of fanatics concentrated in Charleston and the South Carolina low country once blew up the Union through their clever use of disproportionate power, separate state action, and forcing moderates to choose sides. That lesson now seems lost on the White Nationalist movement.

A taste of how the battles lines would shake out can be seen in the response to Arizona’s audacity in challenging the federal government over immigration policy. Whereas Los Angeles launched a boycott of Arizona, the Tennessee state legislature made a point to pass a resolution congratulating the state for taking such a strong stand on border security.

A league of states is already defending Arizona in the federal courts. They include Michigan, Idaho, Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia. In Covington’s fantasy world, all of America (and much of Europe) has been lost but the Pacific Northwest. That scenario is implausible: the interior states are older and Whiter than the coastal states.

It is much more likely that the “Reds” and “Blues” will part ways over their irreconcilable differences. The “Red” vs. “Blue” dynamic determines the political geography of every state in the Union. In Washington and Oregon, “Blues” in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas are sufficient to outnumber and dominate the “Reds” living east of the Cascades.

A “Red” vs. “Blue” split would pair Wyoming with Idaho and the smaller states like the Dakotas in the Interior West. Prying apart Wyoming and Idaho is like trying to separate Alabama and Georgia or Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is not going to happen.

Political tectonics are driving a wedge between Red America and Blue America. The fight for the survival of the White race in North America will be won or lost in the Heartland.

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  1. You are all Crazy!!! You have no idea about the LDS Religion. Even those of you who say you are Mormon, and then talk about how sad it is that the church embraces teaching other races, have no idea about your own church. You give the curch a bad name. We believe that all races are God’s children and that everyone desrves the right to hear the gospel and decide for themselves. I served a mission in Japan and the members there are far greater saints than Mr. Dermot Walsh. This group, whoever you are, disgust me. I think you are all just lacking in your own self-confidence that you have to lash out at other races to make you feel better. …

    And you are lashing out at Whites, and their rights and interests as a People, to make yourself feel better (and oh so morally ‘superior’).

    Steve Sailer sums up the motivations for this attitude rather deftly –

    And this is typical, in my experience: whites who proclaim their anti-white feelings don’t really care much about blacks or other minorities, pro or con. What they care about is achieving social superiority over other whites by demonstrating their exquisite racial sensitivity and their aristocratic insouciance about any competitive threats posed by racial preferences.

    To these whites, minorities are just useful pawns in the great game of clawing your way to the top of the white status heap. Which, when you come right down to it, is the only game in town.

  2. jb,

    You are all Crazy!!! You have no idea about the LDS Religion.

    Calm down.

    Even those of you who say you are Mormon, and then talk about how sad it is that the church embraces teaching other races, have no idea about your own church.

    The problem isn’t that the church is sharing the gospel with every nation, but that it’s recently fallen into a destructive pattern of embracing short-sighted globalist and anti-national policies that defy scripture, revelation, and common sense. With gestures like the Utah Compact, the church is unfortunately positioning itself in opposition to the welfare and future of the White American nation.

    This is clearly the result of temporal pressures and temptations, and you have absolutely no scripture to support the notion that the races and kingdoms of this world are to be mixed and fused into one vast overarching global New World Order. In fact, there’s a wealth of revelation, from the Old Testament through the latter-day prophets to the contrary.

    You’re invited to demonstrate that you’re as much more saintly than us as you claim by soberly and clearly pointing out precisely how we who are working to preserve our traditional White American nation are defying God in doing so.

    You give the c[h]urch a bad name.

    It’s always about worldly reputation with your type.

    We believe that all races are God’s children and that everyone des[e]rves the right to hear the gospel and decide for themselves.

    Agreed. But they don’t deserve the right to invade our homelands just because they share our faith. Ours is a faith for all nations, not one global supernation. We’ve been called to share our good news with them, not our daughters.

    I served a mission in Japan and the members there are far greater saints than Mr. Dermot Walsh.

    I’m not templeworthy. I even missed service, yesterday. From what I know of Mr. Walsh, he’s a more faithful disciple than I. He may or may not be as saintly as these Japanese folks you met, but it has nothing to do with the healthy spirit of stewardship that compels him to defend his nation and heritage from foreign invaders.

    This group, whoever you are, disgust me. I think you are all just lacking in your own self-confidence that you have to lash out at other races to make you feel better.

    A smooth transition from superficial Pop Religion to superficial Pop Psychology. Unsurprising.

    Oh and I am a white married male who is very conservative. I believe, as does the Mormon church, that all men are accountable for their own sins… we don’t group people into one category and then condemn them, we believe in individual salvation where every individual has to decide for themself.

    You just lumped us nationalists into a “category” and condemned us. Nobody here claimed that people who don’t belong to our ethnic families are unworthy of salvation. The only person here passing that sort of sweeping judgment is you.

  3. jb

    I’m sure the Japanese saints have very few non-Japanese in their wards and aren’t watching their daughters marry out of the Japanese community at an alarming rate. I bet they discourage Japanese from marrying non-Japanese. In that, I support them 100%.

    Matt Parrott

    Thanks for your well made points. You put things in such an even-tempered way, from which I have much to learn.

  4. jb,

    I happen to know a thing or two about the history of Utah. The state used to have Jim Crow laws. I find this hard to believe if anti-racism was the intention of the founders of the Mormon church.

  5. You are all Crazy!!! You have no idea about the LDS Religion.

    Four miscegenation laws were passed in Utah between 1888 and 1953, prohibiting intermarriage between whites and those of African or Asian descent. School segregation was barred in 1895. The state’s miscegenation law was repealed in 1963.

    1888: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Intermarriage prohibited between a Negro and a white person, and between a “Mongolian” and a white person.

    1895: Barred school segregation [Constitution]
    Declared that public schools were open to all children of the state.

    1907: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Marriage laws amended, with earlier intermarriage provision remaining the same.

    1933: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Prohibited marriages between persons of the Caucasian and Asian races.

    1953: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Marriage between “white and Negro, Malayan, mulatto, quadroon, or octoroon void.”

    1963: Barred anti-miscegenation [Statute]
    Repealed anti-miscegenation law.

  6. Idaho:

    Passed four laws prohibiting miscegenation and a statute that prevented Native Americans who had not severed their tribal relations from voting. An 1889 constitutional amendment barred segregation in Idaho schools. The miscegenation statute was repealed in 1959.

    1867: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Prohibited marriage between white persons and Negroes or mulattoes.

    1887: Miscegenation [Statute]
    A restatement of the law passed in 1867.

    1889: Voter rights [Constitution]
    “Indians not taxed, who have not severed their tribal relations and adopted the habits of civilization” were excluded from voting.

    1889: Barred school segregation [Constitution]
    No classification of pupils in the schools shall be made on account of race or color.

    1889: Voting [State Code]
    A constitutional amendment in 1889 stated that “Indians not taxed, who have not served their tribal relations and adopted the habits of civilization” were excluded from voting.

    1908: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Intermarriage prohibited between Negroes and white persons. A marriage valid where consummated outside the state would be valid in Idaho.

    1932: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Prohibited marriages between persons of the Caucasian and Asian races.

    1959: Barred anti-miscegenation [Statute]
    Repealed miscegenation law.

  7. Idahoans expelled the Yellow Peril in the late nineteenth century. The state had many sundown towns. Don’t come on my website and insult my intelligence. I know more about your history than you do.

    Asians used to be 1/3 of the population of Idaho. They were driven out by White settlers.

  8. Hunter

    Thanks for the facts about Western history.

    I think I saw something about the Asians in the museum in Boise, that there used to be a lot of them and then they left.

    I was in Spain recently, it was inspirational to visit cities that had been taken by the moslems and were retaken by White Christian knights.

    If Spain could have a Christian Reconquista, White people around the World can take our countries back too.

  9. I suspect jb has never lived in a majority black area.

    If he had done he would realise color blind conservatism is a joke.

    Only White countries are being asked to let in non-Whites give them special rights and privileges and “assimilate” them.

    It’s genocide

  10. Haha, wow. Looks like I made a splash.
    As for Idaho’s history, I know it. Trust me. But your argument that because the state kicked out Asians and discriminated against Native Americans, means they will embrace white zionism is illogical. The north east allowed slavery during the colonial days. Does that mean white zionism would take off there? Times change.

    But hey, feel free to move to Idaho. You’ll find Idahoans make great neighbors. I just don’t think your ideas will ever spread or take hold. And fot Nick Van Rensburg, I’ve lived in D.C., about as black as you can get…. and it is no joke.

  11. jb,
    Is working to defend your borders and preserve your ethnic heritage compatible with LDS doctrine? Yes or no? You made a serious accusation and you were serious when you made it. Are you going to defend your position, modify your position, or giggle, equivocate, and try to change the subject?

    If I’m not choosing the right here then you have an obligation to show me where I’m wrong.

  12. jb

    The fact that you used to live in DC but now live in Idaho shows that you understand White Zionism in your heart if not in your words.

    I’m sure you look after your family and wouldn’t want them to grow up in a crime ridden hell hole.

    If you have daughters, I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to go this high school in California

    That high school is ninety something percent non-white.

    I’m originally from South Africa, I have stories I could tell you that would turn your hair White. But that kind of thing happens in America too. Did you hear of the horrific mutilation and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville TN?

    If you are a color-blind conservative who doesn’t oppose non-Whites living in Idaho that could be what happens to your son or daughter on a date night in the future.

    Be a good father, neighbor and Saint: protect your community from non-White violence and don’t attack others for trying to defend the White community.

  13. While I am not a Mormon (I disagree with that church on several issues) I admire it nonetheless. Just a few thoughts though;

    – Anyone who speaks of his “religion” always makes me wonder. That often (but not always) means that the individual in question is what I call a “country club christian”, i.e. someone who sees the church in a social, rather than spiritual, context.

    – Anyone who goes from hysterical outrage to giggles to glee, seems to stink of “false flag” operation. If not that, then there’s surely a lack of mature spirituality.

    – Anyone who doesn’t know that the LDS church changed it’s position on polygamy and race for strictly political reasons, hasn’t done their homework.

    – While I’d rather defer to Matt Parrott or Dermot Walsh on the specifics, I wonder if “jb” has heard of why Blacks are Black and of concepts such as “fair and delightsome”?

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