Canvassing California

Tea Party gadfly Michael Erickson plots an Arizona-style immigration law initiative in California


California presents some of the most challenging political terrain facing White Advocates anywhere in America.

The Golden State has been overrun by SWPLs and Hispanics. The outcome of the 2012 elections and the bleak demographics there hardly inspires confidence in our long term racial survival.

Over the last four decades, the standard of living of White Californians has gotten much worse without the quality of its elected officials getting much better. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, a retread from the 1970s, is the next Governor of California. This will be his third term in office.

In spite of all this, I would like to draw attention to some positive developments and grassroots activism now going on in California. There are some disgruntled conservatives in the Golden State who are trying to make the best out of a bad situation. They are responding to our predicament in a constructive way.

Support Federal Immigration Law

A Tea Party activist in California named Michael Erickson is pushing an initiative to get an Arizona-style immigration law on the ballot in 2012:

Erickson needs to collect 433,971 signatures from California voters by April 21 to meet state requirements. The California Tea Party network is providing volunteers who are canvassing the state to collect the necessary signatures from conservative voters.

According to Ruben Navarette, a pro-amnesty Hispanic Republican and enemy of the California initiative, Erickson shouldn’t have much difficulty getting a vote on an Arizona-style immigration law. California’s Secretary of State approved the signature drive last September.

56 percent of likely voters in California believe that illegal immigrants are having a negative impact upon the state. 34 percent of Californians believe illegals are having a favorable impact.

41 percent of California voters are “strongly in favor” of an Arizona-style immigration law and 13 percent are “somewhat” in favor of the law. In contrast, 32 percent of California voters are strongly opposed to an Arizona-style immigration law and 11 percent are somewhat opposed.

In other words, the odds are that this initiative will get the signatures necessary to make it on the 2012 ballot, a vote will be held on the issue, and restrictionists will likely win at the ballot box.

California banned gay marriage with Proposition 8 in 2008. Prop 209 banned affirmative action in 1996. Prop 187 which cracked down on illegal immigration was passed in 1994.

These initiatives have all been contested by our enemies in federal court. Prop 187 died after Governor Gray Davis dropped appeals against the initial judgement. Prop 8 is now being litigated before the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. Prop 209 has survived repeated legal challenges.

So we have a mixed record on defending these initiatives in federal court. The ban on affirmative action survived while the earlier crackdown on illegal immigration did not.

Fortunately, the outcome of the California initiative will hinge on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070, which will be decided well in advance of the 2012 elections.

If the U.S. Supreme Court under John Roberts vindicates Arizona and establishes a national precedent on illegal immigration, which is the more likely scenario, the enemies of the California initiative won’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Future Scenarios

I can imagine a plausible scenario unfolding in California:

(1) In April, Michael Erickson succeeds in getting the necessary signatures to get an Arizona-style immigration law on the California ballot in 2012.

(2) Illegal immigration is already highly unpopular in California among the White electorate.

There are plenty of Californians who would happily vote for a crackdown on illegal aliens if it meant they did not have to vote for Republican candidates. The initiative process eliminates the partisanship factor.

(3) It should be noted that California voters approved Prop 8 which banned gay marriage while overwhelmingly voting for Barack Obama as recently as 2008. The blacks who turned out for Obama decided to stick it to their homosexual allies down ballot.

(4) There is more support for gay marriage in California than amnesty for illegal aliens.

(5) As things stand today, Californians would likely approve an Arizona-style immigration law through the initiative process. The polls seem to show that.

(6) In between now and then, the Supreme Court is going to rule on SB 1070 and other state immigration laws, and the conservative majority is likely to side with restrictionists.

(7) Arizona has already passed an earlier crackdown which drove hundreds of thousands of illegals out of the state. Most of those illegal aliens probably went to California.

(8) I can easily imagine over a dozen states passing Arizona-style crackdowns on illegal immigration in 2011. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina are almost certain to pass the crackdown. We know this because even our enemies have conceded that much

It is highly likely that Utah, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin will be passing their own versions of the Arizona-style immigration law. Even more states will likely pass limited crackdowns like E-Verify.

(9) Those illegal aliens are going to have to go somewhere. This is especially true of the massive numbers of illegal aliens – at least a million or two million – now infesting Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

(10) Where do you suppose they will go? The most likely destination is California where open borders politicians like Nancy Pelosi welcome them with open arms.

(11) The massive influx of illegals to California from the “Texodus” will inflame an already bitter electorate.

(12) The economy is likely to decline over the next two years.

(13) The budget crisis in California is already so bad that the state could literally collapse next year from fiscal insolvency. Illegal immigration will almost certainly be blamed in other parts of the country on conservative television and talk radio.

(14) In 2012, Californians will be in no mood to welcome the millions of illegal aliens which are likely to be driven out of other states in the Southwest and Southeast.

(15) California responds by passing its own crackdown and it sticks … because unlike Prop 187, in which California acted alone and Supreme Court precedent was unclear, this time around California will be following the national trend, when lower courts in other less liberal federal districts back east uphold the copycat versions of SB 1070.

(16) Long before this happens, illegal aliens stirred up by the escalating crackdown on immigration in the Southwest and Southwest will have rioted in cities like Los Angeles, which will further polarize the races and diminish support for comprehensive immigration reform and public sympathy for their plight.

(17) With their prospects diminishing in California, racial polarization on the rise, and massive cuts on social services making life steadily more inhospitable, illegal aliens react by either trekking north to Oregon and Washington or south back to Mexico.

(18) The successful crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona and other states inspires an escalating cycle of more radical crackdowns which starts with an attack on birthright citizenship.

Final Thoughts

In passing, I would like to note that every Democrat in the House from California who voted supported the DREAM Act while every Republican who voted opposed it.

Clearly, there is a strong difference of opinion between progressives and conservatives in California when it comes to immigration. The vote on the DREAM Act broke down along partisan lines. That fact is sure to elicit howls of protests from the White Nationalists who claim there are no significant differences between Left and Right.

There are 19 Republicans in the House from California. 17 of those Republicans voted against the DREAM Act. Rep. Brian Bilbray, who didn’t vote from some reason, is the leader of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Some of the leading restrictionists in Congress like Duncan Hunter and Dana Rohrabacher are from Southern California.

Alabama and Mississippi combined produced 8 votes in the House against the DREAM Act. It therefore makes no sense to write off California because large swathes of the state are represented in Congress by hardline restrictionists.

There were numerous other NumbersUSA true reformer candidates who contested Democratic House seats in California in the midterm elections. Several of them lost close races.

In 2010, the unpopularity of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman weighed down the Republican ticket in California like George W. Bush did nationally in 2006 and 2008. But in 2012, California conservatives won’t be carrying the huge albatross of the unpopular Governator on their backs.

I can’t think of a reason not to support this initiative. It is an excellent example of a positive, constructive course of action – one that costs nothing but a signature from a concerned citizen – that White Nationalists in California can get their shoulders behind right now.

Yet I have no doubt that a certain segment of the White Nationalist community will passionately disagree with my analysis. Nothing quite gets them riled up like the prospect of victory.

In the year ahead, I will be taking a few more stabs at California. I get the sense that a lot can still be done on the ground there and with the indispensable assistance of other states even Californians can start climbing out of this hole.

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  1. I grew up in L.A. and lived there for over 30 years. I have family still living there and when I visit them, I always do a lot of driving around to check out the decay. Once fine neighborhoods are now slums, full of graffiti, barred windows, and security fences. Amazing what two million Beaners can do to Paradise. In some high schools, only one out of ten Mexicans actually graduate. The majority of people arrested during the ’91 Koon riots were Mexicans. Mexican gangs have driven the Blacks out. The Mexican murder rate is over five times the White rate. They are very poor human material, as a rule. They will be really upset if their benefits are cut off, as they really believe that the Gringos owe it all to them. And most L.A. Whites I talk to know how they have sucked the life out of SoCal. I suspect that the pot will really heat up.

  2. “15) California responds by passing its own crackdown and it sticks … because unlike Prop 187, in which California acted alone and Supreme Court precedent was unclear, this time around California will be following the national trend, when lower courts in other less liberal federal districts back east uphold the copycat versions of SB 1070.”
    You know, there used to be an old rule of thumb: Whatever the latest thing, California tries it first. CA, in the old days, was the “national laboratory,”
    so to speak, for good or ill. CA was always a trendSETter, not a trend-follower.

    Now, here is ANOTHER example of CA’s loss its leadership position — all due to illegal aliens!

  3. Great post! We need to be going on the offensive, reversing the demographic decline of the White majority, and this scenario could accomplish just that.

    Jared Taylor mentioned that when one country in Europe cracks down on immigration, say, Norway, then all the immigrants flood to Sweden, which then forces the Swedes to crack down because the flood “boils the frog.”

    So all “sanctuary states” get flooded, and the residents of the sanctuar states go berserk and demand Arizona style law as well.

    Relentless economic downturn certainly bolsters our argument that Americans are perfectly willing to do ALL JOBS. As far as the farm jobs go, prison convicts and the developmentally disabled (retarded people) could do these jobs. I would certainly advocate for humane working conditions, because it is very hard work — for example, 15 minute breaks for every 45 minutes of work, and so on. But the DD’s and prisoners and people on Supplemental Social Security for psychiatric diagnoses could be doing this work instead of sitting on their butts watching TV all day.

    There is a lot of welfare so the DD’s, SSI’s and prisoners can live the phat life. This money will be cut, and we’ll need to do something with these people. There’s LOTS of them. We just use money to put them out of sight. The one thing we need to say is, “yes, they will work on the farms, but the working conditions will be humane and they will be overstaffed to provide for frequent breaks.”

    And if fresh vegetables end up costing more because of this — that’s what all those backyards are for, folks — not these damn lawns, but for tomatoes and peas and carrots and potatoes.

  4. Kievsky – you are al ittle unrealisticon the farm thing. I live near lots of little farms. I would NOT want an influx of cons. Who will protect the very sweet, decent members of the community, from them? What’s to keep them working? Will we need to pay all the ex-guards?

    And retards? No thanks. I can hear the howls from the families, now, when one of their little darlings gets a cut, or drops something on it’s foot. A local farm was put our of business by bogus lawsuits. You may notice fewer and fewer small farms are doing the “pick your own” thing. There’s a reason for that. Cohen and Cohen hook up with some Ghetto Boon….and you know the rest.

    When Jamil and Rasheeda, and now Pedro and Maria Conchita push the Red Button, and the banana/plaintain no longer drops down the shoot, and the Grand Mal Chimp Out/Taco Party begins for real – there are easier, cheaper, faster ways of dealing with problem.


  5. If the U.S. Supreme Court under John Roberts vindicates Arizona and establishes a national precedent on illegal immigration, which is the more likely scenario,

    Where do you get this? The latest I heard is that the SC will likely not even hear the case. And even if they do, I don’t trust Kennedy for shit.

    It might be better for us if the SC throws out SB 1070. Then we can get to work on just dumping the Supreme Court entirely.

  6. Otis the Sweaty says:
    “It might be better for us if the SC throws out SB 1070. Then we can get to work on just dumping the Supreme Court entirely.”

    If you have a credible plan to just dump the Supreme Court entirely, why wait? Do it now.

    After everyone sees your success they’ll be amazed. That may make them more willing to follow you on other issues.

  7. As someone who lives in California, outside of the foolish SWPL’s in the Bay Area (where I live), white people are MAD.

    They don’t exactly express it in polite company or in front of non-whites, but among themselves and behind closed doors, they are not happy.

    I plan on voting for this initiative, if it indeed comes to pass. A victory for whites in California of all places will serve as an inspiration to white activists elsewhere, and perhaps get even vanguardists to realize that working within the system indeed yields results.

    If we white minorities in Mexifornia can do it, what excuse does the likes of Harold Covington have?

  8. I am still a So Cal boy 43 years now I live where William Pelley did who started the silver shirts so there is much rich history in Sierra Madre area.
    I am good friends with Dick Mountjoy one Prop 187 authors and watched it all go down in flames with the backing of an entire state…..I think the courts are the WN enemy regardless of who bastion or symbol we wave. I remember Metzger warning about immigration in the early 80s and believed him from what Iwas seeing than with large numbers of ethnic Han chinese and vitenamese moving in and tour busses driving them down our white enclaves.
    The battle has been a losing battle maybe the dam can be stopped up but we are much to late. The city I grew up in Arcadia once 100% white european with best schools and homes in the state Focus on The Family started there, it was an implicit white community that was up until 1985. Today it is called ARCASIA.. and it is 97% asian and the white kids are aliens….. NO ONE DID ANYTHING BUT SELL OUT.. IDONT THINK WE CAN VOTE BACK MY HOMETOWN… IT’S GONE

  9. If you have a credible plan to just dump the Supreme Court entirely, why wait? Do it now.

    The public still supports the Supreme Court. If the Court rules against enforcing immigration law, whites will start to see that the SC is an enemy.

  10. Denise,

    If your local farms have White farm labor that’s fantastic.

    Prisoners and DD’s and SSI’s would be better than the next fresh batch of Guats and Mex. The foreign farm labor is a revolving door, one generation goes through it, the next generation are “anchor babies.” The cons and the tards are here already. At least we wouldn’t be constantly adding population.

  11. Denise,

    If the price of fruits and veg went up, White farmers would be able to go into business. I was only able to sell 20% of what I brought to the market last year, and at a pretty low price. That’s Mex and Guat labor driving down the price.

    Let the cons and tards be expensive and decently treated labor on the big “factory farms” since we have them and they don’t seem to be going anywhere, and let the price of food go up so local farms with White labor can make a living.

    We need to go back to local ag anyway, look at this:

    A small farmer can produce potatoes that definitley won’t have Roundup in it!

  12. @ Hunter

    What do you know about this Erickson fellow? What’s his story? Is he a Protestant?

    Now that the Roman Catholic “priest” Brown is Governor, and Roman Catholic clown “Ahnold” is back to making movies, will the remaining White Protestants in California fight back? Don’t forget Gray Davis was a Roman Catholic too.

  13. OK Kievsky – I dig the Con/Tard labor on the Factory Farms. You are stil gonna need armed guards, for the cons. The Tards are a whole ‘nother ballgame. It’s not the Tards themselves that are the problem – it’s their family members (Tard parents can be iether completely mental over having produced a Tard, or scamming off Welfare on behalf of caring FOR the Tard), and the entire cosmos of Tard Lawyers amd Tard Advocates, “protecting” said Tards.

    Most of the White farmers ’round here are their own labor. Amish and Mennontes have big fams for a reason – and Family labor is the BEST labot there is. We are beginning to get inquiries, from unemployed whites, re: farm hands. Most Whites, however, are big weenies about the actual manual labor involved, even if food and housing is provided.

    I’d love for food to get expensive again. Not merely for profit. You must bloody well know the profit margin for small producers is teeny weeny at the very best. It’s the General Population that does not appreciate quality home grown food. That’s what needs to CHANGE.

  14. As far as farming goes, it is mechanized today. The picker is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as in Jimmy Breslin’s famous quote, “the mechanical cotton picker killed Broadway”.

  15. Otis,

    (1) The Supreme Court is already hearing arguments right now over the 2007 Arizona law.

    (2) The Supreme Court will undoubtedly take on the issue because lawsuits will be filed in other federal districts when the Southern states pass copycat laws.

    (3) The conflicting decisions will force the Supreme Court to intervene as with Obamacare.

    (4) From what I have seen, I think we have the upper hand in federal court.

    (5) It will not be better for us if SB 1070 is thrown out.

    (6) I do not support flooding America with illegal aliens to increase “anti-Zionism.”

  16. Earlmundo – only on the huge Factory Farms. The small farms – it’s still done by hand.

    It’s better that way, too.

  17. My area is full of foodies. No matter the politicla affiliations. Local produce is akin to a Universal Godhead

  18. (6) I do not support flooding America with illegal aliens to increase “anti-Zionism.”

    Neither do I, my point was just that it is kindof a win win.

    I read a lot of “progressive” blogs and they are all banking on the SC to bail them out by getting rid of SB1070. I have no idea if the court will rule in favor of SB1070 or not but the reality is that the elites of BOTH parties want illegal immigration to continue. There will be a huge amount of pressure in Washington for the Justices to rule in favor of the illegals and I am far from convinced that they won’t.

    We need to have a contingency plan for what we do if the courts say that deporting illegals is unconsitutional. I think we could make it work for us if we play our cards right.

    Sometimes, worse really is better. Look how much better Obama has been for us in 2 years than Bush was for 8.

  19. will the remaining White Protestants in California fight back?

    White-Protestants are only ~30% of California’s population today.

    The Rubicon is crossed.

  20. I notice that James Edwards, of the Political Cesspool, evidently would disagree with this article. In fact, just today, or maybe yesterday, he posted another entry discussing California and Conservatives on his blog. He believes California is lost to Conservatives.

  21. Yes, Kievsky, something’s really rotten in those FLOODED “farmers’ markets,” and
    Denise hit the mark in her estimation of skilled, guild-like, indigenous, white FAMILY farm labour. But our family farms need protection from products of slave labour and foreign agriculture, as well as deregulation, de-subsidisation and general de-control.

  22. Regarding California, Buchanan speculates we are approaching the edge and that the GOP controlled House won’t vote funds to bail out California (or Illinois) in the coming bond crisis.

    But will a House that owns its majority to the Tea Party approve half a trillion dollars to bail out Democratic-run cities or Obama’s home state or Jerry Brown’s California?

    This June, the stimulus money runs out, and as housing prices continue to fall across America, property tax revenue will fall.

    The Feds are about to stop bailing out the states, and the states, on shortening rations, will stop bailing out counties, cities and towns.

    We may be closer to the falls than we imagine.

  23. Pat’s being alittle overoptimistic I think. 2011 seems a little early for a bond crisis. I’d say 2013 at the earliest.

  24. In debates over illegal immigration, the “who’s gonna pick the vegetables?” debate always comes up.

    It makes sense. Even the most devout pro-illegal immigrant advocate will concede after a lot of badgering that yes, illegals have stolen manufacturing, construction, meat packing, restaurant, janitorial jobs etc. – jobs that were done by native born Americans 20+ years ago.

    But that leaves ag jobs, stoop labor. Fact is, Mexican migrant workers have been doing those jobs for a long time now – longer than the invasion of the past 30 years. Here’s my response: First, get our public universities in agricultural parts of the country researching automation and mechanization. Give the research away to private businesses and have them start manufacturing state of the art ag-related labor-saving machines. This type of public investment is much more productive than coming up with new types of bombs.

    Second, for that part of agricultural production which will always require low wage human labor – let’s go ahead and let the Mexicans do it. Devise a practical guest worker system that solves exactly this problem – ag labor and nothing else. Let them come and go on a seasonal basis. If we do away with birthright citizenship too then we don’t need to worry about chain migration.

    I think people would be surprised to find out how many Mexicans would be cool with an arrangement like that. Many of them end up stuck here simply because it’s so hard to come and go. They don’t want to become US citizens (no surprise there) – they just want the work.

    My larger point is don’t let the “who’s gonna pick the vegetables?” argument derail your debates over illegal immigration.

    More Americans could be doing ag work like Kievsky suggests. More could be done to modernize ag production. And even a well-designed, ag labor-only guest worker program is far more preferable to an ongoing flood of hundreds of thousands of illegals per year. Cheap veggies sure as hell ain’t worth it.

  25. Brutus,

    Some people in the White Nationalist movement are incapable of giving the conservatives credit for anything.

    When the conservatives defeated the DREAM Act in the Senate three times last year, we had people come on this website to attack them for not scoring a big enough victory.

    Sure, only 4 out of 11 Republicans who voted for the DREAM Act are returning to Congress this year, and Lugar is likely to retire in Indiana without putting up a fight, but it should have been a unanimous victory!

    Conservatives banned affirmative action and ethnic studies in Arizona. They passed SB 1070 which became a model for other states to follow. They knocked off Russ Feingold and Arlen Specter in the Senate. They really tried to get rid of John McCain and Harry Reid.

    The Tea Party also condemned the SPLC and NAACP last year as hate groups. Conservatives knocked off at least 50 pro-amnesty Democrats in the House.

    All reasons to … drumroll … attack conservatives for getting better and acting in a constructive way.

    They conveniently fail to hold themselves up to the same scrutiny. What did the vanguard succeed in accomplishing last year? That’s what I want to know.

    A real jackass might point out that some White Nationalists don’t even bother to try to run for office and are unwilling to do anything in the real world about immigration and other problems.

    If anyone should be criticized, it is the fantasists, navel gazers, rhetorical radicals, and the self appointed “spiritual elite” of the vanguard who do nothing but talk on the internet and make White Nationalism look unsympathetic to ordinary people.

  26. @ Hail

    You get 5% of those White Protestants involved, and you will see big change!

    @ Denise

    You will see family fruit, berry, and veggie operations, but, they will be, and are mechanized. You also have a certain amount of hobby farmers who will get pretty big, and there are family farm markets, even if they grow little or nothing they sell.

    But, on the big family farms, most of the time is spent working on the machinery.

  27. Hunter,

    Are you saying it’s not a problem who will do the stoop labor? It is THE problem, the thin end of the wedge of all race problems.

    If the stoop labor is done by convicts and developmentally disabled and people on the SSI “crazy pension,” and done in very humane and expensive working conditions, the price of fruit and veg will go up and more people will grow gardens — ordinary people will “pick their own fruits,” which is a racially healthy situation.

    But of course its a moot point because they aren’t going to enact this policy at this time. the point is, it is workable. We don’t need Guats or Mex.

  28. No argument about the contingency plan.

    Truth be told, we really need to get rid of Kennedy on the Supreme Court. He is almost as bad as Sandra Day O’Connor. That’s the strongest argument for electing a populist conservative as president in 2012.

    We need to replace Kennedy. We also might get a shot at Ginsberg who is reputed to be in bad health.

  29. If Arizona gets to the Supreme Court, in addition to Kennedy, don’t count on Roberts as a sure thing either. When Roberts was a lower court judge, he ruled often in favor of corporate and business interests, and his record on states’ rights and federalism is mixed. Roberts also worked as a high level attorney in George Ws administration, and of course W put Roberts on the court.

  30. @Kevisky

    Here is something you may find interesting. Up into the 1970’s the tobacco farmers in Connecticut working with the churches would put on summer camps for poor rural teens.

    The teens would get paid for working in the tobacco fields, and the farmers working with the churches would make the whole experience be like going to summer camp, with activities, movies, outings etc. and an allowance, plus you got paid. I never met, or heard of a kid who didn’t like the experience.

    You should ask about it.

  31. The CA initiative will be very close. Although most California Whites are probably now angry-not all anti-Amnesty conservatives support Arizona’s immigration law either. The self-hating Whites and non-Whites are better organized than we are, and the 2012 Presidential Election will increase non-White voter turnout for Obama.

    But, that notwithstanding, 2012 does offer a chance, and it is inspiring that this is even possible in minority-White California. The wisdom in the Mainstreamer approach is very clear.

    Another important matter, is Rick Scott’s inaguration-as Florida’s Governor-starts tomorrow.

  32. When I was young I humped 50 pound bags of gravel up ladders. There was a vogue for gravel roofs, and I spent a very hard summer spreading the stuff by hand. Grunt work like that is just the thing for young White men who don’t like school. There is no need for convict and retarded labor. 40 years ago, who did the dirty work in Indiana or North Dakota, states that were without Mexicans? We have all the manual laborers we need, playing video games or wasting years getting degrees in sociology or business.

  33. Those who ask, “who will [fill in the blank]” must not have much contact with actual “blue collar” or rural America or at least never spent so much as a single day with them at a “blue collar” job. The question is absurd to anyone who has.

  34. “There was a vogue for gravel roofs,”

    It is not a vogue, it is a necessity for a certain type of roofing. Many commercial and industrial buildings have such roofs. But you are right, there is no need for convict or retard labor. None at all. Such suggestions fall squarely in line with my above post.

  35. Quote of the day:

    “Indeed, what makes contemporary conservatism both useless and dangerous for our people is that it supports what Guillaume Faye has called “the system that kills people” and “Western civilisation.”

    Conservatives are also against the “man-animal chimeras,” but perhaps I protest too much?

  36. Another good VDH article:

    Raging Against “Them”

    California Got What It Wanted

    The same is true of California. Our elites liked the idea of stopping new gas and oil extraction, shutting down the nuclear power industry, freezing state east-west freeways, strangling the mining and timber industries, cutting off water to agriculture in the Central Valley, diverting revenues from fixing roads and bridges to redistributive entitlements, and praising the new multicultural state that would welcome in half the nation’s 11-15 million illegal aliens. Better yet, the red-state-minded “they” (the nasty upper one-percent who stole from the rest of us due to their grasping but superfluous businesses) began to leave at the rate of 3,000 a week, ensuring the state a Senator Barbara Boxer into her nineties.

    Yes, we are proud that we have changed the attitude, lifestyle, and demography of the state, made it “green,”and have the highest paid public employees and the most generous welfare system—and do not have to soil our hands with nasty things like farming, oil production, or nuclear power. And now we are broke. Our infrastructure is crumbling and an embarrassment. My environs is known as “Zimbabwe” or “Appalachia” for its new third-world look that followed from about the highest unemployment and lowest per capita income in the nation. Again, thanks to the deep South, our schools are not quite last in reading and math. So of course, like the Greeks, we are mad at somebody other than ourselves. Californians are desperate for a “them” fix. But who is them? “Them” either left, is leaving, or has been shut down.

    Consumers are furious at spiking gas and food prices, and the collapse of state revenues. The illegal alien cadre is furious that there are cutbacks in their entitlements. The Latino community says that it cannot support anyone who wants to close the border and opposes amnesty. The public employees are furious in Greek-like fashion at the thought of cuts to pensions and lay-offs. The professors and UC administrators are either suing the state or turning on each other. Where are a few hundred Bill Gates and Warren Buffetts who would gladly pay more in taxes for the rest of us from their ill-gotten gains?


    In short, there is no “them” who wrecked Greece, ruined California, subverted the climate change movement, sidetracked a half century of liberalism to come, or discredited mega-deficit spending.

    “Them” you see is simply a shorthand for “I got what I wanted, and I am mad at someone or something for not allowing the world to become what I think it should have been.”

  37. Earlmundo Pitts,

    My father worked in the tobacco fields in Western MA and Hartford County CT back in the late 40’s early 50’s, so I know of what you speak. Yes, have kids do it, make it “fun,” and pay them. It will also make them realize they need to study math and science so they don’t spend their whole lives doing the “jump down, turn around, pick a bale o’ cotton, jump down, turn around, pick a bale aday!”

    I have known and heard of so many highly successful people whose primary motivation was to “get off the farm” that I realized we need family farms to incubate great men such as Henry Ford and Philo T. Farnsworth.

  38. “Quote of the day:

    “Indeed, what makes contemporary conservatism both useless and dangerous for our people is that it supports what Guillaume Faye has called “the system that kills people” and “Western civilisation.””

    I’m reading Faye’s book now, very good.

  39. Russell Pearce strikes again.

    Brewer is a great example of why we need Romney for President. Brewer is your classic “no real beliefs” politician who is just a puppet of the extreme right of the party. That is exactly what Romney will be for us if we can find a way to nominate him. Gingrich needs to drop out of the race so the moderate vote doesn’t get split.

  40. @ Kevisky

    It beats the hell out of woking at MacDonalds, or running the slurpy machine at 711.

    Plus, as your Dad will tell you, they made surprisingly good wages.

    I’ve read the “shade” tobacco crop in Connecticut is now less than 2,000 acres. That’s a crop that required a lot of hand labor. More so than any other types of tobacco.

  41. So the incoming REPULICAN MAJORITY LEADER IS A JEW .. ERIC CANTOR.. and there is no jewish problem.. ?

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