Canvassing California

Tea Party gadfly Michael Erickson plots an Arizona-style immigration law initiative in California


California presents some of the most challenging political terrain facing White Advocates anywhere in America.

The Golden State has been overrun by SWPLs and Hispanics. The outcome of the 2012 elections and the bleak demographics there hardly inspires confidence in our long term racial survival.

Over the last four decades, the standard of living of White Californians has gotten much worse without the quality of its elected officials getting much better. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, a retread from the 1970s, is the next Governor of California. This will be his third term in office.

In spite of all this, I would like to draw attention to some positive developments and grassroots activism now going on in California. There are some disgruntled conservatives in the Golden State who are trying to make the best out of a bad situation. They are responding to our predicament in a constructive way.

Support Federal Immigration Law

A Tea Party activist in California named Michael Erickson is pushing an initiative to get an Arizona-style immigration law on the ballot in 2012:

Erickson needs to collect 433,971 signatures from California voters by April 21 to meet state requirements. The California Tea Party network is providing volunteers who are canvassing the state to collect the necessary signatures from conservative voters.

According to Ruben Navarette, a pro-amnesty Hispanic Republican and enemy of the California initiative, Erickson shouldn’t have much difficulty getting a vote on an Arizona-style immigration law. California’s Secretary of State approved the signature drive last September.

56 percent of likely voters in California believe that illegal immigrants are having a negative impact upon the state. 34 percent of Californians believe illegals are having a favorable impact.

41 percent of California voters are “strongly in favor” of an Arizona-style immigration law and 13 percent are “somewhat” in favor of the law. In contrast, 32 percent of California voters are strongly opposed to an Arizona-style immigration law and 11 percent are somewhat opposed.

In other words, the odds are that this initiative will get the signatures necessary to make it on the 2012 ballot, a vote will be held on the issue, and restrictionists will likely win at the ballot box.

California banned gay marriage with Proposition 8 in 2008. Prop 209 banned affirmative action in 1996. Prop 187 which cracked down on illegal immigration was passed in 1994.

These initiatives have all been contested by our enemies in federal court. Prop 187 died after Governor Gray Davis dropped appeals against the initial judgement. Prop 8 is now being litigated before the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. Prop 209 has survived repeated legal challenges.

So we have a mixed record on defending these initiatives in federal court. The ban on affirmative action survived while the earlier crackdown on illegal immigration did not.

Fortunately, the outcome of the California initiative will hinge on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070, which will be decided well in advance of the 2012 elections.

If the U.S. Supreme Court under John Roberts vindicates Arizona and establishes a national precedent on illegal immigration, which is the more likely scenario, the enemies of the California initiative won’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Future Scenarios

I can imagine a plausible scenario unfolding in California:

(1) In April, Michael Erickson succeeds in getting the necessary signatures to get an Arizona-style immigration law on the California ballot in 2012.

(2) Illegal immigration is already highly unpopular in California among the White electorate.

There are plenty of Californians who would happily vote for a crackdown on illegal aliens if it meant they did not have to vote for Republican candidates. The initiative process eliminates the partisanship factor.

(3) It should be noted that California voters approved Prop 8 which banned gay marriage while overwhelmingly voting for Barack Obama as recently as 2008. The blacks who turned out for Obama decided to stick it to their homosexual allies down ballot.

(4) There is more support for gay marriage in California than amnesty for illegal aliens.

(5) As things stand today, Californians would likely approve an Arizona-style immigration law through the initiative process. The polls seem to show that.

(6) In between now and then, the Supreme Court is going to rule on SB 1070 and other state immigration laws, and the conservative majority is likely to side with restrictionists.

(7) Arizona has already passed an earlier crackdown which drove hundreds of thousands of illegals out of the state. Most of those illegal aliens probably went to California.

(8) I can easily imagine over a dozen states passing Arizona-style crackdowns on illegal immigration in 2011. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina are almost certain to pass the crackdown. We know this because even our enemies have conceded that much

It is highly likely that Utah, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin will be passing their own versions of the Arizona-style immigration law. Even more states will likely pass limited crackdowns like E-Verify.

(9) Those illegal aliens are going to have to go somewhere. This is especially true of the massive numbers of illegal aliens – at least a million or two million – now infesting Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

(10) Where do you suppose they will go? The most likely destination is California where open borders politicians like Nancy Pelosi welcome them with open arms.

(11) The massive influx of illegals to California from the “Texodus” will inflame an already bitter electorate.

(12) The economy is likely to decline over the next two years.

(13) The budget crisis in California is already so bad that the state could literally collapse next year from fiscal insolvency. Illegal immigration will almost certainly be blamed in other parts of the country on conservative television and talk radio.

(14) In 2012, Californians will be in no mood to welcome the millions of illegal aliens which are likely to be driven out of other states in the Southwest and Southeast.

(15) California responds by passing its own crackdown and it sticks … because unlike Prop 187, in which California acted alone and Supreme Court precedent was unclear, this time around California will be following the national trend, when lower courts in other less liberal federal districts back east uphold the copycat versions of SB 1070.

(16) Long before this happens, illegal aliens stirred up by the escalating crackdown on immigration in the Southwest and Southwest will have rioted in cities like Los Angeles, which will further polarize the races and diminish support for comprehensive immigration reform and public sympathy for their plight.

(17) With their prospects diminishing in California, racial polarization on the rise, and massive cuts on social services making life steadily more inhospitable, illegal aliens react by either trekking north to Oregon and Washington or south back to Mexico.

(18) The successful crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona and other states inspires an escalating cycle of more radical crackdowns which starts with an attack on birthright citizenship.

Final Thoughts

In passing, I would like to note that every Democrat in the House from California who voted supported the DREAM Act while every Republican who voted opposed it.

Clearly, there is a strong difference of opinion between progressives and conservatives in California when it comes to immigration. The vote on the DREAM Act broke down along partisan lines. That fact is sure to elicit howls of protests from the White Nationalists who claim there are no significant differences between Left and Right.

There are 19 Republicans in the House from California. 17 of those Republicans voted against the DREAM Act. Rep. Brian Bilbray, who didn’t vote from some reason, is the leader of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Some of the leading restrictionists in Congress like Duncan Hunter and Dana Rohrabacher are from Southern California.

Alabama and Mississippi combined produced 8 votes in the House against the DREAM Act. It therefore makes no sense to write off California because large swathes of the state are represented in Congress by hardline restrictionists.

There were numerous other NumbersUSA true reformer candidates who contested Democratic House seats in California in the midterm elections. Several of them lost close races.

In 2010, the unpopularity of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman weighed down the Republican ticket in California like George W. Bush did nationally in 2006 and 2008. But in 2012, California conservatives won’t be carrying the huge albatross of the unpopular Governator on their backs.

I can’t think of a reason not to support this initiative. It is an excellent example of a positive, constructive course of action – one that costs nothing but a signature from a concerned citizen – that White Nationalists in California can get their shoulders behind right now.

Yet I have no doubt that a certain segment of the White Nationalist community will passionately disagree with my analysis. Nothing quite gets them riled up like the prospect of victory.

In the year ahead, I will be taking a few more stabs at California. I get the sense that a lot can still be done on the ground there and with the indispensable assistance of other states even Californians can start climbing out of this hole.

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    Ever heard Cantor speak? He’s an idiot, even by GOP politician standards. You won’t need to worry about him much longer.

  2. dan neil says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    “So the incoming REPULICAN MAJORITY LEADER IS A JEW .. ERIC CANTOR.. and there is no jewish problem.. ?”

    The only Jewish problem is those in WN, that endlessly obsess over them, while the vast majority of the voting public doesn’t want to know about it. If a strategy doesn’t work, the height of intelligence, is to keep doing it over and over again.

  3. @ Kevisky

    Farm labor beats serving fries at MacDonalds, or running the slurpy machine at 711.

    From what I’ve read there are less than 2,000 acres of Connecticut “shade” tobacco still being cultivated. The reason is urban sprawl/White flight, and real estate development eating up farmland in Connecticut.

    Connecticut “shade” tobacco was one of the most, if not the most hand labor intensive crop in the US. But, the Connecticut farmers were able to pay surprisingly good wages due to the value of the crop.

    Like the cotton picker, it’s almost a thing of the past.

  4. Some movement in recent days:

    Arizona’s ban on ethnic studies takes effect, Tennessee’s anti-illegal immigration laws passed last year take effect, and a surprise out in Colorado, the outgoing Democratic Governor tries to score some legacy points:

    Colorado Governor Signs on to ICE Measure
    Kirk Siegler (2011-01-04)

    DENVER, CO (KUNC) – Colorado will join 35 other states in a voluntary federal program that aims to check a person’s immigration status when they’re booked into jails. Dubbed the Secure Communities Initiative by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE; the program uses fingerprints to identify illegal immigrants.

    Governor Ritter says the memorandum of understanding inked between Colorado and ICE has a number of stipulations to protect victims’ rights when reporting crimes. And he says it’s not designed to be a mass-deportation program as some immigrant rights groups fear, but rather a step toward catching repeat criminals who may be here illegally. . . .

  5. Why did the CO gov sign such a law?

    Tennessee’s anti-illegal immigration laws passed last year take effect, and a surprise out in Colorado

    They take effect immediately? Don’t they have to be cleared by the courts first?

  6. It’s naive to think that latinos are going to leave states that crackdown on them and head to bankrupt California or back home to Mexico. There are no jobs in California and there’s a huge surplus of illegal labor there already. They’re going to go to North Dakota, Idaho, Maine (the whole state is a sanctuary for illegals) or my own home state of Kentucky. I’m very surprised the corporations here haven’t signed on to the cheap labor movement here but most of the jobs associated with migrant workers including most of the landscaping jobs are still being done by Whites.

  7. @ Hunter

    “As far as Jews go, he is the best one in Congress.” 🙂

    When Eric Israel Cantor stabs someone in the back, do you think he will twist the knife? LOL.

  8. California officials estimate that the U.S. Census Bureau failed to count 1.5 million of the state’s residents.

    Who could they be?

  9. Do you really think all the militant Hispanic activists who worked for the U.S. Census failed to count 1.5 million of their co-ethnics who live in California?

    Yes. If that’s what the Census bigwigs told them to do–for now–to keep the gringos from knowing just how vast the invasion is.

  10. I don’t think so.

    They are claiming a 1.5 million miscount of Hispanics by the Census in order to make the case for adding an extra House seat in California which would be created by the Democratic Governor and the Democratic state legislature in Sacramento.

    Why on earth would they deliberately undercount their numbers? Especially when the militant Hispanics made such a huge push out there to boost their numbers in the Census.

    They only stand to lose from this. Everyone who lives in California already knows how large the Hispanic invasion has been.

  11. HW: The Hispanic census workers counted their brethren, no doubt, but the FOB Orientals and unemployed Whites probably skipped quite a few. As always with affirmative action, the Whites who actually have to manage the new employees want an honest civil service exam. Sometimes, they are allowed to have it, and they end up with a bunch of Whites. The plain fact is, any Hispanic smart enough to be a census enumerator has probably already got a permanent government job.

  12. No difference between the two parties?

    California Democrats seek approval from voters to grant amnesty

    While the DREAM Act failed on a national stage, California State Democrats would like to skirt federal law and provide a pathway to citizenship for those who are illegally residing in the Golden State.

    State Assembly Bill 78, written by Tony Mendoza (D-Arcadia) seeks to put an advisory measure on the state ballot asking California voters if they think the United States is responsible to grant amnesty to longtime illegal aliens currently living unlawfully inside America.

    The Democrat’s proposed “pathway to citizenship bill” would give illegal aliens who have worked in the U.S. for five years, have no felony convictions, speak English and are current with all their taxes a chance to legalize their status. . .

  13. I bailed out of the “Molden State” sixteen years ago. That multi-cultural sewer is ripe for a nuke strike. Then when its safe start over.

  14. “That multi-cultural sewer is ripe for a nuke strike. Then when its safe start over.”

    Isn’t the San Andreas fault long overdue for The Big One, you know, the one where California breaks off and falls in the ocean?

    Geez, why is there never an Act of God around when ya need one?

  15. “There are good people in California. We should try to help them.”

    I know, Hunter. I still have friends there. I once loved CA. I bailed 15 yrs ago, too, heartbroken, but did it for my kids.
    But SWPLs LIKE MY OWN SISTER are just not salvageable, I fear.

  16. HW: If Tony Mendoza gets his way, the Chinese that have taken over Arcadia will vote him out as soon as they get their papers. Idiot.

  17. A Hard Right block of “white advocate” lawyers could successfully sue for white civil rights. This would mean sue for the freedom of association, the end of affirmative action, the end to hate speech directed towards white peoples, the end to double standards in media representation (also in gender “equalities” and status of male rights and representation), the end to under-representation in ivy league universities. Basically an end to double standards in all areas of American law. There are many other initiatives that could be pursued in this area, but the bottom line is that it gives whites a pragmatic discipline of action to effect actual change rather than relentlessly dwelling on the apocalypse.

    The vision would include eventually launching 10,000 (a hypothetical no.) Saulinksy style law suits in all different areas that incite white “hate”. Every other ethnic group has similar groups ready to fight in this way, but whites do not and are being eaten alive as a result and thus slowly becoming the “out-group” that all and sundry can poke fun at, deride and abuse because it has become politically correct to do so. It is time to end this nonsense.

    Essentially the outcome of such a Hard Right campaign ( with seriously dedicated and professional people, aka Kobach) would result in the re-sacralisation of whites as a legally distinct ethnic group with rights and would put the “fear” back into Hollywood’s usual incitement of hate against white peoples. Such an obvious example is the “hick”, and working class example of whites in the media and the demonization of whites in villain roles aka “Machete”. It is outstanding how this is allowed to continue (the case of the Thor butchery could also be criticised from a whites rights angle etc).

    The campaign would also highlight the crimes against whites by non-whites (that could be blamed on incitement to murder on behalf of anti-white sentiment by areas in the MSM who would be targeted and sued as a result). If enough lawsuits were launched against one area of anti-white in the MSM and if simply one of them won to break the seal and the get ball rolling, that would be enough. The potential is huge for such a targeted campaign and fundraising wouldn’t be as difficult as many imagine.

    In Europe, such an opportunity for this need of basic white rights is non-existent and would be more difficult to implement given its tighter freedom of speech than the US.

    What is difficult to understand is how no one even believes whites should have rights in equal standing to non-whites. The result being in white dispossession, murder and rape of all who they are both metaphorically and literally.

    What is also difficult to understand is how no common sense pragmatic tactics like those I have outlined above and those that have been espoused by Hunter Wallace on this site recently have not been given serious and committed attention for those who are concerned about buying time and living space for whites (and yes I am using the general term of “whites” rather than the multitude of ridiculous euphemisms placed on that word).


  18. Actually, it’s the same in Calif as everywhere else: there are blue cities – SF, LA, etc – not blue states. HW can promote his ballot thing for the time being, I’ll sign the petition, it’s all good….and when push comes to shove, we have Pelosi and her urban friends surrounded. With guns. And they know it, which explains their (failed) gun-centrol frenzy.

  19. Hunter – there are good people in CA. Not as many as there once were, alas. Your last postng of one of Victor Davis Hansen’s latest essays confimed that. 3000 a week, was it? My dear pal Annie was one of those partaking in the mass exodus. She saw the leave-taking, with her very own lovely eyes. She thought it was only a mere 2000 a week.

    Those that have remained are there for a reason. I hope they have an escape route well-planned, when necessary. My hubby, and those in his field of endeavor, have saying – “You can’t save every-one”.

    I believe the demographics of CA are too far gone. They’d be doing us a favor by splitting off, as, in their present straits, they may just take us over the cliff with them. I’d love to have CA explode into a mass Taco Party – cause the mess would be too big to miss. (Once in awhile worse is better). I don’t want any nuking – why ruin the beautiful land. Perhaps if CA is literally named Mexifornia – the rest of the country will finally be forced ot stope LYING about the benefits of the Mestizo invasion.

    I harangued – and I mean backed up against a wall – a Local Lovely Liberal. She was exclaiming over the cost of medical insurance – and I spelled out, in NO uncertain terms, precisley WHY she and her hubby are spending a fortune on health insurance. And getting less for their hard-eared money. I’ve been using a lighter touch, as of late – but I really pushed on this one. She was very uncomfortable. Almost squirming. She tried to use the canard, “It’s ll about education”. I stomped all OVER that. Really slammed her to the ground (verbally, of course). I told her, “NO. It’s THEM. Low-IQ, leeching Mestizo peasants, sucking the American that means GRINGO taxpayer DRY. It’s THEM. Not “education”.Every-one says that they need to learn to read and write English. They are too stupid and low-IQ to even read or write their pidgin Spanish – they don’t have the intelligence to learn English. But the Mexican government publishes comic books, teaching them how to suck the Gringo Welfare system dry. They are MEXICANS. They don’t care about “assimilating”. They are HERE to GET what they can GET. So who is more stupid? The leeches – or the idiotic Gringo that pays for it all?”

    My hubby had to pull her off the hook. I don’t want to alienate every-one in my new community. But these delusional, self-congratulatory Whities *need* to be gob-smacked. Their self-indulgence affects us all.

    I mass Taco Party Chimp Out would slam thep oint deep into even their obsidian limbic systems.

    As far as personal activism – take a tip from the Lefties – “The Political is Personal” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never miss an opportunity to Call Whitey Out on their suicidal self-delusion. If you know any Left Coast White Refugees – please force them to publicly admit why they left. And any Liberals – like the lady I cited (and I like her very much. Don’t get me wrong) – they have to be forced to confront the disastrous relaity of their multi-culti delusions of Fraternite and Liberte. Tear down that wall – even if it’s only one little chip at a time.

  20. Annie was a census worker. I’ll try to get her here, to detail what she saw. It’s much worse than anything any of you can imagine. She’s very busy, and very happy now, in her new life, now that she’s left Mexifornia. (Neiner Niener Neiner Annie – told ya so!).

  21. Hi, Hunter,
    Please add Wyoming to your list of states that will be introducing an AZ-style bill in the legislative session opening Jan. 13. Rep. Pete Illoway, R-Cheyenne, prime sponsor of the bill, says, “I would say it’s an Arizona clone. We want to show support for Arizona.” Governor Matt Mead is expected to favor it.

    Natch, the Wy Lodging and Restaurant association has opposed these kinds of things in the past, and guess why, the illegals in Jackson. (As I said in a previous post, Jackson, Laramie and Cody are where they are concentrated.)

    Please note: For some reason I can’t find this story on to link to it. But it was printed in today’s local Casper Star-Tribune paper, which is where I read it.

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