Chris Matthews: White People Are Crackers

Racial slurs against White people gives Hardball host Chris Matthews a new thrill up his leg
District of Corruption

You got to love Chris Matthews.

This guy is one of those self righteous hypocrites who would have a heart attack if the word “nigger” was uttered in his presence, but doesn’t hesitate to casually throw out a “cracker” on live national television.

Maybe it gave him a thrill up his leg?

Racial slurs are only counted as “offensive” in our society when they are used against “people of color” or the “protected classes” or whatever they are calling themselves now. You can use racial slurs like “cracker” and “redneck” all you want in the media. This is one of the most poignant reminders of the anti-White racial double standards we live under.

I have likened it in the past to an inverted Jim Crow system where Whites who act too “uppity” (who refuse to acknowledge their place at the bottom of the social hierarchy) are bullied and cowed into submission with abusive shaming language and employment discrimination.

The problem for progressives is not the “rightwing noise machine.” It is that ordinary White people are exposed to the liberal bias of these liars and hypocrites on a daily basis and are sick of tired of hearing from them.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the SPLC, Newsweek, or Media Matters to condemn the “racism” of Chris Matthews here. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC have spent an entire week now trying to portray a pot smoking nihilist and flag burning anarchist who took pictures of himself posing in front of a mirror in a red g-string as a disgruntled Tea Party activist inspired by the crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.

The mainstream media is not only worthless from a journalistic standpoint. It deliberately lies to you.

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  1. Wow, if he had managed to keep himself out of jail, he would have probably wound up as one of those homeless guys you see talking to themselves on a street corner with the Rip VanWinkle beard. He needed haloperidol and electroshock, his ramblings are crazier than the One Armed Man in Twin Peaks.

  2. Chris Matthews is just a buffoonish lackey for the Jews. No one has taken him seriously in years. Even lefty Jews like John Stewart make fun of him because Matthews is such a pathetic joke.

  3. Michael Steele out. Reince Priebus in.

    Got some great news to report tomorrow. We are returning to where we left off before Jared Loughner self detonated on Gabrielle Giffords.

    Not about Priebus. Classic new OD material.

  4. @ Hunter

    Chris Matthews is an Irish Roman Catholic asshole, with the emphsis on “Roman Catholic”. 🙂

    One of these days, a Protestant politician will get Matthews off camera, and tell him, fuck your Holy Mary, and Fuck your Pope too. That will be Matthews epiphany.

  5. Nightowl – was the One Armed Man wrong?

    Well was he?

    Don’t insult the OAM, with the comparison to Chrissy girl….

  6. What always occurs to me when this piece of trash opens his mouth is that it’s proof Jews in elite positions are not the only problem. If every Jew disappeared tomorrow, there would a White liberal like Chris Matthews to take his place.

  7. The people who villify, demonize and discriminate against whites are not the Center, we are. No not those who crawl off into fantasy but those who reclaim the normal from the various cults on the Left who have wasted decades of our races’s time.

  8. It is not okay for the very insincere slimy creep, Chris Matthews, to call my people, crackers, and it is terribly unfair to attribute his gruesome attitudes to my family’s religion, Catholic.

  9. Chris Matthews is typical Irish/South Philadelphia trash. You should see the illegal immigration problem out here. It’s not Mexicans (although they’re a problem, too). It’s Irish. Real Irish from Ireland. They practically own neighboring “County Delaware” and their attitude remains “Fough the Anglish.”

    Amazing, if you ask me, but it is what it is.

    Matthews thinks like he does because it’s in his blood and he does not question it. If he can take a shot against the hated English, he will, even if it hurts. Why his family (and tens of thousands of others) came to an English offshoot is one of the Great Mysteries not discussed in their catechism.

  10. @ Hunter

    LOL. Lesbian feminist Rachel Maddow is a Roman Catholic too. Someone in the media has to look out for the interests of the Roman Cathlic nuns. 😉

    Yeah. O’Donnell is a piece of Roman Catholic work too. Like Bob Casey Jr., and all other Irish Roman Catholic politicians his main cause seems to be homosexuality. Can anyone think of an elected Irish Roman Catholic politician who isn’t a homosexual or an advocate of homosexuality?

  11. Joe of the Mountain,

    Your comment seems to argue for non-Irish blood purity.

    I would also like to add, America is not a pure-British “offshoot.” The Spaniards officially discovered this Continent, the French found Canada, and the Dutch settled much of the Northeast.

  12. “Your comment seems to argue for non-Irish blood purity”
    Yes, Joe’s mindset is amusing ( and soooo indicative of what is wrong with the White ethnic movement). Since Joe can trace his lineage back to the early settlers of the country, Joe evidently considers himself “American Blueblood”. Hell, a lot of Negroes fall into the same boat, so Joe has some unwelcome “peers”, but of course they are not English. But the Negroes have one up on Joe and his kin; the Negroes stick together. Black is black and nothing else matters.

  13. Mary Catherine and Daniel Williams: yes, there are some here who are anti-Irish and anti-Catholic.

    While I could spend hours and hours telling you why I it is my personal opinion that Catholicism is a cult, I would never make a big deal of it in public. Why? Because of White frickin’ unity!!! Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size should be able to figure that out. But, some people are just stupid, or possibly trolls…

    As for the Irish, most of them are racially very healthy, so that’s ok with me. I’m about 98% Nordic (born and raised in Scandinavia) and I’m very likely “purer” than most of the wah-wah crowd. Oh, and while we’re at it, 60% of White Americans count their main ancestry to Germany. Takes hard-nosed Germanics and Celts to build a great nation, you know. 😉

  14. I think Joe of the Mountain ought to reflect on how much damage the British royal family has done to England, the English people including the English diaspora. The English crown has a knack for destroying everything a royal never shed a drop of blood for? They’re worth trillions yet the downtrodden ordinary English taxpayer has to fund the next royal wedding while simultaneously turning his/her cheek as these same royals flood their ancestral land with Third World trash. And, aren’t those incestuously inbred royal scumbags of mostly German stock anyway?

  15. “Why? Because of White frickin’ unity!!! Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size should be able to figure that out. But, some people are just stupid, or possibly trolls…”
    Well said Erik. I have said the same thing innumerable times, but it seems that those Whites to whom tribalism (read nationalism) is most important, this point falls on deaf ears. What could be more important than racial unity? Without it, “Joe of the Mountain” and all the other would-be blueblood assholes can count on their lineage dying out-soon.

  16. Oh; and on the same note: our Jewish plutocrats learned this long ago. Back when they were the slave traders bringing blacks to the New World, they would make sure to mix blacks of different tribes together on the same ship so that rebellion was impossible (they couldn’t communicate with one another due to language differences). They have made certain to mix up the pot here in the US to the same end (with different races), but hell, they don’t have to worry about us Whites becoming unified against them because we never shed our tribalism/nationalism to begin with. The blacks HAVE done so however, and as I stated above- they have the advantage over us in racial unity.

  17. “They practically own neighboring “County Delaware” and their attitude remains “Fough the Anglish.”

    You are correct. However I am not antagonistic to the people in that Upper Darby area.

  18. Daniel, and the others with good questions:

    First of all, “America” as a concept, as an ideal and an object of fascination is the product of New England’s Purtians of mainly East Anglian extraction. The geography is irrelevant. When the word “America” is spoken, people around the world (until recently) thought of the civil and cultural ways of New England, and by extension the lands that Yankee pioneers settled afterward. This is simple history and fact, although it is a bitter pill for the Johnny-come-latelies to swallow. You should instead be grateful to those Puritans – they are why you’re here in the first place.

    As to the Irish themselves… would it surprise you to know there is a Murphy line to my own family? And a Bailey line? (Of course they converted to Protestantism long ago…)

    Don’t be so narrow minded as to assume the truth must bend to accommodate one’s own selfish needs or ego demands.

    So long as foreigners in this land, those being any here for purposes of material gain rather than unity with the intent of those that created America with their bare hands, one must ask, What kind of loyalty is that, anyway?

    One is either American — which is to say “White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant” as Irish Catholic sneerers put it a century ago — or one is something else. If you’ve got something better than what my peep’s created, I’d like to see it. After all, we believe in a simple concept: “Go with what works”. I think the failures of the other european experiments speak for themselves. You can keep the serfdom and peasantry. My blue-blooded line has been free for a very, very long time. It takes a lot of work.

  19. So long as foreigners in this land, those being any here for purposes of material gain rather than unity with the intent of those that created America with their bare hands, one must ask, What kind of loyalty is that, anyway?

    I agree, this “let’s have lots of immigrants…as long as they are white” is a recipe for the niave to get fleeced by some Ukrainian golddigger and her mercenary relatives. Large transfers of populations are a destabilizing event period.

  20. “After all, we believe in a simple concept: “Go with what works”. I think the failures of the other european experiments speak for themselves.”

    Obviously the WASP experiment isn’t working – they race-replaced themselves to the point that they’re outnumbered by two other white groups (Irish and German: source here – ), and are in the process of destroying themselves completely.

    I see no reason to believe that America would have been worse off if it had been colonized by any other Northern Euro group, or that we would be worse off if the Plymouth rock colony had failed like Roanoke.

  21. When the word “America” is spoken, people around the world (until recently) thought of the civil and cultural ways of New England, and by extension the lands that Yankee pioneers settled afterward.

    Being born and raised European, I can only heartily laugh at such ignorance. When “America” is spoken, people think of New York City, Texas, The Great Plains and Los Angeles/beachside California. New England isn’t even on the map. If one is a Stephen King fan, it might be on the map, but otherwise people have rarely heard of it.

    I have always been interested in geography, history and politics and I have known better since my early teens. I’m the kind of guy who frowned on some of the wording on the citizenship test, but I’m just different. To most outside America, New England is a non-entity.

  22. Anyone watch Pat Buchanan kiss Obama’s ass this week on the “Morning Joe” TV program on MSNBC? Even his Irish Catholic blow buddy Chris Matthews remarked about it—couldn’t have done a better job himself of kissing Obama’s ass. 🙂

    When did Americans start to believe in the collective guilt that that Obama and these Roman Catholic & Jew politicians are pushing??? When did Americans embrace the concept of collective guilt???

  23. For the record, I have nothing against the Irish or Roman Catholics. It is just funny how WNs tend to get bogged down in discussions of such matters.

    We are being invaded by over a million non-Whites every year and some of these people want to talk about the Irish and Italians.

    I think HAC mentioned this on his last podcast.

  24. @ Hunter

    It’s called real world politics. Those millions of non-white invaders are not European Protestants—they are 99% plus Latin American Roman Catholics. 🙂

    C’mon, Hunter.

  25. HW, you’re missing something rather important here. It is those Irish and Italians that refuse to unite in unity with their American hosts.

    Think about that.

    If 100 years of peace, prosperity, a welcoming home and all that entails cannot produce grateful unity with immigrants from the third world (meaning of course Sicily and similar origins),

    What will?

    As Erik Nordman unknowingly points out, How much more of our culture and civilization should we bargain away to please malcontents who want our money and wealth badly enough, but who can scarcely be bothered to inconvenience themselves in gratitude let alone assimilation?

    Thanks to the unwise policies of the 19th C, the founding peoples relinquished control over most all our institutions in a bid to please and pacify the seemingly fair demands of … immigrants. (Union movement anyone? Hell’s Kitchen anyone? The Italian-Irish-Jewish Mafia, anyone?)

    So which mechanism would you propose to ameliorate this situation? Submission to the lowest common denominator of european identity? Or holding those begging foreigners that would consume the goodies to some minimum level of gratitude that involves … oh I don’t know … assimilation?

    Shakespeare once wrote of the ingratitude of spoiled children who killed their father in their selfishness (Lear). Worse yet is the ingratitude of adopted children for whom adoption represented a second chance at life.

    This is the stuff of South Philadelphia. This is the mentality of Chris Matthews and tens of thousands of others exactly like him from Philly to Boston.

    Those that that romanticize the Huddled Masses of Ellis Island etc. would seem to know nothing of them or their “folk ways” apart from Hollywood tear-jerkers. Others of us live with them and the consequences of their degeneracy every day of our lives.

    Let me tell you something: you haven’t lived until you’ve come face to face with Mafiosi offering you personal favors; unhinged, emotionally unstable working class with a chip on their shoulder and no qualms about violence to further their needs of the moment; or the drug dealers that represent a sizable portion of their economy.

    Don’t believe me? You spend a few days in any part of megalopolis — outside the tourist bubbles — and tell me what you think.

    What goes on in these cities make Jared Loughner look like a Rotarian. And I’m talking the so-called “Whites” from the self-identified ethnic enclaves such as South Philadelphia.

    So if “pro-White” means “look the other way from criminals, maniacs, and the merely corrupt and immoral”… well that’s easy.

    They lose. I’m not going down with their ship.

  26. Coldequation:

    There are countless examples of successful colonization that were not “English” and I’m not sure which one you mean, even if we think only of North American efforts.

    Can you be more specific?

  27. I have no problem with you taking your Protestant nation back. But the thing, you can’t! Two of you can’t agree on the color green, let alone how to regain a country. The Marxists had one thing right – the side with the best propaganda wins. And this is why you will forever be lost in your hatred of the two sides you get tossed between like a two-dollar hooker, the Catholics and the Jews. Are you Catholic? Are you Jewish? You’re presumably neither, but either way you could not maintain a viable culture against the depredations of the one without the light of the other. The Jews will always have you by the balls and the Catholics are forced to suffer you, bastard children that you are.

    Of course it’s all academic at this point. The modern Church is toothless and nearly meaningless. But at least we never had the temerity to believe in a God of chaos and cry foul when upon us it was visited. Think what you will but Catholics threw down and built a culture. All I’ve seen from Protestants is children messing in a sandbox, and what they’ve attempted to build has had about as much permanence. Because you’re scared to death that if you’re really forced to build it will look, egads, Catholic!

    But like I said, it’s academic. We’ve got to look beyond this crap. But, spiritual beings that we are, in the final analysis it would be better to agree on something deeper than skin color and broad political goals than not. It helps as a foundation, and it helps with trust and motivation. There are universal, timeless and immutable truths about human nature and the way it expresses itself. The Jews know this. Every culture that arouses their avarice is going to have to answer these issues satisfactorily to avoid their calumny. That was basically the idea of the Church. Imperfect as it was, it worked for quite some time. Ultimately something like it will be all that will work again. Protestants should recognize this.

    I know this is counterproductive and ultimately gets nowhere. For the most part I’ve learned to leave this hobby horse behind. There is a plan to eliminate white nations. This is not a traditionally Catholic position. Even Protestants should be able to admit that. And modern Catholics need to recognize that the Church has been destroyed from the inside out. We can move on and sort this out later. I can accept this. Because we will become extinct as a people before too long if we can’t come together. And damn it, I like white folks.

  28. I wonder how much of this European nation-of-origin identity stuff has to do with the fact that you cannot openly identify with the historically dominant America (that is, ‘white’) in a positive way in most settings.

    If somebody knows they have Italian or Irish ancestry, then that is a socially safer way to have some semblance of an identity. I’m not talking about historically Italian or Irish immigrant urban neighborhoods here, where there is a large enough population to maintain some sort of continuity and cohesion. Rather, out in the rest of the country where some chump with 1:1:1:1 English, Scottish, German, and Italian ancestry carries an Italian flag around because his surname is Italian and he’s got dark hair.

    More to point: just what % of otherwise ‘white’ Americans are a part of these urban ethnic enclaves? Are the Staten Island guidos really a constituency we need to worry ourselves with? Is south Philly really significant in any sense?

  29. Joe,

    I have no idea how you read anti-Americanism into my comments, nor do I understand where you find me being against assimilation. I am a first generation immigrant and I am 110% for assimilation. A “hyphenated” American is no American at all. I moved here because of marrying an American citizen, after serious consideration and deliberation. Because of the character of my profession back in the old country, my skill set was not transferable and I had to “start from scratch”, as it were. I certainly didn’t come here to strike it rich and mooch off of America. The median standard of living in my birth country is higher than here, btw.

    Having thorough military experience, I even considered joining my State’s National Guard, but after the Empire went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was glad that I didn’t. However, if America’s Armed Forces were a defensive force, I would certainly volounteer. Hell, if they wanted me on the southern border today, I’d go.

    My birth country has been overrun by filthy brown bi-peds who refuse to assimiliate and feel entitled and I despise them for it. That taught me that, unless you’re a tourist or a temporary work transfer for a multinational company, when you move to a country, you assimilate. So, please refrain from questioning my character in that respect.

    When it comes to who’s an American, my mantra has always been “Race, Language, Culture”. If you are White, learn the language, adapt to the culture and can take the oath without reservation, I feel that you can become an American.

    When it comes to the question of immigration to our country, I am in favor of restrictions. I felt I was granted a great privilege by being allowed to join my bride here. The only reason I could, is that there are a few countries known as “Visa Waiver” countries. These countries have no issues of illegal immigration to the U.S. and thus tourism and immigration restrictions are light. Limited immigration from these countries is one of the few exceptions I would be willing to make. H-1B and any immigration from other countries should be banned.

    PS: if your ancestors are from anywhere in East Anglia or of Norman descent (and most English fall into one of these categories) then your bloodline exists because my forebears and yours mixed blood. 😉

  30. Spooky, you couldn’t be more right;
    “The Jews will always have you by the balls and the Catholics are forced to suffer you, bastard children that you are.”
    When you look at the nonsense on this forum, the hobby-horse riding (Earl and his Catholic bashing, “Joe of the throne on the Mountain” with his American Blue Blood idiocy) and you realize that there will never be any chance for Whites to come together as a race for their own survival. What drivel all this is! Were it not for the Catholic religion, the first organized Christian religion Earl, there would have been no other Protestant religions to have split off from it (and before you climb up on your assinine hobby horse Earl, I am NOT a Catholic-I am not even religious in any sense of the word). Were it not for the Catholic church, Islam would have overrun Europe long ago and from there conquered England and “Joe of the Mountain’s” much vaunted ancestors would have either become Muslims or lost their heads. And also, JOTM; were it not for the Serbians (Slavs!) guarding the gateway to Europe as well as the Catholic church’s efforts at same, the Muslim conquering of Europe would have come about much faster than it is now. As a matter of fact Joe, your relatives in England are closer to becoming a minority in their own nation than we here in the US.
    “HW, you’re missing something rather important here. It is those Irish and Italians that refuse to unite in unity with their American hosts.

    Think about that.”
    How are you or your New England compatriots any different, Joe? I have never seen such (completely unjustified) snobbery as you exhibit. My wife and I have been to New England several times and no matter what state, from Maine to Vermont to Connecticut the attitude is the same- the same snobbery and silly air of aloofness that you come here to gag us with. It is from your neck of the country that a lot of the political troubles that haunt us first were spawned. From the abolitionists who gave us our Negro problem to the (thankfully) dead Edward Kennedy whom your neighbors reelected time and again to Barney Frank and his homo agenda, New England has ever been a big tumor on America’s butt.
    And what of your weird fixation with South Philly? I can tell you this; it wasn’t too long ago that South Philly was the safest place that you could be in Philadelphia- precisely because the Italian mafia would not allow any blacks to ruin business in their neck of Philadelphia (North Philadelphia is an entirely different story). Meanwhile the US government has been importing Somalians to Maine. Joe, you may soon get an entirely new taste of diversity in your holy land of New England. Judging from your attitude- you deserve it.

  31. the Catholic religion, the first organized Christian religion

    The first politicized Christian religion.

    “Wherever two or more of you gather in my name, there is the Church.” –Jesus
    “Wherever two or more of you gather to send money to the Vatican, there is the Church.” –The Pope.

  32. Oats and Honey wrote:
    If somebody knows they have Italian or Irish ancestry, then that is a socially safer way to have some semblance of an identity.

    This is an important point.

    See also here. (Comment by Desmond Jones on October 11, 2007, 06:45 AM).

    Note further that Chris Matthews (casually, inherently anti-white, see OP) is an extremely proud Irish-Catholic. (In Matthews’ case it is slightly different than what OaH describes, as Matthews sort-of sees Irish-Catholic identity and “White American” identity as enemies).

  33. Joe of the Mountain wrote:
    Why [Chris Matthews’] family (and tens of thousands of others) came to an English offshoot is one of the Great Mysteries not discussed in their catechism.

    Daniel Williams wrote:
    America is not a pure-British “offshoot.”

    That the USA is not an “English offshoot” is proved by the fact that Britain was an enemy of the USA from the mid-1700s (at least) till ~1900.

    Two wars. Threats of several others at various times, thankfully averted. Hostile actions such as kidnapping U.S. sailors. Economic hostility. Interfering in internal affairs.

    With regards the Irish-Catholics: The British had Castro’s “Mariel” idea 130 years before he did.

  34. “Is that what you want? For whites to come together? Would you be willing to even meet me at Denny’s for a cup of coffee?”
    Fred, isn’t that the whole point of this or am I missing something here? Yes, of course I want Whites to come together as a cohesive unified, politically active group looking out for one another. Now, do not read HAC style bomb-em-up, shoot-em-up political suicide into that. I am NOT a neo-Nazi. I am looking at NAACP style politically cohesive cooperation for White people. If you are in accord with that, then coffee is on me. No Denny’s – I am strictly a Dunkin Donuts guy ( Denny’s coffee sucks).

  35. Joe,

    When I lived in Virginia, I had two roommates of Irish and Italian ancestry who were diehard White Nationalists. I don’t see what singling out Irish and Italian Catholics out for abuse does but make matters worse.

    The last thing we need to be doing right now is polarizing Whites. Is Vermont somehow better than Massachusetts?

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