Chris Matthews: White People Are Crackers

Racial slurs against White people gives Hardball host Chris Matthews a new thrill up his leg
District of Corruption

You got to love Chris Matthews.

This guy is one of those self righteous hypocrites who would have a heart attack if the word “nigger” was uttered in his presence, but doesn’t hesitate to casually throw out a “cracker” on live national television.

Maybe it gave him a thrill up his leg?

Racial slurs are only counted as “offensive” in our society when they are used against “people of color” or the “protected classes” or whatever they are calling themselves now. You can use racial slurs like “cracker” and “redneck” all you want in the media. This is one of the most poignant reminders of the anti-White racial double standards we live under.

I have likened it in the past to an inverted Jim Crow system where Whites who act too “uppity” (who refuse to acknowledge their place at the bottom of the social hierarchy) are bullied and cowed into submission with abusive shaming language and employment discrimination.

The problem for progressives is not the “rightwing noise machine.” It is that ordinary White people are exposed to the liberal bias of these liars and hypocrites on a daily basis and are sick of tired of hearing from them.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the SPLC, Newsweek, or Media Matters to condemn the “racism” of Chris Matthews here. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC have spent an entire week now trying to portray a pot smoking nihilist and flag burning anarchist who took pictures of himself posing in front of a mirror in a red g-string as a disgruntled Tea Party activist inspired by the crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.

The mainstream media is not only worthless from a journalistic standpoint. It deliberately lies to you.

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  1. LOL; gave me a good laugh, Fred! I’m about 40 miles from Philadelphia, unfortunately. I’d like to buy you dinner sometime if you are ever in the area though, and I would enjoy the meeting. You are one of the few genuine WN’s here.

  2. Hunter;

    True! Only problem with that is that my wife is not sympathetic to “the cause” – she has some black friends and feels that “all mankind are God’s children”, etc. Sigh.

  3. So, the Irish against the English now … really?! Christ all mighty. Joe, your wisdom is only surpassed by your ignorance.

    You stupid fuck.

  4. Just looked at some of Alex Linder’s pearls of wisdom in the Daily Vanguard section. Ugh.

    Could someone please explain to me why a person who argues till his face turns blue that the holocaust never happened will then turn around and preach that we will never know peace until we completely wipe out the jews? This makes no sense to me.

  5. The plan seems to be to wrap White Nationalism in layer upon layer of sociopathy until we have narrowed our audience down to the hardest of the hardcore, which consists of about 20 people, all hiding out in grandma’s basement.

    We can’t work with conservatives. Scratch off 60 percent of the White population.

    We can’t work with patriots and nationalists. Scratch off 90 percent of White Americans who put some higher entity above their own personal self interest.

    We can’t work with Christians. Write off at least 80 percent of White America.

    We can’t work with liberals or squishy moderates. Write off the other 40 percent of White America.

    We can’t work with mainstreamers and racial conservatives. Write off 90 percent of Whites in America who are racially conscious.

    Write off anyone who doesn’t agree with the plan of exterminating the Jews. There goes 99.5 percent of White America.

    I’m not sure why the vanguard is convinced that we need an ethnostate. I mean … you could buy about 300 acres of land in Arkansas and still have plenty of room for everyone who thinks that way.

  6. Hunter said:

    #1 “Write off anyone who doesn’t agree with the plan of exterminating the Jews. There goes 99.5 percent of White America.”

    #2 “I’m not sure why the vanguard is convinced that we need an ethnostate.”

    I would suggest that the real solution to the J.P. is to cordially, firmly and without any sentimental exceptions, deport all of them to their stolen piece of real estate in the Middle East – which, if you go back and study history, was the ‘tease’ that they used in order to recruit support from Britain and other White European nations for the idea of helping them steal a piece of land in the first place. This sounded like a deal almost too good to be true, which it clearly was – and I am convinced that it snookered a lot of gullible, and naive White men who wanted to see these corrosive and subversive aliens out of all European majority nations.

    Secondly, there is zero hope for Whites and non-whites – and most especially jews – being able to peacefully share the same piece of territory, if and when the jews manage to reduce whites to a numerical minority inside that piece of territory.
    The jews are obsessed with getting on top of whites and placing their steel boot on the backs of our necks, and the minorities are parasites who the jews have taught to hate and despise our race. These are hard facts, and cannot be denied – or resolved without permanent separation.

    So, criticize Alex Linder all you want – but, both he and Professor Kevin MacDonald agree on one thing – they can both see the future for our race, simply because both of them have studied the past, particularly the history of jews (Russia, 1917) whenever they have managed to seize absolute, unchecked, supreme power over any White gentile nation. These people are as predictable as they are dangerous, Hunter.

    Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, buddy.

    Or, didn’t the systematic, ruthless, diabolically evil mass murder of over 65 million White Russians and Ukrainians provide a sufficiently high dose of adrenaline in your system to put you on high alert? Linder and MacDonald have taken note of the tendency of jews to slaughter those who they manage to subjugate, so why haven’t you figured this out?

    Incidentally, I saw a news article in yesterday’s paper that I wanted to bring to your attention. You are aware of those killer drones that the neo-con war criminals are using to murder ‘suspects’ in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? Guess what? ZOG has decided to deploy them over North America.

    And, may I remind you that ZOG defines ‘white nationalists’ and anyone who is white who opposes their racial dispossession and genocide as ‘potential domestic’ enemies of the state? Are you smart enough to connect the rest of these dots, Hunter?

  7. Oldtimer – I’ll meet up with you. I know loads of interesting folks.

    FYI – I lived in Philadelphia for many many years. Hurts my heart to see what’s crawling all over the cobblestones laid out by William Penn now. It’s actually painful.

    How can your wife live so close to Negrodelphia, and NOT be hip to Racial Reality?

  8. Erik Nordman, the point you made for me is that only in the recent past (i.e., since say the Roaring Twenties and its debauchery) has New York City been identified with “America”. Did you know George Washington forbade his men leave in NYC? Even then it was a den of thieves, criminals, prostitution, etc as it was called “New Amsterdam” only a short while before then. In other words, it was a Dutch seaport with an “anything goes” ethic that persists, intact, today.

    Before this change, America was seen as something quite different. You might wonder why tens of millions of ignorant peasants would flock to America. Were they all looking for a good time and easy money in the Big Apple? Certainly not.

    At the time of the Great Waves, only three ethnicities landed at New York harbor and stayed: the Irish, the Italians and the Jews. New York is their vision of life. They take this vision wherever they migrate be it Philly, New Jersey, formerly rural/small town eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Upstate New York state, Boston, wherever these groups go you see the same exact “society” follow meaning crime, high-density “sardines in a can” building, the Mafia, corruption, gambling, drink, and drugs.

    Who the hell would be willing to die to defend a society like New York’s???? Who would be willing to volunteer and kill to project its political interests? No one I know.

    But many millions of Anglo-Americans were willing to die for the society their fathers created.

    Why do you think that is? Have you detected a significant change in the demographics of the Armed Forces over the past 50 years? Why do you think that is?

    I don’t have a problem with Irish or Catholics per se. I recognize and defend the Roman Catholic church in its historical context – they provided organization and law when there was none and that is no mean feat.

    The problem I have is this: PROPRIETY or OWNERSHIP.

    Why on earth would I join with self-defined alien groups of Europeans who have spent the last one-hundred years smash mouthing my people and our institutions — they very people and institutions that granted them succor when they needed it?

    Do you not understand this most basic problem of ingratitude and arrogance?

    This comes to a practical question, illustrated by Hunter’s “Vanguardists” and the goose-steppers whose own grandfathers were immigrants from Catholic Germany and, so the stereotype goes, members of Der Amerikanerdeutschebund.

    In other words, the civilization my people developed is egalitarian. It is free. It is democratic. But it only works with a very tightly defined membership.

    The civilization of the (broadly speaking) Catholics (i.e., within the historical boundaries of the Roman Empire) is that they are not egalitarian, they are not democratic. They are brutally hierarchical and political power comes from the force of arms. This is naturally so as they had the loosely defined membership of empire.

    The reason the Catholic/Protestant divide still resonates today is because this is still an issue: Submission versus Liberty. Even the Negro problem and slavery was an issue because the Norman English who settled the South of the US were nominally Episcopalian (my cradle and present religion) and saw nothing wrong with lording it over subject peoples of any color, so long as they were the lords. Negros, Irish, criminal English, Ubantu, Martian, whatever — class mattered more to them than blood, let alone human dignity.


    Too many so-called “White Nationalists” from the Roman Catholic and kindred traditions would be my master. This is evidenced by their refusal to assimilate to American norms even after a century living in America.

    How does this further my lines’ condition, submission to or even toleration of antithetical notions that undermine the entire objective of my people from ancient times?

    It does not. Quite the contrary. I observe that the urban enclaves of “Huddled Masses” share something in common with the Jewish administrative class: they both require hosts. That is to say, they exist only in the context of external provision. They are not self-sufficient.

    This is even more fundamental a problem than their essential criminality, although related to that directly.

    Either the immigrants’ ancestors chose to be Americans or they were simply here for goodies. That we even have this discussion today tells me what I need to know. Why on earth would I trust the sons and grandsons of those people today? It is a recipe for disaster.

    Notice this is exactly where Chris Matthews comes from. It explains much. I hope you think about this much deeper level of consideration because simple recourse to cries of “you don’t like be ‘cuz I’m Italian” merely avoid the underlying issues at hand and contribute little to overcoming them.

  9. I’m not sure why the vanguard is convinced that we need an ethnostate

    No separation = miscegenation.

    If you believe otherwise then you’re ignorant of history.

  10. Cracker is a word only pro-whites get to use. Uncle Toms like Chris Matthews don’t. In the mouth of an Uncle Tom white like Matthews, “cracker” is as out of place, and unacceptable, as “nigger” is in the mouth of an Uncle Tom black.

  11. Are the Irish not welcome in the pro-White Movement?

    Most welcome. But that doesn’t get them off the hook when they join the enemy, now does it?

  12. Lol, blacks have the upper hand in racial unity. No, blacks are encouraged to team up against whitey, and they do because 1) they can’t tie their shoes on their own and 2) they’re a minority. Black leaders all sell out their own to the mestizo invasion, because the liberal white massa tells them to.

    Black unity? It is to laff.

    The problem with “white unity” as constructed by so many “pro-whites” is that it sounds exactly like all the crap we here from the “human unity” crowd, only writ small. The arguments are all cribbed from the multicultis.

  13. As Joe points out, it ain’t about Irish ancestry. Not even a little bit. I have an Irish grandparent. I see the blood differences between Irish and English as negligible (if someone wants to see them as non-negligible, that’s his business, and I couldn’t care less).

    No, this is about Irish identity. Irish WNs should get the chip off their shoulder, because we obviously aren’t talking about Irish WNs (except to the extent that they can’t get through their thick Irish skulls that YES, we get to criticize the Irish, and NO, being white doesn’t get the Irish a pass).

  14. That the USA is not an “English offshoot” is proved by the fact that Britain was an enemy of the USA from the mid-1700s (at least) till ~1900.

    Two wars. Threats of several others at various times, thankfully averted. Hostile actions such as kidnapping U.S. sailors. Economic hostility. Interfering in internal affairs.

    By that logic, brothers are not brothers if they fight. Which is pretty stupid logic IMO.

  15. The last thing we need to be doing right now is polarizing Whites. Is Vermont somehow better than Massachusetts?

    Well, here’s the problem – whites are diverse! Heeellllooooo!!!!


    WASP NUT: catholics suck! WASPs rule!
    Catholic NUT: WASPs suck! Catholics rule!

    Well, guess what? I didn’t have shit to say, until someone said I (WASP) suck. Fuckhead should have insulted the object of his ire, but instead, he insulted me and my whole group. Now it’s on. And the reverse goes for the other side, obviously.

    Added to this is the fact that CATHOLICS AND IRISH AND ITALIANS JOINED THE WRONG TEAM, AND STILL TEND TO HAVE THE WRONG TENDENCIES! I’m not going to ignore reality. Not for anyone. Not for any ideology. Now, usually I’m willing to let sleeping dogs lie, but then we get back to the WASP bashing, and fuck that, I don’t roll over for anybody.

    Now, I acknowledge that Earl starts all this shit. But that doesn’t give people carte blanche to shit on my group. And once the subject’s brought up, I’m going to put in my tuppence.

  16. Fred;
    The further from Philly, the better, its true. My wife and I actually want to move out to midwestern PA (I, because the fewer blacks that I see, the better- she because she has friends out there).

  17. As for this White WASP vs White Catholic stuff – most of it is tied to feuds from “the old country” brought over to the new country:

    White WASP Britain vs White Irish Catholics – fights in Ireland, Ulster, the Irish potatoe famine. And then poor rural Irish Catholics immigrate into America and have all the problems that rural peasants who move to cities have – similar problems Blacks from the rural South had when they moved to Detroit, Chicago.
    The Jews always exploit these divisions between Whites, divisions in class, regions and they have done so very effectively most powerfully since the 1960s. The solution is to make yourself someone who doesn’t go for it – work to build bridges between various White groups that have been in conflict:

    Make pease, marriages, families of White Catholics and White WASPS, White Southerners and Whites from the North, White Nordic/Germans and Whites Slavs. I have many successful match matking marriages to my credit. One area, I failed, I tried to marry a White Irish gal from Manchester England – yes Irish are thick in Merry Old England – much as tried, I couldn’t make the marriage work with this gal – too Irish; she had the Irish temper, issues with drink – the “fighting Irish”.

    Oh well.

    Jews have lots of divisions, but when it comes to it, all Jews will take the Jew side against Gentiles, including defending the likes of Roman Polanski, Jonathon Pollard, Jew control of Hollywood the MSM, Wall Street, the Dem party – Jew queer head of the RNC etc.

    Whites need to know do their best to give up foolish White vs White divisions.

    Remember the 1980s when White Reagan Conservatives were obsessed with fighting the (White) Russians? Reagan Conservatives armed the Afghan Muslim Jihadists with US Stinger missiles. What a bunch of #*@($ idiots! Oh well, Whites often do lots of stupid things. We know better.

    Time to….

    Take the White side.

    And if you have some die hard WASPS, White Catholics who insist on taking the Black side, Jews side, NW Muslim side against their White enemy, don’t try to use reason with them, just make sure that they experience the worst of the NW experience. No pain, no gain. Anti White Whites just need to experience very bad NW pain to make them change.

    14 Words.

  18. Denise;
    “How can your wife live so close to Negrodelphia, and NOT be hip to Racial Reality?”
    That is not answered in an easy, short sentence. She knows that Philly is dangerous, and she knows that blacks are a huge part of that problem. But you see, she is a “Christian” and believes that blacks are as they are because they are “imperfect” due to “original sin”. It is also complicated by the fact that she has a black (female) friend from her high school days who really is not a typical black- she is very together- for a black woman. Anyway, I do not want to get further into these matters on this forum. Regarding meeting you (and your husband) I would be delighted, but I will leave the Missus at home! If you are interested in a get together for lunch or the like some time in the future, let me know. It will have to wait until for a bit since I just got hired for a job (after 1 and 1/2 years of unemployment) and I have training classes starting, besides which the weather is awful right now.

  19. With regard to people like Joe of the Mountain and Svigor and their ideas about the incompatiblity of various nationalities of Whites, what is left to be said? They will cling to their ideas and the disunity will be our downfall if too many other Whites think as they do.
    Svigor says: “Black unity? It is to laff.”
    Then you have not had to work side by side with blacks as I have had to, or you would know this is not so. In my experience blacks will rush to the aid of their “brethren” and band together against Whites in an instant. They work to promote blacks within any company they are hired for. They try to get others hired as well. They will work to get their buddies elected into union positions.They work to shut Whites out of power in any unionized job that they are employed in. They work to get their own promoted in the political world (i.e.: Obama hiring Holder, Obama’s wife has an entire entourage of black staffers, etc). Svigor, where is the White equivalent of the NAACP? Where are the organizations dedicated to helping Whites advance? What do you call black thugs at the polls threatening Whites who are there to vote? And what do you call Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute those blacks? No black unity you say? Svigor you are living in a world apart from us, especially considering your exclusivist attitude about those Whites who do not meet your (and Joe’s) ethnic criteria. Why do people like you even post to a site like this?

  20. Besides that Svigor, I believe it was you who said in a previous post that “this site is getting boring- too much hobby horse riding”. If that was you, then why not find another venue for your ideas. I know of none, but perhaps you could create your own website devoted to praising Whites of whatever nationality it is that you hail from.

  21. Joe
    “Why on earth would I join with self-defined alien groups of Europeans who have spent the last one-hundred years smash mouthing my people and our institutions”

    Don’t then. Form an anglo-only or protestant-only or whatever-only WN group and do something useful instead of this pointless divisive BS.

    “Before this change, America was seen as something quite different.”

    The keyword in that sentence is “was”. Your ancestors didn’t keep what was theirs for their posterity. It happened already. So your choices are 1) salvage what can be salvaged or 2) bitch and moan.

    Oats and Honey
    “If somebody knows they have Italian or Irish ancestry, then that is a socially safer way to have some semblance of an identity.”

    I know people who say they’re Irish even though there’s only one Irish grand-parent or less so i think there’s a lot of truth in this. A lot of it is media driven as the villains or negative characters usually have anglo names while the heros usually have Irish or Scottish names and Italians, even if they get pegged with the mafia label, at least that’s quite macho.

    Politicians who are 100% anti-white will still promote St Patrick’s day as it’s all part of the divide and rule. In Ireland itself those same politicians would be supporting something anti-Irish instead.

  22. I’m not going to bother to poke holes into this Protestants vs. Catholics theory. I used to spend a lot of my time arguing the North vs. South divide.

    There are plenty of Protestants who are race traitors and plenty of Catholics who are pro-White and vice versa. The same is true of Northerners and Southerners these days.

    The Catholic Church is worthless on immigration, but so are the mainline Protestant churches.

  23. Joe of the Mountain wrote:
    The reason the Catholic/Protestant divide still resonates today is because this is still an issue: Submission versus Liberty.

    No doubt about it. Very well put.

  24. To extend Hunter Wallace’s analogy, there are also Jews to be found that are apparently “white-racialists”, and so forth. Does this mean one should be stone-silent, absolutely tight-lipped, on all matters related to Jewishness and so-called “Organized Jewry”? Never criticize a Jew as a Jew, never criticize Organized-Jewry as Organized-Jewry?

    Such is the logic of dissuading criticism of the Roman-Church and its papists [i.e., the aggressively anti-nationalistic pro-Roman-Catholics like Cris Matthews]…ONLY criticize Matthews and the like as “self-hating whites”; and ONLY criticize the Sontags and Ignatievs and Tim Wises as “self-hating whites”…anything else is stupid and irresponsible and divisive! Shame on you, silly bigots.

    Keep going: From time to time one can find Turks, Albanians, and others calling themselves “white-nationalists”. So all incipient criticism of Turkey and Turks in Europe needs to be stamped-out, to avoid alienating allies.

    Keep going even further, jumping ahead an order of magnitude to the logical conclusion: There are black conservatives. Let’s elect Michael Steele or Allen West President of the United States to avoid alienating nonwhite conservatives. The End.

  25. I don’t see any equivalence between Catholics and Jews.

    In the case of Catholics, the clergy is the problem, but rank-and-file Catholics disagree with the Church on all sorts of issues.

    In the case of the Jews, it is the leadership and the rank-and-file, especially the non-religious ones who are the worst of the bunch.

    I wrote a post about this in 2009 in my argument with Guy White that broke down support for amnesty by religion. The philo-Semites use this argument all the time.

    Someone mentioned Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell above. Well, you have Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on FOX and Pat Buchanan on MSNBC. You also have Scalia, Alito, and Roberts on the Supreme Court.

    There are Catholics like Chris Matthews who play up their “immigrant” roots. There are also White Protestants in the North who believe in “perfecting” society through anti-racist social engineering.

    Vermont isn’t any better than Massachusetts. It is actually worse in many ways.

  26. I don’t have any objection to criticizing the Catholic Church. I have done so many times now. That’s not because I am anti-Catholic though.

    The Protestant churches are just as bad on immigration. Look no further than Utah where the Mormon church is attempting to shutdown the immigration debate there with the Utah Compact.

  27. “Well, here’s the problem – whites are diverse! Heeellllooooo!!!!”
    So are Jews, but when it comes to solidarity, you and the yahoos like you can learn a lot from them. They WILL argue amongst themselves on matters great and small but when it comes to “what is good for the Jews” (and opposition to outsiders) they will close ranks against all others like a Phalanx of Roman soldiers, never to be in disarray in the face of the enemy and never to deny help to one another because “this one is from England, that one is from Italy”. A truly international race.This is t he one and only thing that I admire about them and the very thing that has brought them to world prominence and made them unstoppable.

  28. Hail
    “Such is the logic of dissuading criticism of the Roman-Church and its papists”

    I’m not against that in itself but Joe’s comment was

    “Why on earth would I join with self-defined alien groups of Europeans who have spent the last one-hundred years smash mouthing my people and our institutions”

    If someone wants either an Anglo-Protestant only nationalist group or an everyone-except-anglo-protestant nationalist group then fine. Do it. But they don’t do that all they do is bitch and moan about stuff in the past that can’t be changed.

  29. Old Timer – my hubby and I would love to meet you. At your convenience.

    Hunter – please send Old Timer my email addy. Thankee, sir!

  30. “Hunter Wallace says:
    January 16, 2011 at 9:22 pm


    I know for a fact that Kevin MacDonald isn’t an exterminationist.”

    Neither am I, Hunter. But, history clearly shows that – given the chance, our mutual enemy most certainly is.

    So, I suppose the question boils down to this choice: In dealing with this foe, should the White man decide to slip on a pair of panties, or should the White man choose to instead slip into a iron jock strap and then issue his ultimatum from a position of strength or cowardice?

  31. Luke,

    The truth of the matter is that “exterminationists” are going to do nothing but sit around on the internet and fantasize and talk about exterminating the Jews until they die of old age. The only thing they manage to accomplish is generating bad publicity for our cause and making White Nationalists look like alienated sociopaths.

    The local Hillel chapter at Truman State University in Kirksville holds their events every year without even bothering with security. They know as well as I do that Alex Linder isn’t about to act on his own rhetoric.

  32. Well, if some here want to deny that Chris Matthews is a stereotype that speaks for millions upon millions of ingrates, I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion. But you’re going to be mystified about reality for a very long time. There is a reason South Philadelphia is cut off from polite society. Getting all huffy about it won’t change a thing. In fact, it simply further isolates and marginalizes those with the chip on their shoulders.

    As for me, I already have a “white nationalist” movement – it is called “America.” For those of us who know and love her, life is not so bad despite it all. As consternating as it is right now, it’s a lot better than my blood family has experienced in our 400 years on this continent. And that’s a fact.

    Good night.

    I really do hope for your sake that you come to understand this.

  33. Hunter,
    I am not sure how you want to go about sending me Denise’s email address- I do not want to post mine here for all the trolls to see, of course. It should be on your server for you to access, but if there is a problem, is there a yahoo account or similar 3rd party account that you use that I can go to to pick up that info? Thanks in advance.

  34. Fred; Don’t feel left out! If you ever get up this way, lunch can be arranged. My finances don’t allow for cross country travel anymore, but just so you know- there is always room for another friend in my life.

  35. Most pre-revolutionary English immigrants came here for the goodies. Even on the Mayflower, only half the people were Puritans, the rest being English riffraff. Read about the less well known events of the Revolutionary period, and the graft and corruption in military procurement by ambitious Yankees. We remember the Adams’ and Washingtons, and try to forget some of the others. You can rag on the Poles and Irish and Germans for coming here seeking to improve their station, but it was greedy Yankees who brought them in to work for cheap. If some Irish and Italian Americans today still think they’re in the Old Country, fuck them, but to object to their ancestors’ lack of ideological motivation for coming here is foolishness.

  36. Oldtimer: congratulations on your new job. I only have limited experience with unemployment, but even with a job, times are hard. May my personal God* keep blessing you.


    *This God is a (Protestant) Christian-style benevolent Creator combined with some elements of Thor and Odin kick-a$$ Asatru. 😉

  37. As an American of Irish decent, I take offense to anyone including me in the same circle as Chris Matthews, Ted Kennedy, and that O’Donnell idiot!

  38. Hunter observed:

    “They know as well as I do that Alex Linder isn’t about to act on his own rhetoric.”

    I realize this truth. However, I do not have the same level of confidence that the jews who boldly and arrogantly call for the genocide of the White race – and who, through their control of Hollywood, churn out movies like ‘Machete’ and ‘Inglorious Basterds, whereby they demonically taunt us and show us their fantasies about slaughtering white men and raping our women – are merely blowing smoke up our rear ends.

    These are somber warnings, Hunter. I’ve peeked inside the jews resume during their reign of terror over Russia under the old USSR, and the horrific deeds that these hate filled monsters inflicted upon our White racial cousins when they ran that murder and torture machine was enough to make my flesh crawl.

    All indications that I see tell me that they lust to do the same thing here, in America.

    Therefore, what sort of defense would you recommend for Whites to adopt? Or, since ‘preemption’ is now the official policy of ZOG – would it be better for us to go on offense?

  39. Erik;
    Thanks for that! It has been a long hard road and I well know that times are beyond tough, even with a job. The blessing and well wishes are appreciated!

  40. The man is a mix match of laughable qualities, he hates the jews yet he hates white people too. So who exactly does Chris like? Must be the blacks, hispanics and asians of America. I wonder how well he thinks those groups are actually going to accept him into their folds.

  41. “Cracker” has often been used to as a slur against white people from impoverished backgrounds. These days, in public discourse, it’s deemed unacceptable to use language that could even be misinterpreted as a slur, regardless of the speaker’s true intent. Such use is called “insensitive,” and when the victim of it is the African-American community, the Hispanic community, or any other race, an apology and explanation are in order.

    Mr. Matthews used insensitive language that could be interpreted as a slur against poor Caucasian people.

    He should offer a public apology and express his regret at an unfortunate choice of words.

    Is that too much to ask?

  42. Luke,

    I recommend we do something about the Jewish problem instead of venting on the internet and blowing smoke up the ass of the blogosphere. Alex Linder is a physical coward who in ten years hasn’t confronted the Jews who live in his own hometown.

    What’s stopping Linder from confronting the Hillel chapter at Truman State University? Nothing as far as I can tell.

    First, we must accept the fact that White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world.

    Second, we must accept the fact that White Nationalists won’t put themselves in harm’s way by using violence against the Jews.

    Third, we must accept the fact that “naming the Jew” on the internet doesn’t work. It has been done well over a million times at VNN Forum alone.

    We have to come up with solutions to the problem that will give ordinary people who are pissed off about the issue an outlet upon which they can act in the real world.

    Why not start with voting Jewish senators and congressmen out of office? Why not start with cutting the foreign aid budget to reduce aid to Israel? Why not organize Whites under some other label for we can start having an impact on the political spectrum?

  43. “Third, we must accept the fact that “naming the Jew” on the internet doesn’t work. ”

    I strongly disagree. There was a time when I was not aware of the toxic, virulently anti-white hatreds that are so deeply ingrained inside this tribe of nation wreckers. Nor, was I fully aware of how many of their fingerprints were on just about every anti-white cultural, social, and political trend, policy and agenda. Therefore, I’m fairly certain that if I can learn the truth – which was helped along by the Internet, since they haven’t been able to censor it – then millions of other whites, who are finally beginning to smell something foul in the air, can also be shown (by the Internet) how to connect the dots to the owners of those same fingerprints. These truths are never going to be exposed on the jewish controlled mainstream media, so the Internet is the most important educational tool we have in our arsenal. We can never defeat an enemy who’s identity is a mystery to us.

    Your position on voting against every Senator and Congressmen who is jewish makes good sense; however, unless whites are taught to understand that their mortal enemies are almost always jewish, how can we hope to raise their defense mechanisms to the point where they refuse to vote for jewish politicians?

    I would point to the brainless French, who were so incredibly stupid as to allow Sarkozy to ‘pretend’ to steal a few of Le Pen’s platform positions, then elect this jew Mossad asset as their president. The next thing we know, this arrogant jew makes a couple of speeches whereby he orders his white French to race mix with the Africans that he and his tribe have imported into France as a means to help jews destroy that white nation. If I recall, substantial numbers of the white French were vocally upset with this Sarkozy directive – but, I have to scratch my head and ask what did those idiots expect to hear out of the mouth of a mortal enemy of all White Europeans?

    Nobody can top the White race for stupidity and gullibility, Hunter. We have the dubious honor of being the dumbest race on the planet.

  44. these media outlets should start facing major law suits to help curve there anti white hatred.class action suits from a thousand whites at 5 million apiece.and then a fine of no more then 50 thousand dollars per use of a racial slur discribing whites in a race hatred wAY and for stiring up violance against white people.lets start suing these bastards right out of buisiness.time to take this fight to them and make them pay.

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