Interview: White Zion

Should we engage the media?


A reporter from Wyoming wants to interview me about the White Zion article and my thoughts on the Northwest Migration.

We have corresponded through email. This is connected to National Vanguard publishing the article on their website. He is writing an article about the story.

Should I give this interview?

(1) Yes. It would publicize the Northwest Migration in Wyoming. We need all the publicity we can get. This is an opportunity present a sympathetic face of White Nationalism to Wyoming natives.

(2) No. The reporter will only butcher the interview to include a few selected quotes. This is nothing but a mainstream journalist trying to scandalize the liberals of Cheyenne with lurid fantasies of a non-existent Neo-Nazi invasion.

I am deeply divided on this issue.

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  1. You need to check out the reporter and the publication throughly.

    How has the reporter and publication handled similar interviews or non-PC topics? Was the treatment basically fair? The reporter’s previous work should give you an indication if this is likely to be a serious interview, or if you are simply being used.

  2. @ Hunter

    Shit him up. Tell him about the plans to build the Hitler-Cheney Masoleum in Cheyenne. Be sure and get the money for the interview in advance. LOL.

    Zeig Heil, and a big 1488 to you.

    Btw, I have some Chicago newsie acquaintences who actually spoofed the New York Times.

  3. No, your not from Wyoming and aren’t really the person who should speak for any of Wyoming’s legislative immigration initiatives. The fact that he came across the article on National Vanguard means the whole point is to create a non-existent “White Supremacist” bogeyman linked to any Tea Party efforts in the state legislature. If I recall, you mentioned you had never been to Wyoming, why are you calling for a migration to that place?

    As for “liberals from Cheyenne” I’d hardly say Cheyenne is any hotbed for liberalism in the state. What I’ve heard is it’s largely an Air Force town and Railroad town, the few liberals in the state are hugging the trees in the Tetons or teaching at the University in Laramie.

  4. i vote yes. as far as the media tricks, there’s nothing new under the sun. listen to old david duke, jared taylor & james edwards youtube videos when they were presented by the MSM. you have time to sharpen your skills. just don’t loose your cool.

  5. Warning: if you do the interview your casting yourself in the role of the meddling outsider. Stick to officially speaking for your local community as you yourself have previously advised.

  6. Maybe you should conduct the interview online, so you have a record of what has actually been said? And the delay in responding will allow you collect your thoughts and respond more effectively.

    Or, if you check him out and he’s up to no good, maybe you could spoof him. Offhand, I’d suspect he’s looking for something sensational to wow the editor. If he’s particularly gullible, you could make an ass out of him.
    In any case, be prudent and mistrustful.

  7. All exposure, with some rare exceptions is good exposure. This is a not a rare exception.

    You, Hunter with maybe a handful of others are the only ones actively making the link between WN and conservativism.

  8. Well, you’re certainly experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle the interview, Hunter, so that’s not a problem. It’s tempting to get some additional coverage from the outside media, but:
    1. Unless you have an express invitation from the author of the article, it might seem a little presumptuous to comment on it without his permission.
    2. If the reporter actually does some “creative editing” and makes it sound like you’ve made some sort of disparaging remark about the movement, you KNOW that it’ll spread like wildfire throughout every website associated with the nationalist cause, and NO amount of explanation on your part will EVER clear it up. Unless the guy is from a major newspaper, and has a solid reputation for fairness, it hardly seems worth it for the risks involved. Nightowl’s advice is sound.

  9. Well of course he will twist and distort whatever you say, if not lie outright or make things up about you. I know you know that. I wouldn’t do it.

  10. I’ve decided not to do the interview.

    (1) I dislike a previous column about MLK.

    (2) I dislike the idea of being “mediated” and taken out of context.

    (3) We should focus our resources on creating our own media.

    (4) Nightowl gives sound advice.

  11. Bad decision. When some establishment type offers you free publicity, take it. Tape it, do whatever you need to, to check the lie and the misquote. Also – and I’ve done this on occasion – when somebody interviews me, I interview them back. It’s called controlling the agenda. I had hopes for you, HW, I really did…but this sort of cowardice simply won’t do.

  12. good decision…

    On the other hand when I agreed to do an MSM TV interview 15 years ago, one Wisconsin woman contacted me and we had a sexual affair…

    Something for Hunter to consider.


  13. Bad decision. When some establishment type offers you free publicity, take it.

    But publicity as what? A Covington type calling for a neo nazi takeover of Wyoming…that’s what the interview is supposed to be about. My bet is that the journalist is simply looking to try to connect the “crude discourse” of the Tea Party and the new grassroots members of the legislature with “nazis” to discredit them. Same as what happened a month ago with the Giffords shooting. Such an expose would probably do damage to any immigration reformers in Wyoming. If I recall, Matt Hale and his cult were in the process of relocating to Wyoming right before the sting and the locals were not at all pleased with the prospect of the stigma it would bring. I doubt the guy even read much of the site and only knew it as the source of the article he’d seen about Wyoming on Kevin Strom’s site. He was looking for a Pierce type neo-nazi connection from Pierce’s former right hand man. Besides, this site is more of a rebuttal of the more extreme “The Euro-Siberian future of man animal chimeras in the age of California Yoga” schism within the far right rather than a good first stop like Vdare or a Jared Taylor speech.

  14. Good choice. . You should give interviews only in support of what you are supporting. If he wants to do an interview about neo-nazis moving to the northwest you should give him Harolds name. Harold will give him the interview he wants and is the expert on the topic. You should communicate in writing that you are a fierce critic of Covimgton”s plan, but as a professional courtesy you will send him in a good direction,

  15. “…but this sort of cowardice simply won’t do.”

    Okay, I don’t wan’t to get into a brawl, CompassionateFascist (no, really!), but that was a little harsh. If Hunter gave the interview and something went bad, who would have to take the heat? Us? No, Hunter would. Even if he had a digital record of his interview, even if he could PROVE his remarks were taken out of context and purposely edited to make them misleading, do you honestly believe that the paper would print a retraction by appealing to their sense of journalistic integrity? (Sure they would.) The only way to FORCE a newspaper to print a retraction is to hit them with a court order. And that takes lawyers. And that takes money. (Contributions, anyone?) It’s NOT cowardice. It’s simple, common-sense prudence.

    “On the other hand when I agreed to do an MSM TV interview 15 years ago, one Wisconsin woman contacted me and we had a sexual affair…”

    Uh, that’s a nice thought, Jack, but there’s this guy named Julian Assange who might recommend prudence on that one, too…

  16. I have been contacted by journalist asking about Hunter Wallace and his friends Sam Dickson and Yggdrasil. What should I do?

  17. I ran a pen through a load of laundry and then through the dryer as well. The laundry (mostly towels) is covered with ink spots, of course, but the inside of the dryer has a bluish color. What should I do?

  18. Hunter, how could you pass this opportunity to “engage with the mainstream” up? Even if you totally screwed up and gave him copious ammunition to use against you or against WN, so what? It’s not as if you were on the brink of success only to be scuttled by this misstep.

    All you’d have to do is go “totally moderate” — which in practice would mean taking what you think is moderate and halving it, and halving it again. Use the opportunity to make your own totally reasonable sounding talking points and to hell with what the journo actually asked you — just like real life politicians do. As far as the whole “White Zion” thing goes, you could have tackled it by simply acknowledging that the idea is “out there” or “before its time,” but, for example, that “as the demographic tide continues to turn against Whites, unless they’re able to press their claims to peoplehood via the democratic process, unconventional ideas like ‘migratory consolidation’ are going to be increasingly contemplated.”

    Even though, in my estimate, the average journalist is as an unthinking, mentally constipated, swim-with-the-tide dipshit as any other product of modern academia, it’s not unreasonable to expect you’d occasionally come across one who’s not averse to thinking beyond the limits that have been set for him. You’ll never know unless you try. Refusing all contact with these people just because they’re out to get their little hit piece is the mental equivalent of hiding out in a bunker in Idaho.

  19. Go with nightowl and jackkson on this one. Give him Harold’s or Greg’s name and websites, they need the help in creating their budding “Reich Acting Troupe.”

  20. You shoulda done the interview but made the interviewer promise he’d/she’d include your website address in the published article.

    If he/she refused, then you shoulda read your pre-typed, short, concise, to-the-point comment, then said “that’s all I have to say”, and hung up.

    I think you jes plain chickened out.

  21. On the one hand, you run the risk of being misquoted, etc. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to get your website address and main points out to mainstream conservatives. You are a pretty respectable spokesperson for the movement. You should find some tea party-sympathetic columnist to let you ghost write a column, or write you up in a positive manner.

  22. I kept hammering away at the point that a “White Zionist” enclave should be created in the mold of American Indian and wildlife reservations.

    I repeatedly pointed out this would take most of the piss and venom out of the White Nationalist movement and would benefit everyone.

  23. The A3p has done this many times as does BIll Johnson, Kev MacDonals, James Edwards etc, but only and if only you have a good reputation, no record and dont mind your name being in the news with the term neo- nazi, anti semite attached et.. Also it might end up on Fox news or Rachel Maddow will be sluring at you.
    I say it never hurts you will reach a new heght of interest in this blog and people who might not reac it will and to play devlis advocate more antis will increase attcks on it.

  24. HUNTER..

  25. I kept hammering away at the point that a “White Zionist” enclave should be created in the mold of American Indian and wildlife reservations.

    You can’t possibly believe that? I’ve always taken this “white separatism” with a grain of salt. Sam Francis was the most sober voice in seriously addressing solutions without going into fantasy. If “destroying white people” really is the highest goal of the liberal order then no way would 40,000 souls camped out in the middle of the cold, desolate west go unmolested. If the Mormons in Utah were unable to maintain their independence, heck the Afrikaners had NUCLEAR WEAPONS and could have held out for an indefinite stalemate against the new world order but still fell, how on earth is such “drop out and form a nazi commune” a viable idea? I don’t want to live in the 3rd Reich, just something more like the early 20th century when whites men ran the show, didn’t have to suffer from affirmative action, black crime, political correctness, etc. and had tariffs to protect their industries rather than a reckless policy of unprotected trade set by a few shysters in Manhattan. If any separatism would work cutting New York City free from America like Singapore’s separation from Malaysia would go a long way towards creating an amicable divorce.

  26. For the record, I brought up Switzerland as a model of White enclaves. I said that America would be better off if people like James von Brunn were chopping wood on their reservation out in Bumfuck, Montana instead of shooting up the Holocaust Museum.

    We also had a discussion about White Advocacy. I identified myself as a “conservative” or a “White Advocate.” I said that the White majority in America is an “under served constituency.”

    It was a long discussion. I really enjoyed it.

  27. I really wish I had recorded it. I need to start doing interviews.

    The interview that I gave was a total inversion of anything that you would hear from the likes of Harold Covington, Alex Linder, or Greg Johnson.

    On the subject of “hate groups,” I pointed out that the SPLC had been labelled a “hate group” by the Tea Party and House Speaker John Boehner, and that Wyoming natives were more in sympathy with the Tea Party than with an ambulance chasing con-artist like Morris Dees, who lives in a McMansion in Montgomery and is widely despised in Alabama.

    On the subject of “racism,” I pointed out that I wasn’t a “racist” or “white supremacist” because Whites wouldn’t be in this position if they really were superior. I said that I was a “White Advocate” who believes that Whites should organize and stand up for their interests like other groups.

    I said that I didn’t fault blacks like Cam Newton for being so good at college football and stressed that the success of black athletes proves that every race has its strength and weaknesses.

    On the subject of “violence,” I ridiculed the idea that White Nationalists should engage in violence, seeing as how every violent act in our name is used as ammunition against us. I stressed that White Nationalists should renounce violence and work through the system to achieve our goals.

    I pointed out that White Nationalists were the victims of state violence (Ruby Ridge) and discrimination (Amren). We also discussed interracial black-on-white violent crime.

    Instead of being violent exhibitionists, we should instead present ourselves as model citizens and create businesses that employ people and create good will toward our community.

  28. In passing, I did suggest he interview Harold Covington of in order to get an alternative perspective about the Northwest Migration.

    I said this would clarify the differences that exist between the “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” camps.

  29. There are a lot of financial newsletter writers and radio show hosts who are fairly mainstream who talk about the US budget deficit and all it entails, the federal reserve, manipulation of the gold markets, muslim terrorism etc. Their audience is usually pretty conservative, and they’re always looking for new guests to fill up time slots. They would probably welcome you as a guest. Same with (maybe) someone like Rush Limbaugh, who needs some help filling up his 3 hour timeslot with call-ins.

  30. On the subject of “secession,” I said that White Nationalists would likely play little role in any eventual form of separatism. I pointed out that fiscally conservative states like Wyoming and North Dakota weren’t too eager to bailout liberal states overrun by illegal aliens like California, Illinois and New York.

    I said that I could envision a future scenario in which this rich, aging, fiscally conservative White states in the Interior West see no benefit to remaining in the Union under an expanding federal government dominated by non-White racial advocate groups.

    I pointed to the 26 states suing the federal government over Obamacare, secessionist talk in Texas, and the nullification movement in states like Missouri.

  31. Am I the only one here who is waiting to actually SEE the interview before I conclude that this is NOT just another elaborate fantasy concocted to gain attention from the ever-dwindling readership of this website?

  32. Greg,

    I thought about suggesting that he interview you on the subject of alliances with North Korea, Nazi UFOs, destroying Christianity, “man-animal chimeras,” and state arranged marriages, but then I thought that it would be bad for our public image in Wyoming if White Nationalists came across as a bunch of alienated, Neo-Nazi homosexuals from San Francisco.

  33. I said that I didn’t fault blacks like Cam Newton for being so good at college football and stressed that the success of black athletes proves that every race has its strength and weaknesses.

    I think a better way to address that point — at least a more novel way — is to classify it as yet another example of racial double standards — a “racial gap” that, essentially, no one is the least bit interested in “closing.” If whites do something better than blacks it’ s a national crisis for which whites need to be criticized and handicapped; if blacks do something better than whites, no one seems to much care (or else whites should just shut up and how dare they be so “racist” as to even think about it) . Relatedly, the real gap in American education isn’t between blacks and whites; it’s between blacks and Asians. Yet it’s whites who come under scrutiny for its existence. Given all this, it’s hardly surprising, or “racist,” that some whites might begin to wonder whether society’s rulers have a problem with gaps per se, or just whites per se.

    If the interview was for an article, you’re going to be selectively quoted. Any prediction on how anything you said might be twisted?

  34. I spoke at length about racial double standards and mentioned Asian success as proof that minorities do not suffer from White privilege.

    White privilege doesn’t seem to be operative in the NFL or NBA. Why is that?

  35. If you dont do the interview she will find someone else who will do the interview. That person might be okay, or she might interview a total nutcase netnazi. So, in the interest of making at least an attempt to get a decent story out there, you should do the interview.

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