Interview: White Zion

Should we engage the media?


A reporter from Wyoming wants to interview me about the White Zion article and my thoughts on the Northwest Migration.

We have corresponded through email. This is connected to National Vanguard publishing the article on their website. He is writing an article about the story.

Should I give this interview?

(1) Yes. It would publicize the Northwest Migration in Wyoming. We need all the publicity we can get. This is an opportunity present a sympathetic face of White Nationalism to Wyoming natives.

(2) No. The reporter will only butcher the interview to include a few selected quotes. This is nothing but a mainstream journalist trying to scandalize the liberals of Cheyenne with lurid fantasies of a non-existent Neo-Nazi invasion.

I am deeply divided on this issue.

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  1. Same with (maybe) someone like Rush Limbaugh, who needs some help filling up his 3 hour timeslot with call-ins.

    Limbaugh only has guests who are more famous than he is, and even that’s a rare event.

  2. don’t give the interview. There is no free lunch. If you want to get out your message, you will have to buy advertising. Sad, but true. And the expense of advertising will make you focus and re-think your message more carefully, instead of running your mouth because it’s “free publicity”.

    Concentrate on BUILDING. If the people you want don’t come, then build it differently to suit them. If you cannot adequately describe the places where your desired audience might be, to SEE your advertisement… then you haven’t finished planning what you want to accomplish.

    How was Zionism actualized, in the real world? By reviving our language. And how was that done? By opening up (in 1891) Hebrew kindergardens here in Judea, the first ones in 2000 years. Not glorious work, not glamorous work. But necessary. Not skip-able. Not optional.

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