Hate Group: Official Status


I was browsing the Montgomery Advertiser this evening when I noticed that the SPLC has its new annual report out about the growth of “hate groups” in America.

The article reported that there was one more “hate group” in Alabama than there was last year. Out of curiosity, I went over to the SPLC website and took a look for myself.

Occidental Dissent is the new hate group!

I was wondering if they had listed themselves as a “hate group” seeing as how the Tea Party, Red State, and House Speaker John Boehner now use that label to the refer to the SPLC.

Apparently not.

Cozy Retirement

I’ve been enjoying my retirement from the White Nationalist movement.

I had no plans to write here any further, but I thought this amusing little news item was worth sharing for anyone still browsing. After all that hard work, we have officially risen to “hate group” status, and in the “White Nationalist” category no less.

The usual suspects will undoubtedly find some way to weave this fact into their ridiculous conspiracy theories. In some quarters of cyberspace, it is common knowledge that I work for the SPLC, the Mossad and someone called Cass Sunstein!


I’m up to far more mischievous activity these days than crossing swords with the likes of Greg Johnson over “man-animal chimeras.” As you can see, I am buoyant with positive energy.

White Nationalism is an albatross for anyone who is actively trying to advance a pro-White political perspective in the South.

If you call yourself a “White Nationalist,” you will have unnecessarily larded yourself down with a label that is attached to decades of brainwashing, negative framing, and destructive stereotypes. You will spend most of your time being held accountable for the views of the “vanguard” to ordinary people.


– Does being a White Nationalist mean you are a Neo-Nazi and that you are for Hitler?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean that you hate Jews?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean you support violence like the Oklahoma City bombing?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean that you hate America?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean that you think you are superior to other people?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean that you want a dictatorship or something?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean that you want to lynch black people and hate other races?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean only blond haired, blue eyed Aryans are White?

– Does being a White Nationalist mean you are against Christianity?

Every single one of these “sidetracks” is endlessly discussed in the White Nationalist movement. Instead of wasting your time playing twenty questions, you can call yourself a “conservative” and won’t be bothered by that type of nonsense anymore.

The typical White person in Alabama and Georgia agrees with us on the important issues – the 70 percent issues – like immigration, affirmative action, and multiculturalism. It is this package deal of 1 percent issues (and the negative framing surrounding them) that derails the WN message into irrelevancy.

Fortunately, the substance of WN can be rescued from the umbrella that is the WN movement, repackaged in a different language under a different label, and sold to the public quite successfully.

We can accomplish more by striking out on our own. It took me many years to realize that.

Final Thought

I know what the SPLC truly fears.

It is not a bunch of rhetorical radicals who do nothing but talk about Jews on the internet, the hucksters swindling goobers out of their money, or the exhibitionists parading around Knoxville in Halloween costumes. What they truly fear is that the White majority in Alabama and other states is already quasi-WN on many issues and has more in common with us than them.

Those people currently suffer from ignorance, poor leadership, and oppression (like the Egyptians), but those are not necessarily intractable problems. In the right conditions, an electric current can jump across that gap, and set the masses on fire.

We have to communicate with ordinary people on their own wavelength. And to do that, we have to spend more time engaging the public, and less splitting hairs on the interwebs, which is why you are hearing less from poor little old me.

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  1. Hunter,

    1. If the mainstreaming process has worked in Europe despite the fact that they suffer much of the same problems with extremists, shouldn’t we spend, at least part of our time, trying to mainstream WN discourse in the same manner here? After all, at least we know that that works. In other words, what WN’s ought to be doing is detaching themselves from the stigma of the vangaurdist crowd and talking to people in a very moderate fashion about the legitimate perils of multiculturism and diversity (the 70% issues as you mention), but I don’t feel we have to dress up as conservatives in order to do this (and in fact it’s already being done).

    When most people look at vanguard types they see disorganized weirdoes with illusions of grandeur, they don’t see those types rallying around a particular political ideology like fascism. It’s essentially impossible for any WN to ward off accusations of fascism anyway, according to Wikipedia:

    “Neo-fascism usually includes nationalism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism”

    By this definition anyone who supports anti-immigration can be accused of being a “neo-fascist.”

    2. Admittedly the Ron Paul campaign was very grassroots, but it also was given very scant media attention. The truth is most people in America have never heard of Ron Paul (and certainly don’t understand his political ideology), and without corporate backing or media support that isn’t likely to change.

    Also, more whites voted democrat in the 2008 election than in any election (with the exception of 1996) going back to 1976.

    You say:
    “Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of White people don’t have maids and servants. They cut their own grass, wash their own dishes, cook their own food, etc.”

    Don’t twist my words, sure most whites don’t employ illegal workers domestically, but who do you think trims the grass at parks and along roads, washes and cooks the food in restaurants and food processing centers etc.? How do you dispel the notion that immigrants do the jobs citizens don’t want? How can whites argue against immigration when their quality of life undoubtedly improves because of it? The truth is most voters (particularly conservatives) think of the economic benefits of immigration and ignore the social ramifications: welfare, crime, low academic performance.

    Also those opposed to corporate influence and globalization are more likely to vote democrat since liberal economic policies are more restrictive toward private economic growth. As a result the Republican Party has become something of the party bought and paid for by corporations, which occasionally feeds scraps (anti-abortionism, anti-gay marriage, strong military) to the proles.

    3. It is disingenuous to claim that McCain lost the election due to his platform or his character, you know as well as I do that the democrats would have handedly won had they selected a broomstick for their candidate.

    Anti-immigration republicans had a candidate to rally behind during the last election cycle (Tancredo), yet they chose to run, quite literally, the worst candidate. If republicans were really interested in sticking it to the establishment they would have at least voted for more non-moderate republican candidates in protest, instead republicans voted for the person who had the highest “electability.”

    4. I must confess I seem not to be as well read as you on this matter, I’m willing to concede this argument. It is worth noting however that all of these changes occurred prior to the 1960’s when America was implicitly a white nation, I’m not as convinced that we could do the same in this intellectual climate.

    5. The key point I’m trying to get across in this little dialectical conversation of ours is that focusing all of our attention to infiltrating conservatism isn’t going to work unless we change the discourse in this country to our favor. This can only be done by exerting financial and academic pressure on the major parties to come to our side. Even if you go forward as a conservative, you quite likely won’t be able to convince many in these circles to join you, since most WN’s see the Republican Party as the party for corporations, globalization, nation building, etc. and there’s little you can do to change that image in their minds. Those who have the most influence in the Republican Party are those with academic qualification or financial resources. If we organize implicitly as white nationalists with the goal of influencing academia, and accumulating wealth, and have zero-tolerance for vanguard types I feel that we’ll be more successful because history (and modern European nationalism) has shown us that this works. Although I would agree that being a conservative is better than nothing, a multi-pronged approach would be better than merely relying on conservatism, that’s all I’m trying to say.

    6. The 30% in the Republican Party which support amnesty have more resources on average, and in the Republican Party, money speaks louder than numbers.

    7. I still think that there are a lot of one issue voters who are taken advantage of, and will continue to be taken advantage of, because those who lead the Republican Party know that the only alternative, ultimately, is to vote democrat, and that people will always vote for the lesser of two evils.

  2. Aside form his quoting of those two websites -which both of us hate – he has also posted my real name. Now I sometimes use my real name, but on this website, I have opted to be anonymous. Reason being, these websites are cached in google, and I have to work. And employer google their employees.

    If he’s not banned, you are as good to me as a phoraphag, Hunter.

  3. this is another example of why ALL white nationalists are losers.

    I ask tough questions, and he throws a temper tantrum.

    I don’t associate with losers.

  4. you are stupid and i was completely justified in doing everything I did.

    just a matter of time til you are banned. I sent out a message!

  5. The best advice that I can give iceman is to forget those people – the people who trolled him – even exist. I’m not involved with those people or that whole scene anymore.

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