Tips for Activists

In my opinion, the last two months the world has seen more revolutions occur in more places faster then at any other time in world history.

To think that it will not or cannot happen in Western countries is naive.  It would behoove white activists to take the following steps to get ahead of the curve.

Get a secure phone

No modern phone can be secure.  Without your consent or court order they can listen to your conversations, analyze your voice for key words, and pin point your exact location.  But you can make it easier on yourself by buying a prepaid phone with cash.  A prepaid SIM card can also help with this.

Prep for success

The right preps is important for activists of all sorts.  Do you have the tools needed to make an impact when the time comes?  Do you have the ability to counter enemy propaganda?  If no get started.

Get in shape

Can you run for 30 minutes?  How about jump rope for 20 minutes?  Can you carry a heavy amount of weight 100 yards?  Strong physical conditioning is the prerequisite required for strong mental conditioning.

Have your scripts ready

Your talking points need to be thought out and rehearsed before SHTF.  Not only to our target demographics and the media, but your family, the media, your boss and law enforcement.

I am not going to touch on what to say to your family or the media, but here are two that everybody gets excited about: your boss and law enforcement.

Do you know what to say when your boss starts asking you about your “after hours political activities”?

You say this, “Well boss, that is an interesting question but I am not going to comment on anything not related to my job performance.”  He might backpedal and say there is talk about you participating with a “hate group.”

“Really boss, I have nothing to say about any of my non work related activities, where I go to church, if I am married, or how old I am but I will be happy to discuss anything related to my job performance.”

That should be the end of that.

Lets say a law enforcement type has been snooping around and has made it known they want to “interview” you for some reason.  There are only two things you ever say to a law enforcement officer without your lawyer present:

“Am I legally required to answer that question?”

They will say no at which you reply with, “I have nothing to say.”  They may ask you this a dozen different ways but each time you are to respond with “I have nothing to say.”

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  On that note it is a good idea to be friends with a good defense lawyer.

Cache your supplies

Having a Bug Out Bag is great.  Having one or more hidden somewhere other than where you live or work is essential.

Get a spare laptop computer

Put Linux on it.  It is not that hard. Make sure wireless works and use it in an emergency at a free wireless hot spot.  If you are feeling really paranoid encrypt your home directory.  For those that go the encrypted route, avoid products like PGP and FileVault, they likely have a backdoor allowing government access to the contents of the data, the only solutions you can count on that do not have this vulnerability are open source.

Be prepared to fight

When SHTF happens it will start with punches and chairs and not knives and guns.  Serious martial art training is essential.  Focus on what works, not oriental tricks.  I like in order of preference Muay Thai, Catch wrestling, boxing, and wrestling.  Other styles work ok too (Jeet Kun Do, Krav cough Margaaaa).

A commenter said “don’t forget guns” and that is wrong.  Activism has nothing to do with firearms, activism has to do with winning the hearts and minds of the people to our cause.  If we cannot do that with words an infinite number of guns will never be able to give us success.

Learn to address a crowd

Public speaking skills is what separates the men from the boys.  If you have not attended a Toastmasters meeting before I highly recommend it.


  1. People will probably accuse you of being paranoid or a “vanguardist,” but really you are giving practical advice that anyone will benefit from taking. Point by point, these steps will make anyone a stronger, secure person. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Firearms are a topic for another thread. I focus exclusively on non violent and legal means of activism. Weapons have a place on the topic of self-defense, which is something I can write some thoughts on if there is interest.

  3. I agree with Andrew that guns, AK 47, AR 15 – they are not effective tools to help us with day to day activism.

    Look how successful the anti White, Left is on college campuses. They definitely use force, don’t allow any pro White, Conservative folks to speak on …

    Their turf.

    But they don’t use AK 47s to force their way to power on college campuses.

    Instead it is just groups of people pushing and showing, yelling, maybe an occasional pie in the face – it’s still complete force, not reason, not being fair and tolerant, but not AK 47 assault riffles.

    We have to go this way. Use weapons, “force” that works and doesn’t get you a 50 year jail sentence just at some public forum event.

  4. Firearms are a topic for another thread. I focus exclusively on non violent and legal means of activism. Weapons have a place on the topic of self-defense, which is something I can write some thoughts on if there is interest.

    Please don’t. There are hundreds of good sites on the web full of people who know everything possible about guns. This place has another function.

    Good article.

  5. I would like to recommend, to anyone interested in improving their communication skills, reading the classic book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I just finished the book and honestly feel that it has good advice for any situation, from business to social and familial settings.

    We belong to a group that seems to be sorely in need of better communication, both among ourselves (mainstream vs. vanguard) and with the general public. This book was written at a time when the population of our country was quite a bit different, and so some of the examples may come across as unrealistic now. But deep down, I think people are the same from generation to generation, and being effective at communicating, and ultimately, getting the desired response, requires understanding what makes people tick. This book is a classic because it really hit on the key points in a succinct way. I hope to start putting these ideas into practice in every situation and to continue until they are habitual.

    A nice copy can be had for $15-20. I read it twice during my lunch break over a two-month period. My next book will be “The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I don’t have any idea what to expect from it, but if there is anything we (and people in general) are lacking now days, it is positive thinking.

    I would be interested in a reading list if anyone had one, as long as it was geared towards effective action. For that matter, I think this article should be expanded with as many ideas towards effective actions as possible. We all have different personality types and different situations. Some things may apply to all, and some things may be specifically useful to certain individuals.

  6. I would include …

    Know Your Audience

    Communication is a two-way process.

    When you open your mouth, always keep in mind that you are talking to another human being, not a “lemming,” who will respond to you in terms of their own ideas, values, and experience.

    In order to communicate successfully with White people, you have to frame your appeal in such a way that you connect with those values and experiences, and use them to your advantage.

    Thus, it is a better idea to stress the points that you have in common with ordinary people, rather than the points of disagreement (i.e., Satanism, Neo-Nazism, “man-animal chimeras, etc) you have with them. You want to eliminate as many unnecessary barriers to communicate as possible.

  7. Another big one …

    Listen First

    Before you do anything as an activist, you should study your target audience in depth, and listen to what they have to say first. Find out what motivates them. Gauge their priorities.

  8. Some good suggestions on communicating with regular Americans.

    I do caution folks not to completely embrace the Dale Carnegie method. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” presents the idea that people should listen and agree with whoever you are talking with at the moment. It’s the effective form of “flattery”. Thus if you are with some Libertarian White American who argues that all of America’s racial problems, problems with mass NW immigration are caused by excessive taxation, too much government regulation and America would really benefit by the additional of tens of millions of Central American Indian peasants, Black Haitian immigrant workers if America only got rid of the minimum wage, unions etc – sure when you do the Dale Carnegie flattery method – you will win this friend, but basically your winning a friend who is a complete ##*$&^@ idiot.

    Too many American conservatives, elected officials are surrounding by flatterers – folks telling George W. Bush that he was great, that his wars against Iraq were great – Bush was stopping new Hitlers, fighting for Democracy and that George W Bush, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, Colin Powel’s efforts to reach out to Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays and Jews were making great, new support for the GOP for Conservative family values and that George W Bush was right – family values don’t end at the Rio Grande.

    Then this same Dale Carnegie flatterer would be present at a Tom Tancredo event and the flatterer would agree with all the principled (White) folks in the room that America needed secure borders and shouldn’t pander to Blacks, homosexuals, LaRaza and it’s just common sense to require immigrants to obey our laws, respect our culture, learn English and become good Americans.

    George Bush Sr. was infamous with using the Dale Carnegie method to convince everyone he ever met that he agreed with them and was a Reagan Conservative when with Conservatives, was strongly pro life with pro life crowds, but was an East Coast moderate who opposed Right Wing Conservatives whenever he was with East Coast liberals.

    It’s the classic all things to all people and when these people become all the people in the entire non White world, it’s treason for our people.

    Yeah, use some of Dale Carnegie’s techniques, listen more than you talk, try to find something positive, something you can agree with in the White person you are talking with, but don’t be a spineless flatterer, don’t enable traitors, cowards, idiots.

    And don’t enable 80 year race denying true believing Libertarians to run for President of the United States.

  9. I interpreted your initial list as things a White advocate needs to know and do to be an effective activist right now — Exercise to sharpen the mind, be prepared to counter enemy propaganda, know how to speak in public — and things a White Advocate needs to know not for activism right now but for self-defense situations when the SHTF — since you also mentioned things the possibility of middle eastern-style revolution which has been violent, Thai boxing and having multiple BOBs handy.

    I don’t support firearms for anything other than legitimate self-defense which might be necessary when the SHTF, and certainly not for activist efforts. I don’t support bringing guns to activist events, or trying to use violence or guns in any way for persuasion. Of course not.

  10. Great comments about the “guns” issue. I know people so beaten in life that guns are basically a religous like cult, I wouldn’t doubt these people’s houses have a shrine to the AR-15. Kind of like the Mexican peons and their stupid cults to ameliorate a horrible life.

  11. Why spend so much time and effort trying to convert others to one’s pov when one doesn’t even have a plan for those who already agree? It just seems that one would do something with those who agree before trying to convert those who don’t. And what of the majority of people who simply have no interest in “activism”? I understand that’s your thing. But I don’t personally want to march or protest or give speeches. I just want to fellowship with people who are explicitly white and share my values.

    You’ve stated exactly what I’ve been trying to convince people of for years and years and years… The notion that people need to be “converted” dies a swift death when you follow that premise with a very simple question — What exactly are you converting someone to? It seems to me that conversion into a pro-White lifestyle includes varying degrees of self-aggrandizement, and a constant state of trying to find real-world connections that usually ends in failure and disappointment.

    If those who already agree and participate in pro-White circles feel as though they are nothing more than chattel, then those looking from the outside would certainly see this as an even more desolate and dire situation than what they are currently in now. It should come as no surprise that many who see this “lifestyle” and still choose this road would probably have to be classified as defective in some form or fashion. This permeates most American pro-White circles, and blaming things on “Vanguardists” can only go so far, as it’s really just as much the fault of tight-asses like Jared Taylor as it is with the lunatic fringe. Blaming one sect for faults that can be attached to all others is usually a poor man’s reasoning for not being effective enough with his own ideology and tactics.

    The truth, as shown by Fred’s comment, is that most(I’d say 80% or more) people who are possibly receptive to pro-White views and politics DO NOT want to be the tip of the spear. They DO NOT want to immerse themselves into the intricacies and hardships that are certainly a part of going up against an entrenched enemy. They DO NOT want the personality conflicts. They DO NOT want to go to biannual conferences just to hear people speak. They DO NOT want to have to make excuses for every little detail of their lives that don’t match up exactly with how little Fuhrers believe is the “correct” path and view for everyone to have. What they DO WANT is camaraderie and the comfort of knowing someone else is going to come to their defense should they need it. In this case, what they DO WANT can be something as simple as meeting face-to-face and filling that void of camaraderie. Very simple concept, right?

    Ahhh, now enter the world of Pro-White Politica, where simple is damn near impossible, and the impossible is morphed into a virtual world of Jedi warriors battling it out to see who will lead the sheeple to a new all White nation. It would make for great comedy if it weren’t for the fact that this paradigm is representative of actual upright-walking human beings. Frankly, if the great minds of pro-Whiteness have a difficult enough time fulfilling the needs of those who just want to get together for a beer or a game of chess, then I think any normal, sane person is going to have some reservations about the potential for pro-White people to ever achieve something as gigantic as nation-building.

    Simple questions that are the foundations of proper community building – What organizations and groups should be asking YOU:

    What do you want?
    What do you need?
    How can I/we help?

    Go look in pro-White circles and see where these questions are a foundation. They are practically nonexistent, probably because organizations and groups are too busy telling you what they need you to do, what they want you to think, or how you can donate. Those aren’t communities, they’re Pay to Play hobby groups.

  12. I don’t approve of the Dale Carnegie approach, because if you make a practice of agreeing with everyone on everything everywhere you go, sooner or later it gets back to their ideological opposition that thought you agreed with them and then you get the reputation of being either untrustworthy and dishonest OR weak-minded and easily swayed by the last and loudest voice barking in your ear.

    I try to find agreement where I can honestly agree. But when I find a point where I can’t go along with, i.e. an open borders libertarian who never met a pay cut he didn’t like, I will concede his point about lower taxation and less government regulation, but say, “Sorry, but I respectfully disagree with you about opening the border to every third-world, non-English speaking immigrant, because … and then I lay out the costs of housing them or incarcerating them, the costs of providing education, legal and medical services in their own language and how there is not only no savings to be gained from using them but too many hidden expenses to make it worth their while.

    I also point out that there are too many right-to-work states filled with English-speaking workers that these companies can relocate their factories to make it worth their while or the risk to ship them to countries which will inevitably nationalize and take over those factories the moment their workers are fully trained.

  13. fred says: [February 26, 2011 at 8:34 pm], “I’m not against activism or winning others to one’s pov. But let’s say you do win someone over to your pov. Now what? What is it exactly that you want them to do? March in the streets? Or sit around frustrated and helpless?”

    Good point and the answer is that there is something for everyone to do, starting with the newbies whom my friends and I encourage to speak with their white voice in white-centric ways. It isn’t hard to do once you do it two or three times, and it does erode the taboo against our speaking in our own behalf. The conservative, liberal, libertarian, and constitutionalist voices simply sidestep the ultimate and successful bedrock base for cross-cultural communications.

    Whenever we triangulate to a political voice and shy away from our white voice, we lose the discussion at hand. An African American or Mexican American speaking, respectively, in their African or their Mexican voice will trounce a white American speaking in terms of some philosophy. Overcoming the reluctance to speak in a white voice and in a white-centric way is a vital daily step to take in this situation.

  14. One good place where one can feel comfortable in a largely white crowd is an European folk dance class. Most of the class attendees are whites. It’s a place where one could try conversing with a fellow white on certain issues important to whites.

  15. Good yes a activist needs to build and rally troops, win hearts and minds search the souls of our kin and help lead them down the right path. We are far but not to far from this.

    Those of us who are older yes stay in shape and be prepared.

  16. Migrate.
    Migrate away from large metropolitan areas or areas that have a high population of nonWhites.

    Get to know your new neighbors even if it means being an atheist and attending a local conservative church.

    Learn how to grow vegetables in your yard or containers in your yard. I grow them in the boulevard in front of my house.

  17. Another phrase that is better than answering a question with a question where law enforcement is concerned: “I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY”.

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