Devalue Your Life

“Only a life lived for others is the life worth while.”

Albert Einstein

If you put your self on such a high pedestal that you worry more about what your wife, your girlfriend, and what your friends will think of you if you are public and vocal about your beliefs, you have set us up for a losing battle.

You need to become immune to situations that might cause a lesser man to be embarrassed or sick to their stomach with doubt.  “You must firmly believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it.  It can be for your country, the organization, or your buddy next to you.”*

You have to do this by learning to adapt to stressful situations.  You have to put yourself in situations that make you stand up on behalf of the white community and desensitize yourself to the thousand and one phantom punishments ‘civil society’ can inflict upon you.

In my experience, for most of those that do not do stand up for their folk in public it is fear of the unknown that is holding them back.  You might have such pressing concerns as “What if somebody says something to me I do not have an answer for?” Or “What if somebody takes my picture?”  These are valid concerns to have.

When I go out into the street and in public I operate under the assumption that I might run into somebody out there might want to end my life for espousing the beliefs that I have.  On a point of fact, I have done this on many occasions.  It does not make a difference to me if someone tries to use a camera or a shotgun, I approach both situations the same. Because there is no way to know what the intentions of strangers in the public might be.

However, over time, the fear of the unknown of these situations is taken away and you develop a sense of calm.  For example, I know that the worst possible scenario is that someone might try to kill me.  However, and lets be frank about this, if that unlikely event should happen, all my problems go away.  I don’t need to worry about work.  A mortgage.  Health problems.  In fact I won’t have any worries in the world so there really isn’t that much to be upset about.  That is how you have to approach this.  Because if you are panicking when going out in public you are going to fail.  You have to meet this fear head on.

The best way to overcome fear in my experience is to desensitize yourself to the scenarios you have in mind through a constant exposure to those situations.  It could be from watching marketing videos on how to best hand out fliers to people.  It could be watching videos of protests and becoming intimate with what takes place during one.  Visualizing yourself going out there.  Whatever it takes.  This will build a confidence within you to know that all the training you have gone through has prepared you emotionally and psychologically for the situations you will encounter.

Ultimately you have to be focused at all times and devalue your life to the point that you are prepared to die if necessary.  The death of an individual is a tragedy.  The death of a race, catastrophic.

How does one get to that point?

The thing that did for me is the knowledge that we are all going to die.  We are not going to live here forever.  To attempt to care or worry about about dying painlessly in ones sleep at eighty years old is futile.  Death can happen to any of us at any time.

The real point in death is not to stave it off as far into the future as possible but to earn an honorable or glorious passing into the afterlife.  Many of our enemies have complete doctrines about the honor associated with dying for their cause.  So should we.

It is a privilege to be born into our race.  Our enemies say this all the time, they call it “white privilege.”  But it is also a responsibility.  A responsibility few fully understand or accept.  “That is why you must believe in our cause.  The stronger your belief, the stronger your motivation and perseverance will be.  You must know it in your heart that it is a worthwhile cause and that you are fighting a good fight.  You need to feel this fire when times are tough.”

Giving your best one time is not good enough.  You need to be consistently good.

“You must learn to influence yourself before you can influence others.  Leadership has been said to be the influencing of others to accomplish a mission.”

The military has a saying that “the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.  You either succeed or fail.”

All together, we will either succeed or fail based on how much the individual members of our race devalue their own life- within the scope of successfully fighting internal and external enemies- or accept the very sudden and very permanent death of our race.

* All quotations taken from Leadership and Training for the Fight

Full Disclaimer: This post title “Devalue your life” was inspired by a talk given by Tony Cecchine in his “Snap No Tap: DVD 7” and many quotes were taken directly from him and slightly modified to suit the purposes of this article.  If he finds this I hope he finds room in his Italian American heart to forgive me.


  1. Memento mori is a good thing to understand at all times. It’s why philosophers keep a skull in their study.

    The female singer Ingrid Michaelson’s music is all about memento mori, such as in her songs Breakable, Die Alone, Men of Snow (we melt one day), Are We There Yet? and others.

    You are drilling down to the deep philosophical questions of this struggle. Good for you. I knew you wouldn’t quit posting.

  2. Not at all. Posts that actually involve ‘doing something’ get no response at all. Now if I rattled off on immigration, the Tea Party, Palin, the Academy Awards, there would be 60 to 80 comments, off topic.

  3. You are both right.

    The status of this website is … indeterminate at best. I’ve left it up for people can read the archives, comment, and for anyone who is still interested in posting here. Given enough time, I suspect our approach will be vindicated.

    Anyone who wants to write here and carry on this project in my absence should contact me.

    As for actually doing something about our problems, WNs seem to have little interest in the subject, and will come up with every excuse imaginable to justify not doing anything (except posting anonymous comments, sometimes called “spreading ideas,” on the internet), which is the crux of why I have moved on from the movement.

    Now, if I were to come back and give a good full throated rhetorical denunciation of the Jews, or write something about Nordicism or National Socialism, or condemn the Republican Party, there would be hundreds of comments. Such discussions would accomplish precisely nothing though that affects our situation in any real significant way.

    Logically, doing anything effective to reverse our decline naturally involves working with the 99 percent of the White population that is not WN, which is more moderate than we are, especially getting them on board and behind our agenda in the real world, and few WNs have the patience, the interest, or the inclination to interact with ordinary White people (who filter “the truth” through their own realm of experience) for any extended period of time.

    Intellectual masturbation, endless discussions of polarizing, “sidetrack” issues, venting about the Jews on the internet, historical hairsplitting, cult building and waiting for “the collapse” of civilization … it’s all just a huge fucking waste of time that does absolutely nothing either about White racial decline or the Jewish Question in North America.

  4. I don’t know why Einstein should be quoted so often. His last marriage was to a relative who was his cousin on both his mother’s and father’s side at the same time (check Wikipedia article). It takes a while to draw the family tree but is very much worth it.

  5. The Einstein quote is precisely appropriate: by “others” he meant…other Jews, and their puppet entitlements. Similarly, the more whites look after each other’s interests in everyday cultural, economic, and political life, the greater are our chances of survival. In this connection, I heartily recommend the NRA and/or GOA. There’s a profound reason the left, the globalists, Jews in general hate these conservative gun rights organizations.

  6. Well I can agree with the aricle’s content, sadly I’ll I can say is this just another “rehash” of the concepts of the 9 sacred Virtues we Heathens have adhered and still do, many millenia before the emergence of any of the current desert cults.

    Hopefully this article serves to awaken christians, but for Heathens the points expressed were redundant a thousand years ago

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