Black Run America: Atlanta Suburbs Too White

Atlanta after White people.


A bunch of African-Americans (niggers) think the new Atlanta suburbs in Fulton and DeKalb counties are “too White” and have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal court to revoke their city charters.

The African-American plaintiffs claim their “voting rights” are being violated, not because Bull Connor or the Klan is stopping them from voting, but solely because they are outnumbered by racially aware, White conservatives who understand the politically incorrect connections between “diversity,” crime, and fiscal irresponsibility in Fulton County.

“If we look at this realistically, there is some white flight going on. The creation of these Sandy Springs-type cities enables white voters to get away from black voters.”

Of course it does.

No one in their right fucking mind wants to live under the incompetence and corruption that comes with an African-American controlled city government. While niggers aren’t exactly zombies, they have overrun Atlanta in much the same way. They also have reinforcements coming from up North.

This is what Martin Luther King really meant when he talked about his dream: in Black Run America, White taxpayers exist to service blacks. To use a metaphor, you’re zombie food!

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  1. This will continue to happen until there is no place else left for the white family to flee (root of flight). These implicit communities need to be shaken and we need not interefere we want our people to finally come to there slumber to speak out, act and live as explicitly white people who have a right and desire to live amongst there own.

  2. One of Oprah’s “classic” shows from the 1980s was about a town in Georgia that was all-white. Zero blacks in it and several thousand whites.

    Naturally this was flagrantly unacceptable. She paraded town leaders on the show to “get to the bottom of this”. She brought on Black Civil-Rights experts who accused the town of racism. And for some reason brought on a Klan leader.

    The show ended with the tearful white town leaders vowing to integrate.

  3. I am not in a good mood today.

    I’m so disgusted with whites, I actually find myself wishing the worst on them. I can no longer read about black-on-white: rape, murder, or bullying as well as miscegenation, job loss, tax hikes, socialist/democratic wins, jew manipulation, and every other ill that has befallen them since the early 60’s without (1) first getting livid and then (2) coming to my senses and realizing they deserve every last bit of what they’re getting!! They truly disgust me. The blacks aren’t the problem. The browns aren’t the problem. The yellows aren’t the problems. The muslims and jews aren’t the problem. White Christian Europeans and their diaspora are the problem and they are getting it good. They’ve sold out every aspect of their inheritence with barely a whimper. They alone have destroyed the greatest nations on Earth! The greed, the corruption, the lack of morals and ethics especially when it comes to their own. The worshipping of black athletes, jew celebrities, corrupt politicians of every persuasion, the promiscuity, the wars, etc., etc. They even continue to support the churches that help usher in their demise. They deserve every bit of misery. They allow the lies, exaggerations, manipulations, shakedowns, vilification, and the absolute mental and physical abuse that occurs to fellow members of their tribe, past and present, on a daily basis with barely a whimper. They don’t defend anything!!! They vilify the few whites that do speak up – silencing them and alientating them. They’ve allowed their children to be dumbed-down, physically abused and pushed aside to allow “minorities” to literally take over. They literally gave their country away!!! They don’t even defend their children for crissakes!!! What kind of people allow their children to be treated in such a manner? Whites do. The old guard died off and the new guard is a bunch of worthless, self-serving, miscreants who don’t care about blood and soil.

    Tell me why they don’t deserve it.

  4. That was beautiful, Joanne.

    I don’t agree that our people deserve what they’re getting. But for the life of me, I can’t coherently explain why they don’t.

    Children and the stupid ones don’t have the ability to choose this fate for themselves and their communities, so I don’t hate them. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, the only people I truly hate are the intelligent White men who are fully cognizant of what’s happening to their people and complicit in doing it to them.

  5. Thanks, guys. I just wish we all lived on the same block. It gets very lonesome when you don’t have anything in common with anyone within eyesight at any time during any particular day.

  6. Joanne, thanks very much for commenting. We all have days like that. The way I handle it is by reminding myself that I fight not for the White blob but for the innocent — my kids and their peers, other White kids.

    The way I look it, just about everyone reading this blog either had or will have a chance to live their best years while things are still pretty good. In addition, everyone reading this blog is strong enough to defend himself or herself. This isn’t true, however, for White kids. The White kids we see each day on the sidewalk, in the park, wherever, they are the ones who don’t deserve it, and they are the ones who will either reap the benefits of our success or the consequences of our failure. This is what I try to remember when I have that kind of day.

    Obama and Holder continue to use section 8 housing and forced integration as the tip of the spear against the few remaining White enclaves in this country.

    Obama’s hacks recently declared the nicest White county in California is in violation of “civil rights” laws.

    The CofCC has a nice write up on it.

  7. Stumbled in here by accident, but glad I did. Always nice to see the white trash as poor and stupid as ever. Thanks for playing suckers

  8. Matt,

    While we differ in political opinion, I’ve come to believe that you’re an all around swell guy. Might I suggest that people will never become cognizant of any issues in the world around them so long as they’re in the thrall of modern bread and circuses.

    Perhaps you might effect significant positive change by handing out bricks to your compatriots which they can then hurl at the largest glowing rectangle in their homes.

  9. There won’t be any racial sanity or NWrepublic, Second Confederacy or any other thing unless it goes thru the Mantra. Anti-racism must be seen for what it is, those who collude with this must be held responsible.

  10. I will tell you what I think will be the time when you start seeing “change.” It is when the white people in “flyover country” start seeing in larger numbers and being talked to by the people who say things like this:

    “Stumbled in here by accident, but glad I did. Always nice to see the white trash as poor and stupid as ever. Thanks for playing suckers.”

    The Miliukov’s will be regaining consciousness out in parking lots and barroom floors and wondering, “what happened? This isn’t the way it happens on tv or on campus, around the “newsrooms,” or in New York or on the West Coast.”

    No, it isn’t. I think they are going to be in for a powerful surprise when they finally meet real “Rednecks.” I know of damn few places in the two states I reside in where Miliukov’s comment would not get a man slugged in a hurry. And then he would have the men to deal with.

  11. Wow, you guys are some serious Nazis, aren’t you? “Blood and soil,” indeed. Joanne, no wonder there’s no one around you who feels the same way you do.

    “Brutus”? Give me a fucking break. Like you go around calling black people “niggers” to their faces. You probably pee your pants whenever one gets within two yards of you.

    Adios, losers.

  12. Bitter Scribe:
    Everwonder why there is ‘white flight’? Why aren’t whites fighting to get into black neighborhoods or hispanic ones? Why don’t whites enjoy living in a crime infested place?
    Did you know the 20 most danderous cities in America have the largest black populations? You don’t know that, because you ignorant of the truth. And scared of it as well!

  13. Blacks justly despise White Americans for taxing themselves to pay for minority – received welfare and Black – populated schools for those who are unable to learn. Also the atrocious costs of the Black recidivist dominated criminal justice system, and the huge expense of incarceration must be factored in when making assay of the massive financial burden of having Blacks in White societies.

  14. Bitter Scribe,

    I can assure you, your ancestors knew what blood and soil meant or you would not be here. Go back to watching Snooki or downloading some app on your iPhone. You’ll be looking for us “Nazis” in the not too distant future when your facist goverment implodes. For security.

  15. I have met just as many assholes who are white as I have black. I have lived in rich, nearly all-white communities, and right in the middle of the ghetto being the only white guy for 20 blocks. I can tell you, with certainty, that most people are pretty fucked up regardless of their skin color.
    You know why Africa is such a mess right now? It’s partly because when European colonists showed up and started dividing up land, they did it counter to the direction the tribes moved/migrated in. As a result tribes that never got along in the first place were cramped into territory together that they never asked to be in, forced to stay in a region that prevented them from hunting/gathering to properly feed their communities. Hundreds of years later, that initial outline of the territories has prevented most countries from developing past “third-world” status.
    My point is that how our ancestors treated each other directly affects our situation now. You can’t oppress an entire people for 400+ years, deny them equal rights for another hundred, and then expect things to not be a little fucked up. This is just history repeating itself again, and the kind of militant and violent rhetoric by people here doesn’t help ANYBODY improve their lives, white or black.
    I believe that all people are inherently good, but that our perceptions of reality differ greatly. The only way to move past these differences and forge a stronger population, economy, and country as a whole, is to start engaging in some civil discourse about how to solve our problems.
    You can’t blame all our problems on black people when white assholes on wallstreet almost plunge this country into a second great depression.
    You can’t blame all violence a young black man for giving up on getting out of the ghetto when no one will hire him because our public education system SUCKS ASS, and nobody ever properly explained to him how to do basic algebra.
    There’s a lot more reasons for our problems than race, and personally I think it has a lot to do with our history as a country. I’m happy to discuss this further with anybody else in a civil manner, but please, leave your biases at the door.

  16. Blacks have no place ruling such an important city as Atlanta. They should leave Atlanta and settle in Jacksonville, FL, Mobile, AL, New Orleans, and other cities further to the South (on or below the 31st/32nd parallel) and allow Whites to live in the city because, as is obvious, Whites invented all the modern amenities that make city living possible.

    We are living in an inverted world where Whites are forced in to far flung suburbs to live isolated lives while Blacks enjoy the fruits of city living even though it is White ingenuity and White technology that has made modern cities what they are. I understand why non-Whites congregate in cities: it’s where the jobs usually are. But it’s still backwards that Whites have to commute daily to far-off suburbs when they could be living in the very cities their ancestors built and founded.

  17. Sorry, Evan, I don’t agree with most of what you said. How come people like you never, ever mention the good that colonialism brought like hygiene, modern medicine, and education. A lot of Asia was colonized and they lifted themselves up afterward (and, Japan colonized parts of China and Southeast Asia). You keep making excuses for bad black behavior. How come blacks don’t condemn bad black behavior? I mean really condemn it. Again, it’s always excused away on the backs of whites.

    Instead of always looking back, what are you doing about the United States invading foreign lands and slaughtering native populations today? What are you actively doing to stop the genocide of Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis? Like colonialism, the United States is in foreign lands for the resources and nothing else. Stop re-hashing history and do something about today’s “colonialism!”

  18. “I believe that all people are inherently good,”

    You must be very young, only a young man or woman can hold such a view. As such, your testimony of “I have lived in rich, nearly all-white communities, and right in the middle of the ghetto being the only white guy for 20 blocks” must be a lie. What? Your parents could afford to live in a rich neighborhood and then decided to move to a ghetto? Right. Sure.

    White people who actually have the experience of living in ghettos hold sharply contrasting racial views than your own. Of course, many Liberal whites tell stories about being the only white in a ghetto and that they were just chummy with The Diversity. And many deeply religious people tell stories of talking to Jesus, having angels visit them, etc., when confronted with certain skeptical questions and finding themselves in a bind answering them. They, too, feel the need to fabricate anecdotal evidence in support of their Faith.

  19. Evan: you point out (correctly) that by grouping disparate tribes together the foreign powers managed to fuck up Africa completely,

    yet when whites point out that foreign powers are fucking up America by forcing different RACES (not merely different TRIBES) together; you fail to make the facile connection.

    Please wake up.

  20. Joanne –
    I appreciate your criticism, I think some things we agree on and others not so much.
    A few good things came from colonization, but if you look at the state of affairs over there now, I gotta say it seems worse. But for the sake of brevity in my response I’ll stick with our issues in the US.
    I HAVE seen plenty of people in the black community really condemning violence by people in their community, but “bad black behavior”? Come on, there’s bad behavior. It doesn’t matter if a white guy or black guy mugs you, you still got mugged. Statistics show that more violent crimes occur in poorer communities, i.e. ghettos, which are usually populated by minorities, but it’s not like black people flocked to the middle of the ghetto because they liked it there. These areas developed for multiple social and economic reasons, not the least of which I think was because of racial discrimination after the civil war.
    Also, I disagree with any type of genocide, colonization, or injustice perpetrated on anybody else, even those I disagree with. If I could I would yank every soldier and gun out of the Middle East right now. We’re living in an age where you can obtain any and all the information you want with the click of a button, and that’s part of the reason why there have been so many democratic uprisings in Northern Africa recently. I would hope that this is a good indication of how controlled the media has been in a lot of these countries up until now. If there had been better infrastructure placed in Afghanistan and more communication between the general populations after the ’80s Osama would never have been able to brainwash some people into believing all Americans are evil. These are all very complex issues that are impossible to generalize, though I hope I’ve made my views clear.

    Brutus –
    My family moved around about every 4 or 5 years when I was growing up, as a result I got to see a lot of different parts of the country, one of them while living in a town in New Jersey that was almost all white people. There was a good high school nearby that I got to go to, and was also grateful for the chance to go to college in Wisconsin. I was extremely lucky to get the education I did, and I’m trying not to waste it.
    I did spend a lot of time in Milwaukee working as a freelance musician, which is one of the most racially divided cities I’ve ever been in. Socially, economically, you name it. While there I didn’t make much money, therefore I had to find an cheap place to live, which in this case was the Riverwest area right on the edge of the ghetto near downtown. One of the gigs I had was a weekly show at a club in the northwest part of the city, which has an almost entirely black and latino population.
    I didn’t realize I needed to give you my entire life history, but I guess I forgot this is the internet and anonymity is an issue. Speaking of which, where did you get this clarity of insight on living in the ghetto? My point is that I’ve lived in both rich and poor communities and have come to the conclusion that race has nothing to do with who a person is or how they act. I’ll try and check back to this thread again soon to discuss this further with you if you like.

    Nietzsche –
    “Foreign powers”? Do you mean immigrants? Black slaves brought over here by force?
    How are they “fucking up America” exactly? A lot of minorities have a much tougher time in this country as a result of the way our education and infrastructure is set up in inner-city areas that often have higher populations of minorities. Like I said earlier to Joanne, I think if we could improve our level of discourse between everybody we’d all be better off and better suited to solve any problems we have in this country.
    My point with the colonization in Africa was to correlate their situation with the ghettos and the oppression of minorities during the late 1800’s and 1900’s here in the US. I’m afraid I may not have been clear on that, so my apologies.

  21. I am an outsider to this debate, because I formed my opinions, by being a spiritual recluse in the mountains, for many years. I have dreams about the future, which come true, so I know the truth. Joanne is the closest to the truth, but misses the point as well. Evan has no opinion worth commenting on, because he was corrupted inadvertently, by living in a purely black neighborhood. He is essentially “demon” possessed by these living demons. These demons have materialized in human form, within the darker races, and much of this has to do with their poverty. Likewise, angel spirits generally materialize into pure societies, like wealthy white neighborhoods. This is the natural order of things, because when people fall under the influence of certain angels, or demons, wanting to take on human form, they make love accordingly. So the blacks are right, when they say that poverty made them evil, not their race, and whites are right when they say, that blacks are evil. The truth is, that blacks are primarily evil, and whites are primarily wonderful, but being a racist is not a good idea, because it is possible for a white person to be evil, and a black person to be wonderful, so if you are racially biased, you might embrace an evil person, or reject an innocent person, based on their skin color, which isn’t good.
    Yet, the prophecy, regarding the meek inheriting the earth, is mostly speaking about white people, and it will come true, and a Golden Age will dawn on planet Earth. In fact, whites are so meek, that they have allowed blacks, Jews, and other races, along with those who sold their souls to such arrogant races, to rule over them, and undermine them at every turn. But a Golden Age is coming, so none of you should worry at all. For the whites, who promote black culture, you will get their chance to be reborn into a black ghetto in the Golden Age, because the Golden Age is not an age of universal bliss, but an age where mankind’s hierarchy matches his level of beauty. So race takes second place to beauty, humility, and righteousness. So, if you feel indignant, to the white pride sentiment, you are partially justified, but only on a superficial level. On a deeper level, you will rue the day that you criticized any of these lonely whites, who are trying to make a stand against their oppressors. In fact, if you oppress the pure souls on this site, you will probably be raped and murdered by the very blacks that you defended, in order to prepare your soul for a black existence in the Golden Age. Joanne is justified to be angry with pure whites, and Evan is justified to stand up for evil blacks, but only on a superficial level, because these white angels that Joanne hates, have become possessed, by those black demons that Evan loves. This gives the impression, that certain black people are pure, and certain white people are not, but his is only superficial. So for every black person, who behaves purely, there will be one white person, who behaves badly. These contaminated white angels, have oppressed pure white people, to give the illusion that blacks can be pure. Christianity is to blame for this, because it glorifies the murder of an innocent man, to make evil people appear innocent, so Christians promote the lie, that you can reform a demon, by sending in the missionaries, and sacrificing Jesus. This is the greatest lie of our age, and this is why America is doomed, because America is a Christian nation. Sadly, many innocent Americans will die, when America’s Christians, along with her black children, are brought to justice, to usher in the Golden Age, but their souls will be reborn into the Golden Age, so they have nothing to fear. The people who should be afraid, are those who rant and rave against the pure people on this forum. Intelligent criticism, like what I share, is fine, but ranting and raving against others, is purely demonic, so just because such behavior, is promoted by the media, and those in power, doesn’t make it a legitimate form of dialogue. Evan is a lost soul, because demons control him unconsciously, so I dismiss his observations completely, but I still accept him, because he is simply a lost white person, who can’t see the truth, and it’s not his fault. You shouldn’t despise black people either, because many of them are sincerely deluded, because many demon possessed whites, have created a system of abuse, against those who stand up for their white race, so as to steal innocent souls, like Jesus, to share around with these black people, to make these miserable whites, think that Christianity makes sense. The Nazis where demonized, because they acted like demons, but they were not demons. In fact, the very act of hating blacks, proves that you are already contaminated. This is why it is wise not to hate blacks in an emotional way. You can be informed of their demonic origins, but to be emotionally angry with them, will make you into a Nazi, which isn’t pretty. But this doesn’t mean that the Nazi’s will spend an eternity in hell. No, the blacks that they hated, will go to hell, but the Nazis will overcome their emotional anger, and be reborn, into the higher realms of the Golden Age.

  22. Evan: Blacks are just dumb. Average IQ for blacks in this country is 85, and lower than that in Africa. That’s why they can’t learn algebra, not because nobody explained it to them properly. The guys in the lab coats have been trying for 40 years to eliminate the bias in testing that consistently shows American Blacks to be one standard deviation below Whites in intelligence, and they’ve finally concluded that the tests have been right all along. Look it up yourself.
    European occupation of Africa lasted for about 70 years, 1880s to the 1950s, not centuries. And the borders the Whites established were for Whites, not Blacks. The French were concerned with keeping the English and Germans out of their turf, not with the migrations of Bantus. Africa is a mess only because we compare it to the civilized world. The difference between ancient and modern Africa is that White technology has allowed them to breed far beyond their ability to support themselves. The fighting is on a larger scale than in the past, but it’s still just a matter of massacre and rape, a window into the primitive world of 50,000 years ago. Like the shark, the African did not evolve because he was perfectly adapted to his environment.

  23. I am white, Harvard-educated, professional, and I can’t stand blacks… that is, niggneramous fools with their backward excuse for “culture”, hip-hop criminal mentor fascination, and their incredible drag on society.

  24. Nigger Nigger Your really mad lol!! Fuck you Faggots!! I will find out all of your ip add and send you a horrible virus starting with this asshole above me!!! Yes I’m a nigger i love being a nigger!!

  25. You all and this page are just disgusting. I pray that you all find the respect, tolerence and compassion to live in this world. Your thoughts and views are idiotic. Unless you’re Native American, this country doesn’t belong to any of you and we should all feel free to live wherever we please. Even ignorant, narrow minded individuals as yourselves.

  26. I stumbled upon this article by Google search and its just sad that we still have this many racists on both sides of the fence. A black person is no more less intelligent than a white person and vice versa. But for a country that was founded on the backs of slavery and oppression, you would think there would be a lot more understanding for the huge achievement gaps that’s currently exist. Jim c
    row only ended in 62 my mother was born then is she is not old by a long shot. So how can you expect 50 years of progress to erase 200 years of oppression?

  27. lol…

    you people are pathetic, and obviously the losers of your bunch…the entire world has been set up for your success, but yet you whimper and whine like little girls and blame your entire demise on Blacks…
    and lol @ white flight…try explaining that to the Native Americans…the people you STOLE this land from and slaughtered their people…

    you’re all just a bunch of misfits…poor trash…your own people want nothing to do with you. go cry a river somewhere else…Blacks aren’t trying to hear you whimpering…

  28. Send niggers out a few moved in now its nigger home inasions watch your news fucking nitgger lovers southerr man!

  29. my wife just got fired from her job by a African American.her boss made her come in unload the trucks and when she was finished she got fired know why do we have to suffer from racism for we never owned any slaves in our families

  30. If white people hadn’t brought black people to America in the first place you wouldn’t have anything to complain about. Blame your virtuous ancestors. You people choose to harp on negative black stereotypes. Sure black ignorance exists. what do you expect with de jure oppression ending in the 60’s and de facto oppression continuing today. But what you don’t include is that white ignorance and bad behavior is just as prevalent. Twice as many whites receive welfare. White men have been raping black women for centuries. Negros in America didn’t just, all of a sudden, become light skinned compared to Africans! What frustrates you is that no matter how hard you press your foot on a black person’s neck, yoyou’re constantly outsmarted. A black person is capable of anything. That’s why your children will continue to love, cherish, and want to be with negros. Get ready for some pretty brown, curly haired babies!

  31. According to Wikipedia, Forsyth County GA was still 95% White as of Census 2000.

    A large percentage of those whites are Yankee colonists, so expect that 95% to drop rapidly.

    Actually, I just checked the most recent figures; that 95% is now 79%. So much for the white nationalist theory that Yankee colonists “reinforce” Dixie’s whiteness. The counties north of Atlanta were 99.9% white for almost 200 years and it took Yankee colonists only ten years to turn them into cosmopolitcan, multi-racial suburbs.

  32. Turd word immigrants are not coming here to live in teepees, dance around totem poles, and hunt buffalo, dguest. They come for what our white ancestors built here–Western Civilization. They also seek to escape the non-white hell holes their incapable, unintelligent, and lazy ancestors built for them. And that’s what all the hate from the monocolors-papersack brown hordes comes from against the true people of color(whites are the ONLY race that displays a variety of beautiful natural colors), and causes weaker whites to pity the non-whites in the form of white guilt.

  33. Nicholas: You are just being stupid. Ever hear of percentages, moron?

    Now, please share with us all the black achievements you are so sure they can accomplish. I’ll lead off with just a few white ones: Greece, Rome, printing press, republican government, abolition of slavery.

  34. Shakka: I don’t blame blacks, neither do I denigrate them. We whites are in dire straights because of other whites. Blacks would have zero impact without other whites.

  35. The Empires of Mali and Songhai. Ancient Egypt. The Abyssinian Empire. The Ethiopian defeat of the Italians at Adwa. Axum. Jesus Christ having “feet of bronze and hair of wool”, according to the Bible. Crispus Attucks being the first American to fight and die during the American revolution… The list goes on. People of color don’t feel the need to list their cultural achievements. They’re too numerous to count. African slaves were the largest component of American GDP for centuries. Their economic value and hard work are what built this country. Its been multi ethnic from the start. The Chinese built the railroad

  36. The idea that America’s greatness is due to all white achievements is laughable. Everyone who has been here has contributed and continues to do so. Europe’s post enlightenment technological advantage was due more to its geography than its whiteness. They got gunpowder from the Chinese and mathematics from the Arabs and Turks. People have revised history to strip people of color of their achievements so white supremacy could have some logical basis. However, today historians have done a good job of introducing the truth. I strongly suggest Wayne take some classes at his local community college.

  37. negro slavery was the economic engine behind colonial expansion and the early republic. The nation’s who embraced it became wealthy, but what has the negro done to add real value to the world since the end of slavery, slavery and how does that value compare to the cost of negros? Cost like dealing with their crime rates, the destruction of places like Detroit, Newark, Birmingham, the massive wealth transfer, the money spent trying to educate the non humans etc all.

    No one is denying the fact zipper heads and semi Whites like the hindus have contributed to the world.

  38. Oh and Wayne, who do you think the Greeks got their civilization from? Egypt. Which was a non white multi ethnic society made up of dark skinned people, many of them black Africans. There were pharoahs from the north of Egypt and the South. The ones from the South were black. Read about it.

    Ignorance and crime are due to social conditions, not “race”. Albanians are white and look at how fucked up their country is. Botswana is black and the country is a rich paradise. Racists love to point to dysfunctional ghettos and blame the condition on racial inferiority while completely ignoring the social and historical context. You don’t see racial theories in universities. You see actual explanations. Why you people are OBSESSED with 13% of the population raises more questions than it answers.

  39. Look at the misery that 13% creates, Nicholas.
    And race is race, all races are different.
    It is not a social construct.

  40. Nicolas: Oh man you are making me cringe with laughter!!!
    As I already alluded to, I could care less about blacks as a group, they have no real power anywhere in the world that is not given to them by self-hating, guild ridden whites. Besides Haiti, there is no instance of blacks freeing themselves or raising themselves out of the most rudimentary form of existence. How did Haiti work out?
    Botswana??? Really? Pass me some of whatever you are smoking! Yeah, Westerners are flocking to Botswana!! lol. Albania is screwed up for sure…by Western standards. It is still heaven compared to Haiti and any place in Sub-Saharan Africa (except South Africa, which was the most successful nation in all the continent–guess why!!! lol)

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