Black Run America: Atlanta Suburbs Too White

Atlanta after White people.


A bunch of African-Americans (niggers) think the new Atlanta suburbs in Fulton and DeKalb counties are “too White” and have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal court to revoke their city charters.

The African-American plaintiffs claim their “voting rights” are being violated, not because Bull Connor or the Klan is stopping them from voting, but solely because they are outnumbered by racially aware, White conservatives who understand the politically incorrect connections between “diversity,” crime, and fiscal irresponsibility in Fulton County.

“If we look at this realistically, there is some white flight going on. The creation of these Sandy Springs-type cities enables white voters to get away from black voters.”

Of course it does.

No one in their right fucking mind wants to live under the incompetence and corruption that comes with an African-American controlled city government. While niggers aren’t exactly zombies, they have overrun Atlanta in much the same way. They also have reinforcements coming from up North.

This is what Martin Luther King really meant when he talked about his dream: in Black Run America, White taxpayers exist to service blacks. To use a metaphor, you’re zombie food!

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  1. Egypt was not Sub-Saharan African. There were eventually some Ethiopian Pharos, which marked low points in that once-great civilization, before they were conquered by Alexander the Great (a white guy from Macedonia, not a Bantu, before you try to claim this famous leader too! lol). The old Egyptian dynasties, ie the founders, were either white or Semitic. DNA shows Tutt was from European ancestry.
    But be real! Africa is a huge continent, why do blacks cling to only Egypt?? Answer: it is the only option. Tell me, where is the great African philosophers, artists, historians, explorers, etc??? Where are their great cities, roads, aqueducts, bridges, churches, collesiums? Why are so many turd world people immigrating to Western nations from these paradises created by their own ancestors? Why do so many black kids in Africa feed from the mercy and largess of Europe??

  2. Lew: I knew this brain washed moron would throw the old Egypt card, they always do. It’s really their only choice! lol. Those other 3rd rate civilizations are zilch compared to the glory of Greece, Rome, Marseilles, etc.
    Nicholas (enjoying that white name?? lol): Chinese sure as shit did build some railroads under the supervision, guidance, and funding of whites. They also, when faced with segregation, built their own cities called China towns that still exist today. Why did’t blacks build their own cities, schools, buses, lunch punters, etc during segregation?? I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

  3. Nicholas: Haiti is a shining example of black freedom, equality, and self-rule! You should brag about that! lol. Rhodesia was run by whites and wealthy, now Zimbabwe is run by blacks and poor. South Africa under apartheid and white rule was rich, it is now under black rule and will soon be poor.
    Refute this maxim: Freedom, equality, and blacks–you can only have two.

  4. Unlike Nicholas, I’ve actually studied the objects that this history is based on. Actually handling the objects in question. There is a particular object in the British Museum called the Sphinx of Taharqo. It’s about the size of a spaniel, made from granite. The face of this sphinx is unmistakably that of a nigger. However Taharqo so badly mismanaged Egypt in his day that the Assyrians invaded and snuffed out Egypt as an independent power. So, how did this coon come to be Pharoah? A few generations before Taharqo the Nubians invaded the place whilst Egypt was having a civil war. Niggers took over. Within a few generations Egypt ceased to exist in anyway that reflected its older glory. Beware the idea that black rulers represent progress.

    Our common Ancestors in the original Out Of Africa were clearly running or swimming* from big dumb niggers like Taharqo.

    * modern research suggests the 200 or so people who are humanity (every one but niggers) crossed the straits between Djibuti and Aden by sea. Swimming, or rafts.

  5. Culture is a racial construct.

    Classical Greek civilization rose and defined itself in opposition to multicultural Persian imperial power. The Greeks were peripheral hillbillies. but, that’s what white people do. Anywhere you find them they produce thriving subcultures, well adapted civilizations, written languages, machines, theater, art… That’s just one corner of Europe circa 600BC.

  6. White people from the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania line up and go out of their way to be with negros. I have a Bosnian Serb friend, married to a Somali Oromo. Muslim Athiests. Their life experience, their children, are just as valid, just as American as the next person’s. Being highly educated and productive, they are worth more to Minneapolis than any of you could ever be. You’re cowards. You’re ignorant. And you’re not even allowed to voice your opinions publicly. You lost before you got started. Your daughters will sit on negros when they go to college. White women line up to have their walls pushed back, curious about that extra inch. As much ad you trumpet the shortcomings of black ignorance, no one cares. 13% has become successfully over represented in terms of music, culture, sport, politics, humanity , culture, art, and entertainment. Improvements are being made in terms of math, engineering, and science

  7. The head of NASA… and their most prominent spokesperson, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, are both black. You’re not even allowed to open your mouths in public. You hide behind the shadiest corridors of the internet. Fellow white people laugh at you, as you make fools of yourself

  8. By the way John, the University at Tombouctou was among the most ancient and greatest of universities, not that you’ve ever stepped foot in one. And guess what… black folks. Black kings.

  9. Nico-louse: Again, what are we ignoring??
    You fool. Blacks control nothing in this country that is not given them by Anti-whites. Blacks don’t control the media, they don’t control the universities. Hell, you can’t even answer my questions! Blacks have not shown the capacity to run either a city or a country to Western standards. If I’m wrong point it out. White guilt is a sick form of sacrificial pity–pity for your entire civilization. It is an ego trip for the sick whites who engage in it. The result is Detroit.

  10. You are right that some fellow whites laugh at me. They laughed at Copernicus and Galileo too (two more white men, by the way). They laughed and insulted the prophets too. I’d rather be right as popular.

  11. Deindustrialization and poverty are responsible for Detroit. Their black, ex basketball playing mayor is reinventing the city with green agriculture. And its made significant gains. Our black President saved the auto industry, and its making significant gains. Negros were Rome. Hannibal sacked it with war elephants. Mark Anthony was with one (Cleopatra) . Negros were in Greece. Herodotus went to learn from them to benefit Greek culture. Your own lord and savior, according to the Bible’s description,may very well have been a negro. Clearly, an education makes a world of difference! White guilt notwithstanding, there is a large contingent of the white population that simply loves negros… sees them as the future

  12. And loves pissing off racist whites. That “white man’s burden”esque notion that the darkies can’t run shit was disproven when America elected Barack Obama… twice. I’ve already answered your question … but because you don’t have an education you’re incapable of grasping the notion of a sociohistorical context. That includes economics. I live in Houston. Half the doctors, lawyers, and professors are black or brown. Half the people have rags on their heads. We love it. White folks can’t cook worth a damn and their dark food is delicious!

  13. Galileo and Copernicus had new ideas. You have old, ridiculous, Jim Crow notions. You probably live in some ignorant backwater. You might as well put a bone in your nose. I’m also willing to bet that you’re overweight and unattractive. But the question I have is this. What would you have a young black child do (besides commit suicide) ? Your notions of black inferiority are true insofar as your ability to make them so. Should this child accept your nonsense that she’s destined for crime, unregulated procreation, and a social lack of contribution? Or should she reach for the stars, cure cancer, get us to Mars? Your theories depend on the former. Your lack of humanity disgusts me that you would hate to see the later.

  14. Nic: you ain’t pissing me off. Your humoring me! LOL. You’ve imbibed every atom of of Mommy professors indoctrination and think you are now educated. It funny to watch!
    Tell me, have any references for these “astounding” historical facts? I’ve already read all Herodotus, Suetonius, Gibbon, Usshur and am working on Livy. Nothing about any of your delusions.
    Hannibal was a Carthaginian, Carthage was founded by Pheonicians, a Mediterranean semitic race. Cleopatera was a Hellenic Greek of the Ptolemaic dynasty. They also spoke Greek, hence we now have the Rosetta stone. Try again, mr. education!LOL

  15. Negros! I have Phoenician friends. They openly admit commingling with black folks since antiquity … Cleopatra …. may have been a Macedonian … but she was still surrounded by negros. But you’re not going to exercise the latent power of picking and choosing what you want to respond to. What would you have a young black girl do? Should she accept the limitations imposed by your foolish bigotry? Or should she cure Alzheimer’s?

  16. So now we come to the truth, which is the truth doesn’t matter, as lies are necessary for black esteem, as the truth is just too damning.
    I don’t dislike black people, I’ve worked with them and honestly, their work was exceptional. If I were black, I’d seek the truth and be proud of my heritage. Blacks lived in Sub-Saharan Africa for tens of thousands of years and did not need or desire outside influence. They lived in small rural villages and mastered their environment. Evolution drives it all. Blacks, like other equatorial peoples, adapted to a relatively forgiving environment. Whites evolved in an unforgiving one that forced them to use the old noggin. Be proud of your own heritage, kick off the white man’s burden, demand segregation so the true black genius can shine through without us racist whites keeping you down.

  17. And Nicolause, blacks never even crossed the narrow waters of the Atlantic to South America, they ain’t going to get us to Mars! LOL

  18. Well they did on slave ships. There’s also evidence to suggest that one of the Malian kings sent ships westward long before the Europeans did. There are also corresponding reports among native people’s in Central America about encountering negros who sailed in from the east. The time periods match up. May have something to do with the Olmec statutes. I dunno. What I do know is that my Bosnian Somali couple are in labor. White folks can’t help but to come to the hospital room, trying to get in on the festivities. What disgusts me is that this child may one day encounter someone like you, telling her she’s not capable. You’re a sorry excuse for a human being, and a gross embarrassment to all white people. You are the source of white guilt.

  19. Any references for these great black accomplishments besides Mommy professor? I am a history fan and would love to review them.

    If the truth disgusts you, I really don’t give a damn. Just know that all the whites showing up to slobber are doing it out of pity. It makes them feel morally superior to truthful whites like me.

  20. Niggers are so pathetic they can’t even write their own pseudo-history. Left-wing WHITE academics are responsible these ideas. An early pioneer of the notion the Greeks “stole” Western civilization from niggers is a Jew named Martin Bernal. Many of this stupid dolt’s cliches can be traced to him. Bernal linked his attack on the foundations of White civilization to his Jewish ancestry.

    The scattered Jewish components of my ancestry would have given nightmares to assessors trying to apply the Nuremberg Laws, and although pleased to have these fractions, I had not previously given much thought to them or to Jewish culture. It was at this stage that I became intrigued—in a Romantic way—in this part of my ‘roots’. I started looking into ancient Jewish history and— being on the periphery myself—into the relationship between the Israelites and the surrounding peoples, particularly the Canaanites and the Phoenicians. I had always known that the latter spoke Semitic languages, but it came as quite a shock to learn that Hebrew and Phoenician were mutually intelligible and that serious linguists treated both as a dialect of a single Canaanite language.

  21. William Pierce:

    Blacks left to their own devices in sub-Saharan Africa prior to contact with Whites and other races simply didn’t do anything worth noting: they never discovered the wheel or the axle, developed writing, learned to smelt metals, or domesticated animals for food. Introduced to the cultures of other races, they adapted some tools and crafts to their own needs, but they showed remarkably little ability to improve them or invent new things on their own. Enslaved, brought to America, and later freed and integrated into White society, they have continued to show as little aptitude for invention as they did in their natural environment.

    More here:

  22. Nicolause, morality divorced from the truth of Nature and Nature’s God is immorality. If minorities had an ounce of respect they would reject the condescension outright. Some do.

  23. I have always believed that if Whites go extinct, blacks are next. History shows that contemporary liberal Whites are the only ones who don’t regard blacks as animals. In Israel, Jews are sterilizing their blacks. Another race will probably wipe them out once they no longer enjoy the protection of advanced White civilization. No other race will put up with their welfare drain, robbing and raping.

  24. That’s because Israel is a nation set up for and by Jews with a forced Jewish identity and a clear preference for Jews and Judaism. America is based on the ludicrous concept that there is nothing special about America or Americans. According to Rand Paul anyone who wants to work has what it takes to be an American. According to RamZ, the supposed speaker for the white race, those of us look out for what is good for whites explicitly should be shunned for American nationalism, or in other words, Multi-national nationalism. Absurd.
    One thing about leftists is the don’t throw their more radical elements under the bus like white advocates do.

  25. Sao Tmoe is a good example of the nigger incapacity with Oceanic travel. It’s not far off the coast of Africa. The first humans to get to it were Portugese.
    Nignog spear chuckers couldn’t even colonize islands a few miles off their own continent.

  26. Jared Diamond got a lot wrong with Guns Germs and Steel.

    It was actually Clockwork, Galleons and Guttenberg. Jared is another kike confidence trickster.

  27. You’re a sorry excuse for a human being, and a gross embarrassment to all white people. You are the source of white guilt.

    There is a lot of truth to this statement. Niggerlovers don’t love niggers just because they’re niggers. They love them because it’s part of their equalitarian psyche that is obsessed with uplifting the downtrodden, the pathetic, the lowly. And if they can’t uplift it they’re more than happy to tear down any and all forms of superiority. NO ONE must ever feel they are less than. That’s why when it comes to races they love the nigger ape so much, because there is no race more ridiculously inferior. Niggers aren’t just a little bit inferior; in a head-to-head comparison with whites the inferiority of the nigger is like comparing the size of the earth to the Milky Way. Remove whites from America and nothing, absolutely nothing, remains as it was. Remove niggers from America and there’s nothing that would not be immediately and, in many cases, drastically improved.

    What Nick the Niggerlover fails to recognize is that as much as the racist makes the niggerlover, the niggerlover makes the racist. I wouldn’t be a tenth part as harsh if it were not for the constant stream of bullshit emanating from the Nick the Niggerlovers of the world. If they could just accept the baseline fact of inherent racial inequality I’d be happy to work with them to find ways to mitigate it. But to blame myself till the end of days for the stupidity, violence, ugliness, and sheer incompetence of the nigger ape? Never.

  28. Good point Silver.

    Bernal’s Black Athena and its rebuttal ought to be made freely available. When I stumbled across Bernal’s Negrophilia it was a life changer.

  29. What would you have a young black child do (besides commit suicide) ? Your notions of black inferiority are true insofar as your ability to make them so.

    I would have the young black child grow up with a healthy sense of ethnoracial identity, teach her to understand that her future is with her own people, and allow her abilities to carry her as far as they can. What more can anyone do? What have your outrageous niggerlover lies done except cause untold carnage to innocent white people, fucking maggot?

  30. None of the Afrocentrics can explain how Sao Tome remained uninhabited until Portugal discovered the place. Sao Tome has a perfect climate for agriculture. It’s a short trip of the West African coast. Yet Africentrists maintain that the Coon of Congo colonized central America?

  31. Nick’s comments are useful reminder the nigger is a symptom. Nick’s remarks show a bit of everything.

    – Programmatic repetition of Cultural Marxist talking points
    – White pathology; self-hatred
    – Moralizing zeal in the tradition of Thaddeus Stevens
    – Psychological need to practice ritual shaming and altruistic punishment against “out groups,” which for him is whites who are not part of his moral ingroup.

    There are millions out there like this guy. Could it be that dysgenics has finally caught up with white people? Our people haven’t been subjected to any real natural selection for 100 years; a lot genetic trash that would have pruned in the past is bubbling to the surface; Nick is an expression of genetic junk.

    What else could explain the pervasiveness of White pathology? Why do significant numbers of Whites embrace these ideas? We know they’re not the norm, because no other group embraces them. Most Whites didn’t until recently.

  32. A limerick I composed in honor of commie stalwart and one time racialist confrere Robert F. Lindsay would apply just as well to Nick the Niggerlover.

    The propensity of the black ape
    to murder, to mug, and to rape
    would so ruffle the whimsy
    of one Robert Lindsay
    his jawbone could do naught but gape.

  33. Nicholas (February 24, 2013 at 3:52 pm):

    “What would you have a young black girl do?”

    The same as all other negros – move to Africa (unless they already live there). Preferably as soon as possible.

    They are not welcome to move to or keep living (and wreaking havoc) in/on my/our country/continent. We haven’t invited them and I don’t think we’re going to do so any time soon.

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