Django Unchained: Quentin Tarantino’s New Anti-Southern Racial Revenge Film

Quentino Tarantino's new movie Django Unchained takes hatred of the American South to a whole new level

Antebellum South

It was only a matter of time.

Black Run America has become so thoroughly and casually hostile to White people that we have lived to see the advent of the anti-White racial snuff film.

The first sign of this was Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009) which was unambiguously a Jewish fantasy revenge film on Germans, an escape valve for savage anti-German feelings among Jews, that had no basis in fact or history.

Then came Machete (2010) which was about Hispanic illegal aliens in the Southwest fighting with and triumphing over corrupt American nativists and border vigilantes. That one struck a little closer to home.

Briefly going outside of this particular anti-White sub-genre, the negro Idris Elba was recently cast as Heimdall, a Germanic god, in the new Thor (2011) movie which is now in theaters. The CofCC has organized a Thor boycott. snarkly described Idris Elba as “our favorite Nordic god.”

In case you think Hollywood only picks on Nazis and White pagans, the actor Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ (2004) recently told the Daily Mail that Hollywood has blacklisted him and destroyed his career for having the audacity to play the Savior in one of the most fervently Christian nations in the world.

Mel Gibson – who went outlaw – is the most hated man in Hollywood on account of his “anti-Semitism.” He reportedly told Caviezel: “You’ll never work in this town again.” Caviezel responded, “We all have to embrace our crosses.”

Hollywood and White People

It has been obvious to us for the longest time that Hollywood has racial scores to settle with a number of different White groups: Christians, Germans, pro-Whites, and White males in general who are almost always depicted in Hollywood movies as buffoons, Jack Black in Tropic Thunder (2008), or as villains, Agent Smith in The Matrix (1999).

Who can forget Clint Eastwood’s martyrdom for diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance in Gran Torino (2009)? The sheer racial and ideological antipathy toward White people in Hollywood movies is now so overwhelming that I all but quit watching them a long time ago – perhaps a mistake, considering the focus of this blog.

All this goes hand in glove with Hollywood’s relentless promotion of non-Whites, especially blacks, as geniuses, heroes, and positive role models: Will Smith saving the world in Independence Day (1996), Morgan Freeman playing God in Bruce Almighty (2003), or more recently, the utterly implausible Danny Glover as President of the United States in 2012 (2009)

There is so much material to work with here that someone could do a Black Run America website on nothing but anti-White racial stereotypes and clichés in Hollywood movies. Hint: we need more collaborators.

You could start with Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner? (1967), a “groundbreaking” film about interracial marriage starring Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepbern, and track the evolution of the portrayal of blacks down to Will Smith in The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), where he plays the quintessential “magic negro.” has a great new book coming out on Friday called “Hollywood in Blackface” that explores the depiction of blacks in movies in Black Run America. It will be a great addition to your racial library. Buy a copy.

Hollywood and The South

Of all the White groups that Hollywood dislikes, it is clear that White Southerners have long held a special place in their heart. We have always been one of their favorite targets for demonization.

In A Time to Kill (1996), Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and Samuel Jackson star in a film about the fictional gang rape of a 10 year old black girl by “white supremacists” in Mississippi.

In Mississippi Burning (1988), William Dafoe and Gene Hackman play heroic federal agents from the Justice Department who descend on Mississippi to fight “hate” and “racism” and the Ku Klux Klan.

In Cold Mountain (2003), Jude Law and Nicole Kidman starred in a film that demonized the Confederate Home Guard.

In Glory (1989), Matthew Broderick led Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the War Between the States, where the Confederates kill Broderick and Washington and bury them together in a mass grave.

I will never forget Hollywood’s demonization of Gods and Generals (2003) which, virtually alone among films, depicted the Confederacy in a positive light and Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson as heroes.

Compare the treatment of Gods and Generals and The Passion of the Christ to the cooing over Brokeback Mountain (2005), which was about gay cowboys in Wyoming, or The Blind Side (2009), Sandra Bullock’s cinematic return to Mississippi where she adopts that negro football player, or either with Hancock (2008), Will Smith’s casting disaster as a superhero.

It is only in hindsight that all these films, which are seemingly unconnected, can be seen and interpreted in light of a common pattern – Black Run America – that reflects the anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Southern zeitgeist of our age.

We live in a world where someone like Morris Dees who makes $304,000 a year, one of the highest salaries in Alabama, is invited to speak at universities to lecture others about the “white privilege” of people who live in trailer parks and support their families with food stamps.

Meanwhile, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance cannot rent a hotel conference room in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yet American academia is convinced that our society is so hobbled by “white privilege” and “institutional racism” that black people (like Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, President Barack Obama, etc.) cannot possibly succeed in such a racist environment.

Django Unchained

In the course of writing this article, I have drifted far off course, but I felt the historical context of this film was needed.

In many ways, Django Unchained (2012) is the culmination of the American imagination in Black Run America: an anti-White, Hollywood produced racial revenge movie distributed by the Weinstein Brothers (I don’t even have to say it) and set in the American South where a runaway slave becomes a bounty hunter who murders evil plantation owners.

The racial situation in America has swung so far to the other side of the pendulum that Hollywood is now making racially inflammatory movies to cater to the bloodlust in an emerging market of anti-White racial snuff films.

Needless to say, if the racial roles were reversed here, the American Left and the SPLC would be screaming bloody murder about “racism” and “hatred” and “stereotypes,” but because everyone knows that Germans and White Southerners are at the bottom of the racial totem pole in Black Run America, you can get away with making a movie about murdering White Southerners as White Southerners, or Germans as Germans, and make yourself a huge fortune off of it.

There isn’t a “racial double standard” here: it is a single standard that blacks and Jews are noble beings and Southerners and Germans are savage beasts who occupy another rung of the racial ladder somewhere below them.

Shabbos goy, Quentin Tarantino says:

“The title character Django is a freed slave, who under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) becomes a badass bounty hunter himself and after assisting Waltz on taking down some bad guys for profit, is in turn assisted by Waltz in tracking down his slave wife and liberating her from an evil plantation owner. And that doesn’t even half begin to cover it! This film deals with racism as I’ve rarely seen it handled in a Hollywood film. While it’s 100 percent pure popcorn and revenge flick, it is pure genius in the way it takes on the evil slave owning south. Think of what he did with the Nazis in Inglourious and you’ll get a sense of what he’s doing with slave owners and slave overseers in this one. It’s violent and funny and full of great Tarantino monologues and shoot outs (and slave rapes and slave tortures) and the center piece of the script is this fantastic relationship between Django and his Obi-Wan Waltz and it all just f*cking works in the way only Tarantino makes it work.”

It “f*cking works,” man.

No one in Hollywood has ever taken on “racism” in Nazi Germany or the “evil” American South before. The Pianist? Schindler’s List? Defiance?

We are breaking new ground here: the ground being that playing the Son of God in an American movie ruins your career, but hatred and demonization of White people, Christians, Germans and Southerners is now so mainstream in Hollywood that you have to murder us now (or eat us) to be edgy and take it to the next level.

Freddy Goldstein writes at YouTube:

“This is truly? a wet dream for me. All neo-nazi white supremacists deserve far worse than this. But this is ine of the greatest scenes ever in one of the best films of all time. Hail Bear!”

The Thor boycott was a good idea. We need to take it to the next level and boycott all Hollywood movies though.

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  1. Prussiancroat, you would know a lot about inferiority wouldn’t you?. I wouldn’t dry my hands on your jacket before sitting down for a meal. The problems with Germans are political and have more to do with their tricky geography than race. They’re a great people that need their greatest in power – same as any people – and certainly not a mamzer ambassador such as yourself crowing about the inferiority of Englishmen. And personally speaking I’m more worried about the future of the Union Jack in the event that Scotland secedes to pursue an even harder socialism than anything else.

  2. The Germans had continental Europe largely to themselves. Yet they also wanted France, Belgium and places in Africa. It’s not that they were unwelcome in Africa either. A great deal of the British aristocracy was plucked from the principalities of Germany and Austria.

    It’s all about over reach.

  3. Anglo-Saxons aren’t inferior to Germans or vice versa. That’s ridiculous.

    The bottom line is that British elite sided with international Jewry at a key juncture in world civilization, and the entire white world is suffering for it (especially the UK itself).. Jewry was fresh off a Slavic genocide. They were looking to do the same in Germany, turn Germany into an abattoir.

    The British elite knew damn well how Jews operate.


    Your points about envy being a factor when it comes to opposing Jews is nonsense. You bring up that rubbish a lot. Yeah, I’m sure Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s critique of Jewry was motivated by petty envy. Right. Winston Churchill himself correctly identified Jews as the “driving force” behind Bolshevism.

  4. I’d like to thank the Special Olympics volunteer that helped Bobby get dressed and pushed him here on his spaz-chariot to talk to us about ‘free labor’. Bobby stop swallowing your tongue and fill us in on how America was built. Ready?

    White southerners didn’t build this country. This country was built on free labor. It is really easy to create wealth when you’re not paying laborers. It is amazing that you consider yourselves religious yet discriminate based on the color of a man’s skin. I feel sorry for your children. You wreak of ignorance.

    Everyone, keep clapping. Bobby hasn’t been this happy since he got a fresh diaper this morning.

  5. The bottom line is that British elite sided with international Jewry at a key juncture in world civilization

    I will agree with that assessment if by that you mean the establishment of Israel.

    and the entire white world is suffering for it (especially the UK itself).. Jewry was fresh off a Slavic genocide. They were looking to do the same in Germany, turn Germany into an abattoir.

    Winston Churchill himself correctly identified Jews as the “driving force” behind Bolshevism.

    Communists of diverse antecedents were responsible for that, many of the leadership were Jews. This is because in Russia at the time besides the Tsars and their friends Jews were the most educated and therefore once radicalized, most dangerous demographic. They were overrepresented in leadership positions where they presided over a human tidal wave of let’s just say not the best human material alongside Georgians, Kalmyks and other minority populations. The most capable ethnic Russians went on as technocrats and soldiers for the Communists just as their forefathers had done under the Tsars. Some power hungry Russians would later climb the party ladder in a kind of bolshevik affirmative action plan for Slavs, they were quick to crash the ship; Khrushchev being a peasant oaf like most former Serf Russians.

    Khruschev was an eager butcher of Ukrainians as I’m sure you’re aware and that’s how he made a name for himself. Or maybe you don’t want to blame a gentile for Holodomor and other horrors. I prefer to oppose Communists regardless of the religion of their parents. That way the bad Jews are rounded up along with the bad Christians and atheists.

  6. So blaming the Jewish atheist leaders while absolving the Christian atheist Slavic armies they commanded is pretty weak tea, Lew. Are you implying that the dumb goyim shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions but the Jews – who of course know better – ought be?

  7. Lew,

    The Zionist world HQ was Berlin. The Jews were almost exclusively on the Reich’s and Austrian’s side until 1917.

  8. If the Jews were on the side of Germany why did international Jewry drag the US into the war I guess the Anglo Saxon proved to be a more eager servant than the German or the Russian.

  9. Dragged? Heh.

    The US was kept out by zionists+Germanics who wanted Germany to win. After Balfour’s Declaration the zionists ended their pact with the Kaiser. natural sympathy for France and Britain (cousin WASPs) expressed itself.

  10. When Lenin (who was sent to Russian by the German high command) surrendered to Germany he gave them territory that looked exactly like the Pale. The Germans had intended to have the Zhids administer that territory for them. Yiddish in a sense just another German dialect. That was at least part of the reason Lenin so easily gave up such a large territory in eyeing for peace. The Germans fist was so far up Lenin’s arse that he was ventriloquists dummy.

  11. This is where the stab in back idea really must have come from. It’s credited to a British officer who was chatting with Ludendorf. My own take is that the Germans were takenaback by the celerity of Jewish turnabout. For about three years they were cheering on Germany and Austria (armies with enormous numbers of Jewish officers and enlisteds) then the support stopped. Sections of the German army mutinied, politicians of dubious provenance gave up and sued for terms. Don’t lose site of the fact that the Germans were securely in bed with them when the fighting began.

  12. All European nations have made mistakes regarding Jews but the English took it to a whole new level. One reason that Germany lost WW 2 was that Uncle Adolf and his inner circle couldn’t believe that they would burn down all of Europe just to deny Germany what we would call now superpower status. Letting the British army leave Dunkirk was a gesture if good will that was met with the firebombing of Dresden. No good deed ever goes unpunished.

  13. Goodwill? The reality is that the Germans wanted to avoid a fight with 1/2 million closely concentrated troops with proper air cover in a builtup area and a naval force backing them up. The Germans were expecting a protracted campaign in the rest of France dudnt want to lose their tanks and didn’t expect the subsequent quick collapse from Weygand. The Blitzkrieg was a lot of smoke and mirrors. Moral collapse was 9/10ths of the trick.

  14. One more thing. The Germans were of an amphibious frame of mind. They probably didn’t think it was possible to evacuate 300,000 troops in a few days. I do not think they let anyone go.

    I read an article by a mitary historian who suggested that about 1/2 of the German tank fleet was mechanically inoperable when the “Halt”order was given. I little bit like the way the invasion force for Iraq stalled during that sandstorm. Tanks back then were always in need of maintenance. The halt made a virtue of necessity.

  15. Grandpa Goerring and Uncle Adolf really let those troops slip through their fingers. With what we know now they should have been sent to Cousin Himmler’s chicken farm in cattle-cars where they could have recovered from having their gold fillings removed and read books by Houston Chamberlain.

  16. John,

    You think Britain which is getting less and less British every day would be worse off now than if Britain had made peace with Hitler? Would Hitler have loved the sight of Londonistan and a Britain flooded with Asians?

    The Anerican victory in WW2 was essentially a Yankee victory on a global scale.

  17. Date: 12-26-12

    ” Dr. David Duke discusses the movie Django and the incredible hate and violence generated by Ziowood and in particular the Weinstein Bros. This film is nothing but an anti-European hate flick to deflect African American and worldwide non-White anger away from the Zio globalists and onto the European people. It is also meant to demoralize and make European watchers of this film less likely to defend their own interests and values in the face of Jewish tribalist conquest of our societies. One great show today!”

  18. Lew

    Both Germans and Southerners are natural allies both played a large role in building up America and both got screwed over by America. Southerners however are too parochial and narrowminded to reach any sort of understanding with them, they have been cut off from Europe too long. That’s why I am in favor of independent Dixie anything that weakens the Anglo Saxon empire is something all pro white people should be in favor of.

  19. I know you were asking John, Lew. And I won’t answer your question to him. But I will ask you a question.

    Why does it matter how Hitler would have felt? It’s a very feminine and useless question I believe. Maybe Hitler loved the idea of a bombed-out London even more than a 50% ethnic Brit one. But how would Hitler feel if there were 2 gay Jews in London in 1960 and one was a mulatto? What’s the point of such questions? Why is Hitler your prism?

    Listen, Jews run Hollywood full-stop. And tons of them hate Christ. That’s not kept underwraps, that’s common knowledge. But the international Jewish nonsense is a bit much. As a group they’re damned unless they become Christians, some Jewish individuals hate us and imo should be driven out and humiliated others ambivalent and still others are a hair away from accepting Christ.

  20. I think we’d have been wiped off the map. The resentment directed against us as a group is pretty palpable, even today. A lot of people would have been cackling and there would have been plenty if willing hands to carry it all out. The consequences of an invasion would have been harrowing. Getting invaded is no fun.

  21. What did it win us? Europe overrun with Asians instead of European Germans. Multiculturalism and socialism victorious. Southerners look at the current situation and blame Yankees? Would it not follow to apply the same logic to WWII?

  22. Ike demanding that the Brits and French evacuate Suez is wot dun it.
    FDR leaned heavy on us the evacuate India too that was more understandable but still a Stab in the back.

  23. Because, TOS, on the world scale, WWII was the defining event of the century. The spirit of the multicult, ragtag, vice- prone, social democracy loving allies over nationalist, straight- laced evil Axis.

  24. Going back to 1942 and Rommel. If he had busted into Alexandria and then Suez, every English, Scot, Irish, Aussie, Kiwi, American in Egypt would have been lynched by captain Nasser and his Egyptian nationalists. It would have been like Haiti 1803. A big pile of white bodies mangled by browns.

  25. WWII was the pushback to all the sick enlightenment, equality, fraternity, democracy, anti- Christian philosophies that had been brewing for 300 years. The sickos and their philosophies won.

  26. WWII was a contest between every perverted enlightenment ideology. BRAism, Communism, Nazism, Liberal European nationalisms, mediterranean Fascism. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to say. If you think any of those ideologies are anything but a joke then not only am I at a lose for words but I feel bad. Far from a last stand against the enlightenment, it was the enlightenment endgame brought on by the “political party” system taking root in various countries instead of real culture and natural order. Each country had their public swept into a frenzy when “their guy” got to sit in office and after they brutalized their betters at home they marched to war like good demagogues do.

    The least corrupted society involved in that conflict was Britain. That’s clear as day. Strong faith, solid constitutional monarchy, empire of subservient browns.

    If you want to talk about last stands against the worst of the enlightenment let’s talk about the Confederate States of America and Carlism in Spain.

  27. Germany fought for Christianity they fought to defeat Communism the most anti-Christian bloodthirsty movement in human history. The allies fought for Judaism multi-culturism and the “honor” of their granddaughters being impregnated by black men.

  28. The destruction of England and Decline of the West began with Cromwell. Crown Prince Wilhelm of Hesse and that moronic sow Victoria accelerated the destruction, as well.

  29. Hitler understood some of Europe’s best Nordic blood went into building Britain. The British should have followed their own home-grown fascist Sir Oswald Mosley.

  30. TOS: They are all a joke. The mature fruit of the Enlightenment was the Constitutional Republic, its overripe, that is, rotten fruit is socialism in its various forms.
    To the victor goes the spoils, and their version of history. I look at the state of America and realize it would have been much different had the Confederacy prevailed. Likewise, I look at the state of the West, and even the global order, and know it is because of the victors of WWII. To say it was caused by the Axis is ludicrous, they were soundly defeated, the current system cannot be from them.
    And to put icing on the cake, the sons and daughters of those brave Allied soldiers get Holocaust museums and white guilt trip parades. Not a fig of a token of thanks!

  31. “They are all a joke. The mature fruit of the Enlightenment was the Constitutional Republic, its overripe, that is, rotten fruit is socialism in its various forms.”

    That’s one way of looking at it. You can’t put push pause on ‘enlightenment’ when it suits you, apparently in your case as a Constitutional Republic. It ends in mass-murder or multi-racialism. Some, such as yourself are content with that so long as it is your team doing the killing. Frankly, that thought is disgusting and I have zero respect for any of the tragic lickspittles that mourn the failure of whatever rotten system that took root in their ancestral homeland to come out on top; it’s the worst kind of nearsighted chauvinism.

  32. Not a fig of a token of thanks!

    BRA was already creating museums to celebrate emancipation of Negroes in the 1930’s. The Holocaust was another notch carved into the butt of the Yankee carbine soon to be followed by Civil Rights for Freegroes and another museum-worthy notch. BRA isn’t known for sitting back and patting itself on the back. It’s a quick ticker-tape parade and blueprints for museums and on to resolve the next contradiction of its disgusting society.

  33. TOS: Great points. I’ m quickly coming to hate the spirit of enlightenment. I think at first it was anchored in logic and common sense, but deteriorated quickly into a most disgusting faith based religion without the morality of real religion. I can understand why the French would want equality and fraternity for their French brethren, I cannot grasp why they decided to make it universal, although I have a hunch.
    I don’ t want a multiculti anything, and I sure as hell don’ t want my kids carrying the white man’ s burden.

  34. “Hitler understood some of Europe’s best Nordic blood went into building Britain. The British should have followed their own home-grown fascist Sir Oswald Mosley”

    Hitler embarassed Mosley when he started purging some of his own “best Nordic blood”. Mosley was a fascist dilettante with a pedigree and previously a fabian. He wasn’t an enlisted man with a chip on his shoulder. Mosley loved his royal family unlike Hitler that thought Franz-Ferdinand got what he deserved for not wiping out all the Slavs. Mosley was giving some working men a way out of bolshevism and Hitler made it that much harder to do.

  35. Mosley was ‘part of the system’ and like Mussolini would never move against the monarchy. Imagining the BUF became a mass-movement, Mosley would have been appointed to serve as PM by King George and would have been a loyal hand of the King. Nothing more.

  36. One point of fascism was rejecting enlightenment values like equality as organizing principles for society. Fascism was based on inequality and hierarchy. The victorious Anglo-Jewish-Bolshevik Allies gave us what we have now, an anti-White ruling class that enforces the exact opposite.

  37. first it was anchored in logic and common sense, but deteriorated quickly into a most disgusting faith based religion without the morality of real religion

    Reading Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Prison Diary and Letters is a good study in how the generation raised in a proper religious culture might reject it but they are still steeped in its beauty. Those raised in atheism, ie. their sons are lost and slaves to base impulses and popular ideologies. As the austere Ahmad ibn Hanbal said, “the dignified are always few” and never is that more true than in these new cultural dark ages.

  38. One point of fascism was rejecting enlightenment values like equality as organizing principles for society.

    Because that’s exactly what Hitler was doing when he said it is more noble to be a street-sweeper in Germany than a King of a foreign country.

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