Beyond “Red and Blue”: SWPLs In Black Run America

SWPLs are very divided on Black Run America

White America

A Pew Study on the ideological composition of the American electorate has been released that is fascinating on countless levels. It includes a detailed analysis of American attitudes on race and immigration.

Here’s something we didn’t know: SWPLs are very divided on Black Run America, with 61 percent of “Solid Liberals” attributing black failure in our society to “racial discrimination” while 79 percent of “Post-Moderns” believe that blacks are responsible for their own predicament.

91 percent of “Post-Moderns” believe that “homosexuality should be accepted by society” and “the country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.” Yet 69 percent of them believe that America “has made the changes necessary to give blacks equal rights.”

Who knew that Black Run America was such a polarizing issue among environmentalists and gay marriage supporters? In fact, SWPL-PMs are a full 20 points less likely than the general public to believe that more needs to be done to uplift blacks.

Oddly enough, SWPLs are split down the middle on black people, but reunify on homosexuals and immigrants. “Solid Liberals” are the only people in America who believe that “racism” is responsible for the plight of blacks.

Libertarians are even more opposed to Black Run America than “Post-Moderns.” “Staunch Conservatives” are the most opposed group of all with “Main Street Republicans” and “Disaffecteds” coming in behind the “Post-Moderns.”

White people are able to grasp blacks much more readily than other issues like homosexuality and immigration. Jews are not even mentioned in this study.

The Pew Study shows that environmentalism aligns “Post-Moderns” with “Solid Liberals” against “Staunch Conservatives” and “Libertarians.” Homosexuality aligns “Post-Moderns” with “Libertarians” against “Staunch Conservatives.”

Black Run America unites Whites against “Solid Liberals” unless polarizing dealbreakers like homosexuality and economics are brought into the equation. This data suggests a course correction might be prudent here.

We can expand our audience by narrowing and deepening our focus.

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  1. Can you name the Hispanic version of Will Smith, Morgan Freedom, Denzel Washington, etc? What about the Hispanic version of Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela?

    Those examples only show that blacks have a higher saintliness factor with the general public, not with general libtards. Also even amongst the general public there seems to be more of a fascination with “the mystical negro” than with blacks as actual human beings. I think most whites like somebody like Will Smith as an actor while also knowing that most blacks are nothing like him and having no desire to be around large groups of blacks.

    Let me put it to you like this: if the Democratic party ever had to choose between blacks and hispanics, whose side would they take? Ofcourse this will never happen because black people are stupid and their leaders are sellouts but hypothetically speaking, who would the Democrat elites prefer?

    Also, who would your average SWPL in Brooklyn rather share the subway with? A bunch of “vibrant” Hispanics or crowds of feral blacks?

  2. Are Southern whites more hostile to blacks or to immigrants?

    Blacks. No contest. The exceptions being where there aren’t many blacks, obviously.

    If you look at Hollywood, BRA philosophy is so entrenched there that it really doesn’t matter whether the directors and movie stars (for example, Tarantino and Matt Damon) are Jewish or Gentile. The Gentiles like Matt Damon and Sean Penn are just as committed to Black Run America as the Jews are out there.

    All I gather from this is that Jews really know how to pick ’em.

    Tarantino is a special case. He has a really, really strange relationship with blacks, no doubt owing to his growing up with a black stepfather. Knowing a black is in the bedroom riding your mother has got to fuck you all up, especially in your formative years. Tidbits about Tarantino:

    Seems obsessed with black alphas (Pulp Fiction; he wants to cast Will Smith in his Django “spaghetti” western)
    Seems to have at least subconscious resentment of blacks (made the black pimp in True Romance into a wigger pimp so he could get away with shooting him in the face; “Dead Nigger Storage” scene in Pulp Fiction)
    Seems obsessed with white racism (“eggplant” scene in True Romance; “nigger” scene in Reservoir Dogs)
    Seems to be a wigger in many ways (G**gle how he punched a black dude in the face for standing over him, and his cultural justifications)

    Tarantino definitely seems to be a black-worshipper, but not really a SWPL type black-worshipper (from afar). He displays every sign of being the wigger equivalent of a white raised by Indians.

  3. Even White conservatives have come to believe that promoting black people on the basis of race is the best way to demonstrate their moral virtue.

    Hard to separate this from whites who realize they can use blacks as tools the same way Jews do, no? Especially given the human tendency toward crypsis and self-deception.

    I know I’ve thought more than once about the possible utility blacks could have for our movement. Blacks can say all kinds of shit whites can’t get away with. Just look at the front man for the anti-“AA” movement – black guy whose name escapes me at the moment.

  4. Ward Connerly? He’s only 1/4 African actually and he’s married to a White woman.

    His main motivation is not anti-AA but rather to abolish racial identification altogether.

  5. “so he could get away with shooting him in the face”

    He shoots him in the groin first which fits the profile even more.

  6. Besides the miscegenation problem, blacks are a bad investment, period. It would actually be cheaper in the long run to fund deporting them than to try and educate them and prop them up with welfare.

    Their usefulness ended with the abolition of slavery. If our forefathers knew what the future costs would be they would never have allowed it. There’s an old saying, “If we would have known, we would have picked our own damn cotton.”

    Education and training aren’t going to change their DNA. Their only hope to improve their future generations is to miscegenate with Whites or Asians. Looking at intermarriage and interracial cohabitation rates of black males and especially black immigrant males they’re well on their way.

    As a side note, in the US, Asian females have a higher cohabitation rate with White males than with their own Asian males, shocking.

  7. In Tarantino films the racists are unethical, that’s the point he’s making. Stupid people (like blacks) interpret Mr. Pink’s “nigger” comment in Reservoir Dogs as proof that Tarantino is a covert racist, when it’s one of several scenes whose purpose is to establish Mr. Pink’s borderline psychopathic personality (“I never tip”).

  8. SWPLs are confused because they’re not serious.

    They adopt their political viewpoints to seem cool to their hipster friends and make-work coworkers. They’re not serious about finding solutions, only looking good.

    As a result, when you ask them pointed questions, they retreat in confusion and/or call you a racist, elitist, homophobe, classist, misogynist, etc. Anything to imply that someone else is injured by you; it’s not them backing out of the argument, it’s that you’re evil.

    The SWPLs don’t seem to mind racial imagery and even racist imagery in their entertainment, so long as it is funny. Funny is always a great basis for policy, just like taste is how we should choose motor oil.

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