Language of Rebellion

The revolt against Black Run America will begin where it was born


Looking back, the most memorable and penetrating articles that I wrote about last year was the series about the “mainstreamer” vs. “vanguardist” controversy.

Nothing much has changed since then.

The “mainstreamers” are still holding their annual conferences. The “vanguardists” are still plotting the total destruction of the system in their podcasts and blog entries.

My own views have evolved significantly since that time. It has been a natural progression from the theories that I was expounding last year.

Everyone has noticed that we rarely talk about the vanguardists here anymore. We gradually lost interest in those people. Fighting with them is now seen as a waste of time. It is a distraction from our current race project.

Mainstreaming White Identity

If we settled the theoretical issues about the need to “mainstream” White racial consciousness last year, this year we have broken off completely from “the movement,” scrapped its ideology, and set sail by ourselves into uncharted waters.

There is a very simple explanation for this: we have multiple lines of evidence that confirm we are not alone.

This site has always been unusual in that we keep very close tabs on the pulse of White America. As “mainstreamers,” we rejected the idea that ordinary people (aka “lemmings”) are really as stupid and naive about race as the vanguard has made them out to be.

Following the polls and analyzing elections has always been one of our favorite things to do around here. It is explains much of the content that is found on this website.

Here’s what we have recently learned:

(1) We learned from the Pew Study that not even SWPLs believe the lie that “racism” is holding back African-Americans in our society and that more “civil rights” legislation is needed to uplift them to equality.

The only White people who believe that “racism” is holding back African-Americans are the “Solid Liberals” who are ubiquitous in the MSM. No one else really believes that anymore.

(2) We learned from the Rasmussen Polls that the only people who believe in Black Run America are African-Americans and the DWL political class.

The vast majority of White people – something in the neighborhood of 64 to 77 percent – believe that America’s best days are in the past and that America is headed in the wrong direction under Barack Hussein Obama.

(3) We know that White America is mad … I mean really, really mad, unusually mad, in that for the first time in our memory nearly all sections of the White electorate – young and old, rich and poor, male and female, college and high school educated, are united against Barack Hussein Obama and are swiftly consolidating into a racial bloc.

Some people like to pick on White women … just 34 percent of White women without a college degree support Barack Obama. And that is at the national level.

We know that only 35 percent of White working class men support Barack Obama and that something like an anemic 21 percent of them voted for Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.

Obama has the support of 38 percent of White seniors, 35 percent of White Baby Boomers, 40 percent of White Gen Xers, and 41 percent of White Millennials.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama won 54 percent of White Millennials, but his support among White Millennials fell to 45 percent in 2010 and had fallen to 41 percent by April 2011.

Now that White Millennials are becoming “Boomerangs,” they have turned more sharply against Obama than other types of White people. Graduating from college and moving back home to live with their parents seems to be having a chastening “hate effect” upon former dewy eyed Obamaniacs.

(4) Just the other day, we learned from another study that White America now believes that anti-White bias has become a more serious problem than anti-black prejudice. In hindsight, the 2000s were a watershed decade in which the pendulum in White America swung from racial altruism to racial defense.

(5) In the 2010 midterm elections, we saw what was called “unprecedented White flight” from the Democrats, which was undoubtedly a reflection of the changes in White racial attitudes that we are seeing in all these other polls, not any real enthusiasm for Republicans.

I’ve read a lot of other racial polls over the past eight months. These are just some of the most recent ones that come to mind and they all point to the same inescapable conclusion.

There is massive disaffection with the status quo in White America. It is not just a few oddballs and lunatics on the internet who are pissed off about Black Run America. The feeling of alienation extends to a much wider audience.

Only 31 percent of White Americans now believe the future will be better than the past. When 69 percent of White America believes that the past was better than the future, it means that there has been a critical loss of legitimacy somewhere in the White electorate.

The vanguard could not be more wrong about the lemming question. The people who might have been “Joe Six Packs” and “Sally Soccermoms” in the 1990s – oblivious to the future, secure in their private suburban cocoons – are certainly not feeling that way anymore.

There has been a change.

Alarm Bells: The White Working Class

We know from the polling data and election returns who is losing faith in Black Run America and where they live in the United States.

For months now, a political scientist named Ronald Brownstein who writes for National Journal has been sounding alarm bells about the White working class. David Paul Kuhn of RealClearPolitics is another who has drawn attention to this subject. We have written about Brownstein and Kuhn here in the past.

Brownstein’s latest article is his direst warning yet:

Still, amid all of this change, whites without a four-year college degree remain the largest demographic bloc in the workforce. College-educated whites make up about one-fifth of the adult population, while minorities account for a little under one-third. The picture is changing, but whites who have not completed college remain the backbone of many, if not most, communities and workplaces across the country.

They are also, polls consistently tell us, the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society.

This is another way of saying that the “taxforce” is pessimistic and alienated. We recently learned that 51.5 percent of African-Americans are employed in the United States. Those who are employed and who make the most money work in the diversity-government complex.

Amazingly, while black employment has fallen to its lowest level in America in forty years, NPR is reporting “The End of Anger” among the African-American middle class which “anti-racists” always claim are suffering from “white privilege” and “institutional racism” and “structural racism,” but which the polls show to be the consistently most optimistic sector of the population.

Meanwhile, the “taxforce” is paying for all the social services and is getting squeezed harder every year by the growth of the minority population which marginalizes them politically while simultaneously consuming most of the public services. These African-Americans and Hispanics have a “civil right” to the paychecks of the White working class.

Listen to this:

The latest measure of this discontent came in a thoughtful national survey on economic opportunity released last week by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Economic Mobility Project. If numbers could scream, they would probably sound like the poll’s results among working-class whites.

One question asked respondents whether they expected to be better off economically in 10 years than they are today. Two-thirds of blacks and Hispanics said yes, as did 55 percent of college-educated whites; just 44 percent of noncollege whites agreed. Asked if they were better off than their parents were at the same age, about three-fifths of college-educated whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics said they were. But blue-collar whites divided narrowly, with 52 percent saying yes and a head-turning 43 percent saying no. (The survey, conducted from March 24 through 29, surveyed 2,000 adults and has a margin of error of ±3.4 percent.)

What makes these results especially striking is that minorities were as likely as blue-collar whites to report that they have been hurt by the recession. The actual unemployment rate is considerably higher among blacks and Hispanics than among blue-collar whites, much less college-educated whites.

Why is the White working class so unusually pissed off while African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely to be unemployed?

It is because African-Americans and Hispanics are buying groceries with EBT cards, getting TANF welfare checks, Energy Assistance, Section 8 housing vouchers, Medicaid, etc.

The White working class pays for most of the things that African-Americans and Hispanics get for free like public education for their children. It also pays for the government services they receive like EBT cards and Medicaid.

After supporting African-Americans and Hispanics via the federal government as “the invisible parent,” White taxpayers have to pay for the private school for their own children, the mortgage in the suburb to escape crime and diversity, their own groceries at Super Wal-Mart, the rent, the utilities, college tuition, etc.

If the average single black woman has a net worth of $5 dollars, why are single black women with children becoming much more common? How do they support themselves? It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

This really says it all:

In the most telling result, 63 percent of African-Americans and 54 percent of Hispanics said they expected their children to exceed their standard of living. Even college-educated whites are less optimistic (only about two-fifths agree). But the noncollege whites are the gloomiest: Just one-third of them think their kids will live better than they do; an equal number think their children won’t even match their living standard. No other group is nearly that negative.

The “taxforce” doesn’t even believe their own children will enjoy the same declining standard of living that they do now. Yet somehow 63 percent of African-Americans say their children will be better off in the future when black unemployment is at record highs.

Does that sound strange?

It only sounds strange if you believe that Jim Crow America still exists and that DWLs are “white supremacists” who control every institution in our society and that “racism” is what prevents African-Americans from getting ahead in our society.

By contrast, although it is difficult to precisely quantify, the sense of being eclipsed demographically is almost certainly compounding the white working class’s fear of losing ground economically. That huge bloc of Americans increasingly feels itself left behind—and lacks faith that either government or business cares much about its plight. . . .Alarm bells should be ringing now about the social and economic trends in the battered white working class and the piercing cry of distress rising from this latest survey.

Big Government and Big Business don’t care about the White working class. They don’t hire Beached White Males or Boomerangs anymore.

In the Mars Challenge, we saw that Barack Hussein Obama is spending $2 billion dollars a year for the specific purpose of “strengthening” African-American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Native American institutions. He isn’t spending $1 dollar to strengthen White educational institutions.

The Race Project

We know from the polling data and anecdotal evidence that our suspicion that the gap between the White racialists and White people is not nearly as large as the vanguard has made it out to be.

The gap has been closing in recent years as Black Run America has become more explicitly anti-White.

What’s more, this polling data about changing White racial attitudes comes from national samples, which means that White people who live in certain parts of the United States must be feeling dramatically more alienated than those who live in other areas.

If the answer to “the who question” is working class White men, the answer to “the where question” is the Old Confederacy, not the Pacific Northwest.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama underperformed John Kerry among Whites in three states: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Obama won 10 percent of the White vote in Alabama, 11 percent in Mississippi, and 14 percent in Louisiana.

That was at the height of his popularity and before he arrived in the White House.

Obama won 60 percent of the White vote in Oregon, 59 percent in Washington, and 36 percent in Idaho. The only states in America where more Whites voted for Barack Obama than Oregon and Washington were Hawaii and Vermont.

There are parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana where Whites vote Republican and African-Americans vote Democrat. Elections are racial headcounts. They reflect Census numbers.

In the nineteenth century, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana were known as the “Old Southwest.” The Lower Mississippi Valley is the Achilles Heel of Black Run America. There are more disillusioned Whites living here than anywhere else in America.

The racial unanimity in hostility to Barack Hussein Obama means that opposition to Black Run America in the Old Southwest must be drawn from all sectors of the White population and at much higher rates than we are seeing nationwide.

Language of Rebellion

This is why it was so easy to shed the skin of White Nationalism.

White people in the Old Southwest are already racially conscious to a large degree. They are deeply alienated from Black Run America. There are plenty of White people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana who never believed in Black Run America.

There are people on the internet who claim to be pro-White, but who say that White Christians, White conservatives, and White women must be ridiculed and excluded from our ranks.

We consider these groups our base.

This website had gradually evolved from arguing the position that White racial consciousness must be “mainstreamed” to the position that there are already millions of White people in the American South who are alienated, embittered, and who understand race and who only need to be nudged in the right direction to rebel against the present system.

While some pro-White intellectuals busy themselves with reading Guillaume Faye books and writing Nietzsche and Céline essays, we are crafting a “language of rebellion” (this is the great race project) for a specific people who live a specific geographic area and who we know are disaffected and receptive to an outlaw conservative message.

We are constantly searching for the right frequency and the means to broadcast our message to this mass audience. Eventually, we will find the right message and the pathway to deliver our racial molotov cocktail to the intended target.

We can look at the election returns in cities like Selma and Montgomery and see what White people in Alabama are already thinking about Black Run America. This is where the real opposition movement is going to be created.

My own personal dream has always been to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma with thousands of White people on the way to Montgomery to overthrow Black Run America. It is a comforting thought that I might actually live to see it happen.

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  1. Hunter:
    Some quotes from your article:
    “Obama has the support of 38 percent of White seniors, 35 percent of White Baby Boomers,”
    “We know that only 35 percent of White working class men support Barack Obama”
    Let’s read that again.
    “Obama has the support of 38 percent of White seniors, 35 percent of White Baby Boomers, ”
    “We know that only 35 percent of White working class men support Barack Obama”

    You’re telling me, the hated Boomers are just as pissed at Obama as White working men??!This is astonishing!

    Another quote:
    “Asked if they were better off than their parents were at the same age, about three-fifths of college-educated whites…said they were. But blue-collar whites divided narrowly, with 52 percent saying yes and a head-turning 43 percent saying no. (The survey, conducted from March 24 through 29, surveyed 2,000 adults and has a margin of error of ±3.4 percent.)”
    Okay, so about 3/5ths is about 60% of college educated Whites say they’re better off than their parents. WHICH MEANS: about 2/5ths, that is, about 40% (!) must be saying THEY’RE NOT!
    Among blue collar Whites, 43% (characterized as head-turning) said they were not better off than their parents.
    NOTE: the margin of error in this study is plus or minus 3.4 percent. That means, % of pessimistic college educateds could be as high as 43%, and % pessimistic blue-collar men, as low as 40%
    it’s fair to speculate, the college-educated may be just as pessimistic about their prospects as the working class!


  2. The problem is that Whites have no outlet for all this resentment and anger. They can vote Republican or vote Democrat. Massive numbers of Whites did indeed abandon Barack Obama in 2010, but then the House GOP turned around and immediately unveiled the anti-working class Paul Ryan budget. Insane. That budget proposal is going to send most of those Whites right back to Obama.

  3. As the Race Card burns, so the distance between “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” closes-of course, this is good news. The non college- educated working class Whites were the first to feel the pain and resentment caused by affirmative-action quotas and are/were the most likely to have attended public schools with blacks and to know the harsh realities of such an experience. I am probably a vanguardist, whose ranks are overwhelmingly working-class. I believe that most vanguardists are simply more angry and have been so for a longer period of time than mainstreamers. I also believe that such people as myself have an extreme{allergic?} reaction to hypocrisy as well as primal instincts that make it all but impossible to be anything other than what they are…

  4. I like SBPDL, but the term “Black Run America” is dumb and can be replaced with something better. Black people are not the real issue; it’s white and Jewish liberals who subsidize their failure. Obama and his racist clique isn’t the real issue either.

    All Americans know black people have no real power and run nothing, except through their enablers.

  5. We are not interested in fighting with the vanguardists about obscure ideological disagreements anymore.

    There is a critical mass of angry, alienated White people in the Old Southwest and our time is best spent in highlighting the ways that Black Run America is destructive to their self interest.

    I mentioned the vanguardists here only to show that it is a flawed assumption that only a small minority of White people are capable of seeing through the lies of the present system and that everyone else in our society is a “lemming.”

    An outright majority of the White working class in America is saying in poll after poll (some of which are cited above) that it has given up on the status quo. They are not “lemmings.”

    These people are currently falling prey to self promoting hucksters like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, but that is only because they are perceived as the only visible opposition out there.

    That could easily change in the proper historical circumstances.

  6. The vanguardists need to understand that White people are not as mad or informed about racial matters as they are, but they are getting there and moving in the right direction.

    The time is coming when we will no longer considered outcasts in our society. Those who court marginalization will have a difficult time adjusting to this.

  7. That is , “That could easily change in the proper historical circumstances”. We are truly living such circumstances. I can feel it. Like a storm coming…

  8. While we are on the subject of past obsessions, the Alabama state legislature finally passed the big immigration package this afternoon.

    Georgia had been the only state this year to pass Arizona-style immigration reform. South Carolina has passed an Arizona-style immigration law in the House and Senate, but wasn’t able to finish reconciling the bills.

    South Carolina punted immigration reform to the special session which begins on June 14:

    This comes as a relief and means that it will probably pass there.

    Louisiana, which we have heard nothing about so far this year, is now considering an Arizona-style immigration law:–Immigration-Enforcement/

  9. I agree that this simmering resentment of getting smaller and smaller slices of an ever-shrinking socioeconomic pie is pushing people in the right direction.

    However, sadly I think the moment of widespread out-in-the-open White racial awakening will have the best chance of being ignited by one or a series of particularly egregious anti-white hate crimes that the national mainstream media cannot ignore. Blogs like this have a critical role to play in that scenario, should it come to pass. For many, it will take incontrovertible evidence that they are killing us, before they will seek the strength of the group once again.

  10. RE: Louisiana immigration, I found the local story. Local observers say this bill isn’t going anywhere. It’s mind boggling how fast the anti-White machine swings into action to attack no all fronts. It does not matter if the issue is local, state or federal. There is no difference. All of the standard attack groups are present here:

    1) the local print and TV journalists with their biased coverage that uses the standard template (the bill is anti-Hispanic, etc.)
    2) the race agitators
    3) the chamber of commerce and business community
    4) the Catholic church leaders (where’s that guy Earlmondo?)

    And if by some chance these four attack groups don’t kill this bill, the legislature will kill the bill.

    Meanwhile, I’d estimate that 75% to 85% of Whites statewide, and 99% of Whites where I live, would support this bill. That first comment in the article represents the sentiments of Whites in this state, and probably the most of the country, on this issue.

    How do we do defeat this? It happens the same damn way everywhere…

    I really need to start an A3P chapter.

  11. Hunter,

    RE: the old southwest. You’re pretty much an expert Southern history, so you probably know about this, but if not here is an anecdote you may find interesting.

    The territory from the Florida panhandle, through Mobile county, Hancock county and Baton Rouge was a sovereign nation for 90 days in 1810: The Republic of West Florida.

    It briefly gained independence from the Spanish before James Madison claimed the territory as part of the Louisiana purchase.

  12. Ivey banged a gavel and said loudly, ”we will have order in this body,”

    Not with niggers in it.

  13. We really have a lot of material to work with. Just imagine all the films we could make about the horrible society that we live in.

    Imagine what you could do with a script like Birth of a Nation in modern theaters with an Avatar size budget.

  14. The left has given us at least one rebellion sound bite. “Policitally Correct” has morphed into a term of derision among most whites.
    “The Race Card” was ours from the beginning.
    I recently began using the term “The Holocaust Card”.
    Once we regain white dominance the pendulum of white passion will swing back from racial anger back toward more acceptance, and we will be left with a 55-45 white – non-white demographic stalemate.
    In the end, we may well end up like the Aryan upper class in India. Too blended out t make a difference or matter, unless—we do something to separate geographically.

  15. Lew said “…but then the House GOP turned around and immediately unveiled the anti-working class Paul Ryan budget. Insane. That budget proposal is going to send most of those Whites right back to Obama.”

    The rich republicans have toyed with race as an issue for 50 years, just enough to keep getting elected occasionally with nothing basically changing.
    Kevin Phillips aluded to this in the first half of “Wealth and Democracy.”
    As long as we have to live and vote in the same demogogracy as non-whites we are stuck.
    We must begin a movement (the Pioneer Little Europes?) to separate now.
    PLE focuses on neighborhoods for now, but eventually some way some how we are going to have to take over several states and make the white only by some means or other. Then hope pray and fight for federalsim.

  16. Film is a wonderful way to spotlight the disaster of modern American cities. Putting up a website with a link to a video about the decline of each American city, a la Craig’s List, would be a worthwhile project.

    Highlighting the burnt-out and dilapitated buildings, the graffiti, garbage, crime and general disgustingness will wake people up in a way that blogging might not. Some people have to see the disaster. Once beautiful cities like New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit and others would show the devastation incredibly.

    Average Joe will not be able to ignore that.

  17. White people in the Old Southwest are already racially conscious to a large degree. They are deeply alienated from Black Run America. There are plenty of White people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana who never believed in Black Run America.

    Being awake to the hard realities of racial differences is really all about proximity to blacks, and to a lesser extent, Mestizos. People in the old South already know about the realities of living near dysfunctional and criminal blacks. They don’t live in the theoretical. People in Oregon and Washington and Idaho by and large don’t have much to any experience living around Cultural Enrichers, so they can live in the theoretical, where everybody is the same and differences don’t go beyond skin color. This is not a difficult equation; live around NAMs, become awakened to race realism, and as demographics continue to change apace, obviously more people cannot but become aware of swarthy dysfunction.

    The difference between college educated whites attitudes and those of non-college educated whites is caused by their differences in income, which allows college educated whites the ability to live in safe and white suburbs or exurbs, whereas their less educated brethren have not the wherewithal to escape diversity. It’s still all about proximity to NAMs and whether you can afford to escape diversity.

    I only hope enough whites wake up in time to do something to save their progeny; otherwise, the future for them is dim indeed.

    I think it is the responsibility of we who are race realists to present realist ideas on non-realist forums, so that more and more whites know that it’s not evil or immoral to think what they already probably think. The more they see that there are others out there that think sanely and logically about NAMs, the less they will believe the Orwellian baloney that they are evil for merely thinking realistically about race.

  18. I think it is the responsibility of we who are race realists to present realist ideas on non-realist forums.

    If you don’t plan on making any friends and having a lot of hostility and disrespect come your way go for it.

    You should expect less than .01% of people will care or be persuaded by anything you say.

  19. I wish you young fellows all the success in the world but you don’t seem to have a clue that what you’re doing is a very, very, very watered down version of things that have been tried again and again in the past, with less and less success as time went on. Yeah, we have the internet now and that’s encouraging many of you. But it’s too late. In past decades Whites had a hell of a lot less to lose by taking their country back but they were already too afraid to do so. The best thing for White Americans to do is to leave North America or undermine it faster than it commits suicide. Hopefully it will be a weed-filled concrete island before Europe is completely destroyed. Call me a negativist or a vanguardist or whatever you like – don’t forget I told you so.

  20. If you don’t plan on making any friends and having a lot of hostility and disrespect come your way go for it.

    You should expect less than .01% of people will care or be persuaded by anything you say.

    I disagree. Topics with race implications come up on non-hbd sites, be they cultural, or sports related, or what have you. They are considered off topic there, but they arise on occasion. There’s a lot of PC speech, and people afraid to go against the memes of the day, but I always find that there are at least a fair number that are aware, and seemingly share our HBD views, and their number is far, far greater than .01%.

    Practically nobody is using their real names on those boards, so what difference does it make if you piss off some suicidal liberal whites. The point is to give heart to those who already have race realist views but have been cowed into thinking that they are evil for having those thoughts.

    You’re way off base if you think such a small percentage of people share our views. Just check out any story that allows comments that have to do with NAM dysfunction and crime. The good liberals in charge of monitoring comments inevitably have to shut down comments on any such articles. If a great many people didn’t share a real discomfort about being around NAMs, they wouldn’t go to such lengths to live apart from them, so you’re just flat out wrong if you think such a tiny fraction of us think this way.

    I’ll risk people’s displeasure on such boards (and have) if I can get relevant facts out to people. Yes, you have to use some dexterity when presenting information, but you can get the relevant stats out there that refute “white privilege”, “race is a social construct”, etc, etc”, all their faith based bullshit that is easily disproved. That stuff needs to be refuted every time some sniveling, status seeking SWPL utters such nonsense.

    It’s good to knock around these ideas on HBD echo chambers, but it’s important to speak the truth in hostile territory too. I think there are a lot more receptive people out there than you do.

    If the media and academia won’t deviate from the accepted narrative (and obviously they won’t), who but us will do it. Especially when there is no particular cost involved when you are posting anonymously on some non-HBD board.

  21. .

    “You should expect less than .01% of people will care or be persuaded by anything you say.”

    “….. by anything you say.”

    How right you are. People really are getting tired of talk.

    What they see in their streets and schools is what they’ll act on and Americans are starting to not like what we see.


  22. You’re way off base if you think such a small percentage of people share our views.

    I’m talking about people who will speak up and defend the position.

    Disliking preferential treatment for blacks is different than actually being explicitly pro-White.

    Speaking from experience I virtually always get hate mail and messages from people. Other than people who are already converted or from pro-White websites I see almost no one that is converted to being pro-White (I actually have done it a few times, but it’s a very small percentage). More often than not, like conservatives and tea partiers do, they’ll try real hard to claim they’re not racist and ostracize you, saying you’re a troll, instigator or saboteur working for the other side to undermine their credibility. Hell I even get that in pro-White circles. If there’s any constant it’s that you’ll be insulted and attacked.

    I’m curious if Hunter et al. have converted anyone with their time on Reddit?

  23. The time is coming when we will no longer considered outcasts in our society.

    Yeah. When the battle’s over. See, that is the battle. It’s like people who say “if we could just get a TV station, we could win.” Er, that’s how we’ll know we have won.

  24. “Anti-racism” is but a code word for anti-white, and it functions as a cult. This particular wordist cult will one day melt away as all cults do, but our incessant whining only helps to inflate the power of the cult.

    For lack of better examples on how to deal with an “anti-racist” cult and an example of its quick complete destruction I will point to Jim Jones’ version. It literally died within days on account of two reasons, first that people had an alternative to staying within such a crappy situation and secondly and most important Jones became paranoid about the feeling that he was about to be held responsible for that particular cluster fuck. And that was it.

  25. RobRoy: I’d like to see all the anti-racists kill themselves in one afternoon. We’ll know it’s about to happen when the price of cyanide triples. But how will we get rid of 30 million bodies before they draw 30 billion flies?

  26. I recently began using the term “The Holocaust Card”

    Very nice. “The Race Card” is now an anchor, so use “card” to chain it with “The Holocaust” and throw them both overboard.

  27. More often than not, like conservatives and tea partiers do, they’ll try real hard to claim they’re not racist and ostracize you, saying you’re a troll, instigator or saboteur working for the other side to undermine their credibility.

    Sure, they try that. Meanwhile, you’re presenting facts about race and racial differences, and how IQ matters, both in group and between groups and that low IQ people have different life outcomes, and that just as low IQ whites won’t fare as well as high IQ people of any race, there are group differences in IQ resulting in group differences in outcome. And that it is evil to place the blame for low IQ groups’ outcomes and dysfunction on whites; particularly when there is no data to back that claim up. Racial IQ differences and crime differences are so rigorously suppressed that when you present that data, with corroborating links, it may well be the first time people have seen those stats.

    My main idea is to get people accustomed to seeing, speaking, and typing the truth. These things that we in the HBD community know to be true were once, just 50 years ago, accepted truths. There’s no reason that the most obvious lies should live forever. It’s a matter of starting to speak truth to them, and the more people see that it’s possible to do so, the more will join in. That’s my idea, anyway. You don’t start by taking up arms (extreme example). You start by changing people’s idea about what is right and acceptable thought. Presently, they think it’s wrong or evil to blame black dysfunction on blacks themselves (or low IQ), and perversely, they presently gain further status by blaming whites for blacks low station and dysfunction.

    And my idea was that when you see that bullshit, that of blaming whites for black dysfunction and failure, refute it… publicly. Have facts and figures at hand to do so. Hell, you’re likely posting anonymously anyway. You’re doing nothing more than getting facts out to counter their suicidal dogma. Who cares if SWPLs don’t like what you’re doing, or call you names for doing so? When they resort to name calling, just point out that they obviously have no real ideas or data to counter what you’re presenting.

    Anyway, do (or don’t do) what you will. I counter the blaming of whites for black failure when I encounter it, and I do believe that if enough people began doing that, that the collective mind could be swayed to once again, as it did a mere 50 years ago, think clearly and logically about race, at the very least to the extent that it’s crazy to blame black failure on whites. Paint THAT as the evil.

  28. One last little point. The gist of what I do when I engage in that online dialogue with some SWPL or NAM is to paint the blaming of whites for other groups’ life outcomes as evil, racist, and paternalistic. Then I back it up with stats. I basically turn it from being a defensive exercise (of forever trying to prove how not racist I am while presenting info… utterly pointless and something I wouldn’t engage in) into an offensive one, where those blaming whites for black failure are the evil ones. They cannot escape the group level IQ differences argument ( and the fact that NE Asians have such good life outcomes here in America bolsters the IQ argument, too, and the fact that black failure is everywhere in the world, whether they had a “legacy of slavery” or not, undermines the whites as causal argument).

    Alright, dead horse sufficiently beaten. Ah well, one guy’s sensible idea is another’s futile exercise.

  29. John D: You’re doing good work. Back in the 1950s, a psychologist whose name I can’t recall demonstrated how a single person could be led to deny the most obvious reality if everyone else agreed that a short line —- was longer that a long line ———–. He had ten college students in a room, all of whom were in on the gag but one. After seven or eight said that the short line was the longer of the two, the subject would go along the unanimous majority. But, when just one other student said that the short line was the shorter, the subject no longer doubted his own eyes and called it as he saw it. When one individual speaks the truth about race, he may not necessarily convince anyone, but he encourages those who can already see but have been keeping quiet. The Rulers know about this, and that’s why they can’t allow even one person to speak the truth openly. They know that there are millions more.

    Anybody know the name of the psychologist who discovered this? It’s called the (?) effect in his honor.

  30. When one individual speaks the truth about race, he may not necessarily convince anyone, but he encourages those who can already see but have been keeping quiet.

    The context though was going into “enemy territory,” not objective and willing participants.

    I agree in principle and I’ve found this to be true myself, it only takes one person to speak the truth and give others the option and courage to follow.

  31. These things that we in the HBD community know to be true were once, just 50 years ago, accepted truths.

    The “HBD community” doesn’t impress me, they’re not typically pro-European in any significant sense. So they accept some facts about racial/genetic differences, but what does it amount to? A bunch of Asperger, beta White and Asiatic nerds who still race mix and don’t really care about racial preservation anyway. At best they would just prefer Asian immigration.

  32. Don’t knock the Jim Jones comparison, his last speech to his idiot cult sounds about like anything you would read in any lefty rag.

  33. RobRoy: FYI, the story of Jim Jones and his place among the multi-cult lefties in San Francisco is best told in “Journey to Nowhere” by Shiva Naipaul, brother of Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul. The Naipaul brothers are genuinely multi-cultural. They were born to Indian parents in the Caribbean and were very well educated in English schools. They are not kind to hypocritical White guiltmongers who pose as benign, broadminded saviors of the Dark masses.

  34. It would be amusing to throw John D in there and see how many of them he could convince.

    Okay, so it’s a big joke to you. We get it. So confine your race talk to the amen choir echo chambers. Good plan. Carry on.

  35. No, man, that’s exactly what you’re doing. I’m actually serious, I’d like to see you apply your theories to that degenerate lot and see what happened.

    I speak from experience.

    What you don’t realize is guys just like you are on their side as well and they think just like you do, that they could convince you given the right tactics and information.

  36. Ah, I thought you were being facetious.

    I haven’t the energy right now. Trust me, I’ve gone at it with true believers (just the type you mentioned) before too, and it boiled down to their “feelings” about White Privilege, Legacy of Slavery, Race is a Social Construct, Institutional Racism, IQ differences are environmental and caused by White Racism, and on and on and on. It’s exhausting, and generally takes multiple days to slog through it all. It really is quite a pain in the ass, and if you wish to remain on the board (say it’s a sports board for example), then you have to present all this shit in digestible little bits and word it just so. Admittedly, it can be a giant pain in the ass, but sometimes I feel practically duty bound, strange though that may sound. They have no facts. It’s all purely faith based with them, and when you present them with studies and citations thereof, it’s like nothing can shake their faith. You point out that it would be the holy grail if someone could come up with an IQ test where the B/W gap is closed (but nobody can). You point out that it is the extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence, and the extraordinary claim is that the races are equal in meaningful ways, like IQ, and that in any other non-controversial matter, the Occam’s Razor explanation would be the one that acknowledges the likelihood that where the same results repeat themselves wherever and whenever such mental tests are administered (whether the place had any legacy of slavery or not) is just the way things are, rather than the pretzel logic used to explain the differences. Rather like insisting that whites are just as fast as blacks at sprinting but for black prejudice.

    Anyway, you’re right, it’s a major undertaking to be done only if you intend to spend significant energy in doing it. If it were done on a board that I was utterly unfamiliar with, I’d be less circumspect in my presentation, but if it’s on a board I frequent regularly and want to remain a member, I have to take care in my presentation. Tricky stuff, but it can be done. In the end, even when battling the true believers, all you can do is get your info out there and hope you’ve opened some confused white’s eyes. Fortunately, on the boards that I generally engage in those battles racial matters are really off topic, so usually people only delve into matters racial when something catches the nation’s attention, like the Gates-Crowley incident or some such thing that is national news for awhile, so fortunately those events only happen a couple times a year on a board like that.

    Can’t believe I’m up doing this. It’s 0230 in the a.m. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  37. I’m not trying to stop you, rather I’m pointing out that your target audience is important. Some people just aren’t worth the time. I personally don’t waste my time on people that aren’t receptive to some degree.

  38. The target audience is not necessarily the one you’re arguing with. There are many more onlookers who say nothing but take it all in.

  39. John (marvelous analysis, always. Thanks!), Mark, Discard, and others – I am in an existential despair mode right now. Sine my Fellow Whits are SO determined to suicide themselves, I am thinking, “Why am I bothering? I lay myself on the line, on a daily basis – I present facts – yet most White are de-liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight-ed by the opportuity to lick the boots of their killers. So let ’em.”

    I’m sure I’ll snap out of it. I had a rotten weekend, and little sleep since Thursday. Still ……

    My sister lives in a Lilly White town, nearby. We always come on like gangbusters; she moved in and began running her mouth aobu racial issues, ASAP. Well – this is a sleepy little town. The neigghbors were appalled. They began to talk. (My sis was joking about flying the Swastika). One leading busybosy was leading the whispering campaign – soe mys ister stood out in front of her lovely, lovely, gorgeously maintained home, and yelled out to the street, I know you are talking about me. My husband wants me to move (another country). I’ll do it. I’ll move – and I’ll exclisivley market this house to Muslim Niggers, form NYC and NJ. Those are the only people I’ll sell to. Muslim Niggers. So – if you think I’m a bad neighbor (and she’s NOT) – you’ll find out how much you love having Muslim Niggers right on your block”. This area is filled with White Democrat lever-pullers – they coo over O’Negro. However – when my sister was YELLING this stuff, in the middle of the street (and that’s not her normal style, AT ALL.) -the next door neighbors came OUT of their HOUSE, in the STREET, and begged her not to do that to the neighborhood. “Please! Please don’t to that to us! Please!”

    She hasn’t had a problem since, and that Goddamned old ring-leader bitch hasn’t said a word, since.

    So that’s why I HATE the Unawakened. They aren’t ya know. They know. They are just God-DAMNED hypocrites. They love cherishing their self-flattering vain delusions about “Racial Tolerance” – but when faced with the Wrong Sort moving in next door – all lies fall flat.

    So fuck ’em.

  40. Denise you are a charmer and absolutely correct. Anyway Rahm Israel is losing Chicago, the niggras him and his jewboys so cleverly shunted aside are taking back the SWPL hangouts on the north side of Chicago. Payback is a bitch and that little jewboy gonna wish he stayed in DC after this summer.

  41. John you need the Whitaker Mantra. “Anti-racists” as you lable them are nothing but anti-whites, theres is of no intellectual weight and so debating them intellectually with facts and figures while all true has little effect on these people.

  42. She hasn’t had a problem since, and that Goddamned old ring-leader bitch hasn’t said a word, since.

    Our biggest problem has always been other Whites/Caucasoids, always will be. That’s why I see this attempt to unite all Whites as naïve, dishonest and foolhardy.

    There will always be factions and individual Whites at each other’s throat, you see it even within White nationalism. It’s just the way our people are.

    Plus, a lot of people fail to grasp subrace and ethnicity as fault lines of identity and personality. It’s the same mistake liberals make with race, that it can be “transcended,” that it’s not real.

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