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White America

I’ve thought a lot about the direction of this blog over the weekend. There are some areas which I am very satisfied with and others I think we could spend a lot more time on.

In particular, I think we have produced some awesome material about African-Americans and their role in Black Run America. The analysis here could be a lot better though if it was balanced by devoting more of our time to exploring what life is like for White people under the present racial caste system.

White people are the real subject of this website, not African-Americans.

Who are White people? Does anyone know? As strange as it sounds, White people are a sorely neglected subject in the racially aware community. They are commonly thought of as “lemmings” or as some type of vague idolized racial abstraction.

We tend to pay a lot more attention to what African-Americans, Hispanics, or Jews are up to in America than to what White people are thinking and saying in this country. It recently occurred to me that we barely know White people and this hinders our ability to relate to and connect with the White community.

There are well known sites which focus exclusively on Jews and African-Americans. I don’t believe there is a pro-White website though that really draws attention to White people and discusses their social problems with the appropriate level of analysis. We hope to take up this burden and carve out a little niche for ourselves here in the process

What kind of social problems are typically White?

(1) Suicide – Suicide is the one form of violence that is monochrome in Black Run America.

In 2007, there were 34,598 suicides in America. Of those, 28,897 suicides were White. 2,394 suicides were Hispanic. 370 suicides were Indian. 878 suicides were Asian. 1,916 suicides were African-American. 1,248 suicides were were other.

83.5 percent of suicide in Black Run America is White. Now there is a racial gap you never hear described as a moral crisis that in anyway discredits the present system or warrants any kind of compelling explanation.

In case you were wondering, there were 5,512 White homicide victims in 2007, but there were 28,897 White suicides. Also in 2007, there were 8,746 African-American homicide victims, but only 1,916 African-American suicides.

If African-Americans murder each other in Black Run America, White people usually kill themselves because they find their lives meaningless and unbearable in our society.

(2) Political Pessimism – Giving up on America is another typically White activity.

According to the latest Rasmussen polls, 52 percent of African-Americans believe that America is heading in the right direction, but just 22 percent of Whites agree.

8 percent of Americans believe it would be a good thing for America to split up and think that it is very likely to happen. 19 percent of Americans believe the dissolution of the Union is likely to happen in the next 25 years.

29 percent of Americans believe it is somewhat likely that a group of states will attempt to secede. From February 2010 to June 2011, the number of Americans who believe that states have a right to secede from the Union has risen from 14 percent to 21 percent.

53 percent of Americans see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights than a protector. 33 percent of Americans believe the federal government is more of a protector and 14 percent are unsure and cannot make up their minds.

46 percent of African-American adults see the federal government as a protector of their rights. 56 percent of Whites see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights.

69 percent of Americans consider themselves “angry” with the federal government. 39 percent of Americans believe we live under a constitutional government. 28 percent of Americans believe the federal government has the consent of the governed.

41 percent of Americans see a difference between patriotism and being a good citizen. 57 percent of Americans would rather be good citizens than patriots. 27 percent would rather be patriotic.

Who do you suppose wants to secede from Black Run America? Who do you think believes the federal government has no legitimacy?

(3) Economic Pessimism – Whites are sour on the economy.

89 percent of American adults believe that college graduates will have a hard time finding a job in this economy. 56 percent claim it will be very difficult.

Among families with kids who are graduating high school or college, 95 percent say it will be difficult to find a job including 75 percent who believe it will be very difficult.

According to Gallup’s “2011 Economics and Finance poll,” 64 percent of non-Whites are in favor of “wealth redistribution” as opposed to 44 percent of Whites.

(4) Racial Anxiety – Ronald Brownstein has yet another article out that discusses rising White racial anxiety about changing demographics.

53 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic trends are troubling because they are happening too quickly and will change America’s fundamental character.”

39 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic change continues the American tradition of welcoming immigrants and will strengthen society and the economy.”

By a 2 to 1 margin, Whites believe that Obama’s agenda is reducing their opportunities to get ahead in society.

Over 2/3rds of Asians and African-Americans and 3/5ths of Hispanics believe that they enjoy more opportunities than their parents did at the same age.

Among Whites, 36 percent say they have more opportunities than their parents to get ahead in society. 36 percent of Whites disagreed. 25 percent say they have about the same amount of opportunity.

The most striking racial difference that separates Whites from non-Whites is how they see the future: 24 percent believe their children will have more opportunity to get ahead, 26 percent believe they will have about the same amount of opportunity, and a stunning 43 percent see less opportunity for their children to get ahead.

57 percent of African-Americans, 56 percent of Hispanics, and 37 percent of Asians think their children will have more opportunity to get ahead when they are their age.

(5) Beached White Males – In “Language of Rebellion,” we saw that the White working class was the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society, with White men and White women both entertaining the same deeply negative view of the future.

According to the latest National Journal poll, college educated White men believe their children will have less opportunity in the future by a 5 to 1 margin.

It is time to hold the official funeral for the lemming. White people are rapidly losing faith in Black Run America. They do not trust the government or believe the lies about progress which are peddled by the mainstream media.

In the Obamanation, White male professionals, White male small business owners, and White male factory workers (seen most vividly in the suicides below) are all for once thinking on the same wavelength … we are headed in the wrong direction, the future will be worse than the past, and our children will likely inherit a world that is poorer and worse off than our own.

They are convinced that something has to be done about this. The race crisis has been perceived by White people even if its magnitude has not been fully grasped yet.

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  1. Excellent essay. I think you are going in a good direction with your blog and have had a series of very good and unique pieces.

  2. @ Murph

    They are racially neutralized because intellectually neutralized. Being an active thinker is prior to being racially aware. We have already multiple generations of mass media trained non-thinkers. The parents pass it on to the kids.

    However, the mind is a tool, and can even be a weapon. Automatic prosperity permits people to not use their mind as a tool, and so they don’t. They are made intellectually apathetic from an early age, because everything runs “automatically.”

    Moreover, most jobs aside from repair/technician/construction/agriculture are paperwork jobs — makework jobs. Jobs that are essentially about distributing a decreasing pie of wealth for the great and good ends of the US government.

    We are like a neo-Soviet state in that most of the economy has been taken over by the government in some form or other. This has created a certain type of culture – the Office Space culture. This is probably why so many Whites commit suicide. I was startled by the suicide/homicide comparisons.

    The only hope I see is if the “automatic prosperity machine” fails and we have to live in a world made by hand again. By the way, I’d recommend Jim Kunstler’s novels, “World Made by Hand” and “The Witch of Hebron.” One thing I noticed is that there are no non-whites at all in Kunstler’s fantasy future. They just “poof” disappeared after the energy collapse and the “holy land war.” And there is no discussion of race at all — it is as though Whites are the default humans on the planet and there is no reason to think about race at all. I think if Kunstler had put race issues in his novels, it would have clouded what he was trying to do.

    In the end, this is about Whites solving our own problems, for ourselves. This is what World Made By Hand novels implicitly propose — that someday we won’t live under BRA or ZOG any more, but we will have to figure out for ourselves what to do.

    The end of the automatic prosperity is going to be mighty interesting. I read Ben Bernanke’s interview in Time Magazine about a year ago. He said wealth can be created by printing money, and talked about a shoe factory and kids with no shoes nearby — just print the money, give it to the kids, they can buy the shoes. He really believes this, and we are all living his experiment.

  3. No problem. All TPTB have to do is correct the notion among Americans that blacks are 25% of the population, “Hispanics” are 25% of the population, etc., and the crisis of legitimacy goes away. 🙂

  4. The only hope I see is if the “automatic prosperity machine” fails and we have to live in a world made by hand again.

    I was thinking about this last night. Part of the problem here, I think, is that man, particularly white man, conforms to a liberal-fascist, boom-bust paradigm (studies show people become more “fascist” (and religious) in a bust and more “liberal” (and secular) in a boom). This is what got me thinking about how American liberalism isn’t actually liberal; liberals would want everyone to pursue their own self-authorship, their own happiness, including even nasty racists who want to preserve themselves via their own communities and institutions. That’s what it means to value freedom and self-authorship.

    More to the point, this suggests to me that our arguments should be more liberal-secular during boom cycles, and more fascist-religious during bust cycles.

    The trap, of course, is that, left to their devices, whites will create boom cycles and therefore, be more liberal-secular than fascist-religious, most of the time. Fortunately, liberals are liberal in name only, at least in this context – here liberal means “aw, let ’em play Martha, they’re only young once!” Unfortunately, false-liberals have captured the spirit of the white boom mentality with The Narrative, which falsely attributes this permissive attitude to false-liberals.

    So maybe that’s my new name for liberals; LINOs – Liberals In Name Only.

  5. In light of this thinking, I suspect libertarian “anti-racism” is squid ink. Not that most of them don’t believe their own BS here, because they do – that’s the best way to convince TPTB that they do. But given power, I think libertarians would burn the racist LINO structure, because they’re ideological, and following their ideology out to its conclusions would mean a liberal attitude toward “racism.”

  6. I think this is how to fight LINO “anti-racism” during a boom cycle; when LINOs tsk-tsk over “racism,” you tsk-tsk them over their anti-liberalism. Real liberals want to let the kids play, not force them to march around (integration, AA, “anti-discrimination law”) like little soldiers. So “racists” are the real liberals.

  7. Svigor – you’re dreaming about Liberals. They are not issuing “squid ink”. They are wallowing in their Lady Bountiful I am SO Wonderful and Nice and Kind that I Can Fix ANYTHING, Due My General Wonderfullness and Holiness.

    Their “anti-racism” is about THIER egoism.

  8. Thanks Kievsky. At the very least we should be calling LINO “liberalism” into question and rubbing everyone’s noses in the fact that creating a giant, oppressive state apparatus to destroy the Pursuit of Happiness isn’t particularly liberal or humanitarian.

    Patriot Act & Such:”Right”


    “Anti-discrimination” law & Such: LINOs

  9. Svigor: A real quick litmus test for liberals is their view on free speech. If they have any tolerance for campus speech codes or hate crime laws, they’re not liberals.

  10. Changing attitudes are all well and good but it doesn’t mean much if white people aren’t willing to do anything.

  11. Kievsky: Your post has a whole head full of ideas.
    “most jobs…are makework jobs”. Since computers make us so much more efficient, why are there increasing numbers of people sitting at desks? Increased efficiency in farming or manufacturing means fewer farmers and machinists. Why is this not so for office clerks?
    “We are like a neo-Soviet state… This has created a certain type of culture – office space culture.” Racially aware ex-Soviets I’ve met recognize our culture for what it is, the reincarnation of official Soviet culture.
    “…probably why so many Whites commit suicide”. We are currently living in a defeated, occupied nation. What could be more depressing?

  12. White Nationalists aren’t willing to do anything either aside from complain about the status quo.

    Given enough time, these resentments will fester and spread and will explode in the right historical conditions, especially if they are guided in that direction. The takeaway lesson from this essay is that there is a vast gulf between what the liberal talking head idiots on television are saying like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow and what White people are really thinking and willing to say to pollsters.

    It simply isn’t true that White public opinion is a racial mirror of movies, television, and newspapers. About 20 percent of White public opinion fits than description and 80 percent does not.

    We also know which White subgroups compose that 20 percent and where they live in America. It is young privileged White women who live in the suburbs and who have the least contact with reality.

    The gap isn’t even that big anymore between cities and rural areas: 29 percent of Whites in rural areas believe diversity is a strength whereas 36 percent of Whites who live in the cities feel that way.

    No regional data is given here but it is a logical inference to assume that the most alienated and disillusioned Whites in America are working class White men who live in the South and Interior West.

    If these Whites truly believed in the Republican Party, that would show up in the polls. The polls have consistently shown that no one really believes the Democrats or Republicans are capable of solving their problems.

    Whites who bitterly resent the status quo have little confidence in the Republican Party. Rasmussen and Gallup keep track of things like that.

  13. Only 39% of whites agreed that the demographic changes were a good thing, and that only includes the ones that would say so on the phone. It may be even less if it were anonymous.

  14. I’d like to see more discussion here of the fact that Whites are the minority race in worldwide terms. Only about 10% to 15% (probably closer to the lower end) of the world’s population is White; when you get in to White subgroups or White ethnicities such as Western Euros/Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Slavs, etc that number is even smaller. The only two large countries in Europe, Germany and Russia, have major problems with birthrates at the same time non-White immigrants are forming huge colonies therein. Some countries like France and Spain are already mass-miscegenated to a great degree, while the ‘Med Whites’ of southern Europe already have a large dose of Arabish blood from incursions of previous centuries. Taken altogether Whites of northern and western racial extraction come to form a tiny minority amongst an ever-growing number of non-Whites.

    We need to make this point known far and wide; that worldwide Whites are the true minority in danger of becoming a submerged people amongst the seemingly neverending numbers of non-Whites. We must point out how Whites are an endangered species of sorts when thought of in macro terms; with billions of Asiatics of all kinds, plus Arabs, Africans, not to mention the mixed peoples of Latin America, Whites are the true racial minority worldwide and are losing more and more territory to the non-White hordes every single year.

  15. Excellent article. White America (redundant I know) is slowing waking up. The polls on faith in the System are especially telling. But with so much energy on the air, how do we direct it? In another article the mainstream versus vanguardist issue was discussed with the mainstreamists being victorious. Totally healthy and natural for this to occur. But the vanguard’s problem is that about two of them out of one thousand are even qualified for the job. A vanguard is needed to direct the will of White people. However, this vanguard will be born once the mainstream gains steam. Anyway great article once again!

  16. White people view themselves as racially neutral.

    Yet White people developed the entire science behind race, and racial segregation and superiority to being with.

    The answer is Whites are not monolithic and there are significant differences within the Caucasoid spectrum and Europe.

    White people, particularly those in Northern Europe just follow the Golden Rule more than other races.

  17. @White Man’s Burden

    And the point of those maps would be..? Anyone visiting this website know’s damn well what the score is. Perhaps you mean well, and if that’s the case then I can respect that, but no one needs to have this crap shoved in their face. We get it. The J*w*sh liberal media, particularly so in the U.K., just LOVES to countdown the white man’s demise, like it’s Times Square on new years eve. So f-ing what. They’re dancing on a volcano.

    On the other hand, if this is another Northwest Front scare-tactic designed to evoke despair for the future of America outside of the northwest, well, then you know what you can do with it. All the foreboding demographic projections in the world aren’t going to change the way people feel about the place they hold in their heart to be Home, and no one is going to pack a van and scamper off to ‘Jonestown–Covington Edition’ either.

    White people ARE America. So as white people go, America goes. Either we assert our existence and ownership over this land, or we, and it, perish. No third option. We’ve all understood that for a good while now. Capisce?

  18. One also might perceive suicide to be a weak, feminine trait, but actually worldwide it’s primarily a male phenomenon. Think about it, it takes an extraordinary amount of will to take your own life.

    Also reinforces the idea that life is harder for men than it is for women.

  19. Great post. My anecdotal experience agrees.

    People are mad, they don’t trust the government anymore, and they’re less timid about racial topics.

  20. Keep up the great work. I think you are on to something. It’s not about blacks, Jews, Hispanics, it’s about Whites. Would Westerners or European-decent describe them better?

  21. Notice, too, all the “end of time” mentality amongst so many whites today. They do not realize that it is only whites thinking like this. As the poll numbers show, a majority of non whites are now thinking the world is getting better and things are looking up for them. This “end of time” mentality is instructive in that it shows that most whites cannot conceive of the world but as anything but white. Since whites are going down, they think “the end of time is near.”

    We need to hammer home the point that non whites are now feeling it is only the beginning of time. Right now white supremacy is so ingrained, though subconscious, in whites, that white people really do feel the end of time is at hand.

    This is something that can be worked with–it is a tool to use.

  22. Winds of Change and all. There’s a new show on the ABC Family Channel. “Switched at Birth” It’s really bizaare. The plot is very simple – 2 babies girls were mistakenly switched at birth. A very wealthy WASPY Fam. and a Latina single mother.


    I’m sure the show was created to acclimate Whites to their discplacement – but almost every ethnic stereotype is right in place. The Latina mom is hot-headed, arrogant, defensive. The beautiful strawberry blonde daughter, sent home to the Latino family, is deaf , due to a bout of meningitis, in childhood. When the White parents are aking about this, there’s a pause, and the Latina gets very defensive, but hostile. “It’s from a bacteria” (Spics are dirty, and irresponsible with children). TheWhite Mom is very sweet – but the moment the White parents lay eyes ontheri long-lost daughter – they WANT her. They want her out of the dangerous neighborhood. They want her to go to a good private school. Adn she wants to go. The Latina mother resists (Spics don’t care about education.) Y

    There’s very pro-White stuff . The White family is very well cast, from a physical perspective. Pains were taken to choose actors with similar coloring and physiques. The White family ha a very loving, rational father. The White brother is initially presented as a dork -but turns out to be very astute, cool, and reasonable, and considerate. Ther’es a moment where the White “siblings” are shown playing basketball – the 2 actors moves like twins. That one little scene, more than anything else reveals Genetics Uber Alles.

    There was a touching moment when the White girl spent the day with her biological family, and her Dad drops her off at “home”. The father and daughter just look at one another for a moment. It’s great – you see them falling in love (in a FAMILY LOVe way!) with each other. The White girl’s disability has made her very strong and determined – she jumps on the opportuity to go to a good school.

    The casting of the Latino acors is strange – the “1/2 Puerto Rican” girl has dark hair, dark eyes – but very White skin. She lloks liek a cute little Italian girl, or a Basque Celt. Her features are lovely. If you check out the link – you’ll see the actresses. The “Latina” girl is not a Mestiza. The actress is Vanessa Marano (! A Spanish Jewess?) I can’t find any ethnic data on her, since she’s very young. Her bio sez she speaks Italian – so I’m thinking she’s Italian. Durrrr.. her character has no interest in tobeying any laws. he paints graffiti art where’ere she chooses, and is cavalier in extremis when she’s arrested. And – the very last line of the premier show belongs to her. She asks -get this, “I wonder who my father is”? Cause there’s no biological father for her.

    Anyway – The mother and granmother are “White Latins”. The actress that plays the Mom is the Spic-iest looking member of the cast – but she’s stil tall, and with Meditteranean, than Orc, features, There’s a young Latino male – but he’s extremely tall, and has very aristocratic features, with a just a touch of Aztec, and a haircut that’s way too good to be on the head of some Chicano hoodrat.The grandmother is White. Period. Tall, slender, aquiline features lovely in old age. This is why I think it’s all aboout acclimating the WASPS – the Latina family is about to be evicted, and the switched daughter of the White family convinces her parents to permit the Latinos to move in to the “unused guest cottage” (a gorgeous large house), rent-free, on their estate.

    Sigh. Yup – let ’em move in for free.

    Oh well – just like in the Harry Potter books – Implicit Whiteness abounds…

  23. Like so many shows and movies today they’re just bastardized and diversified versions of older and better stories. What once had a wholesome Nordish cast and focused on the story and characters such as Switched at Birth (1991) and The Parent Trap, now is just used to manipulate Whites for a political agenda.

    She lloks liek a cute little Italian girl

    She is Italian. Clearly a Southern Alpinid and not a pardo (Puerto Ricans typically have more African ancestry in the mix).

    Don’t you think it’s odd that they try to pass a Mediterranean off as a racially mixed person? They assume it’s “close enough” or “White or non-White enough” as the case may be, you know like our resident dunce Jen. What negative nancy would complain about something as insignificant as race!!

  24. Oh well – just like in the Harry Potter books – Implicit Whiteness abounds…

    The backstory of the Harry Potter mythos is actually quite interesting when you look at it. Magical ability is genetically based, it’s inherited, and the first mages were White. So then you have to think where the hell did all of these pure Africans and Asians come from that they have in the background of the movies? They’ll change anything and everything to suit their political agenda even if it’s not in the book or is illogical.

  25. Mark – I dos’t think it’s odd that an Italian girl is being passed of as an Orc.
    Most Mestizas are NOT attractiv at all – they have those squat, round Indio faces, and are too alien to make the “switch” remotly believable. An Idio Mestiza Ocr baby would be obvious, right after birth. There would be no way a Mom would be fooled. Daddy would be asking who the father was.

    There’s a line, in the beginning of the show, where the White Mom references the Dark Girl’s look. The Dark Girl is the one that sets the ball rolling – she wants genetic tests done, after she discovers the issue with the blood type. The Mom, in an attempt to explain the absoute deviation from the looks of the dark girl, from the rest of the family, cites “My Italian grandmother’s” coloration.

    I’m certain, when they present the Latina’s father, he’ll be an Italian. The “Latino” actors are badly cast – none of them look alike at all. Not even in a general way, unless you consioder wavy long dair hair to, and dark eyes, to be proof of genetic inheritance. Even the texture of the Latina Mother, and Dark gir’ls hair is wrong. Marano has really silky, thick glossy hair. The Latino Mother’s hair is black, sleek, curled for the show – but has that “wiry” texture, that Asiatics have. It’s not silky – it’s wiry. Straight wites, curled for the show.

    I am trying to track down the name of the actress that plays the Latino grandmother. I know she’s gonna come up as some German or Polish mix, from Brazil, or something.

  26. The Harry Potter books? Woo hoo! Yup. I’ve read them all. Rowling desperately tries to be multi-culti – hence the reason for the ethnic cluster-f#ck – but she can’t help herself. Talk about implicit Whiteness rearing up again and again. Don’t pay attention to the Darkies in the Background. Race Traitors, in the Potter books, wind up severely punishd, or dead.

    I could go on at length, on this subject. I will after work.

  27. I have to say, and I honestly don’t think that it is wishful thinking, that we are getting close to the time when Whites as Whites will mobilize into a party or movement of their own, sidelining an obviously corrupt and inept Republican Party. Then, all bets are off.

    I used to think I would not live to see this, but now I do. It’ll take more–a lot more, sadly–but right now conditions on the ground are such that a movement that took care to present itself with intelligence, moderation, wit and humor could attract a good 10-15% of European-Americans.

    That’s a LOT of people.

  28. FYI James Carville snake supreme just issued a “long hot summer” fatwa. Probably a non-thing but interesting because he is the first Dem to issue the usual send money or we burn our cities down on this go around of shake the whitey down.

    Personally go right ahead darky.

  29. Anyone see Bridesmaids? They had to make the Dad black, didn’t they? They just couldn’t resist. It made no sense whatsoever, but they had to do it. There will be no wholly white America reflected in Hollywood. Especially not in Wisconsin, hotbed of miscegenation.

  30. OD will soon be moving into the music world.

    This is especially true of country and rock music which working class White men listen to in the South and the Heartland. We are also going to look at rap music and draw some cultural comparisons. I have long wanted to explore this area and have been increasingly moving in that direction.

    Unlike movies, it only takes a few minutes to listen to a song or watch a music video, and you don’t have to pay for it either. You can also listen to music on the radio and analyze it while you are driving around.

  31. Denise,

    Why not go on at length re crypto-racialism in the HP series? I should like to be acquainted with one redeeming feature of that fad.

  32. Denise,

    The actress is Vanessa Marano (! A Spanish Jewess?) I can’t find any ethnic data on her, since she’s very young. Her bio sez she speaks Italian – so I’m thinking she’s Italian.

    Probably. She was also in a few episode of Dexter where she played, instead, a hyper-white repressed girl who desperately wanted a shafting from the title character.

  33. If you are going to talk about “white people”, you have to break them down into their basic groups, and understand the fundamental conflicts between them. David Hackett Fischer does this in “Albion’s Seed”- he describes later white groups as assimiliating the values of the English whites in the regions they settled, but I think it would be more accurate to say non-English whites have made tactical alliances with them.

    The different white groups hate each other more than they hate or fear NAMs, and what appears to be a white-NAM conflict is usually a white-white conflict with the NAMs as proxy for a white group.

  34. Thrasymachus: What White groups hate each other? This is wholly outside my real-life experience. I’ve never heard any White actually say they hate the Irish or Germans or Italians or Poles, or anything even approaching that. Are you thinking of Europe?

  35. Most consider Jews to be White, so there’s one.

    Other than the old ethnic rivalries of Europe the only one we have here is Yankees vs Southerners.

    Obviously you’re not going to have any rivalry if you’re an egalitarian White that has no ethnic identity. Same as if you’re a raceless lib.

  36. Discard- the conflict is originally between Northern and Southern whites. Northern whites are New England Puritans, the dominant group, and farther west Quakers and associated Protestant denominations. Southern whites are coastal and lowland Episcopalians, of an aristocratic nature, the dominant group, and the Presbyterian “Scots-Irish”, who were actually mostly from northern England. These groups are all English and Protestant but otherwise quite different and bitterly opposed to each other. Most social conflict comes from the Puritans telling everybody what to do, the Quakers et al going along while the Southerners say “go to hell.”

    Midwestern Germans and Scandavians are loosely allied with the Northeastern English whites. Jews are strongly allied with the Puritans; the Irish to a great extent as well. “Ethnic” whites were clients of the Northeastern whites until the 60’s and their communities were destroyed by blacks, when they defected and allied with Southern whites, although all non-elite whites did this to some extent. The West was mostly culturally Southern, except southern California was midwestern. The west coast from San Francisco to Seattle is New England transplanted, just as south Florida is Brooklyn transplanted.

    Conflict in the US is Northeastern English whites against other whites. Jews help them intellectually, and NAMs are their muscle, but are not themselves the source of trouble.

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