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White America

I’ve thought a lot about the direction of this blog over the weekend. There are some areas which I am very satisfied with and others I think we could spend a lot more time on.

In particular, I think we have produced some awesome material about African-Americans and their role in Black Run America. The analysis here could be a lot better though if it was balanced by devoting more of our time to exploring what life is like for White people under the present racial caste system.

White people are the real subject of this website, not African-Americans.

Who are White people? Does anyone know? As strange as it sounds, White people are a sorely neglected subject in the racially aware community. They are commonly thought of as “lemmings” or as some type of vague idolized racial abstraction.

We tend to pay a lot more attention to what African-Americans, Hispanics, or Jews are up to in America than to what White people are thinking and saying in this country. It recently occurred to me that we barely know White people and this hinders our ability to relate to and connect with the White community.

There are well known sites which focus exclusively on Jews and African-Americans. I don’t believe there is a pro-White website though that really draws attention to White people and discusses their social problems with the appropriate level of analysis. We hope to take up this burden and carve out a little niche for ourselves here in the process

What kind of social problems are typically White?

(1) Suicide – Suicide is the one form of violence that is monochrome in Black Run America.

In 2007, there were 34,598 suicides in America. Of those, 28,897 suicides were White. 2,394 suicides were Hispanic. 370 suicides were Indian. 878 suicides were Asian. 1,916 suicides were African-American. 1,248 suicides were were other.

83.5 percent of suicide in Black Run America is White. Now there is a racial gap you never hear described as a moral crisis that in anyway discredits the present system or warrants any kind of compelling explanation.

In case you were wondering, there were 5,512 White homicide victims in 2007, but there were 28,897 White suicides. Also in 2007, there were 8,746 African-American homicide victims, but only 1,916 African-American suicides.

If African-Americans murder each other in Black Run America, White people usually kill themselves because they find their lives meaningless and unbearable in our society.

(2) Political Pessimism – Giving up on America is another typically White activity.

According to the latest Rasmussen polls, 52 percent of African-Americans believe that America is heading in the right direction, but just 22 percent of Whites agree.

8 percent of Americans believe it would be a good thing for America to split up and think that it is very likely to happen. 19 percent of Americans believe the dissolution of the Union is likely to happen in the next 25 years.

29 percent of Americans believe it is somewhat likely that a group of states will attempt to secede. From February 2010 to June 2011, the number of Americans who believe that states have a right to secede from the Union has risen from 14 percent to 21 percent.

53 percent of Americans see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights than a protector. 33 percent of Americans believe the federal government is more of a protector and 14 percent are unsure and cannot make up their minds.

46 percent of African-American adults see the federal government as a protector of their rights. 56 percent of Whites see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights.

69 percent of Americans consider themselves “angry” with the federal government. 39 percent of Americans believe we live under a constitutional government. 28 percent of Americans believe the federal government has the consent of the governed.

41 percent of Americans see a difference between patriotism and being a good citizen. 57 percent of Americans would rather be good citizens than patriots. 27 percent would rather be patriotic.

Who do you suppose wants to secede from Black Run America? Who do you think believes the federal government has no legitimacy?

(3) Economic Pessimism – Whites are sour on the economy.

89 percent of American adults believe that college graduates will have a hard time finding a job in this economy. 56 percent claim it will be very difficult.

Among families with kids who are graduating high school or college, 95 percent say it will be difficult to find a job including 75 percent who believe it will be very difficult.

According to Gallup’s “2011 Economics and Finance poll,” 64 percent of non-Whites are in favor of “wealth redistribution” as opposed to 44 percent of Whites.

(4) Racial Anxiety – Ronald Brownstein has yet another article out that discusses rising White racial anxiety about changing demographics.

53 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic trends are troubling because they are happening too quickly and will change America’s fundamental character.”

39 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic change continues the American tradition of welcoming immigrants and will strengthen society and the economy.”

By a 2 to 1 margin, Whites believe that Obama’s agenda is reducing their opportunities to get ahead in society.

Over 2/3rds of Asians and African-Americans and 3/5ths of Hispanics believe that they enjoy more opportunities than their parents did at the same age.

Among Whites, 36 percent say they have more opportunities than their parents to get ahead in society. 36 percent of Whites disagreed. 25 percent say they have about the same amount of opportunity.

The most striking racial difference that separates Whites from non-Whites is how they see the future: 24 percent believe their children will have more opportunity to get ahead, 26 percent believe they will have about the same amount of opportunity, and a stunning 43 percent see less opportunity for their children to get ahead.

57 percent of African-Americans, 56 percent of Hispanics, and 37 percent of Asians think their children will have more opportunity to get ahead when they are their age.

(5) Beached White Males – In “Language of Rebellion,” we saw that the White working class was the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society, with White men and White women both entertaining the same deeply negative view of the future.

According to the latest National Journal poll, college educated White men believe their children will have less opportunity in the future by a 5 to 1 margin.

It is time to hold the official funeral for the lemming. White people are rapidly losing faith in Black Run America. They do not trust the government or believe the lies about progress which are peddled by the mainstream media.

In the Obamanation, White male professionals, White male small business owners, and White male factory workers (seen most vividly in the suicides below) are all for once thinking on the same wavelength … we are headed in the wrong direction, the future will be worse than the past, and our children will likely inherit a world that is poorer and worse off than our own.

They are convinced that something has to be done about this. The race crisis has been perceived by White people even if its magnitude has not been fully grasped yet.

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  1. Jews don’t consider themselves White, and I surely don’t, so anti-Semitism isn’t intra-White conflict. I am one of those Whites without ethnic identity, being Celtic-German-Scandinavian plus family rumors of other European blood that doesn’t show on my cousin’s geneology charts. I’m aware of the NE English elites from New England and New York being the crumbling ruling class, but never in my life has anyone named Smith or Johnson or Carter or Farthingwood given me any reason to think myself less American than they.

  2. OD will soon be moving into the music world.

    This is especially true of country and rock music which working class White men listen to in the South and the Heartland. We are also going to look at rap music and draw some cultural comparisons. I have long wanted to explore this area and have been increasingly moving in that direction.

    Unlike movies, it only takes a few minutes to listen to a song or watch a music video, and you don’t have to pay for it either. You can also listen to music on the radio and analyze it while you are driving around.

    I put on the top 40 station to see what the kids are listening to these days and I noticed there seems to be some over arching directive issued down from the Ministry of Culture that every single female singer has to have her song interrupted in the middle by some angry black guy talking. It’s really annoying, the record industry forces rap into almost every song these days and it ruins the music. Heck, if Kate Smith was to sing “God Bless America” these days they’d probably force “Ludicrous” or some other cornrowed N. rapper to disrupt the middle of the song. What is wrong with black males these days that they can’t even sing anymore, just angry talking is taken for music. Seems every ghetto song has the same lyrics…

    The Club…The Club…My Dick…The Club…

    Evidently Black Culture revolves around some slimy place they call “The Club” It is so bad that 30 year old Ghetto Gangbangers have taken over the Dance Floors at the Campus Bars in Champaign Illinois where they try to pick up white sorority girls from the local university. The white girls who don’t want some foul negro coming up to them and brushing his pelvis into their rear while dancing have to resort to going to the local fag bar.

  3. While drinking at the local Eagles club last night I couldn’t help but notice what’s-her-face had Rianna doing a duet with her on stage during the country music awards while a heavily mixed band of say 15 people played in the background…it was…heart warming…

    As far as different subcultures of white I don’t care where someone’s ancestors come from in Europe originally, I’d be thankful it was a white man dating my daughter and not Ezel from the apartment complex down the road.

    I agree Yankee and Dixie are two distinct subcultures and I feel Southern culture should be preserved perhaps in seperate communities to minimize the loss of our customs and dialect (which is a serious problem now as any southerner can attest). Infighting amoung the various ‘factions’ serves nothing but to split large networks into much smaller, easier to manage ones for those-who-must-not-be-named and their toadies however.

  4. Thank you for this informative post. What torques me ( as a blogger) is the ‘ability’ of those over at ‘Jew Tube’ to DE-LINK videos that We WN/Kinists/Restorationists find of cultural value, or illuminate our forced dispossession (to paraphrase Wilmot Robertson’s book) as the SOLE HEIRS to the FOUNDING Fathers.

    I mean, just in your post alone, I (for one) would NEVER have watched the video from Collective Soul, EXCEPT it were posted here on a blog that I was directed to. But no. The liberals and retards of the world would rather think themselves ‘pure’ ideologically speaking, that think that (perhaps) a Doctorate-holding, multi-lingual College educator might buy this song, after having heard it on a white-friendly site….

    Ah, the idiocy of the modern multicultural- and, as this song demonstrates (or tries to- the altruistic care and concern for those not of our race, our religion, or our FOLK has reached its’ end- ONLY those who are OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH, as St. Paul says (and that household comes from the Greek word, ‘oikos’ meaning similar, RACE, FAMILY, ETHNIC GROUP), matters to us, and to YHWH God- as OUR Lord, and not the (small ‘g’) “god of the nations.” Let the dead bury the dead, in their case.
    (oh, and the song is cr*p).

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