The Carter Strange Beating: SPLC Silent on Columbia’s Black Hole

In Columbia, South Carolina, Carter Strange was assaulted and nearly beaten to death by a black mob

South Carolina

South Carolina has been shocked by the brutal mob beating of Carter Strange in the Five Points area of Columbia.

Here’s what happened: Carter Strange, an 18-year-old White teenager, was jogging home through the Five Points neighborhood.

Strange had spent the evening helping a friend. A good boy, he was just minding his own business, and was trying to get home in time for his curfew.

Carter Strange couldn’t have known that 19-year-old Tyheem Henrey, the only adult charged in the incident, had spent the past several hours assaulting and trying to rob other innocent pedestrians in Columbia, with a pack of eight other black juvenilles, albeit unsuccessfully.

OD and SBPDL readers know how this story goes: it is the summer time, which means it is peak robbery season, and Tyheem Henrey and his negro gang were loitering in Five Points and causing chaos in their usual 365Black way, which is exactly what goes on in Chicago, Atlanta, and every other American city with a similar black hole.

Tyheem Henrey and his pack of eight African-American juveniles saw a White boy jogging down the street by himself. That is when their black synapses started firing and they collectively had a “eureka” moment: let’s rob this “White muthfucka,” beat the shit out of him, kill this “cracka,” and show him “this is a Black World.”

And that is exactly what happened.

This black lynch mob beat Carter Strange so bad that he required emergency brain surgery and still has to undergo several more facial reconstructive surgeries. His mother recognized him by his hand and his hair.

After the beating, Strange managed to run a block down the road, where a passerby found him two hours later and called 9/11. He must have collapsed there in a pool of his own blood. The lynch mob had stolen his cell phone.

“Editor’s note: Because of the abusive nature of many comments on this story, the commenting feature has been disabled.”

The DWLs who control The State website have predictably closed the comments: this is a black-on-white mob assault, which doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative of poor victimized minorities, and is thus unfit for discussion, because it draws attention to unsavory facts that make black people look bad.

Tellingly, the SPLC has nothing to say about the Carter Strange beating either. That is because Carter is White and his attackers were African-Americans. The SPLC hates White Americans.

Thus, the SPLC reported that the KKK passed out fliers in Dothan, and that Texas is debating licenses plates with the Confederate flag, and that someone hung a “noose” in a doorway in California, but “Hatewatch” is not interested in the lynch mob in Columbia that almost killed this White teenager.

When the black lynch mob almost killed Eric Loznicka in North Carolina, the SPLC wasn’t interested in that story either. Just like they weren’t interested in the Chrissy Lee Polis beating in Baltimore until it came out that the victim was a transssexual.

Like the Knoxville Massacre, the Carter Strange beating in South Carolina won’t become a national story unless it turns out he is gay or something, and his victims were motivated by “homophobia.”

If it is just a White guy who is almost killed by a black lynch mob, DWLs will flush this story down the memory hole like the MARTA train beating in Atlanta. They tried to censor the racial context of the Chicago flash mobs and it backfired on them.

I cannot stress enough that this is not an isolated incident. What happened to Carter Strange in South Carolina was entirely predictable.

In 2005, 1,888 people were arrested for robbery in South Carolina.  Of those, Whites committed 359 robberies and African-Americans committed 1,380.

African-Americans were responsible for 78 percent of robberies in South Carolina. Whites/Hispanics committed 22 percent of robberies in South Carolina.

In 2005, 64 percent of robbery victims in South Carolina were White people like Carter Strange, even though Whites/Hispanics were responsible for only 22 percent of robberies.

Black thugs like Tyheem Henrey have been terrorizing White people in South Carolina for years now.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

In 2005, there were 24,685 aggravated assaults in South Carolina. Of those arrested, 42.7 percent were White/Hispanic and 56.8 percent were African-Americans.

In fact, the typical aggravated assault in South Carolina is committed by a black male, 13 to 35 years of age, in June and July, with “hands and feet,” and sometimes with other weapons, and then with guns and knives in that order.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

Who could have ever saw this coming? Anyone familiar with the facts about The Color of Crime in South Carolina, which the DWL media refuses to report, because it shows that black holes in cities like Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston are a threat to White residents.

In case you were wondering, rape and murder in South Carolina are also black:

Although we don’t have any data on interracial rape in South Carolina, we know that in 9 out of 10 cases, it is black-on-white in Alabama and North Carolina, and that summer is the peak season.

Consider this a public service warning: there are African-Americans at large, who will rob, rape, and kill you. The threat level is high and rising.

For your own safety, avoid contact with African-American males between the ages of 13 and 35, especially at night and in the summer month, and especially when they are in groups, and when they wear baggy pants or dress like thugs, and appear to be in attack formation.

These people are the residents of the black holes who commit the majority of violent crime in South Carolina. They are a danger to you and your family.

Update: SBPDL and CofCC have the story.

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  1. Yes, it was in the Africa episode of Jared Diamond’s National Geographic series of Guns, Germs, and Steel. The Boers annihilated the Zulus.

    Have you read about Stanley using the Krupp canon on Congolese cannibals?

  2. @blackniggemmy

    No white people died that day. Not a single one. Only 3 were injured. And I promise you, that battle will replay itself tenfold in this country, and the result will be the same — a handful of brave white people standing victorious over an ocean of nigger blood. Get your affairs in order, spook. Chances are, by this time next year, you’ll be hanging from a streetlight by your own intestines.

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    Is that series worth reading HW? I’ll get up to speed on Stanley using the Krupp canon on Congolese cannibal

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  6. Jeff Bradford – don’t insult Adolf Hitler. He was a great, and truly good man.

    As far as the rant be the NiggerBeast – that is the type of thing that revolved around in a Nigger “brain” when 95% of them are awake.

  7. I am a University of South Carolina student and have three friends who have been robbed at gunpoint in Columbia. I am from a white suburban part of South Carolina that borders Charlotte. Robberys and beatings do not occur there. When I frist moved to Columbia I was shocked to see grocery stores with armed guards in the parking lots. I have since learned that is simply a part of life when living in a city with a black hole.

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  10. Is it really that hard for the person who wrote this post, and those commenting on this post, to see that these crime statistics are not the result of an inherent inferiority in blacks, but because of centuries of oppression of the black community at the hands of the white community? Is it really so surprising that after decades of enslavement, unequal rights, and denied access to the privileges whites enjoy, disenfranchised members of the black community might respond by getting involved in crime? What happened to Carter Strange is a tragedy. But it is a tragedy that can be traced directly to generations of oppression of the ancestors of the black teens who beat him. This doesn’t excuse their violence, but it also doesn’t excuse a racist, bigoted response from whites. The hateful speech on this site just perpetuates the culture of violence that leads to this kind of tragedy, and affects everyone negatively regardless of their race.

  11. To 12345..
    Well said, but if the today’s black generation can’t move on with there hatred for white people , we can’t expect the white man to look the other way. I wish people would let go and move on . Unfortunately as long as the black folks commit a lot of crimes, and blame it on the white man for there grandparents slavery… it will never stop….

  12. 12345 – It’s DNA. I know you don’t want ot believe it – “cneturies of oppression” is so MUCH easier, and comforting – but it’s Nigger DNA. Niggers are Niggers no matter WHAT. The behavioral patterns occur everywhere they go.

    The artificial wealth, of the past 70 years, and the lunatic social fantasies, that the wealth bubble that allowed those delusions to exist are evaporating. Whites will be FORCED to face reality – and the blowback is gonna be unlike ANYTHING the world has ever seen. So enjoy your EBT freebies, and Yo Afreakan History Studies as long as you can. The time is almost up.

  13. Katie: You’re right, it’s very complicated. But I think part of the solution is for white folks to accept some responsibility- white people living today aren’t personally responsible for slavery, but we are still benefitting from white privilege. Whites don’t have to go through the world with everyone assuming we are inferior criminals. It’s a lot easier to succeed when society has high expectations of you based on your skin color. Acknowledging that white privilege, and therefore social inequality, can cause high crime rates within the black community is important to begin breaking down those social barriers and truly eliminating the racism that causes this kind of violence. Racial violence is never excusable, regardless of who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. But it’s important to acknowledge the bigger mechanisms behind incidents like the beating of Carter Strange (namely social injustice as a result of white privilege), even if they make us feel guilty.

    Denise: attributing the results of social injustice to DNA just makes you sound ignorant. You try being black in America, and see how much harder it is to achieve the same levels of “success,” monetarily or socially, that white people are essentially born into, not because of inferior DNA, but because of the prejudice and racism of people like you. It’s not 1860 anymore. The Civil Rights movement was 60 years ago, and guess what, we won. There’s still plenty of ignorance in this country, but things are changing-need I remind you, the PRESIDENT is black? 🙂 Take a US history class- and a science class, for that matter- and get back to me.

  14. P.S. Denise- Oh yeah, we won the Civil War too- which means as a white woman, I can marry a black man, and we can move into the house next door to you, and our half black, half white children can play together with your children 🙂

  15. 12345 – so you are monitoring this site, are you? Negroes have bene GIVEN prferential treatment, in the USA, for nigh on 60 years. EVERY advantage, “leg-up”, and excuse, has been offered, and enshrined, to “elevate” Negroes. EVERY institution, public and private, has lowered standards to accomodate Negro intellectual deficiencies. The academic test scores have been dropping every year – and the crime rates rising.

    Being Black in America MEANS:

    1) Everything is given to Negroes for free.
    2) There is no accountability for any bad or destructive behavior
    3) The Eric My People Dept of Insanity is in the process of legally enshrining that Negroes have free reign to do whatever they please, including and especially attacking and murdering Whites.

    That’s what Being Black in America MEANS.

    Now YOU take a history class – a REAL one – and explain why the same behavioral patterns in Negroes exist, wherever Negroes go. There’s a 100% rock-solid history, form the past 200 years.

    As far as Onegro being da Prez – not for long. His illegal status, as a Kenyan, is starting to break through all the filters..

  16. Oh my, you think Obama is a Kenyan… thank you for making my morning. This kind of ignorance doesn’t merit a debate. I will wait until I move in next door to you with my large, multi-racial family. Then we can continue our discussion over tea- don’t worry, we’ll host- I’m sure my successful black husband will feel sorry for our forlorn, bigot neighbor.

  17. 12345. If you are actually a “White” female – you are mentally, spiritually, and genetically diseased. You have no natural instinct for your own Race. You won’t be moving next to me, anytime soon. ALL the children in my life already know to stay away from Negroes, due to the inherent dangers. Their reaction was instinctive. None of us ever had to tell any of them.

    Please “marry” a Negro. The likelihood of being murdered by your , for you, in doing so, is very high. So go right ahead. The sooner the better.

  18. I suggest you ATTEMPT to keep up with the news, you sub-moronic Coal Burner moron. Even the AP is posting data about the Negro’s Kenyan origins.

  19. The only reason that Obama even won the presidential election is because so many black people voted for him. (And I’m not talking about the blacks that voted for him because they really believed he was the better choice; I’m talking about all the black people who had never voted before, and will never vote again. The only reason that they even voted was because he is black. So every one of all of those millions of votes was not a political vote at all, but simply a racial one. Needless to say, if you took all of those votes away, not only would McCain have won by a longshot, but we would actually have the true winner of what the election is really for and really all about, in office, running the country right now, instead of the winner of a racially pointed popularity contest. I believe that the only true way to circumvent this from happening again is to not allow black people to run for president; otherwise, there will be more and more blacks that run for president and win, not because they are the most qualified, or are the best person for the job, but simply because they’re black and entered the race.

  20. To Gemmy: I noticed you posted a response on April 26, to a message I sent you earlier that week, which focused on how unconstructive your style of communication is, due to the fact that the majority of your correspondence is just a bunch of name calling. How ironic, then, to see your response, ‘Muh dik, mutthafukka’. Now you see Gemmy, this is exactly what I was talking about: first of all, I can’t understand what you are trying to say, but I think it is ‘My dick, mother fucker’, and secondly, if that is in fact what you are trying to say, why are you being so defensive? I mean, after all, I’m only trying to help, so there’s no need to be like that.

  21. You all need to check out Charleston Thug Life. What an eye opener. The amount of crimes committed by blacks in Chas is completely out of proportion to their poplation numbers. North Charleston is a dangerous place to be.

  22. If something like this happened to me are someone in my family. After I got out of the hospital, and was able. I would go back to that same area, and kill as many of the black ass whips as possible. The black people today think they can do whatever they want, and nothing will happen. I am bad news, so screw with me.

  23. Denise says:
    May 18, 2012 at 5:29 pm
    I suggest you ATTEMPT to keep up with the news, you sub-moronic Coal Burner moron. Even the AP is posting data about the Negro’s Kenyan origins.

    Jack replies:

    This comment violates OD’s strict policy prohibiting conspiracy theory nonsense.

    This Obama birth certificate nonsense is a huge waste of time. It’s not going to erase Obama’s two election victories. If we don’t get our act together more Obama’s or worse will get power, pack theSupreme Court, corrupt the military etc. please do not waste your life obsessing with typical American paranoid, conspiracy theory obsessions. Don’t hang out with kooks, cranks, nutcases, loners, dysfunctional losers.

  24. You know what I find hysterical? The fact that there are more black on black crimes in this country, then there are any other crimes by any other race in the world! This is fact! Why? Because they are subhuman, egotistical, maniacal gorillas. They would steal from their mother, to buy crack…kill their own kind for their sneakers, and all the while blame their nature on the white race. BUT! No white man or woman living today has ever enslaved them, whipped them for a diminished crop or hung them from a tree for not tending to their needs, yet they continuously play that card as if they were there 400 yrs ago. I am proud of my heritage too, but I’m not allowed to walk down the street with anything that resembles that pride or the entire black race would begin flinging their feces from tall buildings, raining down an onslaught of shit upon my head for being prideful, but they’re encouraged by their parents and peers to wear hate, show hate and thrust hate at anyone who isn’t black. This is fact! Don’t believe it…try wearing a white pride t-shirt and walking down the street in a black neighborhood. IF you make it out unscathed, you’ll see what I mean. You’ll have the natives in an uproar, bullets will probably fly among anything else they can grasp…I can go on and on for days on this matter, but it won’t do any good. It’s been over 50 years since the equal rights movement got their way and since then, have done nothing to change their ways. the last two generations completely pissed on what the previous generation accomplished for their race. hardly any of them survive long enough to graduate, if they even attend school. You know…it’s hard to keep up with classes, when you have to be out on the corner selling crack. Ending point… A Nigger Is A Nigger, and no matter what laws you change, A Nigger Will Remain A Nigger. Nuke Africa.

  25. All of you will wind up in hellfire if you don’t repent. Satan isn’t black or white. Don’t hate your brother. We should all strive to be like Christ, forgiving one another. All human beings came from Adam and Eve whom were created IN AFRICA by Almighty God. look up The Genome Project. We are ALL from Africa!

    • Re: Rocky

      I believe that modern humans evolved from more primitive human species. I also believe that it is natural for species to diverge into races which over the course of time beget new species.

  26. @Jeff Bradford

    President Barack Obama won both presidential elections simply because he was the better candidate. Don’t forget how he crushed Mitt Romney in electoral and popular votes. There’s no getting around it, this country is changing and ‘white privilege’ is dissipating. However, there is no need to be troubled. I believe if we repent and go back to our first love, God will restore our great nation. We need a Christian revival where Blacks and Whites come together, in love, praising God.

    • Re: Rocky

      We agree that this country is changing … in terms of racial demographics, it is becoming more like Chicago, a city which is synonymous with violence and corruption. We don’t consider that a good thing. I agree with you that blacks and Whites should return to Christianity. The decline of the family is having a devastating effect on black and White families.

  27. Professed racism and hatred is the sum of our fears. Lets try to understand one another and find common ground. We are Americans ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’. I love all of you. I’m a African American Christian walking in love towards his fellow man.

    • “Racism” and “hatred” is a byproduct of black-on-white violent crime. Whites don’t fear East Asians and Jews in the same way that they fear blacks because East Asians and Jews aren’t robbing, raping, and killing them.

  28. If anyone rejects love, he is rejecting Jesus Christ. If anyone of us rejects Christ, he is without hope and doomed to spend all eternity in Hell. Everyday our human bodies are dying. We are all born dying. We will all have to answer to God for our decisions. I’m pleading with all of my White and Black bothers and sisters to just think about what I’m saying. I’m NOT perfect or a no-it-all, I’m just trying to help.

    • Jesus Christ had nothing to say about racial differences.

      I actually agree with much of what you say here. I wouldn’t want to live in a non-Christian culture. I think there are practical advantages to “turning the other cheek” and “loving your neighbor” … within reason. Obviously, Christ was addressing the petty interpersonal conflicts that inevitably arise within in-groups, not conflict between in-groups and out-groups.

      The Bible is full of stories about the ancient Hebrews and their conflicts with out-groups like the Canaanites, Egyptians, Persians, and Babylonians.

  29. Galatians 3:22-29

    We whom are in Christ are all brothers and sisters. We must rightly divide the Word Of Truth. Hatred will grieve The Holy Spirit which will hinder your understanding of scripture. Repent and turn to God! No man is ‘good’. Only God is good, therefor don’t lean on your own understanding. Submit yourself to God and acknowledge Him, then He will direct your path. Don’t rely on hatred to sustain you. Don’t be self-deceived by the lust of your flesh. God commands us to love one another (John 13:35) If we reject love, we reject Christ, he will reject us. I don’t know about you but I’d rather love those whom hate me in honor of God, than to hate those whom hate me in honor of my flesh.

  30. Hunter:

    I’m not sure what you were trying to subtly imply, but the racial dynamics that existed in the old covenant do not exist any longer. Jesus did indeed speak about racial differences. The entire point for the parable of the Good Samaritan was to condemn the racism that Jews had against the Samaritans who were ethnically and racially different from them. By giving an example of a Samaritan who helped his fellow man, Jesus showed that racial stereotypes don’t exist in the eyes of God, it is the heart of the individual that counts.

    Also, the writings of the apostles in the New Testament are just as strong as Christ’s words since they were commissioned by Christ to speak/write on His behalf. Paul made it clear that in the New Testament:”there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all”. Therefore all of the racial and ethnic differences that exist, break down under Christ. Christ is the unifying Lord that destroys the basis for all racism and “superiority” claims. Christ died for every race, demeaning another race makes a mockery of Christ’s death. In Revelation the 24 elders speak to Jesus and say: ” you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation”. Therefore, we should never demean those for whom Christ has died.

  31. Re: Rocky

    The Bible acknowledges the existence of nations. It is full of stories about conflicts between nations like the Israelites vs. Egyptians, Israelites vs. Canaanites, Israelites vs. Babylonians, etc. The Bible is silent on “racism” because the term was coined by 20th century communists and was unknown in America until the 1930s.

    God does not command us to believe that 1.) “racism” is immoral or 2.) that we are supposed to believe that blacks are equal to White people in every way or that 3.) all nations are to be dissolved in this world or that 4.) conflicts between nations over scarce resources like land and women is simply “hate.”

    If you are a Christian, then you must believe that God promised the land that is now Israel to the Jewish people, and specifically instructed them to destroy and dispossess the people who lived there. You also have to believe that God cursed the Egyptians and that he was an ethnonationalist.

    “After these things had been done, the leaders came to me and said, “The people of Israel, including the priests and the Levites, have not kept themselves separate from the neighboring peoples with their detestable practices, like those of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians and Amorites.

    2 They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.”

    Once again, if you are a Christian, then you must believe that God explicitly condemns intermarriage between the people of Israel and their detestable neighbors, and you also have to believe that you have improved upon God’s word because “racism” isn’t condemned anywhere in the Bible.

    • Re: Robert

      1.) Jesus Christ did not come to overthrow the Old Tesatment:

      “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

      2.) Jesus Christ did not eliminate the fallen world, which is this world, much less the inequality that exists in this world; the Church fathers (unlike modern leftists) weren’t concerned with this world, but salvation in the next world.

      3.) If you are saying that people of all races are capable of being saved, in the supernatural sense of becoming Christians, then I agree, but that in no way implies that all people, black and white, male and female, are physically the same in this world, or that nations no longer exist in this world because individuals are capable of becoming Christians, or that acknowledging such distinctions is un-Christian “hate.” That’s Unitarianism, not Christianity.

      4.) The term “racism” was coined by European communists in the 1920s. It didn’t arrive in America until the 1930s. The Bible is silent on “racism” because the concept didn’t exist at the time. It was a non-issue in Christianity for almost two thousand years.

      5.) Unitarianism is not Christianity. Communism is not Christianity either.

  32. Hunter:

    Most of the things you implicitly accused me of saying were never said. I did not say that Christ came to “overthrow the Old Testament” or “eliminate the fallen world”. However, Christ did come to “fulfill” the Old Testament. The new covenant is indeed a “new” covenant in that some dynamics that existed in the old testament no longer apply. One aspect of the new covenant includes the inclusion of all races in the people of God. (Refer to the verses I quoted before.) also you completely ignored th example of the Good Samaritan. Jesus gave this parable to destroy and condemn the notion of racial stereotypes. Jews saw Samaritans as morally inferior, and they wouldn’t even eat with tem. Christ showed that the was wrong, by giving an example of an unrighteousness jew and a righteous Samaritan. Jesus always defended te downcast in society, and we must learn from our Lord.

    Another aspect of Christ’s fulfillment ministry was to describe the spirit of the law. For example Matthew 5:21 says that the law condemns murder, but Christ takes it further and condemns hatred or anger altogether as being just as evil.

    Lastly, all people were created in the image of God. Obviously some people (not races) are physically different with differing levels of intelligence and capabilities. But in God’s eyes and for Christians, all people have the same value due to their humanity. We wouldnt demean or devalue infants as inferior since they are less developed human beings. Regardless, Phillipians 2:3 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves”. This categorizes all superiority claims as immoral. Instead, rather, we should count others as more significant. I really hope you pray and ask for guidance on this issue. I’ll end with this warning from scripture:

    “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned”.

  33. Hunter wrote: “Whites don’t fear East Asians and Jews in the same way that they fear blacks because East Asians and Jews aren’t robbing, raping, and killing them.”

    W H O isn’t robbing, raping and killing? Who are the global Bankers, Hunter? Who is mostly behind the global pornography and sexual perversion industry? Who is mostly responsible for endless world war? Who would want to destroy WN and divide Whites against themselves, such as Southron against Yankee?

    The OD blog is also misleading on the supposed harmlessness, compatibility and benefit of “southern” Talmudism, I think.

    • Who is mostly responsible for endless world war? Who would want to destroy WN and divide Whites against themselves, such as Southron against Yankee?

      Southern Nationalists didn’t create the division between Whites. They are reacting to reality as it exists. The truth is that the North is on the side of Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Just because they are White doesn’t mean they identify with Southern Whites.

  34. @Robert,
    Using religion to justify the GENOCIDE of White children is BLASPHEMY!

    There are no depths the anti-Whites will not sink to, in their quest for White GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    I suggest you watch this video and afterward pray to the Lord for forgiveness.

    AntiRacist Hitler

  35. “Southern Nationalists didn’t create the division between Whites. They are reacting to reality as it exists.”

    I agree they are reacting, but WHO is behind making them react this way? What will be gained by either side, in another self-genocide of Whites who are stirred up to hate each other? Isn’t the pattern of past European and American civil wars, continental wars and world wars and now, the endless global war, clear enough?

    However, I am not implying, nor do I believe, that it is natural or desirable for all white peoples to be united in a single nation. But neither is it right for them to hate each other, and serve ignore the Antichrist influence.

    “Truth is that the North is on the side of Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.”

    A huge mis-generalisation! What about the southern nationalist appreciation of “southern” Talmudists? The very large Hispanic component of Texas, and the very large historical, indigenous, Black component of nearly all southern states that are considered “not a problem” without northern white interference? Indeed, Southern Nationalists are NOT WHITE Nationalists, but favour multiracial caste elitism with upper class whites (and inevitably some “southern” Talmudists) at the top of the pyramid. They truly are “on the side” of their future underclasses who “could easily be controlled without northern interference” and will either prove useful as slaves (wage slaves) or be deported (“send them North”) or prevented from reproducing themselves (“but abortion for Blacks will be allowed”). Instead of an independent white Christian constitutional, democratic republic, it would become a multiracial, caste, Talmudic-and-white-elitist Pigmentocracy like Brazil.

    “Just because they are White doesn’t mean they identify with Southern Whites.”

    Regional identity is natural and good, and southern secession is a good, constitutional goal. It is not necessary to employ false demonisation and hatred of Whites north of the Line to motivate southern voters to choose independence. Whites north of the Line understand and wish you well.

    We also want to separate from the Federal-Global Beast. Be sure you don’t end up in a false independence serving the Anti-Christ.

    Confession before secession. No true independence without repentance.

  36. Error correction:

    In the third paragraph of the foregoing comment, the phrase “and serve ignore the Antichrist influence” should have been: “and ignore the Antichrist influence, and serve the Antichrist”.

  37. Re: Mosin

    I agree they are reacting, but WHO is behind making them react this way? What will be gained by either side, in another self-genocide of Whites who are stirred up to hate each other? Isn’t the pattern of past European and American civil wars, continental wars and world wars and now, the endless global war, clear enough?

    Northern Whites won’t stop taking the side of Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and blacks and the existence of the Union with them and the damage they are inflicting on our society has made secession essential to our self preservation.

    However, I am not implying, nor do I believe, that it is natural or desirable for all white peoples to be united in a single nation. But neither is it right for them to hate each other, and serve ignore the Antichrist influence.

    If there is resentment of Northern Whites in the South, it is because millions of them can’t stop themselves from taking the side of Jews and blacks and forcing their degenerate culture on us.

  38. I believe it is in the genes of some whites to be traitors and there is nothing we can do to “save” them.

    They know there are groups working against white interests. They laugh mockingly, if told about whites standing up for white interests. They say they don’t care about the future of white children, all that matters are their own comforts. They physically hinder and verbally abuse any white, that speaks for white interests.

    So I think it is time to face facts. A good number of whites do not want to be white any longer and they do not care if their decedents live in a free and civilized country. They are but man beasts returning to the pens of their masters. If these man beasts are owned by another, who are we to hinder their return to his pens?

    You can lead a horse to water, you cannot make him drink.

  39. Re: Rocky
    You say that Obama won because he was the better candidate, and then you go on to say that he got more votes; but you word it in such a way as to make it sound like, ‘He was the better candidate BECAUSE he got more votes.’ However, if you take away all of the votes from all of the black voters that only voted for him because he is black, he would not have won the election. So based on that fact, he was not the better candidate, but simply the winner of a racially pointed popularity contest.

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