Updates: Carter Strange Beating

Tyheem Henrey is terribly sorry that he got caught

South Carolina

I will post updates in this thread as I learn more about this story:

(1) Apparently, Carter Strange would have died, if he had not be found when he was.

(2) The parents figured their son had been robbed because the stupid gangbangers were making calls to strange numbers on his cell phone.

Racial differences in intelligence are a bitch: how do you suppose they got busted? The police called the stolen phone and tracked them down.

(3) The mother doesn’t know if it was a hate crime. Not really surprising. They probably attacked him because he was tall and skinny and alone.

(4) Tyheem Henrey is an unemployed high school drop out with a criminal record. Who knew?

(5) His mother either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that her son is a criminal.

(6) In order to avoid getting angry, I will try to find the humor in this heinous crime: there is a renewed call for a “curfew” in Columbia.

Hold on a minute.

Carter Strange, who wasn’t a threat to anyone, was on his way home to live under his parent’s curfew. The only reason you would need a curfew is to get black teenagers off the streets in the summer.

That is because their black parents who live in the projects don’t care what their thug offspring are doing at night. Oh wait, I am guilty of assuming that black teenagers like Tyheem Henrey have two biological parents.

Their real two parents are the government and the taxpayer. Their foster parents are police officers. Their long term caregiver is the South Carolina state penitentiary system.

(7) This is only the latest in a series of robberies and assaults in Five Points. I wonder who is responsible for those?

(8) The Columbia Chief of Police is “baffled” that 13-year-old black kids would be roaming the streets at night: there is nothing to be “baffled” about here, as there is virtually a 100 percent chance he doesn’t have a father.

(9) A “curfew” wouldn’t do anything about the 18 to 35 year old black thugs who are responsible for most of the assaults and robberies in South Carolina.

Has anyone else noticed that Tyheem Henrey has more than a passing resemblance to Alvin Greene – the 2010 HNIC Democratic Senate candidate – who got over 80 percent of black vote in South Carolina voted on election day?

Update: The black gang is being charged under South Carolina’s anti-lynching law: will the NAACP intervene on the behalf of the Columbia 9?

This could be the beginning of the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement.

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  1. God, this is so heartbreaking. I can barely read this and look at his pictures. Can we come back from apathy to defend our own? Please let it be so!

  2. ‘Update: The black gang is being charged under South Carolina’s anti-lynching law: will the NAACP intervene on the behalf of the Columbia 9?’

    This could get real interesting real quick.

    There have been past instances where anti-lynching laws, encouraged by the NAACP have been used against Black criminals. One of the most infamous cases was one against NBA star Kevin Garnett when he was a teen.

  3. Hey Hunter, here’s a video you’ll probably find interesting.

    This is from MSNBC’s show ‘Lockup.’ It’s about ‘Rule 38’ at Holman Prison, in Alabama. Rule 38 is the rule against public masturbation (in front of female staff, and in this case, in front of the female Lockup producer).

  4. And who puts the negroes up to it, then covers it up? Jew-controlled welfare-illfare state. Jew-controlled media. Jew-controlled legal syatem. There’s no such thing as BRA. It’s Jew-ruled America using non-whites as anti-white stormtroopers. Again, I’m all for polarization…but we need to keep in mind who is ultimately responsible for the entire anti-white race replacement racket, from legal/illegal immigration thru individual atroctities like this. Organized Jewry.

  5. I disagree.

    This is actually the second incarnation of Black Run America. The first version was Reconstruction and Jews had nothing to do with that.

    In the 1960s, the same people who pushed for Reconstruction (now with Jewish allies) decided to try it out again. There was 1 Jew on the Warren Court. There were 8 non-Jews.

  6. “I’m also pretty racist,” I saw this linked from one of the above youtube videos. Youtube is great!


    By the way, the fat old guy in this


    hits the fat rasta uses an elbow strike! I always wondered if elbow strikes would work. Of course the rasta didn’t have quick reflexes, but if elbow strikes are almost as quick as punches, they are more likely to be accurate because you are aiming your whole body, and of course the combination of a shoulder jerk and the hard bony prominence of an elbow will make it more devastating than even a “haymaker” punch. Especially if someone is close and in your face.

  7. In the 1960s, the same people who pushed for Reconstruction (now with Jewish allies) decided to try it out again. There was 1 Jew on the Warren Court. There were 8 non-Jews.

    You’re right about that Hunter.


    Second Reconstruction is a term, coined by historian C. Vann Woodward, that refers to the American Civil Rights Movement. In many respects, the mass movement against segregation and discrimination that erupted following World War II, shared many similarities with the period of Reconstruction which followed the American Civil War. The period of Second Reconstruction featured active participation on the part of African-Americans to regain their rights that they had lost during the period of Redemption and Jim Crow segregation in the later part of the 19th century.

    During Second Reconstruction, African-Americans once again began holding various political offices, and reasserting and reclaiming their civil and political rights as American citizens. Unlike Reconstruction, however, most African-Americans abandoned the Republican Party for the Democratic Party. A noteworthy feature of Second Reconstruction was the political realignment that occurred in 1965, which transformed the nature and composition of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, eroding the Democratic Solid South.

    In the same way, however, that Reconstruction was followed by Redemption, some have also claimed that period following Second Reconstruction could be termed a Second Redemption characterized by more conservatism on the part of the federal government, and several Supreme Court decisions that weakened the scope of civil rights reforms, especially in the Northern States.

  8. If African-Americans were going to succeed anywhere in America through education and entrepreneuralism and civil rights reform, it would have been in Tuskegee, where “racism” and “white supremacy” were defeated in the 1960s, and where Macon County has thrived under black rule for forty years now.

    “As I would not be a slave, neither would I own a slave.”

    What blacks will never point out to anyone is that their slavery was ended by whites, as blacks could not do that for themselves. England outlawed slavery first, a white nation, followed by the United States. These countries backed up their laws by force of arms whenever necessary. However there are countries today that have slaves.
    In the US the majority of whites wanted and helped blacks obtain their civil rights and many whites participated in civil rights demonstrations for blacks and some whites died in the civil rights struggle for blacks.

    I don’t believe the federal government will allow blacks to fail, as long as the federal government can pump white tax payer’s dollars to blacks in the form of any type of government subsidy you can imagine. Whites will fail as some level before blacks. Government funds will stop going to blacks when the US Treasury is empty. The last nickel out will be ear marked for some black somewhere.

  9. “This could be the beginning of the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement.”

    Or something bigger…?

  10. Blacks are too unintelligent to realise that they are incredibly lucky to live in the USA, (and in white Western countries in general), and that whites have been generous to a fault in opening up their countries to them. If they had some sense they would be on their best behaviour and count their blessings every day. Instead they seriously seem to think they are winning a race war, and that whites will continue to bend over for them and take it up the bum. But there will surely come a point when even the most obtuse Mr and Mrs White Puddinghead will have had enough, and whites, with their vastly superior organising and numbers will swiftly put blacks back in their place. Blacks will find then that they don’t have many friends, other minorities will not side with them because other minorities have enough intelligence to realise that whites stand for prosperity and progress, blacks stand for failure and decay. The sooner whites say “enough is enough” the better for both blacks and whites.

  11. dk: “fuck you faggots”
    Let me guess. You are an “anti-racist” that opposes bigotry.

  12. Why is this Carter Strange beating not being treated as a hate crime ? If a black kid was beat up like that by a bunch of white kids it would be treated as a hate crime.
    I am fed up with this double standard in our soceity.

  13. This is a race and hate crime to the core but not a word from the media or some of the so called guardians of hate crimes. I am not black nor white but it shows the hypocrisy of the media and the non-white race. America is fast becoming a racist society and the ones who are practising it are the blacks and other non-white races which is the ace in their sleeve.

  14. SC media hushes up black on white crime, plays up the opposite. Obama and his minions have done more to create racial tension than any white nationalist group. Its going to be open season on whitey so be prepared.

  15. most serial killers and rapists are white, most southern whites are broke ebt card rednecks who hunt all day. Our president can speak much better than whites. All the whites kids are spoiled and colleges lie about their grades to make the schools look good….u cant be too biased in this world because not all people are the same. whites can’t dance, not that good at singing, country music is a waste….you take advantage of blacks and that’s why they are quick to defend themselves…but of course the whites are scared and they take advantage because they can..and if you look on the city streets, its some old white homeless creep/alcoholic ….so blah blah to this ignorance

  16. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Justice-for-Carter-Opie-Strange/165142410219980

    From Carter’s poor Mom:

    I’m confused…can anyone enlighten me as to the consequences of a person being charged with receiving stolen goods while on probation for misprision of a felony (as a juvenile). I was under the impression that breaking the law while on probation was kind of a big deal. Doesn’t look like this guy learned anything from his short time being detained for his part in Carter’s beating. He was also charged with drug possession less than 2 weeks before this.


  17. To Suze: It’s pretty crystal clear that blacks are the most racist creatures on the planet; blacks know it, whites know it, everybody knows it. And the reason is because you’re pissed off at everybody because nobody likes you, because what’s there to like? You won’t speak clearly, so nobody can understand a word you’re saying, you walk down the street with your britches hanging halfway down to your ankles, grabbing your crotch for the whole world to see (and NOBODY wants to see that!), you still haven’t even learned how to walk yet~what with your fake limp that you and everyone else knows that you don’t even really have. Yet you continue to look, sound, and act like complete fucking idiots~and its not because you’ve got a warped sense of style~you just continue to do it out of pure rebellion against the rest of the world. (But if you really do believe that dressing, speaking, and acting like that is attractive, then you’re even worse off than I thought). As for your comment about the president being able to speak better than most whites; true, he is a very articulate speaker, and a very educated man, but his ability does not represent the ability of the average black, which is to sit between the T.V. and the mailbox all afternoon, waiting for the taxpayers’ money to arrive. Wow, what a dull and pointless life you people live. Next, there is your comment about white kids being spoiled, which sounds like a simple case of, “gee, I wish my mommy and daddy would have spoiled me, too”, and finally, there’s your remark about country music, to which my response is this: Just keep listening to that gangster rap shit, where all you do is call each other niggers, and threaten to cap each other with the gat that you’ve got, because after all, that’s what your best at, anyway.

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