American Voters: Obama Economy in “Permanent Decline”

39 percent of Americans say BRA economy in "permanent decline"

Black Run America

This comes from the latest NYT/CBS poll:

Which comes closer to your view?

1. The current economic downturn is temporary and eventually the economy will fully recover, OR 2. The current economic downturn is part of a long-term permanent decline and the economy will never fully recover.

Temporary Downturn: 68 percent (October 2010), 57 percent (June 2011)

Permanent Decline: 28 percent (October 2010), 39 percent (June 2011)

The first poll was taken on the eve of the 2010 midterm elections. This poll was taken within the last four days.

In response to growing economic pessimism in the Heartland, HNIC Barack Hussein Obama has announced that Johnny Ford, the Mayor of the Swift Growing South, has joined his administration as his Chief Economic Advisor.

As a Washington outsider, Mayor Ford presided over Tuskegee’s economic miracle for 24 years. He served 8 non-consecutive terms and brings a lifetime’s worth of experience in public administration to the Obama economic team.

Other Polls:

72 percent of the political class believe BRA is heading in the right direction. 79 percent of mainstream voters disagree.

– 54 percent of black voters think BRA is heading in the right direction. 73 percent of White voters say BRA is on the wrong track.

53 percent of Americans believe the federal government is more of a threat to their rights than a protector.

– 23 percent of Americans believe BRA has the consent of the governed.

– 69 percent of Americans are “angry” at the federal government. 38 percent of Americans are “very angry” at the federal government.

45 percent of Americans say that the gap between BRA politicians and ordinary Americans is now as big as the gap between England and the American colonies in 1776.

61 percent of Americans are “angry” with the DWLs in the media. 26 percent are “very angry.”

– 64 percent of the political class says the MSM is unbiased. 47 percent say DWLs in the media are attempting to advance the Obama agenda – you think?

– 71 percent of mainstream voters are “angry” at the media. 83 percent of the political class is “not angry” at the media.

– 44 percent of Whites say the media is trying to advance the Obama agenda. 46 percent of African-American voters claim the media is trying to block the Obama agenda.

– 62 percent of Americans say that Congress has a higher opinion of the media than the people.

– 85 percent of Americans have more confidence in their own judgment than that of the average DWL reporter.

– 67 percent of Americans say the MSM has too much influence over the government.

Not bad for a bunch of lemmings.

Update: Here’s another “freedom song” from Ludacris about “painting the White House black.”

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  1. Initial claims came in at 428,000 today. So there doesn’t seem to be any improvement on the firing front. We’ll have to see next week what the net jobs growth for June was. May’s number below 50,000 was abysmal.

    June is usually a good hiring month so anything under 75,000 is good for us. To beat Obama, though, we need to start actually losing jobs. That appears be atleast a few months away.

    If Obama can push the coming economic collapse back to 2013, he may yet get another term.

  2. Hunter, I keep hearing reports of the White population % collapse in the coming years, What’s the best way to remain optimistic and hopeful that we won’t die out?

  3. Unfortunately, the electoral alternative to BHO is,…Michelle Bachman? Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? I’ll take the collapse, please.

  4. What really matters is what percent of Whites think the economy is in permanent decline. Is that 39% of “Americans” actually mean 60% of Whites and negligible fractions of the various non-Whites?

  5. Obama-ism is a gift that keeps on giving:

    1.) When talking about ‘diversity’ point out how the ‘diverse’ Obama administration has failed.

    2.) Mention that the Blacks have now been given a chance to govern. Racial Liberalism has had its moment in the Sun, and has now failed completely, utterly. Everything the DWLs have wanted to try has actually been tried. It is time to go back to what worked in the past, White Governance.

    3.) In the future when some other minority candidate is touted by Democrats (most likely a Hispanic mestizo) mention that we don’t need “another Obama”.

  6. Here cumz…Marco Rubio. Actually, this political jiggery-pokery matters less and less with each passing day. When the Universal Ponzi collapses, everything you see around you is going to be swept away. Public opinion polls? They only indicate what’s within the moral parameters of the polls themselves. There is an earthquake of unmeasured rage tensioning just beneath the surface now. This isn’t pussified, diarmed Europe, this is America. A violent, gunfighter nation. That’s why I like reading Kunstler at CFN almost as much as OD. That Jew is scared. He had better be.

  7. John,

    The population of Nigeria is also expected to quadruple to 400 million by 2050. Of course that will never happen because the global version of the EBT Card will stop working by then for at least a dozen reasons.

  8. I agree with the commentariat in that I am honestly torn on 4 more years. Barack Hussein Obama has put a face on BRA.

    If Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann were running BRA, the system wouldn’t be as unstable as it is today. Four more years of Barack Hussein Obama’s economic leadership might be a good thing.

    I say might be a good thing … because there is a case to be made that he will just appoint a bunch of federal judges and we will move on to the next president and the collapse won’t happen.

  9. We will have more than our share of worse is better when the nation’s “youth” riot when Obama loses in 2012. The end of the whole rotten BRA is coming no matter who wins.

  10. .

    White, Christian Americans should never let non-white, non-Christian, non-Americans have political authority over them. The non-white, suspected non-Christian, probably Kenyan born, Indonesian Moslem raised Barack Hussein Obama and his administration illustrate why.


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