Hispanics Fleeing Alabama and Georgia

Illegal aliens in the market for more hospitable states

Alabama and Georgia

I want to wrap up June with some good news: Hispanics are fleeing Alabama and Georgia.

(1) In Alabama, Hispanics are packing their bags and moving to other states:

“They’re leaving now, right now,” Duarte, 36, said during a pause in a pick-up soccer game last week in a neighborhood gym. “I know people who are packing up tonight. They don’t want to wait to see what happens. It started last week. Our league had 12 teams the week before that. Last week, it was eight.”

Good riddance.

I’ve waited for this day to come for ten years now. I had already noticed a sharp decline in the number of illegal aliens around here, but hopefully it will now turn into a mass exodus.

(2) Hispanics are also fleeing Georgia:

“An official with the Mexican Consulate in Georgia said his organization has mounted a campaign to educate people about the new law. Demand for passports and other services has been normal lately, the official said.

Still, some Mexican nationals, including Maria Guadalupe Briones, say they are preparing to leave Georgia because of HB 87.

She is planning to move with her husband and three young children from a two-bedroom apartment in Doraville back to Mexico in July. . .

“We don’t want to go to Mexico,” she said in Spanish as she clutched her 5-year-old daughter on her lap. “We hope the new law will not take effect.”

Yes, I know the federal district judge blocked two parts of Georgia’s immigration law, namely the Arizona-style immigration law, but the rest of the immigration package goes into effect tomorrow.

The most important part of the Alabama and Georgia immigration laws is the strong E-Verify provision, which requires employers to verify immigration status, not the Arizona-style immigration law.

Remember, 100,000 illegal aliens have fled Arizona, even though SB 1070 has never been enforced. E-Verify alone will drive out a large number of illegal aliens.

The Alabama immigration law makes it a crime for landlords to rent housing to illegal aliens. The Hazelton city ordinance, which does the same thing, was recently declared constitutional by the Supreme Court.

So, if you are an illegal alien in Alabama and Georgia, and you can’t get a job or rent an apartment, or get access to state welfare programs, and you live under the threat of ever new types of innovative state immigration laws like Arizona-style police checks, you have a strong incentive to move to other states with less enforcement like Kentucky or Michigan.

Eventually, Arizona’s SB 1070 and similar “Arizona-style immigration laws” in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and Utah will go before the Supreme Court, which will decide the constitutionality of the matter.

In the meantime, the flight of illegal aliens from Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina will accelerate. Hopefully, our success in driving out illegal aliens will force state lawmakers in neighboring states to get their act together.

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  1. The big immigration question now is the Smith E-Verify bill. Making existing hires along with new hires subject to E-Verify nationally is quite an enticement. On the other hand, I don’t like the preemption of state E-Verify laws or the agriculture exemption.

  2. Attrition through enforcement works.

    First illegals left Arizona, now they’re leaving Alabama and Georgia. As more states pass Arizona-inspired restrictionist laws, the large scale movements of illegals will become more apparent.

    Not only do these laws prove that attrition through enforcement works, they build a solid case against the various amnesty schemes of our opponents.

    There is no reason to grant amnesty if it can be shown that illegals will self-deport. These laws are showing precisely that.

  3. The Hazelton city ordinance, which does the same thing, was recently declared constitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Is that true? Last I had heard it got struck down. Link?

  4. There are a couple of points to be made here.

    1) We must not make the mistake of believing that “attrition through enforcement” is a viable option.

    As we Californians learned way back in the late 80’s up through the destruction of the wildly popular Proposition (voted for by a 59%-41% margin), the U.S. Government and powerful legal civil society groups will not allow the curtailment of massive amounts of illegal immigration through legal means. Even if it survives an outright, up or down Constitutional challenge, it will be compromised through procedural and regulatory means, and one must never forget that state actors—the very same people who are the most enthusiastic about massive levels of immigration—are necessarily in charge of any such “enforcement” that would cause attrition.

    Yes, there are Mexicans who are leaving now. No doubt. I’ve spent enough time in Latin America to know for a fact that Latins routinely over-estimate the ability of the U.S. and state governments to detect and deport illegals. Even at this late date, when one would expect that the number of persons moving back and forth would facilitate the transmission of information to Mexico and the rest of Latin America about the reality on the ground, most Latins feel as if they are being actively sought by a system seeking to capture, imprison and deport them.

    2) States, such as Alabama and Arizona, have already lost the legal battle anyway.

    As soon as the Chamber of Commerce realized that it was going to lose a few key states on this issue, they took the hint from the recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld Arizona’s law but at the same time took strong notice of Federal pre-eminence in matters of immigration and took their case directly to Congress. Congress is now considering, and will pass (and do you think the President will sign it?), legislation that will at one swoop render all these state victories empty gestures. Of course, it is couched in the usual Washington bullshit but pay attention to the exemptions and qualifications.

    “Core Provisions: On June 14, 2011, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) introduced the Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2164), a bill amending the Immigration and Nationality Act to implement a fully electronic (”E-Verify”) worker verification system. The bill would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers, repealing the current paper-based I-9 system. Mandatory E-Verify participation would be phased in by the Act in six-month increments based on a business’s number of employees-e.g., within six months of enactment, businesses with more than 10,000 employees would be required to use E-Verify. Businesses with 500-9,999 employees, 20 to 499 employees, and 1 to 19 employees would have 12, 18, or 24 months to comply, respectively. ”

    “The bill also contains special provisions for agricultural employees, providing that employees performing “agricultural labor or services” are not subject to the bill’s E-Verify provisions until 36 months after the Act’s enactment. Furthermore, a seasonal agricultural employee will not be considered a “new hire” subject to verification if the individual returns to work for their previous employer. Finally, the bill contains a safe harbor provision for employers that act in good faith and also explicitly preempts any state laws mandating E-Verify use for employment eligibility purposes, although states and localities may condition business licenses on the requirement that employers comply with the federal E-Verify law in good faith. ”

    Note again that it is the businessmen and the Republican party screwing us here.

    3) Look at that picture again: Immigrants march under the banner of the Catholic Church, not a synagogue.

    While it is true that Jews as a group no more share our interests than do Blacks as a group, and vote and are active politically as expected, the fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church does more to undermine European-America in a week than all Jews and Blacks accomplish in any given month.

    Why our people don’t open their eyes to this obvious truth—especially when prominent bishops and other Catholic leaders take openly radical positions on the Latino-ization of the United States, is beyond me.

  5. What’s needed is for us White mere peasants (as D.C. sees us) to stand shoulder-to-shoulder all across the land, pitchforks in hand, and begin marching at the Canadian south to Mexico, prodding little brown butts before us.

    Bonus: In the pictures of it all would be the delicious irony of inverting the hippies’ “kumbaya” picture of chain of linked hands of paper dolls around the world.

  6. “While it is true that Jews as a group no more share our interests than do Blacks as a group, and vote and are active politically as expected, the fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church does more to undermine European-America in a week than all Jews and Blacks accomplish in any given month. ”

    I see your point. (Maybe a new hairdo would cover it?)

    Your theory would make sense but for the small fact that Jews have infiltrated the Catholic Church since Vatican II in the 1950s.
    The padres in So Cal did not accomplish the Mexifornication CA two centuries ago, as your “explanation” would predict. What were they waiting for? Oy, yeah, Catholic Church used to believe in nations and borders. Funny, that.

  7. Excellent points, Albert Jackson. Lamar Smith’s bill would gut E-Verify, not strengthen it. Your point about federal regulatory means overwhelming any state or local legal means is spot on. I recently voted in a local run-off election here in Texas (I didn’t bother in the original election because I saw no difference among the various candidates) and of the two run-off candidates, the one who agreed to support E-Verify (for whom I voted) lost, although he had the most votes in the original election. People are too lazy to check candidates’ positions or vote. Either way, of course, it didn’t matter – all the purported “conservative Republicans” recently elected to the Texas House and Senate caved on almost every single immigration bill. We have no men left of any character or principle. Voting truly is an exercise in futility. Our decline is terminal. The only choice left, as Vox Dei noted at his Vox Popoli blog, is “Sit in Rome and wait for the Vandals or move to Constantinople? Different people will make different choices. But once the historical pattern becomes apparent, there is little point in attempting to resist the inevitable.”

  8. It’s not just the Catholics. The Southern Baptist Convention just came out in support of the Dream Act. Nationalist Christians need to redouble their efforts.

  9. A few points:

    (1) I’m under no illusions about the federal government. The state governments are a different matter.

    (2) The whole point of these laws is to drive a wedge between the states and the federal government … as in the 1850s. We want the states to start fighting with the federal government.

    (3) Now that Alabama and Georgia and South Carolina have passed Arizona-style immigration laws, all three states are (or already have been) sued by the ACLU and SPLC.

    A federal judge has already trampled on Georgia’s immigration law – good, people around here have grown complacent about the federal government.

    (4) When the Justice Department sued Arizona, it ignited a huge backlash against the federal government, which is why Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina sided with Arizona and passed their own laws.

    (5) Hopefully, the Justice Department will sue Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, and we can spend the next year talking about federal oppression, which will foment more resentment of the federal government in neighboring states.

    (6) California lost the fight over Prop 187 because Gray Davis was elected Governor and dropped the lawsuit. That won’t happen in Georgia or Alabama or South Carolina.

    (7) It is not just the Catholic Church.

    Here in Alabama, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Methodist bishops have both denounced our immigration law. The Protestant clergy is just as rotten as their Catholic counterparts. See also the LDS in Utah.

    (8) Yes, Jews are a problem, but they are only one problem among many others that we are dealing with. On the immigration question, the organized business lobbies and the clergy are clearly the bigger problem.

    (9) The chances of Congress passing any version of “comprehensive immigration reform” have grown more remote since 2007. Congress couldn’t even pass the DREAM Act with a Democratic supermajority.

    As the states fight the federal government over immigration, we will succeed in polarizing White public opinion even further against amnesty, and there will be less and less chance of a deal.

    (10) Again, the whole point of pushing for these state laws is to use them as wedges to disrupt the prevailing consensus and flush out the traitors, and to discredit the federal government by exposing it as a tyranny, and to discredit the media by exposing its naked bias.

    If these laws drive out illegals as a secondary effect, so much the better, but that it is not the primary issue here. The primary issue is getting the states to start fighting the federal government.

    In Utah and Florida, where we lost major immigration battles, there has been a major backlash against the Chamber of Commerce Republicans. Just recently, the Utah Republican Party was forced to repudiate the Utah amnesty.

  10. Yes, I am fully aware of what happened in Texas: the only good thing to come out of Texas this year on immigration was that now everyone in Texas knows where every Republican in the Texas House and Senate stands on that issue.

    The traitors have all been identified. You have their names. They have that black mark on their record. Now you can get rid of them.

  11. Kievsky,

    When the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s E-Verify bill, it also acted to reverse the decision of the lower federal court on the Hazelton immigration law.

  12. USA Today has a front page story today (July 1) on blacks returning to the south. The black homecoming to the Old Southwest is an interesting development. Hopeful even, for those of us in other parts of the country.

  13. Umm … blacks are not coming to the Old Southwest.

    Louisiana lost a House seat because Hurricane Katrina displaced so many of them from New Orleans. Mississippi’s population has stagnated.

    As for Alabama, blacks are leaving the black majority counties like Macon County, and Birmingham has lost much of its black population too, which is why the Alabama state legislature had to redraw congressional districts to preserve the Seventh Congressional District under the Voting Rights Act.

    It is not as simple as “blacks are returning to the South.”

    Within the South, blacks are moving around too. They are moving out of rural areas to the cities and moving from certain states to others.

    Blacks are moving to the Atlanta metropolitan area, but at the same time, Whites are on the verge of becoming a majority in Atlanta itself.

  14. “The 2010 Census shows that 57% of the USA’s blacks live in the South . . . In 1900, 90% of blacks in the USA lived in the South.”

    ^^ There are relatively fewer blacks in the South now than there was a century ago. As it happens, when 90 percent of blacks lived in the South, we also lived under Jim Crow.

    The black vote in the North was one of the major reasons that the Civil Rights Movement succeeded. Blacks left the South, where they couldn’t vote, and moved to the North, where they could vote, and where they could swing national elections, as with Truman in 1948, to a candidate that was for “civil rights.”

    If blacks move from Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania to Florida and Georgia and North Carolina, it means they have less influence than they did before, as there are fewer White moderates in these states.

    Ironically, it means the Republican has a greater chance of winning a national election, as it will be easier to win Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan.

  15. The USA Today story masks the fact that Whites are also moving to the South, mostly for the climate and for better employment opportunities, and that the Whites who are moving here are typically a lot younger than blacks who are moving to Florida, who like the Jews, are mostly retirees who want to die in the sun.

  16. In the Southeast, you have Hispanics moving out, blacks moving in, and Whites moving in, so while the population is becoming more non-White, it is due mostly to differential birthrates.

  17. @Hunter – you really are bad at math. Just stop.

    “There are relatively fewer blacks in the South now than there was a century ago. ”

    LOL – OK – In 1900 the USA had a black population of around 8.8 million. Of that 8.8 million, 90% of them lived in the South. So 7.92 million blacks living in the South.

    In 2000 the USA had a black population of 34.6 million. Of that 34.6 million, 57% live in the South. So 19.722 million blacks living in the South.

    See how that works? 90% of 8.8 million is a WAY, WAY, WAY smaller number than 57% of 34.6 million. The percentage of the population got smaller, but the population itself got much, much larger.

  18. Umm Jordan … I clearly remember saying that the South has relatively fewer blacks in 2011 than 1911, not total fewer blacks.

    Both the White population and black population have obviously grown since 1900.

    In other words, 57 percent of blacks live in the South in 2011, whereas around 90 percent of them lived in the South in 1911.

    Thus, whatever the trends in racial migration patterns might be, we are still decades away from having anything resembling the concentration of blacks in the South that existed under Jim Crow.

    Most of the blacks that are moving to the South are retirees moving to Florida. So what? Just as many, if not more White retirees, are also moving there.

    South Carolina was majority black from the seventeenth century until the mid-twentieth century. Mississippi was majority black from the early nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

    Idiots who are unfamiliar with Southern history make wild projections based on misleading headlines.

    In reality, states like Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi are much whiter today than they were in the past.

    There are people who come to this website who fantasize about the Northwest being some kind of White bastion: in reality, Oregon and Washington have about the same racial demographics as Arkansas and Tennessee, and neither Oregon or Washington are as White as Missouri and Kentucky.

  19. As I have pointed out numerous times, and given numerous examples, the Roman Catholic politicians allied with the Jews in Congress are our biggest problem. The Catholic politicians need Jew money & Jew media and the two cult groups work hand in hand against White Protestant America.

    As far as the Methodists go the “Bishop” in north Alabama needs a stern rebuke from you people who live in Alabama.

    This “Bishop” thing is a joke—as a Methodist “Bishop” is an ornament. Prior to the merger of the Northern, Southern and Methodist Protestants in 1939 the only place a Bishop was anything, but, an ornament was in some districts of the Northern Methodist church. The Methodist Protetants didn’t even have Bishops!

    Since 1939 this whole Bishop concept has grown out of the Northern Methodist Church. Today a “Bishop” starts at around $140,000 a years plus perks, and generous benefits.

    The Bishops don’t really have a job—except to cause problems. The “Bishop” is a Catholic concept as far as I’m concerned.

  20. Another great article. Most churches have turned against the original ideal of America. As they continue to lose power and influence, expect them to adopt even more leftist values, such as homosexual marriage–wait and see. Catholicism, at one time a great bulwark of European culture and tradition, has become a 3rd world charity/immigration organization.
    Keep up the great work, Mr. Wallace! Remember, the message is to whites. White culture is the one that is sick and needs help. Hispanics, blacks, Jews and other minorities are healthy in that they natually seek to expand thier cultures and protect their interests. I give them credit for that. Only whites refuse to do this, we are sick.

  21. u guys are all a bunch of assholes you have no idea what its like for illigals ur lucky to be born here it was not there choice to be born in mexico or where ever else their from you would all do the same if you couldnt even walk out of your house without the fear of being shot or your mchildren being killed, they cant even have a job there to support their families you guys are all greedy sellfish pricks i hope one day your in the same position there in and that no one helps you


    • Mexicans are evil, all hispanics are. I’ve never met one that didn’t talk about drugs or being in gangs or having the police have to come break up family gatherings that get out of hand. Christmas eve years ago a group living above me at a previous residence went out and started breaking glass bottles on the staircase that went up the middle of all 4 apts. in the unit I was in. Little kids and old people walk through there but they didn’t care. They never do about anything but themselves. They’re barely above australopithicus and other early primates like blacks but more evil, way more evil. The only people more evil are the Jews.

  23. @Miss Denise…

    ‘Oh great. Now they’ll head here.’

    Well, M’am, you posted that some four years back. Did y’all get them up there?

    Seems to me they came to Carolina:)

  24. This is y I thank god for not having to live in the south NYC might be expensive as fuck and the streets might be tough but ain’t no one ever pull some racist shit like this on us. I feel bad for all hispanics down there stay strong ????

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