In Retrospect: June 2011

In July, OD will discuss the Congo Wars and the Interahamwe, in the context of the rise of "flash mobs" in America


It has been another big month for this website. I’ve produced a lot of new material in June which will be of lasting value to our readers.

Before moving ahead into July, I want to take a look back at all the things we discussed in June. We promised to fly the Soul Plane across America and expose the hate truth about African-Americans.

At the same time, while we spent more time in the Northern and Western states, we managed to deepen our regional focus and shed some considerable light on the creation of Black Run America in Alabama.

Where We Have Been

June 2011 was a successful month for Occidental Dissent:

(1) We kicked off June with a graph from Michelle Malkin which showed an incredible and unsustainable growth in EBT card spending.

The significance of that graph was that an enormous number of African-Americans and Hispanics – in 2009, it was 39 percent of African-Americans in Michigan – are utterly dependent on EBT cards to feed themselves.

In August, the federal government must decide whether it will raise the debt limit or default on its debt, and neither the Democrats or Republicans appear willing to compromise on the issue.

“The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” will produce a historical earthquake which will bring down the roof on Black Run America.

(2) African-Americans kicked off June by getting into a fist fight in the skies above DC which forced Andrews Air Force Base to scramble F-16s to intercept a perceived terrorist threat.

SBPDL had all the details of Black Memorial Day 2011 when African-American behavior in water parks, beaches, and at other public events attracted national attention from The Drudge Report.

(3) In “Language of Rebellion,” I discussed my long term goal of creating a new type of racial discourse as part of a larger effort to revive White racial consciousness in the Old Southwest.

I also drew attention to a Ronald Brownstein article at the National Journal which showed the White working class is seething with resentment. The White working class is already alienated from Black Run America and only needs leadership to be prodded to revolt.

(4) In “Rihanna’s Man Down,” I started to explore African-American culture by taking a look at the music world. Rihanna has released a new song about gunning down a black rapist.

I’ve also started to explore White culture by taking a closer look at country and rock music which often airs White grievances about growing Beached White Male and Boomerang status.

(5) In “Who Are White People?,” I pointed out that Whites are overwhelming more likely to die from suicide than homicide, whereas African-Americans are much more likely to die from homicide than suicide.

I continued to discuss the poll numbers which show that White America is extremely alienated – more alienated than at any time since the War Between the States – with the long term direction of BRA.

43 percent of Whites believe their children will have less opportunity to get ahead in the future.

(6) In “The Boomerangs,” I drew attention to the fact that White Millennials were turning against BRA faster than other Whites, and that this had already happened with the Boomers.

Three generations of young Whites – Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials – have gradually shaken off liberal illusions once they are outside of high school and college.

(4) In “Jefferson County Implodes,” I began to explore the black hole in Jefferson County, Alabama. Birmingham is threatening to be the first major city to go bankrupt.

(7) In “Dividing Lines: Montgomery,” I began to research and tell the story of the creation of Black Run America in Montgomery County, Alabama.

(8) In “Move Over Arizona, This Is Alabama,” I celebrated Gov. Bentley signing Alabama’s new immigration law, which is the toughest in the nation.

I also took a look back at the debates about conservatism and immigration last year. In hindsight, I was right about the ability of states like Alabama and Georgia to move forward, but wrong about other states where Republican elites are stronger.

(9) In “Youths Riot in Chicago,” I began to draw attention to the Windy City’s experience with Black Summer 2011, where Mahogany Mobs of African-Americans had begun their invasion of upscale areas.

Tellingly, this was a bridge too far for many Whites in Chicago, who began to bombard The Chicago Tribune with politically incorrect comments.

(10) In “365Black Comes to San Jose,” I poked fun at the ongoing race war between African-Americans in Hispanics in Southern California, where Hispanic gangs are literally trying to cleanse blacks from the area, starting at, where else, McDonald’s.

(11) Stephen J. Gould, the infamous anti-racist biologist and author of The Mismeasure of Man, was exposed as a scientific fraud.

(12) In Chicago, the “youths” escalated their mob action by attacking the city buses, celebrating Father’s Day with multiple shootings, and sacking Walgreen’s.

Chicago’s Top Cop blamed Sarah Palin’s Alaska and the legacy of slavery for black violence spiraling out of control in his city. This sparked ridicule by national pundits who were forced to take on The Color of Crime in Chicago.

(13) In The Color of Crime: Chicago, we learned that African-Americans are responsible for over 94 percent of violent crime in Chicago.

(14) On a humorous note, I poked fun at the GOP, which proved to be utterly unreliable on immigration this year outside of a handful of Deep South states.

(15) In “Southern Baptist Convention Endorses Racial Suicide,” I highlighted the disconnect between Southern Baptists and the Southern Baptist clergy.

Instead of attacking Christians, I recommended attacking their leaders who are already unpopular anyway. This became even more clear as I started researching the history of BRA in cities like Tuskegee where segregationist congregations abandoned their DWL preachers over “civil rights.”

(16) In “Neal Boortz: We Got Too Many Urban Thugs,” I pointed out that the connection between race and crime, even explicitly racial rhetoric which rises to the point of advocating violence in self defense, was starting to spill out into conservative talk radio.

(17) In “The Color of Crime: Atlanta,” we learned that 92 percent of “urban thugs” in Atlanta were African-Americans, most of the rest are Hispanic, and almost none are White.

(18) Not long after Neal Boortz called for arming Whites in Atlanta to shoot and kill “urban thugs,” Utah conservatives revolted at the Utah Republican Convention, and succeeded in repudiating the Utah amnesty.

“Utah Revolts” illustrates how even major defeats on immigration reform have a sliver of victory: they force treasonous Republicans to take a stand on immigration, which identifies who is controlled by the Chamber of Commerce, which allows grassroots activists to start working toward their defeat in primaries.

(19) In “USDA Fights Heterosexism,” we drew attention to the silly attempt by the USDA, which is now dominated by EBT card spending, to fight “heteronormativity” in the federal government.

(20) We showed that DWLs in the Mainstream Media are furious that the Green Lantern was White. I also pointed out that African-Americans already have a superhero to call their own, Blankman.

(21) In “Countdown With Hunter Wallace,” we discussed a potpourri of stories including Obama’s executive amnesty, mass rapes in the Congo, the persistence of the racial gap in education, and Michelle Obama fistbumping Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma in South Africa.

(23) In “The Color of Crime: Tennessee,” I exposed the reality of race and crime in the Volunteer State.

(24) In “Erasing Hate,” I drew attention to a stupid skinhead who was being featured in a recent MSNBC documentary with DWL Lawrence O’Donnell.

(25) In “Huzzah, South Carolina,” I celebrated South Carolina following Georgia and Alabama in passing a tough new immigration package.

(26) In “Countdown: Van Jones To Rebuild The Dream,” I laughed at how MLK’s dream had become Van Jones’ dream, which is shared by almost no one outside of the McGovern coalition.

If you like watching Al Sharpton subbing for Ed Schultz on MSNBC, then you are in a distinct minority among White people.

(27) I covered the Carter Strange Beating in “Five Points Beating” and in an update post. These posts made the first page of Google search results and attracted a lot of new readers in South Carolina.

(28) In four posts, “Ruins of Tuskegee,” Review: Reaping The Whirlwind, Macon County: The Rise of Black Run America, and The Tuskegee Walmart, I began to tell the hate truth about the consequences of the Civil Rights Movement in Macon County, Alabama.

I actually visited Tuskegee with SBDPL and saw the infamous Tuskegee Walmart.

(29) In The Color of Crime: Alabama (2010), I broke down the latest crime statistics in Alabama, which proves that violent crime is still black, much to the disappointment of DWLs who refuse to tell the truth about crime in our state.

(30) Yesterday, I drew attention to the fact that 39 percent of Americans are telling CBS and the NY Times that the BRA economy is now in “permanent decline,” which is up from 28 percent on the eve of the 2010 midterm elections.

(31) Finally, I closed out June by drawing attention to the fact that Hispanics are fleeing Georgia and Alabama, and that E-Verify legislation recently passed here is now immune to Supreme Court challenges.

South Carolina’s new immigration law goes into effect in January 2012. The Palmetto State will also become more inhospitable to illegal aliens who will certainly flee to more welcoming states.

North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia passed weaker E-Verify laws. Florida got some limited E-Verify through executive orders this year.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld E-Verify, which came after most Southern states were done with their legislative sessions, there will be renewed action on this front next year.

Where We Are Going

Looking back on June, I am extremely proud of the foundational work I have done in the area of race and crime, which because of African-American misbehavior in our cities, is increasingly breaking out into the mainstream, even in DWL citadels like Reddit, not to mention on conservative websites like The Drudge Report.

In June, I added The Color of Crime: Alabama and The Color of Crime: Tennessee to my series, which has already exposed the hate truth about race and crime in Arizona and California in the West, and Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina in the South.

I’ve exposed The Color of Crime in Chicago and The Color of Crime in Atlanta. These are foundational posts which will be expanded to other cities. Think of Detroit, Philly, Birmingham, Memphis, Los Angeles, Houston, and so forth.

In July, we are going to learn reality of race and crime in Arkansas, Florida, and Texas at a minimum, as well as the reality of race and crime in a major Northern city, probably Philly or Detroit, and a major Southern city, probably Birmingham or Houston, at a minimum.

I will finish a review of Hollywood in Blackface.

I’m also going to continue blogging about my research into the creation of Black Run America in Alabama. I’ve already taken brief stabs at Tuskegee and Montgomery.

In July, I am going to post travel essays about Selma and Birmingham, discuss the rise of BRA in Selma and Birmingham, and tell the story about what happened in Dallas County and Jefferson County, Alabama after the creation of BRA in 1965.

Last month, I vowed to fly the Soul Plane to Africa, but I was only able to briefly discuss the mass rapes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which longtime readers know was a passion of mine a few years ago.

In July, we are going to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where we will learn about the Congo Wars which have claimed the lives of 5 million people since 1996, and how the loss of life there is driven by 365Black behavior, not any particular ideology.

We will be drawing some very politically incorrect comparisons between “the system” in the Democratic Republic of Congo and “the system” in black majority cities like Birmingham, Detroit, and Tuskegee, which is a peculiarly black system, created by black people and for black people, that probably has racial antecedents.

The African-American stock is drawn in large part from the Congo. How far has the apple fallen from the tree?

In the Congo and Rwanda, the “flash mobs” that terrorize innocent people in American cities were known as the “Interahamwe” and their ideology was “Hutu Power.”

In July, we will compare Mahogany Mobs in America to the Interahamwe (“those who stand/work/fight together”) in the DRC which were behind the Rwandan Genocide, and speculate about the future rise of the American Interhamwe on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

The American Interahamwe, with their ideology of Black Power, which is rising to the surface from underneath the facade of racial harmony projected by Barack Hussein Obama, has already proclaimed “Kill All The White People” in Peoria, Illinois.

First they came for the Tutsis. Then they came for Carter Strange. Then they came for the news editor of The Onion. When Black Run America goes bankrupt, they will be coming to your neighborhood.

Listen and be prepared:

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  1. Hunter: you really ought to gather up all of your best posts, essays, comments, etc and compile them in to a book, the ‘Best of Occidental Dissent.’ You’ve written enough material over the years to fill several volumes.

  2. What a wrap up, it’s dizzying. Keep up the good work, I was inspired and mixed it up on the local paper’s comment section today. Naturally, my comment that referenced the work here documenting criminal black pathology was deleted….

  3. “Almost as an aside, Sailer said that White Identity has slim political prospects because “more Jews don’t want it to happen than do want it to happen.”

    Exposing the sinister machinations of Jew Run America may be just as important as exposing and counter BRA!

  4. I see that there are only 4 comments right now on this summation, but that is no doubt due to the long weekend–Hunter, you are doing yoeman’s work–it is amazing how much you accomplished in June! Keep it up! Thank you for all you are doing!

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