Bull Run

Virginia, 1861

Behold, the Lincoln of our time.

Over the past few days, I have scoured Western history to play inspirational videos to remind White America that our ancestors were the Romans, the Vikings, the Germans, the English … the point being to draw the sharpest contrast possible with the wretched politicos and eunuchs like Don Lemon and Fareed Zarakia who now believe they have divine right to rule over us.

Now that the eunuchs and politicos have succeeded in raising the debt ceiling, it is time to return for a moment to our own private fantasy world where we can imagine alternatives to what we have to suffer under today.

Why not imagine a place very close to Washington? You know, Obama has repeatedly compared himself to Lincoln, so we can’t we compare ourselves to Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart?

Note: If Obama were given a real chance to be Lincoln, the Confederacy would certainly win its independence this time, probably without a shot being fired.

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  1. What are your feelings towards the federal government, general?”
    “I loved the old government in 1861. I loved the old Constitution yet. I think it is the best government in the world, if administered as it was before the war. I do not hate it; I am opposing now only the radical revolutionists who are trying to destroy it. I believe that party to be composed, as I know it is in Tennessee, of the worst men on Gods earth-men who would not hesitate at no crime, and who have only one object in view-to enrich themselve
    Gen.Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA 1868

    Yes,I escape the real world also by admiring men like Forrest,Mosby,Quantrell,Carlos Hathcock II,Jerry “Mad Dog” Shriver,Jack Hinson and all my Special Forces brothers who refuse to accept the PC bullshit being cast upon them.

  2. If our forefathers had know what would result from the Civil War, most Union men would have deserted. They had enough problem with conscription which tells us that even when fighting for the Union, and obviously not abolition, there was no enthusiasm for their cause. Without their material advantage, the Union would have lost.

  3. Again – the Commentors on the Krugman piece, along with th Dowdy bitchery, are skeerier than the agitprop purveyors, themselve.s We NEED secession. NOW.

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