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Now that the debt ceiling crisis has been dodged (at least for now), we can slow down the pace of recent posts, laugh at the prestige of the maniacs who run this country (it has been downgraded to junk status), and remember that this is still BRA which has yet another Tuskegee Airmen movie coming out.

Didn’t they already have a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen? The one with Laurence Fishburne that I remember watching in high school? Why do we need another one? Haven’t they already told that story?

Why can’t Hollywood make a movie about what Tuskegee looks like in 2011 after almost fifty years of the Great Society and Voting Rights Act?

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  1. This is terrible! George Lucas, who created the X-wing fighter, making a WW2 airplane movie and I can’t go because my bullshit limit for this decade has been reached. Watch for the tagline: “No bomber escorted by the Tuskegee Airman was ever shot down”.
    Why not a movie about Joe Foss, the greatest American ace ever?

  2. Blacks cannot be sufficiently glorified to white children, ever. White children must believe that blacks walk on water, etc.

    My wife and I kept all negro-glorification propaganda out of our household for the benefit of our white child.

    We aren’t supposed to simply see blacks as equals, but as gods walking on earth. Gods whom we mistreated so terribly, keeping them from actually taking their place as gods.

    I have a certain sense that this is a historical period that most of us reading this will live through, and we will live to see it become a part of the past. We will live to see the end of endless negro glorification. In the long run, it will be a big joke, like “blaxploitation films,” and everyone who bought into it, a sucker.

    I think whites will be pissed for having been suckered like that. Also, there will be a demand for white nationalist literature and history. We’ll be able to write books and have them read, and maybe even get paid. After all, we were the few, the proud, who morally resisted even during the high tide of BRA. We can even point to persecutions, though I won’t go into detail, but they are there.

  3. George Lucas, the producer of this film, has a black girlfriend. She is Mellody Hobson, a wealthy money manager. I think I have seen her on television giving financial advice. Maybe she told Mr. Lucas about the story and how great it would be if a movie was made about these black pilots.

  4. Hasn’t the claim that the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a bomber they escorted been disproved by the official records? I seem to recall reading something about that a few years ago.

    Discard, Joe Foss was a great ace but I think Richard Bong is the leading American ace with 40 kills.

  5. This is Lucas’ out-to-pasture “legacy” phase. He’s totally post-menopausal and now he wants to suck up to the Academy so they’ll forget about his uncomfortably-blond and -hereditarian and Eurocentric Star Wars films.

    Btw, it will suck, unless he delegates extensively. The man has zero mojo left.

  6. Anglo-Saxon: Richard Bong shot down 40 Japanese planes, almost all of them in 1943-44, while flying a P-38. Joe Foss shot down 26 Japanese planes in 1942 while flying an F4F, a fighter with a top speed almost 100 mph less than the planes Bong flew. Foss was also facing better pilots, land-based Naval aviators from the pre-war training program, while many of Bong’s victories were against the Japanese second string. Foss fought tougher opponents with a much inferior weapon than Bong had, which makes him the greater warrior.

  7. According to the Wikipedia article (otherwise fawning in its praise) 25 bombers were shot down while being escorted by the flying negroes. Also – although these events have been thrown down the memory hole – a number of top Army Air Force generals thought the 99th was sub-par, based on its combat performance in the Mediterranean, and wanted it disbanded. The unit was saved by Eleanor Roosevelt and her ultra-liberal allies in Congress. Also, by the time the “redtails” began escorting bombers over Germany, in July of ’44, the Luftwaffe had been broken as an effective defense force by the “hunter-killer” tactics employed by Jimmy Doolittle and his (oops) WHITE P-51 Mustang pilots in the spring of that year. Even so, the number of German aircraft shot down by our ebony sky-knights was quite low. Of course, this is excused by the claim they stayed around the bombers to protect them, unlike the selfish white pilots who flew off for the glory of the personal kill, exposing the bomber formations to Luftwaffe attack. That the white pilots were ORDERED to chase and shoot down German fighters is probably not going to make it into this movie.

    A final note about Lucas. I read an interview of him a few years ago. He was practically in tears as he described his non-existent love life. Apparently white women found him too nerdy, despite his $$$$$$. So now a negress has bestowed her dusky charms on him, and he’s soooooo grateful. Oh well, I still think the uniforms of the Death Star guys were pretty cool.

  8. Yeah, well I guess all the black pilot aces must have gave it up after WWII since we don’t have any for Korea, Vietnam, the two Gulf Wars, no black test pilots for testing new experimental aircraft, no black astronauts into space, except for the shuttle missions that has had a few with McNair getting killed, and after all women are also part of the shuttle missions, plus a lot of other muds, but only white males on the Apollo missions to the moon.
    As has been said “History is a pact of lies agreed upon”. So lets not agree.
    Where are all the black pilot aces now? Where are all the black astronauts now? Oh I remember Black Run America canceled out the space program. Over 9000 people in the space program were thrown out of jobs. If I look in the unemployment lines for unemployed black scientists and astronauts how many would I find?
    How about if I looked for unemployed postal workers and government employees? They’re still working I guess.

  9. More cheesy CG. Looks like they used the same crappy rendering utilized for Avatar. Only difference is Avatar’s storyline is more likely.

  10. Who cares? The Negro is done. Stick a fork in ’em.

    FYI – I’m noticing that high-end techie comercials, for eletcronic goodies, are filled with Asians these days.

  11. P.S. – I wathc TV. I don’t turn off the Talmuvision Beast. I watch what’s ON TV. Not content – what’s ON. I wanna know what the Enemy is up to.

    I’m noticing that Negro males are starting to be made objects of derision, Geeky White guys are being (slyly) portrayed as heroes, and Asians are up-and-comers.

    Ther’s even some commercial that features a little White boy winning a race, ahead of all the other kids. The commericla shows a little Asian girl, as the most determined kid, right behind th White boys’s heels – and even better – a White Mom and Black Mom watching the race. White Mom looks thrilled! Black Mom – dismayed.


  12. I was reading awhile ago that Stars & Stripes can’t find any black heroes to write about. White heroes, scads. Hispanic heroes, no problem. But embarrassingly, no black heroes. There seem to be very few blacks in the combat arms in any case.

  13. Got to love Hollywood. “Bandits! Hundreds of em!” For which read a handful of General Gallants men, on the umpteenth sortie of the day while hoping they will have fuel at home when they have to fight tomorrow. Hilarious.

  14. Yes,you can look at USSOCOM’s magazine Tip Of The Spear each month and get a good idea who’s fighting and dying.

  15. I was in a heated argument about the cultural decay people like Lil Wayne and Lady GaGa inflict on the masses. I got charged with jealousy – apparently, it was the only conceivable source of my disillusionment with aforementioned degenerates. It was hard for me to respond to this charge – I did not have the intellectual armor to fully defend my position.

    Hunter, or, anyone: how should one respond to the charge of jealousy?

    Thank you for the reply(s).

  16. Hunter, or, anyone: how should one respond to the charge of jealousy?

    Strawman? You’re arguing over cultural decay grounds, not a money/popularity comparison between yourself and your given examples. Or, don’t waste your time. Find some people who can grasp simple logic for having meaningful discussions.

  17. I expect this latest blaculation will do about as well at the box office as Machete. What I’m waiting for is a movie about Jewish fighter aces, any war will do. Thought for awhile I had one on my bookshelf, variously titled “Kohn’s War”, later “Doorknob Five-Two” by a Tribal named Frederic Arnold: P-38 Pilot (he claimed), Med theatre, 1943-44, with a fistful of kills. Later debunked as ground staff: he never flew a mission.

  18. the P51D was hands down the best fighter in any theater. Shame it was designed by a German to be used against Germans. Same for the P-38, another fine airplane. While I hold that the entire conflict was an utter disaster for our race, in a purely military sense it is interesting to the see the types of weapons the different sides came up with. If only the Germans had brought and perfected Jet aircraft a lot sooner, they might have won the war.

    Big boys like destructive toys 🙂

  19. I was in a heated argument about the cultural decay people like Lil Wayne and Lady GaGa inflict on the masses. I got charged with jealousy – apparently, it was the only conceivable source of my disillusionment with aforementioned degenerates. It was hard for me to respond to this charge – I did not have the intellectual armor to fully defend my position.

    Hunter, or, anyone: how should one respond to the charge of jealousy?

    Hurl it back. “You’re only disagreeing with me because you’re jealous of me,” or, “you’re only saying I’m jealous of x because you’re jealous of me; it’s projection.” That’s the emotional groin-kick response. You can follow up with, “wow, so according to your ‘logic,’ no one can criticize anyone more rich or famous than himself – ergo, Hitler was the second coming of Jesus,” or similar quips about Osama bin Laden, Bernie Madoff, etc.

    If you’re dealing with an non-low-forehead, just explain argumentum ad hominem; i.e., “even if I was jealous, that wouldn’t make x any less of a y. Ad homs are what people use when all they have left is insults.”

  20. I expect this latest blaculation will do about as well at the box office as Machete.

    “Blaculation,” LOL. E-blaculation.

    any war will do.


  21. Off topic, you could also try “you’re only defending x because you’re a spineless lemming who cravenly worships people who have money and power and fame, because you know you’ll never get anywhere in life.” If you really want to kick ’em in the nuts.

  22. Orion 14: You’re right, Dutch Kindleberger designed the P51, but the P38 was designed by Kelly Johnson, a non-German.

  23. Off Topic: If you’re criticizing Lady Gag for her degeneracy and someone accuses you of jealousy, you’re talking to a moron. It’s odd, rational people can be thrown off by stupidity, it’s so unexpected. I’d go with Svigor’s solution: You don’t like Hitler/Charles Manson/George Bush, you must be jealous. Let the halfwit sort that out.

  24. Off topic – use the tactics that have been detailed. You’ll know you have scored when you achieve a really shocked expression, on the face of your opponmenet. Now to kick ’em when they are down – add the bit about ad hominem attacks are ONLY for stupid people who have nothing else to offer – and TELL the idiot precisely how STUPID they are. Really – go ito as much detail as yo ucan muster. Stun ’em first – and then make a commentary on their intellectual deficiencies. They’ll “get it” is you show them UP, to their faces, regarding their actual demonstrated stupidity.

    A pal of mine and I used to tag team ,when we were called “racists” (at anti-illegal demos). We would begin to analyze the stupid attempts at slander, and intimidation – and cite the sources. We would than ask the would be censor (anti-Fa deploying the R bomb) if they ever hearfd of Lev Bronstien, or Gramsci, etc. They never did. We would then discuss the degree at which the attempt was successful, in terms of “by the book” Lefty stratagems. And offer a “score” of sorts.

    The Anti Fa moron would be absolutely stunned, because he or she NEVER knew whom or what we were referencing. We would even comment on that, “Look. He hasn’t a clue about any of this”. “Of course not. They never do”. “He looks like a big beached whale, floundering on the beach”. “Yes. He does” “Hahahaha” And then we’d walk off, laughing.

  25. I think you guys are looking at this all wrong.

    OK, the Tuskegee Airmen may well have been mythologized, their prowess exaggerated. This movie will undoubtedly show them as gallant warriors oppressed by Evil Racists. Everything you expect.

    But there’s a trojan horse here. These pilots (according to the story) met and exceeded the standards of similarly situated white pilots. Thus, according to the tale, they were given an opportunity and actually met the standards.

    This is in sad contrast to the blacks one sees in colleges and universities, in graduate programs, in the workplace. The reality we see is blacks who are given the opportunity and finish at the bottom of the class. That’s why we need affirmative action at each succeeding level — if they caught up in college, we wouldn’t need it in graduate schools, corporate workplaces, etc.

    The way to work this is to emphasize the sad contrast between these idealized black paladins and today’s underachieving blacks. To that extent, the greater the mythology the better, because it makes today’s blacks look even worse.

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