Stand With Alabama


In the midst of a historic legitimacy crisis, as his presidency shrivels in the eyes of the world, Barack Hussein Obama has sued Alabama to block our new immigration law, and Joe Biden has called the Tea Party terrorists.

The Holder Justice Department is preparing similar lawsuits against Utah, Indiana, Georgia, and South Carolina. Arizona has been under attack by special interest groups and federal judges ever since last year.

Washington is now even more unpopular than it was during the Civil War. The federal government is ruining White America by enslaving our descendants to foreign bondholders. It refuses as a matter of principle to defend our own border with Mexico.

Yet Washington thinks it can sue Arizona and Alabama because the worthless community organizer in the White House can’t even do his own job.

Obama’s latest strategy to revive his failed presidency is to pick a fight with the South. Throw Arizona and Alabama under the bus. He has to find some way to turn out African-Americans and Hispanics in 2012 after caving in the debt ceiling debate.

As tempting as it might be to portray Barack Hussein Obama as Abraham Lincoln, the truth is that he starting to look more like Mikhail Gorbachev, a weak leader who presided over the total collapse of the Soviet Union.

There isn’t going to be another Civil War. Lincoln had the Free States and the Union Army on his side. White America would choose Alabama and Arizona over Barack Hussein Obama in a heartbeat.

In 2012, Obama will be defeated in a landslide. He will even lose Guiseppe. Gov. Bentley will just sit back and smile while the people rid themselves of this mistake.

When this is all over in 2012, Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered as the worst president in modern history. He might even take BRA down with him.

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  1. I don’t know what we can do. You can’t vote out Holden or Obama (yet) and you can’t vote out federal judges. What’s left? To further distill the question, are any laws that harm our race passed under color of law, “legitimate”? Should they be obeyed even if it means the death of our race, culture and homeland?

    The current government in Washington will not last forever. It’s an experiment, one that has gone horribly wrong. Our race is not. We existed long before the current government. We should resolve to ourselves that we will still be here long after it’s been sweep into the dustbin of history. We can always build another government.

    We should act on these truths accordingly.

  2. Obama was tested. He is marked as a weakling now. Watch his own party turn on him.

    I suffer from Tea Party envy. There is little about the actual party I like and there are some members I abhor, but I am jealous of its sense of purpose, its determination and its bracing conviction that it is absolutely right. In its own way, it waves a crimson battle flag while President Obama’s is a sickly taupe — the limp banner of an ideological muddle.

    Obama would be a good White House chief of staff, but as a president he lacks political savvy. He never knew how to get ahead of the Tea Party wave. He never knew how to marshal — or create — his own constituency. Republican invective notwithstanding, he lacks demagogic tools. He tries to solve problems instead of, for the Republicans, creating them. Barack Obama does not do pain.


    Obama is the president of political ennui. I say this out of empathy. He is like many of us, post-ideological. The rousing causes of yesteryear have faded — civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights and the antiwar fervor of the Vietnam era. Even gay rights has lost its urgency. Gay people get elected to public office and can marry in certain states. The outcome of this fight is not in doubt.

  4. Hunter – the full scale slander and deomonization of Tea Partiers is underway. Some dreadlocked Nigger “commentator” was on CNN this AM, bemoaing the influence those rotten Tea Partiers. He admitted he wants Obama to be re-elected (quel surprise!), but he actually had the effrontery/chuztpah/sheer delusional wishful thinking to “advise” the GOP to “get rid of” the Tea Party, or they (The TP) will have “too much power” (over the GOP). He sounded wistful, and al ittle frightened. Like something dropped out of the sky, and hit him on his big ugly nappy head.

    Do NOT “drop out” folks. Press ON.

  5. Here is one thing we can all do about the illegal immigration problem: Petition our city, county and state governments to pass laws that include the provisions that the DOJ and the DHS didagree with. Those D.C. cocksuckers will look like they are playing WHACK-A-MOLE at the carnival as they work feverishly at trying to put out all of our tiny fires.

    Here’s another thing we can do as a general blow to BRA: Sign up to get any future nigger handouts such as the Pigford II fiasco. As far as I have been able to tell, this nation has no legal definition as to who is and who is not a nigger.

    Look at all of those High Yella celebrities who carry one-sixteenth more nigger blood than the average Klansman or Neo-Nazi. Look at all of the slighty tan, part-Moon Cricket assholes who got a job they weren’t qualified for due to that tiny bit of coon blood.

    In America, a nigger is apparently anybody who says he is a nigger.

    Do you have a picture of your great-great-grandmother? Probably not, and the government doesn’t have a picture of her, either. Who has the authority to deny that she was a Quadroon or an Octoroon. It was a closely held family secret that you decided to cash in on.

    Do you think that the government will force everybody to get their DNA tested and require you to have a certain percentage of African blood in order to qualify for nigger benefits? I don’t. That might cause Eric Holder to have to redefine who “his people” are, and Valerie Jarrett would definitely get kicked out of the tribe.

    I think we can abuse the shit out of BRA with these two simple tacts without breaking any laws or heads. Overwhelm the system and use any funds derived from gaming BRA to fight BRA.

    Dats how we does it, muh bruthas.

  6. @Playing Roots Backwards:

    You are exactly right. ALL Whites should be milking the system in any way they can. Be as large a financial burden on the state as possible. Work off the books. Barter. Buy from second hand shops, etc.

  7. That Cohen article is reall y fabulous. Cohen, in one essay, is a living example of the FACT that Jews possess 4x th genetic defects of all other racila groups, usually resulting in lunacy. Cohen is thus afflicted. He contradicts himself, literally fomr one sentence ot the next – and the BEST things is a LOT of the Commentors point this fact out. Woo hoo! He’s taking a real drubbing, and it’s not just from “us”.

    Fear. I smell FEAR.

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