The Establishment’s August 5, 2011 Call


A phone is ringing in the White House … will Al Gore and Hillary Clinton answer it?

George Wallace is on the batphone. In his elderly years, Wallace has given up on what passes for “politics” in LBJ’s Great Society, Black Run America (BRA). It has been a long time since he felt like talking to you, but today he wants to have Eric “My People” Holder’s Conversation About Race.

He’s become an artist, a historian, an accountant, a poet, a tactician, a political scientist, a visionary who has given a great deal of thought to what happened to the Democratic Party in the 1960s. There are lots of people in the American South who privately share his views.

Wallace says that it all goes back to 1965. The roots actually go somewhat deeper. It really all goes back to 1945 – this is worldwide now – when Hitler was defeated in Europe.

President Harry Truman started the long process of stabbing the South in the back. Eisenhower, Kennedy, and LBJ began what Truman had started and FDR had wisely avoided.

There was a serious fracture in the 1948 presidential election. It healed for the most part, but there was an irresistible temptation in the Northern states in those years to start picking a fight with the South again.

The North, as we all know, has always been convinced of its own moral and cultural superiority in the United States. Not the entire section. Just people like Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell. People who share that mindset.

Anyway, JFK and LBJ decided there was going to be a Second Reconstruction in America, having learned nothing from the first time that Lincoln and the Radical Republicans tried that out. America was on top of the world at the time and reality could be temporarily forgotten.

From 1965 to 2011, there has been a “slow motion secession” from the liberal establishment and the Democratic Party. As you know, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, they all began to secede from the Democrat Party.

It wasn’t an instantaneous thing. Here in Alabama, the Republicans didn’t recapture control of the governorship and the state legislature and the supreme court until just recently, but it has been an accelerating trend.

You can look around at these other Southern states. The Democratic Party is dying in all of them. I think Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia – if I am not mistaken – will be holding elections soon.

Don’t quote me on that.

I read a column the other day that suggested that Arkansas is falling. The 2010 midterm elections were really exciting. For what began in Alabama has spread to Arizona and Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

It seems quite mysterious to progressives who are trapped in their own paradigm – is it a Southern secessionist conspiracy? Not really.

Progressives saw Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma on television for a few days in the 1960s. For some strange reason, they never went back to take a second look, or just weren’t candid with themselves about what they saw there.

Imagine what it is like to live in Birmingham or Detroit or Los Angeles and see the destruction of your city by the federal government. You would blame somebody.

Al Gore lost to George W. Bush because he couldn’t win Tennessee and Florida. Why couldn’t he win Tennessee? Wasn’t his daddy a senator there?

Tennessee gave up on Al Gore. It has given up on the Democratic Party. The Solid South is back now.

Since 1965, the Democratic Party has pretended that White people are individuals and don’t have anything in the way of racial, economic, culture, and ethnic interests; that we don’t have a history, a culture, a racial identity, an ethnicity, a religion.

How strange? It is “bizarro world” in Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington.

Al Sharpton and Luis Gutierrez and Abraham Foxman and Rachel Maddow? The Universal Church of Political Correctness has sanctified them with a halo while vilifying millions of ordinary White people. They are “civil rights organizations” and we are “hate groups.”

No wonder. Duh. Bingo.

That’s your problem: no one like Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson wants to be a Democrat anymore so long as the Yankee snobs and hypocrites like Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews are the public face of it.

FDR has plenty of people in Alabama who agreed with him. The TVA, remember that? The county roads, remember that? Even LBJ got electricity in Texas from big government, right?

Cultural Marxism is your problem. It is a spiritual disease. A fantasy ideology that doesn’t work. As strange as it sounds, in a way you are “under the spell” of communism, even if you don’t see yourselves as communists.

What is the result of Cultural Marxism? What is the result of the Great Society? What is the result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Brown vs. Board of Education, the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

As you remind us all the time, it is 2011 now, right? In 2011, why can’t the “rednecks” see that Cultural Marxism is the wave of the future? Why can’t they see that BRA’s moral voice in the form of Yankee schoolmarm Chris Matthews is how we should all be?

Because they are more in touch with reality. What does reality say about Chris Matthews? He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland and goes on television to preach “diversity in our strength” and “white people are racist homophobes.”

No wonder it backfired. Listen, I am telling you sentence Chris Matthews to 10 years of living in Detroit, and you will change his mind about the world.

The liberal establishment doesn’t live in any of its creations. It doesn’t live in the hood where black people shoot each other. Black people are the victims of violent crime more than anyone else.

Your ranch in Texas and Arizona is being ruined by illegal aliens. The liberal establishment tells you that we need “comprehensive immigration reform” and BRA’s moral voice and that Barack Hussein Obama and Don Lemon are “pivoting” to jobs.

The Democratic Party doesn’t even deserve to have power. It’s own founders have left the building. It has run out of ideas. They left the building because the liberal establishment in NYC, LA, and Hollywood has lost its mind.

What happened to Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile? Entire cities and states are on the run now – from what? Pretty much from your creation, Black Run America (1965-2011).

Bruce Wayne has to save you from your own insanity:

Al Gore as Commissioner Gordon.

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