BRA’s Freedom Ride


Here comes Barack Hussein Obama on BRA’s Freedom Ride to the American Midwest to reconnect with the disillusioned White folk of rural Iowa and Illinois:

Driving through Midwest cornfields in his opaque, black, custom-made, $1.1 million “Matrix” bus, our opaque president found himself in The Field of Dashed Dreams. If you don’t build it, they may not come.


Just imagine how much the rims on BRA’s Freedom Ride must have cost the White taxpayer. How much did it cost to install the sound system in this thing? Does Obamamessiah sit on a toilet of pure gold?

Leave it to black people to ride nigga rich while campaigning through the economically depressed countryside! Have they already forgotten that Scott Brown won a Senate seat in Massachusetts by driving a pickup truck? Maybe they will pick up Rahm in Chicago for the crowd can watch him engage in “hand to hand combat” at this circus on wheels.

Note: Apparently, Obama is trying to transfer as much wealth to possible to blacks through EBT cards.

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    While on a bus tour this week across a midwest ravaged by deindustrialisation, President Barack Obama has ironically been touting job-killing free trade agreements.

    Mitt Romney deemed the road trip, which goes through an archipelago of shuttered factories and mills, as Obama’s “Magical Misery Tour”, though the former governor and CEO would undoubtedly promote the same free trade policies even more fervently. Obama won Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois in 2008, but is set to lose them in 2012 if he remains on the free trade bandwagon. Last week, he visited Michigan, the epicentre of American manufacturing’s decimation.

  2. Scorpius – I do not believe he can lose Illinois.

    As for the bus tour: Canucklehead Obama bus-ted! — President Obama is barnstorming the heartland to boost US jobs in a taxpayer-financed luxury bus the government had custom built — in Canada ….

    Good jobs, good manufacturing jobs ….. Good job Obama.

    I have to say, only someone like Obama would name his bus “Greyhound One”, seriously what non-Obama-like person would even want to get on a Greyhound bus if they could afford otherwise.

  3. Actually, given the caliber of his Republicrat opponents – and depending, of course, on proximate economic circumstances – Obama could still win in 2012. By carrying the 3 west coast states, a couple of big rust belt states, plus a solid Northeast he might scrape by in the Electoral College while losing the election as a whole by 3 to 5 million votes; had Kerry carried Ohio in ’04 this would have been the situation. If Perry is the “defeated” opponent, we could see state secessions by early 2013. Then, Obama really will get his wish: “I’m Lincoln”.

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